Over by the window day is dawning

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty wake up together.

“Mmm…” Kevin lets out a pleased grunt when he wakes up. His head is resting on Scotty’s chest and he’s got his arms around his husband. Scotty strokes his side and he feels a kiss in his hair.

“Good Morning.” Scotty greets him.
“Mmm…” Kevin replies. The warmth coming from Scotty, and feeling his soft skin and strong muscles makes him want to stay in bed forever. Scotty shifts his position.

“No.” Kevin grabs on to Scotty’s body. “Stay.” He pleads. Scotty’s body relaxes, but he pulls Kevin up to him for them to share their first kiss for today. The kiss is soft and lingering.

Kevin breaks the kiss and lays down again, still snuggled up to Scotty.
“What’s your plan for today?” Scotty asks.
“Not much.” Kevin kisses the shoulder next to him. “Take a shower.” He can feel Scotty chuckle under him, but he doesn’t hear it.

“That’s sounds about right.” Scotty sighs. “You want breakfast?” Scotty suggests.
“No, I want you here.” Kevin says with equal parts plea and grumpiness. “Make love to me baby.” Kevin says and looks into Scotty’s eyes, knowing he can’t be turned down that way.

The spoken request makes Scotty laugh a bit in all its simplicity. He pulls Kevin close and gives him a wet kiss, accepting the invite.

Kevin hungrily responds to the kiss, pulling himself on top of Scotty. He sensually rubs his own body against Scotty’s, causing him to moan. Kevin plants small kisses on Scotty’s neck, and continues down. He gently bites Scotty’s nipple, and the moan he gets in reply is joyful.

He proceeds to kiss Scotty’s belly button as he caresses his sides and chest. He feels Scotty’s erection against his own chest and gives Scotty a teasing smile. His hands focus on Scotty’s groin, taunting him to the very edge.

“Kevin!” Scotty calls out, more with demand than with lust. Kevin is however enjoying the desperation growing as he is letting Scotty wait, and continues with his sensual stroking. He kisses Scotty’s lower belly and then slowly moves his lips to Scotty’s shaft.

Scotty immediately responds by pushing his body up against Kevin. He lifts his upper body to look at the treatment Kevin is serving him, but Kevin places a firm hand on his chest and pushes him down on the bed again. The hand lingers on his stomach, slowly caressing it.
Not until when Scotty is on the edge of coming, Kevin withdraws. He leans over to his bed-side table and grabs the turquoise bottle of lube. He pours some onto his palm and knowing the bottle easily drips, he places it safely on the floor before returning his focus to Scotty.

Scotty is intensely watching him, and does so with an expecting smile when Kevin rubs the lube on Scotty’s erection. Kevin’s motion is slow. When Scotty takes a grasp of air at the touch, Kevin move in to kiss Scotty’s neck.

“Want you.” Kevin whispers in Scotty’s ear. He then lays himself down on his back and Scotty climbs on top of him, getting in position. Kevin bites his lower lip when he feels Scotty slowly enter him.

“You ‘kay?” Scotty asks whispering.
“Yeah.” Kevin’s hands on Scotty’s back pulls him closer, encouraging him to go on. After a few slow strokes, the thrusting gets faster and more rhythmic. Kevin shifts in his position to give Scotty more space to move, and it’s not long until they’re both sent over the edge.

Scotty collapses on top of Kevin, breathing heavily into his ear. It takes him a while before he can move again, and then he slides off. Kevin again snuggles up to him, and they are back in each other’s arms.

“Mmm…” Kevin mumbles into Scotty’s chest.
“You’re very articulate today.” Scotty states.
“Yeah.” Kevin agrees. He lifts his head a bit to look at Scotty. “Why don’t you join me in the shower, and we can be articulate together there?” He suggests.
Scotty’s eyes get narrow and his smile wider.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Scotty teases.
“Mhm.” Kevin answers and leans in for a kiss.
“How could I resist a reason like that?”

Got to have faith

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty goes to someone special for advice... and a favour.
Takes place: This is the fourth part after They can't hurt you now, Mum's the word, and Doing nothing isn't an option.

“Hi, I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”
“No, of course not. You’re always welcome. I thought you had a key.” Nora backed into the house to let her son-in-law in.
“No…” Scotty hadn’t even thought about a key actually.
“I’m gonna get you one. I don’t know…” Nora was already so far away Scotty didn’t hear what she said.

