Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 3 / 3




Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.
Word count:
Thanks to:
Sueli for beta-reading.

Both Luke and Matthew realize that there will be no take-out food this night. Matthew compliments Luke on his wall filled with photographs of friends, family and beautiful landscape motifs. Luke blushes and offers a beer, which Matthew is happy to accept.

They flop down on Luke’s couch, Matthew perhaps a bit closer to Luke then what is necessary.
“Just so you know, I’ve really enjoyed working with you,” Matthew says.
“Yeah, me too,” Luke says. “With you.”

“It seems like ages ago when we were doing those first rehearsals,” Matthew says, thinking back. “When I was gonna kiss you and then you kissed me back.”
“Oh yeah…” Luke says, also remembering the event. It has been fun. Since then they’ve grown quite used to kissing each other, often with a very grand audience.

“I was so surprised then,” Matthew continues. “That you kissed me back, that you… grabbed some space. Most girls wouldn’t have.” Luke laughs and takes a sip of his beer
“And you’re a very good kisser,” Matthew adds, spontaneously sliding his arm along the backrest of the couch, letting it land behind Luke’s head.

Luke laughs and blushes a bit, then he returns the compliment.
“Oh good,” Matthew laughs. “I was afraid I was too groping there a couple of times.”
“Naah,” Luke laughs along. “Just the right amount of groping. Scotty enjoyed it.”

“I bet he did,” Matthew says, looking out into the room, as if Scotty stood there, talking to them. “I bet Kevin is good in bed, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to score with such hot guys.”
“I’m sure he is,” Luke says, not sure if Matthew just threw a compliment his way. He tilts his head when he looks at Matthew’s profile. “But you know, it’s not like Kevin isn’t quite hot himself.”

“No?” Matthew looks straight at Luke. “I hear he’s got big complexes though.”
“He’s so insecure at times,” Luke laughs. Matthew joins in the laughter, enjoying their silly conversation.

“Have you thought about it?”
“It?” Luke asks, not sure what Matthew is getting at.
“Their sex. I did, and I wasn’t sure how it would go.” Matthew looks back out into the room, maybe expecting Scotty to be there and explain it to them. “I think it was the Valentine’s episode, I was wondering what they did then. I’m quite sure it was Kevin who initiated it.”

“Definitely,” Luke nods. They both stay silent for a while, continuing to sip their beers.

“Maybe one day Scotty can move into the loft and he and Kevin can get to kiss a whole lot more,” Matthew says softly.
“I’m sure he’d like that,” Luke says, equally softly. They look into each other’s eyes, and after a few seconds, when neither have looked away, Matthew leans in a bit closer to Luke.

It takes them seconds to get there, but once their lips meet, they both lean into it with such force, it’s almost painful. The hand that Matthew had on the backrest of the couch moves to Luke’s neck, pulling him, if possible, closer. Luke gently rests his hand on Matthew’s thigh and softly grab it.

They are both aware that this time the kissing is different. This isn’t to show passion between two people, this is passion. Matthew’s hand on Luke’s neck moves a bit, his thumb caressing Luke’s cheek. Their lips part a little, enough for them to breathe.

Luke takes a deep breath, preparing to say something sensible about what they are doing, but before he has the chance, Matthew’s lips are on his again, strong and hot. Luke has no resistance to stop, but lets it happen, his mouth opening a bit to grant Matthew’s tongue permission to enter. Their tongues meet and they play with each other, and this kiss is definitely different from all the ones they have had on set.

Luke’s hand moves up Matthew’s thigh, slow and lingering, finally settling on his hip. Matthew would like to invite himself and Luke to Luke’s bed, but somehow it’s difficult to stop and say something. Not only is he not sure if Luke wants to go much further, but he also would like to continue the kiss.

Luke moves his leg a little, and Matthew follows, moving closer. He slides both his arms behind Luke’s back and leans backwards a little. When he feels Luke follow him, he lies back down, getting trapped under Luke’s body. They stop kissing for a second, moving their legs to get more comfortable, but the couch is too narrow. They resume the kissing but have to stay still so they don’t tumble down onto the floor.

