Thank you

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin gets nostalgic.
Spoilers: Up until 405.
Word count: 664

“Oh my god! Oh my god, I have the best guy for you, ever!”

“Michelle, are you sure Kevin is so desperate to meet someone, he’s a busy guy.”

“No, I’m… I’m interested.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t think about this before. You guys will love each other. He’s well put together, he’s gorgeous. What are you doing the night of Valentines?”


“Then it’s offich, you’re coming to my sister’s Valentine’s day party. Don’t worry, I’m hooking you up huge. You’re gonna thank me.”



Scotty walks into the loft to find Kevin by the computer, his elbow on the keyboard and his head resting in his hand. The document in front of him has a bunch of M's in it and Kevin’s gaze is far out the window and he barely takes notice that Scotty walked in the door.


“Hi,” Scotty greets, removing his jacket and walking over to kiss Kevin. Kevin jerks in surprise and bends his head up to meet Scotty’s lips.

“Hi, sorry,” he says, starting to remove the letters in the document.

“What were you thinking about?” Scotty asks and walks into the kitchen to grab a glass of water.


Kevin rolls out his chair slightly, spinning to face the kitchen.

“I thought about the first time I met Michelle,” he says. When Scotty doesn’t immediately reply, he continues: “I can’t believe she doesn’t want to rip my head off after the whole Chad ordeal.”


“Well,” Scotty says, appearing in the doorway and leaning against the frame. “She’s not as dwelling as you’d think. “The whole Chad thing made her grow up, and she’s moved on quite wonderfully, don’t you think?” Scotty takes a sip from his glass and puts it down on the desk next to the computer. He stands behind Kevin and starts massaging his shoulders.


“I think she was more upset with him than with you, anyway,” Scotty says and bends down to kiss Kevin’s cheek.

“We should send her a thank you note,” Kevin says, again staring out the window.


“For setting us up,” he clarifies when Scotty’s silence proves that he isn’t getting why.

“She knows we had met before,” Scotty says, gently touching Kevin’s neck, sliding his fingers along Kevin’s hairline.


“Yes. But I remember her exact words. She said to me then, ‘You’re gonna thank me,’” Kevin says absentmindedly and looks out the window. To him, Michelle had always been a young irresponsible woman who would rather hang around Chad’s neck than to actually do something of herself.


Now, when looking back, he knows that these things were just the image he built of her when she was the girlfriend of the guy he desperately wanted more from. Over the years Scotty has told him many stories involving Michelle, and he has had to change his picture of her. Scotty has faith in her, and now, so does he.



Kevin looks up, shaking his head to return to their living room.


“You didn’t speak in over a minute. What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Kevin says and smiles. “I’m feeling my muscle knots disappear, and it’s wonderful.”


“When they are gone, your whole body will collapse. You’re so tense,” Scotty says, moving his hand over Kevin’s body, pressing the area by Kevin’s armpit. Kevin screams from the light pressure and Scotty giggles.

“Maybe I should get a weekly appointment with a massage therapist,” Kevin says, rubbing the sore spot.


“No need,” Scotty says in a low voice. “I took a massage course a couple of years ago.” Kevin turns around to face Scotty, looking at him in shock.

“How come you’ve never told me that before?”

“Because,” Scotty continues in the same soothing voice, “I prefer it when you do me.”


Kevin smiles in reply and watches Scotty disappear into the bathroom. He comes out a few seconds later, carrying a small bottle of massage oil, a sorry-for-interrupting-again present from Sarah.

“Please take off your shirt, Mr Walker.”

Mission: Failed

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: The Walkers are gathering for dinner at Noras.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 283

Kevin walks into his mother’s house and slams the door shut behind him.

“Hello?” he yells and walks in direction of the kitchen, as that is where people usually hang out when visiting. He glances at his watch and sees that he is almost an hour early to dinner, so he might be the first one there.


He rounds the corner to the kitchen and sees someone by the coffee machine. He’s happy that it’s Scotty, as they haven’t had enough time to spend with each other lately.

