Matthew & Luke: A knock on the door



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Summary: It's just rehersals.
Word count: 746
I have to admit it, I have some trouble writing RPS, feeling like one day someone will make me read this to L and M, making me feel very embarrassed. This is just some hanging out, but I think it's cute. And maybe it's a build up... one never knows. ;) Let me know what you think - please. :D

There’s that knock on the door. Exactly seven o’clock. Matthew smiles as he gets up to get the door. Luke is always on time, and it’s wearing down his own inability to come on time, piece by piece.

Luke smiles widely, script under on arm, a water bottle in the other.
“You ready?” He asks.
“Am I ever?” Matthew replies.

It’s something about Matthew’s accent. Luke’s knows he’s not American, but still, every time Matthew opens his mouth, he’s chocked that what comes out is so thick Welsh. It’s cute and all, and he knows he’s not the one to throw the first stone when it comes to accents.

Matthew leads the way into his room, and sits down on the couch. Their rehearsals have become like a nice tradition. Two or three times a week, depending on how many scenes they have together, they hang out, read lines, go over their story and have a beer or two.

Luke sits down in the opposite corner, throwing up his feet on the small table.
“Make yourself at home.” Matthew says, nodding at him. Luke pretends to cuddle himself down onto the couch, acting as if he didn’t get the point.
“Want a beer?” Matthew asks, but he doesn’t wait for the reply, he simply takes out two bottles from the fridge and hands one to Luke.

Luke opens the bottle and takes a sip. “Should we start at the third one?” He asks.
“Yeah.” Matthew sits down next to him. “I really like this scene, it’s so great to go.” He says with a sweeping hand movement.
“I know, I love it too.” Luke agrees, already buried in his notes in the margin.

The read the scene a couple of times and then get up to act it out in the small dressing room. ‘Kevin’ sits down on the couch after a few lines, and ‘Scotty’ comes up behind him to say a few well-chosen words about choosing one’s battles and knowing what’s important.

“I feel like this isn’t really working.” Luke says, seeing only Matthew’s back. “I’m giving you this great piece of advice, and you’re not facing me.” He reaches out to Matthew’s shoulder, turning him towards himself. “Who did the direction for this?” He asks. He knows well, but he’s not one to sourly name-drop the directors.

“I guess it’s supposed to be easier for you to say it to me when you don’t look into my eyes.” Matthew guesses.
“Yes, this truly is the difficult part to say to one’s spouse.” Luke sarcastically points out. “It’s just too much soap opera.” He explains. “Before you know it, we have commercial cliffhangers like ‘what’s for dinner?’” Luke finishes in a very dramatic voice and causes Matthew to laugh out loud.
“Okay you’re right. Let’s try it like this.” Matthew says and starts the scene again, this time with them facing each other. They get through their lines, by now knowing them well enough to start playing with them a bit, and when they can look at each other they do, they immediately become the married couple that knows what buttons to press with the other one.

By the time they get back to the couch and have a second beer, they’re both pretty worn out, and time has rushed by.
“We really are an old married couple.” Matthew states. “We know each other well, we always communicate with each other in half sentences sounding to others as if we’re annoyed with the other and we use the phrase ‘you know how you get’.”

“And we don’t have sex.” Luke fills in, giving Matthew a wink.
“Right.” Matthew agrees, taking a long sip from his beer. “So, hun. What do you say we take this next one while we’re at it? It’s not like someone like you have plans for tonight anyway, is it?” Matthew teases, getting a playfully pissed off look back.

“One day I will make you regret this so baaad.” Luke says, “You know I can. I’m the one who gets to kiss you on TV.”
“How is that bad again?” Matthew asks.
“So you like it?” Luke quickly replies.
“I didn’t say that.” Matthew answers slowly, not knowing if that was genuinely hurtful of him.

“You don’t like it?” Luke looks at him, his lower lip nearly trembling.
“Well, it’s…” Matthew starts, and then gets it. “Okay, point taken.” He mischievously whacks Luke with his script. “Let’s do this, hubby.”

Postat av: Stéph

I really enjoyed it :)

Well done.

2009-01-05 @ 22:54:19
Postat av: Ivan

hell yeah, another RSP! L.O.V.E it! =)

2009-01-06 @ 08:03:23
Postat av: marea67

Well done. Now I want the rest of it.... although... maybe I shouldn't talk. ;-D

2009-01-06 @ 13:35:05
Postat av: zi

This is good. Do you really think they are good friends? And I'm not talking about a flirt, but simple friends? I don't have that feeling...

2009-01-07 @ 22:49:29
Postat av: Stefan

I really really liked it! Thanks so much for these RPS's, they always make my day ;)

I hope that more are to come :D

2009-01-07 @ 23:38:44
Postat av: Lorraine

The words may be the writers but the interplay depends on Luke/Matthew. You got it right.

2009-01-10 @ 21:40:15

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