Luke interrupts their kissing, but makes up for it by gently sliding his hand under Matthew’s shirt.
“Maybe we should move?” He suggests.
“Yes,” Matthew agrees. “You have a bed?” Luke laughs softly and nods, getting up and pulling Matthew with him by extracting his hand.

Matthew lets Luke lead him to the bed in the next room, not able to stop smiling. Those short moments on top of each other definitely gossiped about how much the other wants to continue this. Luke sits down on the well-made bed and drags Matthew on top of himself.

Matthew willingly crawls on top and slides one hand under Luke’s shirt, feeling the smooth skin under his touch. They keep kissing when Luke tugs at Matthew’s shirt, pulling it off and throwing it away. Matthew sits up, straddling Luke, to be able to pull off his shirt as well.

Matthew leans back down, giving Luke a long kiss before starting to kiss his way down Luke’s neck, down to his collarbone and back up, stopping to suck gently at his adam’s apple. He feels Luke shiver under him, and moves up to kiss Luke’s lips again.

Luke pushes him up, and they exchange a quick look before Matthew stands up next to the bed. He leans over and helps Luke undo his jeans, then pulls them off and lets them land on the floor. He can’t help but gulp a bit when he sees Luke’s limber body stretches out on the bed under him.

Matthew removes his own pants, leaving them on the floor when he climbs back onto the bed, against covering Luke’s body with his own. They resume the kissing, this time no clothing in the way when hands move across their bodies.

“I thought you were straight,” Luke whispers in his ear.
“I love it when you speak dirty with me,” Matthew quips back. He moves his hands to next to Luke’s face, trapping him there. They smile at each other and giggle a bit before Matthew lowers himself again, and their lips meet.

Luke embraces Matthew's body and flips them over on the bed, landing dangerously close to the edge. Matthew moves his legs around Luke’s trapping them together.
“For months I’ve been eager to find out if you could shock me as much here as you did when we first kissed,” Matthew whispers. “That might not sound romantic, but it’s really the best I can come up with now.”

Luke laughs in reply and flips them back to the middle of the bed, again landing under Matthew.
“It’s nice to know you’ve dreamed about my bed,” Luke says. “I hope it delivers.”
“So far, so good,” Matthew says, pulling Luke close for another kiss.

Luke: 16 or so




Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke is 16 or so.

Word count: 788


Melissa saw him walking over the lawn to the main building on campus. His long and lean body was not to be mistaken, even at this distance. He puts out the cigarette and throws it in the ashtray. Such a good boy, she thinks.

A girl comes up to him and they share a laugh. Melissa knows it’s his sister. They are twins, but aren’t that alike, actually. She is pretty and nice, he is handsome. Prom is only two weeks away and he hasn’t asked her to it, which is weird, because they have totally been getting close during the History lessons lately. He’s so passionate about anything he talks about and he is so nice to talk to.

He has never been like all the other guys that has grown up to having conversations with her breasts. Luke Macfarlane is the guy that grew up from a dorky kid to the handsomest guy in school – and he’s the lead singer of the local garage band. They’ll be famous one day. He will be. Everyone knows she’s taken him, so he’s off limits for the other girls. She knows they are jealous, and she enjoys it.

Although, if she has to be honest, they haven’t actually done anything yet. They were study partners this whole semester, so they spent quite a lot of time together, but it was like he just froze every time she tried playing footsis with him, or stroke his arm.

He’ll be at Lance Davidson’s party tomorrow night, and hopefully he’ll be drunk enough to loosen up around her then, and something might happen. She feels a tingle down her spine when she thinks about what might happen. He laughs with some other people across the lawn and walks into the building.


“You know what I’m saying, right?” she asks, leaning close to him so that he can hear over the music.
“Sure,” he nods, taking another drag from the cigarette between his fingers. He offers it to her and she accepts, glad she’s practiced smoking before.

“What are you doing after graduation?” she asks, her voice a bit fuzzy from the drinks.
“I don’t know yet. I might travel some,” he yells into her ear. She feels his hot breath against her cheek and that tingling feeling down her spine is back.

