Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Julia moves to Seattle, far from the Walkers.
Takes place: After 3x22 "Julia". 
Author's comment: Yes, I assume you know Facebook. It's 2009.

Word count: 446


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Julia smiles as she looks at the activities from the Walker clan. It’s only been a week since she and Elizabeth arrived to Seattle, but it feels like she’s has more contact with them over that time then what she did before the move.


Scotty Wandell balances work and a hungry husband. Lucky I’m good at multi-tasking.

Julia clicks ”like” and smiles, seeing Scotty hide by the computer for two minutes while cooking for a grumpy Kevin. They have already made arrangements to come and visit her in a month to see how they live. By then Julia figures she has settled in and made routines for her and Lizzie.


Julia Walker is still in denial about how many knick-knacks she has managed to collect over the years.

She presses OK and sees the page re-load. In the corner of her eye she sees the pile of boxes that aren’t unpacked yet. The kitchen appliances, Lizzie’s stuff and her own clothes were already put in closets and cupboards. Yesterday night she had roamed the unpacked boxes to find her framed pictures, ripping them out to look at all the smiling faces when the heavy weight of missing home came over her.


The pictures of Tommy had been thrown in a smaller box, still un-opened. She had a big one of all the Walkers, taken just after Kevin and Scotty’s wedding, but that was the only evidence of Tommy ever existing that was in their new home.


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Julia almost starts crying again. She hears a thud from Lizzie’s room, so she gets up to see what happened. A teddy bear had fallen to the floor, and in all the excitement of playing, Lizzie had fallen on her butt next to it, unable to get up.

”You’re like a little bug, aren’t you sweetie?” Julia says and picks her up. ”Are you hungry?” She asks.


Lizzie pokes Julia’s chin and smiles.

”Are we drooling today?” Julia asks and wipes her daughter’s mouth. ”Don’t worry, it will stop. Now let’s go to the kitchen and see if we can dig out a frying pan so we can make pancakes. Does that sound good?”

”Yee!” Lizzie says, producing a new drool bubble. It bursts and makes a small popping noise, causing her to giggle. Julia smiles at her daughter and carries her past the wall of photographs, into the kitchen.

I love you

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: There's a first for everything.
Takes place: Early in the Kevin / Scotty relationship.

Word count: 466


Kevin leans against the door frame and watches Scotty make the bed. He takes a sip of coffee from the mug he’s holding, hoping it will wake him up.

“You don’t have to do that every morning, you know.” Kevin says. “It’s not even seven, you can sit down and enjoy breakfast.”


“No, it’s gotta be done when I come home.” Scotty says, fluffing the pillow before throwing it to the end of the bed where it’s supposed to be. “I hate coming home to unwashed dishes and an unmade bed.” Scotty says and flattens out the corners of the duvet as a final touch.


He stands up and looks at his work, then at Kevin.

“Isn’t this much nicer to go to bed to tonight?” He smiles.

“Yes, I guess it is.” Kevin admits. “Come here.” He waves for Scotty to join him in the doorway. He pulls Scotty close and kisses him. “This is one of the things I love so much about you.” He says.


Scotty swallows loudly. They haven’t said that to each other yet, so this is as close as they’ve come. Scotty looks down at Kevin’s unmatched socks and his own bare feet.

“You know…” Kevin says quietly. “I just might.”


Scotty looks up at him, they’re eyes locking. They are so close to each other Scotty can feels Kevin’s breath against his mouth.

“I do. I love you.” Kevin says. They look at each other and then burst into soft, tension breaking laughter.


“That’s always a bit uncomfortable to say the first time, isn’t it?” Kevin says.

“Actually…” Scotty says, looking down at the floor again. “I’ve never said it to anyone.” Scotty says and looks up again. He sees Kevin smile goofily at him, afraid he’s said too much.


“But I guess it’s even more uncomfortable being the second one to say it.” Scotty says and makes Kevin blush.

“I…” Kevin starts.

“No.” Scotty stops him with a hand on Kevin’s stomach. “It’s okay. I love you too, Kevin.” He leans in and gives Kevin a small kiss on the lips.


Kevin deepens the kiss, managing to put the coffee mug down before splattering the liquid all over their clothes. They fall down on the bed again, kissing and touching.

“Kevin…” Scotty says between kisses. “We’re gonna wrinkle the bedding and be late for work.”