She shortly returned with a key dangling in a ring between her fingers.
“Now you can come and go as you want.” Nora hands him the key. “And I hope you do.”
“Thank you Nora.” Scotty encloses the key in his hand. “I actually have a favor to ask you.” He says warily.

“Whatever you need.” Nora says and leads the way into the kitchen.
“I just talked to my mother.” Scotty starts and sits down on one of the stools. Nora motions at the coffee maker, suggesting a cup.
“No. Don’t wanna awake some kind of latent ulcer.”
“Okay. Your mother?” Nora sits down with Scotty.

“Well, you know, she and my dad didn’t come to the wedding, and that pretty much says it all.” Scotty tries a laugh. “This stress thing has brought up my connection to them again. This time wasn’t that bad, but maybe one day when I’m really sick, and…”

Nora smiles encouragingly at him and places a hand on his hand. He feels the warmth from her hand, and the warm key in his hand.
“Kevin is my family now, he’s the one deciding if I’m in the hospital. My parents are supposed to be there as support for me, and for him. And they’re not.”

“I know what you mean. Being torn between your mother and your husband, believe me, I was there.” Nora comforts, full of sympathy.
“I’d like nothing more than to just tell them goodbye and have a nice life, at least my mother, but it seems important to Kevin, and I guess just this once, he may be right.” Scotty smiles.

He doesn’t like admitting it, but Kevin’s constant nagging about Scotty being in touch with his parents might actually not be totally out there.
“And I thought I should maybe invite them to come visit us here. I don’t know if they will even want to come, but maybe if I show them I want them in my life, they can reach out too.” Scotty speaks quick, as if he wants to have it said before he changes his mind.

“That sounds like a good idea. I watched William adjusting to Kevin’s life, and whatever bad things a parent might have said, they still love their child and want what’s best for them.” Nora says gently. “It sounds really cliché, but take it for what it is.” Scotty smiles in return.

“What I wanted to ask you, is if maybe you would want to meet them?” Scotty’s request is spoken with big anxiousness.
“Of course I will!” Scotty is happy that Nora’s reply is quick and genuine, and he now realizes that it was stupid of him to doubt her even for a second.

“I’ll invite them here for dinner. If you want, the whole horde can be here, with all that means.”
“Oh, I was thinking more a quiet coffee in town.” Scotty assures her.
“Are you sure? Nora looked almost sad and Scotty suspects she was already setting the table in her head.

“Or we could do it here.” Scotty adds. With all the drama that will arise, maybe his parents will find his marriage to be quiet, small and even mundane. Unless Kevin yanks hair off someone, that is.

“It’ll be nice and calm, don’t you worry sweetie.” Nora strokes his cheek and smiles widely, and even though he doubts her promise will come true, he likes how she’ll at least try. Now he only hopes that they will actually come.

“Thank you, Nora.” She retracts her hand from his and he opens his to see the key in it and seeing it puts a smile on his face. “I should go home.”
“Oh, yes.” She gets up. “You need something else, are you feeling better?”
“Yes, much better.”

Definitely better. The feeling he’s had lately, of being torn between different parts of his life may actually solve. Or maybe he’s just hoping too much from his parents, but it feels like it could work. If they meet Nora and the all of Kevin’s brothers and sisters, maybe they will understand why he likes his life as it is. Perhaps they can go from claiming they accept him, to actually accepting the way he lives.

Sounds like a melody

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin has the tape.

“And how exactly did you find out it was fraud taking place at Mangopean insurance, Mr. Wandell?”
“Because whenever I was bored, which was always, I eavesdropped on the salesmen’s calls.”
“And what’d you hear?”
“Two thousend senior citizens from Needles, California, being sold fraudulent insurance.”
“That many? Did anyone ever ask you to lie?”
“Oh my god! Oh my god, you’re gay!”
“If you could answer the question, because these guys have lawyers that will shred you.”
“I’m not being prepped anymore until you admit you’re a gay.”
“Uh yeah, yeah, I am, a gay so…”

Kevin reverses the tape again and pushes the play button. The conversation between him and Scotty starts over again. And then again. Every time he hears something new in it. How fast he surrendered and gave up on trying to prep Scotty, how secure Scotty sounds and how much he’s changed these last two years.