“I’d like to see more of our beautiful country,” he continues. “The wide open spaces and the peacefulness…” he takes another drag of his cigarette before putting it out on an ashtray. He takes a sip from his beer and she watches his hand grip the bottle. He moves it to his mouth and pouts his lips to drink. She closes her eyes a bit. That hand on her and those lips on hers’.

She shakes her head and sees the girls on the other side of the room. They watch her with him and say things to each other. She smiles at them and know they hate it.
“I’d love to travel too. Europe, Paris, Italy,” she says, putting an arm around his shoulder. He becomes stiff under her touch, and she leans closer to continue talking to him. “It would be so romantic.”

“I guess it would,” he laughs, taking another sip. “I’m just gonna go…” he says and gets up, quickly walking out of the room. She smiles, happy that her touch made him hurry off to the bathroom, even if she rather would have had him alone somewhere.

When he hasn’t returned twenty minutes later she decides to look for him. The girls by the wall point at her and exchange some words when she passes them. She sees Nate by the punch bowl and asks if he knows where Luke went.
“He walked in there a while ago,” he says and points at a door. He laughs with his friends by the bowl, which makes her feel a bit uncomfortable.

She walks over to the closed door Nate pointed at. She slowly puts her hand on the knob and turns it, slowly opening the door. Over the noise from the music and the crowd the people inside don’t notice her arrival.

On a couch in the room is Luke, his shirt thrown on the floor. A guy, also with his shirt off, is draped on top of Luke, kissing him. His hand is between them, hidden between their bodies.

She gasps for air and quickly closes the door behind her. The girls by the wall laughs at her, as does Nate and his friends.
“Hey, you’re not the first!” Nate calls to her as some kind of comfort. He holds out a drink from the punch bowl to her and waves her over.

Dave & Luke: The South Africa story




Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke and Dave are sent to South Africa to promote B&S.

Word count: 1486

“Wow, this place is awesome!” Dave says, pulling the red curtain from the window to get a better view of the city with the ocean to frame it. Luke sits down on Dave’s bed, enjoying seeing Dave do exactly what he did himself in his room fifteen minutes ago.

“And there’s a Jacuzzi in every room.” He enlightens. Dave turns to him with gigantic eyes, not wasting much time before going into the bathroom.
“Wow!” He says, his voice echoing between the walls. “It would really be a waste not to use this, wouldn’t it.” He says when he re-joins Luke in the main room.

He sits down next to Luke on the bed.
“I’m so glad I chose to come here.”
“Me too.” Luke agrees. “We’ve been here, what? Three hours and it’s already worth the stuff I had to cancel.”

“What stuff?” Dave asks, flipping back on the bed to get more comfortable.
“Just some stuff.” Luke says, waving his hand. “Nothing important.”
“No hot date?” Dave asks, wiggling his eyebrows a little.
“Oh, I wish.” Luke says. “Not that I would have to cancel.” He adds when he sees the confused look on Dave’s face. “But having one to cancel would be nice, then at least I’d have one.”

Dave laughs at Luke’s rather awkward explanation, leaning over to carefully nudge him in the side.
“I don’t for a second believe that someone like you wouldn’t have heaps of alternatives.”
“Someone like me?” Luke laughs.

“You know, you’re not exactly ugly and dumb.”
Luke laughs harder at Dave’s badly formed compliment.
“Thanks.” He says, smiling at Dave’s blushing face. “It’s not that there aren’t alternatives, it’s just…” Luke starts, looking out into the room as if to think of the end of the sentence. “… seems like the perfect man doesn’t knock on my door that often.”

“Yeah, hate that.” Dave says, nodding in agreement.
“Be nice.” Luke says, hitting Dave over the head with a pillow. “Now I have to go get ready for tonight. Who knows – maybe the perfect man is South African?” He says suggestively before leaving the room.


Luke has just finished moussing his hair to perfection when there is a knock on his door.
“You’re here!” He says when seeing Dave outside his door, showered, properly clothed and with impeccable hair.
“And you too!” Dave greets when entering the room, already starting to realize that their ‘you’re here bit’ will become their running gag for the trip, as they’ve done it like five times since they landed.

