Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 3 / 3




Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.
Word count:
Thanks to:
Sueli for beta-reading.

Both Luke and Matthew realize that there will be no take-out food this night. Matthew compliments Luke on his wall filled with photographs of friends, family and beautiful landscape motifs. Luke blushes and offers a beer, which Matthew is happy to accept.

They flop down on Luke’s couch, Matthew perhaps a bit closer to Luke then what is necessary.
“Just so you know, I’ve really enjoyed working with you,” Matthew says.
“Yeah, me too,” Luke says. “With you.”

“It seems like ages ago when we were doing those first rehearsals,” Matthew says, thinking back. “When I was gonna kiss you and then you kissed me back.”
“Oh yeah…” Luke says, also remembering the event. It has been fun. Since then they’ve grown quite used to kissing each other, often with a very grand audience.

“I was so surprised then,” Matthew continues. “That you kissed me back, that you… grabbed some space. Most girls wouldn’t have.” Luke laughs and takes a sip of his beer
“And you’re a very good kisser,” Matthew adds, spontaneously sliding his arm along the backrest of the couch, letting it land behind Luke’s head.

Luke laughs and blushes a bit, then he returns the compliment.
“Oh good,” Matthew laughs. “I was afraid I was too groping there a couple of times.”
“Naah,” Luke laughs along. “Just the right amount of groping. Scotty enjoyed it.”

“I bet he did,” Matthew says, looking out into the room, as if Scotty stood there, talking to them. “I bet Kevin is good in bed, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to score with such hot guys.”
“I’m sure he is,” Luke says, not sure if Matthew just threw a compliment his way. He tilts his head when he looks at Matthew’s profile. “But you know, it’s not like Kevin isn’t quite hot himself.”

“No?” Matthew looks straight at Luke. “I hear he’s got big complexes though.”
“He’s so insecure at times,” Luke laughs. Matthew joins in the laughter, enjoying their silly conversation.

“Have you thought about it?”
“It?” Luke asks, not sure what Matthew is getting at.
“Their sex. I did, and I wasn’t sure how it would go.” Matthew looks back out into the room, maybe expecting Scotty to be there and explain it to them. “I think it was the Valentine’s episode, I was wondering what they did then. I’m quite sure it was Kevin who initiated it.”

“Definitely,” Luke nods. They both stay silent for a while, continuing to sip their beers.

“Maybe one day Scotty can move into the loft and he and Kevin can get to kiss a whole lot more,” Matthew says softly.
“I’m sure he’d like that,” Luke says, equally softly. They look into each other’s eyes, and after a few seconds, when neither have looked away, Matthew leans in a bit closer to Luke.

It takes them seconds to get there, but once their lips meet, they both lean into it with such force, it’s almost painful. The hand that Matthew had on the backrest of the couch moves to Luke’s neck, pulling him, if possible, closer. Luke gently rests his hand on Matthew’s thigh and softly grab it.

They are both aware that this time the kissing is different. This isn’t to show passion between two people, this is passion. Matthew’s hand on Luke’s neck moves a bit, his thumb caressing Luke’s cheek. Their lips part a little, enough for them to breathe.

Luke takes a deep breath, preparing to say something sensible about what they are doing, but before he has the chance, Matthew’s lips are on his again, strong and hot. Luke has no resistance to stop, but lets it happen, his mouth opening a bit to grant Matthew’s tongue permission to enter. Their tongues meet and they play with each other, and this kiss is definitely different from all the ones they have had on set.

Luke’s hand moves up Matthew’s thigh, slow and lingering, finally settling on his hip. Matthew would like to invite himself and Luke to Luke’s bed, but somehow it’s difficult to stop and say something. Not only is he not sure if Luke wants to go much further, but he also would like to continue the kiss.

Luke moves his leg a little, and Matthew follows, moving closer. He slides both his arms behind Luke’s back and leans backwards a little. When he feels Luke follow him, he lies back down, getting trapped under Luke’s body. They stop kissing for a second, moving their legs to get more comfortable, but the couch is too narrow. They resume the kissing but have to stay still so they don’t tumble down onto the floor.

Luke interrupts their kissing, but makes up for it by gently sliding his hand under Matthew’s shirt.
“Maybe we should move?” He suggests.
“Yes,” Matthew agrees. “You have a bed?” Luke laughs softly and nods, getting up and pulling Matthew with him by extracting his hand.

Matthew lets Luke lead him to the bed in the next room, not able to stop smiling. Those short moments on top of each other definitely gossiped about how much the other wants to continue this. Luke sits down on the well-made bed and drags Matthew on top of himself.

Matthew willingly crawls on top and slides one hand under Luke’s shirt, feeling the smooth skin under his touch. They keep kissing when Luke tugs at Matthew’s shirt, pulling it off and throwing it away. Matthew sits up, straddling Luke, to be able to pull off his shirt as well.

Matthew leans back down, giving Luke a long kiss before starting to kiss his way down Luke’s neck, down to his collarbone and back up, stopping to suck gently at his adam’s apple. He feels Luke shiver under him, and moves up to kiss Luke’s lips again.

Luke pushes him up, and they exchange a quick look before Matthew stands up next to the bed. He leans over and helps Luke undo his jeans, then pulls them off and lets them land on the floor. He can’t help but gulp a bit when he sees Luke’s limber body stretches out on the bed under him.

Matthew removes his own pants, leaving them on the floor when he climbs back onto the bed, against covering Luke’s body with his own. They resume the kissing, this time no clothing in the way when hands move across their bodies.