Scotty had spent what, two minutes, in his office that time, before spotting Kevin’s homosexuality. That was the first time they met. Kevin had introduced himself, very politely. Offered some coffee. Scotty politely introduced himself too, and declined the coffee.

The say down in Kevin’s office, Kevin asked if he could tape their conversation, just for his own work, and Scotty had causally agreed. When Kevin closed his eyes, listening to the tape for the twelfth time today, he can still see Scotty in front of him, sitting there on the chair. The striped shirt, the ruffled longer hair and his effeminate manner.

Scotty was obviously gay, and from the moment Scotty approached him in the hallways of the office, his sexuality had scared him. Yes, Kevin was out and proud, sure, but he would never be accepted in the office if he hadn’t behaved like all the others.

After Kevin, quite roughly, had pointed out that he didn’t have a great day, Scotty sat back down and they continued their interview. Scotty had answered the questions very well, and had overall been very easy to work with. Kevin had felt very comfortable with him whenever they were alone.

At the meeting with Scotty, two other witnesses and a lawyer from Mangopean, Kevin has almost been ashamed. Not for Scotty’s sake, but for his own. Sitting there round the table, it was clear the Mangopean lawyer guy was judging Scotty from his manner and way of speaking. Kevin, however, had been approached with respect. Maybe because he was the lawyer, maybe because he passed.

The event had made Kevin think about himself. It was like being thirteen and coming to terms with your own sexuality again, and it took him quite a lot of thinking hours before he realized why.

He wasn’t uncomfortable with passing. He had gone through his period of alternative dressing and crazy hair cuts. He liked being in a suit, fitting into the dress code. What was really bothering him this time, was the simple fact that he was incredibly attracted to someone who didn’t. Someone who challenged him when it came to prejudice and fitting in.

Scotty wasn’t like all the other witnesses he met. Scotty wasn’t even like anyone he ever met. Had Scotty approached him in a bar, he hadn’t even bothered to reply.

“Oh my god! Oh my god, you’re gay!”

And in three days, Scotty will be his husband.

Feels like I just got home

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty's point of view. If you're really in love, you will find that small glimpse of light to make you stay.
Takes place: After the lobster dinner and after Kevin's talk with Jason.

Scotty opens his eyes only to find out he’s hung-over. He feels warm, maybe because he has strong arms around him and someone pressed to his back. It’s really nice and comfy. It’s Kevin. Scotty is suddenly wide awake. It’s Kevin! It all comes rushing back to him. The lobster, the champagne, the couch, the sex.

He feels Kevin shift behind him, proving Kevin is also more or less awake. Scotty feels a sly kiss in his neck, unsure if it’s allowed there. No, this is so wrong, Kevin is in a loving devoted relationship, and he himself is… Confused, living with his ex-boyfriend that’s left him heart-broken more times than he can count, but of course, is still in love with because he’s just that stupid.

Scotty jerks himself free from Kevin’s embrace and sits up on the side of the bed, still with his back towards Kevin. He knows he should say something. Show that he knows what this was, that it doesn’t mean anything and that Kevin is off the hook. A desperate trip down memory lane, only to satisfy their primal urges and to get their past as lovers out of their system. Now they can move on, now it’s over. Scotty is almost sure that he believes this.

He gets up and starts to collect his clothes, spattered all over the apartment, in a trail leading to the couch, the scene of the crime. He feels like Hansel and Gretel when he walks through the apartment, seeking out his pieces from Kevin’s.

Kevin appears in the doorway to the bedroom, at least wearing boxers. New ones, Scotty notices. The ones he wore last night where a different color and are lying at his feet.
“I need to go to work.” He then disappears again, leaving Scotty to hide with his air mattress, still untouched since last night.


“But like I said. Easy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”
Scotty is quite for a long time. He’s not moving, sitting there in the middle of his things, on his way out of this secure and homey haven that Kevin’s provided him with. Back to couches and his car. Kevin broke up with Jason…

“Scotty?” Kevin looks so vulnerable standing there by the door. Scotty looks up at him. “I understand if you don’t want to try again. What I have to offer you now isn’t a safe and solid relationship, but I want to try. I want to give you all I can. Is there any chance?” He speaks his question with a voice so fragile that Scotty wants to give him a hug and again tell him that everything will be alright.

