Matthew & Luke: Untitled 3




Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Matthew is jealous and gets a late night visitor.

Word count: 1667


Luke smiles back and walks into Matthew’s house.
“I hope I’m not interrupting.” He says and points at the towel skirt.
“Oh,” Matthew tugs carefully at the fabric. “No, not at all.” He gestures for Luke to follow him into the living room and leads the way. He sits down on the couch and noticed that Luke has stopped half-way.

“Are you going to ask how it went?” He asks. Matthew takes the remote control from the table, playing with it in his hands.
“Um, yes. I just assumed it went well.” He says. “The text.” He reminds.
“Yes, that. We had quite the laugh at it.” Luke smilingly says and takes a step towards the couch.

“But we didn’t leave the café, if you want to know.” Luke says. Matthew can’t tell if Luke is sad about that or not, he seems very collected and mischievous. “We decided it was best to leave it there.”
Matthew fights the smile he feels coming to his face. He doesn’t even understand why he would want to smile now.

“I’m sad to hear that.” He says.
“I’m not.” Luke says, walking over to the couch. He sits down on the armrest. “I don’t want to be blunt, but maybe that kind of clothing isn’t made for sitting down in.” Luke says, barely able to control his laughter when Matthew jumps up to fix the towel, throwing the remote on the couch.

“Come here.” Luke says, gesturing with his index finger for Matthew to approach the last few feet between them. Matthew isn’t sure if he wants Luke to fix his towel, but he walks up to Luke anyway. He keeps his hands on his hips, eager to stay in control of the cloth.

Luke totally catches him by surprise, forcefully placing a hand on the back of his head and pressing his lips against his. It takes Matthew a second to react, but when he does, both his hands leave the towel, pulling Luke closer by the waist. Their lips explore each other, now neither of them taking it further. Matthew feels a hand on his chest, the touch soft as if to try and see if it can be there.

Matthew pushes himself against Luke’s hand, in return being pushed down on the couch. Luke follows, covering Matthew’s body with his own.
“Luke?” Matthew asks. He’s not really clear what it is he’s wondering, but this sudden development of events forces him to pause. “What are we doing?”

Luke moves up, straddling Matthew with the towel curved between them. Luke smiles, his hands massaging Matthew’s chest.
“You don’t like?” Luke asks, his voice different than usual, now much more teasing. He moves on top of Matthew. “It feels like you like. He says.

“I do. I do like.” Matthew pants. Luke has obviously noticed how excited Matthew is, but that’s not strange as the towel is no longer fulfilling any kind of purpose. “I’m just not used to you, being on top of me like this.” Matthew manages to say. Luke’s very subtle way of rocking his hips makes it difficult to form words, and the hands on his chest do nothing to help.

“Oh, I’m not top.” Luke laughs. He bends down to kiss Matthew. “But I’m very different here, with you naked, from what I am otherwise. You’ll see.” Luke winks and kisses Matthew again.

Their lips finally part and their tongues meet, wet and hot. Careful and groping at first, harder and more passionate after a while. Matthew is bewildered. Luke surely behaves very differently, and with that kind of promise, he doesn’t know how to act. Somehow he knows that he doesn’t have to know how to act, at the rate things are going now, Luke seems very keen on dictating the rules.

Matthew manages to free the towel, throwing it on the floor. He pulls at Luke’s sweater, but Luke removes his hand.
“But it’s not fair.” Matthew whimpers. “I’m all naked.”
“Yes you are.” Luke says. “And may I say, you’re doing quite a good job being naked.”

Matthew blushes and laughs nervously. Luke sits back up and their eyes meet.
“Do you have a bed?” Luke asks. Matthew nods. “Then you should show it to me.” Luke gets off Matthew, exposing his body. Matthew quickly picks up the towel, but before he can wrap it back around his waist, Luke takes it from him.

“No, no.” He smiles. “I’ll take this. Show me the way.” He moves out of Matthew’s way and gestures for him to walk.

They enter the big bedroom on the second floor, and Luke doesn’t spend much time getting them back to business. When their lips meet again their arms are around each other. Matthew tugs at Luke’s clothing again and Luke lets it happen this time. His sweater goes and his pants are unbuckled and undone.

Matthew slides his jeans down a bit, moving his hand outside of Luke’s underwear, caressing his side and his ass. Luke steps out of his jeans and back to Matthew. He moves both of them towards the bed, pushing Matthew down before removing his underwear and climbing on top.

Luke lowers his lips onto Matthews, resuming their kissing. Once he feels Matthew’s arms on his back, he continues down, kissing Matthew’s neck and throat. He strokes Matthew’s hairy chest, barley touching the skin, enticingly tickling the hairs. Matthew breaths heavier, throwing his head back into the mattress.

Luke kisses his belly, his hands still on the chest. He moves downwards, moving on to kiss Matthew’s groin and inner thighs. He lifts his head, looking at Matthew, also looking up. Their eyes meet and Luke breaks out into a smile, also causing Matthew to smile.