“I thought you were straight,” Luke whispers in his ear.
“I love it when you speak dirty with me,” Matthew quips back. He moves his hands to next to Luke’s face, trapping him there. They smile at each other and giggle a bit before Matthew lowers himself again, and their lips meet.

Luke embraces Matthew's body and flips them over on the bed, landing dangerously close to the edge. Matthew moves his legs around Luke’s trapping them together.
“For months I’ve been eager to find out if you could shock me as much here as you did when we first kissed,” Matthew whispers. “That might not sound romantic, but it’s really the best I can come up with now.”

Luke laughs in reply and flips them back to the middle of the bed, again landing under Matthew.
“It’s nice to know you’ve dreamed about my bed,” Luke says. “I hope it delivers.”
“So far, so good,” Matthew says, pulling Luke close for another kiss.

Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 2 / 3




Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.
Word count:
Thanks to:
Sueli for beta-reading.

“Nice lunch.” Luke looks up at Matthew when he sits down on the bench next to him. In less than an hour they will start shooting, and now they are on the set, just waiting for everything to get ready for them.
“Yeah, it was,” Luke agrees.

“It’s gonna be fun to do this with you, in case I didn’t say that,” Matthew says, his voice more relaxed, leaning forward a bit.
“Oh yeah,” Luke says. “I think so too. It’s gonna be great. Frankly,” he continues. “I’ve been a bit nervous about it.”

“You haven’t had a lot of gay roles either?” Matthew asks. Luke doesn’t reply right away, instead he stretches his neck a bit, rubbing it with a hand. Matthew watches it move over his neck before he slowly lowers it to his lap again.

“Not really, no,” Luke replies quietly.
“Me neither. But it’s not that bad, from what I hear,”
“Being gay or acting gay?” Luke asks, maybe sounding a bit more harsh than what he planned on doing. He has no intentions of coming out to anyone on the set, but something in him says he can’t drop this, especially not with Matthew.

“Acting. I guess being gay is harsh sometimes, but only because other people behave badly,” Matthew says. If he understood why Luke was so anxious to ask him about it he doesn’t show it. Before Luke can continue, Matthew does.

“I read an interview with some actor that played a gay role in a movie in the 90’s. It was a big movie, and a lot of kids said that they had the courage to come out and stand up for themselves in school and to their families because of that role, and that actor says in an interview that it was hard to do the big kisses, because he was uncomfortable kissing other men,” Matthew takes a sip of his drink before continuing. “Somehow that is incredibly arrogant. To say that it’s hard to kiss a person when all these people use that fictional relationship as fuel to even get out of bed.”

“Yes, people behave like they are doing it against their will, basically,” Luke says, not sure how to phrase his worries about the gay issues many actors seem to have. Even when he hasn’t been open with colleagues, the homophobia has felt personal.
“Like they do it and therefore are a part of making things better, but then they say other things. Like they don’t care.

“Exactly. I haven’t kissed guys before, but judging from our experience before it’s not that bad,” Matthew says.
“No, it’s not,” Luke laughs.
“So you’ve kissed guys before?”
“Yes, I have.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”
“No, it’s okay. I’m just not out,” Luke says quietly.
“Oh,” Matthew replies. They are both quiet for a while, and just when Luke thinks he has ruined their entire working environment, Matthew starts talking.
“I mean, I could say ‘it’s okay’ but I don’t want to say that. It’s so patronizing.”

Luke looks at Matthew, his eyes big with surprise.
“It is!” He says. “I always thought so, and yet you have to swallow it when nice people tell you how big they are when they can tolerate you. I hate that,” Luke rambles, tensions releasing in him.

“I hate it too,” Matthew says evasively, “So I passed then?”
“You passed,” Luke confirms and they both laugh.
“I’m glad to hear that.”


Matthew sees Luke across the room. It’s the wrap party of season one and all the cast and crew that’s been working together the last few months have gathered one last time to celebrate a successful first season and to get seriously wasted before the summer begins and they all split up.

Luke gives him a slight nod and Matthew returns it. He starts walking towards Luke, figuring they should get a proper goodbye. Just when they meet in the middle of the room, an assistant from the wardrobe staff shows up between them. The three of them greet and smile to one another. They wave their beers in some kind of quiet toast, suggesting all of them have been drinking for awhile already.

Over the loud noise in the room, the assistant screams to them:
“I must say I really liked your story together,” she points her finger from one to the other. “You guys have real chemistry.”
“Thank you,” Matthew says. He exchanges a look with Luke. They have heard it before and it’s been obvious to them too. Their relationship comes very easily to them in front of the cameras.

The wardrobe assistant smiles and disappears in the crowd, leaving Matthew and Luke alone.
“I could use another of these,” Matthew says, holding up his bottle to show that it’s almost empty.
“Me too,” Luke agrees, holding up his equally empty bottle.

They move to the table with the beers and to get new ones. Matthew hands one to Luke, his hand a bit unsteady from the intake of the alcohol. Luke grabs the bottle with both his hands, either because he too is unsteady or because he noticed that Matthew is and saved it from dying on the floor. Matthew smiles goofily at Luke and withdraws his hand from the bottle.

They move to an empty bar table in the room, leaning against it. They end up quite close to each other so they can hear the other speak over the loud music. Luke tells Matthew about a photographer who’s exhibition he saw a couple of weeks ago, and Matthew listens intently. He tilts his head when he listens, enjoying Luke’s voice and how passionate he gets when he talks about something.

