Time together, part 2 / ?

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty leave for a short holiday.

Word count: 1007


Scotty’s joy knows no boundaries when his boss approaches him just before he is about to go home, letting him know that he can take the rest of the weekend off and not be back until Monday. That leaves him five days with Kevin which he will spend in Kevin’s office if necessary. Robert isn’t there anyway, they can do anything they want on the couch, on the desk or on the copying machine.

Scotty barges into the loft to tell Kevin the good news, surprised to find Kevin on the couch with two packed weekend bags next to him.
“You’re home!” He exclaims, putting down the magazine he was reading, getting up to greet Scotty. “We don’t have much time, if you want to change you should do it now.”

Scotty stares at Kevin in disbelief, not knowing if he grasps what is going on.
“We’re going away for the weekend. I’ve packed your favorite suitable clothes.” Kevin says and winks. Scotty knows what this means – a weekend in a hotel with Scotty wearing nothing. The two bags are one more than usually.

Scotty quickly changes into a fresh pair of jeans and a t-shirt, imagining it won’t be long until he will be out of them again.
“The taxi is here.” Kevin calls from the living room, and Scotty leaves his mirror reflection to ask Kevin why they can’t drive.

“The car is much safer parked here than at the airport.” Kevin says, taking the bags and heading towards the door. “Can you lock the door after you?” He asks as he exits.
“Where are we going?” Scotty calls as he obeys. Kevin smiles mischievously and presses the elevator button with his elbow.
“You’ll see.”

Scotty smiles back, not able to withhold the exciting feeling he gets.
“Whatever it is I hope it has a big bed.” He says, deciding not to try and draw out the destination from Kevin, knowing his lawyer skills will make it impossible. The possibility for some fun in the airplane bathroom is usually much more effective.

In the cab to the LAX airport Kevin admits to calling Scotty’s boss and telling him how bad it would be if his head chef was to work too much. The labor union would not be happy. Scotty laughs when Kevin tells how the boss had sounded terribly afraid to have Scotty on sick-leave for several weeks, and had more or less begged Kevin to distract Scotty for a few days to let him rest.

Kevin pays the cab driver and they enter the airport, Kevin steering the way to the international flights section.
“Where are we going?” Scotty asks. “I don’t even have my passport.”
“Yes you do.” Kevin says, handing him it from one of the bags. “We’re just going on a small weekend trip, nothing big. Just some time to spent together, hotel breakfasts in bed and some European ruins.”

“European ruins?” Scotty echoes. “We’re going to Europe?”
“Yes, you said you’ve always wanted to go there.” Kevin says, picking up tickets from the same bag. “This is like a trailer. A pre-view before an extended trip, later on when we have more time.” Kevin says.

“But it’s too much. Too expensive.” Scotty says. Kevin stops and takes Scotty’s hand in his.
“No, it’s not. It’s worth living on water and bread for months if I get to spend four days with you in the capital of romance.” Kevin leans in to give Scotty a kiss. “We’re going to Paris. Besides, it’s last minute tickets, they’re cheap.” Kevin says with a wink.

“Now let’s get a move on, hun.” Kevin hands one of the bags to Scotty so they both have each a hand over to hold. They check in at the United Airlines flight to London and go through security with Scotty still in something of a shock.
“We only have an hour to wait in London,” Kevin explains. “so we don’t have time to check it out. Maybe next time, I’ve always wanted to do my morning gymnastics in Hyde Park.”

Scotty picks up his things from the plastic box after the x-ray, wryly telling Kevin that bending over him to turn off the alarm does not qualify as gymnastics. Kevin just laughs and kisses Scotty’s cheek. Once they’re through security, they get some lattes, bananas and chocolates. “You never know if you get hungry.” Kevin says and wiggles the bananas and Scotty can see Nora doing this every time she travels with the kids.

Once they’re on the plan they browse through the three guide books over Paris that Kevin picked up from the library. They go through sights, shopping possibilities and restaurants. Scotty counts on his fingers to see how many times they can justify eating out, eager to try as many different dishes as possible.

A few hours prior to landing in London Scotty falls asleep on Kevin’s shoulder, missing the coffee that the incredibly gay steward serves Kevin with a discreet wink. Kevin makes sure to put his hand on Scotty’s back in a more than friendly way when exiting the plane. Once on the ground they check through the small and incredibly expensive shops on the airport before boarding the plane that will take them to Paris.

The last flight is only just over an hour, and Scotty can’t manage to sit still in his chair, watching as Europe passes under him. The clear day reveals water and land, showing the perfect patches of fields and forests, small villages and rivers. Scotty points at some small white squares on the ground, saying he thinks they look like cigarette butts on a gigantic ask tray.

They land without complications, quickly managing to pass through the security control again, fetching their luggage and hailing a cab. They sit back in the vehicle and watch the surroundings on their way to the hotel. Their weekend away from the world of work and Walker has just begun, and still holds a lot in it’s cradle.

I'm still not sure how many chapters this will end up being, but at least one more. :)

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make it 17 more please...=), so I can have my daily fix of Kev and Scotty till the 19th hehe, I can't wait to read more!

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