Time together

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty make appointments, but still need an extra push.

Word count: 991


Kevin didn’t realize he has forgotten about their appointment until the alarm set off. That was one hour and a heartfelt apology to Scotty on the phone from the office ago. Now Kevin sneaks into the apartment, finding Scotty asleep on the couch with the TV on. Kevin quietly takes off his jacket and shoes, putting his suitcase on the floor to put a blanket over Scotty. He strokes Scotty’s forehead and gives his temple a light kiss. Scotty moans in his sleep and pulls the blanket closer around him.


Kevin eats a sandwich and drinks a glass of water before sneaking into the bedroom. He crawls down under the covers alone, missing Scotty’s warm body. He knows he could wake Scotty up to get him to bed, but he also knows that Scotty would then be unable to sleep and he really needs to, working so much.


When Scotty wakes up his back aches and his feet are cold. The blanket is too small for him, as is the couch. He looks at the clock on his cell phone and realizes it’s only three hours until he needs to go up to go to work. He gets up, brushes his teeth and crawls down in the bed next to Kevin. Even if he can’t sleep he can have his arm around his peacefully sleeping husband.




Kevin wakes up when Scotty leaves his spot, the arm around him disappears. He moans a complain and Scotty kisses his cheek.

“I’ll call you when you get to work.” He whispers and leaves. Kevin knows he has to go up soon too, when Scotty closes the door behind him, that’s his cue. Otherwise he will be late for the staff meeting, and as Robert is away he’s needed to pick up a lot of tasks he doesn’t usually have.


He finds a post-it from Scotty on the sink. “Love you lots, will be home at 4. Maybe you can be too?” and a heart with arms held out at the bottom. Kevin puts the note in an envelope in his drawer, with some other similar ones. He sends a text message to Scotty: “I’ll try and make it to 4. Call me. Miss you.” And leaves for work.


Scotty calls during the staff meeting and Kevin needs to let the phone vibrate in his pocket. Twice. The meeting is usually quite boring, leaving Kevin time to text, but with Robert gone he has to take charge, making sure people cover for his policy discussions and budget planning meetings. When they are finally done he tries to call back, but Scotty doesn’t answer.


He tries a few more times during the day with no success. He sends Scotty another text saying he might not make it home until four, but maybe to five thirty. An unexpected meeting about economic aid to non-governmental organizations had come up, and Kevin needed to cover it.


Scotty comes home to an empty apartment, the note he left on the sink is gone, and only the text from Kevin to keep him company. He fears we will end up sleeping on the couch, just like all other nights when he and Kevin aren’t both home – which lately have been almost every night.


Once they actually get to spend some time together, they’re either too tired to do anything but go to bed and kiss while falling asleep or fall asleep together on the couch. As nice as both of those are, Scotty is starting to ache from not being able to touch Kevin, talk to him about his days and hear Kevin tell him that everything will be okay after some idiot costumer hasn’t been satisfied with his cooking.


Scotty puts a box with food from the restaurant in the fridge for Kevin and decides to go for a run. Maybe then he will be awake when Kevin come home at least. His body isn’t working with him when he’s out. He is much too tired to be wasting energy on running, and ends up taking the bus home. He falls down on the couch in his sweaty clothing and falls asleep within minutes.


When he wakes up, the apartment is dark and his body is weak. It’s almost six o’clock and he can hear Kevin snoring from the bedroom. He knows that Kevin only snores when his sleep is very deep so Scotty doesn’t want to wake him up for a little pre-morning fun.


Instead he takes a quick shower and prepares breakfast for both of them, deciding Kevin can do without that last hour of sleep. He wakes Kevin up with a cup of fresh coffee and the news paper. Kevin slowly wakes up when Scotty strokes his face.

“Hi honey.” He says with a scratchy voice.

“Good morning.” Scotty says and greets him with a kiss.


“Did you sleep here at all tonight?” Kevin asks.

“No, I fell asleep on the couch again.” Scotty admits. “Sorry.” He kisses Kevin again. “When do you have to leave?”

“Too soon.” Kevin sighs. “I should call in sick too. If Robert can, then so can I.” 


Kevin tries to pull Scotty into the bed with him, but Scotty pushes him off.

“Kevin, I need to leave soon. You do too.” Scotty says and strokes Kevin’s arms. “I’d love to spend some time here with you, but we both know we will end up actually calling in sick. I’ll try and be back here early instead.”


Kevin sighs heavily when Scotty leaves the bedroom to fetch his things to go to work. He knows he needs them to be together again, to enjoy their spark for more than a few hours. He sits up in bed, knowing he needs to do something drastic. He takes a big sip of coffee from the cup Scotty put on his small bedside table and knows just what he is going to do.

Short and random: Hat

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty visit Nora's attic.

Word count: 200


”I like this.” Scotty says. He’s been roaming through Nora’s hat collection while Kevin’s been searching for old papers.

Kevin sees Scotty with a jaunty look on his face, wearing a hat with brightly colored plastic fruit on it.
”What did your mom do with this?” He asks and takes it off, searching for a new one.

”I barely dare to think of it.” Kevin replies. Scotty puts on a new one, a red helmet looking hat with two antennas, each having a golden glittery heart on it.

”I remember that.” Kevin smiles, moving  between boxes to Scotty. ”You wear it so much better though.” He wraps his arms around Scotty’s waist, pulling him into a kiss.

Scotty picks up a hat from the chest, placing it on an unwilling Kevin’s head.
”Now we’re two fools kissing in your mom’s attic.” The brim of Kevin’s Canadian Mounty hat is in the way for their next kiss. Kevin takes it off and lets it fall down onto the rest, feeling Scotty’s hand on his back as they’re lowered onto the pile of soft fabrics.

”But you need to take that off.” Kevin says, nodding at the bobbing hearts above Scotty’s head.

Short and random: Watch

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Sarah watches her family gather for another meal together.

Word count: 200



Sarah watches her family gather for another meal together. She sees Justin smile at Rebecca and how he get a shy smile back.

Julia has Lizzie in her arms, talking softly to her. Tommy walks up and puts a hand on Lizzie’s back. He gives Julia a quick kiss and they talk at Lizzie together.

Sarah sees Robert finish a phone call, immediately starting to fill Kitty in on what was said. They start discussing and Sarah sees the glow in Kitty’s eyes. She so misses being in the game, staying on topic.

Scotty carries a bowl from the kitchen. He places it on the table and accepts the wine glass Kevin offers him. They toast and drink, sharing a few words. Scotty places his hand on Kevin’s belly, over what must be the scar. He leans in to Kevin and whispers something. Kevin blushes and brushes off Scotty’s hand. They giggle and have another sip of wine.

For a moment Sarah feels sad and lonely, until Nora exits from the kitchen with Paige and Cooper, all of them carrying bowls of food. The room is filled with a loud anticipating noise as everyone takes their seats around the table.

Short and random: Aged

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: You know how dramatic Kevin can be?

Word count: 200



There comes a low “Oh my god.” from the bathroom and Scotty peeks in. Kevin is standing in front of the mirror.

“What is it sweetie, everything okay?” Scotty asks.

“No.” Kevin says, in a voice that sounds like somebody has died. “It’s not okay.”


Scotty walks into the bathroom.

“What is it honey?” He asks, placing a sympathetic hand between Kevin’s shoulder blades.

“This.” Kevin says, pointing at his head.

“Your head?” Kevin shakes his head. “Hair?” Kevin nods.


“What’s wrong with it?”

“I found a gray hair.” Kevin turns to look at Scotty. “Gray.” He repeats. “I might as well just find a nursing home right away.”