“I think I read about her, I saw some of her work in a magazine,” Matthew says.
“I didn’t know Playboy printed real stuff,” Luke quickly quips, earning a nudge in the side from Matthew. “I got one of her books, it’s wonderful.” Someone walks by behind Matthew and gives him a slight push in the back, making him lean closer to Luke.

“I’d love to see it some time,” Matthews says, not moving back to his space, instead staying so close to Luke that he can almost feel Luke’s breath against his skin. The crowd in the room makes it impossible for Luke to back away and when he notices that Matthew doesn’t either, he relaxes a bit.

“You should come over and have a look,” Luke says.
“Yes,” Matthew agrees. He quickly looks at the watch around his wrist. “Maybe I can come over tonight? I’m kind of hungry.”
“We could pick something up,” Luke quickly fills in. Matthew smiles and puts his hand on Luke’s bicep, leading him out of the room.

Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 1 / 3




Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.

Word count: 1075

Luke follows the studio host onto the set. People are everywhere fixing the last details of the current set. The studio host walks up to the person Luke, after some quick googling, knows is Matthew. They are introduced and the studio host leaves them alone.

Matthew explains the scene he is in the middle of shooting right now, and Luke listens, perplexed over the thick accent. Apparently his googling hadn’t been good enough, because not once did he read anything about this guy being British. It did however state that he lived with actor friend Ioan Gruffudd for a decade or so, but that not making either of them gay.

Oh well, he seems nice and their mindless chatter breaks the ice. In only two days Luke will be back on the set to prepare to shoot his first scene as Scotty Wandell, the love interest of Kevin Walker. The first episode of seven to come for Luke, a job he never thought he would be able to get, and yet, here he is. It’s a real show and it’s actually a career – even if it’s just seven episodes.

Matthew smiles and excuses himself, saying he needs to go back to the set and Luke finds himself standing there alone. He watches Matthew go back to the stage. Sally Field emerges along with a young guy Luke knows that plays one of the brothers and then Calista Flockhart joins them.

Luke watches the four of them speak with the director, observing Matthew’s moves when he listens, speaks and laughs. He might be straight, if he insists, and Luke starts wondering how much Matthew knows about him. Has he bothered to ask someone about him? Did he google Luke? Does he know that Luke is gay? How would he?

Luke sees that it’s time to leave if he wants to make it to the appointment he made with a friend, but the worry about how Matthew will be to do intimate and tender scenes with lingers and grows. He slowly walks from the set, watching Matthew get into position to start the new scene.


Matthew throws himself onto his couch with his newly-opened cold beer. He looks at the time. It’s late again. This job is great, but the days are long. It’s been a while since he worked like this and he isn’t yet used to the early mornings and the late nights.

He does what he always does – repeats the day in his head. Overall it was very good. He got to meet Luke, the guy who will play his love interest. He seemed very nice and easy to be around, and they will probably manage to work well together.

He’s played gay characters before, but Kevin is different. He isn’t defined by being gay, which is great, but there are scenes where he interacts with this love interest and they share kisses, so he really needs to get those scenes to fit in with the character’s personality from other scenes with work and family.

He hasn’t actually kissed other guys before when playing gay roles, but except for maybe some scruffy beard, how could it be different? It will be quite a challenge and Matthew knows that the response from Luke will be vital for getting it all right.

In two days they will do some drama exercises together to get to know each other and get comfortable and then they will start shooting. Matthew has always liked those drama sessions, they do wonders for personal chemistry and, quite frankly, getting to know the beautiful ladies he plays opposite. For friendship and… fun.


Luke and Matthew are both early to the drama room at the set. They meet with the coach for their exercises who tells them what they will do, explaining the simple exercises.. They are all chosen to lead to them being comfortable touching and kissing each other.

They start with basic massage and playing exercises and speak about random things while doing so. Matthew mentions Wales and how much he misses it, and how his mother calls him even more often nowadays as he started the new job. Luke laughs and tells him that he experiences the same from his mother and from his sisters. They joke and say they should each do a newsletter to their families, to save everyone time.

“For this next exercise,” the drama couch interrupts them. “I want you,” she points at Matthew, “to want to kiss him,” she points at Luke. “And you’re playing hard to get,” she takes a step back and then adds: “But neither of you can speak a word.”

Both Matthew and Luke smile goofily at each other. Matthew looks around and sees some chairs piled in a corner of the room. He walks over and fetches two of them, placing them next to each other over where Luke is standing, like it’s a bus. He makes an inviting gesture for Luke to sit, which he does, at the edge of one of the chairs.

Matthew sits down next to him and stares at Luke with a big smile. He continues to smile and move closer until Luke is more leaning towards the chair than actually sitting on it and Matthew is sitting on both of them. Without further notice Matthew leans over and kisses Luke on the lips, quick and wet, and then leaning back on his chair.

Luke stares at him in shock, real or pretend, and after a few seconds of thinking, he does the same, leaning over to kiss Matthew back. This time it lingers more and their lips adjust to each other. When they part they both seem pretty satisfied, but also a bit embarrassed.

“Very nice, you both,” The coach says, clapping her hands together. “We will finish with a short relaxing exercise where you lie down on the floor,” she explains what they are going to do, not noticing the blush on Luke’s neck lingering, nor the sudden glances Matthew sends Luke from the corner of his eye.

So now he’s kissed a guy too, and that wasn’t so bad. Matthew’s minds wanders when he should be listening to further instructions. Luke’s response to his own quite forceful kiss was a bit odd. When he has done similar things with female co-stars they usually either act mad or shy. Not once has anyone immediately kissed him back. And a good kiss, at that.

Luke: 16 or so




Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke is 16 or so.

