As you might have noticed, seven new fics have been posted now. I thought today was going to be my one year anniversary of this blog, but then that turned out to be in a month, so this massive posting is now more a "thanks so much for reading and commenting and I'm sorry I don't update more frequently, but my routines are gone, so I don't have time to write as much as I did before."

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Music fic: Feels like heaven

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I never knew this song could fit so well to anything.

Kevin has never been comfortable dancing. His first dancing experiences had been with Sarah and Kitty at family events, and they had been incredibly embarrassing and awkward. When he had danced with girls at parties when he went to class discos in high school it had felt strange, and he had faked bathroom visits and injuries to get out of it.

His first serious long-term boyfriend Hank had teased him about his two left-feet, now aware that Kevin was faking that too, to get out of dancing. It didn't matter where it was, at an upbeat club, at a nice jazz place or just at home.

After two dates with Scotty, Kevin had been tricked into a slow dance in the middle of a crowded club. That was years ago, and that particular date isn't what Kevin thinks about all the time.

Kevin rests his head on Scotty's shoulder and follows in the slow motion his husbands leads him in. The soft synth tones is like a mattress around them, and neither of them notice if any of the other club visitors is watching them. Kevin tightens his arms around Scotty's neck and closes his eyes. Feels like heaven.


Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I miss watching Kevin and Sarah drinking together.

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

"Two beers." Kevin orders from the bartender.

"What are you, a sissy?" Sarah snaps at him. "And two cowboys." She adds to the bartender. He nods in consent and puts the beers on the disk, starting to prepare the shots.

"So, update me. I have no life of my own since quitting Ojai, now all I have is stories about Paige's hives, and believe me, you do not want to hear about that." Sarah rambles on.

"Oh, where should I start?" Kevin asks and starts drinking his beer. "Work has been hysterical with all the new stuff and I barley get to see Scotty. Once we're both home we're either knackered and fall asleep, or we have to just update each other on life." Kevin takes another sip. "I miss him." He adds.

"Oh honey." Sarah sympathizes. "I know what you mean. It comes and goes." She takes one of the small glasses in front of her and gives it to Kevin. She grabs the other one and holds it up, ready to drink. They both drown the small drink at the same time and put the glasses back on the bar.

"Are you at least getting along?" Sarah asks.

"Yeah, it's great." Kevin answers, sounding slightly sad.

"Want a tip?" Sarah asks while leaning in.

"Do I ever?" Kevin rhetorically asks, still sounding sad.

"The classics are classics for a reason." Sarah starts. "Flowers, chocolate, jewelry... Maybe not jewelry, that's not really Scotty." Sarah corrects herself.

"Yeah, if I come home with flowers he's gonna think I'm having an affair."

"Are you?" Sarah quickly responds.

 "No!" Kevin cries. "Why? How can you even ask me that?" Kevin asks, showing how offended he really feels.

"I'm sorry, but doesn't everyone in this family cheat at one point or another? It's not like you've been a saint for all eternity, even though married life seems to have done wonders for your road towards getting canonized." Sarah dryly says.

"Who pissed in your cheerios?" Kevin asks.

"I'm sorry, but I mean it. I have no life except for the kids. I love them, and I love all the time I can spend with them, but yesterday Joe came to pick them up, and I'm all alone."

"Oh..." Kevin starts, but is cut off by Sarah.

"Don't even try. Back to you. How's Scotty?" Kevin considers ignoring her, or maybe pointing out the mishap in her question, but decides to humor her.

"He's fine. Overworked. Seen that before."

"You need to get out more, both of you. We should all have dinner." Sarah says, desperately grabbing onto her brother.

"All? No, no, you know what happens when we all gather."

"No, not all. You and Scotty and me." Sarah clarifies.

"Okay, why not? You cook." Kevin says, shaking off his sister and settling the plan.

"Oh, I'm always so nervous when I cook for Scotty, I don't know those fancy dishes." Sarah says, taking a big sip from her beer. She sees that both her and Kevin's beers are about to run out, so she signals to the bartender to bring them each a new one.