“Ready to get drunk?” Dave asks with his best serious voice.
“Uh…” Luke thinks for a minute, putting his index finger on his chin. “Yeah.” They go down to the cozy bar at the hotel and have each a beer before they’re being picked up for their night out. Only hours later they are at some house in some suburb meeting the locals, both enjoying drinks and beers.

Once the car is back to pick them up a while after midnight, they are both a bit fuzzy. Dave leans his head on Luke’s shoulder and naps for a few minutes while the car makes its way through the streets of Cape Town. Luke nudges Dave in the side when they arrive to the hotel, and they take the elevator up together.

“So, met the perfect man tonight?” Dave asks.
“No, unfortunately,” Luke replies. “But thank God I didn't. That’s a long-distance relationship I wouldn’t even want to think about.”
Dave laughs, finding Luke’s logic very fun, especially right now.

“Want a night cap?” Dave offers. “Just a short one.” He says when they pass his door. He searches for his key card in his pockets and holds it up when finding it, like a triumph.
“Sure, why not?” Luke says, taking a few steps back to follow Dave into the room.

Dave pushes the light button and the both of them scream out loud when the room becomes light.
“Dimmer!” Dave calls out and turns the switch to a more cozy mode.”
“Yes, cozy lights.” Luke slurs. He throws himself on Dave’s bed and waits for Dave to serve him a drink.

“Here. Best the honor bar could do.” Dave says and gives Luke a drink in the small glass from the bathroom. They both take a sip and frown.
“Ugh.” Luke says. “This isn’t strawberries, is it?”
“Not even close.” Dave replies, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “You’re taking up all the room on my bed.”

“Well, you asked me to your room, so I expect to be using the bed tonight.” Luke says playfully.
“Oh really?” Dave says back, equally playfully. He is quiet for a few moments, figuring out his revenge. “If you’re in my bed, what does that oblige me to do?”

“Oh nothing.” Luke casually replies. “If you were someone else, it would be far more sweaty than this, but since you’re the macho straight guy in this room, I’ll go for the manly pat on the back.”
“That’s kind of bias of you, isn’t it?” Dave answers. Luke catches his mischievous grin in the corner of his eye.

“What, saying that pats on the back are manly?” He lifts himself up to lean on his elbow. “Or believing you’re straight?” He looks directly at Dave and their eyes meet for a second.
“Isn’t everyone… curious?” Dave asks. “I guess I am… mostly because I don’t know really how it’s all done.”

“It all?” Luke laughs. “You know, I could show you, but it would take a watermelon, a birthday cake and a penny.”
“I never got your humor man.” Dave laughs. “But I mean more like, how do you know who does what.”

Luke looks puzzles and Dave waves his hand, trying to explain what he means.
“You know, who does… what. Do you flip a coin or do you do rock, paper, scissors?”
“Oh, for who’s top and who’s bottom?” Luke says.

Dave’s neck and cheeks become instantly red and Luke laughs at him. Luke moves a bit to the side so Dave can stretch out on the bed.
“Well, I think communicating is good.” Luke says. “But I guess everyone has their way of doing it.”

“What? You just pick up a guy in a bar and then in the car back home you’re all like ‘so, wanna fuck me?’?”
“I’d like to think I’m more slick than that.” Luke says with a wink. “I got into your bed with nothing like that, now did I?”
“That’s true.” Dave laughs. “So what’s your next step?”

“Step? It’s not like there’s a manual.” Luke says, lifting his head up. He frowns a bit, semi-insulted. “Although, if there was, I’d read it.”
Dave laughs and throws his arm out to punch Luke. It’s nice to have this talk like this. They don’t need to have eye contact and they are a bit drunk, making it easier and if needed, a reason to feel less uncomfortable tomorrow.
“Well, if it was me who was going to take the next step, I’d kiss you now.”

