She remembers 1985 well...

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: No summary needed, really. It would just spoil the story. :)

Word count: 436


She remembers 1985 very well, because that was the year Martha Hagman accidentally burned her cat’s tail when making a birthday cake for her husband. It was a good year, all in all, well, Martha’s personal chaos was a tough piece of cake, pardon the pun, to deal with, but 1985 will still go down as one of the best years.


Not only did she get rid of that husband of hers but she also found herself this nice little bachelorettes pad. Her so-called better half had moved to Mexico and now they met on a yearly basis to say hi and make sure they were still alive. He seemed to like it there and she couldn’t deny loving the sun in southern California.


Well, since 1985 she’s had quite the adventure in the golden state but whatever has happened in her still somewhat quiet life, she still has the loft to go back to. Amongst her neighbors she has found friends, gossip and the occasional temporary lover. Some have been better than others and some has just made her life worth living.


The cute young guy who moved in a couple of years ago has been one of the highlights. He has helped her water plants and fetch the mail and some groceries when she broke her leg. He always had time to sit down for a cup of coffee, and even though he never shared so much about himself, it was nice to have some company that wasn’t old ladies like herself.


Kevin Walker, was his name, and he was a lawyer. Quite easy on the eye and with a marvelous smile. He didn’t actually tell her, but he also might be a homosexual. Through the years quite a lot of men has come and gone. Some very temporary, some stayed for a bit.


The latest one seem to also be the final one. Tall handsome man and rumors has it he is a chef. That’s a good choice, she thinks, there is nothing more passionate and sensual than food. However, he is quite loud. He also makes the other one very loud. She wants to think it’s because they enjoy playing a loud round of chess, but the rhythm of their noises and their shameful looks the next day says it something different.


Oh well, what can she do? She recently bought herself an iPod and have been exploring all sorts of new music lately, and it blocks out all activities coming from the neighbors. She’s just glad they are there when she needs a cup of sugar or a helping hand.

The camping trip, part 2

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty go hiking, part two.

Takes place: After my "The Camping trip" story. (I'd link to it, but the link application isn't working. If you want to brush up, search for it in the search field to the left.) 
Word count: 464


“So you went camping a lot when you were a kid?” Kevin asks Scotty and nuzzles even closer to his husband, not leaving much space between them in the sleeping bag.

“I was a boy scout.” Scotty reveals. “But it was barely ever this much fun.”


Barely ever?” Kevin asks. “Something you wanna tell me?”

“Not really. There was skinny-dipping there too.” Scotty winks. “I had my first kiss at camp.”

“Cute.” Kevin says and kisses Scotty. “Was it better than this one?”


“I don’t know…” Scotty says and wrinkles his forehead, as if to think about it. He kisses Kevin again and then makes a moaning noise. “No…” He says lingering. “This was definitely better.”


“So, what are we doing tomorrow?” Kevin asks.

“I thought we’d have a big nice breakfast…” He suggests and gets an approving kiss from Kevin. “then start walking back home, but take another route. Instead we’ll follow the lake for a while and then cross over to this peek. The view from there is magnificent.”


“What will we do there?” Kevin asks, leaving very little to imagination.

“It is very privately located, but I think it is a spot visited by families and random hikers every once in a while.” Scotty says. “And as much fun as it is to live on the edge, I just don’t think the chief strategist of a US senator can get caught in the act and get away with it.”


“If that’s the way you feel about it, maybe we should sleep in each a sleeping bag.” Kevin says, mocking his insult, trying to move away from Scotty’s grip, not succeeding very well. Scotty gives Kevin a kiss, erasing all arguments that could appear.


“You know, we’re alone now…” Scotty says.

“Isn’t it cold?” Kevin asks, wrinkling his nose.

“Not in here.” Scotty points out and slides one leg between Kevin’s.

“But it’ll get messy.” Kevin pouts. “I’d much rather take my chances at the place with the view.”


“Really? Have we become a little daredevil?” Scotty laughs.

“No… the thought has just stayed in my head.” Kevin says and kisses Scotty. He slides one hand along Scotty’s chest, traveling back to follow his spine. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?” Kevin whispers.


Scotty smiles and blushes.

“So are you.” He replies. “And thank you.” Kevin smiles at him, planting a kiss on Scotty’s lips. Kevin snuggles up against Scotty, pressing his nose into the warmth coming from Scotty’s neck.


“You know there is no other person who would persuade me to sleep in a tent, right?” Kevin says, his voice muffled from speaking against Scotty’s skin. He feels Scotty’s adam’s apple jump when Scotty laughs quietly.

“Yes Kevin. I know.” Scotty kisses Kevin’s hair. “And I love you too.”


Short and random: Helmet

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: There just has to be a story about the French cathedral.

Word count: 200


Kevin knows he’s a bit drunk, because he can’t stop giggling. But that was the deal – a bit drunk or it ain’t happening. Scotty had willingly served Kevin a glass of wine, a drink and a shot of tequila. Or two.


He has never done role-play before, and even though he’s become quite adventurous with Scotty, the French Cathedral and the wounded soldier isn’t really in his bag. Until tonight, now it’s as close as it can get.


He had no idea he would react like this. One look at Scotty and he felt how he became someone else, like a character that overtook the body formerly known as Kevin, talking like someone else and doing things Kevin usually doesn’t do.


Seeing Scotty act with this person inside his body arouses him, and Scotty’s teasing vulnerability pushes every button in Kevin’s body until he has no other option than to beg for satisfaction and closure. Scotty is surprisingly controlled, knowing Kevin well enough to play the game to the fullest.


Afterwards Kevin will blush, and wonder how he turned into that person – he who used to be such a prude. Scotty laughs at him and rewards him a kiss.


Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty comes home from work...

Word count: 621


Scotty closes the door to the loft behind him. Kevin is on the couch, his feet on the table and a computer on his lap. He looks up and greets Scotty with a smile and then quickly returns to his work.


“We’re going to have sex.” Scotty states.

“We are?” Kevin looks up, puzzled. “I thought I was working.” Scotty takes off his jacket and throws it on a chair, blocking Liza’s view.

“No, we’re gonna have hot afternoon sex because I’ve been incredibly horny all day.” Scotty says and takes the computer from Kevin.


Kevin looks at him and smiles. Not only is it very entertaining to see Scotty desperate and needy, it’s also very arousing when he takes charge. He is pulled up into standing position and Scotty’s lips attack him while tugging at his shirt.


Kevin lifts his arms up and Scotty pulls off the t-shirt. They lock lips again and Scotty starts unbuttoning his own shirt and shortly it falls to the ground. As soon as his hands are free, Scotty unbuckles Kevin’s pants and pulls them down, bringing the underwear in one sweeping movement.


“We’re not doing this in the bedroom?” Kevin asks.

“No. Here.” Scotty says. He pulls down his own pants and then guides Kevin down on the couch when remaining standing himself. He has his hands on Kevin’s shoulders, directing the way. Kevin smiles and takes Scotty’s already hard cock in his mouth and hears Scotty’s breathing change immediately. Scotty pushes himself into Kevin’s mouth, finally getting the release he’s needed all day.


When Scotty is close to coming he pulls Kevin off himself. Kevin watches as Scotty picks up a bottle of lubricant from the small side table.

“Since when do we keep lube here?” He asks.

“Since we realized how much we like having sex on his couch.” Scotty says.


Scotty takes some lube and rubs it onto himself. Kevin watches him closely. Scotty’s arousal and deft hand movement around his cock makes Kevin more and more aroused. He touches himself, running a hand down his chest and over his tummy.


Before he reaches his own hardening cock Scotty pulls him into a new position, making Kevin stand on his knees on the couch, leaning over the back support. Scotty leans over Kevin and kisses his neck, pressing his own body against Kevin’s back.


He can feel Kevin shiver under him, and not just from the kisses and the touches. Kevin’s body moves up against his, telling Scotty it’s ready for him. Scotty slowly penetrates Kevin, moving his body up to regain strength. His hands massages Kevin’s back, feeling the muscles move under the hot skin.


Scotty tries hard not to give Kevin too much too fast, wanting their romp to last. Kevin moans and pushes himself against Scotty, and before Scotty knows it, he has lost his battle. He thrusts into Kevin with all his power once more, grabbing Kevin’s erection to give Kevin what he needs to join Scotty in their climaxing.


Scotty withdraws from Kevin and sinks down onto the couch. Kevin joins him and they sit together for a while to regain their breath. Kevin leans over to kiss Scotty’s neck.

“Feeling better? Less horny?” He teases.

“Yes, I feel… better. Now I feel like a cigarette and a nap.” Scotty replies.


“You don’t smoke.” Kevin points out.

“That’s how good this was.”

“Nice save.” Kevin laughs. “But if you want to nap, please do.” He smiles.

“I could use a little sleep before dinner” Scotty says. “What do you say we go to bed for a while?” Kevin nods in agreement and they move into the bedroom, definitely knowing they are not there for a nap. 