"Scotty loves everything that's cooked with passion, you can't go wrong. And organic." Kevin says. Sarah nods and finishes her beer just when the new one arrives. Kevin does the same and at the same time they move the empty glasses away from them, grabbing the new cold ones. The see their similar actions and burst out into laughter.

"It'll be nice hanging out with you guys when you're both dressed and your lips aren't red and swollen from kissing." Sarah says, catching her breath.

Kevin makes a face at his sister and brings his hand, shaped as a phone, to the side of his head. Sarah mouths ‘Call' and nods.

Short and random: Nick

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I was inspired months ago to do this, and now it's done.

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

Kevin doesn't know how to handle this situation. The teacher gathered the class around a plastic model of a brain and Nick Holloway, the most popular guy in the class, is standing right behind Kevin and from what Kevin can tell, Nick's very excited to see that plastic brain.

The teacher takes it apart and talks about it, but Kevin doesn't hear a word. Nick moves a bit behind him before settling into a position closer to Kevin.

Kevin's brain screams ‘NO!' and yet, there is something about the whole experience that triggers his teenage boy's dirty mind. He can feel another boy's hardness against his ass, and the warmth from the touch arouses him.

Little does Kevin know that it's this experience that will play over and over in his head for months before finally having the courage to sneak off to the library, looking up a book titled "Homosexuality in the 1970-1980s". Little does he know that this is the event to start the chaos that will fill his body for many years ahead.

Nick moves a bit more and a faint smile curls around Kevin's mouth. Kevin doesn't see it, but Nick smiles too, moving even closer.

Music fic: Underneath your clothes

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: It's both music and short. I'm confused. Most of all: it's not the best of songs, but it was randomed.

"How did we end up here?" Kevin half-screams into Scotty's ear. Scotty laughs in reply, putting his arms around Kevin, swinging them around to the music. Kevin looks around and realizes that by walking into this club he upped the average age by at least 10 years.

Around them many young pares are dancing and kissing. Kevin resigns and lets Scotty bring him into the rhythm, swaying along in the darkness, with smoke and brightly colored lights around them.

The beers they drank at the previous club have now left a leisured feeling with them, making it easy to blend with the dancers in the multicolored smoke clouds.

Scotty's lips find Kevin's, pressing them against each other. Kevin replies, uncomfortable at first but more eager when feeling the warm breath from his husband.

Scotty's lips move away from Kevin's, whispering:

"I remember this song from this one time. I danced with the hottest guy to this."

Kevin bends his head back to look at Scotty, his eyes filled with envy. He sees Scotty's impish face and laughs, leaning in to press a kiss on Scotty's cheek.

"You tease." He whispers back.

"You ain't seen nothing yet." Scotty smilingly replies.

Short and random: Rain

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Sweden is rainy in the summer, so I got inspired.

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

The sudden and quite unexpected rain floods down from the gray sky and the party goers quickly leaves the big party tent as the wind forces the cold drops in under the roof. In the middle of the tent are two figures, neither of them noticing the hurrying people around them, nor the merry chatter from the wet visitors entering the hosting house.

Kevin feels cold stray drops on the skin between his shirt and his hairline in the back. Scotty kisses his way from Kevin's mouth, past his ear to finally kiss away the rain from Kevin's neck. Kevin makes a small noise, contrasting with the heavy dripping on the roof.

Kevin's hands slips under Scotty's shirt, pulling him closer to himself. His legs are like spaghetti, still feeling unsteady when Scotty is so close to him. Their lips meet, the hot tongues meeting between their rainy cold lips.

The front door closes, leaving the two outside after other visitors have made attempts to ask them into the warm house, but not getting a reply. Scotty smiles against Kevin's neck and nibbles gently on his earlobe, feeling Kevin's hands around his waist, wet from the rain, but still warm.

The cat

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A cat and an easily charmed heart.

"You know we can't keep him." Kevin stands by the door to the bedroom, looking at Scotty in the bed, rolled around the small kitten on the middle of the bed. The cat is joyfully laying on its back, exposing its neck for Scotty to scratch it. Kevin can hear the purring all the way to his spot a few feet away.

"Why not?" Scotty pouts. "He chose us. Cats do that." Scotty imitates the cat's position, putting his head on he bed, exposing his neck, his attention on the cat.

