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As for updates here, I honestly don't know. The muse never announces itself, it just appears. So be sure to check in every once in a while so you don't miss something sweet, juicy, dramatic or funny.


Visitor's statistics

Since the launching of this site in July 2008, this site has had roughly 60 000 unique visitors. 40 % spend over an hour per visit. Half of all of these find a link to this site, the other half has it book-marked or types the url right into the url field. Those who find it via an search engine use google nine times out of ten and the search words are usually "kevin", "scotty" and "brothers and sisters", but sometimes also more special ones like "brother watching sister".

The picture below shows the countries that the last 500 hits have been visiting from. All-in-all, over 90 countries has found this site.


Thanks to all of you.


One year anniversary of my fics, this blog and Olego in general

Just when you thought I was long gone, I return from my writing, with three new fics posted. These are kind of a teaser before the really good stuff comes. I'm working on an AU series at the moment, with 5+ chapters. The first will be published this weekend. I've been inspired by this teaser thing, so here is one for the first chapter:

Kevin will never admit it, but he is on needles and pins for an hour after the party visitors have started collecting to when the door bell rings after he's seen Scotty's car park outside the house. He practically knocks Tommy in the head from behind to beat him to the door, opening it to find a smiling Scotty on the other side, holding up a plate with beautiful cupcakes on it.

The AU part is not obvious, so let your fantasy work out the rest in the meantime.

I'm also working on two different RPS, we'll see where I land on those. I'm hoping to finish them shortly. Let me know what you think of these while you wait. :)



As you might have noticed, seven new fics have been posted now. I thought today was going to be my one year anniversary of this blog, but then that turned out to be in a month, so this massive posting is now more a "thanks so much for reading and commenting and I'm sorry I don't update more frequently, but my routines are gone, so I don't have time to write as much as I did before."

Got that?

I hope you enjoy anyway, and leave me a comment somewhere. :)


Beta wanted

A beta is a person who reads through stories and give their opinions on it - language wise and story wise. I need one mostly for the story part for a story I'm writing now. I have an idea, but not sure how to write it. 

I haven't worked with betas for these stories, so I'm not sure how it will go, but as long as your critisism is constructive, I think we can work well together. 

The story is an alternate universe story, Kevin/Scotty and several chapters. You don't need to be a langauge wiz to be the One here - just someone I can bounce ideas with. Right now it's for this particular story, but if things go well, maybe for other ones too. 

Interested? Leave me a comment here or send a message to me on the B&S-TV forum. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address if it's here, so that I can contact you. Tell me a little about yourself (not your cat's name - things like if you write and why you would think beta sounds fun). 

If you end up betaing my stories I will of course credit you for it. ;)

Now go ahead! 

Glögg, renar, klappar och en mistel

Over two months ago I posted a fic called "A kiss under the mistletoe just happens", a fic that is obviously Christmas themed. The reason I posted it then was that I wasn't sure I'd still have this blog with fics, or if I would even be a fan of Brothers & Sisters by Christmas.

As it turns out - I still am, and now I'm left with no holiday fic saved for this delightful month (I love Christmas).

My plan is to write a new one, a follow-up to the previous, but I can't promise anything. We'll see.

Here is a link to the other one: A kiss under the mistletoe just happens.

Happy holidays!

Have you got great ideas?

Sometimes I feel like writing but have trouble coming up with something to write about. If you have any requests or ideas, please let me know. Post a comment here (you can of course be anonymous) or contact me via PM on

Things like a setting, a rate, a specific event or anything is great, it ticks of my imagination. :)


Today the visitor's counter tells me that this fanfiction archive had reached 10 000 unique visitors and also 20 000 hits all together. And a little trivia: The visitors have come from over 70 different countries from all around the world, isn't that amazing?

On this great big day I would like to thank everyone who visits this site regularly and you who just peek in one in a while - and of course all one-time-visitors as well. If is hadn't been for your feedback and great responses, I never would've continued to write.

Feel free to leave a little greeting in the comment form below this post.

Kevin & Scotty kiss in Going once... Goince Twice


... that it's taking so long, but I'm kind of stuck.

I've started on the third chapter of the birthday story though, so it should be done and up before Monday.

Stay tuned, my friends!

I am currently writing on a new fic, a more extensive one with several chapters. I hope part one will be up this week - so check back!

Matthew Rhys as Kevin Walker and Luke Macfarlane as Scotty Wandell.

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