“Oh sweetie.” Scotty laughs. “That’s nothing to worry about, everyone gets gray hairs now and then.”


Kevin looks at him in disbelief.

“Trust me here, you don’t look a day over 29.” Scotty encircles Kevin’s waist, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Neither do you.” Kevin replies.


“I am 29.” Scotty says.

“Exactly.” Kevin smiles. “You don’t think I look old and dingy?”

“Of course not! Just give me a tweezers and you’ll be back to young and fresh in no time.” He says and kisses Kevin’s cheek again. 


Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A hot day and a playful Scotty.
Word count: 521

Kevin wakes up, feeling the incredible heat from an extraordinary hot Los Angeles Saturday creeping up on him. The blanket is on the floor and his naked exposed body is sweaty, spread out on the bed. Scotty is gone, probably hogging the shower for a cold wash.


Kevin makes an attempt to get up, but the heat is chaining him to the bed, and he is unable to move. Scotty appears in the doorway. His body is naked and shimmering with sweat, revealing he hasn’t showered. He is drinking water from a glass filled with ice cubes and a slice of lemon. He leans against the doorway, watching Kevin laying on his stomach in the bed.


“Good morning.” Scotty says. “It’s quite the day. I considered opening a window but it’s actually warmer outside than inside, so I figured I wouldn’t after all.” Kevin lifts his head to look out the window.

“No wind?” He asks.

“No wind.” Scotty confirms. “Someone hair sprayed it away in the 60’s.” He adds and chunks down the rest of the water from his glass.


Scotty walks over to the bed, straddling Kevin and bending down to give his shoulders a kiss.

“You’re hot.” Scotty says. “In so many ways.” He says. He takes one of the ice cubes from his glass in his mouth, bends back down and kisses Kevin again, letting the cold bit land on Kevin’s back.


Kevin shivers from the touch, the cold ice and the cold water it leaves on his skin and the feeling of Scotty’s hot lips on him making him very aroused in very short time. He moans softly as Scotty moves the ice cube around his back and shoulders until it disappears. When it does, Scotty moves off Kevin, pulling at his hip to show him they are changing position. Kevin rolls around and Scotty straddles him again when he’s on his back.


Scotty takes a new ice cube from the glass, this time in his hand. He squeezes it and lets the drops land on Kevin’s chest. For each drop Kevin yank a bit. Scotty watches his husband’s expressions to the cold drops with excitement. When the ice is almost gone he puts it in Kevin’s belly button, then he moves down a bit to pick it back up with his mouth. He repeats his actions and moves the cube around on Kevin’s belly until the ice quickly disappears.


When it does Scotty stretches out on top of Kevin, covering his body with his own. Kevin’s chest is cold against his, but soon replaced with sweat. Scotty kisses Kevin’s half-opened mouth, being received by Kevin’s eager tongue.

“Your mouth is cold.” Kevin says.

“Yes it is.” Scotty says, kissing his way down towards Kevin’s chest. He reaches for the glass to take another ice cube.


“But you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Scotty says, continuing to place kisses on Kevin’s body. “The cold water in the shower isn’t working, so we have to be inventive.” Scotty says and puts the ice in his mouth. He gives Kevin a mischievous look before making Kevin yank once again. 

Short and random: Window

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: When it's dark outside.

Word count: 200


Kevin looks out the window, gazing out onto the dark city night. In the slight reflection he sees Scotty walking up behind him. Scotty slides his hands around Kevin’s waist and gives him a slight kiss on the neck. He rests his head on Kevin’s shoulder, leaning towards Kevin’s head.


Kevin sees their reflection in front of the lights in the city. Moving cars and dark office complexes. He slightly leans backwards, moving into Scotty’s embrace.

“We look good.” Scotty states, his voice low and soft. He finishes his sentence with a kiss just under Kevin’s ear.


“I love you.” Scotty whispers.

“I love you too.” Kevin replies. Their eyes meet in the reflection of the glass and they both smile.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” Scotty asks.

“What is?” Kevin replies.

“The view. All the lights and the inferno from the city, reaching us here, but not really.” Scotty muses.


“The view of me and you, close together in the silence of the night. In our own cocoon.” Kevin says. “It is beautiful.” Scotty kisses his neck. “You are beautiful.” Kevin adds.


Scotty gently sucks on Kevin’s neck, then blowing on it, making Kevin shiver from the cold. ”So are you.”

Short and random: Strategy

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin has a plan.

Word count: 200


Kevin inspects his work one last time, still having a minute over before Scotty comes home from work.


The candles are lit and placed around the loft, the music is playing softly in the background, the bed is made and also surrounded by candles. The wine is in the fridge, the strawberries are rinsed and the chocolate is melted.


Kevin smiles, yes, it all seems to be ready. He hears the door open behind him and he swings around, watching Scotty’s face light up when he sees the transitions made in the loft.


“Sweetie…” Scotty says. He drops his bag and walks right over to Kevin, pushing his lips against his.

“You… like?” Kevin asks between kisses.

“It’s amazing.” Scotty says. Kevin feels himself moved a few steps and then lowered onto the couch.


Scotty’s mouth on his disappears for a few seconds as Scotty looks up and spots the bowl with strawberries. He raises and eyebrow and looks down at Kevin.

“There’s melted chocolate too.” Kevin says with a smile. Scotty laughs softly and gets up.


Kevin watches Scotty fetch the chocolate from the kitchen, grabbing the wine and two glasses along. Yes, who said appointment sex isn’t romantic?

Short and random: King

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty baby-sit.

Word count: 200


Scotty doesn’t know why he and Kevin volunteered to baby-sit for Paige and Cooper. Paige wants to play with her singstar and Cooper wants to be loud. They don’t mix.


Scotty has sung duets with Paige and played hide and seek with Cooper, and wants nothing more than for these two to go to bed so that he and Kevin can have a glass of wine before Sarah comes back.


Kevin comes down the stairs, wearing a much too small cloak and a crown on his head, carrying some kind of golden stick. Scotty has to bite his lip to laugh at the image of his husband as the defeated king.


“Who are you supposed to be?” Scotty asks, extending his hand to Kevin. Kevin takes it and steals a kiss.

“I’m the evil king and Cooper is the knight in shining armor.” Kevin says, exhausted.

“And where’s the knight now?”


“The knight needed to go peepee.” Kevin smiles. He pulls Scotty with him down on the couch, putting his arm around Scotty’s shoulders.

“You make a cute king, but I’m gonna fight my inner will to joke about me being your queen.” Scotty says and kisses Kevin’s cheek. 

Matthew & Luke: Untitled 3

Hello, this is your writer speaking. Now the final part of this triology is done, and it's as lengthy as the others. I hope you've enjoyed the series - and if you have - please leave me a comment to tell me so. :)

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Matthew is jealous and gets a late night visitor.

Word count: 1667

Note that this story is rated NC-17 for explicit sexual content.


[Matthew & Luke: Untitled 3]

Short and random: Audio

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty clean the loft. 

Word count: 200


“Honey?” Kevin calls. Scotty approaches with a dishcloth in his hand.

“Yes?” He peeks into the closet that Kevin’s cleaning.


“What’s this? It fell from a box.” Kevin holds up a small tape. Scotty stares at it, his eyes welling up. Kevin looks confused about the reaction, but quickly moves over to hug Scotty.


“This is the tape…” Scotty starts, taking it from Kevin, handing him the dishcloth instead. “… where we broke up.


“The poor Martian metaphor?” Kevin asks.

“That was so sweet. I cried for days.” Scotty says, his eyes wet.

“I think I did too.” Scotty sobs a last time and breaks the embrace.