“I don’t care, I’ll remake it.” Kevin says, spinning them around to pin Scotty to the bed. “Every employer has to accept when the staff is late after saying I love you to their partners. It’s in the law. I know that stuff.” Kevin says. Scotty laughs at him and moves his head to make room for Kevin to kiss his neck.

“I’ll make my boss call you then.” He says.

“Please do.”  

Short and random: Sorry

As you may have noticed, this site hasn't been as frequently updated lately as it used to be. The reason is simply that I haven't written anything - not sure why though. Lack of inspiration, this real life thing happening, loss of muse or whatever. I'm still not sure I will be back to writing, but I'm not calling it quits yet. I did write this little thing about the latest episode, so maybe I'll be back. Hope you enjoy.

: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin went from a threeway to sleeping on the couch.
Takes place: During 3x21 "S3X".

Word count: 200


“So… you were the most promiscuous one in the family?”
Kevin feels the end of the couch sinking down when Scotty sits next to Kevin’s feet. Scotty’s voice is surprisingly soft. Kevin opens an eye and looks at the clock.

“It’s the middle of the night.” He states, half-sitting up. “I thought I’d better sleep here.” He explains.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty says. “I didn’t mean to explode like that when Sarah came over, but it was embarrassing.” He confesses. Kevin opens his mouth to talk, but Scotty continues before he has the chance.

“You didn’t really ease the fall.” He says quietly.
“I’m so sorry.” Kevin says. His eyes meet Scotty’s and he receives a small smile.
“Let’s just keep everyone else outside our sex life, okay?” Scotty says. “And come to bed with me. It’s cold and lonely without you.”

Kevin smiles shyly. “I missed you too.” He says. “And I wasn’t that promiscuous.”
“It’s okay, Kevin. Better then than now. And it’s not like I sat at home playing mahjong before we met either.” Scotty admits. “Now come.” He offers a hand to Kevin. They walk hand in hand to the bedroom and crawl under the cover together.


Rate: NC-17, very explicit.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: With a rating like that, is a summary needed?

Word count: 535


“I love it when you’re drunk.”

“Schhh…” Kevin silences Scotty. “Put that mouth to better use.” He forcefully pushes Scotty’s head back towards his groin and those hot lips are back around his cock immediately.


His hand stays in Scotty’s hair, slowly stroking his head as Scotty’s head moves back and forth. He occasionally stays at the top to add some extra suction, and each time Kevin bangs his head against the wall behind him, not even caring a little bit that it hurts.


Scotty’s hand travels over Kevin’s thighs, between his legs and then firmly grips his balls, holding them still and caressing them with his thumb. The other hand is placed on Kevin’s hip, following the rolling movement he makes.


Scotty applies some extra pressure on the top of Kevin’s hard cock and then pulls back. Kevin moans, but doesn’t push Scotty back. Scotty stands up, not able to keep his balance, he leans against Kevin. Their lips meet and they kiss, their mouths open and their tongues touching –  hot, wet and passionate.


“I want you.” Kevin whispers. He pushes Scotty away from him, towards the hotel bed in the middle of the room. “Take off your clothes.” He orders. Scotty gives him a sly smile and obeys, removing each piece slowly while Kevin watches him.


When he’s naked he crawls onto the bed, laying down on his side, resting his head in his hand, watching Kevin as he starts to undress. Kevin strips faster, eager to proceed to their love-making.


Kevin stands in the middle of the room, naked. He watches his naked husband on the bed. They exchange a look and a smile.

“Get up.” Kevin says. Scotty obeys, standing up by the bed. Kevin approaches him, sliding his hands over Scotty’s chest as they lean in and kiss.


Kevin’s hands grip Scotty’s waist, pushing him around. He kisses Scotty’s neck and shoulder blades, caressing his back. He pushes himself against Scotty, his hands traveling down on Scotty’s back, over his ass and down on this thighs.


One of Kevin’s hands go back up to his ass, caressing it gently as he pushes one finger against Scotty’s opening. Scotty moans as Kevin starts to move the finger. He kisses Scotty’s neck, moving his erection up and down against Scotty’s back.


“You make me so hot.” Kevin whispers against Scotty’s ear, feeling the shiver travel down Scotty’s spine. Scotty leans forward a little bit, pushing his ass against Kevin’s groin. Kevin reaches for the lube on the bedside table, dripping som2e on his index finger. He pushes it back against Scotty’s ass, sliding it in a little bit further than before.


Scotty exhales heavily, almost losing his breath. He pushes himself backwards against Kevin’s finger.

