The thirtieth

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty turns 30, and age angst hits.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 802

Scotty has never thought that he would be one of those aging men who would buy a little red sports car for their 45th birthday, or start sky-diving in their fifties, just to prove how youthful and virile they are.


He still doesn’t think he will become one of them, but he is starting to understand them. Turning 30 was nothing. Breakfast in bread, Walker family dinner, phone call to mom and to dad, then an early night with a very congratulating Kevin in bed.


However, today, the day after his 30th, he might as well just go back to bed and stay there indefinitely. When he went up his joints were stiff, he groaned when he had to bend over and put on his socks and he is sure that that one hair is gray – not alternative blonde, which Kevin classified it as.


No, now he is 30 going on 89 and there is no use trying to hide it.

“I may just as well buy one of those little trolleys to bring home food from the store in and join a Canasta team,” Scotty complains over breakfast, not getting any sympathy from a giggling Kevin.


“Let’s go out today, take a walk,” Kevin suggests, looking out through the window to make sure the rain has stopped. Temporarily anyway.

“Yeah, that doesn’t make us seem old,” Scotty whines, burying his face in his palms.


“Okay, let’s go get very drunk in the middle of the day,” Kevin suggests instead. “You know I’m always ready for that.”


Scotty takes a deep breath and looks up, staring at Kevin with a pouty look.

“Okay, let’s take a walk in the park,” he says. “But we are not feeding the birds.”




Kevin had barely even objected when Scotty had taken his hand when they were strolling around on the paths. By now Scotty knew that it was rather the imbalance of holding on to someone when walking, rather than the PDA he disliked when it came to holding hands, but today Scotty needed the world to know that they were a young, hip, happening couple.


Okay, so a married, domesticated couple with a baby on the way, a good insurance and weekly grocery store visits, but still. Hip and happening.


“Let’s sit down,” Kevin suggests, dragging Scotty to a nearby bench by a bunch of flowers. The flowers are looking droopy, probably from the heavy rain, but with the sun about to look out from between the clouds, they will probably be back to normal within the hour.


They sit down on the bench and watch people walk by, some alone, some with children, come in couples. Scotty watches a child run on the grass, suddenly falling down but quickly pulling itself up and continuing to run.


“I hope we sit here in 50 years and watch people go by,” Scotty says, “but right now I’m feeling like a hundred years old even though I’m not. I really need to do something youngster-ish,” he says and stands up.


“Youngster-ish?” Kevin repeats and stands up, following Scotty on the path. “Like what?”

“Maybe I should get a tattoo that says Forever young, just to prove a point,” Scotty muses out loud.

“Not that tattoos aren’t sexy, but sweetie, let’s not,” Kevin says, taking Scotty’s hand and dragging him closer.


“Then we could go find a rave party and trash it.”

“I think that’s impossible, and besides, I think rave parties stopped being hip in the nineties,” Kevin says, placing his hands on Scotty’s arms and giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Let’s go have lunch. Without cocaine.”


“Ugh, okay,” Scotty agrees, bending his head but letting Kevin take his hand and lead him further along the small path. They walk side by side in silence, having without words decided to go to one of their favourite restaurants located close-by.


They walk by two benches on which four older ladies sit. They are all wearing tracksuits with matching visors. Scotty feel their eyes on himself as they approach, hand in hand.


Scotty knows, even for this tiny second he has to think it over, that Kevin will probably not approve. However, before they are out of sight from the ladies, he stops and drags Kevin close, putting his hand on the back of Kevin’s head and pulling his face to his own, giving him a kiss. Kevin doesn’t quite respond to the violent treatment, but still opens his lips a bit when Scotty decides to deepen their kiss.


Scotty hears the ladies make Ooh-ing noises and he lets go of Kevin. He sends the ladies a quick smile and a wink before taking Kevin’s hand and walking along like nothing happened. Yes, just like he thought, it did make him feel younger.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #23

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 354

When it’s the day before the day and a loving married couple has nothing in particular to do, they might find themselves to spend the entire day on the couch, sharing thoughts and touches while they talk about life in general, and their future in particular.


Kevin gestures with his arms when he describes his dream house, where there is a fireplace in their big bedroom, a nursery room filled with pretty toys, a big light kitchen with all the equipment one could imagine and a big garden for playing and growing vegetables and herbs.


“And a cat,” Scotty adds. “A white cat with spots. Our neighbours in Oxford had one like that and I used to play with it, but my mom would never let me get a cat of my own.”


“We had a dog when I was little,” Kevin says, thinking back to Bingo. “And I’ve always wanted a pet since then.”

“But we can’t get a cat until the baby is a couple of years old.”


“Is that a rule,” Kevin wonders. “I didn’t know.”

“I think so. Maybe not. We will have to read all those books about what to expect when expecting.”


“I hear your thighs and ass swell up,” Kevin says dryly. “So you better keep doing those push-ups before going to bed every night.”

“You’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you?” Scotty says, placing the fingertips of one hand on Kevin’s chest, pushing him down against the couch and kissing his lips.


“In fact, you should start doing them naked, for full effect,” Kevin suggest, raising himself slightly to kiss Scotty again.

“I bet there would be an effect if I did them naked, yes,” Scotty says, giving Kevin one thorough kiss before sitting up next to Kevin again.


“Well…” Kevin says, following Scotty and climbing over him, squeezing him down quite uncomfortably on the couch. “You shouldn’t deny your aging husband some fun. Especially not on Christmas.”


“I have no intention of denying him such a thing,” Scotty replies, grabbing Kevin’s wrists to push him off his own body, instead trapping him between himself and the couch.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #22

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 308

“December 22nd,” Scotty muses. He’s propped up with Kevin on the couch, his head resting on Kevin’s shoulder. They’ve been watching boring Christmas specials on TV all night, enjoying their time together rather than the entertainment. “It’s almost Christmas,” Scotty continues. “Then new years’ eve, and then it’s a new decade.”


“That’s right, it is,” Kevin says, adjusting his leg under Scotty so it won’t fall asleep. “Ten years ago I was just a sad little law student, dreading to celebrate Christmas with my overbearing family who wouldn’t just let me be,”


“No oppressed feelings there, huh?” Scotty asks, gently nudging Kevin in the side.

“None,” Kevin agrees.

“I still lived at home,” Scotty says. “Horrid thought.”


“Did you call your dad?” Kevin asks, changing the topic.

“I did,” Scotty says slowly. “It’s still awkward between us though, but he asked some more about the baby.”

“That’s good,” Kevin says, moving his hand softly over Scotty’s belly. “You know, in another world, a twisted parallell universe, this would be where our baby was growing this very moment.”


Scotty looks down his own body, staring at his flat stomach and Kevin’s hand on it.

“Says who?” He wonders. “I think you’d be the first to get pregnant out of the two of us.”

“Re-eally?” Kevin wonders, a smile spreading on his face. “How is that?”


Scotty doesn’t reply, he only tilts his head backwards slightly, kissing Kevin’s cheek.

“I know that wanting to have a baby ‘the natural way’ is supposed to be some kind of dream,” Kevin says. “But I really don’t mind the way we’re having ours.”


Scotty stopps kissing Kevin’s throat, again leaning back on Kevin’s shoulder.

“I know,” Scotty says.

“In fact, I can’t imagine any better way to have a baby,” Kevin says, leaning forward to kiss the juncture of Scotty’s neck. “With you.”

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #21

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 387

“It’s Monday and you’re not busy with your critically acclaimed blog?” Kevin asks Scotty during breakfast that morning of the 21st of December. With only a few days left until Christmas, Scotty was working from home with administrative tasks as the restaurant was closed during large parts of the holiday. Kevin also had some more things to get done before he could call it Christmas holiday, but they were minor and he could do them from home.


