Family, Part 10 / 11

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty offers a suprise when first meeting Kevin.
Word count: 1173
Thanks to: Sueli for beta reading.

Kevin sees the note on Jordan’s door when he and Jeremy walks out the elevator. Jeremy is busy explaining how he and Jordan usually play hide and seek, but his voice disappears from Kevin’s head when he takes and reads the note.

“Scotty, I’m so sorry. I tried to call you like a million times. I have to go to work, it’s urgent. I hope it all works out. I’ll continue to call you all day, ok?”

Jeremy looks up at him, raising an eyebrow.
“Have you even been in a real office, Jeremy?”

On the way back Kevin explains to Jeremy that uncle Jordan has to work today and instead Jeremy can follow him to work. Jeremy seems excited about the sudden turn of events and Kevin wonders how long it will take him to realize how boring offices are.

He picks up his cell phone and tried to call Scotty’s, but there is no answer. He puts Jeremy back in his car and drive towards his office complex, a part of him feeling like he just kidnapped his boyfriend’s son.


Scotty doesn’t realize until after lunch that he forgot his cell phone at Kevin’s. He would like to think that it’s good for him not to be attached to a thing that much, but he feels like if anything were to happen, he would have no way to find out. He has a hard time focusing during the rest of his shift, something nagging his mind.

When his work is finally done he quickly changes out of his working clothes and gets in his car, racing to Jordan’s apartment only to find that his spare key is needed to get in to the empty apartment. He uses Jordan’s phone to call Kevin’s cell phone, and thanks God that Jordan actually had added Kevin to his phone list by the telephone.

“Where’s Jeremy?” 
“He’s here,” Kevin says.

“Oh, thank God,” Scotty says and sinks down on the closest chair. “I was so worried.”
“I know, I’ve tried calling you,”
“Forgot my cell phone at your place..”
“And I didn’t know the number to your work.”

“It’s okay. I’ll come pick him up now,” Scotty says, getting up.
“No, you don’t have to. I’ll bring him over to your place when I’m done here.. He’s not bored, he’s the hit of the office.” Scotty laughs and agrees, leaving Jordan’s apartment empty-handed, after having left a note to Jordan on the table.


Scotty hugs Jeremy when Kevin and he walked into Scotty’s place.
“Daddy!” Jeremy complains when he thinks the hug is starting to take too long, stealing time from more important activities, such as eating.

Kevin kisses Scotty after taking off his jacket.
“I really wanted to let you know about the re-arrangements.”
“I know, it’s my fault for forgetting my phone. Thanks for taking care of him,” Scotty leads Kevin into the kitchen, following Jeremy to the table where he is anxiously waiting for someone to tell him it’s okay to dig in.

Jeremy doesn’t waste time after Scotty’s: “You may begin,” and quickly starts putting pasta on his plate. “So tell me, what did the two of you do today?”
Jeremy has his mouth ful and stays quiet, chewing with a guilty look, knowing he can’t speak when having food in his mouth.

“I tried to work when every woman in my office came by with cookies and fruits,” Kevin says. Jeremy swallows and smiles.
“I only had one,” he quickly says. “One woman asked if Kevin was my daddy and then she blushed,” Jeremy says and laughs.

“What did you tell her?” Scotty asks, feeling his heart starting to beat quicker.
“Nothing,” Jeremy carelessly replies. “That he’s your boyfriend.” He leans back on his chair until it stands on only its’ back legs. Scotty gives him a sharp look and he sways back to its original position.

“Sorry. Can I have some more tomatos?” Jeremy gets the bowl and puts some more vegetables on his plate, continuing to eat in silence.
“It went very well,” Kevin sums up, smiling to Scotty.
“I’m glad,” Scotty feels his heart calming down a bit, glad Kevin isn’t freaking out. He feels Kevin’s foot against his leg and he smiles broader, exchanging a look across the table before continuing eating.


“I got in.” It takes Kevin several seconds to wake up enough to understand that the voice is from the telephone that he picked up in his sleep and that the voice belongs to Scotty. He reaches out an arm next to him on the bed and remembers that it’s Wednesday and that means Scotty sleeps at home because he works early.

“In?” Kevin repeats.
“To chef school,” Scotty clarifies. “What am I gonna do?”
“Buy a new apron?”

“No!” Scotty says, a bit annoyed that Kevin doesn’t immediately understand what he means. “I can’t accept it. It’s going to require so much time that I have to choose between working on the side or keeping my son. And that’s an easy equation.”

“Honey, we’ll figure this out,” Kevin soothes. “Come over for dinner tonight, ‘kay? You want me to pick up Jeremy at Jordan’s?”
“Yeah, okay,” Scotty agrees and hangs up before Kevin can continue. He’s waitering at San Estephé today and he has no time to waste. Since he now also got in to school he has one more thing to worry about, more than the usual child caring, economy and when he’ll get to see Kevin the next time.

Kevin has been incredibly helpful the last couple of weeks, picking up and fetching Jeremy from Jordan’s, helping with baby-sitting when needed and grocery shopping when that was needed. Every Sunday he and Jeremy goes to Nora’s and attend the weekly dinner meltdowns.

Scotty knows that Kevin wants them to move forward, but they have both been holding back to make sure that their rushing things won’t actually make things worse instead. Scotty counts eight months since the Mangopean case and at least six as an official couple.

Scotty drops Jeremy off at Jordan’s like every other day and informs Jordan that it will be Kevin that picks him up after work. Jordan winks in reply and subtly lets Scotty know that he’s willing to baby-sit if he and Kevin ever want to be more alone, adding: “And loud.”

Scotty blushes and laughs when he closes the door behind him, rushing off to work. He runs into George, the head-chef at San Estephé, the person that gave him the job and that has always been his steady rock when working there. George always has a minute over to give some advice and a friendly pat on the back, so Scotty tells him about his dilemma with getting accepted into chef school and how to handle it with everything else.

George tells him how difficult it was for him to balance chef school, his new wife and their new baby when he was younger, and leaves Scotty with the advice to “do the right thing”. Scotty mumbles something between clenched teeth when carrying a tray of glasses to some costumers. “The right thing…” 

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I like where this is going! Jeremy is an unusually good boy, so Kevin won't have too much trouble.

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