Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 1


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Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 1050
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“I love your place.” Luke compliments when he enters Matthew’s hallway. He slowly follows Matthew into the kitchen from where the amazing smell of a home cooked meal came from.
“I hope you like pasta.” Matthew says and stirs in some reddish sauce. Luke leans over to see it.

“Doesn’t everyone?” He says. On the bench is a cutting board with a slices mozzarella on it. A tomato is waiting next to a knife. Matthew inspects the tomato before carefully slicing it into perfect pieces. He holds out the end to Luke who just stares at it.

“You don’t like tomato?” Matthew asks.
“Yes…” Luke stutters and takes the piece, putting it in his mouth. Matthew goes back to his tomato and Luke feels his cheeks getting red. The simple gesture of an offered tomato totally took him by surprise and he had no idea if he was supposed to take it from Matthew’s hand with his mouth or with his fingers. You don’t let your straight friends feed you, that’s rule number one.

Maybe accepting this dinner invitation wasn’t the best idea. There was just something inside him that couldn’t resist friendship with this man, even if that meant confusion and strange looks at work.
“I didn’t know you were such a great chef.” He finally says.
“Oh, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Matthew laughs in reply, his accent making it sound like he has deep mystical secrets.

“Oh really?” Is all Luke can manage in reply, not sure how to fish for more info. Matthew looks up at him from arranging the cheese and tomato on a plate.
Luke swallows, not quite sure what to do next. Matthew clearly behaves differently from when they’ve hung out at work, now being more flirtatious and relaxed.

Matthew walks over to the window and takes some leafs from a plant there. He puts them over the cheese and tomatoes, finishing with some salt and pepper. He holds it up for Luke to look at.
“What do you think? I know it’s supposed to have olive oil, but I really hate everything olives.” Matthew says.
“Delicious.” Luke admits. And it does look delicious.

Matthew puts it on the table by the window. The table is set with plates, cutlery and wine glasses. Matthew sees Luke’s gaze at the setting.
“I hope you like white.” He says, taking out a bottle from the fridge. “One of my favorites.” He says, handing the bottle to Luke. “Open it.”

Luke looks around, seeing a corkscrew hang on a bar by the stove. He has to lean over where Matthew is standing to take it, pretending the touch doesn’t affect him.
That must be it, he thinks. Matthew is straight, and therefore he doesn’t think it’s a big deal to touch. What would have been considered flirting if they had both been gay is not – because in a straight man’s apartment is a straight guy’s code.

He opens the bottle with minimum spillage.
“The food is done in a couple of minutes. Let’s start with the appetizer.” Matthew says. He puts his hand on the small of Luke’s back to usher him to the table, but the touch is way too much for Luke. He quickly sits down on a chair, practically running away from Matthew’ hand.

Matthew either didn’t notice, or just acts like he didn’t, because he sits down on the opposite side and pours wine in their glasses like nothing happened.

They eat the first course and chat about work and general stuff, the conversation flowing surprisingly well in Luke’s opinion. He relaxes after a while, as Matthew shares stories about himself and from his years in the business. Luke shares anecdotes from his years in New York and they laugh together.

When they are finished Matthew goes up to fix the main course. He waves his index finger at Luke, asking him to join by the stove. Luke reluctantly leaves his safe spot by the table. Matthew holds out a spoon with sauce on it, offering it to Luke. Their eyes meet, and Matthew’s entire face smiles at him. Luke tastes the sauce.

“It’s delicious.” He truthfully says.
“Don’t sound so surprised.” Matthew laughs. “It doesn’t need more salt?”
“No, it’s perfect.” Luke says, trying a smile back.
“Good.” Matthew says. He lowers the empty spoon towards the sink, not losing their eye contact.

“Good.” Matthew repeats. His smile has faded and now they just look at each other. Matthew makes a small movement, maybe to lean in for a kiss. They’re close, Luke can almost feel Matthew’s breath on his mouth. A thought close to ‘what the hell’ goes through his head and he erases the last few inches between them, pressing his lips against Matthew.

Almost instantly he feels Matthew respond to the kiss, and seconds later he parts his lips, letting Matthew’s tongue curiously find it’s way in to meet his. In the background he hears the spoon meet the metal on the sink, and then a hand lands on his waist. They move away from the stove, Luke finding himself pressed between Matthew and the door to a cupboard.

His hands are on Matthews back, not too firm, letting Matthew go anytime he wants. Matthew’s hands however, are traveling up Luke’s back, cold against his skin, making his whole body tingle. Their tongues are exploring each other, lips soft on each other. They know they will have to break apart to breath soon, none of them willing to do so as they then also will have to deal with what to do next.

Matthew changes his position against Luke, revealing his excitement against Luke’s thigh. He draws back, ending their make-out with a small peck on Luke’s lips. Their eyes meet again, this time the confusion and wondering is filled with obvious lust.
“So, you… wanna…?” Matthew starts, his previous security gone, taking articulation with it.

Luke smiles, Matthew sudden loss of confidence boosting his own.
“Maybe we can eat later.” He suggests. Matthew smiles a reply.
“Yes.” He switches the knobs on the stove, moving the sauce pan to the sink.
“Let me show you the rest of the apartment.” He says, taking Luke’s hand and leading him into another room.

Postat av: Stefan

great, great, great! your every rps just gets better and better :)

Looking forward to the next part!

2009-03-05 @ 14:40:58
Postat av: Stéph

Absolutely brilliant!!! Can't wait for the next part :)

2009-03-05 @ 15:26:17

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