"But he belongs to someone, and we don't have the space nor the time to take care of a cat. We can barely keep the plants alive." Kevin complains. He walks over to the bed and sits down on it, stroking Scotty's side much like he would on a cat.

"Maybe he doesn't belong to someone. He might just be left by someone who didn't want kittens and now he needs a loving home. A warm bed to sleep in and someone to nuzzle their nose into his fuzzy belly." Scotty says and demonstrates. "I know, I've been there."

"Well, you don't have a fuzzy belly." Kevin mumbles. "Okay, let's say we start by putting some notes around the neighborhood, asking if someone's lost him. He can stay here until someone calls." Kevin negotiates.

"And what if no one does?" Scotty says, glancing at Kevin.

"Then we'll discuss it again. They have cat rescue centers, this is what they do." Kevin says, standing up, believing the case is closed.

"I know, for cats waiting for an owner that might come or death." Scotty says, nuzzling closer to the cat. "But okay. Notes and then we'll see."

Scotty knows it's a good deal. Kevin might be reasonable, but he's not heartless. In a few days when this little fur ball has spent the night with them he's gonna love the little kitten as well.

"Let's name him Mr. Bernie." Scotty says. "Cats need fun names."


"Scotty!" Kevin calls. His voice is not happy, coming from the bedroom.

"What is it honey?" Scotty asks in a soft voice as he enters from the bathroom. He knows without needing an answer. The cat is peacefully asleep in the middle of the bed, leaving plenty of room for both Kevin and Scotty. On each a side of him.

"I don't care what you say, he's not sleeping there." Kevin says. "I want you close when I sleep, without furry ‘protection'."

Scotty chuckles and carefully moves the kitten to the very edge of his side of the bed. The cat opens one eye to see what is going on before going back to sleep.

Scotty crawls into bed, laying down in the middle of it. Kevin lays down next to him, sliding an arm around his husband. They share a goodnight kiss and turn off the lights. Only minutes later Scotty feels something soft and warm lay down by his back. He smiles against Kevin's hair and closes his eyes, shortly falling into sleep.


Kevin removes his pants and throws them on the floor, eagerly kissing Scotty on their way towards the bed. Scotty lowers himself on the bed and Kevin follows, their lips not parting. There is a loud squeaky noise and then chaos. The cat hisses and leaps off the bed, Scotty slides to the side to avoid scratches and Kevin falls on his stomach on the bed.

Kevin takes a deep breath and swallows his annoyance. The cat is indeed cute and fuzzy, and Scotty likes it a bit too much for him to dislike it. He moves to Scotty and they resume their kissing, moving alone with more touching. Scotty rolls them around and pins Kevin to the mattress under them. He barely notices when something furry jumps back onto the bed, joining them again, to see what fun is going on.

Kevin enjoys Scotty's kissing and leans his head back when Scotty trails his kisses further down Kevin's body. Kevin moans and bends his head to the left, his eyes landing on the upside-down cat sitting next to them watching.

"Scotty!" He calls.

"I know." Scotty moans in agreement, believing Kevin is just complimenting him on his actions.

"We have an audience." Kevin says. Scotty halts and looks at the small observer. He giggles and takes the cat, placing it outside their door and shutting it. They finally get to make love, but to the sound of a left-out and curious cat meowing from the living room.


Kevin spend over two hours with his mother in the garden, helping with so many things he had no idea had to be done with plants. He's waited for the right moment to bring the matter up, but Nora's yapping hasn't given him much space. He takes off the thick garden gloves and sees Scotty's Ranchero driving up before the house.

"Uh, mom." He interrupts her.

"Yes?" She asks, looking up from a gigantic pile of twigs.

"Me and Scotty wanted to ask you a favor." He says, in the corner of his eye seeing Scotty get out of the car and taking something from the back.

"Over a week ago a cat, a kitten, showed up in our hallway." He starts, rambling. "It was there for over a day, looking thin and miserable." He sees Scotty approaching with the big back in his hand. "So we took it in and fed it."

"That's nice of you." Nora chimes in. "Scotty!" She exclaims seeing him approach the garden. She pulls of her gardening gloves and hugs him.