“I don’t know, Kevin.” Scotty knows the odds to suddenly be heart-broken again are high, but he wants to be with Kevin. Maybe even fighting with Kevin is better than not having him near at all? He wants to so much it hurts. Kevin is reaching out, apparently eager to make an effort, and maybe this time, he’s grown a bit. Maybe this time they are both mature enough to be in a relationship based on their… devotion and maybe even love for each other.

“Just give me a chance.” Kevin’s plea is so simple. There is nothing more in the world Scotty wants.
“I want to take this slow. I need my space and I need to think. You do too.”

Kevin nods. “Whatever you need.” He takes a small step forward. “I want you.” He holds out his arms a little bit, inviting Scotty to a hug.
They linger in the embrace, but neither dare to kiss. Scotty still feels like he’s hugging another man’s boyfriend. He can somehow tell that Kevin still feels like he is cheating on Jason, because even though there is no air between their bodies, there is a wall.

Kevin slowly caresses Scotty’s back in one long smooth motion. He wants to break down the wall, and Scotty wants to provide him with any kind of power tool to make that happen. He tighten his arms around Kevin and leans his head on Kevin’s shoulder.

“There is hope for us, isn’t there?” Kevin asks in a muffled voice.
“I wouldn’t be here otherwise.” Scotty answers and he feels how Kevin’s whole body relaxes at the answer. Yeah, Scotty thinks, that’s all they need right now: that little ray of hope to cling onto.

Part of a picture

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty is settling into a new family.

“What are you doing?” Scotty emphasizes every word as he sees Kevin stand in front of the bathroom mirror, doing different faces, one more scary than the other.
“I’m rehearsing.” Is Kevin’s simple answer.
“For Halloween?” Scotty sweeps by Kevin to fetch a towel to wrap around his naked newly showered body.

“No, for our wedding picture, silly.” Kevin doesn’t break the gaze with himself. Scotty still stares at him in disbelief.
“You will put on a suit, stand in a studio and smile. You are not doing that face.” Kevin wrinkles his nose, raises his eyebrows and frowns.
“I know you love me.”

“I’m still considering it.” Scotty pats Kevin on his back before exiting, leaving Kevin room to take a shower.


“Remind me why we can’t just use the picture from our actual wedding?” Kevin carefully steps next to some kind of photographing thing, obviously not comfortable in this kind of environment.
“Because we have none of just us, suitable for a picture frame.” The Walkers were too many to exclude from a picture, and as nice as that was, Scotty wanted the romantic classical smiling image.

Rebecca had recommended a photographer, and how her and her assistant, a woman in her early 20’s, runs around placing screens and cameras around the room, with lights pointing to a patch in the studio with a white background screen behind it.

Scotty moves over and stands there, smiling at Kevin, reaching out a hand to invite him onto the “stage”. Kevin joins him, and before the moment has time to become tender, the photographer yells “Let’s go!”.


The following thirty minutes Kevin is smiling so hard his cheeks are sore when the shoot is over.
“Oh my god.” He says while massaging his cheeks, “my face is falling off.”
Scotty doesn’t answer, he just pulls Kevin in for a quick kiss. They part after they share a short one, and once again, before the moment grows tender, the photographer’s voice echoes in the room.
“You’re pictures are ready.”

They walk over to the computer where their photos are uploaded.
“Pick a few and mark them here.” The assistant hands over a paper and a pen to Scotty and leaves them alone.
“Wow, I really don’t photograph well.” Kevin says as he leans in to see the small thumb pictures on the screen.

Scotty sits down and starts to go through them.
“That’s not true, you’re very handsome in all of these.” He sees one picture in particular. He double clicks it, and it fills the screen.
“Yeah, this is good. It can read First we got married, then I found out we’re related.”
“Yeah, why do I look scared? And what about that one?”

Scotty double clicks the picture Kevin is pointing at.
“Yeah, this is the one where you tell me Santa doesn’t really exist.”

They flip through some more pictures, commenting on their facial expressions and unfortunate looks. Some pictures, however, are really good, and they look very much in love. They ended up choosing seven pictures, some of them looking into the camera, some looking at each other and one kissing.

“We should send one to your parents.” Kevin says, carefully.
“How about this one?” Scotty points at the kissing one.
“Yeah, why don’t we just send them a sex tape when we’re at it? And send a copy to my grandmother, so she can collect all five.” Kevin says sarcastically, and Scotty responses with a wink.


