Pink fluff

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Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I needed pink fluff today, so here is my contribution. Marea67 offers some as well. 

Word count: 417


“Let’s watch a movie,” Scotty suggests, cuddling closer to Kevin on the couch. He tightens the grip he has around Kevin’s waist and kisses the top of his head.
“Yeah, let’s pick one that we’ve seen before, so we can make out instead,” Kevin says, turning his head around so Scotty can kiss his lips.

“Yeah, something… fluffy. A no-brainer.”
“I like the way you think.” Scotty’s words are muffled because he says them while Kevin turns around on the couch to get a better angle to kiss Scotty, not removing his lips from Scotty’s.

“Maybe something with Johnny Depp,” Kevin suggests, pushing Scotty down on the couch, moving his hands up under Scotty’s shirt.
“You’ve got a thing for him, huh?” Scotty asks and bends his head backwards, allowing Kevin to suck on his Adam’s apple.

“I love him with plenty of eye-liner,” Kevin confesses.
“You and me both,” Scotty says and giggles in their kiss, remembering the first time they met and how he had pegged Kevin as homophobic and self-loathing and… Scotty’s thought is never finished, because Kevin has found Scotty’s fly and opened it.

“So we’ll watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ then?” Scotty settles and with one slick motion he strips Kevin of his shirt.
“Or ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’,” Kevin says, not noticing where his shirt lands when Scotty throws it across the room.

“I love that movie,” Scotty moans, his lips against Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin lifts him a bit and removes his shirt, not wasting time before kissing his way down Scotty’s chest to his belly.

“Mhm, it’s fun.,” Kevin slurs. Scotty moves his index finger along with Kevin’s pants, and when he reaches the front he softly hovers over it before undoing the fly.

“So we’re watching it then,” Kevin concludes. His voice is weak, nearly cracking from the touch Scotty applies on his skin, and the kisses he receives.
“Yep, watching it,” Scotty agrees. “We are.”

Kevin jerks backwards on the couch, quickly being pulled back by Scotty who smiles mischievously when he sees the affect he still has on his husband. Kevin relaxes on top of Scotty and enjoys the feeling and the kissing. Their tongues play with each other and their noses gently touch, stroking against each other as their bodies move.

“We’re not watching a movie, are we?” Kevin asks.
“Not a chance.” Scotty replies, wrapping both arms and both tightly around Kevin, making sure he is not leaving until Scotty is done with him.


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