Matthew & Luke: Untitled




Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke and Matthew come back to Los Angeles after a little time off. 

Word count: 1705


Matthew spots Luke between all the people and nods at him. Luke nods back and they both move through the crowd towards each other.

“Hey, long time.” Luke greets, the movement creating a little storm in his wine.

“Yeah, how’ve you been?” Matthew asks. “You’ve been busy?”


“Very busy, yeah.” Luke answer. “But the last week – nothing but sunbathing and drinks. How was your time off?” He asks and bends his head, just like he always does when he has asked a question, waiting for the reply. The familiar movement throws Matthew off course, not until now realizing how much he has missed particularly Luke.


“Fine, just great. I traveled a lot. Just came back two days ago, still jet-lagged.” Matthew says.

“Well, that explains the bags under your eyes.” Luke says.

“Oh, that’s just a little bruise.” Matthew immediately knows that Luke is fishing for an explanation. The bruising under his left eye is not discreet.


“Fell in the stairs.” He smiles.

“Walked into a door?” Luke sarcastically replies and they both laugh.


“Hello.” A voice says from next to them. Luke eyes the person next to him. About his own height, Matthew’s age and with short dark hair, slightly curling in the neck. His eyes are piercing green, cheerfully looking between the two of them.


“Hey, this is my great friend Marcus.” Matthew says, gesturing at the man who has approached them. “Have you met Luke?”

“No, but it’s a pleasure.” The newly arrived says, shaking Luke’s hand. “Very nice to meet you, Luke.”


“So you’re also Welsh, eh?” Luke asks when their hands part.

“No, actually I’m Scottish.” Marcus corrects. “But I lived in Cardiff for many years, that’s when me and Matthew learned to know each other.”

“Really? You go way back?” Luke asks.


Matthew stands back and watches how Marcus starts to tell the story of how they met and studied together and then both ended up in Los Angeles. Luke bends his head and listens intently. Someone passes by behind Luke’s back and he moves forward to leave room, taking a small step closer to Marcus instead of Matthew.


“Guys,” Matthew says, placing his hand on Marcus’ shoulder. “I’m gonna go get a drink. I’ll catch up with you later.” He nods at them and leaves, behind his back hearing how their conversation starts up again and Luke laughs. He spots the table with the drinks and steers his steps towards it.




The after party is just getting started when someone decides to start a tequila race. Matthew is joined by an enchanted Marcus, babbling on about how great it was to meet Matthew’s co-worker. They get each a small glass and sweep it.


“I mean, he’s really interesting. Not like any random actor guy here, no offence, I could actually talk to this guy and get something out of it more than gossip and tips on how to cover a spot.” Marcus enthusiastically rants.

“I know, he’s adorable.” Matthew says, maybe a bit more aggressive than he wanted to. Marcus stops talking, looking suspiciously at his friend.


“You sound jealous.” Marcus states dryly.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Matthew says, picking up a beer from a small table. He opens it and offers it to Marcus, who accepts. Matthew picks up another one and opens it for himself.


“Has anything happened between you two? I mean – off camera?” Marcus asks, half-sounding like it’s a joke.

Matthew exhales and looks a bit bored.

“Of course not. It’s just…” Matthew starts. He knows he has painted himself into a corner and there is no way to get out of this smoothly. “It’s just that he’s had a lot of troubles with guys, and he doesn’t deserve that.”


“Yeah, as we all know, I’m trouble on legs.” Marcus replies. “You’re unofficial guardian now?” He takes a sip from his beer.

“No, it’s just…” Matthew speaks quietly, avoiding eye contact. “Be nice.”

“I’m always nice.” Marcus smirks. “I was always the one doing the dished after random wild flat parties, wasn’t I?” He says and nudges Matthew’s side.


“Yes, and I vacuumed. We were always quick to take those tasks so that Ioan had to clean up the random vomits.” Matthew remembers and they laugh together.


Again Matthew spots Luke in the crowd. He’s busy talking to someone.

“Have you been here before? Let me show you the terrace.” Matthew suggests, dragging Marcus along before he has time to reply.




“Hi again.” Luke cheerfully greets Marcus. “Quite chilly no, isn’t it?” He says and rubs his arms.

“It’s not as bad as back home though.” Marcus replies. In the corner of his eye he sees Matthew talking to a woman. She’s got her arm around his neck and a dress made of much too little fabric, so Marcus guesses he can talk to Luke without interruptions.