“I’m having a Christmas hiatus,” Scotty says.

“But you just started,” Kevin says. “And I loved that mulled wine.”

“I know, you managed to get tipsy from it,” Scotty replies, giving Kevin’s calf a soft kick under the kitchen table.


“So we’re not doing any cool experiment that I can eat?” Kevin mopes.

“Sorry, honey,” Scotty says. “Maybe we can think of some other interesting experiment for you.”


Kevin giggles and pours himself some more coffee, sipping it carefully not to burn his tongue. He might need it for later.


“Do you have all gifts wrapped and ready?” Scotty asks, noticing how he clearly interrupted Kevin’s wandering minds.

“Huh?” Kevin asks, looking up at an amused Scotty. “Who?”


“The Christmas presents,”

“Oh right,” Kevin says, clearing his throat. “All done. Including yours.”


Scotty giggles at the mention of his own gift. Just a few years ago, all the Christmas gifts he got were either from his parents and usually consisting of money, or from a company he worked at for the moment, and consisting of anything they could print their logotype on.


“I have to go by the office and get some stuff, better do it today when Robert is still in Washington,” Kevin says, finishing his coffee and getting up to put his dishes in the dish washer.

“He’ll be back for Christmas, won’t he?”

“Yeah, of course,” Kevin says, hoping that is true. With the heavy snowing these last days, one can’t be too sure about your flight, and having your own private jet won’t help.


“I wouldn’t mind some snow here,” Scotty says as if he had read Kevin’s mind. “It would be cozy.”

“I’ll get you one of those snow globes. They have them with the Hollywood sign in them,” Kevin says, grabbing Scotty’s cheek to kiss him. “I’ll be back in a bit, love you.”

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #19

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 421

On the Saturday of the 19th of December, Kevin looks up from his papers just about the same time as his husband swirls by carrying a big box marked “Xmas”. However, it is not the big box that has attracted his attention, but the song now playing from the computer in the corner of the living room.


“What are we listening to?” Kevin asks, doubt in his voice.

“Christmas music, Mr I’m-so-boring-that-I-have-to-work-on-a-Saturday-before-Christmas,” Scotty replies.

“You know that it’s so I can be totally free from work during Christmas,” Kevin says, doing his best puppy eyes so Scotty will pity him.


The trap works, and Scotty pouts, putting out his lower lip in sympathy, kissing Kevin on the lips before returning to the box.

“So what are we listening to? It sounds like a children’s song,” Kevin asks again.


“Oh Tannenbaum,” Scotty informs. “It’s one of my mother’s favorite Christmas songs, it’s very happy childhood Christmas for me.”

“It’s in German,” Kevin states.

“Yes, about a tree,” Scotty fills in, not letting Kevin’s sarcasm get to him. “One that is green all year round.”


“Did you study German, because you know, that is kind of sexy,” Kevin says, leaning back on the couch to mark that he is taking a break from the work on the table before him.


“You know I almost flunked French,” Scotty says, sitting down on the arm rest of the couch, holding a small ceramic Santa in his hands. “And that’s about it,” he says as the last notes of the song fills the apartment.


“For a moment there I was imagining you to give out orders in German, with subtitles and everything,” Kevin says, playfully sliding his hand down Scotty’s thigh.

“Sometimes you scare me, Kevin Walker,” Scotty says, bends down and kisses Kevin once again, and then gets up to place the Santa he’s been holding.


He puts it on a shelf, takes a few steps back and examines the placing. He nods approvingly and returns to the box, picking up a red glass star with a thread running through one if its points.


“I’ll put this in the window in the bedroom,” he says and disappears. Kevin smiles and leans forward to his papers again. Somehow it seems less alluring to go through the communication strategies of 2010 than to Christmas decorate the apartment with your husband. Kevin thinks no further, but quickly gathers the papers into one sloppy pile, putting it in a file before following Scotty into the bedroom.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #12

I'm sorry there has been a short interruption in the posting here, but I've been knocked out due to that porky flu that I'm sure you've heard about. If anyone is interested I can report that my wound from wearing too small shoes is much more painful and I do not regret not getting vaccinated. Hopefully I'll be well enough to post every day up until Christmas now. Happy Lucia day everyone!

: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 357

“What a Saturday,” Scotty moans, happy to wake up without feeling dizzy for the first time in many days.  Both he and Kevin has been trying to get up for quite a while, Kevin’s hung-over, Scotty’s cough and their joint snuggling making it very slow.


“You’re so going to catch this,” Scotty says when their kiss ends, tasting Kevin in his own mouth.

“Don’t care. I probably will anyway,” Kevin says. “I plan on being sick and needy when you’re up and about again,” he says and kisses Scotty one more time.


“Sarah’s still on the couch, we should go up and get her breakfast,” Scotty suggests, pulling away from Kevin to pull on some clothes.

“So now she’s even interrupting telepathically? She’s so annoying,” Kevin says, giving Scotty a quick wink before getting up and pulling on his own pants.


When he enters the kitchen Sarah is already by the table drinking coffee.

“I just made it, it’s strong,” she says and takes a big sip.

“Great,” Kevin says, pouring himself a mug.


“I can make some pancakes,” Scotty says, eyeing the contents of the refrigerator.

“Not a chance,” Kevin says, closing the door in front of Scotty. “Sarah and I will make you breakfast. You’re still sick. No exhausting activities.”



“No,” Kevin cuts him off. “None,”

“Your walls aren’t sound-proof, I think you’re both exhausted already,” Sarah says dryly, continuing to sip her coffee.


“Okay then,” Kevin says, smacking the back of Sarah’s head as he walks over to the stove. “Here’s a pan, you do the rest,” he puts the pan right in front of Sarah with a smirk and then sits down in front of his coffee mug.


Scotty makes himself some tea and sits down next to Kevin, this time taking a more active spot in their bickering, when he notices how anxious he can make Sarah by simply asking her questions about her pancake making methods. Sarah nearly drops her whip and Kevin high-fives Scotty.


“You guys are too straight sometimes,” Sarah says, pointing the whip at them. “I guess you need to make up for this morning.”


Walker Advent calendar: Flap #5

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 434

How can anyone not love Saturday mornings? Scotty thought when waking up. Unlike most mornings, he didn’t have to hurry up to get to work, he could stay in bed for hours, just getting up to make some breakfast, and then go back again. With Kevin waking up just as slowly and peacefully next to him was a bonus.


Kevin moans and turns around, crawling a bit closer to Scotty. He buries his nose against Scotty’s collar bone and relaxes. Scotty believes he has gone back to sleep when he sleepily starts talking.


“How much wine did I have last night? I feel awful.” Scotty smiles and remembers the night at Nora’s. It had taken Kitty about five minutes to spill the wrongly sent text that was meant for Kevin, not Justin. Justin had blushed and tried to apologize over the table, Kitty and Sarah had been gloating and Nora had with, according to Scotty much too big, joy watched the scene unfold before her.


“You might have had a bit more than you should have. But you were fun in the car on the way home,” Scotty says. “You sang the entire soundtrack from ‘Annie get your gun’ to me.” Kevin groans and buries his nose deeper down into the mattress.


“Good thing we didn’t give Saul a ride after all,” Scotty adds, nearly breaking out into laughter. Kevin’s rendition with small dance moves from the passenger seat would not be erased from his mind in quite a while.


“I hate my family,” Kevin says against the mattress.

“They are actually very nice,” Scotty says, believing Kevin has forgotten the best part of the evening. “Sarah and Rebecca gave us some great advice on what to do with that massage oil.”


Kevin lifts his head, looking at Scotty with a painful facial expression.

“I told them too much, didn’t I?”

“Yep,” Scotty agrees. As much as he would prefer it if their sex life was theirs and only theirs, hearing Kevin battle with his sister about who knows the best tips in bed was quite amusing.