“Uncle Scotty!” Cooper yells from upstairs. Scotty volunteered to baby-sit for him and Paige, and had been running around in Nora’s house between the two of them, saving semi-valuable knickknacks and hiding everything edible containing any kind of sugar.

“Coming!” Scotty flew up the stairs for the hundredth time, easy. Baby-sitting wasn’t a picnic, especially not when Paige and Cooper were angry at each other and refused to be in the same room, but it was worth it. He really enjoyed spending time with them, being a part of the family.

When he is running down the stairs once again, this time to make sure he isn’t going to be burning down the kitchen making dinner, he stops in his tracks, in the middle of the stairs. Right there on the wall with all the picture frames, hangs his and Kevin’s wedding photo. The two of them are smiling goofishly in a classic black picture frame. Scotty smiles as it, but just for a second. He really needs to check on the dinner.

A kiss under the mistletoe just happens

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Imagine it's Christmas.

“You know what you’re supposed to do now, right?”
Kevin looks up at Scotty, confused. He’s on his way to work for some final hours before Christmas holiday, and he’s late for a short update meeting at the office.

“What?” Kevin stares at Scotty as if he said he’s cooking a puppy for Christmas. Scotty leans against the doorframe with a cup of coffee in his hands. He’s still in his PJ’s and his hair is ruffled from their love-making this morning, which incidentally, is also why Kevin is in such of a hurry. His smile is bright and playful.

“I really need to go now, I’ll be home so much faster if you just give me the right answer right away.”
Scotty leans forward and gently kisses Kevin on the cheek. He points up and says, equally gently “Mistletoe.”

Kevin smiles and kisses Scotty again, loosening up a bit. In just a few hours he will be able to put all work aside for a couple of days, and spend the holidays with his family. He glances up at the fake green plant with shiny red berries again and smiles. The last couple of days Scotty had been moving the mistletoe around the apartment, to different door frames.

A new kiss every day, on a new place. Kevin opens the door and leaves, not knowing Scotty will place the mistletoe above their bed tomorrow. Scotty smiles and closes the door behind his husband.

Babies in waiting - Part 2/2

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Nora has dinner with Emily Craft. That's always interesting, isn't it?

Scotty gets up from the couch. He’s spent so many hours on it, his legs feels like al dente spaghetti under him. He chuckles at his own joke and opens the door, on which it’s knocking.

“Nora! Welcome, come in. You want some coffee?”
“No no, I just came by to drop this off.” She hands him a small envelope.
“What is it?” Scotty asks.
“It’s a letter of recommendation. For your adoption.”

Scotty tries to break in, but she doesn’t let him.
“No,” she waves him quiet. “I understand that you were afraid to tell me, I can be a bit too much, but I don’t understand why you just told Kitty and not the others. So I did.”
“Kitty? Others?” Scotty is stunned.

“Yes, Sarah, Justin, Rebecca, Tommy, Julia…”
“You told them that Kevin and I…?” Scotty’s voice trails off.
“Oh sweetie, I didn’t know you didn’t want to me to tell them. They’re all very excited for you. And we would all love to contribute, so here’s my letter. They will give you theirs as soon as possible.”

Nora’s phone rings and she picks it up, gesturing just a moment to Scotty. She talks to someone and backs in direction of the door.
“I’ll be there in just a minute.” She says. “I have to run, Scotty. I’ll see you later.”

Before Scotty has time to comprehend what just happened, let alone catch Nora, she’s long gone. He just stands there, legs shaking more than before.


“Hello, brother.” Sarah greets Kevin as she walks into his office. “Ready for lunch?” Sarah leans over the desk to look at Kevin’s computer screen.
“Hey, what are you doing?” He pushes her back.
“Nothing.” She sits down in the visitor’s chair. “Mom called.”
“What now? Nuclear bomb attach?” Kevin is still focused on his screen.

“No, no.” Sarah says casually. “She told me a little secret, though.” Sarah teases.
“What?” Kevin looks up.
“I’ll give you a clue.” Sarah nods and shifts in the chair. “It’s small, but big, it’s expensive, but worth it, it’s her grand child, and it’s you all covered in purée.”
Kevin wrinkles his nose in confusion. Is Sarah pregnant? No, she’s not having sex. Justin? No. He may be kind of sloppy, but he’s not stupid. Tommy and Julia? Not a chance. And Kitty’s legal work for adoption wasn’t even ready, so no.