"I didn't know you were coming." She smiles to him.

"Oh, I thought Kevin had told you, I should have called." Scotty says.

"Nonsense, I gave you that key for it to be used." Nora waves it away. She looks at the bag in his hand. "Why is your bag meowing?" She asks.

"What I was going to tell you," Kevin continues. "Is that we put up notes around the block asking if anyone is missing a cat, and no one replied. So we thought, if no one replies after now... maybe he could live here?" Kevin finishes slowly. "We don't have the space or the time to take care of a cat."

"A kitten?" Nora says, kneeling over by the bag. She opens it and sees the gray fur ball look up at her. "I don't know. We haven't had a pet since Bingo." She takes him up and looks at him, the cat starting to purr the moment she pats him.

"I guess he could stay here. If he wants." She says. "Cats pick their owners, not the opposite." She says. She stands up and holds the cat close. It seems to find its place close to her chest, closing its eyes laying on her arm.

"Just let us know when you need a cat watcher." Scotty says. "We called him Mr. Bernie. Well I did, Kevin usually called him ‘get-out-of-my-favorite-chair'." Nora laughs and Kevin looks embarrassed.

"But he was always laying on my Liza." He says quietly. "She got furry."

Scotty laughs at Kevin being so protective of his pillow, and for referring to it as a woman. He knows that Kevin likes that pillow and that he is not allowed to drink or eat close to it. Scotty puts his arm around Kevin and follows Nora into the house, giving his husband a quick peck on the cheek for the bright idea to offer the little creature to Nora. If there is any place the little thing will get attention and be nurtured, it's there.

With some kind of dedication to my dear old cat that kept me company while writing, although he was asleep during (and awoken to pose in the photos above).

Gayme night

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty should attend a Game Night. The Jonses return.

"Your mother just made me impersonate Jack Nicholson, doing ‘The Shining' in Charade." Scotty says as he enters the kitchen. Kevin and Justin smile at him, Kevin embarrassed beyond reason. Scotty walks by and gives Kevin a small peck on the cheek. He pours himself a new glass of wine and jumps up on the counter next to Kevin.

"How did you get out of this?" Scotty asks Justin.

"We were one more than them, as our family manages to reproduce every year." Justin says. He isn't too fond of the Joneses, but he appreciates that they are strict when it comes to rules, so that he managed to get out of the initial game.

"You did this how many years?" Scotty asks, drinking some wine.

"Too many." Kevin says, taking the glass from Scotty, having a drink himself.

"Don't ask." Justin says simultaneously. "Nothing good can ever come out of this. Just because one of the Joneses set off mom we have to do this again. At least you get to be drunk."

"Kevin! Scotty!" Nora says when she enters the kitchen. Something in her voice tells them she isn't just acknowledging their presence, but also criticizing them for not being somewhere kicking asses in a family game of Trivial Pursuit.

"I need you in the living room right now. That Donna and her partner think they are the best gay couple in Game Night, so I cannot have you two hiding here." Nora says, ushering them towards the living room. Kevin and Scotty exchange looks, not sure how they are going to score points by being gayer.

Kevin takes Scotty's hand when they enter the room where excited Joneses and embarrassed Walkers are all collecting for the final round of Trivia.

"Am I the only one holding up the fort here?" Sarah asks. "I just had to face both Miranda and Samantha in scrabble, because the helping Walker didn't show." She hisses between clenched teeth.

"I don't get how they managed to spell out ‘expatriate' there, it's just not fair." She says.

"So we lost that game too?" Rebecca asks. "Nora is going to be so disappointed if we don't win this."

"So?" Justin asks, sneaking into the room and choosing a spot to sit where Nora might not see him too well. "Maybe this can finally be the end of this pseudo-tradition."

"Have you met our mother?" Kitty asks. "She wouldn't even let me leave to feed Evan, I had to sit in the middle of Charade and try to get a baby to take a nap."

"Let's just try and get through this as painless as possible." Sarah says. She looks at Kevin and Scotty standing before all the people in the room, holding hands, looking very confused and very goofy. "You two want to join us?" She asks.

"No," Kevin whispers. "We're being gay."

