Thirty-two fifty

Rate: R, mostly for innuendo.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Takes up where 4x02 "Breaking the news" left off.
Spoilers: Actually, not really.
Word count: 490

”Does this mean you’re in love with me again?

”I never stopped loving you, Kevin.”


Kevin leans over to Scotty on the couch, and he presses his lips against his. Only for a second, only to seal their heart-to-heart. Whatever Scotty has in mind for them as make-up sex, this isn’t it. Not yet. Kevin smile when he looks into Scotty’s eyes, and then they lean in again, this time kissing with much more strength.


”So, do you have to go into the office now?” Scotty asks, pulling away a bit.

”Yes,” Kevin says in a breath. ”But it’s not like I’m employee of the month anyway.” Scotty laughs and lets Kevin take him by the hand and lead him into the bedroom.


Kevin stops and turns when they reach the bed. It’s clear that both sides have been slept in, the pillows are on each a side and the two duvets are both flung to the center of the bed from when the users have gotten up. Usually one duvet lands on the floor because only one is used, and the pillows usually spoon just as much as the inhabitants of the bed.


”I’m sorry,” Kevin whispers against Scotty’s cheek, his hands curiously exploring Scotty’s sides and the small of his back.

”I know,” Scotty whispers back. He waits for Kevin to take charge, and it doesn’t take long before Kevin’s hands are moving up under his loose shirt.


Kevin kisses his neck and Scotty leans his head to give more space. With gentle hands Kevin lifts Scotty’s shirt, pulling it up over his head. The sweater ends up on the floor and Kevin’s hands move back to Scotty, tenderly moving up over his belly. Scotty smiles and looks at Kevin. They have been together for this long and see each other naked practically every day, and Kevin is still so mesmerized by his chest.


Scotty quickly kisses Kevin’s mouth and then moves away, crawling up to lie down in the center on the bed. He figures that with his chest exposed, he can make Kevin do anything he wants from there.

“Get undressed,” he orders. Kevin smiles and starts unbuttoning his own shirt. Scotty enjoys watching Kevin’s chest getting equally exposed before his shirt is joined by Kevin’s.


Kevin then continues to remove his pants.

“Slowly,” Scotty says. He doesn’t care if this means that Kevin will be even more late for work. Robert has stolen his husband enough for this week, now it’s his turn to spend some quality time with Mr Communications Director.


Kevin’s pants land on the floor with a thud, waking Scotty up from his wandering mind. His smile widens and he pats the spot next to him on the bed. Kevin smiles back and climbs onto the bed. Scotty removes a duvet from under him to make better room for the two of them, uniting their bodies in the center of the bed.

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Too cute for words. We all need a little fluffy-ness sometimes. =)

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