So it hits him.
“What?!” He stands up, causing a pen to fall to the floor.
“I don’t know what I’m most insulted by. You ask Kitty for a letter of recommendation, but not me, nor mom, or that you don’t even tell me.” Sarah seems genuinely concerned.
“I am not having a baby.” Kevin says defensively.

“No?” Sarah says surprised. “You sure?”
“Yeah, not unless Scotty neglected to tell me he has a uterus and… stuff, then no.”
“So why did mom think…?” Sarah asks.
“Who knows? She has too much time on her hands, she should really get a hobb…” Kevin cuts himself off. “She didn’t.”

“What?” Sarah asks, urging him to explain.
“I left an envelope, no, an enclosed envelope, at her place to give to Kitty. Apparently they filled in wrong in the first ones and Kitty is too much of a conservative to use Wite-out. Mom must have opened it and thought it was mine and Scotty’s.”
“And you didn’t see that one coming?”
Kevin just nods. He really should’ve. He gets up to fetch his jacket and Sarah walks in front of him towards the door. Just as she is about to exit, she turns around.
“Oh, and, you might want to clarify this to everyone. I might have told like, everyone we know.” She then quickly turns around and walks out.


It takes four rings until Kitty answers her cell phone.
She sees it’s Kevin.
“Why did you not tell mom it’s your papers?” He sounds accusing.
“She didn’t bring it up. Sarah told me.”
“And you didn’t tell Sarah?”
“This is more fun, isn’t it?”

“Yeah? Thanks to you I just received a call from our dear mother where she wanted to discuss choices for kindergartens with me, and I had to spend two hours telling her that we are not getting a child, and how it’s not because of random homophobia, and it’s not her fault. Stop laughing!”
“Oh, come on Kevin, she cares. And she still wants to name my baby Alulah.”

“Alulah? Whatever, Scotty received her letter of recommendation, or as I would like to call it, an eighteen page, front and back, rant of family values and cute stories from my childhood, which by the way, it either Tommy or made up.”
“Tommy thinks I should name my child after him.”
“I hate you, have to go.”
“I hate you too, Kev. And thanks for the papers.”
“Whatever. See you tomorrow.”


“Was that Kitty?” Scotty hands Kevin a cold beer and sits down on the couch with his own.
“Yeah.” Kevin says tiredly and sinks down next to him. “This whole thing was… weird.”
“I know.” Scotty laughs and glances at the letter from Nora, still laying on the coffee table. “I think it’s still nice to know they’ll be this supportive when we actually do…” Scotty interrupts himself, afraid he’ll freak Kevin out by insinuating they will ever get a child. “I didn’t mean to…”

“Yeah, us.” Kevin smiles at him and understands why he stopped talking. “I think we’ll be there one day.”
“Yeah?” Scotty says, carefully.
“One day, in a decade or two.” Kevin chuckles, and Scotty smiles. “You know, it’s just nice being us, alone. We need that, I think. I need that.”

Scotty leans over and kisses Kevin on the cheek, but pulls back.
“You need to shave.”
Kevin feels his cheek with one hand.
“If I do, will you kiss me again? Properly?” Kevin teases.
“Only if we never name our baby Alulah.”

Babies in waiting - Part 1/2

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Nora has dinner with Emily Craft. That's always interesting, isn't it?

“… and Kevin got married to Scotty, it was so beautiful.” Nora ended her rant about how she’s been lately.
“So now it’s only the small one left?” Emily Craft asks, at least caring a little bit.
“Left? Well, Sarah’s not married anymore…”
“But she’s given you grandbabies, so that one’s checked, right?”

Nora laughs. That’s not true. She was three amazing grand children, and Kitty’s pretty much on the way. She hasn’t really thought about getting any more, Justin’s not really the family father type, and Kevin is… not into uterus provided people. She also thought Kevin wasn’t the marrying type, and he proved her wrong there. Maybe one day…

“Nora?” Emily is practically screaming in the restaurant. “Where did you go?”
“I was just thinking…” Nora starts, slowly. “Maybe Kevin and Scotty will have a baby one day.”
“Of course they will. I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat your little republican and her hubby to it. Once those gays gets settled, they’re nesting worse than a sparrow in love.”
“No way!” Nora “They are still getting used to being a couple, a married couple. Kevin is no way near ready to be a father.”