Kevin’s head falls back onto the pillow with a thud.

“I’m never getting out of bed,” he says, stubborn like a child.

“You don’t have to, it’s Saturday,” Scotty informs. “I, however, will take a shower now.” He swings his legs out of bed and sits up. On his way to the bedroom he looks over his shoulder and calls to Kevin.


“Enjoy your day alone in bed.” About five seconds later he hears footsteps after him, and arms encircle his waist just before entering the shower.


Walker Advent calendar: Flap #3

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 440

Kevin wakes up with the biggest grin, not even noticing that his arm is asleep. Scotty sleeps peacefully on it, his arms wrapped around Kevin’s neck, breathing on his chest.


Kevin looks at the time on the digital clock. Not even midnight yet. They both fell asleep after their love-making, after Kevin, quite embarrassed, had explained that it wasn’t he that earned a nice treatment after Sarah’s deed. Scotty had laughed and pulled him down on the bed to kiss him.


“This was quite an okay December third, wasn’t it?” Scotty asks, newly woken-up.

“You don’t say…” Kevin smiles, pulling Scotty up to kiss him.


“I need a snack before going to sleep for the night,” Scotty says, sitting up in bed, pulling the blanket with him and revealing Kevin’s chest. Scotty strokes it and smiles before getting up. He pulls on his underwear on his way out of the bedroom. He smiles at Kevin before walking out of his sight.


He takes out the bread from the cupboard and cuts himself a piece.

“I’ll have one too,” Kevin says, sliding his arms around Scotty’s waist, kissing his shoulder. Scotty cuts another one and Kevin reluctantly lets go to take out the cheese and the butter from the fridge.


“By the way, your mom asked us to dinner tomorrow night,” Scotty says. Kevin isn’t even surprised that his mom calls Scotty about such a matter, rather than himself. Scotty is way to nice to ask her to go away and Kevin would easily do so to spend another night along with Scotty.


“Something special?”

“No, she’s making pasta,” Scotty butters the pieces of bread and hands one to Kevin. “So no revelations,” Scotty grins. Kevin answers with an apologetic grin. Somehow it should feel more strange to have family gathering where you measure the amount of drama that will unfold based on what dish your mother cooks.


Scotty puts his sandwich in his mouth and takes the butter and the cheese to put back in the fridge. He looks at the clock over the door.

“Almost midnight. It’s December fourth in just a couple of minutes,” he determines.


“That’s correct,” Kevin says, glancing at the clock. “I think that’s our cue to go back to bed. I want to start the new day close to you,” he lowers his voice for the last part of the sentence, then takes Scotty’s hand to lead him back to the bedroom.


When the clock makes a little noise to let it be known that a new day has come, the two of them are already sound asleep, bodies entangled with each other.

Late night confession

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin confesses. Set after episode 402.
Spoilers: Up until 402: Breaking the news.
Word count: 336

“Scotty? Are you awake?”

Scotty opens one eye, which doesn’t change much. Their bedroom is quite dark. He feels Kevin’s arms around him, one hand stroking his side gently, wanting his attention.

“Yeah?” Scotty replies, his voice a bit scratchy from just waking up.


“I did know about governor Kern’s affair,” Kevin says quietly. Scotty turns around to look at Kevin, and Kevin lifts his arm a bit to allow Scotty to move.


“What?” Scotty asks, still a bit sleepy-sounding, blinking with his eyes a couple of times as if to see if Kevin is really there.


“At mom’s,” Kevin reminds, and quietly continues. “You said you had read online about governor Kern having an affair, and I said I had only heard rumors about it. But I knew. I might even have leaked the information to the media personally.”


“Ke-vin?” Scotty says, raising an eyebrow. He sighs and inhales deeply, knowing that a debate over what lengths to go when working for Robert will not suit well right now. “Why did you wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me that?”


“Because I’ve been laying awake for three hours, feeling awful for having lied to you,” Kevin says. Scotty notices that Kevin’s voice is a bit shaky and that his eyes are doing that puppy thing that they do when Kevin is very sad and very small.


“You lied to your mother too,” Scotty reminds.

“I know. I don’t care about that right now,” Kevin almost whispers in the dark night.

“Oh Kevin,” Scotty says, snuggling closer to Kevin, “don’t feel bad about that. Let’s sleep now.”


“You’re not mad that I lied to you?”

“No,” Scotty says. “But I’m glad you told me the truth.” Scotty feels Kevin relax in his arms, burying his nose in the junction of Scotty’s neck. Kevin mumbles “I love you,” and begins snoring in the same breath. Scotty giggles a bit and kisses Kevin’s cheek, closing his eyes and drifting off as well.


I owe you a dance

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin surprises Scotty. Set after episode 405.
Spoilers: Up until 405: Last tango in Pasadena.
Word count: 633

“So Kevin,” Scotty purrs across the table, holding Kevin’s hand in his, stroking the back of Kevin’s hand with his own thumb. “This was an unexpected surprise,” Scotty continues, not letting the gaze between them break. “French restaurant, nice wine, lovely dessert and public displays of affection.”


Kevin smiles in reply, happy his little Friday night get-away with his husband has gone as smoothly off as he had planned.

“I’m guessing you have an ulterior motive,” Scotty then says, leaning in a bit too look Kevin closer in the eye.


“Not at all,” Kevin replies, semi-insulted. “I wanted to treat you to something nice to make up for being so difficult to live with, and you know… show appreciation,” Kevin lifts his glass of wine with the hand that isn’t in Scotty’s and toasts silently towards Scotty, whose facial expression shows that he isn’t totally buying Kevin’s explanation.


“Okay,” Scotty says slowly, “let’s say I go along with that.” Kevin puts down his glass and brings both hands to hold both Scotty’s over the table. “Does the night have anything else in store for us?” Scotty wonders.


“Yes, as a matter of fact, it does,” Kevin replies. Scotty leans in a bit and smiles when he asks:

“Are we naked in it?” Kevin laughs a bit and leans in a bit too, when answering:

“Not for another while, no.” Scotty leans back and looks at Kevin, playfully eyeing him up and down as if to examine if his proposition is good enough.


“We’ll take a cab to this wonderful little place that I know of,” Kevin says, motioning to the waiter to get the check. “You’ll love it.”


Scotty loves surprises, and hates them at the same time. He knows that Kevin hates them because he has to trust someone else when no one will tell him what is going on, but for Scotty, it’s more a pride thing. He has a hard time being excited about something when it can turn out to be anything from a tour at a button factory to meeting Madonna.


Thankfully Kevin does his best to distract him when they are in the cab, kissing his neck and slowly stroking his thigh. The ride is only a few minutes, again thankfully, Scotty thinks, or else the cab driver would have experienced something he would never forget about.


Kevin pays the cab driver and takes Scotty’s hand, smiling at him but still refusing to say where they are going. Scotty starts getting giggly as they walk up a street, and suddenly Scotty understands where they are going.


“You’re taking me here?” Scotty asks with an astonished voice. Kevin draws him close and kisses him before entering.




“I can’t believe you took me dancing, Kevin Walker,” Scotty says, sipping his martini from a little round table in the back of the venue. A live band plays French music from a small stage at the front, and several couples are dancing in front of them.


“I owe you one,” Kevin says sincerely. “and I’d love to dance with you tonight. Lead or follow, it’s your choice.”

“Aren’t you the most wonderful man ever?” Scotty asks, kissing Kevin on the lips, lingering just a second.


“I wouldn’t be without you,” Kevin says, kissing Scotty back.

“You are so cheesy,” Scotty laughs, and Kevin can’t help but laugh too.

“Well, you know, I still want to get naked with you tonight,” Kevin flirts, winking at Scotty.