“Yeah? Just like that?” Luke asks.
“Sure.” Dave assures.
“On the lips? Just a peck, or with open mouth?” Luke wonders.
“Oh, just a peck at first. But kind of lingering. And then, if the other person replies, it goes on to open mouth.”

“Is that your idea of foreplay?” Luke asks. “Because I would think that might be too forward.”
“It’s not forward.” Dave says. He sits up and looks at Luke when continuing: “It’s romantic, and shows what I want. Taking the first step.”

“Oh, I guess it’s that part that I’m not good at.” Luke laughs. Dave laughs too and without further notice, he leans over Luke on the bed and gives him a quick peck on the lips. He lifts his head a few inches over Luke’s and they lock eyes.

“But maybe that can be too forward sometimes…” Dave says with a weak voice.
“No…” Luke’s voice trails out. “not at all.” He lifts his head to reach Dave’s, and their lips meet again.

Their lips swell against each other when they deepen their kiss, their bodies traveling closer to each other on the bed. Dave’s hand moves to Luke’s stomach and gently brushes against it, as if to ask permission to be there. Luke presses his body against Dave’s hand and slides his hand up Dave’s back.

Whatever started out as playful and teasing has definitely reached a point where they can’t just laugh it away. Neither man has such a plan anyway, and they both allow their tongues to meet to prove it.

“You know I’m not…” Dave says between kisses.
“Yeah I know.” Luke interrupts, pushing Dave against the mattress to silence him. Dave parts his legs slightly and with his tongue exploring Luke’s he finishes his sentence.

Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 1


Rate: R to be sure
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 1050
Let me know what you think - please. :D

“I love your place.” Luke compliments when he enters Matthew’s hallway. He slowly follows Matthew into the kitchen from where the amazing smell of a home cooked meal came from.
“I hope you like pasta.” Matthew says and stirs in some reddish sauce. Luke leans over to see it.

“Doesn’t everyone?” He says. On the bench is a cutting board with a slices mozzarella on it. A tomato is waiting next to a knife. Matthew inspects the tomato before carefully slicing it into perfect pieces. He holds out the end to Luke who just stares at it.

“You don’t like tomato?” Matthew asks.
“Yes…” Luke stutters and takes the piece, putting it in his mouth. Matthew goes back to his tomato and Luke feels his cheeks getting red. The simple gesture of an offered tomato totally took him by surprise and he had no idea if he was supposed to take it from Matthew’s hand with his mouth or with his fingers. You don’t let your straight friends feed you, that’s rule number one.

Maybe accepting this dinner invitation wasn’t the best idea. There was just something inside him that couldn’t resist friendship with this man, even if that meant confusion and strange looks at work.
“I didn’t know you were such a great chef.” He finally says.
“Oh, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Matthew laughs in reply, his accent making it sound like he has deep mystical secrets.

“Oh really?” Is all Luke can manage in reply, not sure how to fish for more info. Matthew looks up at him from arranging the cheese and tomato on a plate.
Luke swallows, not quite sure what to do next. Matthew clearly behaves differently from when they’ve hung out at work, now being more flirtatious and relaxed.

Matthew walks over to the window and takes some leafs from a plant there. He puts them over the cheese and tomatoes, finishing with some salt and pepper. He holds it up for Luke to look at.
“What do you think? I know it’s supposed to have olive oil, but I really hate everything olives.” Matthew says.
“Delicious.” Luke admits. And it does look delicious.

Matthew puts it on the table by the window. The table is set with plates, cutlery and wine glasses. Matthew sees Luke’s gaze at the setting.
“I hope you like white.” He says, taking out a bottle from the fridge. “One of my favorites.” He says, handing the bottle to Luke. “Open it.”

Luke looks around, seeing a corkscrew hang on a bar by the stove. He has to lean over where Matthew is standing to take it, pretending the touch doesn’t affect him.
That must be it, he thinks. Matthew is straight, and therefore he doesn’t think it’s a big deal to touch. What would have been considered flirting if they had both been gay is not – because in a straight man’s apartment is a straight guy’s code.