Luke bends his head back down, taking Matthew’s already hard erection into his mouth. Matthew gasps for breath and pushes his lower body up against Luke, who places his hands on Matthew’s hip, pushing him back against the mattress.

Matthew’s mind races, although it’s hard to concentrate. Not only did Luke just waltz into his house to sleep with him, he is now also doing a very good job doing what he does. Matthew feels Luke’s hand moving over his body, the wet tongue and hot lips sucking and licking. When they are removed Matthew moans.

“No, don’t stop.” He complains. Luke chuckles and kisses his way back up to Matthew’s face, and again they are caught up in a kiss.
“Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun.” Luke says into Matthew’s ear, his warm breath sticky on his skin.

“Yeah?” Matthew says, catching on to the game. “What are we gonna do?” Luke sits up next to him, keeping Matthew in place with a single index finger on his chest.
“First we locate your stash of condoms and lube. I know you, you’re the type of guy who has a stash.” Luke says, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Should I be insulted?” Matthew says. “Whatever,” He says when Luke bends his head. “In the bottom drawer.” He points at the bedside table. Luke laughs as he throws himself across the big bed, opening the drawer and looking through the stuff.

While on this stomach he feels a body half-cover his own. Matthew spreads one leg and one arm over him, kissing his shoulder. Luke puts some things next to them on the bed, turning a bit under Matthew to make them face to face again. Matthew moves a bit, placing them both on the center of the bed, with himself on top.

They kiss again, and suddenly Luke’s eyes are different. He smiles at Matthew, but the look between them is exchanged from awkward friend sex to pure lust. Matthew temporarily gets off Luke, ordering him to turn around. Luke willingly lies down on his stomach and Matthew moves back on top.

He gives Luke a kiss on the shoulder before taking one of the condoms Luke put on the bed. He takes it out and puts it on himself, seeing that Luke has moved his head to look at him. He moves down and covers Luke’s body with his own again, first using his fingers to prepare Luke of what’s to come.

He feels Luke move against his fingers, only slightly, to show that he is ready. Matthew slides his hands out, then slowly pushing himself back in. He hears Luke take a deep breath and then breath out when Matthew strokes his back. After a few seconds Luke pushes back against him, and he starts thrusting.

When they’ve started moving together, Matthew leans down. He kisses Luke’s neck and shoulders, stroking his back and arms. They move together like in trance, and when Luke starts moaning Matthew slides his hands under them, giving Luke only a few strokes to send him over the edge. Seeing Luke come under him brings Matthew along.

He crashes next to Luke, keeping one arms over his back. Luke looks at him, smiling as he tries to regain his breath.
“Do you wanna stay the night?” Matthew asks. Luke looks around the room, his eyes catching the digital clock.
“Yes, that’d be nice.”

Matthew smiles in reply, taking a deep breath as if to speak. He thinks for a while before speaking:
“What would you have done if I hadn’t been up for this?” He asks. Luke laughs at Matthew’s perplexed facial expression.

“You couldn’t have been more obvious, Math, and then when you answer the door wearing the tiniest towel on Earth, there’s really not much to consider.” Luke explains, reaching out to stroke Matthew’s face. He leans over, giving Matthew a quick kiss on the mouth.

“You know, if we’re gonna sleep here we might want to change the bedding.” Matthew says.
“Yes, but it’s no use just yet. I’m not finished with you.” Luke counters with a mischievous smile. “I have a plan.” Luke says, “I’m gonna find out if your earlobes are ticklish as well.”

Matthew & Luke: Untitled 2

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke is introduced to Matthew's friend. 

Word count: 1605


Luke stirs his coffee with care. Matthew watches him intently, seeing his long eyelashes against his skin. Luke looks up at him, his eyes glistening blue in the sunshine. He smiles and picks up his spoon, licking off the foam before placing it on the plate under his mug.


“So, back on track?” Luke breaks the silence.

“Yes, quite so.” Matthew smiles. He leans back in his chair. “Are you too?” Luke nods, swallowing his coffee before replying.

“Yes, it’s great to be back in some kind of routine again.”

“Isn’t it?” Matthew agrees.


“So have you met Marcus again?” He blurts out, speaking quickly as if not to change his mind half-way. Luke smiles.

“Yes, we had coffee yesterday.” He replies. “He’s very nice.”

“Yes, yes he is.” Matthew looks at Luke. He’s smiling across the table.


“How are you, Math?” Luke asks. Matthew knows he has to be truthful. There are no options when someone so sweet and caring as Luke asks, with the head tilted and a face ready to listen. Matthew smiles nervously, taking his napkin, starting to randomly play with it.


“I’m fine. It just feels weird that you hang out, but it’s nothing. I’ll get over it.”

Luke moves his head a bit forward, urging Matthew to elaborate.