“Know what? Why don’t we put this somewhere else. I know something more we need to put in our relationship box.” Kevin says.

“Our what?” Scotty asks.


“Humor me. I have my own tape. We will take it out in twenty years to show our children.” Kevin walks over to the desk and takes out something from the drawers. “This, Mr. Wandell, is the tape from our very first meeting.”


“Wow. If this hadn’t been for our children, I know a certain other tape that could go in here.” Scotty says and giggles.


Matthew & Luke: Untitled 2

This is an RPS, a real person story, about Luke Macfarlane and Matthew Rhys, and an original character that I made up - Marcus. Don't click the link below if you don't want to read this kind of story, okay?


Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke is introduced to Matthew's friend. 

Word count: 1605


[Matthew & Luke: Untitled 2]

Matthew & Luke: Untitled

This fic is an RPS (real person story) and the easiest to write so far. I love feedback on these stories - please leave a comment. :)

Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive. 


Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke and Matthew come back to Los Angeles after a little time off. 

Word count: 1705

[Matthew & Luke: Untitled]

Short and random: Straw

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A drink at a café. 

Word count: 200



“I haven’t done this since I was like ten.” Kevin says and aims for the straw. He sees the strawberry milkshake rise in the pipe and the cold liquid reaches his mouth.

“But then it was with Sarah.” He adds.
“Charming.” Scotty says and pulls the drink back. “Isn’t this the best strawberry milkshake you’ve ever tried?” He asks, sipping some for himself.

“I don’t know if I’ve tried before. But this latte is great.” Kevin says and gestures at the mug on the small café table between them. “I haven’t been here before.”

“I found this place when I didn’t have a place to stay, I’d sit here for hours to study.” Scotty says. “It became my watering hole.”
“You didn’t meet any other cute zebras that came here for a drink?” Kevin asks.

Scotty laughs at Kevin’s not very well-hidden jealousy.
“No, only the occasional gazelle.” He says and winks. “But they were nothing compared to you.”

Kevin smiles and leans over the table.
“What animal am I then?” He asks. Scotty thinks for a while before leaning in for a kiss and replying:
“You are slick black panther, keeping a watching eye on your favorite zebra.”

Short and random: Oral

Rate: R, for sexual content
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Continuation after the story "Tender" at http://stefan26sept.livejournal.com.

Word count: 200


Kevin smiles at Scotty. No words are needed to show that the suggestion is accepted. Scotty feels his whole body tingle when Kevin takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom. It’s just hands – no more than when they are outside – but the promise of something more is highly present.


Kevin is pushed onto the bed, his pants removed quickly by Scotty’s deft hands. He tears off his shirt, nearly ripping off a button. He feels Scotty’s hands on his stomach and Scotty’s mouth on his thighs.


The soft lips plants kisses on his skin, his tongue playfully licking his groin area. The touch disappears for a few seconds and the unmistakable sound of Scotty’s sweater landing on the floor reaches Kevin’s ears.


When Scotty’s mouth returns, Kevin gasps for air. His hands grip the sheet under him as he moans loudly. He knows how much it turns Scotty on when he does that, and the effect is immediate.


Scotty moves quicker, his hands still softly keeping Kevin in place. Scotty continues to kiss Kevin’s stomach, leaving Kevin hungry for more. Scotty kisses his way up to Kevin’s mouth, planting a kiss on his lips.

“Welcome home.”

Music fic: Morning has broken (Cat Stevens)

This is a randomly generated song from my iTunes, "Morning has broken" by Cat Stevens. See Cat Stevens perform it it on youtube here.

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Well, it's morning. 

Word count: 480


“You know why morning is my favorite time of the day?” Kevin asks Scotty. They’re naked on their stomachs in bed, the blanket covering their legs. They’re facing each other, keeping enough distance between each other to look rather than to kiss.

“Because you get to go up and go to work?” Scotty replies. Kevin smiles at him and strokes his hair along his forehead.
“It’s Saturday.” Kevin points out. “There is no such thing as work.”

“Then maybe because it’s the time of coffee?” Scotty suggests.
“Closer.” Kevin chuckles. “But mostly because you’re not a morning person and therefore you like to stay in bed.”

“Aw.” Scotty says and blushes a bit. “Aren’t you quite the charmer?”
“I know.” Kevin replies. “And then of course because your hair is all messy and wonderful.” He reaches out to draw his finger through Scotty’s tousled hair.

Scotty moves his head along with Kevin’s movement.
“What do you say we do today?” He asks Kevin.
“Doesn’t this qualify as doing something?” Kevin asks. He moves a bit closer to Scotty, supporting his head on one hand and drawing circles on Scotty’s chest with the other.

“Fraid not.”
“If we make out?” Kevin says, his face lightning up in a big smile. Scotty laughs at him and shakes his head.
“What if we make out first and then go to the park and have a picnic?” Kevin suggests.

“Much better. I can read my book and you can sleep in the sunshine.” Scotty says.
“I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” Kevin defends himself. “The birds were singing and the food you brought was just… tiring.”
“It’s okay, it was sweet. I’m sure not a lot of people thought I was strange because I talked to someone asleep next to me.” Scotty teases and winks.

“Sorry. I’ll make it up to you.” Kevin says.
“You can kiss me in the park.” Scotty suggests and leans forward for a kiss. Kevin leans back and places his index finger on Scotty’s mouth.
“No. Let’s save it for the park.”

“No preparation make-out session at home?” Scotty looks disappointed. “Oh well, I guess I need to go take a cold shower then.” He makes a poor attempt to get up, knowing Kevin will pull him back to bed.
“Come here.” Kevin pulls Scotty on top of himself. “Let’s make out till noon.”

Their arms intertwine and their lips meet.
“Actually Kevin,” Scotty says between kisses. “It’s already past noon.” Kevin looks at the digital clock next to him. The red letters tells him it’s almost time for an afternoon nap.

“Then I have a new plan.” He kisses Scotty. “We make breakfast and eat it in the park. How about that?” Scotty doesn’t reply. He only smiles and lowers himself on top of Kevin, his kiss accepting the new plan with the reservation that the make-out stays.

Bedrooms or hallways?

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: It's late, it's drunk, it's dark. The keys are playing hard to get. 

Word count: 308


“This is way too late to get home from a party.” Kevin slurs in the elevator. Scotty doesn’t reply. He can’t form words anyway, the alcohol and the banging in his head has taken over his body. He merely smiles and kisses Kevin.


Their kissing gets deeper and sloppier, wet tongues and instable bodies balancing against each other. The elevator stops and the doors open. They stumble out, lips not parting.


Kevin searches his pockets for keys and Scotty does his best to distract him, sliding his hands inside Kevin’s shirt. Halfway to their door Scotty pushes Kevin against the wall, the movement making a loud thud.


Both of them giggle a bit and loses their hands on each other’s bodies. The keys were found and then lost. Scotty pushes himself against Kevin, their crotches touching and revealing just how arousing making out in the hallway is.


Scotty slides his hands to Kevin’s stomach, gently touching it before starting to unbuckle Kevin’s pants.

“Not here. Almost…” Kevin says, making a lame attempt to remove Scotty’s hands.


Scotty pulls down Kevin’s pants just enough to expose Kevin’s erection. He kneels down on the hard floor, not leaving much time before taking Kevin in his mouth. Kevin bangs his head against the wall, again making a loud thud.


“…home.” He whispers, pushing Scotty’s head closer to him. He soon knows he’s losing the battle, letting go as Scotty brings him pleasure.


Kevin breaths heavily when Scotty returns up to him. He holds the keys in his hand and he smiles widely.

“Look what I found on the floor.” He says. He takes Kevin’s hand and leads them to their door.