“Please.” He whispers. Kevin continues his moving, sliding one finger in. Scotty moans loudly. “Kevin…” He pleads.


Kevin moves the finger and in and out, then adding another finger. Scotty moans louder, pushing himself closer to Kevin.

“Please Kevin…” He groans. “Fuck me.” Kevin smiles and presses his lips against Scotty’s neck.


“I will.” Kevin whispers back. Kevin pushes himself against Scotty, rubbing up and down. “Why are you so impatient? We have all night.” 

Short and random: Agenda

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Walker is not a Walker without the limelight.

Word count: 200


“So Wednesday at two, don’t be late back from lunch.” André sums up after the meeting, while everyone pencils in the meeting for next week.

“We’ll be done by four, right?” Kevin asks, making everyone turn to him.


The gossip in the office had quickly started running after a visit from Kitty last week, dropping the appointment sex info she had gotten from Sarah to the receptionist. Now everyone knows that Kevin wants to go home to have scheduled sex with his husband whenever he leaves early, in a hurry or asks when a meeting will be finished.


“Yes, I’m sure we will.” André says with a wry smile. Kevin makes a new entry for the meeting in his calendar, right before the ‘Meet Scotty for early dinner and fun’ that Scotty had put in there this morning.


“Good, because I have this very important meeting to tend to then, and there are quite the reprimands if one is late.” Kevin says, getting up from the table. He smiles on his way out, hearing the buzz rise behind him in the conference room. Oh well, he’s gotta give them something. Scotty’s right – he likes being the center of attention.  

Short and random: Boredom

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty is bored.

Word count: 200


”Keviiiin.” Scotty whines. Kevin turns from the computer to look at Scotty on the couch, draped all over it to watch a movie. His popcorn bowl is empty on the floor and his soda bottle is almost empty as well.


Kevin gets up and walks over the the couch, sitting down on the armrest next to Scotty’s head. He picks up a stray popcorn from his husband’s t-shirt, putting it on the table.


”What, sweetie?” He asks, stroking Scotty’s hairline.

”I’m bored.” Scotty whines.

”What do you wanna do, sweetie?” Kevin coos.

”I don’t know.” Scotty grunts.


Kevin smiles at Scotty, enjoying his grumpy face.

”Why don’t you bake something. I’m in the mood for a muffin.” Kevin says. Scotty slowly lifts his head to look at Kevin.

”Muffin?” Scotty echoes.


”Yeah.” Kevin says. He leans down and kisses Scotty’s forehead. ”With raspberries. There are some in the freezer from mom.”

Scotty sits up on the couch, still staring at Kevin with mischief.


”I’m not in the mood to bake.” He says. Kevin slides down next to him, putting his arm around Scotty’s shoulders. He leans in and whispers in Scotty’s ear:

”Then what did you have in mind?”


Time together, part 5 / 5

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty come back home from Paris.
Word count
: 1109


The rest of their time together in Paris is spent eating breakfast in the grass, walking along the Seine, enjoying the food and visiting Moulin Rouge. The latter to watch a show which proves to make Kevin blush and Scotty to enjoy widely.

They invest in a disposable camera, taking photos of themselves all around the city. On their way to the airport they get the photos developed, after searching for a photo store for over an hour.
“Let me see.” Kevin says, reaching out to grab the envelope the receptionist hands them.
“No, not yet.” Scotty says, putting the envelope in his bag. “We’ll look at them on the plane.”

They enjoy a last chocolate croissant on the airport before boarding to go to London. While waiting for their plane home, they spend some time in the gift-shops, spending their left Euros on souvenirs for the Walkers, finding different kinds of chocolates and alcohol to suit all of them. Kevin suggests they buy bitter almond chocolates for Holly, but Scotty laughingly refuses, instead finding plums in Madeira chocolates for his own mother.

Once their on the plane and up in the air, Scotty falls asleep on Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin is staring at the envelope from the photo store, neatly marked ‘Wandell’ in the corner. He can’t reach them without waking up Scotty, and actually, he doesn’t even want to.

He wants them to look at them together and re-live the whole weekend. Some pictures will then be framed for their offices and the shelf at home, and the rest will be places in a photo album that Scotty bought a while ago, organizing pictures from way back, mumbling something about their grandchildren and how they will enjoy looking at them one day.

Kevin accepts a cup of coffee from the flight attendant, but falls asleep with his head leaning on Scotty’s before he takes a sip. Half-asleep his hand travels over to Scotty’s lap and takes Scotty’s hand.

