Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 3 / 3




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Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.
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Sueli for beta-reading.

Both Luke and Matthew realize that there will be no take-out food this night. Matthew compliments Luke on his wall filled with photographs of friends, family and beautiful landscape motifs. Luke blushes and offers a beer, which Matthew is happy to accept.

They flop down on Luke’s couch, Matthew perhaps a bit closer to Luke then what is necessary.
“Just so you know, I’ve really enjoyed working with you,” Matthew says.
“Yeah, me too,” Luke says. “With you.”

“It seems like ages ago when we were doing those first rehearsals,” Matthew says, thinking back. “When I was gonna kiss you and then you kissed me back.”
“Oh yeah…” Luke says, also remembering the event. It has been fun. Since then they’ve grown quite used to kissing each other, often with a very grand audience.

“I was so surprised then,” Matthew continues. “That you kissed me back, that you… grabbed some space. Most girls wouldn’t have.” Luke laughs and takes a sip of his beer
“And you’re a very good kisser,” Matthew adds, spontaneously sliding his arm along the backrest of the couch, letting it land behind Luke’s head.

Luke laughs and blushes a bit, then he returns the compliment.
“Oh good,” Matthew laughs. “I was afraid I was too groping there a couple of times.”
“Naah,” Luke laughs along. “Just the right amount of groping. Scotty enjoyed it.”

“I bet he did,” Matthew says, looking out into the room, as if Scotty stood there, talking to them. “I bet Kevin is good in bed, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to score with such hot guys.”
“I’m sure he is,” Luke says, not sure if Matthew just threw a compliment his way. He tilts his head when he looks at Matthew’s profile. “But you know, it’s not like Kevin isn’t quite hot himself.”

“No?” Matthew looks straight at Luke. “I hear he’s got big complexes though.”
“He’s so insecure at times,” Luke laughs. Matthew joins in the laughter, enjoying their silly conversation.

“Have you thought about it?”
“It?” Luke asks, not sure what Matthew is getting at.
“Their sex. I did, and I wasn’t sure how it would go.” Matthew looks back out into the room, maybe expecting Scotty to be there and explain it to them. “I think it was the Valentine’s episode, I was wondering what they did then. I’m quite sure it was Kevin who initiated it.”

“Definitely,” Luke nods. They both stay silent for a while, continuing to sip their beers.

“Maybe one day Scotty can move into the loft and he and Kevin can get to kiss a whole lot more,” Matthew says softly.
“I’m sure he’d like that,” Luke says, equally softly. They look into each other’s eyes, and after a few seconds, when neither have looked away, Matthew leans in a bit closer to Luke.

It takes them seconds to get there, but once their lips meet, they both lean into it with such force, it’s almost painful. The hand that Matthew had on the backrest of the couch moves to Luke’s neck, pulling him, if possible, closer. Luke gently rests his hand on Matthew’s thigh and softly grab it.

They are both aware that this time the kissing is different. This isn’t to show passion between two people, this is passion. Matthew’s hand on Luke’s neck moves a bit, his thumb caressing Luke’s cheek. Their lips part a little, enough for them to breathe.

Luke takes a deep breath, preparing to say something sensible about what they are doing, but before he has the chance, Matthew’s lips are on his again, strong and hot. Luke has no resistance to stop, but lets it happen, his mouth opening a bit to grant Matthew’s tongue permission to enter. Their tongues meet and they play with each other, and this kiss is definitely different from all the ones they have had on set.

Luke’s hand moves up Matthew’s thigh, slow and lingering, finally settling on his hip. Matthew would like to invite himself and Luke to Luke’s bed, but somehow it’s difficult to stop and say something. Not only is he not sure if Luke wants to go much further, but he also would like to continue the kiss.

Luke moves his leg a little, and Matthew follows, moving closer. He slides both his arms behind Luke’s back and leans backwards a little. When he feels Luke follow him, he lies back down, getting trapped under Luke’s body. They stop kissing for a second, moving their legs to get more comfortable, but the couch is too narrow. They resume the kissing but have to stay still so they don’t tumble down onto the floor.

Luke interrupts their kissing, but makes up for it by gently sliding his hand under Matthew’s shirt.
“Maybe we should move?” He suggests.
“Yes,” Matthew agrees. “You have a bed?” Luke laughs softly and nods, getting up and pulling Matthew with him by extracting his hand.

Matthew lets Luke lead him to the bed in the next room, not able to stop smiling. Those short moments on top of each other definitely gossiped about how much the other wants to continue this. Luke sits down on the well-made bed and drags Matthew on top of himself.

Matthew willingly crawls on top and slides one hand under Luke’s shirt, feeling the smooth skin under his touch. They keep kissing when Luke tugs at Matthew’s shirt, pulling it off and throwing it away. Matthew sits up, straddling Luke, to be able to pull off his shirt as well.

Matthew leans back down, giving Luke a long kiss before starting to kiss his way down Luke’s neck, down to his collarbone and back up, stopping to suck gently at his adam’s apple. He feels Luke shiver under him, and moves up to kiss Luke’s lips again.

Luke pushes him up, and they exchange a quick look before Matthew stands up next to the bed. He leans over and helps Luke undo his jeans, then pulls them off and lets them land on the floor. He can’t help but gulp a bit when he sees Luke’s limber body stretches out on the bed under him.

Matthew removes his own pants, leaving them on the floor when he climbs back onto the bed, against covering Luke’s body with his own. They resume the kissing, this time no clothing in the way when hands move across their bodies.

“I thought you were straight,” Luke whispers in his ear.
“I love it when you speak dirty with me,” Matthew quips back. He moves his hands to next to Luke’s face, trapping him there. They smile at each other and giggle a bit before Matthew lowers himself again, and their lips meet.

Luke embraces Matthew's body and flips them over on the bed, landing dangerously close to the edge. Matthew moves his legs around Luke’s trapping them together.
“For months I’ve been eager to find out if you could shock me as much here as you did when we first kissed,” Matthew whispers. “That might not sound romantic, but it’s really the best I can come up with now.”

Luke laughs in reply and flips them back to the middle of the bed, again landing under Matthew.
“It’s nice to know you’ve dreamed about my bed,” Luke says. “I hope it delivers.”
“So far, so good,” Matthew says, pulling Luke close for another kiss.

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Great, as always!

I'm looking forward to your next Matthew/Luke RPS! :D

2009-09-19 @ 17:46:02
Postat av: Srta.Walker

I´m looking forward too!! :)

2009-09-20 @ 17:18:27

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