He fiddles with finding the right key, feeling Kevin’s breath in his neck. The door slides open just in time, and with a third loud thud, it closes behind them. 

Sometime in the beginning

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty has a date, after 1x05 "Date night".

Word count: 1383


“I loved the muffins by the way.”

Kevin’s words makes Scotty look up from his latte. He smiles at Kevin across the small café table. Kevin smiles back and then looks down, shy from the attention.

“You should try my recipe for chocolate chip cookies. They’re irresistible.” Scotty says.


Kevin nods and laughs nervously.

“I’d love to.” He says. Scotty knows that Kevin thinks everything that can in any way be about them spending time together in the future is a bit nervous.

Scotty puts his elbows on the table, leaning across it. He speaks quietly.

“I think you’re irresistible too.” He says.


Kevin laughs even more nervously looking down his empty coffee mug. Scotty can see him blush. If he didn’t know it would freak Kevin out, he’s take his hand over the table and lean in for a kiss. But knowing what happened the last time, it’s probably best to wait for the affectionate part of this date.


It’s actually shaping up to be a good date. They had their first awkward but yet amazing sex two days ago in Kevin’s apartment and then breakfast together the next day. The code, as they both are very well aware, is that after a second time this is more than a fling. One more time and they will never be able to refer to the other as a one night stand.


“Do you like chocolate, Kevin?” Scotty asks. Kevin looks up, nodding slightly.

“Yeah…” He replies. “I love it. Doesn’t everyone?”

“I guess.” Scotty says with a mischievous smile. “What kind of chocolate do you like better?”

“Dark. Not too bitter.” Kevin replies, his voice safer now that the topic is innocent. Or so he thinks.


“How about melted?” Scotty asks. His deep voice throws Kevin off course, not used to Scotty sounding so intense. “Melted sweet milk chocolate. Or maybe white?” Scotty discreetly licks his upper lip. “Do you like melted chocolate, Kevin?”


Kevin coughs quickly, stuttering a bit before able to form words.

“Uh, yes. Uh… I guess I do.” His eyes flicker, not able to look into Scotty’s firm gaze. “I don’t mind it.” He adds. Scotty smiles.

“Good.” Is his only response. He leans back in his chair, increasing the distance between them. He quietly sits back and lets Kevin take the next step.


Kevin has no idea what topic to bring up. Whatever it is it will be either a mood killer or something of the same kind, and he’s not sure he can pull that off. He picks up his coffee mug, only to again notice it’s empty. He could go for a refill, but that would be equivalent to saying ‘Thanks but no thanks’ to Scotty’s not too discreet offer.


When Kevin hasn’t spoken for almost a minute, Scotty leans forward again. He smiles and looks into Kevin’s eyes.

“So, what do you say we skip this awkward part and just go back to my place?”




Kevin walks into the apartment that Scotty just unlocked the door to. Scotty follows him, closing the door behind them. Kevin slowly walks into a living room that looks surprisingly similar to his own. It’s clear that the books and things aren’t just there per chance, they are all carefully selected.


Kevin sees several books in the bookcase that he either has, has read or would like to read. Who knew Scotty was an Agatha Christie fan? Kevin feels Scotty walk up to him, sliding his hands around Kevin’s waist, resting on his stomach. He puts his lips against Kevin’s neck, only gently letting them brush against Kevin’s skin.


“Have you lived here for long?” Kevin asks. Scotty has to bite his lip not to laugh out loud. Kevin is so obviously nervous, much more now than the first time. Scotty knows it’s not about the sex, it’s about what it means for their relationship. After this, they more or less have one.


“About a year now.” Scotty replies, his voice low. “Do you want a tour?” He asks, the warm puffs of air from his mouth sending chills down Kevin’s spine. He nods a bit, and lets’ Scotty lead him though a door, still behind him.

“Kitchen.” Scotty says.


Kevin is shocked to see Scotty’s kitchen. He’s got fresh pots of herbs, millions of cook books, well organized jars and cans on the shelves. There are no dishes on the sink and the whole place is shining. Scotty gently sucks Kevin’s neck while Kevin looks around.

“Is it always this clean?” Kevin asks. “Yes, it’s very unsanitary not to keep the kitchen clean.” Scotty replies.


Scotty moves away from Kevin’s back, instead taking his hand to lead him to another room. They pass the living room again, and enter the bedroom. The room has a big bed in the middle, and a chair in the corner. Maybe it has more, but the little kisses that has again resumed in Kevin’s neck makes everything else a bit blurry.


Scotty strokes his sides, his hands making their way inside his shirt. They travel to Kevin’s stomach and then land there. Scotty nibbles at Kevin’s earlobe and pushes himself closer to Kevin, revealing how much Kevin turns him on. Kevin backs closer to Scotty, putting his hands on Scotty’s hips. He lifts his head to give Scotty more skin to work on.


Kevin barely notices how it happens, but suddenly he is turned around in Scotty’s embrace and their lips have met, as well as their tongues. The anxiousness that Kevin felt before is quickly kissed away, and he can’t remove Scotty’s clothes fast enough. Scotty enjoys that Kevin is finally taking charge, and he willingly lets Kevin push him onto the bed.


He is naked when he lands on his back. He smiles playfully at Kevin as he removes his underwear. A shy smile appears on Kevin’s face, but it is quickly replaced with a much more confident smile. Kevin climbs on top of Scotty, pinning him down against the bed.


Scotty moves under him, not a lot, just enough to arouse Kevin to the very edge where Kevin begs Scotty to let him fuck him. Scotty smiles when he turns around, again letting Kevin pin him to the bed. He moans when Kevin penetrates him, and he moans louder when Kevin presses his wet lips against his neck.


He is pretty certain that the neighbors heard them when they too shortly after screamed out their climax. Kevin kisses his shoulders when he lies down next to Scotty, pulling the blanket over them. Scotty shifts to make them face each other, giving Kevin the big kiss that he deserves.


“I’m so glad you’re here.” He says.

“I am too.” Kevin admits. “Although, I was a bit nervous.” He smiles.

“Oh, I didn’t notice.” Scotty teases, stroking Kevin’s hair. “But I knew you were brave enough to take it.”


Kevin laughs and blushes a bit.

“Why are you still so shy with me?” Scotty ask with a soft voice. “You know I like you.”

“I know.” Kevin says. “But that thing you said about being out of my league.” Scotty nods. “I feel the same way,” Kevin confesses. “You know what to say and what to do, you know the drill. The only melted chocolate I’ve ever tried is when my big sister Sarah made me fondue.”


Scotty laughs quietly at Kevin.

“You don’t have to worry Kevin. I think you know more than you think you do. Besides, melted chocolate is more of a tenth time kind of thing.” Scotty says and winks.


“Oh.” Kevin says, “Tenth?” Scotty nods. He enjoys the teasing look Kevin just got. “I guess we should speed up then, if I’m ever going to replace the worst canned pineapple with gray chocolate experience I once had. You’d think a sister in the fruit industry knows her fruit, but no.”


Scotty laughs as Kevin explains and welcomes Kevin’s mouth on his. Scotty closes his eyes and feels Kevin’s weight back on him, heavy and warm. Yes, they are very close to being boyfriends now, and Kevin seems to agree it’s a good idea to go there. He should make Kevin his chocolate chip cookies after this, and then Kevin will never be able to let go.  

Sleeping in

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin wakes up?

Word count: 532


Scotty nearly drops his coffee mug when he enters the bedroom. He left the bed only ten minutes ago to get them some coffee to enjoy in bed. It had become something of a Saturday tradition to spend the time up until lunch in bed, enjoying each other’s company and getting some time to talk. Naked.