"What?" Sarah asks, frowning. Nora emerges from the kitchen, holding a big basket of newly bakes cinnamon buns in her arms.

"I thought we could need something sweet for the final game." She says.

"Nora, I hope you don't think you will get bonus points for baking." Miranda Jones chimes as she takes a bun. Lizzie loudly declares that she is on a strict diet that forbids her to eat cinnamon and Sarah manages to overpower Kitty before she mumbles something lethal.

"Kevin, Scotty," Nora says, turning to them with the basket when all the Joneses are fed. "Aren't you lovely? They just celebrated their anniversary a few weeks ago." Nora says, turned back to the competing team. "They are so happy. Here, have a bun and sit down." They take each a bun and sit down. The entire Walker side of the room look utterly embarrassed and are happy when Saul stands up before them all to introduce the final round of their game night.

An hour later the Walkers have managed to snatch the lead back from the Jones family, with Scotty answering questions about advanced cooking and Justin about medicine.

"Okay Walkers, last question. If you answer this one right, you win the game." Saul announces. "Which city is the capital of Mississippi?"

"I know this!" Kitty screams, standing up so rapidly Evan wakes up in her arms. "It's Jackson!"

"No!" Sarah says. "It's Montgomery, I was there on business!"

"Actually, it's Atlanta." Someone chimes in, and suddenly the game is in full force again.


Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I needed fluff, maybe you did too.

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing.

"Why did you suggest marriage back then?" Scotty asks, thinking back to the conversation they had over a year ago over the punch bowl with Scotty's injured hand as the center of attention. Kevin's hand that's been massaging Scotty's feet stops in its motion.

"I didn't. Civil union, it's different." Kevin corrects. He sighs heavily and continues. "It was all Justin's fault, he's the one who brought it up when we went surfing after you had just cut your hand."

Scotty holds up his hand and looks at the scar in the middle of the palm, running up towards his thumb. It's barely noticable, so thin and fits well with the lines in his palm.

"Justin?" Scotty asks, slightly surprised. He never thought of Justin as the kind of guy who would have marriage... or civil unions in his frame of reference.

"Yes. I remember it very well because he said I should make you my domesticated partner and I told him you weren't a pet."

Scotty laughs out loud. That sounds more like the Justin he knows. In either case, it was very sweet of him to try and figure out a way to help Scotty.

"But now you are my pet." Kevin says, his mind apparently having wandered in a totally different direction.

Kevin climbs across the couch to cover Scotty's half-sitting body with his own, touching Scotty's lips with his own in a soft kiss.

"You're my bunny." He says.

"I always think of the scary time travelling rabbit in Donnie Darko when people mention bunnies." Scotty says, kissing Kevin back.

"Okay. You're my hare." Kevin says.

"Sexy." Scotty dryly replies. Kevin smiles in reply and kisses Scotty again, more thouroughly.

"You are very sexy." Kevin says, his lips so close to Scotty's they touch when he speaks. "You're my sexy bunny."

Scotty blushes and laughs, willingly letting Kevin shut him up with a kiss.

"Just so you know, if you had accepted my proposal then over the hospital bill, it wouldn't have changed anything. I don't care if we were to get married for practical reasons or because I realized I couldn't live without you." Kevin says with a warm breath against Scotty's neck.

"Anything to make you mine forever is good enough. For whatever reason." Kevin finishes, capturing Scotty's lips in a kiss. Scotty moans against his lips, making the skin vibrate.

"I agree." Scotty says. "But I'm still glad we got that romantic moment in the end." He feels Kevin's hand on his side, stroking him with a firm touch. Just like that night, Kevin had run his hand down his back, lowered him on the floor with himself on top and claimed him against the hard floor.

"Romance is good." Kevin half-heartedly agrees, too lost in the kissing to make a clearer point. Scotty giggles against his mouth and moves on the couch, making better room for Kevin to move on top of him.

"Yes it is." Scotty agrees. "So prove it to me, Kevin Walker." Scotty challenges. "Right here where we first had sex, where we started our first Valentine's mishap, where we had lobster and then decided to be together forever." Scotty whispers. He shifts further on the couch before moving back up against Kevin. "Take me."

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