“Now let me ask you one thing, there.” Emily leans in over the table. “How long were you married before you got preggers?” She makes a pause, and then continues. “Mh-hm. You see? Imagine that little gay sparrow, laying its eggs in Momma Nora’s capable hands. You have a new one to spoil before you can say same-sex adoption.” Emily finishes and drinks the last of her margerita. She takes the pitcher and pours herself another one.


Nora is sitting in her nice and comfy easy chair, reading a book that turned out to be much better than she expected. Or at least, that’s what she thinks she might think, when she can actually concentrate on reading it.

Since that dinner with Emily Craftlast night, she can’t stop thinking about Kevin and Scotty, and that they might have a child. They didn’t expect the wedding, but it happened, and nothing could seem more right. So what is stopping this from happening? Not credibility, not anymore.

She would absolutely love to have more grand babies, and to see Kitty and Kevin have one at the same time, that would be amazing. Lizzie only a year or two older. They would have such an amazing childhood.

“Mom?” Kevin walks into the house, closing the door behind him. “Mom!?” He walks into the kitchen. No sign of anyone. “Justin?” He places the big white envelope that he’s been carrying on the counter. He finds a post-it pad in a drawer and writes a note.

Mom, Can you get this to Kitty? Kevin

He sticks the note to the envelope and leaves for work.


Nora looks at the envelope. She wonders what it is. She’s touched it, squeezed it and held it up against a lamp to try and see through it, but nothing. Now it’s laying there in front of her, and it’s teasing her.

She looks at the clock. She has to leave for lunch with Kitty in fifteen minutes, and she knows Kitty will not tell her what’s in the envelope. Nora wrinkles her nose and opens it. Whatever, she can find a new one in William’s study and put it in.

She almost falls down when she sees what it is. Adoption forms and loads of legal papers, all concerning adoption. The last paper is a handwritten note saying that the application should be sent in with letters of recommendation from up to five adults.

Emily Craftwas right! These papers wheren’t possibly Kitty and Robert’s, they must have done this weeks ago. Kevin wants Kitty to write a letter of recommendation. Just then she realizes. She hasn’t been asked to write one. How could they not want her words? She’s his mother.

Before she has time to get into it too much, she has to find a new envelope. Place the papers there, give them to Kitty, and pretend that nothing happened. She knows nothing. Nothing.

Just wanna have fun

Rating: R, for language
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty and Julia have a lot in common, like having hubbys that both work late.

“Ben & Jerry’s, The wedding planner and a bottle of wine. You ready?”
Julia smiles widely and Scotty lets her into the apartment. It’s Wednesday night and the two of them have decided to spend some hours together. Their middle of the week get-togethers have almost become like a ritual the last couple of weeks. Both Kevin and Tommy work late and Nora is more than happy to pamper her newest grand daughter for a while.

The two of them quickly gets ready on the couch, in each a corner with a glass of wine and the ice cream friendly shared in each a bowl. They have been plowing through a large amount of chick-flicks, mostly trashing the women’s clothing and drooling over the shirtless guys.

After the movie has ended, they both stay in their respective corners, spreading out more and more.
“Wow, those are pretty.” Julia says, just noticing the red roses in a vase behind the couch.
“Yeah, aren’t they? Kevin gave them to me.” Scotty blushes a bit when he tells.

“Why, did he do something bad?” Julia says, only half-joking.
“No, not recently. You know before we got married, things were kind of shaky. I guess he remembers that.” Scotty explains. “You know, that and that he knows he gets something in reward when he’s good.”

“You’re so lucky. Our… intimate life totally died after our wedding. It came back, but it wasn’t easy.” Julia says and sips from her wine. She pours herself some more, and offers Scotty some too, which he accepts.
“Me and Kevin had a lot of problems, but sex was never one of them. On the contrary, actually.” Scotty isn’t that surprised that he feels comfortable with sharing these things with Julia, they have kind of touched the subject before.

“Yeah? I always though Kevin was kind of… uptight in that department.”
Scotty can’t help but laugh out loud.
“No, that’d be the department where he makes up for being uptight in general.” Scotty’s wondered about that several times, wondering if it’s Kevin’s history as a serial dater or just skills he’s born with.

Julia takes another sip, realizing she’s getting a bit light-headed. Well, whatever. She’s curious and her boundaries for asking are just low enough. Scotty seems to match with boundaries low enough to answer. They probably wouldn’t have to be drunk to feel comfortable with each other, but they haven’t known each other that long, after all.