Music fic: Happy New Year (Abba)

Welcome to my new series! This works a bit like the short and random series, except these are random songs from my iTunes. The story will have the same name as the song given, but the story itself doesn't neccessarily fit to the lyrics. 

The first one is Abba's Happy New Year. 

: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: There is always something to celebrate.

Word count: 575


Scotty cheerfully slams the door behind him, only to find the living room empty.

“Kevin?” He calls out.

“In here.” Kevin calls from the kitchen. Scotty walks in to find Kevin making a sandwich, his clothing suggesting he’s either been home for quite a while or even worked from home.


“Why did you bring champagne? Are we celebrating anything?” Kevin asks and kisses Scotty on the mouth. Scotty laughs softly at him.

“Yes.” He puts the bottle on the sink. “I’m pregnant.” Kevin turns to look at him, shock written in his face. “I’m kidding!”


“Kevin, I don’t have a uterus.” Scotty states. “Why are you nervous?” He strokes Kevin’s back, knowing Kevin doesn’t have to tell him that going into the office isn’t so fun every day. Kevin puts another slice of cheese on his bread and reaches for a tomato.


Scotty puts his arms around Kevin’s waist from behind, kissing his neck while watching Kevin slice the tomato. Kevin puts two big slices on his sandwich and one in his mouth. He holds one up over his shoulder, offering it to Scotty. Scotty takes the tomato. When he’s done chewing and swallowing, he gives a short bark.


“Thanks for the treat.” He says and lets go of Kevin, letting him put the cheese and butter away.

“So what’s the champagne for?” Kevin asks and takes a big bite from his sandwich.

“We’re celebrating one year today.” Scotty says.


“I thought we got married in May.” Kevin says with sandwich in his mouth.

“We did.” Scotty answers, smiling mischievously. Kevin wrinkles his forehead to think.


“The lobster? No. Since I made an ass out of myself and sang to you? No…”

“Think harder.” Scotty says and takes out two glasses. “It was a big day.” Kevin shrugs and shakes his head.


“One year ago…” Scotty starts, picking up the bottle to remove the tin wrapping from the cork. “… was very significant. Maybe more for me than for you.” He drops the tin on the sink. “It gave me a fuzzy feeling, replacing a cold one.” He holds one hand over the cock of the bottle. “Today is one year since I last slept in my Ranchero. One year since I stormed out after Jason’s visit. One year since… I knew I was in love with you. Indefinitely.” He pulls the cork off the bottle and it lets out a cloud of white.


“We don’t want to spill.” He says to Kevin and pours some in each glass. Kevin smiles and him and takes the glass Scotty offers him.

“I didn’t know it was one year.” Kevin says. “Because I knew I loved you long before that.” He raises the glass to a toast and they drink. They lower their glasses and laugh, a bit uncomfortable in not knowing how to proceed. Kevin still has his sandwich in one hand, but appears to have forgotten all about it’s existence.


Scotty pulls Kevin in for a kiss, making it deep. When they part Scotty takes the sandwich, quickly taking a bite.

“That’s mine!” Kevin exclaims.

“Yeah?” Scotty says. “Come and get it.” He holds the sandwich up over his head. Kevin walks over, his eyes focused on Scotty’s.


He slides one arm around Scotty’s waist and one traveling up his chest. He offers Scotty his lips and takes the sandwich back when their lips meet.

“Still hungry for your sandwich?” Scotty asks when they part.


Short and random: Arrive

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Another Walker dinner is planned - just less drama.

Word count: 200


Scotty has really grown fond of the Walker get-togethers. Okay, so they can be a bit rough around the edges and speak their mind a bit too loud and clear over Nora’s famous bouillabaisse, but at the same time Scotty knows that the people gathered around the table will be there for you.


Kevin gives him a kiss on the cheek before walking up to the front door. They hold hands and Scotty never wants to let go. Kevin opens the door with his one free hand, just inside the door is Sarah and the kids taking off their jackets, as well as Saul and Justin greeting them all.


Soon Nora swings by with a ladle in her hand and Kitty and Robert arrive with apologies for being late. Scotty hugs and greets them all, and then finds himself standing in the middle of the room with everyone around him.


The crowd is loud, with laughing and exchanging stories. For a minute Scotty just stands there and enjoys the feeling, the feeling of being a part of the family. When the mass starts moving to the dining room, he feels Kevin reach for his hand again, and smilingly Scotty accepts. 

Short and random: Tubes

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: You know when you clean and find things you forgot about?

Word count: 200


It’s Sunday and Kevin and Scotty have time off to clean the apartment. The place is starting to look like a decorating magazine when Kevin scrubs the table by the couch and finds a bottle of lube there. Right… he remembers how it ended up there. Nothing good on TV, some food and they stayed on the couch.


Scotty cleans the mirrors in the bathroom and opens the small cabinet. He removes the stuff and scrubs the shelves. He picks up a bottle of lube and it all comes back. It had been a warm day, and Kevin had announced that we was going to be in the shower. Scotty had brought this bottle and surprised him. Then it had stayed in there, and in all honesty, it had been used a few more times.


Their respective scrubbing and cleaning leads them ultimately to the bedroom where Scotty changes the sheets as Kevin reorganizes the closet. Scotty shakes the big white sheet to straighten it out over the bed and knocks over a bottle. He walks over to pick it up, holding it up when Kevin comes into the room. Their eyes meet and they both bend over in laughter.

What if he planned the whole thing?

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Was it just me that found it strange that Scotty also had some left-over champagne from a child's birthday party?
Takes place: Right before the lobster scene in 2x08 "Something new".
Word count: 714


Scotty sighs when he sees the last children leaving with their parents out the door. He’s been smiling and cooking all night and he’s worn out. The staff immediately start to do their closing chores and one of the other chefs walks out with a big box of lobsters.


“These are all going to go bad, so we might as well take them.” She announces. One of the waiters takes one and the bartender looks very suspiciously at them before taking one. Scotty is left to pick some, and the four that are left are for him.


He looks at the lobsters, laying there in the box, and the memories come back. Once when he and Kevin first were dating, Kevin had taken Scotty out for dinner and the had champagne and lobster. That was the most amazing date they ever had and they ended up kissing outside Scotty’s apartment. That’s when Kevin for the first time, with his lips pressed against Scotty’s, had mumbles that he loved him.


Scotty doesn’t know if he should cry or just try to get rid of the feeling, but staring these lobsters in the eye doesn’t make him happy and cheerful, exactly. He remembers Kevin telling him how lobsters ‘does things to him’ and that night Kevin had proved that he was right.


Kevin, at home in the loft, waiting for Scotty to come home. Just like every other night they stay up for a while, talk about their day and have a late snack before going to bed.


Each a bed. Kevin alone in his big bed, Scotty alone on his cold mattress. All the nights he has spent thinking about Kevin, having him near but yet so far away. Jason doesn’t call because obviously Jason is a very stupid man. Jason happily breaks Kevin’s heart when instead Kevin could have been with Scotty.


Scotty knows he is madly in love with Kevin again, and though he knows he should get out of the apartment, he can do nothing but stay. Not only is he still broke, but he needs Kevin close to him like a drug.


He looks up and his eyes land on the bar. He sees the champagne bottles parade on the top shelf, and it hits him. The evil plan that just can’t fail. He quickly picks up the box with the remaining lobsters and walks over to the bar. He takes two bottles of champagne and puts next to Sebastian and his buddies. He’s about to pick up the box when he decides on one more bottle.


He takes some bills from his wallet and puts in the cash register and then finishes his shores quicker than he’s ever done before. When he is finally in his Ranchero on his way home, he feels the butterflies acting up in his stomach. He’s got a plan to seduce Kevin and even though he knows it’s wrong on so many levels, he can’t help but smiling. His nervousness acts up more and more during the ride and when he comes home he’s not even sure he should do it anymore.


It’s not a nice plan, he’s clear over that. To get Kevin drunk and then use something that is clearly an aphrodisiac on him, mixed with very fond memories from when they were dating. At least he will know that Kevin is over him if it doesn’t work. No way he even would have thought about trying this had he not thought it might work.


Sometimes he imagines that Kevin returns the smiles with a bitterness of them not being able to be together, the same bitterness he himself feels when smiling at Kevin. Sometimes he imagines that Kevin is looking at him and rapidly turns away his head when Scotty looks back. But then again, Scotty knows he wants to see these things, so maybe they are all fake.


Scotty holds the box in his arms while slowly walking up the stairs. The elevator is out of order again, and Kevin is just the cutest thing when he comes home and complains about it. He walks up to the door and before opening the door he takes a deep breath and puts on a big smile. 

Short and random: Friend

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin is sad, Scotty is a friend.
Takes place: During the scene where Kevin calls Jason in 2x06 "Two places".
Word count: 200

I’d love to hear from you… Anyway, I hope you’re okay… bye.” Kevin hangs up the phone.

Scotty looks up at Kevin and his eyes meet sad ones to match the voice. If Jason was here, Scotty would kick his sorry ass. Or maybe he wouldn’t, but instead Jason would kick his sorry ass out of the apartment and then he’d hug Kevin and everything would be good.