Scotty stares at the creature on the bed. On top of the sheets, on his stomach, is Kevin, reading a book. His legs are bent up, wiggling back and forth. His arms are supporting his head as he reads from the book on the bed.


Scotty’s eyes follow the lines of Kevin’s soft skin. His hairy and thin legs, his firm and alluring ass, his strong back and his broad shoulders. The muscles play as he turns the page of the book. His intense dark hair is asking to be touched and his face seen in profile is gentle and simply beautiful.


Kevin doesn’t even look up when Scotty returns, not until he sees Scotty place a cup on his bedside table does he acknowledge the company.

“Thank you.” He says to Scotty, reaching out his palm over the cup to see how warm it is. He withdraws it, turning to Scotty’s side and frowning a bit. Scotty knows how much Kevin needs his coffee and how he would probably prefer sleeping in with it rather than him if he could.


“You’re welcome.” Scotty says and sits down on his side of the bed. “No,” he puts a hand on Kevin back when he starts to get up. “You stay right there. I want to enjoy the view while having my coffee.” He smiles at Kevin and holds the hand on his back until Kevin surrenders and lies back down again.


Scotty exhales and watches how Kevin takes the book and opens it in front of him, resuming his previous reading position. He looks at Scotty and asks:

“Good like this?”

Scotty nods. “Yes. Couldn’t be better. I could just eat you up.”


“I’d really prefer it if you didn’t. You know what happened to the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood.” Kevin replies dryly. Scotty laughs.

“Yes, that’s true. Besides, if I ate you I wouldn’t be able to look at you.”

“Yes, that would be a tragic loss.” Kevin says, if possible even dryer.


“What’s with the attitude?” Scotty asks, nudging Kevin’s side a bit. “You know I think you’re terribly sexy.” Scotty puts his coffee mug on his own bedside table. He shifts his position so he lies next to Kevin, half covering his body with his own. He kisses Kevin’s shoulder blade.


“I can never get enough of you.” He whispers. Kevin pushes the book away, letting his head sink towards the sheets when Scotty kisses his neck. Scotty strokes his back, slow and teasing, leaving a tingling feeling along Kevin’s spine. Scotty blows a soft puff of air against Kevin’s ear, then proceeding to kiss it. Kevin moans and sinks into the mattress when his muscles relax.


Scotty kisses Kevin’s neck and shoulders, massaging the small of his back with the hand he doesn’t use to support himself. After a while he hears a soft moaning sounds.


“Kevin?” He asks. He gets a small moaning reply. “Kevin?” He moves up to Kevin’s face. “Did you just fall asleep?” Scotty asks.

Kevin lifts his head a bit.

“No.” He reaches out for the coffee. “Of course not.” He sits up and takes a sip of the coffee. “Sorry.”


Scotty laughs at him.

“Don’t be sorry. I like it that you feel relaxed under my touch.” Scotty says and takes a sip of his own coffee. “But you better drink up now, because you need to be awake for what we’re gonna do.”


Rate: R for innuendo, to be sure.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin experiences some complex.

Word count: 1758


The door closes behind Kevin and Scotty looks up, only to find Kevin already halfway to the kitchen.

“Hi honey.” He calls from his place on the couch. “How was your day.”

“Fine.” Kevin calls back.


Scotty hears Kevin take out something from the fridge, and the sound of Kevin gulping down almost an entire bottle of water.

“I’m gonna make dinner soon.” Scotty says. “I thought we’d have pasta.”

“Oh. I’m not that hungry. I’ll just have a fruit.” Kevin says when he walks through the living room to the bedroom.


Kevin not hungry? Scotty raises an eyebrow. All the time he’s ever known Kevin, not once has he not been hungry. Something’s not right. He puts his papers away and gets up. Kevin is in the bedroom, changing his work suit into more comfortable clothes to wear at home, just like he does every day.


Kevin looks up when he hears Scotty enter, almost dropping the sweater he’s holding. He fiddles with it for a while and quickly puts it on, almost as if he didn’t want Scotty to see him naked.


Scotty decides not to ask about Kevin’s strange behavior directly.

“How was your day?” He asks, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Great. Fine. Had a long strategy meeting.” Kevin replies. He doesn’t sound annoyed, but not very happy either. He’s usually in a much chattier mood when he comes home, ready to fill Scotty in on the daily gossip.


Kevin has his pants in his hand, looking a bit unsure of what to do next. Scotty smiles at his confusion and lies down on the bed, spreading out to see the show. Kevin looks at him for a second before excusing himself and going into the bathroom. Scotty sits back up, still puzzled. Kevin quickly emerges, putting his suit pants back in the closet, not to wrinkle them.


“I have a slight headache, do we have any pills?” Kevin asks Scotty, walking over to give a perplexed Scotty a kiss.

“Yeah, in the kitchen…” Scotty says. Kevin smiles at him and leaves the room.




Two hours later Scotty has finished his pasta, after having asked Kevin at least thirty times if he was sure he didn’t want any. Kevin had declined every time, just sipping his water and eating an apple.


The mind-numbing TV show they’ve been watching comes to an end, and the silence between them indicated that they both feel ready to go to bed. Scotty’s head has landed on Kevin’s shoulder, and he slowly lifts it.


“I’ll just fix my dishes, and I’ll be right in bed.” He says to Kevin. “Why don’t you wait for me there?” He suggests. Kevin nods and gives him a kiss.


Scotty cleans the kitchen quickly, and then brushes his teeth. The wet tooth brush next to his tells him Kevin is already done, probably stretched out on the bed, waiting for him. He feels like whistling a happy tune when he turns off the lights in the apartment to turn in for the night, and surprise strikes him when he walks into the bedroom.


Kevin is on his side, under the blanket, wearing a t-shirt. Scotty’s t-shirt, one he knows Kevin likes, but still, he never sleeps in a t-shirt. His eyes are closed and his breathing slow, like he’s already asleep. Scotty figures he must have had a long day, so he quietly undresses himself and crawls under the blanket. He moves closer to Kevin, but before he can put his arms around him, Kevin turns around.


He looks a bit tired, but clearly awake.

“Is it okay if I spoon you?” He asks. Scotty doesn’t reply, just settles into Kevin’s arms. Kevin kisses his neck and soon they both fall asleep.




When Scotty’s alarm rings Kevin is already up. Scotty looks at the time. Good, he has plenty of time before he has to be at work, so he can take a long shower and have breakfast with Kevin. He gets out of bed, putting on only underwear and a t-shirt.


Kevin sits by the computer, checking his mail like he does every morning. Scotty kisses his hair when he walks by on the way to the kitchen.

“You want boiled eggs?” He asks.

“No, I’m not hungry. I’ll have something in the office.” Kevin replies.


Scotty walks backwards out of the kitchen.

“Kevin, you haven’t had a decent meal in over twelve hours, are you okay?” Scotty asks. Kevin briefly looks up at him.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He casually replies.

“You also had a headache last night, maybe you’re getting sick.” Scotty says. “Is your mouth dry?” He asks, stroking Kevin’s shoulders.


“No, I’m fi…” He starts. He looks up at Scotty. “I’m fine. I promise.” He assures. “Don’t worry about me honey.” He says, pulling Scotty down for a kiss.

“Okay.” Scotty hesitantly says. “I’m gonna take a shower, do you want to join me?” He asks.

“Eh, no. I need to finish some papers and go to the office. I’ll shower tonight.” Kevin says. 




When Scotty comes home from work he hears the shower running. Kevin’s briefcase is on the floor and on the small table is a banana peel and an empty bottle. Scotty picks it up. ‘Meal Replacement’ he reads on the label. Since when doesn’t Kevin have time to eat? If there’s anything he always prioritizes, it’s that.