Word count: 788


Melissa saw him walking over the lawn to the main building on campus. His long and lean body was not to be mistaken, even at this distance. He puts out the cigarette and throws it in the ashtray. Such a good boy, she thinks.

A girl comes up to him and they share a laugh. Melissa knows it’s his sister. They are twins, but aren’t that alike, actually. She is pretty and nice, he is handsome. Prom is only two weeks away and he hasn’t asked her to it, which is weird, because they have totally been getting close during the History lessons lately. He’s so passionate about anything he talks about and he is so nice to talk to.

He has never been like all the other guys that has grown up to having conversations with her breasts. Luke Macfarlane is the guy that grew up from a dorky kid to the handsomest guy in school – and he’s the lead singer of the local garage band. They’ll be famous one day. He will be. Everyone knows she’s taken him, so he’s off limits for the other girls. She knows they are jealous, and she enjoys it.

Although, if she has to be honest, they haven’t actually done anything yet. They were study partners this whole semester, so they spent quite a lot of time together, but it was like he just froze every time she tried playing footsis with him, or stroke his arm.

He’ll be at Lance Davidson’s party tomorrow night, and hopefully he’ll be drunk enough to loosen up around her then, and something might happen. She feels a tingle down her spine when she thinks about what might happen. He laughs with some other people across the lawn and walks into the building.


“You know what I’m saying, right?” she asks, leaning close to him so that he can hear over the music.
“Sure,” he nods, taking another drag from the cigarette between his fingers. He offers it to her and she accepts, glad she’s practiced smoking before.

“What are you doing after graduation?” she asks, her voice a bit fuzzy from the drinks.
“I don’t know yet. I might travel some,” he yells into her ear. She feels his hot breath against her cheek and that tingling feeling down her spine is back.

“I’d like to see more of our beautiful country,” he continues. “The wide open spaces and the peacefulness…” he takes another drag of his cigarette before putting it out on an ashtray. He takes a sip from his beer and she watches his hand grip the bottle. He moves it to his mouth and pouts his lips to drink. She closes her eyes a bit. That hand on her and those lips on hers’.

She shakes her head and sees the girls on the other side of the room. They watch her with him and say things to each other. She smiles at them and know they hate it.
“I’d love to travel too. Europe, Paris, Italy,” she says, putting an arm around his shoulder. He becomes stiff under her touch, and she leans closer to continue talking to him. “It would be so romantic.”

“I guess it would,” he laughs, taking another sip. “I’m just gonna go…” he says and gets up, quickly walking out of the room. She smiles, happy that her touch made him hurry off to the bathroom, even if she rather would have had him alone somewhere.

When he hasn’t returned twenty minutes later she decides to look for him. The girls by the wall point at her and exchange some words when she passes them. She sees Nate by the punch bowl and asks if he knows where Luke went.
“He walked in there a while ago,” he says and points at a door. He laughs with his friends by the bowl, which makes her feel a bit uncomfortable.

She walks over to the closed door Nate pointed at. She slowly puts her hand on the knob and turns it, slowly opening the door. Over the noise from the music and the crowd the people inside don’t notice her arrival.

On a couch in the room is Luke, his shirt thrown on the floor. A guy, also with his shirt off, is draped on top of Luke, kissing him. His hand is between them, hidden between their bodies.

She gasps for air and quickly closes the door behind her. The girls by the wall laughs at her, as does Nate and his friends.
“Hey, you’re not the first!” Nate calls to her as some kind of comfort. He holds out a drink from the punch bowl to her and waves her over.

Dave & Luke: The South Africa story




Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke and Dave are sent to South Africa to promote B&S.

Word count: 1486

“Wow, this place is awesome!” Dave says, pulling the red curtain from the window to get a better view of the city with the ocean to frame it. Luke sits down on Dave’s bed, enjoying seeing Dave do exactly what he did himself in his room fifteen minutes ago.

“And there’s a Jacuzzi in every room.” He enlightens. Dave turns to him with gigantic eyes, not wasting much time before going into the bathroom.
“Wow!” He says, his voice echoing between the walls. “It would really be a waste not to use this, wouldn’t it.” He says when he re-joins Luke in the main room.

He sits down next to Luke on the bed.
“I’m so glad I chose to come here.”
“Me too.” Luke agrees. “We’ve been here, what? Three hours and it’s already worth the stuff I had to cancel.”

“What stuff?” Dave asks, flipping back on the bed to get more comfortable.
“Just some stuff.” Luke says, waving his hand. “Nothing important.”
“No hot date?” Dave asks, wiggling his eyebrows a little.
“Oh, I wish.” Luke says. “Not that I would have to cancel.” He adds when he sees the confused look on Dave’s face. “But having one to cancel would be nice, then at least I’d have one.”

Dave laughs at Luke’s rather awkward explanation, leaning over to carefully nudge him in the side.
“I don’t for a second believe that someone like you wouldn’t have heaps of alternatives.”
“Someone like me?” Luke laughs.

“You know, you’re not exactly ugly and dumb.”
Luke laughs harder at Dave’s badly formed compliment.
“Thanks.” He says, smiling at Dave’s blushing face. “It’s not that there aren’t alternatives, it’s just…” Luke starts, looking out into the room as if to think of the end of the sentence. “… seems like the perfect man doesn’t knock on my door that often.”

“Yeah, hate that.” Dave says, nodding in agreement.
“Be nice.” Luke says, hitting Dave over the head with a pillow. “Now I have to go get ready for tonight. Who knows – maybe the perfect man is South African?” He says suggestively before leaving the room.


