Dave & Luke: The South Africa story




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Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke and Dave are sent to South Africa to promote B&S.

Word count: 1486

“Wow, this place is awesome!” Dave says, pulling the red curtain from the window to get a better view of the city with the ocean to frame it. Luke sits down on Dave’s bed, enjoying seeing Dave do exactly what he did himself in his room fifteen minutes ago.

“And there’s a Jacuzzi in every room.” He enlightens. Dave turns to him with gigantic eyes, not wasting much time before going into the bathroom.
“Wow!” He says, his voice echoing between the walls. “It would really be a waste not to use this, wouldn’t it.” He says when he re-joins Luke in the main room.

He sits down next to Luke on the bed.
“I’m so glad I chose to come here.”
“Me too.” Luke agrees. “We’ve been here, what? Three hours and it’s already worth the stuff I had to cancel.”

“What stuff?” Dave asks, flipping back on the bed to get more comfortable.
“Just some stuff.” Luke says, waving his hand. “Nothing important.”
“No hot date?” Dave asks, wiggling his eyebrows a little.
“Oh, I wish.” Luke says. “Not that I would have to cancel.” He adds when he sees the confused look on Dave’s face. “But having one to cancel would be nice, then at least I’d have one.”

Dave laughs at Luke’s rather awkward explanation, leaning over to carefully nudge him in the side.
“I don’t for a second believe that someone like you wouldn’t have heaps of alternatives.”
“Someone like me?” Luke laughs.

“You know, you’re not exactly ugly and dumb.”
Luke laughs harder at Dave’s badly formed compliment.
“Thanks.” He says, smiling at Dave’s blushing face. “It’s not that there aren’t alternatives, it’s just…” Luke starts, looking out into the room as if to think of the end of the sentence. “… seems like the perfect man doesn’t knock on my door that often.”

“Yeah, hate that.” Dave says, nodding in agreement.
“Be nice.” Luke says, hitting Dave over the head with a pillow. “Now I have to go get ready for tonight. Who knows – maybe the perfect man is South African?” He says suggestively before leaving the room.


Luke has just finished moussing his hair to perfection when there is a knock on his door.
“You’re here!” He says when seeing Dave outside his door, showered, properly clothed and with impeccable hair.
“And you too!” Dave greets when entering the room, already starting to realize that their ‘you’re here bit’ will become their running gag for the trip, as they’ve done it like five times since they landed.

“Ready to get drunk?” Dave asks with his best serious voice.
“Uh…” Luke thinks for a minute, putting his index finger on his chin. “Yeah.” They go down to the cozy bar at the hotel and have each a beer before they’re being picked up for their night out. Only hours later they are at some house in some suburb meeting the locals, both enjoying drinks and beers.

Once the car is back to pick them up a while after midnight, they are both a bit fuzzy. Dave leans his head on Luke’s shoulder and naps for a few minutes while the car makes its way through the streets of Cape Town. Luke nudges Dave in the side when they arrive to the hotel, and they take the elevator up together.

“So, met the perfect man tonight?” Dave asks.
“No, unfortunately,” Luke replies. “But thank God I didn't. That’s a long-distance relationship I wouldn’t even want to think about.”
Dave laughs, finding Luke’s logic very fun, especially right now.

“Want a night cap?” Dave offers. “Just a short one.” He says when they pass his door. He searches for his key card in his pockets and holds it up when finding it, like a triumph.
“Sure, why not?” Luke says, taking a few steps back to follow Dave into the room.

Dave pushes the light button and the both of them scream out loud when the room becomes light.
“Dimmer!” Dave calls out and turns the switch to a more cozy mode.”
“Yes, cozy lights.” Luke slurs. He throws himself on Dave’s bed and waits for Dave to serve him a drink.

“Here. Best the honor bar could do.” Dave says and gives Luke a drink in the small glass from the bathroom. They both take a sip and frown.
“Ugh.” Luke says. “This isn’t strawberries, is it?”
“Not even close.” Dave replies, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “You’re taking up all the room on my bed.”

“Well, you asked me to your room, so I expect to be using the bed tonight.” Luke says playfully.
“Oh really?” Dave says back, equally playfully. He is quiet for a few moments, figuring out his revenge. “If you’re in my bed, what does that oblige me to do?”