“I’m really sorry.” Scotty hears himself say. If Kevin and him didn’t have the complicated relationship they did, he would give Kevin some more concrete advice.

“Yeah me too.” Kevin sounds like he is about to cry. Scotty stays on his mattress, fighting every urge to stand up and hug Kevin. He wants to hug him and kiss away those tears he knows Kevin has inside him. He wants to help, so bad.

“Is there anything I can do?” No, Kevin, not deflating the mattress. Not only is it a bitch to refloat again, but more along the lines of helping you through this – as a friend. But of course, Kevin Walker jokes away his problems.

Kevin looks sad when he leaves the room and Scotty knows he needs to do something.

No interruptions

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Just a party, just a silly thing...
Word count: 884

Kevin smiles, and Scotty knows that it’s the alcohol that does it. Scotty feels Kevin’s hand on his waist and he’s pulled close, right there in the middle of the party with lots of people around them. Scotty leans back, not ready to let go of the excitement.

Kevin puts his other hand on Scotty’s other side, and again Scotty feels himself pulled close. Kevin again aims to kiss him, but this time Scotty puts his index finger on Kevin’s mouth, preventing them from locking lips.

The music is loud, the room is dark, people are talking, laughing, loving and someone splatters the remains of a drink on Kevin’s back. He doesn’t even notice, but continues to glare into Scotty’s eyes, filled with desire and lust, and, to be quite frank – hornyness.

Scotty pushes Kevin a few feet backwards, reaching an empty table. Kevin leans against it, expecting to use it as support when making out. Little does he know that Scotty has other plans.

Little do they both know that people are watching them. It doesn’t even matter who, but more than one person has noticed their connection to each other, and have no intention of missing out on the good stuff.

Scotty pins Kevin against the table, placing himself between Kevin’s long legs. He takes a firm grip around Kevin’s waist and brings his mouth close to Kevin’s ear.

“I know you want to, and still not.” He can hear Kevin’s breathing change, as if to object. “Schhh.” He says and again places his index finger on Kevin’s lips. “You don’t talk until I tell you to, ‘kay?” Kevin nods, starting to catch onto the game.

“You want your lips on mine, because you are horny. You know that is as far as we can go. Here.” Scotty starts. “But you barely even want that. You are not a public displays of affections kind of guy.”

“Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t criticism. I don’t mind, I’m just saying. You’re still wild and tender when we are alone. That’s what you want us to be now.” Scotty presses himself closer.

“If we were alone, do you know what we would do?” He asks, not waiting for an answer before continuing. “We’d start by kissing.” Scotty gently presses his lips onto the warm skin just below Kevin’s ear, as if to demonstrate.

“I’d slide my hands under your shirt and caress your back… your chest. I’d pull off your shirt. You would pull mine off too, desperate and hungry. You’d tug at my pants, ready to… be near me.”

“I wouldn’t let you, though. I’d push your hands away and instead unbuckle your pants. I’d pull them down, and then your underwear would follow. When they reach the floor, so do my knees.” Scotty hears Kevin’s breathing become faster and faster, and he feels Kevin’s erection growing against his leg. He makes a quick motion against it, and Kevin makes a small moaning noise.

“I’d take your cock in my mouth, and I’d suck, I’d lick and I’d blow, all until you were so hard, so aching and so ready, that you couldn’t take it anymore.” Scotty slides one hand down over Kevin’s thigh, moving his thumb over Kevin’s throbbing erection.

Scotty feels his own cock get harder, and presses himself closer, making sure Kevin feels it. He continues to speak directly into Kevin’s ear:
“You’d pull me up, and turn me around, bend me over. You’d caress my back as you prepared to fuck me. You know how it’s done. Some lube on you, some lube on me, making sure we’re both ready.”

“Then you’d enter me.” Scotty says. He hears Kevin take a breath, holding it while waiting for the continuation. “Imagine my moaning. The first painful thrusts, the feeling of pleasure coming to us both, and then the desperation stilled and the hunger fed.”

“You’d take me hard, with as much passion as you can find within you. Fuck me until we both have to land on the floor. We would both be sweaty, but so satisfied. We would still be moaning, still feeling each other’s presence.” Scotty pulls back his head to look at Kevin.

“We’d be so loud they neighbors would hear us and wonder.” Kevin’s eyes are suddenly sober. Scotty moves between Kevin’s legs and lets their erections touch between two layers of jeans.

“Never the less, I know you wouldn’t feel comfortable kissing me here, so I’ll just go and get myself another drink.” Scotty makes an attempt to leave, but Kevin pulls him back. “You don’t want me to?” He smiles and gets a smile in reply.

“Okay, then maybe I’ll have to go home now. I feel this sudden urge to go to bed. Maybe you will call a cab and meet me out front in ten minutes?” Scotty leans forward, and with their lips only millimeters apart, he smiles and stretches out to give Kevin a small peck.

He then moves away and looks around, happy that the party around them is loud and dark, concealing their activity and the eventual noises they made. He shakes his upper body a bit and sees Kevin pick up his phone and leave for the more quiet terrace. Smilingly he goes to find his jacket.

Short and random: Gain

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: The right thing to do.
Takes place: In 3x15 "Lost and Found", but isn't really spoilery.
Word count: 200

Kevin greets Scotty with a long sigh. He steps into the loft and lets go of his briefcase. It falls to the floor and lands with a loud thump, as if to protest against the insensitive treatment.

Scotty watches with big compassionate eyes as his husband enters. He moves to the side of the couch to offer Kevin some space to sit next to him.
“It’s been a long day.” Kevin says and sits down. Scotty puts his arm around Kevin’s shoulders and rubs the opposite side encouragingly.

“So, do you want to talk about it?” Scotty asks. Kevin exhales.
“No.” He leans over to Scotty and snuggles in under Scotty’s arm, leaning his head on his strong chest. He feels Scotty kiss his hair and for the first time since he saw Scotty smile over their breakfast this morning, Kevin smiles as well.

They sit back and watch the TV, the news passing by. Fires here, budget cuts there. Over to the weather, sunny here, ozone layer there. Kevin turns his head to lay his cheek on Scotty’s chest. He hears Scotty’s heart beat under the blue shirt. Quietly, calming, safe. Home.

“At least I did the right thing.”

Short and random: Ice 2

I got the word "ice" and couldn't quite decide on how I wanted to interpret it, so here comes two different ones.

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Ice as in frozen water to use for cooling a beverage.
Word count: 200

“Crushed or cubes?” Scotty slurs. He’s had his fair share of cosmos and yell-o shots, but since Kevin wants another one, he is one to obey. They’re finally back in the apartment from the killer house party a friend had, and a night cap is needed.

“Cjuuuube.” Kevin replies with a pouty lip. He walks up to Scotty and slides his arms around his waist. “I want cubes with Scots on top.”

“Scotch?” Scotty asks. “We only have gin and vodka.” He says.
“No!” Kevin says, placing a hand on his chest. “You.” He points his index finger at Scotty.

“I don’t want another drink.” Scotty says and shakes his head. He pours some cranberry juice in Kevin’s glass and gives it to him. “Drink.” He orders. Kevin takes a sip and puts the glass back down.

“I want you. In cubes.” He says and kisses Kevin. “All night.” Scotty looks at him and presses his lips together.
“I can’t feel my tongue.” He looks puzzled.
“I can feel it.” Kevin says and leans in for another kiss. They crush against each other and almost fall to the floor.

“Found it.” Kevin proudly announces when they part. “And it’s good.”

Short and random: Ice 1

I got the word "ice" and couldn't quite decide on how I wanted to interpret it, so here comes two different ones.

: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Ice as in frozen water to use for skating.
Word count: 200

“Kevin!” Scotty yells and swooshes by his husband. “Come here!”
Kevin gives him an annoyed look from the small gate to the ice rink.
“You should be glad no one is here, or I’d be long gone.” He says.

“That’s why we’re here at this time.” Scotty answers and skates over to him, offering a hand. “Come.” Kevin slowly lets go to take Scotty’s hand. He pulls himself up and finds the balance.

“I haven’t skated for ten years, and even then I kept falling.” Kevin says.
“I love skating.” Scotty replies, dragging Kevin along. “It’s peaceful and demands some concentration.”

Kevin tries to go by himself and almost falls. Scotty helps him regain his balance and then Kevin is happy just holding on to Scotty. They go round and round, enjoying the rhythm they find as they skate across the ice.

Scotty stops and pulls Kevin close for a kiss.
“If you fall now, you’ll drag me with you.” He says. They lean in for another kiss just before the ice is invaded by a school class. Kevin looks nervously at Scotty and whispers:
“How can I save my dignity when they realize they can skate better than me?”

Short and random: Hereby

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: A wedding attended.
Word count: 200

“I hereby declare Benjamin and Joan to be husband and wife, and…”

Scotty kills a yawn when the minister finally finishes up the ceremony. In the corner of his eye he can see Kevin doing the same. He almost starts giggling, but manages to stop in time. He’s glad they are sitting in the back. He is also glad that this is some ex-colleague of Kevin’s and that he doesn’t have to care.