“It’s like,” Matthew continues. “two worlds of mine meet. My crazy youth when I knew Marcus and then now with work where I know you.”


“Is that it?” Luke’s voice is soft.

“Yes.” Matthew says. He knows it’s not believable, but he needs to convince someone. “What else could it be?”

“You knew he was gay, didn’t you?” Luke slowly asks.

“Yes, I’ve always known.” Matthew says. He puts the wrinkly napkin back on the table.


“So it’s me dating him?” Luke’s question hits just where it’s aimed. Matthew feels his heart skip a beat and his whole body tenses. Luke confirms his suspicion and all Matthew wants to do is leave the table and think this through alone. “Math, I understand if this is strange to you, so I think it’s good if we talk it through.”


“Yeah, no, it’s fine.” Matthew says. Luke doesn’t look like he believes it. “Yes, it’s strange, but I just need some time. I promise. He’s a great guy, and so are you. I wish you all luck.” He takes the napkin again, starting to rip it into small pieces, collecting them in a pile on his plate.


“Okay.” Luke says, still hesitant. “Well, if you want to talk, you know where to find me.” He adds and takes a sip of his coffee. He licks off the foam from his upper lip, smiling goofily and asking for the latest gossip.




“Hey, man.” Marcus playfully punches Matthew’s side when he’s let into the house. “This is a great place.”

“You haven’t been here before?” Matthew asks as he closes the front door behind his friend.


“No. I missed all your things when I was away.” Marcus explains. “China.” He reminds.

“Oh right. You have to tell me all about it one day.” Marcus proceeds into the living room and Matthew catches his own words. ‘One day’. How much more obvious can he make it that he didn’t invite over Marcus to talk about China?


“You still have this.” Marcus smiles and points at a big painting in Matthew’s living room. “She, painted it, what was her name?”

“Angelica.” Matthew reminds.

“Angelic Angelica. You really had a thing for her.” Marcus says and sits down on the couch.


“Coffee? Beer?” Matthew asks, taking a few steps towards the kitchen.

“Yes, beer.” Marcus waits quietly in the living room, hearing the fridge open and close. Matthew returns, handing him the beer and sitting down in the other end of the couch.


“So, you’re not too comfortable are you?” Marcus starts. Matthew meets his gaze and sees the pain. Matthew spent all his time obsessing on how this affected his relationship with Luke and with Marcus, he never once thought about what it did between the two of them.


“I’m trying.” Matthew sincerely says. “I really am.”


“There’s really nothing I can say. I’m sure you’ll enjoy each other’s company. You’re a lot alike and it’s not up to me. I don’t have a emotional bond to either of you. You’re not my exes or anything.” Matthew says. He watches Marcus take a sip of his beer, and he does the same too.


“But you do. Of course we have an emotional bond. We go way back, and he’s the guy you kiss on TV. That’s special. But Math, can I be frank?” Marcus puts down the bottle on the small table.

Matthew raises his eyebrows.

“It seems like you are jealous.” Marcus says quietly. “I know you said nothing happened between you, and I know you claim to be straight but maybe it’s something you need to think about.”


“I’m not jealous. I’m only overprotective, I guess. Of both of you, probably. That’s why the whole situation is hard for me to process.” Matthew says. He almost wants to crack a smile for saying something that makes so much sense, but he doesn’t.

“Do you want to tell me about China?” Matthew asks after a few seconds of silence.




Luke softly drums his fingers on the table, trying to channel his nervousness. This is the first semi official date with Marcus, and he knows Matthew has spoken to both of them since last. It’s not particular clear why Matthew became the center of this, but maybe that’s just his way.


He looks at his watch. Still ten minutes left before their appointment, and Luke knows he will not be able to calm down before then. Why is he even nervous? He’s met this guy before and they’ve had the best time, so why just not look forward to that?


He picks up his cell phone, no new messages. He stares at the display and nearly shrikes when the phone starts ringing in his hand. It’s Matthew. Of course it is.


“Hello.” He answers.

“Hi, it’s me.” Matthew says. He sounds nervous too. “I’m not actually sure why I’m calling. I just wanted to say good luck or something.”

“Uh, yeah. Thanks.” Luke says. Somehow it’s very amusing that Matthew is trying to mark his territory.


“I’m sorry for making this about me, I didn’t mean to. When I said I wished you all of luck, I meant it. I couldn’t be happier.” Matthew says, sounding like he is reading it off a note. Luke can’t help but laugh.

“Math, it’s a first date, save the big words.” At the other end of the line he can hear Matthew exhale, giggling a bit.


“Well, who knows, maybe I’ll need the big words one day.” Matthew says.

“I won’t even try to take that in. I’m not seeing you write your vows to, whatever Lady Blue’s name was.” Luke teases. He can totally imagine Matthew blush at the other end, when he stuttering starts to explain.


“We only talked, nothing happened.”

“I know.” Luke says. “I also know what I’ve usually done when I say that.” He adds, and continues. “I have to go now, but I’ll see you later.”