When arriving back in Los Angeles they are reluctant to go back to the apartment. The wonderful chemistry that they’ve built up since they left is still between them, and going home will ruin it, bringing them back to their mundane life and the dishes that needs to be made.

They find a taxi and go to Nora’s, finding Sarah and Kitty there as well, cooing at Evan and sipping coffee. They accept each a cup and can barely sit down before the three start to interrogate them about their get-away. They Ohhh and Ahhh with envious looks when Kevin talks about what they did and how wonderful it all was.

Nora asks if they didn’t take any pictures for them to see. Scotty panics for a while, not sure he wants his mother-in-law to be present the first time the pictures from a romantic get-away are viewed. He shares a quick look with Kevin and then says they sadly didn’t.

“You’re lying!” Sarah shouts. “They have pictures, they just don’t want us to see them.” She points at Kevin.
“No!” Kevin says. “We don’t.” He feels all eyes on him, rolls his eyes and admits. “Yes we do. But we haven’t even seen them yet.”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’re not easily scared.” Kitty comments.
“Says my conservative Republican sister.”
“Oh come on Kevin, then let me see them. I’m your liberal Democratic sister!” Sarah whines.
“Well, what about your open-minded, much pro-gay mother then?” Nora chimes in.

Kevin sighs, knowing he can never be right against the women in his family. Sooner or later they will wear him down or give him a wedgy so they can get over the pictures. This time his mother will probably help, and not just give him a Digestive cookie as comfort afterwards.

“Okay. But if there’s anything embarrassing I don’t know anything of it.” Kevin defeats. Scotty laughs at him and hopes his memory serves him right when he thinks all pictures should be parent proof. Well, not his parents, but Nora anyway.

Scotty picks up the envelope from his bag, slowly opening it. The entire room is quiet, everyone is watching him. The Walkers on the hunt, waiting to find something they can pass on to the rest of the family as gossip, transformed in the gossip machinery to something much more juicy than what it was from the beginning.

The first picture is one Kevin too of Scotty just after they bought the camera. His face is all wrinkly from staring at the sun. He puts it on the counter, letting it slide towards the three awaiting women.
“You’re precious here, Scotty!” Nora exclaims. When the next picture some gliding, she puts down the first. Kevin and Scotty with old buildings in the background.

Scotty quickly glances at the pictures before sending them over the counter, Kevin looking at them as they pass him. His sisters and mother seem to enjoy it widely, complementing them on the great shots and how cute they are. Kevin sees a smile spread on Scotty’s face, getting bigger by each picture. He moves over to Scotty’s side of the counter, looking at the two single pictures left in Scotty’s hands.

One has Kevin, shirtless in the bed. Scotty took the picture while straddling Kevin, and the look Kevin gives the camera is not to be misinterpreted. His eyes are narrow and his mouth half-open. The other picture is a bit blurry, showing Kevin as he tries to defend himself when Scotty tries to smear some pastry all over Kevin.

“Come one, what are those?” Sarah asks.
“Yeah, let us see?” Kitty insists. “When I’ve seen you kiss in front of the Notre Dame, there is nothing I can’t take.” Kitty says, reaching out a hand to see the remaining two pictures. Scotty hesitantly hands them to her and all three of them throws themselves at the photo.

Kevin puts an arm around Scotty’s shoulder. Maybe this isn’t the most romantic way to see their holiday photos for the first time, but marrying a Walker is marrying the Walkers. Scotty smiles and leans his head against Kevin. Sarah wiggles her eyebrows at them and compliments them on the cultural experience before collecting the photos and handing them back to Kevin.

Scotty kisses Kevin’s neck as he puts them back in the envelope. Sarah takes the dishes to the dish washer, Kitty goes to check on Evan and Nora steals one of the pictures. If Kevin notices he pretends not to, as does Scotty. He’s not surprised, though, that next time they come to visit, that particular picture will hang in the stairway.


Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty run into someone.
Takes place: Just after Kevin has started working with Robert, with references to 3x03 "Tug of War". 

Word count: 346


Kevin listens to Scotty talk about his day at work, enjoying their stroll down the street. In half an hour he will be back in the office after a long lunch out with Scotty. His new job with Robert is starting to roll, and after some talking and getting advice from Scotty, he can face the afternoon.


Suddenly he sees someone walking on the street in direction towards them. A woman in her 50’s with a neat dress and hair back in a knot. He knows her, but doesn’t know where from. She looks back at him and he can tell from her look that she thinks the same about her.