Luke has just finished moussing his hair to perfection when there is a knock on his door.
“You’re here!” He says when seeing Dave outside his door, showered, properly clothed and with impeccable hair.
“And you too!” Dave greets when entering the room, already starting to realize that their ‘you’re here bit’ will become their running gag for the trip, as they’ve done it like five times since they landed.

“Ready to get drunk?” Dave asks with his best serious voice.
“Uh…” Luke thinks for a minute, putting his index finger on his chin. “Yeah.” They go down to the cozy bar at the hotel and have each a beer before they’re being picked up for their night out. Only hours later they are at some house in some suburb meeting the locals, both enjoying drinks and beers.

Once the car is back to pick them up a while after midnight, they are both a bit fuzzy. Dave leans his head on Luke’s shoulder and naps for a few minutes while the car makes its way through the streets of Cape Town. Luke nudges Dave in the side when they arrive to the hotel, and they take the elevator up together.

“So, met the perfect man tonight?” Dave asks.
“No, unfortunately,” Luke replies. “But thank God I didn't. That’s a long-distance relationship I wouldn’t even want to think about.”
Dave laughs, finding Luke’s logic very fun, especially right now.

“Want a night cap?” Dave offers. “Just a short one.” He says when they pass his door. He searches for his key card in his pockets and holds it up when finding it, like a triumph.
“Sure, why not?” Luke says, taking a few steps back to follow Dave into the room.

Dave pushes the light button and the both of them scream out loud when the room becomes light.
“Dimmer!” Dave calls out and turns the switch to a more cozy mode.”
“Yes, cozy lights.” Luke slurs. He throws himself on Dave’s bed and waits for Dave to serve him a drink.

“Here. Best the honor bar could do.” Dave says and gives Luke a drink in the small glass from the bathroom. They both take a sip and frown.
“Ugh.” Luke says. “This isn’t strawberries, is it?”
“Not even close.” Dave replies, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “You’re taking up all the room on my bed.”

“Well, you asked me to your room, so I expect to be using the bed tonight.” Luke says playfully.
“Oh really?” Dave says back, equally playfully. He is quiet for a few moments, figuring out his revenge. “If you’re in my bed, what does that oblige me to do?”

“Oh nothing.” Luke casually replies. “If you were someone else, it would be far more sweaty than this, but since you’re the macho straight guy in this room, I’ll go for the manly pat on the back.”
“That’s kind of bias of you, isn’t it?” Dave answers. Luke catches his mischievous grin in the corner of his eye.

“What, saying that pats on the back are manly?” He lifts himself up to lean on his elbow. “Or believing you’re straight?” He looks directly at Dave and their eyes meet for a second.
“Isn’t everyone… curious?” Dave asks. “I guess I am… mostly because I don’t know really how it’s all done.”

“It all?” Luke laughs. “You know, I could show you, but it would take a watermelon, a birthday cake and a penny.”
“I never got your humor man.” Dave laughs. “But I mean more like, how do you know who does what.”

Luke looks puzzles and Dave waves his hand, trying to explain what he means.
“You know, who does… what. Do you flip a coin or do you do rock, paper, scissors?”
“Oh, for who’s top and who’s bottom?” Luke says.

Dave’s neck and cheeks become instantly red and Luke laughs at him. Luke moves a bit to the side so Dave can stretch out on the bed.
“Well, I think communicating is good.” Luke says. “But I guess everyone has their way of doing it.”

“What? You just pick up a guy in a bar and then in the car back home you’re all like ‘so, wanna fuck me?’?”
“I’d like to think I’m more slick than that.” Luke says with a wink. “I got into your bed with nothing like that, now did I?”
“That’s true.” Dave laughs. “So what’s your next step?”

“Step? It’s not like there’s a manual.” Luke says, lifting his head up. He frowns a bit, semi-insulted. “Although, if there was, I’d read it.”
Dave laughs and throws his arm out to punch Luke. It’s nice to have this talk like this. They don’t need to have eye contact and they are a bit drunk, making it easier and if needed, a reason to feel less uncomfortable tomorrow.
“Well, if it was me who was going to take the next step, I’d kiss you now.”

“Yeah? Just like that?” Luke asks.
“Sure.” Dave assures.
“On the lips? Just a peck, or with open mouth?” Luke wonders.
“Oh, just a peck at first. But kind of lingering. And then, if the other person replies, it goes on to open mouth.”

“Is that your idea of foreplay?” Luke asks. “Because I would think that might be too forward.”
“It’s not forward.” Dave says. He sits up and looks at Luke when continuing: “It’s romantic, and shows what I want. Taking the first step.”

“Oh, I guess it’s that part that I’m not good at.” Luke laughs. Dave laughs too and without further notice, he leans over Luke on the bed and gives him a quick peck on the lips. He lifts his head a few inches over Luke’s and they lock eyes.

“But maybe that can be too forward sometimes…” Dave says with a weak voice.
“No…” Luke’s voice trails out. “not at all.” He lifts his head to reach Dave’s, and their lips meet again.

Their lips swell against each other when they deepen their kiss, their bodies traveling closer to each other on the bed. Dave’s hand moves to Luke’s stomach and gently brushes against it, as if to ask permission to be there. Luke presses his body against Dave’s hand and slides his hand up Dave’s back.

Whatever started out as playful and teasing has definitely reached a point where they can’t just laugh it away. Neither man has such a plan anyway, and they both allow their tongues to meet to prove it.

