Mission: Failed

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: The Walkers are gathering for dinner at Noras.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 283

Kevin walks into his mother’s house and slams the door shut behind him.

“Hello?” he yells and walks in direction of the kitchen, as that is where people usually hang out when visiting. He glances at his watch and sees that he is almost an hour early to dinner, so he might be the first one there.


He rounds the corner to the kitchen and sees someone by the coffee machine. He’s happy that it’s Scotty, as they haven’t had enough time to spend with each other lately.

“Hi, honey…” Kevin says, proceeding to walk over to greet his husband with a kiss.


He is just about to slide his hand around Scotty’s waist when the person turns around and suddenly Kevin realized he was about to fondle his brother.


“Did you think I was Scotty?” Justin asks, holding a cup of coffee.

“No…” Kevin says, not enough persuasively. “Of course not.”

“But you said hi, honey,” Justin says, raising one eyebrow.


“I… uh…” Kevin searches his brain for a good excuse.

“You thought I was Scotty?” Justin repeats, more a statement than a question this time. A smile grows on his face and his nostrils expand. They don’t need to exchange words about this, they both know that Justin will be on the welcoming committee this dinner, to greet people with this delightful story.


Kevin groans and takes a mug to pour himself some coffee. They hear the door open and close and soon enough, Justin hurries in direction of the door. Kevin takes a sip of the coffee when from the entrance he hears Justin, with glee in his voice: “Oh, Scotty! Hi, welcome. You have no idea what your husband just did.”


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