Scotty is still talking when they meet, both stopping to talk, and then it comes back. Scotty stops at Kevin’s side, questioningly looking at Kevin, awaiting an introduction.

“Mr. Walker?” She asks. “Isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it is.” He shakes her hand. “I haven’t seen you in a long time.”


“No, I missed you at the last dinner at the firm. Browne mentioned that you quit?” She says with a sympathetic look.

“Yes, I did. I work for Senator MacCallister now.” He informs, expecting her to be impressed with the information. Judging from how her eyes widen he is right.


“Oh, Mrs. Carter, this is Scotty Wandell.” Kevin says. Scotty extends his right hand and politely shakes hers. “Mrs. Carter is the wife of my old boss from the firm.” Kevin says to Scotty, raising an eyebrow to him, not visible to her.


Kevin then turns back to look at her and with a big smile, he adds: “Scotty is my husband.” He watches her eyes widen a bit more before giving another polite smile. “It was nice to meet you. Give Browne my best regards.” He nods, takes Scotty’s hand and walks away, continuing down the street.


He feels her eyes in his back, letting go of Scotty’s hand to put his arm around his waist, turning to Scotty and with a smile urging him to continue;

“Tell me more about your day, hun.” 

Time together, part 4 / 5

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty enjoy Paris the way it's intended to be enjoyed - together. 

Word count: 1181


Kevin does his best not to rip off Scotty’s clothes as Scotty asks the receptionist for their key. She hands it to them with a mischievous smile, asking the Monsieur to have a nice evening. The ride the elevator to their floor and walk hand in hand to their room, kissing as they enter the big room.


They kiss all the way over to the big window, and Scotty pulls the thick curtains away, exposing the beautiful view over a small park and houses in the neighborhood. Kevin kiss Scotty’s neck, caressing his back as Scotty looks out at the city.


“Thanks for doing this.” Scotty says. Kevin looks up, looking out over Scotty’s shoulder.

“No problem. I think we needed it.” Kevin says. Scotty spins Kevin around in his arms so that they are face to face. Scotty gives Kevin a shy kiss, then breaking away, moving towards the radio.


“I think we need some music.” He turns it on and moves some buttons around until soft French music streams out into the room. Scotty looks back up, proud of his work. “Dance with me.” He says, holding out one hand to Kevin. Kevin smiles, almost blushing a bit, but accepting the invite. Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin, making them sway to the music.


Kevin rests his head on Scotty’s shoulder, his mind drifting away. In Scotty’s arms, moving to music. They haven’t danced together a lot of times. Once after the horrible benefit where he thankfully had managed to pull himself together enough not to lose Scotty, once at their wedding and once at home when they had come home a bit drunk after a party.


All three times had been very special, milestones of their relationship – the checkering back and forth, the marriage and the settling down. This is the fourth trip, the fourth milestone to say they might be settled down, but still working on their love, to keep it alive and growing. Kevin moans against Scotty’s shoulder.


“You’re not falling asleep, are you?” Scotty asks. Kevin laughs softly.

“No.” He replies. “But I wouldn’t mind going to bed.”

Their lips meet again, exploring skin they know so well, moving towards the big bed in the middle of the room. Kevin slowly lowers himself on it, feeling Scotty crawl on top of him.


Before he lies down he rips of his shirt. Scotty moves his kisses down, on Kevin’s throat, collar bones, chest and tummy. He kisses the scar an extra time, just like he always does. He did mean it that time in the hospital – he finds it sexy. But more then that – that scar is there to tell him what an amazing man Kevin is and how strong he is.


He straddles Kevin, looking down on him as he slowly takes off his own shirt, letting it fall to the floor. Kevin watches him with his mouth half-open, taking Scotty’s smooth chest in like every time he sees it. Scotty starts to undo his pants and Kevin’s eyes wander down on his body. Scotty gets up to take them off, letting his underwear follow to the floor, revealing that he is already quite excited.


He motions with his hand to Kevin and walks over to the small kitchen area, picking out the box filled with pastries they bought earlier. Kevin takes off his pants when Scotty’s away, reaching down to stroke himself as Scotty returns. Scotty puts the box next to Kevin on the bed, sitting down to straddle Kevin again, removing the hand.


“No, no.” He smiles. “We’re not there yet.” He says. He bends down to kiss Kevin again, kissing from the belly button and down, circling Kevin’s groin before going back up. Kevin breaths heavily, grasping at the sheets under him.