Matthew stares at the phone, the line disconnected. He hesitates before writing a text. ‘His earlobes are ticklish, just so you know.’ He sends it to Luke and puts the phone away, not sure he wants to see if there is a reply or not.





Matthew quickly takes care of the dishes from his evening tea. He knows that he is very stuck in his Welsh food when it comes to what to eat before bed, but that’s usually the time of the day when he has a minute over to think about his land over there, waiting for him.


He puts the small plastic bag with pice bach back in the cupboard with the more traditional American breads and pours out the last drops of his tea in the sink. He cup goes in the dish washer, ready to be turned on in the morning.


He picks up his cell phone on his way out of the kitchen. One new message. From Luke. He takes a deep breath and opens it. ‘Thanks for the tip.’ Sent only an hour ago.


That’s it. Thanks for the tip? So it came in handy then? Matthew steers his steps to the bathroom, turning on the shower and taking off his clothes, all the while hearing the phrase ‘Thanks for the tip’ ringing in his head. He gets in the shower and feels the warm water run down his shoulders.


The shower takes longer than what it usually does. When he’s finally done it’s almost midnight. He wraps a white towel around his waist and hears his mothers words in his head, just like he does every time he uses that particular towel. ‘Don’t use white towels, they get discolored right away’ and himself arguing back: ‘What do you think I do with my towels?’.


He sits down on the couch and turns on the TV. He flips through the channels for a while, until there is suddenly a knock on the door. Not very loud, just enough for him to hear it over the noise from the TV. He stands up, looks down at himself and hopes to god it’s someone he knows well.


He slowly opens the door with big hesitation, peeking out to see who the late night visitor is. His face breaks up in a big smile.

“Oh, it’s you. Come on in.” 


And yes, there is a third part. ;) Check back for it soon.

Matthew & Luke: Untitled




Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke and Matthew come back to Los Angeles after a little time off. 

Word count: 1705


Matthew spots Luke between all the people and nods at him. Luke nods back and they both move through the crowd towards each other.

“Hey, long time.” Luke greets, the movement creating a little storm in his wine.

“Yeah, how’ve you been?” Matthew asks. “You’ve been busy?”


“Very busy, yeah.” Luke answer. “But the last week – nothing but sunbathing and drinks. How was your time off?” He asks and bends his head, just like he always does when he has asked a question, waiting for the reply. The familiar movement throws Matthew off course, not until now realizing how much he has missed particularly Luke.


“Fine, just great. I traveled a lot. Just came back two days ago, still jet-lagged.” Matthew says.

“Well, that explains the bags under your eyes.” Luke says.

“Oh, that’s just a little bruise.” Matthew immediately knows that Luke is fishing for an explanation. The bruising under his left eye is not discreet.


“Fell in the stairs.” He smiles.

“Walked into a door?” Luke sarcastically replies and they both laugh.


“Hello.” A voice says from next to them. Luke eyes the person next to him. About his own height, Matthew’s age and with short dark hair, slightly curling in the neck. His eyes are piercing green, cheerfully looking between the two of them.


“Hey, this is my great friend Marcus.” Matthew says, gesturing at the man who has approached them. “Have you met Luke?”

“No, but it’s a pleasure.” The newly arrived says, shaking Luke’s hand. “Very nice to meet you, Luke.”


“So you’re also Welsh, eh?” Luke asks when their hands part.

“No, actually I’m Scottish.” Marcus corrects. “But I lived in Cardiff for many years, that’s when me and Matthew learned to know each other.”

“Really? You go way back?” Luke asks.


Matthew stands back and watches how Marcus starts to tell the story of how they met and studied together and then both ended up in Los Angeles. Luke bends his head and listens intently. Someone passes by behind Luke’s back and he moves forward to leave room, taking a small step closer to Marcus instead of Matthew.


“Guys,” Matthew says, placing his hand on Marcus’ shoulder. “I’m gonna go get a drink. I’ll catch up with you later.” He nods at them and leaves, behind his back hearing how their conversation starts up again and Luke laughs. He spots the table with the drinks and steers his steps towards it.




The after party is just getting started when someone decides to start a tequila race. Matthew is joined by an enchanted Marcus, babbling on about how great it was to meet Matthew’s co-worker. They get each a small glass and sweep it.


“I mean, he’s really interesting. Not like any random actor guy here, no offence, I could actually talk to this guy and get something out of it more than gossip and tips on how to cover a spot.” Marcus enthusiastically rants.

“I know, he’s adorable.” Matthew says, maybe a bit more aggressive than he wanted to. Marcus stops talking, looking suspiciously at his friend.


“You sound jealous.” Marcus states dryly.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Matthew says, picking up a beer from a small table. He opens it and offers it to Marcus, who accepts. Matthew picks up another one and opens it for himself.


“Has anything happened between you two? I mean – off camera?” Marcus asks, half-sounding like it’s a joke.