He opens the bottle with minimum spillage.
“The food is done in a couple of minutes. Let’s start with the appetizer.” Matthew says. He puts his hand on the small of Luke’s back to usher him to the table, but the touch is way too much for Luke. He quickly sits down on a chair, practically running away from Matthew’ hand.

Matthew either didn’t notice, or just acts like he didn’t, because he sits down on the opposite side and pours wine in their glasses like nothing happened.

They eat the first course and chat about work and general stuff, the conversation flowing surprisingly well in Luke’s opinion. He relaxes after a while, as Matthew shares stories about himself and from his years in the business. Luke shares anecdotes from his years in New York and they laugh together.

When they are finished Matthew goes up to fix the main course. He waves his index finger at Luke, asking him to join by the stove. Luke reluctantly leaves his safe spot by the table. Matthew holds out a spoon with sauce on it, offering it to Luke. Their eyes meet, and Matthew’s entire face smiles at him. Luke tastes the sauce.

“It’s delicious.” He truthfully says.
“Don’t sound so surprised.” Matthew laughs. “It doesn’t need more salt?”
“No, it’s perfect.” Luke says, trying a smile back.
“Good.” Matthew says. He lowers the empty spoon towards the sink, not losing their eye contact.

“Good.” Matthew repeats. His smile has faded and now they just look at each other. Matthew makes a small movement, maybe to lean in for a kiss. They’re close, Luke can almost feel Matthew’s breath on his mouth. A thought close to ‘what the hell’ goes through his head and he erases the last few inches between them, pressing his lips against Matthew.

Almost instantly he feels Matthew respond to the kiss, and seconds later he parts his lips, letting Matthew’s tongue curiously find it’s way in to meet his. In the background he hears the spoon meet the metal on the sink, and then a hand lands on his waist. They move away from the stove, Luke finding himself pressed between Matthew and the door to a cupboard.

His hands are on Matthews back, not too firm, letting Matthew go anytime he wants. Matthew’s hands however, are traveling up Luke’s back, cold against his skin, making his whole body tingle. Their tongues are exploring each other, lips soft on each other. They know they will have to break apart to breath soon, none of them willing to do so as they then also will have to deal with what to do next.

Matthew changes his position against Luke, revealing his excitement against Luke’s thigh. He draws back, ending their make-out with a small peck on Luke’s lips. Their eyes meet again, this time the confusion and wondering is filled with obvious lust.
“So, you… wanna…?” Matthew starts, his previous security gone, taking articulation with it.

Luke smiles, Matthew sudden loss of confidence boosting his own.
“Maybe we can eat later.” He suggests. Matthew smiles a reply.
“Yes.” He switches the knobs on the stove, moving the sauce pan to the sink.
“Let me show you the rest of the apartment.” He says, taking Luke’s hand and leading him into another room.

Matthew & Dave: A little story about male friendship



Rate: R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: A little story about male friendship. 
Word count: 1000
I have to admit it, I have some trouble writing RPS, bu this one came to me much easier than the previous. Let me know what you think - please. :D

”It’s really too hot for this amount of physical activity.” Dave complains when he throws his big bag on the floor. Matthew closes the door to Dave’s house behind him and nearly trips over the bag.


”Hey, watch your stuff doofbag.” He says and kicks it to the side, throwing his own stuff on top of it.

Dave emerges from the kitchen, gulping water from a bottle. He hands the bottle to Matthew who finishes the last drops.


”Well needed.” He says and returns the empty bottle to Dave, proceeding into the living room. ”Now I’m gonna need a shower. I won’t survive tonights dinner in stuff like this.” He tugs at his drenched t-shirt.


”I know, because someone will seriously punsch you because you smell bad. And don’t even consider sitting on my couch like that!” Dave teases and earns himself a punch in the side.

”Careful!” Dave says. ”Unless you want another one of those in your face.” He says and points at his own eye.


”It’s really that bad?” Matthew asks.

”I’ve seen worse.” Dave casually says. ”In boxing rings.”

Matthew shoots him an annoyed grimace and sits down on a chair.

”Whatever, did you get the other shower fixed?”