“You know I’m not…” Dave says between kisses.
“Yeah I know.” Luke interrupts, pushing Dave against the mattress to silence him. Dave parts his legs slightly and with his tongue exploring Luke’s he finishes his sentence.

Matthew & Luke: Untitled 3




Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Matthew is jealous and gets a late night visitor.

Word count: 1667


Luke smiles back and walks into Matthew’s house.
“I hope I’m not interrupting.” He says and points at the towel skirt.
“Oh,” Matthew tugs carefully at the fabric. “No, not at all.” He gestures for Luke to follow him into the living room and leads the way. He sits down on the couch and noticed that Luke has stopped half-way.

“Are you going to ask how it went?” He asks. Matthew takes the remote control from the table, playing with it in his hands.
“Um, yes. I just assumed it went well.” He says. “The text.” He reminds.
“Yes, that. We had quite the laugh at it.” Luke smilingly says and takes a step towards the couch.

“But we didn’t leave the café, if you want to know.” Luke says. Matthew can’t tell if Luke is sad about that or not, he seems very collected and mischievous. “We decided it was best to leave it there.”
Matthew fights the smile he feels coming to his face. He doesn’t even understand why he would want to smile now.

“I’m sad to hear that.” He says.
“I’m not.” Luke says, walking over to the couch. He sits down on the armrest. “I don’t want to be blunt, but maybe that kind of clothing isn’t made for sitting down in.” Luke says, barely able to control his laughter when Matthew jumps up to fix the towel, throwing the remote on the couch.

“Come here.” Luke says, gesturing with his index finger for Matthew to approach the last few feet between them. Matthew isn’t sure if he wants Luke to fix his towel, but he walks up to Luke anyway. He keeps his hands on his hips, eager to stay in control of the cloth.

Luke totally catches him by surprise, forcefully placing a hand on the back of his head and pressing his lips against his. It takes Matthew a second to react, but when he does, both his hands leave the towel, pulling Luke closer by the waist. Their lips explore each other, now neither of them taking it further. Matthew feels a hand on his chest, the touch soft as if to try and see if it can be there.

Matthew pushes himself against Luke’s hand, in return being pushed down on the couch. Luke follows, covering Matthew’s body with his own.
“Luke?” Matthew asks. He’s not really clear what it is he’s wondering, but this sudden development of events forces him to pause. “What are we doing?”

Luke moves up, straddling Matthew with the towel curved between them. Luke smiles, his hands massaging Matthew’s chest.
“You don’t like?” Luke asks, his voice different than usual, now much more teasing. He moves on top of Matthew. “It feels like you like. He says.

“I do. I do like.” Matthew pants. Luke has obviously noticed how excited Matthew is, but that’s not strange as the towel is no longer fulfilling any kind of purpose. “I’m just not used to you, being on top of me like this.” Matthew manages to say. Luke’s very subtle way of rocking his hips makes it difficult to form words, and the hands on his chest do nothing to help.

“Oh, I’m not top.” Luke laughs. He bends down to kiss Matthew. “But I’m very different here, with you naked, from what I am otherwise. You’ll see.” Luke winks and kisses Matthew again.

Their lips finally part and their tongues meet, wet and hot. Careful and groping at first, harder and more passionate after a while. Matthew is bewildered. Luke surely behaves very differently, and with that kind of promise, he doesn’t know how to act. Somehow he knows that he doesn’t have to know how to act, at the rate things are going now, Luke seems very keen on dictating the rules.

Matthew manages to free the towel, throwing it on the floor. He pulls at Luke’s sweater, but Luke removes his hand.
“But it’s not fair.” Matthew whimpers. “I’m all naked.”
“Yes you are.” Luke says. “And may I say, you’re doing quite a good job being naked.”

Matthew blushes and laughs nervously. Luke sits back up and their eyes meet.
“Do you have a bed?” Luke asks. Matthew nods. “Then you should show it to me.” Luke gets off Matthew, exposing his body. Matthew quickly picks up the towel, but before he can wrap it back around his waist, Luke takes it from him.

“No, no.” He smiles. “I’ll take this. Show me the way.” He moves out of Matthew’s way and gestures for him to walk.

They enter the big bedroom on the second floor, and Luke doesn’t spend much time getting them back to business. When their lips meet again their arms are around each other. Matthew tugs at Luke’s clothing again and Luke lets it happen this time. His sweater goes and his pants are unbuckled and undone.

Matthew slides his jeans down a bit, moving his hand outside of Luke’s underwear, caressing his side and his ass. Luke steps out of his jeans and back to Matthew. He moves both of them towards the bed, pushing Matthew down before removing his underwear and climbing on top.

Luke lowers his lips onto Matthews, resuming their kissing. Once he feels Matthew’s arms on his back, he continues down, kissing Matthew’s neck and throat. He strokes Matthew’s hairy chest, barley touching the skin, enticingly tickling the hairs. Matthew breaths heavier, throwing his head back into the mattress.

Luke kisses his belly, his hands still on the chest. He moves downwards, moving on to kiss Matthew’s groin and inner thighs. He lifts his head, looking at Matthew, also looking up. Their eyes meet and Luke breaks out into a smile, also causing Matthew to smile.

Luke bends his head back down, taking Matthew’s already hard erection into his mouth. Matthew gasps for breath and pushes his lower body up against Luke, who places his hands on Matthew’s hip, pushing him back against the mattress.

Matthew’s mind races, although it’s hard to concentrate. Not only did Luke just waltz into his house to sleep with him, he is now also doing a very good job doing what he does. Matthew feels Luke’s hand moving over his body, the wet tongue and hot lips sucking and licking. When they are removed Matthew moans.

