Walker Advent calendar: Flap #7

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 502

Robert knew right away that it had been a great weekend for Kevin. Not only was he over an hour late – always a good sign if you want him to be in a good mood – mornings in bed with Scotty seem to help that, but he was also whistling when he entered the office building. Robert had never before heard Kevin Walker whistle.


Kevin stayed to joke a bit with the receptionist, and probably finished off with a compliment, because when Kevin left her with a soft laugh, she was blushing. He then waved to someone Robert couldn’t see on the other side of the office, and proceeded into his own office.


“I need the briefing about Merrill’s proposition on school health care by ten,” Robert says when he passes Kevin’s office half an hour later.

“Already done, can be found in the printer,” Kevin replies. Robert never knew that sex could be a gateway to efficiency, but he enjoys it quite a lot from his usually grumpy communications director.


“How is it going with the wedding now?” Robert asks over lunch. “It’s back on?”

“Yes, quite so, apparently,” Kevin says. “I try not to keep track at all, I think I’m too old for all these cliffhangers our family treats.”


“You don’t say,” Robert mutters and puts his last little mozzarella ball in his mouth.

“I’m gonna work from home this afternoon unless you need me here,” Kevin says and stands up.


“It’s a free country,” Robert says, waving his fork. “Just have the problem-solution-proposal on my desk by tomorrow at noon, I’m meeting Borges at one.”

“I know,” Kevin says and raises his eyebrows, semi-insulted that Robert thinks he doesn’t remember. “I’m not that old.”


Kevin slowly drives home. He stops to buy Scotty flowers, a big bouquet of red roses. He’s quite sure the sales woman thought he was buying them for his mistress because she was staring at his wedding ring and looking strangely at him, as if she expected him to explain the whole thing.


He arranges the flowers in a big vase on the kitchen table and puts on some coffee. He still has some things to do before Scotty comes home from work, but it’s nothing that he can’t do wearing something more comfortable than a suit. Something Scotty finds more comfortable to rip off. He passes a mirror and ruffles his hair a bit, smiling at his reflection and starts whistling as he walks to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.


He puts the coffee mug on the coffee table to let it cool for a bit, and takes out the other thing he bought at the florist’s. He takes it out of the small bag and looks around.


He smiles when he found the perfect spot. He takes some tape to place the mistletoe in the doorway to the kitchen.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?” he says to himself and returns to his coffee.



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