Scotty puts down his own bag on the floor. He walks over to the bathroom and tries the handle. It’s open and Scotty slides in. He hears Kevin humming a song, and therefore doesn’t notice when he gets company.


Scotty undresses quickly and as soundlessly as he can, pulls away the shower curtain to join Kevin under the hot water.

“Scotty!” Kevin screams when he feels Scotty’s hand on his back. “What are you doing?”


Scotty doesn’t know what to answer. His naked body reaching for Kevin’s should be explanation enough, he doesn’t know which words to use.

“I just though…” He starts, but his voice trails off. In the meantime Kevin has wrapped a towel around his waist, stepping out of the shower.


“You don’t want to shower together?” Scotty quietly asks.

“No,” Kevin says with a shaky voice. “I’m already done.” He gestures at the shower. “All yours.” He quickly collects his clothes and leaves the room.


For a second Scotty just stands there. His arm is wet and cold, he is completely naked and his husband has lost his ability to take a hint. The whole thing repeats in his head until he’s so mad, he just wants to scream to Kevin to get his ass back in the shower so they can get some steamy sex on a Thursday night.


He barges into the bedroom to find Kevin there, still only wearing the towel.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asks, his voice loud and slightly aggressive. Kevin looks up, shocked.

“What? I’m getting dressed.” Kevin says.


“Don’t be all innocent with me.” Scotty pleads, his voice lower and calmer. “Since when don’t you want to shower together?” He asks, his voice almost breaking.

“It’s nothing Scotty, I’m just not in the mood.” Kevin goes through clothes thrown on a chair, looking after some specific piece.


Scotty walks over to him, putting a hand on Kevin’s naked back.

“Kevin, are you really okay?” He asks. His voice is thin and fragile, his fear for Kevin so obvious. Kevin looks up at Scotty. His eyes drift a bit and lands on the full-sized mirror on the closet door. He stares at the reflection.


Scotty follows his gaze, seeing Kevin in the white towel and himself, still naked. He’s taller than Kevin. He barely ever thinks about it, but he is. Almost a head taller. He straightens himself up to see the difference. He sees Kevin’s reaction in the mirror, and quickly Kevin steps out of the view.


He walks over to the bed and sits down. Scotty walks over and sits down next to him. He takes Kevin’s hand. He doesn’t need to say anything, Kevin knows he has to spill.


“Scotty, I know you’ve had some problems with me lately.” Kevin starts. Scotty’s jaw drops. Of all the things Kevin might want to talk about, that’s what he says.

“What?” Is his instinctive reply. Kevin doesn’t seem to notice his surprise, but continues:

“I know I don’t look like most your friends or like the guys in that movie.”


Scotty has a slight memory of saying someone in a movie was hot. It was probably Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. That man knows how to wear eye-liner.

“I’m trying to lose some weight now, and hit the gym for a bit.” Kevin continues.


“That’s why you’re not eating? But Kevin, why do you want to lose weight? You’re beautiful.” Scotty says. Kevin looks at him in disbelief.

“Scotty, you don’t have to. I know I don’t look perfect, so I want to work on that, for you. It’s not problem.”


“But Kevin, it is a problem, but now the one you think. It’s a problem that you stop eating and don’t want me to touch you when you imagine this.” Scotty squeezes Kevin’s hand. “I mean it Kevin, you’re beautiful.” Scotty emphasized every word, looking straight into Kevin’s eyes.


“Really?” Kevin says.

“Of course, Kevin. You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever known, and I’m not just saying that.”

“But just now, when you looked in the mirror.” Kevin says, looking at the spot by the chair where they stood. “You looked at yourself and saw the difference.”


“Yes, Kevin, I saw that I’m taller than you. Actually, I’m quite happy we don’t look the same, because that would be a bit creepy.” Scotty says. Kevin doesn’t reply, he just looks at Scotty.

“I think you’re the most attractive guy walking on the face of the Earth. No other guy makes my heart skip a beat every time he looks at me.” Kevin looks at Scotty when he talks, following the movement of his lips.


“Really?” He says quietly. “You really think I’m hot?”

Scotty doesn’t reply. He leans over Kevin, pushing his lips against his. They fall backwards on the bed, Scotty pinning Kevin down. He tugs at the towel around Kevin’s waist, exposing Kevin’s body to the air.

“Really.” Scotty confirms. “Now let’s get back to the shower, because I haven’t showered yet, and you still have conditioner in your hair.” 

Short and random: Irresistible

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Time to wake up.

Word count: 200


Kevin slowly wakes up, his body heavy and unable to move. He is in bed, on his stomach, his arms under the pillow so they almost fall asleep. He is entirely naked and the air is chilly against his skin.


He doesn’t feel any urge to pull the blanket over him though, because gentle fingers are dancing over the skin on his back. Scotty whispers ‘good morning’ against his neck, moving his body a bit closer to Kevin.


A finger follows his spine from the small of his back and all the way up. Scotty bends down to kiss Kevin’s shoulder blade. The kiss is, just like the touch, gentle, lingering and loving.


Kevin closes his eyes again, not because he is tired, but because the treatment is so soothing. He moans softly and feels his body sink even deeper down into the mattress. The tender moment is utterly destroyed when his stomach growls for food. Both him and Scotty break into laughter and Kevin lifts his body and turns to Scotty.


“I guess we should have breakfast.” Scotty says, and continues with a kiss: “I thought about making something before you woke up, but you were way too irresistible.”

Short and random: Wealthy

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Cherish the moment.
Word count: 200

Scotty knows that Kevin feels bad for the whole buying a house episode. He blames himself for the drama at the family dinner and he blames himself for overreacting when his income suddenly got lowered when Scotty’s was raised.

Scotty knows that Kevin out of guilt does everything he can to make it up to Scotty, just like Scotty did when he lived with Kevin with no income at all. Kevin is suddenly so quick to volunteer when the loft needs to be vacuumed and he initiated cleaning behind the refrigerator all by himself.

He has been very gently and generous in bed lately, and Scotty is not complaining. Kevin even bought Scotty’s favorite massage oil that he doesn’t like himself, surprising Scotty with it after work.

Scotty is now spread out on the bed, Kevin straddling him and the soft smell of the massage oil reaches his nose in puffs. He is as relaxed as he will ever be, and it is partly because Kevin mixes his massage with little kisses.

Scotty knows it now, and he knows that one day Kevin will get it too. Wealth is not about money – it’s about the moment they share right now.

Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 2

This fic is an RPS (real person story) and I feel less uncomfortable writing and publishing them now. Please let me know what you think, because that makes it easier for me to write another one. :D

Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive.

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 816

[Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 2]

Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 1

This fic is an RPS (real person story) and I feel less uncomfortable writing and publishing them now. Please let me know what you think, because that makes it easier for me to write another one. :D

 Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive.

Rate: R to be sure
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 1050
[Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 1]

Music fic: Prayer for the weekend (The Ark)

The Ark is an amazing Swedish group. Listen to the song at youtube.

: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin receives an invitation. 
Word count: 443

Kevin didn’t believe his ears when his mother called with her quest.
“Mom, you’re jewish.” He says. “And you were never very eager to take either of us to any kind of church.”

Scotty looks up from the computer, sending a wondering look to Kevin. Kevin replies with a shrug and an equally wondering face. Nora explains how a church downtown are interested in her center and she has agreed to go to mass on Sunday and meet the minister afterwards.

“Oh Kevin, it would be so nice if we could all go. It’s so peaceful in a church, I really think we could need that.” Nora dreams.
“Yeah, mom. I don’t know if you noticed this, but our family tend not to behave very well. You know how bad that would be in a peaceful church?” Kevin argues and Scotty laughs at the image popping up his head.

