What if...? Part 3/?

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: In an alternate universe, maybe things would be different. 

Word count: 984

Thanks to: Sueli och Jenni for beta-ing. 

Scotty wakes up at nine o'clock on a bright Sunday morning. His back is aching because he's spend the last couple of hours sleeping on his couch, leaning against the back support with Kevin leaning against him.

Kevin wakes up at the same time and slowly moves away from Scotty.

"I'm sorry." He quietly says.

"For what?" Scotty asks.

"For barging in to a complete stranger to behave like this." Kevin says. "I really shouldn't have."

Kevin stands up. He takes his jacket from the chair he flung it over yesterday and moves to the front door.

"You don't want breakfast? And an aspirin or two?" Scotty asks, standing up as well.

"I really shouldn't have bothered you. Bye."

Kevin is out of the door so quickly, Scotty is barely awake when it happens. He sits back down, blinking a few times to try and sort out what just happened. Kevin has passed out against his chest last night after having sobbed for over half an hour, his arms around Scotty so tight it seemed like he would never let go. Now he excuses himself to leave. To go where?

Scotty fetches his laptop and turns it on. He makes himself a cup of coffee while waiting for it to turn on, and then he writes an e-mail to Sarah, asking her out for a cup of coffee or a lunch. She replies with a text only an hour later and they make plans for lunch later today.


When finally there with Sarah, working on a Caesar salad opposite of her, it's difficult for Scotty to bring up Kevin for discussion. He asks Sarah what happened with the engagement.

"If I only knew." She says. "Kevin and Molly showed up for dinner last Friday and announced the whole thing, an hour after they have arrived they disappear out into the garden. Then Molly storms into the kitchen, saying the wedding is off and that she needs to leave."

"She left in a cab and Kevin left shortly after. Neither of them pick up their phones. If I know mom right she has already visited their loft to see what is going on. That's all I know." Sarah finishes.

"Wow." Scotty says.

"What do you know?" Sarah asks. Scotty replies with a questioning look.

"You brought it up."

"Yeah." Scotty admits. "Kevin showed up at my door last night, drunk." Scotty tells Sarah what happened, trying to give an objective view of the situation.

"It's just so strange," Scotty says. "The first time I met him I just knew he was gay, and now all this happens. You have a gay uncle, I don't understand why he should suppress those feelings if he has any. Your whole family seem to love your uncle."

"We do." Sarah says. "But Kevin is the good boy. When we were growing up Tommy was the sloppy one who refused to study and Justin was even worse, with his drugs and alcohol and all the women. Kevin went to law school and behaved."

"Because he had to compromise for the others?" Scotty fills in.

"To carry on the family name." Sarah finishes her own salad and puts the wrinkled napkin on top. 

"Sarah?" Scotty asks. "Why didn't you seem surprised when I said I thought Kevin was gay?"

Sarah's eyes meet Scotty's. Her face is blank, as if she's thinking.

"I don't know. I guess I'm not surprised. I haven't thought about it myself, but it wouldn't be that surprising." Sarah says. "Actually, it would make perfect sense."

"How?" Scotty asks.

"Well, he has always had a girlfriend, most of them for short periods, and he's always brought them home after a very short time. They have all been very nice and sweet girls and he's always been sure to get them approved by our dad. But he's never seemed that much in love." Sarah says. "I have to go now, I'm picking Paige up from a slumber party."

They rise from the table, ready to leave.

"I'll try and call mom, to see if she knows more. I‘ll let you know if I hear anything."

"Thank you Sarah, for meeting with me. I know I shouldn't butt in on your family matters, but I care about Kevin. There is something about him that reminds me of myself. And I like him." Scotty says.

They part and head their separate directions. Scotty starts his car and starts driving home. The conversation with Sarah echoes in his head. "And I like him." Why did he say that? Will Sarah think he's in love with Kevin? He certainly isn't, even if he wouldn't mind exploring that possibility. Not that it's gonna happen - Scotty has once too many times experienced experimental or newly out guys, and they all have one thing in common - they leave him heart-broken in one way or another.

He likes Kevin because he knows what it's like to be gay, even if Kevin is far away from admitting that or living like that, but he feels some kind of responsibility. That's all it is. The gay family thing, where everyone takes care of each other. Nothing else. He can be a good friend to Kevin if he decides to explore this, but that is all it is.

Scotty parks his car outside his building and heads up the stairs. He walks around the corner to his hallway and outside his door is a small figure, leaning against the wall.

"Kevin?" He asks. Kevin looks up at him, his eyes red and swollen. "Come here." Scotty says, offering his hand to help Kevin stand up.

Kevin comes up and Scotty sees the fear in his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes.

"Do you want coffee?" He asks, fiddling with his keys to open the door.

"And an aspirin or two, if you have any." Kevin says and follows Scotty in.


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