“No, don’t stop.” He complains. Luke chuckles and kisses his way back up to Matthew’s face, and again they are caught up in a kiss.
“Don’t worry, we’ve only just begun.” Luke says into Matthew’s ear, his warm breath sticky on his skin.

“Yeah?” Matthew says, catching on to the game. “What are we gonna do?” Luke sits up next to him, keeping Matthew in place with a single index finger on his chest.
“First we locate your stash of condoms and lube. I know you, you’re the type of guy who has a stash.” Luke says, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Should I be insulted?” Matthew says. “Whatever,” He says when Luke bends his head. “In the bottom drawer.” He points at the bedside table. Luke laughs as he throws himself across the big bed, opening the drawer and looking through the stuff.

While on this stomach he feels a body half-cover his own. Matthew spreads one leg and one arm over him, kissing his shoulder. Luke puts some things next to them on the bed, turning a bit under Matthew to make them face to face again. Matthew moves a bit, placing them both on the center of the bed, with himself on top.

They kiss again, and suddenly Luke’s eyes are different. He smiles at Matthew, but the look between them is exchanged from awkward friend sex to pure lust. Matthew temporarily gets off Luke, ordering him to turn around. Luke willingly lies down on his stomach and Matthew moves back on top.

He gives Luke a kiss on the shoulder before taking one of the condoms Luke put on the bed. He takes it out and puts it on himself, seeing that Luke has moved his head to look at him. He moves down and covers Luke’s body with his own again, first using his fingers to prepare Luke of what’s to come.

He feels Luke move against his fingers, only slightly, to show that he is ready. Matthew slides his hands out, then slowly pushing himself back in. He hears Luke take a deep breath and then breath out when Matthew strokes his back. After a few seconds Luke pushes back against him, and he starts thrusting.

When they’ve started moving together, Matthew leans down. He kisses Luke’s neck and shoulders, stroking his back and arms. They move together like in trance, and when Luke starts moaning Matthew slides his hands under them, giving Luke only a few strokes to send him over the edge. Seeing Luke come under him brings Matthew along.

He crashes next to Luke, keeping one arms over his back. Luke looks at him, smiling as he tries to regain his breath.
“Do you wanna stay the night?” Matthew asks. Luke looks around the room, his eyes catching the digital clock.
“Yes, that’d be nice.”

Matthew smiles in reply, taking a deep breath as if to speak. He thinks for a while before speaking:
“What would you have done if I hadn’t been up for this?” He asks. Luke laughs at Matthew’s perplexed facial expression.

“You couldn’t have been more obvious, Math, and then when you answer the door wearing the tiniest towel on Earth, there’s really not much to consider.” Luke explains, reaching out to stroke Matthew’s face. He leans over, giving Matthew a quick kiss on the mouth.

“You know, if we’re gonna sleep here we might want to change the bedding.” Matthew says.
“Yes, but it’s no use just yet. I’m not finished with you.” Luke counters with a mischievous smile. “I have a plan.” Luke says, “I’m gonna find out if your earlobes are ticklish as well.”

Matthew & Luke: Untitled 2

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke is introduced to Matthew's friend. 

Word count: 1605


Luke stirs his coffee with care. Matthew watches him intently, seeing his long eyelashes against his skin. Luke looks up at him, his eyes glistening blue in the sunshine. He smiles and picks up his spoon, licking off the foam before placing it on the plate under his mug.


“So, back on track?” Luke breaks the silence.

“Yes, quite so.” Matthew smiles. He leans back in his chair. “Are you too?” Luke nods, swallowing his coffee before replying.

“Yes, it’s great to be back in some kind of routine again.”

“Isn’t it?” Matthew agrees.


“So have you met Marcus again?” He blurts out, speaking quickly as if not to change his mind half-way. Luke smiles.

“Yes, we had coffee yesterday.” He replies. “He’s very nice.”

“Yes, yes he is.” Matthew looks at Luke. He’s smiling across the table.


“How are you, Math?” Luke asks. Matthew knows he has to be truthful. There are no options when someone so sweet and caring as Luke asks, with the head tilted and a face ready to listen. Matthew smiles nervously, taking his napkin, starting to randomly play with it.


“I’m fine. It just feels weird that you hang out, but it’s nothing. I’ll get over it.”

Luke moves his head a bit forward, urging Matthew to elaborate.

“It’s like,” Matthew continues. “two worlds of mine meet. My crazy youth when I knew Marcus and then now with work where I know you.”


“Is that it?” Luke’s voice is soft.

“Yes.” Matthew says. He knows it’s not believable, but he needs to convince someone. “What else could it be?”

“You knew he was gay, didn’t you?” Luke slowly asks.

“Yes, I’ve always known.” Matthew says. He puts the wrinkly napkin back on the table.


“So it’s me dating him?” Luke’s question hits just where it’s aimed. Matthew feels his heart skip a beat and his whole body tenses. Luke confirms his suspicion and all Matthew wants to do is leave the table and think this through alone. “Math, I understand if this is strange to you, so I think it’s good if we talk it through.”


“Yeah, no, it’s fine.” Matthew says. Luke doesn’t look like he believes it. “Yes, it’s strange, but I just need some time. I promise. He’s a great guy, and so are you. I wish you all luck.” He takes the napkin again, starting to rip it into small pieces, collecting them in a pile on his plate.


“Okay.” Luke says, still hesitant. “Well, if you want to talk, you know where to find me.” He adds and takes a sip of his coffee. He licks off the foam from his upper lip, smiling goofily and asking for the latest gossip.