“Hi, honey…” Kevin says, proceeding to walk over to greet his husband with a kiss.


He is just about to slide his hand around Scotty’s waist when the person turns around and suddenly Kevin realized he was about to fondle his brother.


“Did you think I was Scotty?” Justin asks, holding a cup of coffee.

“No…” Kevin says, not enough persuasively. “Of course not.”

“But you said hi, honey,” Justin says, raising one eyebrow.


“I… uh…” Kevin searches his brain for a good excuse.

“You thought I was Scotty?” Justin repeats, more a statement than a question this time. A smile grows on his face and his nostrils expand. They don’t need to exchange words about this, they both know that Justin will be on the welcoming committee this dinner, to greet people with this delightful story.


Kevin groans and takes a mug to pour himself some coffee. They hear the door open and close and soon enough, Justin hurries in direction of the door. Kevin takes a sip of the coffee when from the entrance he hears Justin, with glee in his voice: “Oh, Scotty! Hi, welcome. You have no idea what your husband just did.”


Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty observes.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 745

Scotty watches another Walker dinner go off at Nora’s. Sarah has a million stories about France and everyone listens and do their best to mock her for the language troubles she encountered.


Over time he has learned a lot about every single one of them, and they have equal knowledge about him, which scares him a bit.


Justin has all of Abba’s albums and he knows all songs by heart. He does, however, believe that no one knows. Scotty has learned about this from both Kevin and Rebecca.


Kitty does now only have a crazy shoe obsession, but also a pretty serious shoe fetish. Justin ones learned this when Kitty hadn’t locked the door properly. She swore him to secrecy and she is very proud that her little brother didn’t tell anyone.


Sarah took tap dancing lessons, which she isn’t at all embarrassed to share with people. The fact that she took them in her mid 30’s during what Joe referred to as a “pre midlife crises due to marriage and childbirth from former rebel” is a fact she neglects to share, most the time.


Kevin has high thoughts of his siblings not sharing embarrassing stories about him to Scotty, but little does he know that every time he works late, Scotty is on the phone with Sarah, learning more about Kevin’s attempts to organize weekly family meetings. At age 8.


Tommy isn’t with them today, and Scotty feels the void. As private and reserved as Tommy might be at times, he did enter in a Wham! look-a-like contest once. And won. Julia had actually had wine coming out her nose when she had told an equally flabbergasted Scotty about it. It had been Tommy and Julia’s fifth date.


Scotty giggles to himself a bit and hopes no one noticed. Of course they didn’t, Sarah has just been telling the story of how she helped an old lady find the way to her gate at the airport, and now Kevin wonders if Sarah then mugged the lady or if she simply ran as hell when the lady realized Sarah has no sense of direction and probably had lead her to a gate at the wrong airport.


Scotty knows that Sarah has not only almost walked in on them when they have been on their way to have sex, but she has also, more or less accidentally, walked in on them skinny-dipping in Nora’s pool when they thought they were alone and heard them do naughty stuff over the phone when Kevin hadn’t ended the call to her properly.


Scotty also knows that Justin has heard from Kevin about how incredibly drunk he got for his bachelor party and how, as Kevin was trying to impress his parents, had Scotty shamelessly been flirting with an entire gay club singing karaoke. Scotty doesn’t remember much from that night, but Jordan has told him that he had a lot of fun.


Scotty is also quite sure that Robert has told Kitty about Scotty’s little visits to Kevin’s office, and how Kevin is always “occupied” during these visit. Robert knows a little too much about these visits after having neglected to knock once. He won’t do that mistake again.


Once when drunk with Julia, Scotty told her about his secret wish to become an ice-dancer. He always loved the inspiring and beautiful dances when he was a kid, and he is reluctant to give up on the dream. Tommy had apparently found out and, after a couple of beers shared with Scotty the story of when he played the baroness in a school production of “Sound of music”.


Scotty remembers a time when Sarah found him sunbathing out on Nora’s patio. She managed to take a picture of him before he put his shirt on, and the picture had then been spread to both Kitty and Rebecca, and due to certain rumors also to Nora, Julia and Kevin (who was the one to gleefully share the story). After that was when Sarah stopped calling before coming over to visit.