“So, tell me more about that project you mentioned earlier.” Luke says, tilting his head a bit and firing off a bright smile.

“Well,“ Marcus begins. He sees Matthew looking their way. “Why don’t I tell you inside, where it’s warm?” He carefully puts a hand on the small of Luke’s back, making sure it’s not shrugged off until he starts to lead them into the house.


Matthew sees the two of them enter the house, walking much closer than what they should. He spends the rest of the night keeping a look-out for them, but doesn’t run into either. When his head lands on his pillow a couple of hours later, he still can’t get rid of the nagging feeling of annoyance. He tried to pretend that he doesn’t know why, but the feeling of jealousy is too familiar.


He turns around and the red digits from the alarm clock tells him he should wake un in less than three hours. The red dots between the middle digits blink at him, stressing him to go to sleep. He watches them blink. The four at the end becomes a five and soon the next hour is near. The sun has already started lighting up his bedroom when he passes out from pure exhaustion.




Only two days later Matthew runs into Luke at a party again. They talk and Matthew tries to hide that he’s fishing for information on what happened after the last party. Luke tries to hide the amusement in his eyes, acting as if he doesn’t understand what it is Matthew wants to know, responding to questions with fleeing answers.


“So what did you do yesterday?” Matthew asks.

“Oh, not a lot.” Luke says, sipping a beer. “Catching up on things. What did you do?”

“I met some friends.” Matthew says. They are both silent for a few seconds. “It’s nice catching up, putting aside time to do it.” He says.


“Yes, definitely.” Luke agrees. Matthew nods his head. “So, do you wanna have a coffee, say tomorrow, and catch up?” Luke suggests.

“Yes!” Matthew exclaims. He catches his own eagerness, smiling goofily to make up for it.


“Glad you’re excited.” Luke teases. “Give me a call when your hair stops hurting tomorrow.”

“Ha-ha, just because I’m slightly older than you doesn’t mean I can’t handle alcohol.” Matthew defends himself.

Can you?” Luke teases back. Matthew doesn’t reply, letting the question be as they part.


 Eventually Matthew ends up in a couch – just like every other party where people start dancing. He likes it there – people come by for a quick chat and he doesn’t need to dance. The cheerful crowd in front of him are moving to the rhythm, some seem to hear the music better than others. Of course that’s the best part of watching other’s dance – those who can’t.


By the wall he spots Luke, not really dancing as much as swaying to the music. He is talking to a woman and laughing. He’s got a drink in his hand and he seems a bit drunk. But then, isn’t everyone by now?


Matthew looks Luke up and down.  It’s a shame he always were such baggy pants, because he really has nice legs. Matthew knows, he has seen them. His t-shirt is a bit tighter than they usually are, and the fabric of the back lies perfectly on his ass, showing it of in an obvious but yet tasteful way.


His hair is a bit longer than what it usually is, and a bit messy. It looks as if he came straight from bed, but knowing Luke he probably spent quite some time arranging every hair. Matthew laughs to himself. Luke’s obsession with his hair would be annoying on anyone else, but with Luke it’s merely endearing.


Luke leans backwards and laughs, the clucking sound reaching Matthew’s ears even with the loud music and the commerce in the room. Luke quickly glances his way before turning his attention back to the woman, smiling widely.


Matthew feels a smile creeping across his face. He knows he has to admit it – he can’t stop obsessing over the thought that his friend is hitting on his… Luke. But maybe it’s good, he thinks. He knows Marcus and knows he’s a nice guy. He’s not tabloid material and it gives Matthew a chance to keep an eye on them.


Luke turns his head a bit, looking straight at Matthew. He smiles and winks and right then and there he knows that Luke will draw every last detail out of him over coffee, while making fun of Matthew for his hangover. Matthew looks at his beer and puts it on the table before him. At lest one less thing to be embarrassed about.


A young woman in a blue dress gestures at him to come join her on the dance floor. He politely waves ‘no’ back to her and instead waves her over to the couch. She walks over and sits down on the armrest. Behind her back Matthew can see Luke make a face at him, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Matthew can’t help but laugh, winking at Luke before turning all his attention to the lady next to him. 

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Great, just great!

I love that that Matthew is jealous :D

You know it that this story needs a follow-up, don't you? ;)

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