They can drop off their present and be on their way to the Inn in no time. Because really, accepting the invitation to this wedding was just an excuse to spend a night away with a Jacuzzi and room service.

Scotty feels Kevin’s hand on his thigh and he knows Kevin thinks the same thing. He smiles and sees the happy couple kiss. As happy as he tries to be for these strangers, he wants the whole thing to be over so he doesn’t end up thinking something very bad in the presence of the lord.

Kevin seems to have no such scruples, and starts to rub Scotty’s thigh. Scotty sees all his morals flying away when the final hymn is to be sang. Oh God… 

A Kevin/Scotty Valentine fic, part 2

Rate: NC-17, for explicit sexual content
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: It's the presumably most romantic day of the year.
Word count: 997

Scotty takes Kevin’s hand in his, holding a cup of white chocolate mousse in the other. He leads Kevin into their bedroom. He puts the cup on the bedside table and puts both his arms around Kevin. They hug and kiss, long, deep and passionate. The kiss speaks of a promise. A promise of a night together, and a life to follow.

Scotty slides one hand under Kevin’s shirt, stroking his back, following the spine down to the hem of his jeans. He slips his index finger inside and traces it around until he reaches the front. He continues to kiss Kevin while unbuckling his pants. Kevin pulls his own sweater over his head, and then Scotty’s. He watches Scotty’s able hands open his pants and pull them down.

Kevin steps out of them and kicks them away. Scotty repeats his procedure with Kevin’s underwear, sticking his index finger under the hem. The touch against Kevin’s hot skin arouse him, and he can feel Kevin shiver. The underwear end up on the floor, revealing Kevin’s arousal.

Scotty takes a step back and removes his own pants and underwear, and then they stand there, both naked, looking at each other for a few seconds before breaking the silence. Scotty takes a step forward, not breaking the eye contact.
“I want you on your back.”

Kevin nods and lies down on the middle of the bed. Scotty straddles him, rubbing himself against Kevin’s erection before bending down to kiss. Scotty caresses Kevin’s stomach, tracing his hands to his shoulders, up his arms, pulling them up and out.

He kisses Kevin’s neck and down his chest before sitting back up. He takes the cup of mousse and draws his finger in it, getting some on his finger. He licks it off in a slow motion, making sure Kevin gets the picture. He sucks his finger to get the last and then takes some more dessert.

He offers his finger to Kevin, and Kevin licks it off, slow and sensual, enjoying the wonderful taste of the dish his husband prepared. He finishes by sucking gently on Scotty’s finger. Scotty takes some more mousse, smearing it on Kevin’s neck. He bends down and licks it off, tickling Kevin’s sensitive skin with the tip of his tongue.

The next fingerful of mousse ends up on Kevin’s belly. Scotty moves down to be able to reach it and Kevin takes a deep breath when feeling Scotty’s tongue on him. The sensation of being licked turns him on more than anything, and he moans loudly when Scotty places some mousse on the beautifully healed scar and proceeds to lick off that too. He puts the cup on the floor, gives Kevin a smile and takes Kevin’s erection in his mouth.

Kevin grabs the sheets under him and pushed himself up against Scotty. Scotty uses his hands to drive Kevin crazy, knowing exactly what he needs. He slides one finger inside Kevin who from the touch moans even more loudly. Usually Scotty would’ve stopped to tell him to keep it down, but this time, Scotty thinks it’ll only be good for the neighbors to know they have a healthy love life.

Scotty stops abruptly, crawling back up to Kevin’s face. Kevin groans in disappointment but willingly lets Scotty kiss him.
“I want you inside of me.” Scotty whispers. Kevin moans a reply, not wasting time talking when there can be kissing.

Kevin pushes Scotty’s shoulder, silently telling him to move. They change in position and Kevin climbs on top of Scotty. He kisses him thoroughly, before taking out the lube. He prepares himself and Scotty, pulls one of Scotty’s legs up in the air and pushes himself in.

Scotty grimaces of pain when Kevin quite forcefully enters him. He has his arms on Kevin’s chest, and pulls him closer, needing him closer and deeper. Kevin begins to thrust, slow at first, and then faster. Scotty demands more, but Kevin does his best to make it last.

Too quickly he loses himself in the rhythm and the passion, and then they both push against each other until they come, moaning each other’s names. Kevin withdraws and falls down next to Scotty, snuggling close. Scotty mumbles something and then giggles a little. He turns to face Kevin.

“That made it so worth it to cook for three hours.” He pants. Kevin smiles at him.
“I don’t want to disappoint you.” He gives Scotty a small kiss on the cheek. “But maybe, if you’re not totally… satisfied… I could give it another go.” Kevin suggests, drawing his finger along Scotty’s cheek.

Scotty’s face changes from smiling to more thoughtful.
“Now that you bring it up. I didn’t take the dessert into account.” He says.
“No?” Kevin asks, touching Scotty’s eyebrow. The contact tickles on Scotty and he frowns to get rid of it. Kevin smiles and him and resumes the touching when Scotty lies back down.

“The dessert was the best part.” Kevin says. His index finger follow Scotty’s hairline, down to one ear. Kevin moves closer and blows a small puff of air into the ear.
“You tickle me!” Scotty cries and playfully punches him. “Now you better make it up to me twice.”

“I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.” Kevin says. “I’m not 21 anymore.”
“I’m quite glad you’re not. This would’ve been over like half an hour ago, had you been, and I would be the dirty old man with the twink boyfriend.” Scotty says.

“You could be my sugar daddy.” Kevin says and winks. Scotty laughs at him and gives him a small peck. He turns around to look at the floor.
“There is still some mousse left. What do you say you make it up to me, right here, right now… using that mousse?” Scotty suggests.

Kevin growls and climbs on top of a willing Scotty, straddling him. He smiles and picks up the mousse.
“I hope you have another one.”

A Kevin/Scotty Valentine fic

It's now the 14th in Sweden (where I am) and I guess it's okay to post this. There will be a second part rated NC-17 that will be up later today, so check back. :)

: PG-13, and some innuendo.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: It's the presumably most romantic day of the year.
Word count: 1244

Scotty sighs again, looking at the hundreds of heart shaped, pink, red, fuzzy and cute things that the store has on display for Valentine’s day. This is the fifth store he is in, and so far he has rejected everything from pink massage oil with rose scent to fuzzy stuffed animals that play ‘The way you look tonight’. A sales woman offered him to help him pick out a perfume for his lucky wife and he kindly rejected.

He’s starting to get a bland feeling in his mouth, and upon seeing two people kiss outside the store, he is about to throw up on Saint Valentine. Scotty hurries out of the store and dismisses all the others with hearts in their display window.

On his way home he stops to pick up some food, and that’s when he gets his idea. He smiles through the rest of his shopping and the cashier looks strangely at him.

When he arrives home he finds a note from Kevin. ‘Will be home at 5, let me know if you don’t want to cook, I’ll bring something. Love/Kevin’ and with a ridiculous heart with arms held out for a hug under it. Scotty smiles at it and sends a text message to Kevin. ‘Love you. I’ll have dinner ready when you come home.’ Just seconds late he gets a reply – a smiley making a kiss mouth. Kevin seems to be in just the right mood.

Scotty takes the groceries to the kitchen and starts to prepare the food for tonight. That’s where Kevin finds him a quarter to five when he comes home.
“Hi hun.” He says and greets Scotty with a kiss. He looks at the food in the kitchen. “Are we having company? And by that I mean: are we feeding an entire company?”

Scotty laughs at him and leads him out of the kitchen.
“You stay here for another couple of minutes. Fix the candles and put on some music.” Scotty orders and points at three purple candles on the table. “I’ll be right back with a drink.” He says and kisses Kevin again.

He returns shortly with two glasses of wine. He gives one to Kevin and they toast.
“Do you remember?” Scotty asks. “It’s the same wine as the one we had on our first date. It’s a Les Graviers.” Scotty says and takes another sip.
“Of course I remember.” Kevin smiles in reply. “I love it.” He says. His eyes beam at Scotty, and Scotty is quite sure that what Kevin meant was ‘I love you’. Well, they’ll get there eventually, Scotty thinks.

“Now, fix these things and dinner will be ready in just a couple of minutes.” Scotty says and returns to his cooking. He hears Kevin roam around in the living room, presumably to make the place a bit more romantic. Scotty takes some of his bowls and walks into the living room, not prepared for what awaited him there. Kevin stands leaned over the table to light the candles.

Kevin has slipped into a red pullover, one that Scotty loves to snuggle up close to, and even more loves taking off. On the couch is a big wrapped gift with a gigantic bow on top. The lights are dim and soft music is playing in the background. Kevin turns around and smiles at Scotty, helping him put the small dishes on the table.

“You look very handsome.” He compliments with a kiss.
“I know.” Kevin smiles back. He takes up a smaller wrapped gift from the table and hands it to Scotty. “I also gave one to mom.” He says.

