Matthew & Luke: One hell of a party


Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: After one hell of a party.
Word count: 826

Matthew sits on the side of the bed. He’s naked. He feels a hand gently stroking the small of his back. The touch is just as comforting as it is arousing. And he doesn’t even know why he needs comfort.

“Come back here.” The voice behind him demands. He wants to, he really does. His will fights his confusion, and he slides back into those strong arms. Luke gives him a small welcoming kiss in his neck.

“I’m sorry.” The thick Canadian accent makes Matthew giggle for a bit.
“Don’t be.” Matthew then says. “It’s not like…” His voice trails off. This suddenly seems so familiar. The thought hits the both of them at the same time, and they break into an ice-breaking laughter. Well, as much ice-breaking as is needed after hot sex between friends.

It was a spontaneous cast and crew party on the set that quickly turned into a party worthy frat houses. They had started out with some wine in the studio, and had ended up in someone’s house and backyard. Neither knew who, as it turned out.

Matthew and Luke had for some reason, together with Sarah, Emily and Dave started doing tequila shots, and shortly the party had become so much better. Until it was time to go home. Share a taxi, good idea. Only give one address and both ending up in Matthew’s bed, bad idea.

“Matt…” Luke’s voice low and speaking slowly.
Yeah?” Matthew moves to make them face to face, getting a better look.
“This wasn’t your first time… you know?” Luke’s question seemed thought-through, but ended up spoken with insecurity.
“No.” Matthew looks down, but his blushing reaches Luke’s eyes.

“I thought so.” He says with a smirk. Matthew looks at Luke again, his eyes narrowing.
“Well, I heard you’re dating…”
“Don’t.” Luke quickly covers Matthew’s lips with his index finder. “Don’t even think about it.” Matthew’s smile gets bigger, and again his willpower wins over his confusion. He kisses Luke slightly on the mouth. He quickly removes himself, but Luke responds enough to show it was okay.

“So any chance we can camouflage this as character development?” Matthew asks with his usual dryness.
“Definitely.” Luke confirms. “Getting drunk and having sex, isn’t that all we do on the show?”
“Not you and me, only all the others.” Matthew quickly points out. “No PDA.” He reminds.

They both laugh. Matthew stares up at the ceiling. He is confused, seriously confused. This is the third guy he’s ended up in bed with, and those three can count themselves with quite a lot of women, most of which have been one night things. And that’s the way he likes it. He’s not even attracted to guys. He’s never been in love with one, but still this happens and it feels good. Not only this kind of nice feeling of closeness, but physically good.  

“I don’t wanna be a killjoy here, but I’m gonna need coffee and something to eat soon, or I’ll get very cranky.”
Matthew laughs at Luke’s request, remembering how sour Luke is to work with after many hours and blood-sugar that’s down in the cellar.

“Bacon and egg?” Matthew suggests.
“Ugh…” Luke covers his head with his arms in a very dramatic gesture. “I think hang-over just found me. Think you can manage something lighter?”
“What if I put maple syrup on it?” Matthew teases back.

“Ha-ha.” Luke pokes him in the side. “A sandwich will be fine.”
“Whatever you say.” Matthew concludes and swings his legs off the side of the bed, back to sitting where he was a couple of minutes ago. He searches for something to wear in the big pile of cloths that covers the floor. He pulls on some underwear and picks up his t-shirt from yesterday. He brings it to his nose and smells it.

“Oh my god, what did we do? This smells of beer and cigarette, or at least what I hope is beer and cigarette.” He wrinkles his nose and throws it back onto the floor and picks one out from the wardrobe instead.
“I think beer and cigarette might be just right, but I must say, my memory is kind of blurry, still.”

“When it sharpens, let me know if you remember when I got this bruise.” Matthew says and looks at a dark spot, big as a palm, on his hip.
“Promise” Luke answers, joining Matthew on the floor to search for his clothing. He smells his t-shirt and wrinkles his nose a bit, but puts it on anyway. “I guess I have to wash everything in sight anyway…”

Matthew chuckles and leaves the room. “I’ll be downstairs.” He calls, leaving Luke alone with his clothing puzzle. Luke picks up his pants and reveals a bra left under the pile.
“What the…?” He says out loud. “Is there something you want to tell me?” Luke calls when following Matthew in direction of the kitchen.

Postat av: spring

It's very nice. I like it.

I've once thought what if Matthew is bi..

2008-12-08 @ 01:46:47
Postat av: Mav

I usually don't read RPS on principal, but when I saw you wrote Matthew/Luke I just couldn't help myself. I loved it! Definitely hot!

Great job!

2008-12-10 @ 13:47:37
Postat av: Mav

I hope this doesn't show up twice, after I pushed comment the first time it said something I didn't understand, so if it does show up twice, I'm sorry!

I usually don't read RPS on principal, but when I saw you wrote Matthew/Luke, I just couldn't help myself.

I loved it! Definitely hot!

Great job! Thanks for sharing!

2008-12-10 @ 13:52:22
Postat av: sueli

wait a minute, their characters get drunk and have sex, too. [we just don't get to see it unless lobster is involved.]

2009-01-06 @ 19:49:53
Postat av: Srta. Walker

Please more!!!

2009-02-17 @ 20:42:34
Postat av: Stefan

Another great one :)

It would be cool if Matthew had such a protective attitude towards Luke in real life...

(But then, who knows? ;) Maybe he does)

2009-03-15 @ 21:24:55

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