Matthew exhales and looks a bit bored.

“Of course not. It’s just…” Matthew starts. He knows he has painted himself into a corner and there is no way to get out of this smoothly. “It’s just that he’s had a lot of troubles with guys, and he doesn’t deserve that.”


“Yeah, as we all know, I’m trouble on legs.” Marcus replies. “You’re unofficial guardian now?” He takes a sip from his beer.

“No, it’s just…” Matthew speaks quietly, avoiding eye contact. “Be nice.”

“I’m always nice.” Marcus smirks. “I was always the one doing the dished after random wild flat parties, wasn’t I?” He says and nudges Matthew’s side.


“Yes, and I vacuumed. We were always quick to take those tasks so that Ioan had to clean up the random vomits.” Matthew remembers and they laugh together.


Again Matthew spots Luke in the crowd. He’s busy talking to someone.

“Have you been here before? Let me show you the terrace.” Matthew suggests, dragging Marcus along before he has time to reply.




“Hi again.” Luke cheerfully greets Marcus. “Quite chilly no, isn’t it?” He says and rubs his arms.

“It’s not as bad as back home though.” Marcus replies. In the corner of his eye he sees Matthew talking to a woman. She’s got her arm around his neck and a dress made of much too little fabric, so Marcus guesses he can talk to Luke without interruptions.


“So, tell me more about that project you mentioned earlier.” Luke says, tilting his head a bit and firing off a bright smile.

“Well,“ Marcus begins. He sees Matthew looking their way. “Why don’t I tell you inside, where it’s warm?” He carefully puts a hand on the small of Luke’s back, making sure it’s not shrugged off until he starts to lead them into the house.


Matthew sees the two of them enter the house, walking much closer than what they should. He spends the rest of the night keeping a look-out for them, but doesn’t run into either. When his head lands on his pillow a couple of hours later, he still can’t get rid of the nagging feeling of annoyance. He tried to pretend that he doesn’t know why, but the feeling of jealousy is too familiar.


He turns around and the red digits from the alarm clock tells him he should wake un in less than three hours. The red dots between the middle digits blink at him, stressing him to go to sleep. He watches them blink. The four at the end becomes a five and soon the next hour is near. The sun has already started lighting up his bedroom when he passes out from pure exhaustion.




Only two days later Matthew runs into Luke at a party again. They talk and Matthew tries to hide that he’s fishing for information on what happened after the last party. Luke tries to hide the amusement in his eyes, acting as if he doesn’t understand what it is Matthew wants to know, responding to questions with fleeing answers.


“So what did you do yesterday?” Matthew asks.

“Oh, not a lot.” Luke says, sipping a beer. “Catching up on things. What did you do?”

“I met some friends.” Matthew says. They are both silent for a few seconds. “It’s nice catching up, putting aside time to do it.” He says.


“Yes, definitely.” Luke agrees. Matthew nods his head. “So, do you wanna have a coffee, say tomorrow, and catch up?” Luke suggests.

“Yes!” Matthew exclaims. He catches his own eagerness, smiling goofily to make up for it.


“Glad you’re excited.” Luke teases. “Give me a call when your hair stops hurting tomorrow.”

“Ha-ha, just because I’m slightly older than you doesn’t mean I can’t handle alcohol.” Matthew defends himself.

Can you?” Luke teases back. Matthew doesn’t reply, letting the question be as they part.


 Eventually Matthew ends up in a couch – just like every other party where people start dancing. He likes it there – people come by for a quick chat and he doesn’t need to dance. The cheerful crowd in front of him are moving to the rhythm, some seem to hear the music better than others. Of course that’s the best part of watching other’s dance – those who can’t.


By the wall he spots Luke, not really dancing as much as swaying to the music. He is talking to a woman and laughing. He’s got a drink in his hand and he seems a bit drunk. But then, isn’t everyone by now?


Matthew looks Luke up and down.  It’s a shame he always were such baggy pants, because he really has nice legs. Matthew knows, he has seen them. His t-shirt is a bit tighter than they usually are, and the fabric of the back lies perfectly on his ass, showing it of in an obvious but yet tasteful way.


His hair is a bit longer than what it usually is, and a bit messy. It looks as if he came straight from bed, but knowing Luke he probably spent quite some time arranging every hair. Matthew laughs to himself. Luke’s obsession with his hair would be annoying on anyone else, but with Luke it’s merely endearing.


Luke leans backwards and laughs, the clucking sound reaching Matthew’s ears even with the loud music and the commerce in the room. Luke quickly glances his way before turning his attention back to the woman, smiling widely.


Matthew feels a smile creeping across his face. He knows he has to admit it – he can’t stop obsessing over the thought that his friend is hitting on his… Luke. But maybe it’s good, he thinks. He knows Marcus and knows he’s a nice guy. He’s not tabloid material and it gives Matthew a chance to keep an eye on them.