“Oh, don’t worry, you will,” Scotty laughs. He finishes the last of his martini and watches Kevin do the same. Kevin then stands up an extends a hand to Scotty.

“Now, will you let me have this dance?”

“I’d love to,” Scotty says, putting his hand in Kevin’s and walking to the small dance floor.

Thank you

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin gets nostalgic.
Spoilers: Up until 405.
Word count: 664

“Oh my god! Oh my god, I have the best guy for you, ever!”

“Michelle, are you sure Kevin is so desperate to meet someone, he’s a busy guy.”

“No, I’m… I’m interested.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t think about this before. You guys will love each other. He’s well put together, he’s gorgeous. What are you doing the night of Valentines?”


“Then it’s offich, you’re coming to my sister’s Valentine’s day party. Don’t worry, I’m hooking you up huge. You’re gonna thank me.”



Scotty walks into the loft to find Kevin by the computer, his elbow on the keyboard and his head resting in his hand. The document in front of him has a bunch of M's in it and Kevin’s gaze is far out the window and he barely takes notice that Scotty walked in the door.


“Hi,” Scotty greets, removing his jacket and walking over to kiss Kevin. Kevin jerks in surprise and bends his head up to meet Scotty’s lips.

“Hi, sorry,” he says, starting to remove the letters in the document.

“What were you thinking about?” Scotty asks and walks into the kitchen to grab a glass of water.


Kevin rolls out his chair slightly, spinning to face the kitchen.

“I thought about the first time I met Michelle,” he says. When Scotty doesn’t immediately reply, he continues: “I can’t believe she doesn’t want to rip my head off after the whole Chad ordeal.”


“Well,” Scotty says, appearing in the doorway and leaning against the frame. “She’s not as dwelling as you’d think. “The whole Chad thing made her grow up, and she’s moved on quite wonderfully, don’t you think?” Scotty takes a sip from his glass and puts it down on the desk next to the computer. He stands behind Kevin and starts massaging his shoulders.


“I think she was more upset with him than with you, anyway,” Scotty says and bends down to kiss Kevin’s cheek.

“We should send her a thank you note,” Kevin says, again staring out the window.


“For setting us up,” he clarifies when Scotty’s silence proves that he isn’t getting why.

“She knows we had met before,” Scotty says, gently touching Kevin’s neck, sliding his fingers along Kevin’s hairline.


“Yes. But I remember her exact words. She said to me then, ‘You’re gonna thank me,’” Kevin says absentmindedly and looks out the window. To him, Michelle had always been a young irresponsible woman who would rather hang around Chad’s neck than to actually do something of herself.


Now, when looking back, he knows that these things were just the image he built of her when she was the girlfriend of the guy he desperately wanted more from. Over the years Scotty has told him many stories involving Michelle, and he has had to change his picture of her. Scotty has faith in her, and now, so does he.



Kevin looks up, shaking his head to return to their living room.


“You didn’t speak in over a minute. What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Kevin says and smiles. “I’m feeling my muscle knots disappear, and it’s wonderful.”


“When they are gone, your whole body will collapse. You’re so tense,” Scotty says, moving his hand over Kevin’s body, pressing the area by Kevin’s armpit. Kevin screams from the light pressure and Scotty giggles.

“Maybe I should get a weekly appointment with a massage therapist,” Kevin says, rubbing the sore spot.


“No need,” Scotty says in a low voice. “I took a massage course a couple of years ago.” Kevin turns around to face Scotty, looking at him in shock.

“How come you’ve never told me that before?”

“Because,” Scotty continues in the same soothing voice, “I prefer it when you do me.”


Kevin smiles in reply and watches Scotty disappear into the bathroom. He comes out a few seconds later, carrying a small bottle of massage oil, a sorry-for-interrupting-again present from Sarah.

“Please take off your shirt, Mr Walker.”

Sunday morning

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Well, it's Sunday morning.
Word count: 543

Scotty wakes up slowly. He feels cold and lonely, and when he reaches out a hand to pat the space next to him, he realizes that Kevin is gone. He moans and wonders which Walker has stolen his husband this Sunday morning. They haven’t had the opportunity to wake up together in a long time, and Scotty needs it.


He closes his eyes again, thinking he might as well take a long morning when he doesn’t have anyone to share it with anyway. He is almost back to sleep when he hears quiet steps on the floor and some clinks from porcelain. Scotty pretends to sleep, moving his foot a bit to drag the duvet down, exposing his naked back to the air.


He has to bite his tongue not to smile when he hears Kevin’s respond to the sudden nakedness before him. Yes, Kevin should suffer. Scotty has no problem blaming their slow sex life entirely on Kevin’s family and/or Robert. The few times they’ve managed to steal together the last months were either scheduled, surprise visits made by Scotty in Kevin’s office or quickies wherever they just happened to meet: kitchen, couch, bathroom, Nora’s kitchen.


He feels the bed shift when Kevin climbs back in. He hears some noise from the porcelain and the wonderful scent of coffee spreads in the room. He feels Kevin join him under the duvet, sliding his legs along Scotty’s. Kevin kisses his shoulder and then snuggles closer, hiding his nose against the skin on Scotty’s neck. Scotty makes a little happy noise, pretending to wake up.


“Good morning sleepy-head,” Kevin says. Scotty opens his eyes a bit, sleepily looking at Kevin. “Do you want some breakfast? I went out and got some croissants, your favorite.”

“From the bakery around the corner?” Scotty asks, lifting his head to look at the tray on the nightstand behind Kevin. A single red rose is parading in a small vase, surrounded by coffee, croissants, jam and a bowl of strawberries.


“Yes,” Kevin says through a smile. He sees Scotty lift his head to inspect the food, and he knows he’s done good. After all the lectures Scotty has given him about how important it is too eat, he’s picked up that breakfast is the most important one. He also knows exactly what Scotty needs to get excited about it.


“Is that Nora’s peach jam?” Scotty says, starting to reach over Kevin to take a better look. Kevin pulls him down into the bed, thinking he needs some attention before Scotty loses himself in eating.

“Yes, it is,” Kevin says. “But first kissing.”


Scotty giggles and happily agrees to some kissing and some touching. He reminds Kevin that he might want some coffee as well, and they put the tray between them on the bed. Kevin watches with glee as Scotty smells and tries the different things, finally cutting a croissant in half and spreading peach jam on it.


Kevin takes a strawberry and offers it to Scotty, who happily eats it out of Kevin’s hand. They both giggle a bit and kiss. Scotty looks at Kevin from the corner of his eye, and he realizes that this morning may have shaped up to be pretty okay after all.

Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 2 / 3

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.
Word count:
Thanks to:
Sueli for beta-reading.


[Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 2 / 3]

Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 1 / 3

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.

Word count: 1075

[Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 1 / 3]

A summer's day

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty go to the beach.
Word count: 246
A/N: I wrote this in my notebook when I was at the beach a few weeks ago, when Sweden was still warm and bathing outside-friendly. Now the autumn is here and I needed to revive this beautiful day, so here it is. At the bottom is a picture I drew in my notebook and a piece of the thing I wrote. :)

Families, well prepared for their day. Parasols, chairs, toys, food, radios, take-out coffees and gigantic inflatable animals. Children are running around, their noise buried in the sound from the waves. The occasional name is being called when a parent is calling for the attention of their child. A boat goes by, creating big waves, causing the bathing children to scream in excitement.


All of this is a blur to the couple under a tree, keeping themselves in the background to be able to express the feelings they have for each other.


Kevin whispers sweet nothings in Scotty’s ear, and Scotty giggles. Kevin’s hand plays with Scotty’s on the blanket between them. They barely notice the little girl that runs past them, greeting them with a quick “Hi” before disappearing in the crowd.


“You think we’ll ever bring our kids here?” Kevin asks. Scotty turns to face his husband.