”No, only got the one.” Dave says as he goes in to the kitchen to get some more water. ”You can shower after me.”

After you?” Matthew calls. ”I need to go first, my hair takes forever to dry.”


Dave returns and throws a bottle to Matthew.

”Yeah? Well, who’s shower is it?” Dave taunts and gets up. ”I’ll be so quick. I won’t even use soap.” He playfully punches Matthew’s shoulder when passing on his way to the bathroom.

That’s disgusting.”


Matthew hears the water being turned on Dave’s humming beginning. He chuckles at the poor interpretation of  ’Hotel California’ and picks up his cell phone. He sends an inpromtpu message to Ioan about his whereabouts, anticipating a quick reply about some random domestic marital activity.


He doesn’t get a reply though, and gets bored. Dave has moved on to ’Born in the USA’ and Matthew feels an instant urge to record the singing on his phone. He gets up and walks over to the bathroom. The water is still running so he should have a good possibility to get in unnoticed. If the door is unlocked, that is.


He slowly tries the handle and the door slides open without a noise. Matthew sneaks in and turns his cellphone on record. The phone makes a small noise and starts to count. Matthew holds his breath, hoping the water and the humming swallowed the sound. Dave continues his show, clearly not noticing the uninvited company.


Matthew sees the phone reach 30 seconds and figues that will be enough. Just then, Ioan returns the message, and the phone makes a happy noise.

”What the fuck!” Dave yells from behind the shower curtain.


”Just checking something.” Matthew replies, figuring there is no way to save his pride anyway now.

”I don’t even want to know. Can you either leave or reach me a towel. Preferably the first.” Dave says.


”What if I don’t?” Matthew asks, sitting down on the toilet. He hears Dave sigh.

”I thought you wanted to shower.” He tries.

”Yes, but this is worth the damp hair.”


”If that’s the way you feel.” Dave says and pulls the shower curtain away, stepping out in all his naked glory. He walks across the small room and leans over Matthew to get a towel.


Matthew swallows hard and tries not to stare. Dave wraps the towel around his waist and shakes off some water from his hair.

”Hey!” Matthew calls when the drops hit him. ”What are you, a dog?”


”I don’t think you have a say in this when you barge in on my showering.” Dave says. ”Now it’s your turn.” He gestures at the shower. ”Go!” He urges, making no attempt to leave the bathroom. Matthew understands that to reach some kind of balance, it’s his turn now.


He stands up on shaky legs and pulls off his sweaty shirt. Dave leans against the wall and runs his hand through his hair. Matthew proceeds to take off his shorts. Dave seem to have lost interest in his stripping and is sniffing his hand. Matthew quickly gets naked and gets into the shower.


”Hey, I forgot to rinse my hair, I still have conditioner in it.” Dave calls. Before Matthew knows it, Dave is peeking in through the shower, aiming his head for the water.

”This is so beyond all social codes.” Matthew states and Dave joins him altogether.


”I can’t have conditioner in my hair, it’s gonna be all greasy.” Dave says and grabs Matthew’s shoulders to move him a bit.

”Now we’re just showering together.” Matthew concludes and tries to move away a bit.

”Relax, what’s the big deal?” Dave teases and moves closer. ”Nervous? Excited?”

”Haha, funny man.” Matthew says and grabs the soap. Dave looks at him, standing there holding the soap.


”You’ll get really clean hands.” He teases. ”And you better not drop it. I’m not sure I could control myself.”

”If we had clothes on, I’d punch you right now, but I’m afraid the wetness makes us slippery. And we’re not in a porn movie, are we?”


”No, but I think we’d have a future in that industry as well. I’m surprisingly bendy.” Dave says. ”I’ll leave you alone.” He steps out of the shower. ”Have fun.” Seconds later Matthew hears the door close. The soap is all creamy and foamy. He rolls it in his hands until he starts to rub his shoulders with it.


It’s seriously going to take a while to process what just happened. Right then, the soap slips from his hands and lands by his feet. He stares at it for a while before bending over to pick it up.

”You are way too young to have seen this.” He says to the soap and continues.



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