Luke turns his head a bit, looking straight at Matthew. He smiles and winks and right then and there he knows that Luke will draw every last detail out of him over coffee, while making fun of Matthew for his hangover. Matthew looks at his beer and puts it on the table before him. At lest one less thing to be embarrassed about.


A young woman in a blue dress gestures at him to come join her on the dance floor. He politely waves ‘no’ back to her and instead waves her over to the couch. She walks over and sits down on the armrest. Behind her back Matthew can see Luke make a face at him, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Matthew can’t help but laugh, winking at Luke before turning all his attention to the lady next to him. 

Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 2


Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 816
Let me know what you think - please. :D
Matthew points at his things and show Luke around the living room.
“You don’t have a TV.” Luke says after looking around.
“No, uh…” Matthew laughs a bit. “I don’t know how that happened. It’s not that I don’t have one. I’m just between two TVs, we can say.”

Luke inspects photographs on the wall. He recognizes some of the people in them, and can easily spot Matthew’s parents and sister.
“Is this you?” He asks, pointing at a small guy with a gigantic teddy beat. He feels Matthew walking up to him from behind, putting his arms around his waist.

“Yes.” Matthew replies. Luke turns in the embrace, making them face each other again. Matthew smiles before he lets his lips meet Luke’s. Luke feels the touch burn against his skin. He closes his eyes and again let his tongue meet Matthew’s. The contact is so gentle and yet so passionate.

Luke feels Matthew’s strong arms around him, a hand sliding under his shirt to touch his stomach. Matthew’s lips leave his, moist and cold, hungry for more. Matthew smiles, taking Luke’s hand and leading him into the next room, the bedroom. Luke opens his mouth to compliment also on the decorations of this room, but before he has a chance, his lips are otherwise engaged.

His hands are under Matthew’s shirt, exploring skin that he has never been allowed before. Matthew pulls of his own shirt, throwing it on a chair. Luke’s shirt follows, not sure if it’s he himself or Matthew that puts it there. His own very throbbing erection is begging to be touched, and when Matthew slowly moves his hand over the bulge on Luke’s jeans, they know it’s serious. There is no going back to friends fooling around.

Luke knows this is just what it is, it’s friends fooling around deluxe, it’s nothing more. That doesn’t bother him at all, it’s very clear that they are allowing this to happen this once, and nothing more. It’s unspoken but yet agreed on.

Their lips part again as Matthew continues to tease the bulge by drawing his finger over it, forming patterns on the fabric. Their lips are still close, their foreheads touching and their noses gently brushing against each other. They both smiling, letting know that it’s okay to continue.

Matthew uses both hands to unbuckle Luke’s pants, pulling them down only a few inches to caress the bare skin that it reveals. Matthew kisses Luke’s shoulder, his neck and his collar bone. He travels down, pulling the jeans with him bit by bit until they reveal Luke’s erection.

Matthew lands in his knees, his hands caressing Luke’s legs. He moves them up to Luke’s hips, planting kisses around his groin. Luke lets out a small moan, not sure if it would be okay to put his hand in Matthew’s hair to guide him the last bit, but instead making his request clear. Luke hears Matthew chuckle a bit before he takes his erection in his mouth.

Luke feels his knees get weak for a second before he can adjust to the new feeling. Matthew’s tongue plays on his skin and his fingers touch him ever so gently. Luke puts one hand in Matthew’s hair, carefully, not too put too much pressure. Matthew gently pushes his head into the grip, but doesn’t let his mouth lose contact.

Before he can really think, Luke feels himself pushed on to the bed, his wet groin cold from the air and the lost touch. Matthew climbs on top of him, their bodies just barely touching, a soft brush that sends tickles through their bodies.
“I guess you thought I was straight.” Matthew simply states. Luke doesn’t know what to reply. Whatever he says will just sound stupid. “Well, that’s the story we’re sticking to.” Matthew smiles, covering Luke’s mouth with his own.

When Matthew pulls away, continuing kissing Luke’s throat, Luke can’t resist asking.
“Why?” Matthew looks up, smiling thoughtfully before casually replying:
“Because it’s partly true. And really none of anyone’s business.” He looks as Luke to see if the answer is enough.
“And because it’s easier to score with hot chicks?” Luke teases.

“I’m not too sure,” Matthew chuckles. “You seem to have your fair share of those too.” Luke blushes and laughs at the insinuation.
“Well, I guess.” They exchange smiles and chuckle a bit at the thought.
“You’re very beautiful when you smile.” Matthew says, causing Luke to blush even more.

“Thank you.” He says. He lifts his head a bit to give Matthew a small kiss. “So are you.” Matthew lowers his body onto Luke’s, letting their lips meet again. Matthew makes a small attempt to part, but Luke’s hands quickly land on his back, keeping him on top of himself. He feels Matthew smile in their kiss and he can’t help but doing the same thing as well.

Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 1


Rate: R to be sure
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 1050
Let me know what you think - please. :D

“I love your place.” Luke compliments when he enters Matthew’s hallway. He slowly follows Matthew into the kitchen from where the amazing smell of a home cooked meal came from.
“I hope you like pasta.” Matthew says and stirs in some reddish sauce. Luke leans over to see it.

“Doesn’t everyone?” He says. On the bench is a cutting board with a slices mozzarella on it. A tomato is waiting next to a knife. Matthew inspects the tomato before carefully slicing it into perfect pieces. He holds out the end to Luke who just stares at it.

“You don’t like tomato?” Matthew asks.
“Yes…” Luke stutters and takes the piece, putting it in his mouth. Matthew goes back to his tomato and Luke feels his cheeks getting red. The simple gesture of an offered tomato totally took him by surprise and he had no idea if he was supposed to take it from Matthew’s hand with his mouth or with his fingers. You don’t let your straight friends feed you, that’s rule number one.

Maybe accepting this dinner invitation wasn’t the best idea. There was just something inside him that couldn’t resist friendship with this man, even if that meant confusion and strange looks at work.
“I didn’t know you were such a great chef.” He finally says.
“Oh, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Matthew laughs in reply, his accent making it sound like he has deep mystical secrets.

“Oh really?” Is all Luke can manage in reply, not sure how to fish for more info. Matthew looks up at him from arranging the cheese and tomato on a plate.
Luke swallows, not quite sure what to do next. Matthew clearly behaves differently from when they’ve hung out at work, now being more flirtatious and relaxed.

Matthew walks over to the window and takes some leafs from a plant there. He puts them over the cheese and tomatoes, finishing with some salt and pepper. He holds it up for Luke to look at.
“What do you think? I know it’s supposed to have olive oil, but I really hate everything olives.” Matthew says.
“Delicious.” Luke admits. And it does look delicious.

Matthew puts it on the table by the window. The table is set with plates, cutlery and wine glasses. Matthew sees Luke’s gaze at the setting.
“I hope you like white.” He says, taking out a bottle from the fridge. “One of my favorites.” He says, handing the bottle to Luke. “Open it.”

Luke looks around, seeing a corkscrew hang on a bar by the stove. He has to lean over where Matthew is standing to take it, pretending the touch doesn’t affect him.
That must be it, he thinks. Matthew is straight, and therefore he doesn’t think it’s a big deal to touch. What would have been considered flirting if they had both been gay is not – because in a straight man’s apartment is a straight guy’s code.

He opens the bottle with minimum spillage.
“The food is done in a couple of minutes. Let’s start with the appetizer.” Matthew says. He puts his hand on the small of Luke’s back to usher him to the table, but the touch is way too much for Luke. He quickly sits down on a chair, practically running away from Matthew’ hand.

Matthew either didn’t notice, or just acts like he didn’t, because he sits down on the opposite side and pours wine in their glasses like nothing happened.

They eat the first course and chat about work and general stuff, the conversation flowing surprisingly well in Luke’s opinion. He relaxes after a while, as Matthew shares stories about himself and from his years in the business. Luke shares anecdotes from his years in New York and they laugh together.

When they are finished Matthew goes up to fix the main course. He waves his index finger at Luke, asking him to join by the stove. Luke reluctantly leaves his safe spot by the table. Matthew holds out a spoon with sauce on it, offering it to Luke. Their eyes meet, and Matthew’s entire face smiles at him. Luke tastes the sauce.

“It’s delicious.” He truthfully says.
“Don’t sound so surprised.” Matthew laughs. “It doesn’t need more salt?”
“No, it’s perfect.” Luke says, trying a smile back.
“Good.” Matthew says. He lowers the empty spoon towards the sink, not losing their eye contact.

“Good.” Matthew repeats. His smile has faded and now they just look at each other. Matthew makes a small movement, maybe to lean in for a kiss. They’re close, Luke can almost feel Matthew’s breath on his mouth. A thought close to ‘what the hell’ goes through his head and he erases the last few inches between them, pressing his lips against Matthew.

Almost instantly he feels Matthew respond to the kiss, and seconds later he parts his lips, letting Matthew’s tongue curiously find it’s way in to meet his. In the background he hears the spoon meet the metal on the sink, and then a hand lands on his waist. They move away from the stove, Luke finding himself pressed between Matthew and the door to a cupboard.

His hands are on Matthews back, not too firm, letting Matthew go anytime he wants. Matthew’s hands however, are traveling up Luke’s back, cold against his skin, making his whole body tingle. Their tongues are exploring each other, lips soft on each other. They know they will have to break apart to breath soon, none of them willing to do so as they then also will have to deal with what to do next.

Matthew changes his position against Luke, revealing his excitement against Luke’s thigh. He draws back, ending their make-out with a small peck on Luke’s lips. Their eyes meet again, this time the confusion and wondering is filled with obvious lust.
“So, you… wanna…?” Matthew starts, his previous security gone, taking articulation with it.