Over the table Scotty sees Nora looking at him, as if she noticed that he stopped listening to the sibling bickering. He smiles at her and returns to Sarah’s story, tuning in to hear the end about some Frenchman’s wonderful abs.

“I’ve got pictures,” she says and winks to Kevin.

“Thanks, but I’m all set,” Kevin quips back, sending a quick glance over to Scotty, who giggles a bit.


Coming home

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Robert and Kevin return to California after a job related trip.
Spoilers: Maybe some early season 4 stuff.
Word count: 410

Robert takes a deep breath before opening the door to the ranch. He is feeling guilty for having gone on his business trip when Kitty is starting her treatment, but he cut it short and now he’s back to tend to her. He has a bouquet of red roses with him and a smile glued onto his face.


He opens the door and steps into the quiet house.

“I’m home!” he calls out, and Kitty walks out of the nursery, carrying Evan in her arms. “Hi sweeties,” he says, giving Kitty a kiss on the cheek and evan a kiss on the forehead.


Kitty seems tired but happy, and Robert hopes that his coming home is part of the  smile on her lips.

“There is food in the fridge, we can heat it up,” she says. “Scotty cooked it.” She adds before Robert gets some image of what kind of goo could be awaiting if she had tried to cook herself.


“Wonderful,” he replies. “If you start up in the kitchen, I can put our wonderful son to bed.” She smiles and hands the baby over, lingering a bit to take in the heat from their three bodies, blending together when Evan moves over to his daddy. He makes a little noise before finding his new position in Robert’s arms.


Robert starts talking to Evan, soft words towards the soft skin. Kitty stands in the middle of the room, watching them disappear into the other room. Marital bliss, in all its simpleness. She smiles again and walks to the kitchen. She cannot cook, but she is well acquainted with the microwave oven.




Kevin rips the door to the loft open, startling Scotty, who was spread out on the couch watching tv.

“Sorry,” Kevin apologises goofily. He puts his suitcase on the floor and walks over to Scotty, giving him a brief kiss. Scotty makes room on the couch and Kevin slides down next to him, leaning against Scotty’s chest.


Kevin lets his fingers intertwine with Scotty’s, playing together before settling on his chest.

“How was Washington?” Scotty asks.

“Boring,” Kevin replies per default. “At least Robert cut the trip short, so I don’t have to spend another night alone in a cold hotelroom.”


“Did you have trouble sleeping without me?” Scotty teases. Kevin grunts childishly and moves closer to Scotty.

“Maybe,” he says. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Scotty says, planting a soft kiss of Kevin’s head.

Thirty-two fifty

Rate: R, mostly for innuendo.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Takes up where 4x02 "Breaking the news" left off.
Spoilers: Actually, not really.
Word count: 490

”Does this mean you’re in love with me again?

”I never stopped loving you, Kevin.”


Kevin leans over to Scotty on the couch, and he presses his lips against his. Only for a second, only to seal their heart-to-heart. Whatever Scotty has in mind for them as make-up sex, this isn’t it. Not yet. Kevin smile when he looks into Scotty’s eyes, and then they lean in again, this time kissing with much more strength.


”So, do you have to go into the office now?” Scotty asks, pulling away a bit.

”Yes,” Kevin says in a breath. ”But it’s not like I’m employee of the month anyway.” Scotty laughs and lets Kevin take him by the hand and lead him into the bedroom.


Kevin stops and turns when they reach the bed. It’s clear that both sides have been slept in, the pillows are on each a side and the two duvets are both flung to the center of the bed from when the users have gotten up. Usually one duvet lands on the floor because only one is used, and the pillows usually spoon just as much as the inhabitants of the bed.


”I’m sorry,” Kevin whispers against Scotty’s cheek, his hands curiously exploring Scotty’s sides and the small of his back.

”I know,” Scotty whispers back. He waits for Kevin to take charge, and it doesn’t take long before Kevin’s hands are moving up under his loose shirt.