“Sure. Some day,” he answers. “Do you think we’re ready soon?”


“Yeah,” Kevin replies. “Soon.” They stay silent for a while. “If you want to,” he adds. Two children run by, chasing a fluffy white seed that flies around.


“I do,” Scotty says. They share a smile and giggle a bit. The issue of getting children of their own has been brought up a couple of times, but never with this outcome. Scotty smiles and snuggles closer to Kevin, their hands locking together between them as they rest on the beach, listening to the noise from the surroundings.




Family, Part 11 / 11

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Word count: 1426
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.
A/N: This is the last chapter of this series, and I hope you've all enjoyed it. I want to thank you all for commenting and feedbacking while I've been writing, keeping my muse with me. :)

“I have the best surprise for you,” Kevin greets Scotty.
“Daddy!” Jeremy runs out from the kitchen, his milk mustache gossiping about what he was doing in there. Scotty picks Jeremy up then kisses his hair before leaning over to kiss Kevin.

“Is it better than a puppy?” He asks.
“Way better.”
“Good, because I have enough with this little one to have time for a puppy too.” Scotty puts Jeremy back on the floor and ruffles his hair. They go into the kitchen to have dinner.

“You cooked?”
“We cooked,” Kevin says. “Jeremy washed all the vegetables. And ate some of them,” Kevin says and pulls out a chair for Jeremy to sit on.
“Okay, what’s the surprise?”

“Well, I spoke with Jordan today,” Kevin starts.
“Oh, I never would have guessed that,” Scotty interrupts, throwing his arms up in the air. Jeremy laughs and Kevin nudges Scotty’s side.
“And we spoke about this little fella’ here, and his pending pre-school.” Scotty raises an eyebrow.

“Then we stopped by my mom’s and spoke with her, and if you want it,” Kevin says lightly, emphasizing it’s Scotty’s choice. “She would love to baby-sit, and Jordan thinks it’s a great idea. It might give you time to study.”
“Can I daddy? Can I be at grandma Nora’s?”

“She’s…” Scotty looks at Jeremy. “She’s not your grandma, honey.”
“That’s what Cooper says…” he replies quietly, looking down on his food.
“I don’t just need the time…” Scotty says, looking at Jeremy.

Kevin nods quietly. He understands that Scotty doesn’t want to discuss this in front of Jeremy, and he lets it be. They eat the rest of the meal just chatting about how the day had been, and when Jeremy had finished and been excused, Scotty digs in at the dishes right away.

“Scotty, there is something else,” Kevin says, leaning himself against the sink next to Scotty. “I know you’re going to say it’s too soon and it’s not good for Jeremy, but hear me out, alright?”

“Let’s move in together, all three of us. It is soon, but you know as well as I do that we’re great together. Before I met you I was irresponsible and confused, now I don’t want anything more than to take care of the both of you because I love you,” Kevin moves closer to Scotty and lowers his voice.

“I love you both.” Scotty looks up at him, his hands covered in white foam. “Let us live together and help each other out. We have two baby-sitters, one of them is knitting a Mickey Mouse sweater.” Scotty laughs a bit, and continues his dish washing. “You have focused your whole life the last years on doing what is best for your son, and you are an amazing parent. Now you have the opportunity to live your own dream.”

Scotty looks up again, his eyes tearing up a bit.
“Let me help you with the money. Or don’t. Let me help him with money, until in a few years when you’re done with your studying and you make more money than I’m ever gonna do,” Kevin puts his hand on Scotty’s back and leans in. “Please.”

Scotty lets go of the dish brush and it lands on the water, floating on top of all the dishes. He puts his arms around Kevin, making his shirt wet with all the foam.
“Yeah?” Kevin whispers.
“Yeah,” Scotty whispers back, nodding his head against Kevin’s shoulder. “Mickey Mouse?” Kevin merely nods in reply.


6 months later

“Scotty this is amazing!” Nora says, holding up a newly unwrapped crystal bowl.
“I know, I got it from my grandmother,” Scotty says. He puts the last mugs in the cupboard and closes the door to it. He turns around and looks at his new kitchen. It’s finally starting to look like someone lives there and not just stores a lot of boxes and children’s things on them.

“Thanks for helping, Nora,” Scotty says. “This move has really been messy, with my school and Jeremy’s pre-schooling and everything.”
“Oh, don’t worry about it, I’m happy to help. He’s like any of my other grandchildren, but perhaps a bit more well-behaved,” Nora laughs.

Scotty laughs too and picks up another box from the floor. The selling of Kevin’s loft and finding a new place hadn’t been that smooth, and both his parent’s and Jeremy’s other grandparents had not been happy about Scotty moving in with a man. Kevin had gone into lawyer mode and made it clear that Jeremy was staying put.

As soon as the Walkers had found out about their plans to move in together they had all been there to help, perhaps without actually helping that much. Sarah had helped making arrangements for Jeremy’s pre-school, Tommy and Justin had driven boxes all over town, Kitty offered some moral support and Nora was exactly everywhere. Jeremy had continued calling her grandma, and Scotty had even stopped correcting him. Nora obviously didn’t mind and she was more grandma to him than any other person had ever been before.

“Do you want some coffee?” Scotty wonders and waves a bit with the pan. Nora nods and sticks her nose in the new box.
“Are these from Kevin’s place?” She asks.
“Yes, those are all his. And not that good,” Scotty answers, being very picky about his kitchen tools. Since his school started he has started fiddling about a bit in San Estephé’s kitchen, very much encouraged by George.

Scotty has more or less been offered an apprenticeship there for that part of his education, and George has made clear that unless Scotty messes up completely, they want him to stay there when he’s finished studying too.

“Hello?” Kevin enters the kitchen and a look of surprise spreads on his face. “Wow. This place was all boxes when I left,” he says, walking over to Scotty without having to climb over things. He gives Scotty a small kiss on the lips.

“Did you pick up Jeremy?” Scotty asks, looking behind Kevin to see if his son is sneaking in behind Kevin.
“Yeah, but I think I lost him. He’s so small, he’s hard to keep track of,” Kevin says. “He’s in the bathroom.”

“Haha,” Scotty says and nudges Kevin. “Did you tell Jordan about Thursday?”
“Yes I did. He didn’t seem too sad to have the whole afternoon alone,” Kevin says, picking up an apple and taking a large bite. “Are all these mine?” He asks, looking down into the box on the counter.

“Yeah. We don’t actually need them, I have much more things that are…” Scotty doesn’t finish, only waves his hand.
“Better?” Kevin fills in. “Say it, I won’t be offended. You’re the big shot chef now.”

“You know what, I think I’m gonna go home now, you don’t need my help anymore,” Nora says and picks up her bag and jacket. “I’ll pick Jeremy up on Thursday before eight.”
“Thanks for taking him with you,” Scotty says for at least the hundredth time.

Nora waves and leaves. It had been her idea from the beginning, to bring Jeremy, Paige and Cooper to a cabin upstate where they can play, hike and visit the adventure land. Justin had quickly volunteered to come and the five of them had cleared it all with parents and bonus parents that were all very happy to send the kids off for a couple of days.

“I have a very special dinner planned for Friday,” Scotty whispers in Kevin’s ear, sending a heat wave through Kevin’s body.
“Daddy!” Jeremy shouts, running into the kitchen.

“Hi there!” Scotty picks him up. “Did you wash your hands?”
“With soap?”

“Good boy,” Scotty says and puts him back on the floor. “What do you say you and me go to your room and finish unpacking and we let Kevin make dinner for us tonight?”
“Yeah!” Jeremy says and smiles, barely letting Kevin respond to the suggestion before running up the stairs to his room.

