Walker Advent calendar: Flap #11

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Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 408

Sarah whistled as she went shopping on this particular Friday evening. She didn’t know if it was because of the jolly Christmas feeling, or because she hit her head on the refrigerator door earlier that morning.


The supermarket is filled with families shopping for pre-holiday dinners and random weekend coziness and as much as Sarah despises their jolliness, nothing will kill hers. A Friday night with a large amount of wine, spent with a brother and his husband is just what she needs to prepare for Paige and Cooper’s arrival on Sunday.


Kevin had called to arrange their dinner earlier, now that Scotty was feeling a bit better – he had, however, vowed not to even touch their wine – and Sarah had stupidly offered to cook for them in Kevin and Scotty’s kitchen.


She should have remembered every single time she has cooked for Scotty and how incredibly nervous she is that he will frown. She might not be the poster girl for a housewife, but she takes pride in being a good chef, a sign of refusal to lose rather than anything else.


She takes two cans of coconut milk and puts in her already over-filled cart. Kevin will not be allowed room to call her cheap. Again. She feels her cell phone move in her pocket and picks it up.


Bring chocolate ice cream, Scotty needs. Love Kevin


Sarah picks up to pints of Ben & Jerry’s on her way to the extremely long queues, leaning on her cart as she slowly moves forward towards a lovely calm family evening.




Scotty was cuddled down on the couch, very tired, but very appreciative of some company after all his lonely boring hours of restlessly waiting for the fever to subside.


Kevin and Sarah were bickering with each other, never far away from a new glass of wine. He smiles at them and figures it isn’t all that strange that Kevin became a lawyer. Growing up with this company must have turned him into a sharp talker quite quickly.


Kevin fetches another bottle of wine from the kitchen and sits down by Scotty’s feet on the couch. Scotty stretches out his legs on Kevin’s lap and pulls the blanket closer around him. He closes his eyes for just a little while and Kevin rubs his feet. He hears Sarah and Kevin’s bickering continue, and they probably don’t even notice when Scotty fades away into peaceful sleep.


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