Kevin kisses his neck and Scotty leans his head to give more space. With gentle hands Kevin lifts Scotty’s shirt, pulling it up over his head. The sweater ends up on the floor and Kevin’s hands move back to Scotty, tenderly moving up over his belly. Scotty smiles and looks at Kevin. They have been together for this long and see each other naked practically every day, and Kevin is still so mesmerized by his chest.


Scotty quickly kisses Kevin’s mouth and then moves away, crawling up to lie down in the center on the bed. He figures that with his chest exposed, he can make Kevin do anything he wants from there.

“Get undressed,” he orders. Kevin smiles and starts unbuttoning his own shirt. Scotty enjoys watching Kevin’s chest getting equally exposed before his shirt is joined by Kevin’s.


Kevin then continues to remove his pants.

“Slowly,” Scotty says. He doesn’t care if this means that Kevin will be even more late for work. Robert has stolen his husband enough for this week, now it’s his turn to spend some quality time with Mr Communications Director.


Kevin’s pants land on the floor with a thud, waking Scotty up from his wandering mind. His smile widens and he pats the spot next to him on the bed. Kevin smiles back and climbs onto the bed. Scotty removes a duvet from under him to make better room for the two of them, uniting their bodies in the center of the bed.

Sunday morning

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Well, it's Sunday morning.
Word count: 543

Scotty wakes up slowly. He feels cold and lonely, and when he reaches out a hand to pat the space next to him, he realizes that Kevin is gone. He moans and wonders which Walker has stolen his husband this Sunday morning. They haven’t had the opportunity to wake up together in a long time, and Scotty needs it.


He closes his eyes again, thinking he might as well take a long morning when he doesn’t have anyone to share it with anyway. He is almost back to sleep when he hears quiet steps on the floor and some clinks from porcelain. Scotty pretends to sleep, moving his foot a bit to drag the duvet down, exposing his naked back to the air.


He has to bite his tongue not to smile when he hears Kevin’s respond to the sudden nakedness before him. Yes, Kevin should suffer. Scotty has no problem blaming their slow sex life entirely on Kevin’s family and/or Robert. The few times they’ve managed to steal together the last months were either scheduled, surprise visits made by Scotty in Kevin’s office or quickies wherever they just happened to meet: kitchen, couch, bathroom, Nora’s kitchen.


He feels the bed shift when Kevin climbs back in. He hears some noise from the porcelain and the wonderful scent of coffee spreads in the room. He feels Kevin join him under the duvet, sliding his legs along Scotty’s. Kevin kisses his shoulder and then snuggles closer, hiding his nose against the skin on Scotty’s neck. Scotty makes a little happy noise, pretending to wake up.


“Good morning sleepy-head,” Kevin says. Scotty opens his eyes a bit, sleepily looking at Kevin. “Do you want some breakfast? I went out and got some croissants, your favorite.”

“From the bakery around the corner?” Scotty asks, lifting his head to look at the tray on the nightstand behind Kevin. A single red rose is parading in a small vase, surrounded by coffee, croissants, jam and a bowl of strawberries.


“Yes,” Kevin says through a smile. He sees Scotty lift his head to inspect the food, and he knows he’s done good. After all the lectures Scotty has given him about how important it is too eat, he’s picked up that breakfast is the most important one. He also knows exactly what Scotty needs to get excited about it.


“Is that Nora’s peach jam?” Scotty says, starting to reach over Kevin to take a better look. Kevin pulls him down into the bed, thinking he needs some attention before Scotty loses himself in eating.

“Yes, it is,” Kevin says. “But first kissing.”


Scotty giggles and happily agrees to some kissing and some touching. He reminds Kevin that he might want some coffee as well, and they put the tray between them on the bed. Kevin watches with glee as Scotty smells and tries the different things, finally cutting a croissant in half and spreading peach jam on it.


Kevin takes a strawberry and offers it to Scotty, who happily eats it out of Kevin’s hand. They both giggle a bit and kiss. Scotty looks at Kevin from the corner of his eye, and he realizes that this morning may have shaped up to be pretty okay after all.

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