Matthew & Luke: A kiss is a kiss is a kiss?



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Summary: The last episode of the season is in the making. 
Word count: 980
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Luke nods a hello to Matthew across the studio. They have a scene to start shooting in one hour, and they will start working with the director now. Matthew smiles and returns the nod.


The season is almost over and they only have a few more days of shooting, and the whole cast and crew can feel it in the air. It’s a mix between suspense about the future, happiness to get some time off to breathe and also the excitement of shooting a season’s last episodes. The episodes that may be the complete ending of the whole series.


The scene they’re gonna do includes a kiss, and they know it will be uncomfortable this time, because rehearsing that exact scene with that exact kiss yesterday led to an actual kiss and there is no way to deny it. It was far more than what was needed for the scene, there was tongue and they ended it laying down on the couch.


Luke shakes his head. He knows they’re both professionals, and it will go well. They are going to do very well. Still, it’s uncomfortable. He has no idea how to handle it. He’s gay, Matthew is straight. Or at least, so he claims. Matthew jokes about it so much that Luke sometimes wonder about it, but as far as he knows, Matthew digs chicks.


Does that mean it was his fault that they kissed? Because he is the only one that would actually enjoy it? Right after he knew that they had both been involved to make it happen, but after thinking about it since makes him confused. He sees Matthew across the crowd and for a second they have eye contact. Matthew smiles before turning his attention back to the person he is talking to.




Matthew knows he should be listening, but since Luke walked into the studio, he has a hard time focusing. He knows that the kiss from yesterday won’t make today’s shooting any easier, but as much as he would want to think he regrets it, he just can’t because it’s not true. He doesn’t regret it, because it felt good.


The whole thing had played in his head all night and all morning, and now he was pretty sure he had initiated it and made Luke feel bad about it. He sees Luke look up and their eyes meet. He smiles shyly and break the gaze. He looks back at the small woman talking to him and nods along.




Luke sees the director leave the loft set and Matthew smiles an invite to him. He tries to return the smile when he walks up on the set. He immediately feels the difference. The set is warmer than the rest of the studio as many spotlights are directed at it, and it is like he is entering a stage. A theatrical set for a character, an a place where it’s not easy to be yourself, because you automatically want to slip into the person who lives there.

“Hey.” Luke says, trying his best to sound casual. Matthew nods in reply but doesn’t say anything.


He opens his mouth and takes a breath, but still doesn’t talk. Luke fiddles with a book in the bookcase. He sees the picture of them kissing at their wedding, and hastily looks away. It’s too late though, Matthew followed his gaze and saw the picture as well.


“I guess we should… say something?” Luke says when he notices Matthews staring at the picture frame.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t very good… No! I mean it was. Not that…” Matthew starts. “No. Let me start over. It wasn’t very smart to do it, but I hope it won’t ruin our working relationship.”


Luke listens and grows more and more entertained as Matthew starts blushing.

“You’re usually easy on the words… What happened?” He asks with a crooked smile. Matthew laughs softly, glad they manage some kind of conversation.

“I don’t know. I guess you did. I don’t usually do things with co-stars.”


Luke raises an eyebrow.

“That often.” Matthew adds and they both laugh. “Well, I don’t know if I initiated it, but I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you feel bad.”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Luke untruthfully states. After a few seconds of silence he continues. “Actually, no. It wasn’t okay. I slept two hours last night because I couldn’t stop it from playing in my head and I was ready to jump off a cliff any minute because I thought I made a fool out of myself. But I’m glad we’re okay.”


“You didn’t make a fool out of yourself.” Matthew says quietly. “I’m just as much to blame as you are, and I am old enough to make my own decisions without having to hide behind someone else. And if it makes you feel better, I slept about two hours too.” He smiles. 


“That helps a little.” Luke laughs and Matthew does too, relieved that they’re on the same page.

“Uhm…” Matthew starts. He clears his throat. “Maybe we can go have a cup of coffee when we’re done today?” He suggests. He looks at Luke with panic in his eyes, not sure what to do if he’s turned down.


A smile spreads on Luke’s face.

“Off course, that’d be nice.” He replies. 

The director approaches them, walking right up to where they’re standing by the bookcase. He takes the picture frame and holds it up to him.

“Look!” He says. “Focus on this for a while, and you’ll get what mood we want.” He snaps his fingers and hands the picture to Matthew, quickly turning around. He walks away to talk to someone else in the studio, and Luke and Matthew are left with the picture.


They exchange a quick look and then laugh, both turning their gaze to the picture of last seasons finale.


Postat av: Stéph

Very well written. I can really picture their confusion.

Great job! :)

2009-03-02 @ 22:28:37
Postat av: Stefan

Great story! You do like to tease, don't you? ;)

Don't be afraid of writing/publishing these stories anymore, because you are sooo good at it! :)

2009-03-03 @ 00:25:49

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