Matthew & Dave: A little story about male friendship



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Summary: A little story about male friendship. 
Word count: 1000
I have to admit it, I have some trouble writing RPS, bu this one came to me much easier than the previous. Let me know what you think - please. :D

”It’s really too hot for this amount of physical activity.” Dave complains when he throws his big bag on the floor. Matthew closes the door to Dave’s house behind him and nearly trips over the bag.


”Hey, watch your stuff doofbag.” He says and kicks it to the side, throwing his own stuff on top of it.

Dave emerges from the kitchen, gulping water from a bottle. He hands the bottle to Matthew who finishes the last drops.


”Well needed.” He says and returns the empty bottle to Dave, proceeding into the living room. ”Now I’m gonna need a shower. I won’t survive tonights dinner in stuff like this.” He tugs at his drenched t-shirt.


”I know, because someone will seriously punsch you because you smell bad. And don’t even consider sitting on my couch like that!” Dave teases and earns himself a punch in the side.

”Careful!” Dave says. ”Unless you want another one of those in your face.” He says and points at his own eye.


”It’s really that bad?” Matthew asks.

”I’ve seen worse.” Dave casually says. ”In boxing rings.”

Matthew shoots him an annoyed grimace and sits down on a chair.

”Whatever, did you get the other shower fixed?”


”No, only got the one.” Dave says as he goes in to the kitchen to get some more water. ”You can shower after me.”

After you?” Matthew calls. ”I need to go first, my hair takes forever to dry.”


Dave returns and throws a bottle to Matthew.

”Yeah? Well, who’s shower is it?” Dave taunts and gets up. ”I’ll be so quick. I won’t even use soap.” He playfully punches Matthew’s shoulder when passing on his way to the bathroom.

That’s disgusting.”


Matthew hears the water being turned on Dave’s humming beginning. He chuckles at the poor interpretation of  ’Hotel California’ and picks up his cell phone. He sends an inpromtpu message to Ioan about his whereabouts, anticipating a quick reply about some random domestic marital activity.


He doesn’t get a reply though, and gets bored. Dave has moved on to ’Born in the USA’ and Matthew feels an instant urge to record the singing on his phone. He gets up and walks over to the bathroom. The water is still running so he should have a good possibility to get in unnoticed. If the door is unlocked, that is.


He slowly tries the handle and the door slides open without a noise. Matthew sneaks in and turns his cellphone on record. The phone makes a small noise and starts to count. Matthew holds his breath, hoping the water and the humming swallowed the sound. Dave continues his show, clearly not noticing the uninvited company.


Matthew sees the phone reach 30 seconds and figues that will be enough. Just then, Ioan returns the message, and the phone makes a happy noise.

”What the fuck!” Dave yells from behind the shower curtain.


”Just checking something.” Matthew replies, figuring there is no way to save his pride anyway now.

”I don’t even want to know. Can you either leave or reach me a towel. Preferably the first.” Dave says.


”What if I don’t?” Matthew asks, sitting down on the toilet. He hears Dave sigh.

”I thought you wanted to shower.” He tries.

”Yes, but this is worth the damp hair.”


”If that’s the way you feel.” Dave says and pulls the shower curtain away, stepping out in all his naked glory. He walks across the small room and leans over Matthew to get a towel.


Matthew swallows hard and tries not to stare. Dave wraps the towel around his waist and shakes off some water from his hair.

”Hey!” Matthew calls when the drops hit him. ”What are you, a dog?”


”I don’t think you have a say in this when you barge in on my showering.” Dave says. ”Now it’s your turn.” He gestures at the shower. ”Go!” He urges, making no attempt to leave the bathroom. Matthew understands that to reach some kind of balance, it’s his turn now.


He stands up on shaky legs and pulls off his sweaty shirt. Dave leans against the wall and runs his hand through his hair. Matthew proceeds to take off his shorts. Dave seem to have lost interest in his stripping and is sniffing his hand. Matthew quickly gets naked and gets into the shower.


”Hey, I forgot to rinse my hair, I still have conditioner in it.” Dave calls. Before Matthew knows it, Dave is peeking in through the shower, aiming his head for the water.

”This is so beyond all social codes.” Matthew states and Dave joins him altogether.


”I can’t have conditioner in my hair, it’s gonna be all greasy.” Dave says and grabs Matthew’s shoulders to move him a bit.

”Now we’re just showering together.” Matthew concludes and tries to move away a bit.

”Relax, what’s the big deal?” Dave teases and moves closer. ”Nervous? Excited?”

”Haha, funny man.” Matthew says and grabs the soap. Dave looks at him, standing there holding the soap.


”You’ll get really clean hands.” He teases. ”And you better not drop it. I’m not sure I could control myself.”

”If we had clothes on, I’d punch you right now, but I’m afraid the wetness makes us slippery. And we’re not in a porn movie, are we?”


”No, but I think we’d have a future in that industry as well. I’m surprisingly bendy.” Dave says. ”I’ll leave you alone.” He steps out of the shower. ”Have fun.” Seconds later Matthew hears the door close. The soap is all creamy and foamy. He rolls it in his hands until he starts to rub his shoulders with it.


It’s seriously going to take a while to process what just happened. Right then, the soap slips from his hands and lands by his feet. He stares at it for a while before bending over to pick it up.

”You are way too young to have seen this.” He says to the soap and continues.



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