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As you may have noticed, this site hasn't been as frequently updated lately as it used to be. The reason is simply that I haven't written anything - not sure why though. Lack of inspiration, this real life thing happening, loss of muse or whatever. I'm still not sure I will be back to writing, but I'm not calling it quits yet. I did write this little thing about the latest episode, so maybe I'll be back. Hope you enjoy.

: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin went from a threeway to sleeping on the couch.
Takes place: During 3x21 "S3X".

Word count: 200


“So… you were the most promiscuous one in the family?”
Kevin feels the end of the couch sinking down when Scotty sits next to Kevin’s feet. Scotty’s voice is surprisingly soft. Kevin opens an eye and looks at the clock.

“It’s the middle of the night.” He states, half-sitting up. “I thought I’d better sleep here.” He explains.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty says. “I didn’t mean to explode like that when Sarah came over, but it was embarrassing.” He confesses. Kevin opens his mouth to talk, but Scotty continues before he has the chance.

“You didn’t really ease the fall.” He says quietly.
“I’m so sorry.” Kevin says. His eyes meet Scotty’s and he receives a small smile.
“Let’s just keep everyone else outside our sex life, okay?” Scotty says. “And come to bed with me. It’s cold and lonely without you.”

Kevin smiles shyly. “I missed you too.” He says. “And I wasn’t that promiscuous.”
“It’s okay, Kevin. Better then than now. And it’s not like I sat at home playing mahjong before we met either.” Scotty admits. “Now come.” He offers a hand to Kevin. They walk hand in hand to the bedroom and crawl under the cover together.

Postat av: Srta. Walker

It is very nice.

Sorry about your loss of inspiration.

I missed it.

I hope you return soon.

2009-04-23 @ 18:11:21

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