Late night confession

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin confesses. Set after episode 402.
Spoilers: Up until 402: Breaking the news.
Word count: 336

“Scotty? Are you awake?”

Scotty opens one eye, which doesn’t change much. Their bedroom is quite dark. He feels Kevin’s arms around him, one hand stroking his side gently, wanting his attention.

“Yeah?” Scotty replies, his voice a bit scratchy from just waking up.


“I did know about governor Kern’s affair,” Kevin says quietly. Scotty turns around to look at Kevin, and Kevin lifts his arm a bit to allow Scotty to move.


“What?” Scotty asks, still a bit sleepy-sounding, blinking with his eyes a couple of times as if to see if Kevin is really there.


“At mom’s,” Kevin reminds, and quietly continues. “You said you had read online about governor Kern having an affair, and I said I had only heard rumors about it. But I knew. I might even have leaked the information to the media personally.”


“Ke-vin?” Scotty says, raising an eyebrow. He sighs and inhales deeply, knowing that a debate over what lengths to go when working for Robert will not suit well right now. “Why did you wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me that?”


“Because I’ve been laying awake for three hours, feeling awful for having lied to you,” Kevin says. Scotty notices that Kevin’s voice is a bit shaky and that his eyes are doing that puppy thing that they do when Kevin is very sad and very small.


“You lied to your mother too,” Scotty reminds.

“I know. I don’t care about that right now,” Kevin almost whispers in the dark night.

“Oh Kevin,” Scotty says, snuggling closer to Kevin, “don’t feel bad about that. Let’s sleep now.”


“You’re not mad that I lied to you?”

“No,” Scotty says. “But I’m glad you told me the truth.” Scotty feels Kevin relax in his arms, burying his nose in the junction of Scotty’s neck. Kevin mumbles “I love you,” and begins snoring in the same breath. Scotty giggles a bit and kisses Kevin’s cheek, closing his eyes and drifting off as well.


I owe you a dance

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin surprises Scotty. Set after episode 405.
Spoilers: Up until 405: Last tango in Pasadena.
Word count: 633

“So Kevin,” Scotty purrs across the table, holding Kevin’s hand in his, stroking the back of Kevin’s hand with his own thumb. “This was an unexpected surprise,” Scotty continues, not letting the gaze between them break. “French restaurant, nice wine, lovely dessert and public displays of affection.”


Kevin smiles in reply, happy his little Friday night get-away with his husband has gone as smoothly off as he had planned.

“I’m guessing you have an ulterior motive,” Scotty then says, leaning in a bit too look Kevin closer in the eye.


“Not at all,” Kevin replies, semi-insulted. “I wanted to treat you to something nice to make up for being so difficult to live with, and you know… show appreciation,” Kevin lifts his glass of wine with the hand that isn’t in Scotty’s and toasts silently towards Scotty, whose facial expression shows that he isn’t totally buying Kevin’s explanation.


“Okay,” Scotty says slowly, “let’s say I go along with that.” Kevin puts down his glass and brings both hands to hold both Scotty’s over the table. “Does the night have anything else in store for us?” Scotty wonders.


“Yes, as a matter of fact, it does,” Kevin replies. Scotty leans in a bit and smiles when he asks:

“Are we naked in it?” Kevin laughs a bit and leans in a bit too, when answering:

“Not for another while, no.” Scotty leans back and looks at Kevin, playfully eyeing him up and down as if to examine if his proposition is good enough.


“We’ll take a cab to this wonderful little place that I know of,” Kevin says, motioning to the waiter to get the check. “You’ll love it.”


Scotty loves surprises, and hates them at the same time. He knows that Kevin hates them because he has to trust someone else when no one will tell him what is going on, but for Scotty, it’s more a pride thing. He has a hard time being excited about something when it can turn out to be anything from a tour at a button factory to meeting Madonna.


Thankfully Kevin does his best to distract him when they are in the cab, kissing his neck and slowly stroking his thigh. The ride is only a few minutes, again thankfully, Scotty thinks, or else the cab driver would have experienced something he would never forget about.


Kevin pays the cab driver and takes Scotty’s hand, smiling at him but still refusing to say where they are going. Scotty starts getting giggly as they walk up a street, and suddenly Scotty understands where they are going.


“You’re taking me here?” Scotty asks with an astonished voice. Kevin draws him close and kisses him before entering.




“I can’t believe you took me dancing, Kevin Walker,” Scotty says, sipping his martini from a little round table in the back of the venue. A live band plays French music from a small stage at the front, and several couples are dancing in front of them.


“I owe you one,” Kevin says sincerely. “and I’d love to dance with you tonight. Lead or follow, it’s your choice.”

“Aren’t you the most wonderful man ever?” Scotty asks, kissing Kevin on the lips, lingering just a second.


“I wouldn’t be without you,” Kevin says, kissing Scotty back.

“You are so cheesy,” Scotty laughs, and Kevin can’t help but laugh too.

“Well, you know, I still want to get naked with you tonight,” Kevin flirts, winking at Scotty.


“Oh, don’t worry, you will,” Scotty laughs. He finishes the last of his martini and watches Kevin do the same. Kevin then stands up an extends a hand to Scotty.

“Now, will you let me have this dance?”

“I’d love to,” Scotty says, putting his hand in Kevin’s and walking to the small dance floor.

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