Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A hot day and a playful Scotty.
Word count: 521

Kevin wakes up, feeling the incredible heat from an extraordinary hot Los Angeles Saturday creeping up on him. The blanket is on the floor and his naked exposed body is sweaty, spread out on the bed. Scotty is gone, probably hogging the shower for a cold wash.


Kevin makes an attempt to get up, but the heat is chaining him to the bed, and he is unable to move. Scotty appears in the doorway. His body is naked and shimmering with sweat, revealing he hasn’t showered. He is drinking water from a glass filled with ice cubes and a slice of lemon. He leans against the doorway, watching Kevin laying on his stomach in the bed.


“Good morning.” Scotty says. “It’s quite the day. I considered opening a window but it’s actually warmer outside than inside, so I figured I wouldn’t after all.” Kevin lifts his head to look out the window.

“No wind?” He asks.

“No wind.” Scotty confirms. “Someone hair sprayed it away in the 60’s.” He adds and chunks down the rest of the water from his glass.


Scotty walks over to the bed, straddling Kevin and bending down to give his shoulders a kiss.

“You’re hot.” Scotty says. “In so many ways.” He says. He takes one of the ice cubes from his glass in his mouth, bends back down and kisses Kevin again, letting the cold bit land on Kevin’s back.


Kevin shivers from the touch, the cold ice and the cold water it leaves on his skin and the feeling of Scotty’s hot lips on him making him very aroused in very short time. He moans softly as Scotty moves the ice cube around his back and shoulders until it disappears. When it does, Scotty moves off Kevin, pulling at his hip to show him they are changing position. Kevin rolls around and Scotty straddles him again when he’s on his back.


Scotty takes a new ice cube from the glass, this time in his hand. He squeezes it and lets the drops land on Kevin’s chest. For each drop Kevin yank a bit. Scotty watches his husband’s expressions to the cold drops with excitement. When the ice is almost gone he puts it in Kevin’s belly button, then he moves down a bit to pick it back up with his mouth. He repeats his actions and moves the cube around on Kevin’s belly until the ice quickly disappears.


When it does Scotty stretches out on top of Kevin, covering his body with his own. Kevin’s chest is cold against his, but soon replaced with sweat. Scotty kisses Kevin’s half-opened mouth, being received by Kevin’s eager tongue.

“Your mouth is cold.” Kevin says.

“Yes it is.” Scotty says, kissing his way down towards Kevin’s chest. He reaches for the glass to take another ice cube.


“But you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Scotty says, continuing to place kisses on Kevin’s body. “The cold water in the shower isn’t working, so we have to be inventive.” Scotty says and puts the ice in his mouth. He gives Kevin a mischievous look before making Kevin yank once again. 


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