“You give me the same thing on Valentine’s as you give your mother? Kevin, we need to talk.” Scotty says and begins to unwrap the gift. “And possibly see other people.” He adds with a smile. Kevin laughs at him and watches him open it. Scotty’s smile widens even more when he sees the framed picture.

“Wow, this is from that romantic weekend turned family Armageddon.” Scotty says, looking at the picture of the both of them at the beach. The are peering into the camera because it was so bright. Kevin took the photo and they couldn’t stop laughing at all the bad pictures they also managed to take.

“This is the only one that came out right.” Kevin says and moves over to Scotty putting his arms around his waist.
“Thank you so much. Now I have to get the rest of the food, before it gets cold.” Scotty says. He hands the frame back to Kevin and leaves for the kitchen. Kevin places the picture next to their wedding photo and thinks maybe they should have their own photo wall. Some day, in some house.

Scotty comes back and puts more plates on the table, crowding it. They sit down and before they start, Scotty explains.
“I realized that fluffy pink things doesn’t really symbolize our relationship, so instead I turned to the thing I do the best. Cook!” He finishes with a blinding smile and jazz hands, and Kevin laughs.

“So, here is our relationship in dishes, kind of like a buffet.” He points at each plate while explaining it. “Goat curry with basmati rice, lobster ravioli with water cress, mango peach salsa, canapés, gorgonzola on rye crackers and for dessert… red velvet cupcakes. My own recipe.” He points at the small spoon over their eating plates. “I also have a back-up dessert, I think you can guess what it is.”

Yes, Kevin sure can. He has an experience with white chocolate mousse that won’t be forgotten for a while.
“This is amazing. Did you cook for a week?” Kevin says, unable to decide where to start. Scotty just smiles at him and offers him a small rye cracker with gorgonzola. Kevin opens his mouth and takes the treat.

They eat the different dishes and share memories, the good ones, from the respective occasions. They feed each other from the dishes and have both one and two glasses of wine.

When the bowls and plates are almost entirely empty, Kevin leans back in his chair and exhales.
“I’m so full! Would it totally ruin our romantic mood if I unbuckle my pants?”
“That depends on what you plan to do once their open.” Scotty says in a suggestive voice that earns him Kevin’s attention back.

Kevin looks down, suddenly shy. Scotty takes his hands over the table and Kevin looks back up, into those beautiful blue eyes. Scotty’s eyes are filled with love, his whole face smiles. Scotty loves seeing Kevin so vulnerable, as if he still can’t believe they actually ended up together.

Scotty takes Kevin’s hands and bring them to his mouth, giving them a quick peck.
“What do you say we save the cupcakes for breakfast and bring the mousse to the bedroom?” Scotty suggests. He sees Kevin swallow in anticipation, predicting the nights activity to be most intense and to bring great pleasure. He wants nothing more than to bring Scotty to his feet, get him naked and…

He takes a deep breath and nods. This will last for quite a while. He knows that, and he enjoys the thought. Scotty smiles, collects the dishes in a big pile and leaves him alone in the living room. He sees the picture of the two of them in the corner of his eye and smiles. He should really take up photographing.


Rate: NC-17, explicit sexual content
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin + Scotty + a shower.
Word count: 837

Kevin makes sure that Scotty knows where he will be, and that he is not just taking a shower to get clean. Scotty nods at him and sinks his head in his books, allowing Kevin to slip into the shower unnoticed. Kevin takes off his clothes and turns on the water. He puts his hand under the flow and changes the temperature. While waiting for the water to adjust he walks into the living room, past Scotty and into the kitchen.

He drinks some water and walks back.
“You know there is water in there too, right?” Scotty teases when Kevin returns.
“You know I’ll be in there naked, right?” Kevin says and disappears into the bathroom. He gets on the shower and feels the hot water run down his body, releasing tensions in his muscles.

Very shortly he hears steps enter the bathroom and very soon the shower curtain behind him is opened. Scotty moves in under the hot water, sliding his hands over Kevin’s back before putting them around Kevin’s waist. He kisses Kevin’s neck and let’s his tongue play over Kevin’s shoulders.

Kevin feels Scotty’s growing erection against his back. He turns around in Scotty’s arms to make them face to face. Their lips immediately meet each other in a kiss that seems to never end. The water streams down their faces and is almost too hot, but they barely even notice.

Scotty breaks the kiss to continue down to Kevin’s throat. Kevin moans when their lips part, but the moan turns joyful when he feels Scotty suck on his neck… his ear lobes… his collar bones. Kevin bends his head backwards and closes his eyes. The water splatters on his face and drips down on his sensitive hot skin. He feels Scotty suck harder on his neck and his hand palming his cock.

He exhales heavily from the touch, opening his mouth only slightly, the hot water hitting his tongue. Scotty moves up and down a few strokes before getting on his knees. Kevin nearly loses his balance when he feels Scotty’s lips around his cock. He puts his hand in Scotty’s wet hair and encourages him to continue and to go deeper.

The hot drops on his forehead are mixed with sweat and he needs to grab onto the wall not to fall. Scotty knows exactly how to make Kevin needy and moaning, and he uses his knowledge fully. Kevin lets Scotty know when he is close and Scotty uses his winning last trick, finishing Kevin off with his hand.

Kevin offers a hand to help Scotty stand up in the shower, and soon their lips meet again. Kevin caresses Scotty’s hips, with one hand on each, making them slowly rock against each other. He nibbles on Scotty’s upper lip and smiles. He nods at Scotty and Scotty nods back. No words are needed between them right now, they run on instinct.

Kevin walks out of the shower and opens the small cupboard in the bathroom, taking out a bottle of lube that’s practically been placed there. He can’t see himself in the mirror because it’s all foggy. He draws the shape of a heart in it and smiles, returning with the bottle to an impatient Scotty.

He gets a welcome back kiss from his husband who also takes the bottle from him. He pours some into his hand and puts the bottle with the shampoo. He kisses Kevin while applying the gel on his erection with slow massaging motions. He then turns around and feels Kevin’s hands on his back.

Kevin enters a bit too quickly, afraid the water will wash away the lube. Scotty groans loudly but can’t help but push back to feel Kevin inside of him. Kevin firmly thrusts in and out, following the motion with his hands on Scotty’s hips. He kisses Scotty’s shoulders and licks the hot water off his neck. He feels warm water drip from Scotty’s drenched hair and the feeling of it against his nose turns him on even more.

Kevin sees Scotty reach for himself and his hand automatically pushes Scotty’s away, making his own hand rub Scotty’s cock. Only a few strokes are needed until Scotty comes, panting and moaning. Kevin thrusts a few more times and then lets go of himself.

They turn to face each other, putting their arms around each other in a hug, both still breathing heavily. Scotty puts his lips against the temple of Kevin’s eye and kisses it. He feels the skin under his lips move and he guesses that Kevin is smiling. He leans back to see Kevin’s face, wiping a wet strain of hair from his forehead to prevent it from dripping in his eye.

“Now I need to actually shower.” Kevin manages to say. Scotty nods and reaches for a shampoo bottle. He opens it and pours some in his own hand. He rubs it between his both hands and then applies it onto Kevin’s hair.
“Me too.” He says and smiles.

Short and random: High 2

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin is recovering from his surgery.
Takes place: After 3x10 "Just a sliver", a bit spoilery.
Word count: 200

Kevin is no longer in his bed. The ground under him is cold and hard. He hears yelling but he doesn’t understand the language. His operation wound still hurts, but when he, looks at it, it’s a bullet wound.

Someone comes up to him, speaking in the foreign language. This someone has piercing blue eyes, rosy cheeks and the sweetest smile he’s ever seen. The person has a big red cross on its head and touches him with warm hands, making his body feel healed. When their lips are about to meet, everything goes black.

Kevin tugs awake and his eyes are wide awake. He sees Scotty bend over him, his lips moving, but Kevin can’t make out words.
“I had a dream.” He slurs.
“Was it a bad dream?” Scotty asks with concern.

“No, I’m almost sad it ended.” Kevin says and smiles at Scotty.
“Why so smug?” Scotty laughs.
“Well,” Kevin starts, raising his eyebrows. “I was in a bombed out, French cathedral…” He looks at Scotty and enjoys the expression of surprise on his husband’s face. “This sexy nurse healed me.”

“Yeah?” Scotty’s smile grows. Kevin looks at the ceiling and says dreamingly:
“Yeah. She was amazing.”

Still to be continued... perhaps. ;)

Short and random: High

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin is recovering from his surgery
Takes place: After 3x10 "Just a sliver", a bit spoilery.
Word count: 200

“Scotty?” Kevin asks, still sounding high from his pain medication.
“Yeah?” Scotty is immediately there for his husband, ready to change his band aid or help him in the shower. Ever since they got back home to their own apartment Kevin’s recovery had sped up with Scotty’s loving touch.

“That thing you said. About the…” Kevin blinks and it looks painful. Scotty takes his hand and looks at him with a smile. “French cathedral?”
“Bombed out.” Scotty adds.
“Bombed out?” Kevin says, his voice low and his cheeks pale. “Is that important.”