“Please.” He moans. Scotty chuckles, satisfied with the reaction.


He sits back up, placing the box on Kevin’s belly. He opens it and looks down on the variety of pieces. He picks up one, a chocolate mousse piece with a raspberry on top. Putting the box away, he moves the piece over Kevin’s body, placing the berry with some mousse on Kevin’s belly.


Scotty reaches down and licks it off, in one slow motion. Kevin pushes his body up, following Scotty’s movement traveling up with kisses to Kevin’s mouth. They kiss, letting Kevin taste the pastry from Scotty.

“It’s good.” He says with a smile. Scotty takes some on his finger and offers it to Kevin, making him lift his head a bit to lick it off.


Scotty puts the rest of the pastry back in the box, picking up a new one. A soft bun with a creamy vanilla topping and another raspberry parading on top. Scotty takes the berry and puts it in Kevin’s mouth, quickly covering his lips with his own. The raspberry disappears in their kiss, giving them flavor and coloring their tongues and lips dark red.


Kevin savors the berry, watching as Scotty uses his finger to spread the vanilla cream on Kevin’s chest. Scotty used to complain about Kevin’s hairy chest and how it wasn’t made for eating dessert off, but when he had realized how crazy it drove Kevin to feel Scotty sucking on his chest to lick it off, Scotty had changed his mind.


Scotty lets Kevin lick off the last of the cream from his finger before starting to lick Kevin’s chest. Kevin pushes his head down onto the mattress and his chest up at Scotty, moaning loudly as he grasps the sheet. He entangles his fingers in Scotty’s hair, feeling Scotty’s head move, hovering his tongue, licking Kevin’s nipples before finally returning up to kiss Kevin’s lips again.


Kevin regains his breath when their mouths part, Scotty falling down next to Kevin, kissing his shoulder. Scotty sits up to put the pastry box on the floor: “It’s safer there.” and then he snuggles up close to Kevin.


“Now we should get some sleep, France says it’s night.” Scotty mumbles into Kevin’s neck.

“Strange, I feel like lunch.” Kevin says, moving his head to give Scotty better room to move.

“I don’t. I’ve already had dessert.”


“Yes, and I hope you saved me some.” Kevin says. “When I’ve had you for breakfast, I might need it.”

Scotty laughs and lets Kevin wrap them in the big cover. He turns off the light and returns to Scotty.


They both get quiet, kissing some in the darkness. Kevin can feel Scotty laying next to him with his eyes open.

“You really want to go put the box back in the fridge, don’t you?” He asks.

“Yes.” Scotty squeaks, quickly sliding off the bed, picking up the box and putting it in the fridge. He returns with a guilty smile, slipping down between the sheets and into Kevin’s arms again.


“Sleep well sweetie.” He whispers to Kevin in the darkness. Kevin makes a small moaning noise in reply, already drifting off to sleep. Scotty chuckles lightly and wraps his arms tighter around Kevin. “Yeah lunch.” He whispers before falling asleep as well.


Yes, one more chapter will follow. :) 

Time together, part 3 / ?

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty enjoy Paris the way it's intended to be enjoyed - together. 

Word count: 1054


Scotty falls down on the bed, landing on his back when they come into their hotel room. Kevin closes the door behind them and puts the bags on a small table. He crawls onto the bed and lies down next to Scotty, putting half his body over Scotty’s.


“I can’t believe we’re in Paris.” Scotty laughs. “I was hoping we would spend the whole time in bed, but now we have to do all these things.”

“Yes, but I think we can master both.” Kevin says with a kiss. “We should start here, getting some rest for the jetlag.


Scotty smiles when Kevin covers his mouth with his own, willingly letting Kevin suck on his lips before granting Kevin permission to touch his tongue. Scotty feels his own body pressed down against the bed when Kevin climbs on top of him, losing himself in the touch.


An hour later they’re both showered and changed, leaving the hotel with happy looks and carefree laughter. Scotty asks the receptionist after the closest Ladurée and Kevin stares at them as she explains to Scotty, in French, how to go.

“Where did you learn French?” He whispers to Scotty when they exit the big hotel.


“You’re not the only one who went to school, hun.” Scotty says and kisses Kevin’s cheek. He takes Kevin’s hand and the stroll along the sunny street, slowly passing by beautiful display windows and restaurants. The find one not too far away from their hotel and decide to have dinner there later tonight.