“Oh nothing.” Luke casually replies. “If you were someone else, it would be far more sweaty than this, but since you’re the macho straight guy in this room, I’ll go for the manly pat on the back.”
“That’s kind of bias of you, isn’t it?” Dave answers. Luke catches his mischievous grin in the corner of his eye.

“What, saying that pats on the back are manly?” He lifts himself up to lean on his elbow. “Or believing you’re straight?” He looks directly at Dave and their eyes meet for a second.
“Isn’t everyone… curious?” Dave asks. “I guess I am… mostly because I don’t know really how it’s all done.”

“It all?” Luke laughs. “You know, I could show you, but it would take a watermelon, a birthday cake and a penny.”
“I never got your humor man.” Dave laughs. “But I mean more like, how do you know who does what.”

Luke looks puzzles and Dave waves his hand, trying to explain what he means.
“You know, who does… what. Do you flip a coin or do you do rock, paper, scissors?”
“Oh, for who’s top and who’s bottom?” Luke says.

Dave’s neck and cheeks become instantly red and Luke laughs at him. Luke moves a bit to the side so Dave can stretch out on the bed.
“Well, I think communicating is good.” Luke says. “But I guess everyone has their way of doing it.”

“What? You just pick up a guy in a bar and then in the car back home you’re all like ‘so, wanna fuck me?’?”
“I’d like to think I’m more slick than that.” Luke says with a wink. “I got into your bed with nothing like that, now did I?”
“That’s true.” Dave laughs. “So what’s your next step?”

“Step? It’s not like there’s a manual.” Luke says, lifting his head up. He frowns a bit, semi-insulted. “Although, if there was, I’d read it.”
Dave laughs and throws his arm out to punch Luke. It’s nice to have this talk like this. They don’t need to have eye contact and they are a bit drunk, making it easier and if needed, a reason to feel less uncomfortable tomorrow.
“Well, if it was me who was going to take the next step, I’d kiss you now.”

“Yeah? Just like that?” Luke asks.
“Sure.” Dave assures.
“On the lips? Just a peck, or with open mouth?” Luke wonders.
“Oh, just a peck at first. But kind of lingering. And then, if the other person replies, it goes on to open mouth.”

“Is that your idea of foreplay?” Luke asks. “Because I would think that might be too forward.”
“It’s not forward.” Dave says. He sits up and looks at Luke when continuing: “It’s romantic, and shows what I want. Taking the first step.”

“Oh, I guess it’s that part that I’m not good at.” Luke laughs. Dave laughs too and without further notice, he leans over Luke on the bed and gives him a quick peck on the lips. He lifts his head a few inches over Luke’s and they lock eyes.

“But maybe that can be too forward sometimes…” Dave says with a weak voice.
“No…” Luke’s voice trails out. “not at all.” He lifts his head to reach Dave’s, and their lips meet again.

Their lips swell against each other when they deepen their kiss, their bodies traveling closer to each other on the bed. Dave’s hand moves to Luke’s stomach and gently brushes against it, as if to ask permission to be there. Luke presses his body against Dave’s hand and slides his hand up Dave’s back.

Whatever started out as playful and teasing has definitely reached a point where they can’t just laugh it away. Neither man has such a plan anyway, and they both allow their tongues to meet to prove it.

“You know I’m not…” Dave says between kisses.
“Yeah I know.” Luke interrupts, pushing Dave against the mattress to silence him. Dave parts his legs slightly and with his tongue exploring Luke’s he finishes his sentence.

Postat av: Srta.Walker

It´s... greate!

I think it´s romantic and hot at once

I can´t wait for the next!!

2009-07-26 @ 00:53:20
URL: http://srtawalker.livejournal.com
Postat av: Srta.Walker

It´s... greate

I think it´s romantic and hot at once

I can´t wait for the next!!

2009-07-26 @ 01:25:33
URL: http://srtawalker.livejournal.com
Postat av: Stéph

If Matthew ever hears about that, he will get jealous! ;) LOL!

Great! Liked it!

2009-07-26 @ 19:54:03
Postat av: alanis

Geez! Luke and Dave... I feel a bit weird about this "pairing" because of Matthew. We are not used to it. :)

But I liked their teasing and the getting-drunk together action. Really funny. :)

2009-07-27 @ 10:11:35

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