“Hey, man.” Marcus playfully punches Matthew’s side when he’s let into the house. “This is a great place.”

“You haven’t been here before?” Matthew asks as he closes the front door behind his friend.


“No. I missed all your things when I was away.” Marcus explains. “China.” He reminds.

“Oh right. You have to tell me all about it one day.” Marcus proceeds into the living room and Matthew catches his own words. ‘One day’. How much more obvious can he make it that he didn’t invite over Marcus to talk about China?


“You still have this.” Marcus smiles and points at a big painting in Matthew’s living room. “She, painted it, what was her name?”

“Angelica.” Matthew reminds.

“Angelic Angelica. You really had a thing for her.” Marcus says and sits down on the couch.


“Coffee? Beer?” Matthew asks, taking a few steps towards the kitchen.

“Yes, beer.” Marcus waits quietly in the living room, hearing the fridge open and close. Matthew returns, handing him the beer and sitting down in the other end of the couch.


“So, you’re not too comfortable are you?” Marcus starts. Matthew meets his gaze and sees the pain. Matthew spent all his time obsessing on how this affected his relationship with Luke and with Marcus, he never once thought about what it did between the two of them.


“I’m trying.” Matthew sincerely says. “I really am.”


“There’s really nothing I can say. I’m sure you’ll enjoy each other’s company. You’re a lot alike and it’s not up to me. I don’t have a emotional bond to either of you. You’re not my exes or anything.” Matthew says. He watches Marcus take a sip of his beer, and he does the same too.


“But you do. Of course we have an emotional bond. We go way back, and he’s the guy you kiss on TV. That’s special. But Math, can I be frank?” Marcus puts down the bottle on the small table.

Matthew raises his eyebrows.

“It seems like you are jealous.” Marcus says quietly. “I know you said nothing happened between you, and I know you claim to be straight but maybe it’s something you need to think about.”


“I’m not jealous. I’m only overprotective, I guess. Of both of you, probably. That’s why the whole situation is hard for me to process.” Matthew says. He almost wants to crack a smile for saying something that makes so much sense, but he doesn’t.

“Do you want to tell me about China?” Matthew asks after a few seconds of silence.




Luke softly drums his fingers on the table, trying to channel his nervousness. This is the first semi official date with Marcus, and he knows Matthew has spoken to both of them since last. It’s not particular clear why Matthew became the center of this, but maybe that’s just his way.


He looks at his watch. Still ten minutes left before their appointment, and Luke knows he will not be able to calm down before then. Why is he even nervous? He’s met this guy before and they’ve had the best time, so why just not look forward to that?


He picks up his cell phone, no new messages. He stares at the display and nearly shrikes when the phone starts ringing in his hand. It’s Matthew. Of course it is.


“Hello.” He answers.

“Hi, it’s me.” Matthew says. He sounds nervous too. “I’m not actually sure why I’m calling. I just wanted to say good luck or something.”

“Uh, yeah. Thanks.” Luke says. Somehow it’s very amusing that Matthew is trying to mark his territory.


“I’m sorry for making this about me, I didn’t mean to. When I said I wished you all of luck, I meant it. I couldn’t be happier.” Matthew says, sounding like he is reading it off a note. Luke can’t help but laugh.

“Math, it’s a first date, save the big words.” At the other end of the line he can hear Matthew exhale, giggling a bit.


“Well, who knows, maybe I’ll need the big words one day.” Matthew says.

“I won’t even try to take that in. I’m not seeing you write your vows to, whatever Lady Blue’s name was.” Luke teases. He can totally imagine Matthew blush at the other end, when he stuttering starts to explain.


“We only talked, nothing happened.”

“I know.” Luke says. “I also know what I’ve usually done when I say that.” He adds, and continues. “I have to go now, but I’ll see you later.”


Matthew stares at the phone, the line disconnected. He hesitates before writing a text. ‘His earlobes are ticklish, just so you know.’ He sends it to Luke and puts the phone away, not sure he wants to see if there is a reply or not.





Matthew quickly takes care of the dishes from his evening tea. He knows that he is very stuck in his Welsh food when it comes to what to eat before bed, but that’s usually the time of the day when he has a minute over to think about his land over there, waiting for him.


He puts the small plastic bag with pice bach back in the cupboard with the more traditional American breads and pours out the last drops of his tea in the sink. He cup goes in the dish washer, ready to be turned on in the morning.


He picks up his cell phone on his way out of the kitchen. One new message. From Luke. He takes a deep breath and opens it. ‘Thanks for the tip.’ Sent only an hour ago.


That’s it. Thanks for the tip? So it came in handy then? Matthew steers his steps to the bathroom, turning on the shower and taking off his clothes, all the while hearing the phrase ‘Thanks for the tip’ ringing in his head. He gets in the shower and feels the warm water run down his shoulders.


The shower takes longer than what it usually does. When he’s finally done it’s almost midnight. He wraps a white towel around his waist and hears his mothers words in his head, just like he does every time he uses that particular towel. ‘Don’t use white towels, they get discolored right away’ and himself arguing back: ‘What do you think I do with my towels?’.


He sits down on the couch and turns on the TV. He flips through the channels for a while, until there is suddenly a knock on the door. Not very loud, just enough for him to hear it over the noise from the TV. He stands up, looks down at himself and hopes to god it’s someone he knows well.


He slowly opens the door with big hesitation, peeking out to see who the late night visitor is. His face breaks up in a big smile.

“Oh, it’s you. Come on in.” 


And yes, there is a third part. ;) Check back for it soon.


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