“Aren’t your sneaky?” Kevin says and steals a kiss from Scotty. “You’re lucky your cute.”
“Yes I am,” Scotty smiles, leaving Kevin in the kitchen to handle dinner. Jeremy waits halfway up the stairs, following his dad with his eyes when Scotty walks out of the kitchen to continue upstairs.

“Daddy, you know what?” He asks when Scotty walks up towards him.
“Kevin says that when I’m old enough to help, we can get a puppy,” Jeremy says and then quickly turns around and runs up the rest of the stairs.

“Did he really?” Scotty mumbles, a smile spreading on his face.

Family, Part 10 / 11

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Word count: 1173
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.

Kevin sees the note on Jordan’s door when he and Jeremy walks out the elevator. Jeremy is busy explaining how he and Jordan usually play hide and seek, but his voice disappears from Kevin’s head when he takes and reads the note.

“Scotty, I’m so sorry. I tried to call you like a million times. I have to go to work, it’s urgent. I hope it all works out. I’ll continue to call you all day, ok?”

Jeremy looks up at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Have you even been in a real office, Jeremy?”

On the way back Kevin explains to Jeremy that uncle Jordan has to work today and instead Jeremy can follow him to work. Jeremy seems excited about the sudden turn of events and Kevin wonders how long it will take him to realize how boring offices are.

He picks up his cell phone and tried to call Scotty’s, but there is no answer. He puts Jeremy back in his car and drive towards his office complex, a part of him feeling like he just kidnapped his boyfriend’s son.


Scotty doesn’t realize until after lunch that he forgot his cell phone at Kevin’s. He would like to think that it’s good for him not to be attached to a thing that much, but he feels like if anything were to happen, he would have no way to find out. He has a hard time focusing during the rest of his shift, something nagging his mind.

When his work is finally done he quickly changes out of his working clothes and gets in his car, racing to Jordan’s apartment only to find that his spare key is needed to get in to the empty apartment. He uses Jordan’s phone to call Kevin’s cell phone, and thanks God that Jordan actually had added Kevin to his phone list by the telephone.

“Where’s Jeremy?” 
“He’s here,” Kevin says.

“Oh, thank God,” Scotty says and sinks down on the closest chair. “I was so worried.”
“I know, I’ve tried calling you,”
“Forgot my cell phone at your place..”
“And I didn’t know the number to your work.”

“It’s okay. I’ll come pick him up now,” Scotty says, getting up.
“No, you don’t have to. I’ll bring him over to your place when I’m done here.. He’s not bored, he’s the hit of the office.” Scotty laughs and agrees, leaving Jordan’s apartment empty-handed, after having left a note to Jordan on the table.


Scotty hugs Jeremy when Kevin and he walked into Scotty’s place.
“Daddy!” Jeremy complains when he thinks the hug is starting to take too long, stealing time from more important activities, such as eating.

Kevin kisses Scotty after taking off his jacket.
“I really wanted to let you know about the re-arrangements.”
“I know, it’s my fault for forgetting my phone. Thanks for taking care of him,” Scotty leads Kevin into the kitchen, following Jeremy to the table where he is anxiously waiting for someone to tell him it’s okay to dig in.

Jeremy doesn’t waste time after Scotty’s: “You may begin,” and quickly starts putting pasta on his plate. “So tell me, what did the two of you do today?”
Jeremy has his mouth ful and stays quiet, chewing with a guilty look, knowing he can’t speak when having food in his mouth.

“I tried to work when every woman in my office came by with cookies and fruits,” Kevin says. Jeremy swallows and smiles.
“I only had one,” he quickly says. “One woman asked if Kevin was my daddy and then she blushed,” Jeremy says and laughs.

“What did you tell her?” Scotty asks, feeling his heart starting to beat quicker.
“Nothing,” Jeremy carelessly replies. “That he’s your boyfriend.” He leans back on his chair until it stands on only its’ back legs. Scotty gives him a sharp look and he sways back to its original position.

“Sorry. Can I have some more tomatos?” Jeremy gets the bowl and puts some more vegetables on his plate, continuing to eat in silence.
“It went very well,” Kevin sums up, smiling to Scotty.
“I’m glad,” Scotty feels his heart calming down a bit, glad Kevin isn’t freaking out. He feels Kevin’s foot against his leg and he smiles broader, exchanging a look across the table before continuing eating.


“I got in.” It takes Kevin several seconds to wake up enough to understand that the voice is from the telephone that he picked up in his sleep and that the voice belongs to Scotty. He reaches out an arm next to him on the bed and remembers that it’s Wednesday and that means Scotty sleeps at home because he works early.

“In?” Kevin repeats.
“To chef school,” Scotty clarifies. “What am I gonna do?”
“Buy a new apron?”

“No!” Scotty says, a bit annoyed that Kevin doesn’t immediately understand what he means. “I can’t accept it. It’s going to require so much time that I have to choose between working on the side or keeping my son. And that’s an easy equation.”

“Honey, we’ll figure this out,” Kevin soothes. “Come over for dinner tonight, ‘kay? You want me to pick up Jeremy at Jordan’s?”
“Yeah, okay,” Scotty agrees and hangs up before Kevin can continue. He’s waitering at San Estephé today and he has no time to waste. Since he now also got in to school he has one more thing to worry about, more than the usual child caring, economy and when he’ll get to see Kevin the next time.

Kevin has been incredibly helpful the last couple of weeks, picking up and fetching Jeremy from Jordan’s, helping with baby-sitting when needed and grocery shopping when that was needed. Every Sunday he and Jeremy goes to Nora’s and attend the weekly dinner meltdowns.

Scotty knows that Kevin wants them to move forward, but they have both been holding back to make sure that their rushing things won’t actually make things worse instead. Scotty counts eight months since the Mangopean case and at least six as an official couple.

Scotty drops Jeremy off at Jordan’s like every other day and informs Jordan that it will be Kevin that picks him up after work. Jordan winks in reply and subtly lets Scotty know that he’s willing to baby-sit if he and Kevin ever want to be more alone, adding: “And loud.”

Scotty blushes and laughs when he closes the door behind him, rushing off to work. He runs into George, the head-chef at San Estephé, the person that gave him the job and that has always been his steady rock when working there. George always has a minute over to give some advice and a friendly pat on the back, so Scotty tells him about his dilemma with getting accepted into chef school and how to handle it with everything else.

George tells him how difficult it was for him to balance chef school, his new wife and their new baby when he was younger, and leaves Scotty with the advice to “do the right thing”. Scotty mumbles something between clenched teeth when carrying a tray of glasses to some costumers. “The right thing…” 

Family, part 9 / 11

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.



“You’re bringing two extra guests?” Nora repeats. Kevin has, after a lot of pondering, called his mother to let her know he wants to bring Scotty and Jeremy to dinner on Sunday. 

“Well, one of them won’t eat that much,” he says. “It’s Scotty, you’ve met him.”


“Oh, right. The very nice guy who Sarah brought. Is he bringing his son?” 

“Yes he is. Jeremy.” Nora doesn’t reply, and Kevin listens intently, trying to hear what she is doing. He hears scratching on what could be a notepad, before she returns to the phone.


“No problem honey. Thanks for letting me know.” Kevin is about to reply, but there is a click and a long tone. He looks at the phone before clicking to dismiss the call, puzzled about whatever plans his mother is making.




“Hi Kev. Heard that you’re bringing that guy from mom’s party.” Kevin listens to Tommy’s message on his phone, expecting a whole bunch of similar ones after this. Tommy is quiet for a while before continuing. “That’s great, I’m happy for you. Just so you know, me and Julia are there for you if the rest become, you know… Walkers.”


“Kevin! I can’t believe I hear about your new bringing-him-to-family-dinner relationship from mom, I am so insulted! Well, just so you know, you owe me a thanks for bringing him into your life, and to make up, I need juicy details, as I don’t have any of my own. Joe is away this week, I’ll tell you everything.”