“Yes.” Scotty replies. “But Kevin, I didn’t bring it up to make you feel bad if you don’t want to, and I will survive if you don’t.” He rubs his thumb over Kevin’s hand and smiles.
“Bombed out?” Kevin repeats.

“Maybe you should get some sleep?” Scotty asks. “Do you want some water?” Kevin nods and Scotty carefully holds the bottle for him to take a sip. “Now sleep.” Scotty demands and kisses Kevin’s forehead.

Kevin smiles at him, a weak but happy smile. In just a few seconds his eyes are closed and his breathing becomes heavier. Scotty watches as his husband falls deeper and deeper asleep.

Perhaps to be continued. ;)

Short and random: Drunken

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Just read...
Word count: 200

Kevin giggles against Scotty’s mouth and rubs himself against his body. They landed on the couch when arriving home from a party, a good party with a large quantity of alcohol. It’s seven ó clock on a Saturday morning, but neither have eyes for the clock. It also doesn’t occur to either of them that it’s the Pasadena harvest fair and they promised Nora to help out with her lemonade stand to raise money for the center.

They don’t hear the three initial knocks on the door, and they don’t hear the key in the lock. What they do hear is Nora’s “Oh my god!” and the ecstatic noise Sarah makes, followed by the noise of her speed-dial.

Kevin attempts to jump off the couch, but is kept in place by Scotty who realized what would be exposed if they separated. They hear Nora mutter something about an extra key and ‘arrive when you’re finished… uh… ready’.

Scotty starts to giggle, and can’t help but laugh at Kevin, still on top of him. Kevin blushes terribly and looks so confused. Scotty smiles and draws Kevin’s face closer.
“We can’t go there drunk, let’s spend our time sobering up naked.”

The chef and his cookie

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty is preparing his gift for Kitty's baby shower
Takes place:
Set during 3x14 "Owning it", but not spoilery.
Word count: 823

Kevin walks into the kitchen to find Scotty in the middle of a cloud of flour. There are pots and jars and bags and piles of stuff all around him. Scotty is wearing his apron and he’s mixing something in a bowl.

“What in heaven’s name are you doing? I thought you had a kitchen at work to… destroy.” Kevin says, backing away to avoid getting his suit covered in flour.
“This isn’t for work. I thought for Kitty’s baby shower that I’d give her a receipt of cookies that are so easy to make, not even she can mess them up.” He holds up the ladle in front of Kevin. “Look at this. Isn’t it amazing?” He asks.

Kevin isn’t sure of what it is he’s supposed to think is amazing, so he merely nods.
“Chocolate chip cookies with oat. I’m only afraid the oven part will mess it up for her.” He says and puts the bowl down. He takes a chunk of dough and tastes it.

“I know these chocolate balls with hulled oats and cocoa powder. They don’t need an oven, but they’re not really that good either, not without coffee in them, but that’s bad for kids. I’m trying vanilla extracts.” He finishes and holds up a small bottle marked ‘vanilla’.

Kevin smiles at his joyful husband, truly enjoying hearing him talk about something he’s so passionate about, even if Kevin doesn’t understand half of it. A timer goes off just as he’s about to tell Scotty how hot he is with his ladle, and Scotty quickly takes out freshly baked cookies from the oven.

Kevin walks over to them and reaches out to take one. Scotty catches his hand on its way.
“No. They’re hot and they’re for Kitty. I’ll take all the cookies I’ve made, put them in a small can,” he points at some tin cans on the table, “and tape the receipt to the lid. She can taste them all and decide on which she likes.”

“So I can’t have any?” Kevin says.
“You sound very believable with that voice, like you haven’t been fed in a week.” Scotty says and nudges his side.
“I’m really in the mood.” Kevin says. “For a cookie.” He adds.

“You can have one of those.” Scotty points at some cookies on a plate. Kevin takes one and tastes it. “It’s… good.” Kevin says, his mouth full of cookie.
“You know how you put sugar on your cereal in the morning, and salt on your egg?” Kevin nods.

“How we sometimes run out of sugar and don’t have more at home?” Kevin nods again. “Then you take something that looks like sugar and puts it in the sugar container?” Scotty holds up the container and Kevin nods.

“That’s why you’re eating a cookie based on salt, honey.” Kevin frowns and puts the rest of the cookie bad on the plate.
“I don’t think Kitty would know the difference, though.” He says. “Sorry.” He says and puts his arms around Scotty’s waist. “I was very tired this morning.” He kisses Scotty on the mouth.

“Don’t worry, we’ve all made that mistake.” Scotty says. “Not me, but I’m sure it’s not just you.” He laughs at Kevin’s pouty expression and kisses the frown off his face. “Now I have to continue, or Kitty will have the choice between charcoal and rocks.”

Kevin leaves Scotty alone in the kitchen, figuring one or two cookies will be left over when they have been arranged in the tin cans. When he one hour later returns, the kitchen is again shiny and clean, with no trace of any experimental activity, and Scotty wrapping the cans as a big party popper. The paper keeps escaping and he’s got tape stuck to his hand.

“Need a hand?” Kevin asks, enjoying the view a bit more than what he should. Scotty points where he should put his finger and the wrapping just falls into places.
“Wonderful. Now everyone will see which gift is from the gay uncle.” Kevin sarcastically points out.

“I’m sure they’ll love it.” Kevin then adds. “I know I would enjoy some sugar from you.” He says and wiggles his eyebrows. Scotty smiles at him.
“Really? Good thing I saved a cookie.” Scotty says and picks up a golden cookie from the table. “It’s chocolate chips and orange. Very good.”

“Can I eat it from your belly?” Kevin asks and kisses Scotty’s neck. He can feel Scotty chuckle through the skin.
“I’m counting on it.” Scotty replies. “But first, I need to put some wrapping strings on this.”

Kevin pouts at him and slides one hand under Scotty’s sweater.
“Kevin, you know as well as me that a gift isn’t wrapped until the pastel string is added.” Scotty lectures and gives Kevin a quick kiss. “Eat your cookie while you wait.” He says to Kevin and smiles. “There’s plenty more where that came from.” 


Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty feels like an intruder.
Takes place:
After Kevin breaks up with Jason in 2x08 "Something new".
Word count: 448

Scotty slowly sits down on the bed. He strokes the sheet with his hand and he imagines it still feels warm from when Jason was last here, even though it’s been months.

When Kevin told him that he wanted them to be together yesterday, the bed started staring at him. Scotty knows he should move in there to sleep close to Kevin. But he meant what he said, he wants to take it slow and the first night he slept on the air mattress. Just to be safe, and because he needed to think things over.

Kevin had understood and slept alone, with no further invitations. He had made it clear that whenever Scotty was ready, he was too. Today Scotty had come home to find Kevin changing the sheets. Kevin smiles apologetically and says that he got some new ones.

Scotty sees a pile of sheets on the couch, and Kevin tells him that he will throw them away. Scotty sits down and puts Liza on his lap, watching Kevin finish his making and then putting the old sheets in a bag. Scotty suggests they donate the sheets to the city mission working with homeless and Kevin says he’ll take care of it and that he loves the idea.

Now Scotty is sitting on the bed, preparing to take over the spot that is left after Kevin’s last love. The love that changed him so much, gave him faith and broke his heart. Scotty is scared to death, and now the bed is a symbol for all that he fears.

Kevin walks out of the bathroom. He is only wearing his underwear. He sits down next to Scotty and takes his hand. He smiles and squeezes. He stays quiet and still, and waits for Scotty to make the first move.

Scotty lets go and stands up, starting to remove his clothes. Kevin watches with a smile and crawls over to his side, climbing under the duvet. Scotty pulls the t-shirt over his head and places it on a chair. He usually throws his clothes on the floor, but here he still feels like a guest, not able to make a mess.

He joins Kevin under the shared duvet and Kevin climbs close.
“I really love to have you here.” Kevin says and leans forward. Scotty gets the message and erases the space between them, pushing their lips together.

They lie down and Scotty pushes his back against Kevin’s chest, feeling Kevin’s arms around him. He can barely breathe from the tight embrace, but it feels good. He caresses Kevin’s arm and feels a kiss on his neck, and then Kevin’s warm breath on his skin: “Welcome home.”

The right thing

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Justin has something he needs to get off his heart.
Takes place:
Anytime after 1x02 "Act of will.", during season one.
Word count: 627

“Hey, Kev, I need to talk to you.” Kevin turns around to see his little brother enter the kitchen. Justin looks serious and sits down on the other side of the counter. Kevin takes out two bottles of water and hands one to Justin.

“Okay. What’s up?” Kevin asks and sits down.
“You know I’ve been going through all these things I’ve said and done to people as a part of my getting sober?” Kevin nods. “There’s one thing. I don’t even know if you remember it. It was just after dad died, I was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.” Kevin looks puzzles, not getting what Justin is after.

