Walker Advent calendar: Flap #5

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 434

How can anyone not love Saturday mornings? Scotty thought when waking up. Unlike most mornings, he didn’t have to hurry up to get to work, he could stay in bed for hours, just getting up to make some breakfast, and then go back again. With Kevin waking up just as slowly and peacefully next to him was a bonus.


Kevin moans and turns around, crawling a bit closer to Scotty. He buries his nose against Scotty’s collar bone and relaxes. Scotty believes he has gone back to sleep when he sleepily starts talking.


“How much wine did I have last night? I feel awful.” Scotty smiles and remembers the night at Nora’s. It had taken Kitty about five minutes to spill the wrongly sent text that was meant for Kevin, not Justin. Justin had blushed and tried to apologize over the table, Kitty and Sarah had been gloating and Nora had with, according to Scotty much too big, joy watched the scene unfold before her.


“You might have had a bit more than you should have. But you were fun in the car on the way home,” Scotty says. “You sang the entire soundtrack from ‘Annie get your gun’ to me.” Kevin groans and buries his nose deeper down into the mattress.


“Good thing we didn’t give Saul a ride after all,” Scotty adds, nearly breaking out into laughter. Kevin’s rendition with small dance moves from the passenger seat would not be erased from his mind in quite a while.


“I hate my family,” Kevin says against the mattress.

“They are actually very nice,” Scotty says, believing Kevin has forgotten the best part of the evening. “Sarah and Rebecca gave us some great advice on what to do with that massage oil.”


Kevin lifts his head, looking at Scotty with a painful facial expression.

“I told them too much, didn’t I?”

“Yep,” Scotty agrees. As much as he would prefer it if their sex life was theirs and only theirs, hearing Kevin battle with his sister about who knows the best tips in bed was quite amusing.


Kevin’s head falls back onto the pillow with a thud.

“I’m never getting out of bed,” he says, stubborn like a child.

“You don’t have to, it’s Saturday,” Scotty informs. “I, however, will take a shower now.” He swings his legs out of bed and sits up. On his way to the bedroom he looks over his shoulder and calls to Kevin.


“Enjoy your day alone in bed.” About five seconds later he hears footsteps after him, and arms encircle his waist just before entering the shower.


Postat av: KvN

Lovely. Wish I could hear that discussion between Sarah and Kevin...

2009-12-05 @ 16:39:52
Postat av: Kristin

I loved the comment about Annie Get Your Gun - makes me think of another project staring Rachel Griffiths and one Matthew Rhys (and Ioan Gruffuld). I allows go look it up when I need a laugh...

2010-01-10 @ 01:44:46

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