After walking through the city for an hour, Kevin complains about the long walk and how he is much to old to be walking that much. They find a small Bistro and have lunch, all the while Scotty explaining the chapters of French cuisine that he’s read when he’s studied.


They get each an éclair for dessert, and Scotty feeds Kevin his first, letting him take one bite between kisses over a small café table. Kevin blushes a bit over the very obvious display of affections.

“We’re in Europe, it’s all very open here, isn’t it?” Scotty asks. “And no one knows us here.” He adds.


Kevin happily obeys to finishing the éclair from Scotty’s hand and then watching Scotty eat his, showing off way more tongue around the small pastry than what should be needed.

“So what’s this place we’re going to? The one you asked for directions to?” Kevin asks.


Scotty merely smiles in reply.

“We’ll just let that be my secret. I think I deserve one after you’ve kept a trip across the Atlantic hidden from me.”

Kevin settles for the answer, even though his questioning techniques would come in handy here.


They continue walking through Paris, ending up by the Eiffel tower. The take pictures in front of it and buy postcards to send to their mothers.

“My mom will fall off her chair when she finds out we went to Paris for these few days.” Scotty says when he picks out a card with four different views of Paris. “She would call it a waste of money. But then again, she’s the one who went on a honeymoon in Canada.”



“She has family there.” Scotty says, waving the topic away. Apparently these relatives in Canada is quite the story, one Scotty is not up to telling. They find a postcard with the Eiffel Tower and the word “Paris” written in rainbow colored letters on it and decided to send it to Nora.


“Do they know we’re here?” Scotty asks.

“Yes, I sent mom a text just before we got on the plane, and my cell phone’s been off since.” Kevin also invests in a pen with a picture of the Eiffel Tower in it, claiming he’s sure he doesn’t have one with him. Scotty suspects he likes the souvenirs a bit more than he will ever admit.


They spend the rest of the afternoon eating ice cream and writing short messages on the postcards. Before the sun starts to set, Scotty says it’s time for them to visit Ladurée. Kevin only shoots him a sour look, grumpy when he doesn’t have all the facts on what’s going on. Scotty laughs at his grimace and kisses him, leading him back towards the hotel.


They step into the store, Kevin’s eyes widening as he sees the exquisite furniture and all the food and pastries on the disk.

“Wow, did we just step onto the set of Marie Antoinette?” Kevin whispers to Scotty as they move towards the counter, looking at the amazing bakeries lined up before them.


Scotty orders a couple of different pieces to go, telling Kevin about the petit fours and the variety of pastries produced in bite-sizes as desserts after meals.

“The ones in America are all the same, but they look different. This is the home of these.” Scotty says and accepts the small box.


“So we’re eating these at the hotel instead of at a restaurant? Or here?” Kevin asks, holding up the door for Scotty to exit.

“I’m sure we’ll find dessert at the restaurant, but these are the best. And the way I plan to eat them is not appropriate in front of people. Not even Europeans.” Scotty says. Kevin swallows hard, his excitement for tonight rising. They decide to go to the hotel to leave the pastries there before having dinner, almost missing their dinner appointment completely when Scotty pulls Kevin down on the bed with him.


Slightly later than planned they are placed at a table by the window, enjoying their meals flirting and touching. Their eyes meet and they smile.

“I thought all this talk about Paris being so romantic was just some PR thing,” Kevin says. “But I know what they mean. If I didn’t already love you, I would start now.” He says, taking Scotty’s hand over the table.


“I love you too.” Scotty says. His foot moving along Kevin’s leg stops temporarily and they lean across the table to share a kiss. “You know, if you want to we can skip dessert here. We do have something sweet at the hotel.” Scotty hints. Kevin hates to break the romantic feeling between them, but accepts the invite. They stroll back to the hotel, hand in hand enjoying the not too cold French spring air.


And yes, there will be more chapters. At least one - maybe two. 

Time together, part 2 / ?

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty leave for a short holiday.

Word count: 1007


Scotty’s joy knows no boundaries when his boss approaches him just before he is about to go home, letting him know that he can take the rest of the weekend off and not be back until Monday. That leaves him five days with Kevin which he will spend in Kevin’s office if necessary. Robert isn’t there anyway, they can do anything they want on the couch, on the desk or on the copying machine.

Scotty barges into the loft to tell Kevin the good news, surprised to find Kevin on the couch with two packed weekend bags next to him.
“You’re home!” He exclaims, putting down the magazine he was reading, getting up to greet Scotty. “We don’t have much time, if you want to change you should do it now.”