“You, mom and Kitty drove to Oceanside to pick me up from jail. We stayed at that motel, mom yelled… and.” Justin takes a deep breath. “I said one thing to you, that I regret. Very much. And I’m almost even surprised I remember, because so many things have just slipped my mind.”

“Okay?” Kevin takes a sip from his bottle, still looking a bit puzzled.
“I said I thought it was wrong of you to… be gay.” Justin says, his voice trembling and weak. Kevin searches his memory. “I just wanna say I’m so sorry, and I didn’t mean it.”

“Kevin always does the right thing, except sleep with women.”

“Oh.” Kevin says. He sees the sadness in Justin’s eyes across the counter. “I had forgotten about that. It was nothing. You were mad.” Kevin says and waves it away with his hand.

“Don’t say that. I never had a problem with you being gay, I don’t think it’s wrong or disgusting or anything. I don’t know why I said that. I’m sorry.”
“Look Justin, it’s okay. I forgive you.”

The kitchen lands in silence. Justin had expected more of a reaction, and now Kevin just sits there and sips his water, eyeing the fruit bowl.
“How can you just dismiss that?”

“Justin,” Kevin says, picking up a shiny Granny Smith apple. “I’ve had over thirty years of experience in being gay. I’ve been called everything, and I’ve been treated differently than others based on my sexuality.” Kevin polishes the apple with his sleeve before taking a big bite.

He chews carefully before continuing.
“Ever since you were five or six, you’ve known I liked guys, and never once did you treat me differently than Tommy. You hit me just as hard. Even that time, when you shouted it out for all of San Diego to hear, I knew it wasn’t what you meant. Had you actually wanted to punish me for being gay, you could’ve found a much better opportunity.” Kevin says and takes another bite.

Justin slowly nods. He knows Kevin is right, but still, he himself has carried this with him for a long time, not able to let it go. As if Kevin read his mind, he continues:

“I admit, I forgot about it. Maybe because I didn’t want to remember it. You’re still my little brother, the one who made me play with Kitty’s dolls. Whatever you say, you will always be the one who curled up in bed with me after dad picked fights with me after my coming out and with you when you were bad.”

“I never thought of it that way.” Justin admits. “There was never any doubt about that.” He says slowly. “I’d never actually do anything. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” He says.

Kevin finishes his apple and smiles at Justin.
“I know.” He gets up and throws away the rest of his apple. He walks over to Justin and pats him on the back. “I love you too, bro.” He gives Justin a quick smile before leaving him alone in the kitchen.

RPS: A little story about male friendship

This fic is a RPS (real person story) inspired by pictures from a recent event where Dave and Matthew attended. See pics here. The story below is, however, not in my imagination set at that event, but in LA.

Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive. 


[Dave and Matthew - A little story about male friendship]

: R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: A little story about male friendship
Word count: 1000

Short and random: Name

Rate: G
Disclaimer:  Not mine, I just borrow.  

Summary: Nora takes a walk in the hospital while Kevin is in surgery.

Takes place: During 3x10 "Just a sliver". 

Word count: 200


Nora picks up the pile of papers in Kevin’sroom. She sits down on the bed and imagines it’s still warm from Kevin. Shelooks at the time. He’s been in surgery for over an hour.


She looks at the paper on top. Loss oflimb function, paralysis, stroke, brain damage… Sheshakes her head and wipes away a tear from the corner of her eye. She seesKevin’s neat signature at the bottom.


Her eye catches his name on the top of theform. Kevin Walker-Wandell? She stares at the name and feels the tears comingagain, now knowing they can’t be stopped.


She didn’t know Kevin had changed his name,and she never even thought about it. Somehow she imagined that if they would,Scotty would be the one becoming a Walker. PoorScotty. When she left the waiting area to take a walk, he was curled up in achair, his head buried in his arms.


She puts down the papers, wipes her eyesand takes a deep breath. Scotty needs someone to hold, and honestly, she needs Scotty to hold her now. There is no question about what Walkers do whenthey need a warm embrace. 

Short and random: Inefficient

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.  
Summary: Scotty knew the race was lost when Kevin kissed his neck. 
Word count: 200



Scotty knew the race was lost when Kevinkissed his neck. He had been making a budget for the next month at therestaurant when all of a sudden Kevin got bored in front of the TV. In a slickmove he slid from his corner of the couch to Scotty’s.


Scotty mumbled something about being busyand Kevin shut him up with a kiss on the lips. Scotty reached out to push Kevinaway, but the hand had instead, as if independent from Scotty’s brain, slidunder Kevin’s shirt and pulled him closer.


Kevin had then, again in a very nifty move,slid himself on top of Scotty, and put awayScotty’s papers. Scotty tried to kiss Kevin andfigure out how much money they needed to spend on fresh pasta, but it seemedKevin was the one winning all the attention.


Maybe they could cut back on the expensivecaviar and instead have a… serious make-out session. Maybe with… whipped creamand chocolate mousse. Kevin’s kisses travel down to Scotty’s neck and Scottylooks up into the ceiling. He smiles and puts his arms around Kevin’s neck,closing his eyes he knows there is no more budget today.

Short and random: Preferably (Justin)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Justin. Nora smiles just thinking of him. Whatever he did in the past, she couldn’t be more proud of him today. He throws the red beach ball to Cooper and splatters water all over Scotty who laughs, already wet. Rebecca nudges Justin’s side and gets a kiss in reply.

Justin’s dating record is not exactly narrow. There were several Fawns and random girls with no names until Tyler eventually showed up. She was sweet and smart and she really wanted to and had the capacity help Justin. She had blended quite well with the other siblings, doing tequila shots with Kevin and sharing Justin stories with Kitty. Nora was never told why they broke up, but she wasn’t all that surprised.

She was, however, quite surprised when hearing that Justin had started dating Rebecca. She didn’t even register it until she was in bed that night after the excruciating day at the villa. The more she thought of it, the more she was okay with it, as annoying as it was that Holly was her son’s potential mother-in-law.

Rebecca was never an in-law, she never will be. She is Nora’s third daughter, and that’s the way it is.

Short and random: Preferably (Kevin)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Kevin pretends to just sunbathe, but Nora knows he’s secretly checking out Scotty in the pool. She also knows that Scotty knows, and he therefore makes sure to flaunt himself in clear vision of Kevin. She smiles, so glad Kevin finally realizes Scotty was the one for him.

Kevin never felt comfortable bringing home guys when William was still alive. The few ones she met before his death were easily counted on one hand, and the had all seemed uneasy in the house where their boyfriend’s father behaved like he wanted to throw them out. She had argued with William then, every time.

When Kevin started seeing Jason, he changed. He went to church and seemed to settle down. When Jason left, she saw Kevin break down more and more for every week, until Scotty showed up again. As a friend, but it sure helped.

She never met the Greek God, but she didn’t have to to know that she didn’t like him. He made Kevin monogamous in a relationship that they never showed off around people.

Scotty smiles and Kevin and splatters some water at him, causing him to get up. He pulls of his shirt and jumps in.

Short and random: Preferably (Tommy)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Tommy was the first one to settle down, meeting Julia when only 18. There was never any doubt that it was going to be them and Nora liked her from the moment she met her.

Before her there was Maid Mary. She was young, sweet and utterly boring. Nora thought so and eventually even Tommy did. The only one who had liked her in the end was William.

Julia was the perfect wife and the perfect potential mother. She would help out with all things Nora needed an extra hand with and she was always there to speak her mind. William had respected her in a way he didn’t respect a lot of young women.

Nora saw so much of herself in Julia. At least a person she was before she met William, and maybe the person she could have been had he been different.

Nora sees Julia talk to Lizzie, pointing at Paige and Cooper. Scotty swims over to them and coos with Lizzie. Cooper throws the big red beach ball to Scotty and he shows it to Elizabeth. She reaches out to touch it, looking at it with gigantic eyes and both Julia and Scotty laugh in delight.

Short and random: Preferably (Kitty)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Robert has been on his phone for over ten minutes when he hangs up and starts to walk towards the others round the pool. He’s the only one who arrived in a suit and tie, and even though the jacket and the tie is gone, he looks like a monkey in the Sahara. Nora sees him join Kitty, telling her something while they both keep very straight faces.

Well, Kitty did bring home some guys who were not Nora’s favourite people. So many guys from Young Republican’s Club she lost count, a couple of ones in college and then Jonathan when she lived in New York.

Nora almost grumbles just thinking of him. No, she liked Warren. Maybe even more than Kitty did. She saw so much of William in him, well, the old William, the one she thought she knew back then.

In either case, if Kitty and Warren had tried a lasting relationship, one of them probably would’ve killed the other over the war or international aid or something.

Robert picks up a red beach ball and throws it laughingly into the water. Cooper attacks it and splatters water all over Kitty, causing Robert to laugh even harder.

Short and random: Preferably (Sarah)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Nora sees Sarah sitting far back. She’s got sunglasses on and smiles at her playing children.