“Hey bro! Mom told me you’re bringing Scotty and I just want to let you know that she is planning on making a rack of lamb so… you should really prepare him for that. See you Sunday.”


“Hi Kev! I don’t know what Tommy told you, but we’re both so glad we get to meet Scotty again, he seemed so nice. Nora told me she is making a bundt cake, so she might be a little over the top.”


“Kevin? It’s Kitty. Mom has me running all over town to find her some strange liqueur for Sunday and some kind of toy thing she saw on TV, just so you know. I didn’t really get to talk to this Scotty guy, but I hope he’s prepared and is wearing his panoply. See you Sunday, love you Kev.”


“Bro, it’s me again. She’s knitting.” 




“Kevin, I’ve met her before, it’s not that bad.“

“You met her as a friend of Sarah’s, not when dating one of her children.” 

“The last time she outed her late husband’s mistress, could it get worse?” Kevin  just laughs.


Kevin looks in the rearview mirror and sees Jeremy in the backseat, looking out of the window. Things between them has been really good since their little talk a couple of weeks ago, and since then, his and Scotty’s relationship has grown stronger too. They actually display feelings for each other in front of Jeremy, and occasionally in front of other people too. 


Kevin is still staying passive when it comes to Jeremy, not offering to pick him up from Jordan’s or taking him to play dates or anything. They haven’t spent any alone time other than when Scotty is in the other room, and they don’t bring Jeremy around to Kevin’s place. Scotty hinted to Kevin that it’s because he’s afraid that Jeremy will break something (expensive) or just be incredibly bored. 


“Are you tired honey?” Scotty asks, turning around. 

“No,” Jeremy replies. 

“Are you excited about playing with Cooper again?”

“Yeah, he was cool.” Jeremy smiles. Scotty turns and smiles at Kevin and the insight about their relationship hits him like a slap in the face. 


Here they are, on their way to Kevin’s mother for a family Sunday dinner, the two of them with his child. Scotty glares at Kevin and something about Kevin’s facial expression tells him that Kevin is thinking the same thing. 

“I like it,” Kevin says. “I wouldn’t have thought I would, but I do.” 

“Me too,” Scotty replies quietly. It’s true, he does. 


“Maybe after this, we could go back to my place?” Kevin offers. “We could watch a movie.” 

“I’d like that,” Scotty says and smiles. “I hope you realize that we will be watching Shrek or something of that sort.” 

“I love Shrek,” Kevin replies.

“Me too!” Jeremy calls from the backseat, causing both men to laugh out loud. 




Kevin watches from afar when Nora coos with Jeremy, making sure he’s happy and playing with Cooper. She has hidden candies in the garden and drawn treasure maps for the children to find them. Scotty laughs when Kevin, for the hundredth time apologizes for all the fuss.


“Dinner in this family is never just dinner,” he says. 

“At least everyone does it because they believe it’s best for you,” Scotty replies. “In my family, a social gathering was always about different ways to inflict guilt. Usually onto me.” Kevin smiles his support and gives Scotty a kiss on the cheek. 


Sarah joins them and soon joins Kevin in apologizing for Nora’s over-the-top behavior.

“I like it,” Scotty says. “This is the second time I meet this family and you already treat me like I’m a part of it.”

“Once you get in, you can never get out,” Sarah says and finishes the wine in her glass. 


Jeremy sleeps the entire way back to Kevin’s apartment, barely even waking up when Scotty carries him inside. Kevin quickly puts some sheets and covers on the couch and Jeremy continues sleeping when placed on it. He makes a small noise and pulls the duvet over his nose. 


“Let’s go into the bedroom so we don’t wake him up,” Kevin says, dragging Scotty with him through the doors.

“Yeah, that’s why we go into the bedroom,” Scotty laughs, quietly pulling the doors shut behind him.




“Sorry, please continue sleeping,” Scotty says and strokes Kevin’s cheek. “I need to get up now so I can drop Jeremy off at Jordan’s before work.” 

“No…” Kevin objects with a scratchy voice, pulling Scotty back under the covers. “I can take him, it’s on my way to work.” 


“You sure?” Scotty asks, worried Kevin is only doing it because he wants to keep Scotty close for another half an hour.

“Of course,” Kevin says. “I’d love to. We don’t have to wake him up and have breakfast for another hour.” His lips search for Scotty’s, his eyes still closed.


“You don’t know how long it takes when you have a child. Half an hour,” Scotty says. Kevin finds his lips and they kiss, Scotty reaching out for his cell phone to adjust the alarm. The cell phone gets lost between their bodies, buried between covers and pillows, left in the bed when its habitats leave. The eight missed calls from Jordan aren’t noticed by either of the people in the apartment when they all leave an hour later. 

Family, Part 8 / 9+

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.



Kevin is nervous about going to Scotty and Jeremy’s place for dinner. He still feels the need to impress Jeremy, not knowing how to do it. Every time Scotty kisses him or shows any other kind of public display of affection when Jeremy is around, Kevin feels uncomfortable, not sure why Scotty seem so invested in showing that in front of his son.


Kevin has, after Scotty’s recommendation, bought Jeremy a big cowboy action figure, and the box is carefully wrapped with a big bow. Scotty opens the door and steals a kiss from Kevin. Jeremy is no where around and Kevin lets himself relax a bit under the touch of Scotty’s hand on his belly.


“Come in, the food is almost ready,” Scotty says. “We’ll have tacos.” Kevin follows Scotty in, not sure if he wants to eat with his hands in front of someone he wishes to have sex with.


And he does, so badly. They haven’t had the chance to do that the last weeks. Their dates have included Jeremy, and even after his bedtime when Scotty has asked Kevin to stay, Kevin has turned it down. Jeremy’s room is on the other side of the wall, and it just wouldn’t feel right.


Jeremy emerges from his room when Scotty calls for him, and he accepts the gift with a ‘thank you’ before ripping it open. He glares at Kevin when he sees the new toy. Scotty leaves the two of them alone to go check on the food.


“Do you think I like you better now?” Jeremy asks. Kevin is completely stunned. Never had he expected that kind of straightforwardness from this little boy.

“I don’t know,” Kevin replies truthfully. “I just wish you would give me a chance so maybe one day you’d like me.”


“But you don’t like my daddy,” Jeremy says. Kevin feels a cold chill down his spine when hearing those words. One never knows what happens in the head of a child, and apparently, this time their efforts had not achieved the goal.


“I like your daddy very much, Jeremy,” Kevin says, feeling strange to say that to Jeremy before saying it to Scotty.

“No, you don’t, ” he says surely. “You don’t want to hold his hand or kiss him.” Jeremy looks down on the floor, his foot playing along the pattern of the carpet.


“My daddy doesn’t hold hands with anyone, and I think he wants to, because grown ups want to do that.”

Kevin’s eyes widen when hearing the logic from Jeremy. Of course it’s obvious when thinking about it. The son of a gay man such as Scotty is not homophobic, and obviously not just keen on keeping his father to himself.


“I didn’t know you saw that,” Kevin says. “I very much want to hold your daddy’s hand.” Jeremy looks up at him with big round eyes, so similar to Scotty’s it’s almost frightening. “Is it okay with you if I hold his hand?”


“Yeah,” Jeremy says and nods. “I think he would like that.”

“Okay,” Kevin says, sitting down on a chair from the pure exhaustion of being confronted for his fear of showing public displays of affections.


“Time to eat,” Scotty informs them from the doorway leading into the kitchen, and Kevin and Jeremy enter. Scotty hasn’t heard their conversation, just that they spoke with each other. Kevin claims to be the best baby sitter in his family, and Scotty figures Kevin found a way to charm Jeremy, because the both of them seem much more relaxed now.