Scotty stares at Kevin in disbelief, not knowing if he grasps what is going on.
“We’re going away for the weekend. I’ve packed your favorite suitable clothes.” Kevin says and winks. Scotty knows what this means – a weekend in a hotel with Scotty wearing nothing. The two bags are one more than usually.

Scotty quickly changes into a fresh pair of jeans and a t-shirt, imagining it won’t be long until he will be out of them again.
“The taxi is here.” Kevin calls from the living room, and Scotty leaves his mirror reflection to ask Kevin why they can’t drive.

“The car is much safer parked here than at the airport.” Kevin says, taking the bags and heading towards the door. “Can you lock the door after you?” He asks as he exits.
“Where are we going?” Scotty calls as he obeys. Kevin smiles mischievously and presses the elevator button with his elbow.
“You’ll see.”

Scotty smiles back, not able to withhold the exciting feeling he gets.
“Whatever it is I hope it has a big bed.” He says, deciding not to try and draw out the destination from Kevin, knowing his lawyer skills will make it impossible. The possibility for some fun in the airplane bathroom is usually much more effective.

In the cab to the LAX airport Kevin admits to calling Scotty’s boss and telling him how bad it would be if his head chef was to work too much. The labor union would not be happy. Scotty laughs when Kevin tells how the boss had sounded terribly afraid to have Scotty on sick-leave for several weeks, and had more or less begged Kevin to distract Scotty for a few days to let him rest.

Kevin pays the cab driver and they enter the airport, Kevin steering the way to the international flights section.
“Where are we going?” Scotty asks. “I don’t even have my passport.”
“Yes you do.” Kevin says, handing him it from one of the bags. “We’re just going on a small weekend trip, nothing big. Just some time to spent together, hotel breakfasts in bed and some European ruins.”

“European ruins?” Scotty echoes. “We’re going to Europe?”
“Yes, you said you’ve always wanted to go there.” Kevin says, picking up tickets from the same bag. “This is like a trailer. A pre-view before an extended trip, later on when we have more time.” Kevin says.

“But it’s too much. Too expensive.” Scotty says. Kevin stops and takes Scotty’s hand in his.
“No, it’s not. It’s worth living on water and bread for months if I get to spend four days with you in the capital of romance.” Kevin leans in to give Scotty a kiss. “We’re going to Paris. Besides, it’s last minute tickets, they’re cheap.” Kevin says with a wink.

“Now let’s get a move on, hun.” Kevin hands one of the bags to Scotty so they both have each a hand over to hold. They check in at the United Airlines flight to London and go through security with Scotty still in something of a shock.
“We only have an hour to wait in London,” Kevin explains. “so we don’t have time to check it out. Maybe next time, I’ve always wanted to do my morning gymnastics in Hyde Park.”

Scotty picks up his things from the plastic box after the x-ray, wryly telling Kevin that bending over him to turn off the alarm does not qualify as gymnastics. Kevin just laughs and kisses Scotty’s cheek. Once they’re through security, they get some lattes, bananas and chocolates. “You never know if you get hungry.” Kevin says and wiggles the bananas and Scotty can see Nora doing this every time she travels with the kids.

Once they’re on the plan they browse through the three guide books over Paris that Kevin picked up from the library. They go through sights, shopping possibilities and restaurants. Scotty counts on his fingers to see how many times they can justify eating out, eager to try as many different dishes as possible.

A few hours prior to landing in London Scotty falls asleep on Kevin’s shoulder, missing the coffee that the incredibly gay steward serves Kevin with a discreet wink. Kevin makes sure to put his hand on Scotty’s back in a more than friendly way when exiting the plane. Once on the ground they check through the small and incredibly expensive shops on the airport before boarding the plane that will take them to Paris.

The last flight is only just over an hour, and Scotty can’t manage to sit still in his chair, watching as Europe passes under him. The clear day reveals water and land, showing the perfect patches of fields and forests, small villages and rivers. Scotty points at some small white squares on the ground, saying he thinks they look like cigarette butts on a gigantic ask tray.

They land without complications, quickly managing to pass through the security control again, fetching their luggage and hailing a cab. They sit back in the vehicle and watch the surroundings on their way to the hotel. Their weekend away from the world of work and Walker has just begun, and still holds a lot in it’s cradle.

I'm still not sure how many chapters this will end up being, but at least one more. :)

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