Luke smiles, Matthew sudden loss of confidence boosting his own.
“Maybe we can eat later.” He suggests. Matthew smiles a reply.
“Yes.” He switches the knobs on the stove, moving the sauce pan to the sink.
“Let me show you the rest of the apartment.” He says, taking Luke’s hand and leading him into another room.

Matthew & Luke: A kiss is a kiss is a kiss?



Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The last episode of the season is in the making. 
Word count: 980
Let me know what you think - please. :D

Luke nods a hello to Matthew across the studio. They have a scene to start shooting in one hour, and they will start working with the director now. Matthew smiles and returns the nod.


The season is almost over and they only have a few more days of shooting, and the whole cast and crew can feel it in the air. It’s a mix between suspense about the future, happiness to get some time off to breathe and also the excitement of shooting a season’s last episodes. The episodes that may be the complete ending of the whole series.


The scene they’re gonna do includes a kiss, and they know it will be uncomfortable this time, because rehearsing that exact scene with that exact kiss yesterday led to an actual kiss and there is no way to deny it. It was far more than what was needed for the scene, there was tongue and they ended it laying down on the couch.


Luke shakes his head. He knows they’re both professionals, and it will go well. They are going to do very well. Still, it’s uncomfortable. He has no idea how to handle it. He’s gay, Matthew is straight. Or at least, so he claims. Matthew jokes about it so much that Luke sometimes wonder about it, but as far as he knows, Matthew digs chicks.


Does that mean it was his fault that they kissed? Because he is the only one that would actually enjoy it? Right after he knew that they had both been involved to make it happen, but after thinking about it since makes him confused. He sees Matthew across the crowd and for a second they have eye contact. Matthew smiles before turning his attention back to the person he is talking to.




Matthew knows he should be listening, but since Luke walked into the studio, he has a hard time focusing. He knows that the kiss from yesterday won’t make today’s shooting any easier, but as much as he would want to think he regrets it, he just can’t because it’s not true. He doesn’t regret it, because it felt good.


The whole thing had played in his head all night and all morning, and now he was pretty sure he had initiated it and made Luke feel bad about it. He sees Luke look up and their eyes meet. He smiles shyly and break the gaze. He looks back at the small woman talking to him and nods along.




Luke sees the director leave the loft set and Matthew smiles an invite to him. He tries to return the smile when he walks up on the set. He immediately feels the difference. The set is warmer than the rest of the studio as many spotlights are directed at it, and it is like he is entering a stage. A theatrical set for a character, an a place where it’s not easy to be yourself, because you automatically want to slip into the person who lives there.

“Hey.” Luke says, trying his best to sound casual. Matthew nods in reply but doesn’t say anything.


He opens his mouth and takes a breath, but still doesn’t talk. Luke fiddles with a book in the bookcase. He sees the picture of them kissing at their wedding, and hastily looks away. It’s too late though, Matthew followed his gaze and saw the picture as well.


“I guess we should… say something?” Luke says when he notices Matthews staring at the picture frame.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t very good… No! I mean it was. Not that…” Matthew starts. “No. Let me start over. It wasn’t very smart to do it, but I hope it won’t ruin our working relationship.”


Luke listens and grows more and more entertained as Matthew starts blushing.

“You’re usually easy on the words… What happened?” He asks with a crooked smile. Matthew laughs softly, glad they manage some kind of conversation.

“I don’t know. I guess you did. I don’t usually do things with co-stars.”


Luke raises an eyebrow.

“That often.” Matthew adds and they both laugh. “Well, I don’t know if I initiated it, but I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you feel bad.”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Luke untruthfully states. After a few seconds of silence he continues. “Actually, no. It wasn’t okay. I slept two hours last night because I couldn’t stop it from playing in my head and I was ready to jump off a cliff any minute because I thought I made a fool out of myself. But I’m glad we’re okay.”


“You didn’t make a fool out of yourself.” Matthew says quietly. “I’m just as much to blame as you are, and I am old enough to make my own decisions without having to hide behind someone else. And if it makes you feel better, I slept about two hours too.” He smiles. 


“That helps a little.” Luke laughs and Matthew does too, relieved that they’re on the same page.

“Uhm…” Matthew starts. He clears his throat. “Maybe we can go have a cup of coffee when we’re done today?” He suggests. He looks at Luke with panic in his eyes, not sure what to do if he’s turned down.


A smile spreads on Luke’s face.

“Off course, that’d be nice.” He replies. 

The director approaches them, walking right up to where they’re standing by the bookcase. He takes the picture frame and holds it up to him.

“Look!” He says. “Focus on this for a while, and you’ll get what mood we want.” He snaps his fingers and hands the picture to Matthew, quickly turning around. He walks away to talk to someone else in the studio, and Luke and Matthew are left with the picture.


They exchange a quick look and then laugh, both turning their gaze to the picture of last seasons finale.


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