“It smells wonderful,” Kevin says when walking by Scotty in the homey kitchen. He gives Scotty a quick kiss on the cheek and then shares a look with Jeremy. Scotty raises an eyebrow at their behaviors but decides not to bring it up. He’ll make Kevin tell him as soon as Jeremy is asleep.




Scotty strokes Jeremy’s hair. Every time he does this, putting his son to sleep, he feels that lump in his stomach. That lump of love and fear combined, afraid he won’t be the perfect father he wants to be, but also not being able to imagine his life without it.


“Is Kevin going to sleep here tonight?” Jeremy asks and yawns.

“Maybe, if he wants to. Is that all right?” Scotty asks. Jeremy nods in reply, too sleepy to speak. Scotty kisses Jeremy on the forehead and whispers goodnight.


“Daddy…” Jeremy says when Scotty is on his way our of the room. “See you both at breakfast.” His last words are only mumbles because he is practically already sleeping. Scotty smiles and closes the door after him.




“That was quick,” Kevin says when Scotty returns to the living room.

“Yeah, he was tired.”


Scotty sits down next to Kevin. He is about to move his arm around Kevin’s shoulders, but he suddenly stops when realizing he has no idea what he is doing. It’s been so long since he was at this place in a relationship with someone, he has simply forgotten how to.


“So now, can you tell me how you changed my son from being jealous of you to suddenly loving and wanting to play peek-a-boo with you?” Scotty asks instead, pretending he was just moving his arm.


Kevin pretends not to see Scotty’s arm motion, and smiles when he starts to tell.

“Turns out it wasn’t jealousy,” Kevin says, and then explains the conversation he has with Jeremy. Scotty’s eyes almost tear up when hearing the amazing things his son said, and by the end of Kevin’s story, Scotty practically throws himself on Kevin.




“Daddy makes the best pancakes in the world,” Jeremy says, his mouth stuffed with another of Scotty’s special breakfast pancakes, covered in plenty of maple syrup.


“I agree, they’re delicious,” Kevin says, his mouth equally stuffed with pancakes. Scotty pours him some freshly brewed coffee and kisses Kevin’s cheek. He laughs to himself when he returns to the frying pan on the stove, realizing that Jeremy and Kevin are a match made in heaven when it comes to eating.


“Your should be a chef,” Kevin says between bites.

“Daddy is going to be a chef late,” Jeremy says. “Right dad?” He turns to Scotty.

“Yes, later.” Scotty says and nods. Yesterday he had told Kevin about his life-long dream to become a cook, and that he applied for chef school, sure that he wouldn’t have the money to pay for it nor the time to do it.


Kevin watches Scotty by the stove, not only making pancakes, but also preparing food for Jeremy to bring with him to Jordan’s later. Kevin continues chewing and wishes he could give Scotty everything he could ever want. Or, at least make him a chef.

Family, Part 7 / 9+

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.

“I don’t want to!” Jeremy cries, his eyes swollen from fighting Scotty’s every move and word for over and hour.
“But uncle Jordan is waiting for you. He wants to meet you and eat ice cream tonight,” Scotty says, having used the same argument since Jeremy decided to be difficult.

“I want you to be there!” Jeremy screams. Well, there’s progress, Scotty thinks, happy they might actually manage to arrive to Jordan’s in time, and if so, making him on time for his and Kevin’s second date.

Scotty knows that he and Jeremy have spent at least the same amount of time together lately, if not more, so that is not the real reason Jeremy wants him to stay. He suspects that Jeremy dislikes his friendship with Kevin, considering it a threat.

Scotty knows that he hasn’t exposed Jeremy to a lot of his friends, mostly because he doesn’t have that many. The only real one is Jordan, and Jeremy probably considers him to be such a natural part of his life he is more likely to question the existance of food and sleep.

Unfortunately, this part of parenting isn’t something Scotty has read about in either of those books from the library, so he sighs and doesn’t really know what to do.
“Maybe you and me and Kevin could do something fun together some time. He really wants to get to know you,” Scotty tries.

Jeremy swallows a sniffle and looks at his dad with big eyes.
“He does?” Jeremy asks quietly.
“Of course he does,” Scotty says, pulling Jeremy closer to give him a hug. He wags Jeremy back and forth for a while before managing to pack their things and leave the apartment, only ten minutes later than planned.


“My family knows that we have a second date, I wonder how that happened,” Kevin says, indescretely asking if Scotty is still in touch with Sarah.
“I have no idea,” Scotty replies with a wink.

They have just ordered their meals at the restaurant and Kevin has already started playing footsies with Scotty, who isn’t too unwilling to respond.

“What did they say?” Scotty asks.
“Well, mom gave me the advice to spoil you during dinner and then use protection, Justin high fived me, Tommy winked, Sarah gave me a bottle of massage oil and Kitty debated about Iraq. I guess some things never change,” Kevin says, remembering how his afternoon became crowded because all Walkers thought of a reason to come to his office and or call him.
“But it’s all worth it,” Kevin adds and smiles at Scotty.
“I’m glad to hear that,” Scotty says, not sure how he should approach the issue about Jeremy with Kevin.

“Uh… Kevin,” he starts, and Kevin’s dreamy smile is immediately replaced with a frightened look, as if he is expecting another rejection.

“If we want to continue this,” Scotty continues, trying not to let Kevin’s worry throw him off track, “We need to actually talk about it. Because I have a son, and I can’t just play around.”

“Of course,” Kevin says, nodding. “Whatever you need.”
“Then maybe we can do something fun with him?” Scotty suggests. “Frankly, he wasn’t too happy when I left him today. I think he feels that you’re competing for my attention. So, I want the two of you to get to know each other.” Scotty lays out his proposition quickly, so he gets it all said as soon as possible.

“Of course,” Kevin says again. “Maybe we could take him to the zoo? Or to the ocean? What does he like?” Kevin smiles. He never thought he’d offer to spend time with a child he wasn’t related to.

Scotty exhales with relief and laughs. He takes Kevin’s hands over the table as they start to plan the field trip with Jeremy.


“I had to bribe him with a new toy,” Scotty admits to Kevin. He figures that if Kevin and he will have any chance of doing something long-term, he needs to be open. Kevin needs to know who he needs to impress.

“Is this your boat? It’s magnificent,” Kevin says to Jeremy who is standing on the shoreline with a big red plastic boat in his hand. Jeremy looks at Scotty, waiting for permission to run into the water.

Scotty nods and Jeremy runs out.
“Not over your knees!” Scotty calls and sits down on the blanket Kevin has spread out for them on the beach. “I love it here, it’s very child friendly. But I really can’t relax, I need to keep an eye on him every second.” Scotty laughs.

It’s strange for Kevin to see Scotty acting all fatherly, still remembering the flirtatious and flamboyant witness from his office. The man next to him is just growing for each time they meet, and Kevin can do nothing but admire him for it.

“I’m sure he’ll get used to it when he learns that you’re nice and not taking me away from him,” Scotty concludes, sneaking his hand closer to Kevin’s gently brushing against it.

Kevin only smiles in reply, moving his index finger along Scotty’s hand. Jeremy turns in the water and runs towards them and Kevin quickly moves his hand. No need to challenge what is already difficult.

“Daddy, I saw a fish!” Jeremy says, his plastic boat in a tight grip.
“Really?” Scotty says, giving Kevin a quick glance. “Was it big?”
“This big!” Jeremy lisps, holding out his hands, one with the boat, to show the length of the alleged fish.

“Was it a shark?” Kevin asks. Jeremy looks at him, a bit thrown off.
“No!” He then says, turning around and returning to the water.
“I’m sorry,” Scotty says quietly to Kevin, sneaking him a kiss on the cheek. Kevin sees Jeremy at the corner of his eye and moves away from Scotty, smiling as an excuse.

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