Poor Sarah. She worked so hard on finding a guy and then she worked so hard on making it work and yet, here she is. She dated a lot of different guys, and they were all the One until a week later when he had brutally dumped her. Nora quickly learned that Sunday was sundae day.

Nora was never really fond of Graham. Not only did he consider Ojai a slot machine, but he also managed to land the company for Holly to take over, maneuvering out Sarah all together.

Paige waves for Sarah to join, but Sarah declines and points at Kitty instead. In fact, Nora hasn’t seen Sarah in the pool since that guy… Jimmy from Chino actually dumped her when bathing in it. Sarah hadn’t taken it so well, and Kitty had much later hinted something about a vicious revenge.

That was her girls, alright. They never took any crap from anyone, and they always stuck together when one was hurt. Nora smiles when she sees Sarah walking over to the pool and sits down, dipping her feet in the water.

Short and random: Preferably

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200
Chapters: This is the introductions, and five parts follow, one for each sibling, all from Nora's point of view.

Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.

She sees Robert across the lawn on his phone and is glad it’s not Kevin he’s talking to. Kevin is lounging on a deckchair while Scotty plays with Paige and Cooper in the pool. Lizzie and Julia are also in the pool, Lizzie observing their every move from a safe distance.

Tommy has fallen asleep in his chair, still with his camera on his stomach. Nora realizes it will make a not very handsome tan, but decides not to bother him, when looking so peaceful.

Justin and Rebecca are sitting by the pool, throwing a red beach ball to Cooper who keeps throwing it back. Eventually it misses Justin and lands close to Kitty. She barely looks up from her ‘The Weekly Standard’.

Sarah shades her eyes with her hand and looks up at the sky. She monitors her children in the pool from a distance, sipping her Mojito.

Nora smiles when she sees her whole big family gathered on her lawn. While making a new batch of lemonade, Nora remembers the people her children has brought home over the years.


Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Scotty goes out with a friend and Kevin gets jealous.
Word count: 1196

“I’m sorry I have to work tonight, but I promise to be the best husband ever on Saturday.” Kevin says, stroking Scotty’s bare belly. They’re both still in bed even though it’s a Friday and Kevin has to work.

“Yes, you can make me breakfast in bed and make fun of me when I’m hung-over.” Scotty says, giving Kevin a small kiss on the temple of his head.
“You’re going out? With Jordan?” Kevin asks.

“No, with this guy Eric from the restaurant. He’s a waiter, he started this weekend.” Scotty explains. He feels Kevin’s hand changing it’s pattern and his hand becoming more heavy on his stomach.

“Really? Just the two of you?” Kevin asks.
“Yeah, is that okay? I go out with just Jordan or just Quinn all the time.” Scotty says with a smile. “You don’t have to worry.”
“But I’ve met them.” Kevin defends himself. “So, what’s this Eric like?”

Scotty chuckles a little at Kevin’s way of spitting out his name.
“He’s 25-ish, just moved here from Arkansas and he’s an actor. Or aspiring, anyway.”
“They all are. Is he cute?” Kevin asks.

“Kevin…” Scotty whines.
“What?” Kevin lifts his head to look at Scotty. “Is it strange that I want to know if it’s a handsome man that’s gonna try and seduce my husband when I’m off slaving for the state’s best of interest?”

“You’re having dinner with Robert’s chief of finances.” Scotty replies dryly. “But I guess he’s cute. Short curly hair and deep green eyes, innocent like only a new Californian can be and with a really nice ass.” Scotty pronounces the last word with such feeling it makes Kevin frown. “Yes, I looked.” Scotty adds with a wink.

“I hope he’s got an air mattress.” Kevin says and kisses Scotty on the mouth before rolling out of bed.
“Yes. Too bad he doesn’t like shellfish.” Scotty says back and Kevin looks scared. “Relax honey. You started it.” Scotty says and rolls over to Kevin’s side, pinching Kevin’s butt through his boxers.


Scotty comes home at three thirty, annoyed with himself for not being able to stop giggle. He closes the door and thinks it makes the funniest noise ever. He manages to brush his teeth with minor spillage and gets naked without tripping. He stumbles into the bedroom, hoping Kevin is deep asleep and won’t wake up.

He climbs into the bed and lays down, putting his arm around Kevin and crawling close. He is almost sure Kevin tried talking to him, but either Kevin is talking in his sleep and just mumbles or Scotty was already asleep, because the following morning, he has no remembrance of getting back the apartment or going to bed at all.


He wakes up to the most awful headache any person in the world has ever experienced. Or at least Scotty himself is quite sure of that. He slowly shifts his head to look at the clock. It’s after two and the cold from his left side means Kevin is no longer by his side.

He manages to get up and get on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. He can’t see his clothes from yesterday anywhere in the bedroom, but shortly enough finds them on the floor in the bathroom. He stares at the for a bit, surprised Kevin hasn’t picked them up and that they won’t move themselves when he obviously doesn’t want to.

Kevin is nowhere to be found in the apartment and Scotty figures he’s working. He pours himself some water and gets out a pack of raisins. He eats a big handful and finds some salty crackers. He takes them, turns on the TV and lays down on the couch with a big bottle of water next to him.

He watches bad re-runs until there is a noise at the door. A key is used and Kevin walks in. He’s wearing clothes too informal for work, but has his briefcase with him.
“Hey!” Scotty happily greets him. “You’ve been working?” He asks.

“Yeah. Got some stuff done.” Kevin replies and walks into the kitchen. Scotty raises an eyebrow at Kevin’s cold tone and gets up to follow, ignoring the dizziness.

“Is something wrong?” He asks Kevin. Kevin looks up from the newspaper on the kitchen table.
“No.” He looks back down. Scotty sighs and prepares to leave the room when Kevin continues: “I’m glad you had such a great time last night.”

Scotty slowly turns back to face Kevin.
“I thought we were past that.” He says.
“Well, what am I supposed to think when you come home in the middle of the night, without even acknowledge my presence?” Kevin asks.

“You were asleep, I didn’t wanna wake you up. Would you have felt better if I had come home early after having a miserable time?” Scotty asks.
“Of course not.”
“Then what’s the problem?” Scotty asks. Kevin doesn’t reply, he just exclaims heavily and looks down. “Kevin…” Scotty says, walking over to take his hand. “We went out for a couple of drinks. Many. We had a great time. We danced and we sang karaoke and we commented on guys that passed our table.”

Kevin doesn’t seem relieved, but Scotty only continues.
“He’s hot, yeah and he’s available and he’s gay. I would most definitely make a move, if it wasn’t so that I’m madly in love with the guy who put this on my hand almost a year ago.” Scotty says and touches his ring.

“Being out, not matter with whom, it’s always nice to have it, because it makes me feel safe. I don’t have to think about trying to find a guy, it’s all less meat market and I can just have a good time. And you have no idea how wonderful it is to gloat around people who are involuntary singles.” He ends with a smile.

Kevin looks at him and smiles slightly.
“Really. It makes me realize what an amazing husband I have.” Scotty says and puts his arms around Kevin’s neck. “I love you so much.” Kevin smiles like a child on Christmas and puts his arms around Scotty’s waist.

Kevin gladly kisses Scotty back and he doesn’t even care that Scotty tastes of alcohol and… crackers?
“So you wanna watch another episode of Two and a half men? I think it’s an episode where Charlie Sheen is sleeping with a young and sexy woman.”

“We can do that. Or, you know, you can let me say sorry-for-being-jealous… in bed.” Kevin suggests and kisses Scotty.
“Yeah. We really should have a TV in there too.” Scotty says and laughs.
“Ha-ha, very funny.” Kevin says and lets go of Scotty.

“I’ll see you in the bedroom. I just have to brush my teeth first. I think I might have done a liquorice shot too much yesterday…” Scotty says and brings his hand to his throat. “How’s that for sexy?”
Kevin growls and gives him a wink before exiting the kitchen. Scotty opens the fridge to get another bottle of water. He has barely opened it before a cry comes from the bedroom: “I’m waiting!”

Short and random: Zone

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Scotty is working, Kevin is bored.
Word count: 200

”Kevin, I have to work!” Scotty objects when Kevin starts kissing his neck. ”I have to get this done by tomorrow.”
”Finish it in the morning.” Kevin suggests, barely lifting his lips from Scotty’s skin.

”No. I need it done tonight so I can look at it once more in the morning.” Scotty says and stares hard at his notepad. ”Get off me.” He demands, not transitioning the stipulation into action.

Kevin reluctantly backs away.
”If we were on the couch I’d massage your feet.” He says in a suggestive voice. Scotty glances up at him, considering the option.
”Okay, but you stick to the feet.” He settles.

Kevin arranges an innocent face and gets up from the table, moving to the couch. Scotty sits down in the opposite corner with his book and notpad on his lap. He hesitantly places his feet on Kevin’s lap and goes back to work, enjoying the calming touch.

Then it suddenly gets more difficult to concentrate again. Kevin’s hands are travelling up towards his knees and the distraction is… distracting.
”Keep your hands down, boy!” He calls, not looking up from his books. He then adds: ”I’ll be with you in a minute.”.

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