Yeah, if the Walkers manage to make a family dinner look like a battle zone, he doesn’t even want to know what will happen in a quiet place like a church.
“Mom, I know they have wine, I just don’t think they have the quantity our family need to spend an hour seated with each other.”

“Yes mom, I know how a mass works. I used to date a minister, remember?” Kevin points out, not realizing what he said until it has already come out. He looks at Scotty and smiles apologetically. Scotty smiles back, shaking his head lightly to show he’s okay.

Kevin shuts up for a minute, sighing heavily several times as Nora makes her final plead.
“Okay. Sunday at eight. See you then.” Kevin hangs up the phone and exhales.
“So we are going to church with your entire family?” Scotty asks, sounding way too amused. “It won’t be that bad, sweetie.” Scotty says and gets up. He walks over to Kevin and puts his arms around Kevin’s waist.

“When we come back home I will make you a wonderful Sunday dinner and we’ll go to bed early to make up for losing our Sunday sleep-in.” Scotty says and gives Kevin a small peck on the lips.
“I will be cranky.” Kevin says, knowing his own Sunday morning mood.
“I know.” Scotty kisses him again. “As long as you behave in church, we can leave as soon as the mass is over.”

Kevin seem to think about the options for a while, a smile spreading on his face.
“If we even seem happy to be there, mom might let us leave without having coffee with the entire congregation.” He says. Scotty laughs at him and pulls him closer.
“That’s the spirit.”

Music fic: Fix you (Coldplay)

This song was suggested to me. Hear it on youtube.

: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin watches Scotty sleep.
Word count: 415

Kevin sits in bed reading his book. He has almost reached the end and doesn’t want to go to sleep until it’s finished. Scotty fell asleep almost half an hour ago, now peacefully snoring next to him, his hand places on Kevin’s thigh.

Kevin loves Scotty’s snores. They’re soft and warm, just like his voice. They sound so happy and serene. Sometimes he moans a bit, usually before creeping closer to Kevin. The hand on his thigh moves a bit, but stays put.

Kevin watches Scotty sleep. His eyes travel from Scotty’s closed eyes and down his nose. His perfect nose, round and cute, and totally kissable. His full lips, and the slight smile. Speak of kissable… His chin. It’s masculine and yet delicate. The stubble on it sends shivers down Kevin’s spine when they kiss. His cheekbones. Those cheekbones! Kevin can stare at them forever. His long eye lashes are spread out under his eyes, still like they are waiting to wake up so they can follow the eye lid when it opens and closes.

The lines around his eyes that appear when he smiles are now gone, straightened out from the sleep. His forehead is soft and warm, begging to be stroked. Kevin stares at the face of the man beside him, and he feels his own body get warm. He didn’t even know he could love a person this much, and how he ever allowed himself to let Scotty walk out of his life – multiple times – he was a fool.

He wants to take all of Scotty’s worries and fears and hide them away, just putting his own arms around his body, holding him tight when he is sad, laughing with him when he is happy and look into his eyes when they say ‘I love you’ to each other. Kevin is so proud. Scotty is so strong and so wonderful. He has managed things that Kevin never would have made it through and now he is here, next to Kevin because he loves him.

Kevin puts his hand on Scotty’s and the smile on Scotty’s face seems to grow a bit. Kevin closes his book, not caring he has two pages left. He slides under the cover, careful not to wake up Scotty. He feels an arm around him immediately, knowing Scotty puts it there automatically when he feels Kevin in front of him. Kevin closes his eyes and feels Scotty’s breath against his neck. Slow, peaceful and safe.  

Music fic: Bad bad you, bad bad me (Stephen Fretwell)

This song doesn't come from my random iTunes thing, but was suggested to me. This is the song that is played in the background of the car scene in Missionary Imposition. Rewatch that scene here and watch Stephen Fratwell perform live here.

: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: There is really no plot in this one. :D
Word count: 387

“What’s this song?” Kevin asks, nodding his head to the car stereo.
“I don’t know. I think I’ve heard it a couple of times.” Scotty says. The radio station that Kevin has as his preset in the car is also the one he has in the apartment, and Scotty knows how Kevin hates it when he changes, so he doesn’t.

“I think I heard this song on the radio that day after Jason and I had… tea.” Kevin says.
“Oh!” Scotty groans. “Don’t talk about it. What was I thinking just barging in on you there?” Kevin laughs at him, knowing how much that memory annoys Scotty.

“I think it was very sweet. I didn’t want to admit it when you walked in, but I did. I loved it that Jason got to see you and got to see that you cared enough about me to destroy our meeting.”

“Destroy…” Scotty mutters. “I think he rather thought I was needy and desperate, and possessive and…” Scotty’s voice trails off. “and other stuff like that.” He finishes.
“You were possessive.” Kevin points out. He reaches over and strokes one hand across Scotty’s thigh.

“I love that you are. I love you.” He quickly glances at Scotty before returning his gaze to the street, thinking that killing them both isn’t wished for. He sees Scotty bend his head, laughing a bit. He knows that Scotty blushes, because he puts his hands on his cheeks and slides them down his neck.

“I love you too.” He says back. “You’re so important to me.” He lets his hand brush over Kevin’s, then he lifts it up, and gestures it back to the steering wheel.
“Fine. Ten past ten.” Kevin says and grips the wheel like a clock.
“I thought that was Ten to two.” Scotty teases.

“No, that sounds stupid. I’ve had my license for a lot longer than you. I think I know.” Kevin teases back.
“I know, you’re so old. I wish some day you will tell me about when the wheel was invented.”  
“Ha-ha.” Kevin smiles. “If you’re not nice I’ll make you call me daddy.”

“Ouch, that’s just scary.” Scotty laughs.
“I know…” Kevin says and joins the laughter. “Maybe I’ll settle for being an attractive older guy.”
“That you are.” Scotty says. “And then some.”

Matthew & Luke: A kiss is a kiss is a kiss?

This fic is an RPS (real person story) and I still feel uncomfortable writing them (or rather: publishing them). But I know people enjoy reading and I love sharing. :) So please let me know what you think, because that makes it easier for me to write another one. :D

 Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive. 

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The last episode of the season is in the making. 
Word count: 980

[Matthew & Luke: A kiss is a kiss is a kiss?]

Music fic: Video killed the radio star (The Buggles)

This is the second story in my Music fic series. If you want to suggest a song - please do (a link to a youtube clip of your favourite version is great help!). Enjoy! 


Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Kevin reveals a dream.

Word count: 421


“You know what I wanted to be when I grew up?” Kevin asks while chewing his last popcorn.

“What?” Scotty replies.

“A radio show host. Anyone who speaks on the radio.” Scotty turns away from the TV to look at Kevin.


“That’s not really what you’re doing now, is it?” He laughs.

“No, not so much.” Kevin takes the remote and turns off the TV. Scotty knew he would, he knows how much Kevin hates when the credits are just rolling at the end of a movie.


“What made you give up your dream?” Scotty asks, adjusting on the couch to see Kevin better, putting his leg across Kevin’s lap.

“Can I say the usual: my father, not really a future and common pressure to be a good boy?”


“Would you say it’s something else?” Scotty asks.

“Well, there was this cute guy in my class who also wanted to study law.” Kevin reluctantly admits, causing Scotty to laugh.

“Did you study together?” Scotty asks.


“No. Just a few days before the first semester started he moved to Boston to study something else. We didn’t keep in touch.”

