Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 2


Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 816
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Matthew points at his things and show Luke around the living room.
“You don’t have a TV.” Luke says after looking around.
“No, uh…” Matthew laughs a bit. “I don’t know how that happened. It’s not that I don’t have one. I’m just between two TVs, we can say.”

Luke inspects photographs on the wall. He recognizes some of the people in them, and can easily spot Matthew’s parents and sister.
“Is this you?” He asks, pointing at a small guy with a gigantic teddy beat. He feels Matthew walking up to him from behind, putting his arms around his waist.

“Yes.” Matthew replies. Luke turns in the embrace, making them face each other again. Matthew smiles before he lets his lips meet Luke’s. Luke feels the touch burn against his skin. He closes his eyes and again let his tongue meet Matthew’s. The contact is so gentle and yet so passionate.

Luke feels Matthew’s strong arms around him, a hand sliding under his shirt to touch his stomach. Matthew’s lips leave his, moist and cold, hungry for more. Matthew smiles, taking Luke’s hand and leading him into the next room, the bedroom. Luke opens his mouth to compliment also on the decorations of this room, but before he has a chance, his lips are otherwise engaged.

His hands are under Matthew’s shirt, exploring skin that he has never been allowed before. Matthew pulls of his own shirt, throwing it on a chair. Luke’s shirt follows, not sure if it’s he himself or Matthew that puts it there. His own very throbbing erection is begging to be touched, and when Matthew slowly moves his hand over the bulge on Luke’s jeans, they know it’s serious. There is no going back to friends fooling around.

Luke knows this is just what it is, it’s friends fooling around deluxe, it’s nothing more. That doesn’t bother him at all, it’s very clear that they are allowing this to happen this once, and nothing more. It’s unspoken but yet agreed on.

Their lips part again as Matthew continues to tease the bulge by drawing his finger over it, forming patterns on the fabric. Their lips are still close, their foreheads touching and their noses gently brushing against each other. They both smiling, letting know that it’s okay to continue.

Matthew uses both hands to unbuckle Luke’s pants, pulling them down only a few inches to caress the bare skin that it reveals. Matthew kisses Luke’s shoulder, his neck and his collar bone. He travels down, pulling the jeans with him bit by bit until they reveal Luke’s erection.

Matthew lands in his knees, his hands caressing Luke’s legs. He moves them up to Luke’s hips, planting kisses around his groin. Luke lets out a small moan, not sure if it would be okay to put his hand in Matthew’s hair to guide him the last bit, but instead making his request clear. Luke hears Matthew chuckle a bit before he takes his erection in his mouth.

Luke feels his knees get weak for a second before he can adjust to the new feeling. Matthew’s tongue plays on his skin and his fingers touch him ever so gently. Luke puts one hand in Matthew’s hair, carefully, not too put too much pressure. Matthew gently pushes his head into the grip, but doesn’t let his mouth lose contact.

Before he can really think, Luke feels himself pushed on to the bed, his wet groin cold from the air and the lost touch. Matthew climbs on top of him, their bodies just barely touching, a soft brush that sends tickles through their bodies.
“I guess you thought I was straight.” Matthew simply states. Luke doesn’t know what to reply. Whatever he says will just sound stupid. “Well, that’s the story we’re sticking to.” Matthew smiles, covering Luke’s mouth with his own.

When Matthew pulls away, continuing kissing Luke’s throat, Luke can’t resist asking.
“Why?” Matthew looks up, smiling thoughtfully before casually replying:
“Because it’s partly true. And really none of anyone’s business.” He looks as Luke to see if the answer is enough.
“And because it’s easier to score with hot chicks?” Luke teases.

“I’m not too sure,” Matthew chuckles. “You seem to have your fair share of those too.” Luke blushes and laughs at the insinuation.
“Well, I guess.” They exchange smiles and chuckle a bit at the thought.
“You’re very beautiful when you smile.” Matthew says, causing Luke to blush even more.

“Thank you.” He says. He lifts his head a bit to give Matthew a small kiss. “So are you.” Matthew lowers his body onto Luke’s, letting their lips meet again. Matthew makes a small attempt to part, but Luke’s hands quickly land on his back, keeping him on top of himself. He feels Matthew smile in their kiss and he can’t help but doing the same thing as well.

Postat av: Stefan

It was great :D

Just the continuation I was hoping for!

A perfect mix of humor, emotion and erotica ;)

2009-03-06 @ 19:03:12
Postat av: Stéph

Great, just great!!

2009-03-06 @ 22:18:17

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