Scotty smiles and strokes Kevin’s cheek. It’s smooth due to the fact that Kevin shaved just before the movie started. The hair around his ear is curly and on his neck is still the trace of a bruise Scotty places there a few nights ago. Scotty circles the hickey with the nail on his index finger.


The touch sends chills down Kevin’s spine and he jerks his head a bit. He leans his head back to expose his throat and Scotty gently lets his fingers brush over the skin. Kevin makes a low purring noise that draws out a laughter from Scotty. Kevin looks up at him, making a pouty face.


“I’m tired hun.” Kevin says.

“I need to read some stuff for work, but I can do it in bed with you sleeping on my lap like a good kitten.” Scotty suggests. Kevin seems to enjoy the idea because he very quickly turns off the DVD and puts the dishes in the kitchen.


They slide under the blankets in bed and Kevin crawl up to Scotty, putting his head on his lap. Scotty combs his hair with his fingers while reading his papers, and it’s only a question of minutes before Kevin falls asleep, his soft snoring sounding like a satisfied cat. Kevin mumbles something in his sleep and Scotty smiles at him.

“You sure know how to talk, that’s for sure…” 

Brotherly abduction

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Tommy and Justin stop by to see their brother.

Takes place: Two months after Kevin and Scotty's wedding, but contains no spoilers.

Word count: 1292



Kevin has his feet on the coffee table, comfortably sitting on the couch with his laptop on his lap and the TV on in the background. He has a newly opened bottle of wine within reach and his cell phone is off since Scotty won’t have time to text him anyway. He glances at the clock in the corner of the computer screen, and sees it’s still many hours until Scotty will be home.

Just as he has gotten in position on the couch, there is a knock on the door. Kevin sighs and gets up. He opens the door and finds his brothers there. They don’t let him react or object to being there, but just barge into the apartment.
”Hey Kev, get your shoes. We’re going out.” Justin says and punches his side. Kevin looks upset, his eyes meeting Tommy’s for sympathy.
”I’m with him on this one.” Tommy points at Justin. Justin has walked over to the coffee table, eyeing the bottle of wine.

”Good to see marriage saved you from sad and lonely Friday night, huh?” He says.
”Scotty’s working and I’ve had a long week.” Kevin says, taking the bottle from Justin, putting it back on the table. ”I have a nice evening planned to myself and I have no intention of rescheduling.” Kevin explains.

”Sorry bro, but you owe us a bachelor party.” Justin insists.
”How can I owe you one?” Kevin asks.
”As fun as a road-trip to Arizona was, there were no shots.” Tommy says.
”How do you think Scotty would react? You think I’m going to tell my husband of two months that I’m not in bed when he comes home because I was out getting drunk and getting lap dances?”

Tommy and Justin exchange a look and then look back at Kevin.
”Yes.” They choir.
”Actually, we’ve already okayed this with Scotty. We promised him we’d have you back alive, but except for that he says, and I quote,” Justin says ”make sure he’s drunk enough to enjoy it.”

Kevin looks back and forth between his brothers. They actually seem serious.
”Scotty said that?” They nod. ”And he didn’t even tell me?” They shake their heads.
”We told him not too.” Tommy reveals. ”Now, shoes, jacket and we go to Connection. We’ve made our research this time. No lesbians.”

”Okay, I’ll agree to this, but only because my two supposedly straight brothers seem very eager to visit a gay club.” Kevin says and gets up to get a jacket from his closet.
”A gay club that provides lap dances.” Justin calls after him. ”We called and checked.”


Kevin reluctantly sits down by the table, joined by Justin and Tommy. Soon enough he has a beer and a tequila shot in front of him, not sure how it ended up there. In the corner of his eye he sees a oily man in very little clothing swinging by a pole. He quickly turns his head the other direction, only to see Justin making very big eyes in the direction of Mr. Pole Dancer.

”You’re not gonna make me sit through one of those?” Kevin screams across the table, trying to communicate over the music.
”Of course we will!” Tommy screams back. ”I have a bunch of one dollar bills with me. You’re not getting out of this.”

”And why are we doing this again?” Kevin asks. Another shot is placed in front of him and he swallows it quickly. He sees Tommy doing the same thing, and Justin sipping at a coke.
”Why not him? He’s the only one not married.” Kevin points at Justin.
”Because he likes boobs.” Tommy replies. Tommy waves at the waiter and makes sure they have a steady flow of alcohol. If he knows his brother right, than this will go accordingly if the amount of alcohol is right.

An hour later Justin observes his brothers in their drunken state. It’s never more obvious that you are sober than when everyone else is drunk. Tommy tells Kevin that he is very proud of him and that he wishes Kevin a long and happy life with Scotty, and advices him to keep the cheating to a minimum.

Kevin doesn’t even look insulted, he only tells Tommy what a wonderful wife he has and he should be so lucky to have her. A waiter, wearing very little clothing passes them and Kevin sticks a one dollar bill in his underwear. He man smiles approvingly and walks by.

Kevin points an unsteady finger at Justin and mumbles something about being a good brother. Justin can’t help but laughing at Kevin and he playfully punches Kevin’s shoulder. Tommy heaves himself on the table between them, pointing at a man by a pole. Kevin turns to look but turns around with a wincing face, shaking his head a bit.

”What about him then?” Tommy points at another one. Kevin again takes a look and shakes his head. ”But those two there? They have like an act together.” Tommy says.
Justin can barely control his laughter, telling Tommy that it’s just one guy and one or two Jell-o shots too much on Tommy’s behalf.
”Oh.” Tommy says. ”I just want my brother to have the best lap dance.” He slurs.

”Actually, I don’t want a lap dance.” Kevin says, placing his empty glass on the table with such force it almost breaks. ”You wanna know why?” Both Justin and Tommy lean closer to hear. Kevin clears his throat before starting:
”Because when I come home tonight, I get to see my husband. And you know what?” He asks, not expecting an answer.

”He’s the best husband I’ve ever had, and he’s so humble, and nice, and sweet and humble. I don’t need a strange guy shake his lap on my dance to make me…” Kevin temporarily shuts up to think. ”Never mind. I love Scotty. If anyone should give me a lap dance. It should be him.”
”Thanks for the mental image.” Tommy mumbles.  


When Justin deliver Kevin to Scotty at the loft, he’s managed to get a bit more sober, but just barely. Kevin thanks Justin for being his wonderful self and Justin and Scotty exchange glances. Scotty leads Kevin to the bedroom and hands him a bottle of water. Kevin absorbs the water like a sponge and then watches as Scotty undresses him.

”I can do it myself. I’m not that drunk.” Kevin slurs.
”Kev, you can barely walk on your own. Don’t worry, I’ve got it.” He manages to strip Kevin down to his underwear. Kevin pulls them off himself and attacks Scotty with sloppy kisses. Scotty smiles against Kevin’s mouth and puts his hands on Kevin’s cheeks.

”Relax honey. Go brush your teeth and I’ll fetch some more water for you.” He sees Kevin stumble towards the bathroom, making sure he doesn’t fall on the way. His cell phone beeps and shows that Justin sent him a text. ’Just so you know, we only had drinks. Lots.’ Scotty smiles and replies with a ’Thanx.’. He’s glad Kevin didn’t spend his night lusting after a man with his ass up his face, but that also means that Kevin will want some action from him tonight.

He returns to the bedroom with the water bottle, and Kevin is spread out on the bed, still awake but just barely.
”I love you, you know.” He says, accepting the bottle.
”I know. But I love hearing you say it.” Scotty replies. Kevin gulps half the water in one big sip. He puts the bottle away and looks at Scotty, eyeing him from head to toe before demanding:
”You wear so much clothes. Come here, and let me undress you, love muffin.”

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