“So Kevin is good? In general?”
“Mh-hm.” Scotty nods. “He’s tender and… adventurous.” Scotty weights his words carefully.
“As in… outside the bed?” Julia gets the code and they both understand that the connection is established. It’s something like a rite of passage between a gay guy and the fag-hag. Scotty had experienced it before, and Julia knew it without mentioning it.

“Oh yeah.” Scotty teases.
“Like where?” Julia demands.
“Oh you know… his office, our cars, Nora’s…”
“Nora’s? Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me that much. Tommy and I did it there too. Pantry?”
“And kitchen. And his old room.” Scotty states.

“I know Tommy caught Sarah and Joe in the dining room once.”
“Kevin caught Justin and some girl in the kitchen, too. Maybe it’s a sibling thing.”
“Probably.” They both nod.

“Where you ever caught?” Julia asks.
“Not that I know of. Not other than Paige seeing us make out once. Kevin has never been more embarrassed.” Scotty laughs at the memory and Julia laughs too, partly because she knows Kevin and can totally imagine his humiliation, and partly out of jealousy. She’s never seen them make out.

“I guess you remember me and Tommy on the mink.”
“Oh are you kidding? It was the Grande finale of that event. All the staff talked about it. The girls wanted to be you, the guys worshipped Tommy as their fearless leader.”
“And you?”
“I probably wanted Kevin on a mink. That night we did it in the alley outside the event venue. Almost caught.”

They both burst out laughing again, and wine almost comes out of Scotty’s nose.
“Wow, I never would have thought this about Kevin.”
“Me neither, actually. It took a while for him, but as long as the public displays of affections are kept to a minimum, the public sex kind of evens it out. At first I was worried he felt like he had to do it for me, but this one time in the movies proved me wrong.”

Julia wrinkles her forehead, obviously wanting the juicy story.
“We went to see the Philadelphia story,” Scotty starts, shifting on the couch to be more comfortable. “I really love that movie but Kevin got bored and dragged me out of the salon, into the bathroom and… then one more time in the salon, we were in the back row.“

“Wow… we just made out in the movies.” Julia laughs. “I feel like such a prude now.”
“No, don’t! You don’t necessarily need to play with the boundaries of what’s normal or usual… as long as you like what you have.”
“I do, Tommy’s great. Life hasn’t been a picnic for us, but it’s definitely working out. But an uplift sex-wise wouldn’t be all bad.” Julia spreads her legs and intertwines them with Scotty’s.

“You want a tip?”
“Do I ever?” Julia puts on a overly serious face, causing Scotty to laugh.
“Write down sex-related things on post-its. Just for yourself, when you get an idea. Like places, positions, toys… that sort of thing. Then you put them in a bowl and just take one when you need an idea. Draw one and stick to it.” Scotty illustrates with his hands, drawing a note from an imaginary bowl.

“That is a good idea. Do you do it?”  
“Kind of. We both put notes with different suggestions in a box, and draw one, either together or by ourselves, for surprise.”
“I like it.” Julia concludes.
“Let me know how it works.” Scotty points at Julia.
“I will.” Julia points back. “Next time we…” she waves her finger at their empty ice cream bowls and wine glasses and the empty bottle.

The art of picnicking

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty are baby-sitting Lizzie. There's nothing like a day in the park, right?

“What do you say Lizzie, how about a nice scroll in the park?” Lizzie looked at uncle Scotty, but she looked remotely excited about the park.
“What if I tell you we will bring some nice sandwiches with Jarlsberg cheese and Ojai juice?”

Scotty continued packing things in a bag. He didn’t have that much experience with children, but he did have a good hand with them. However, he never would have guessed they needed so many things. Her bag for just a couple of hours was larger than the average drag queen’s make-up kit, Scotty noted.

“How are we holding up?” Kevin asks as he comes through the door. He had just been out with the garbage, but knowing Lizzie he wasn’t sure how much damage she could do with someone so kind as Scotty.

“I’m fine.” Scotty replies, sitting down on the couch next to his uhh… whatever-in-law and smiles brightly at Kevin.
“I meant her, but good.” Kevin smirks.


Half an hour later they are spread out on a gigantic blanket in a park close to Kevin and Scotty’s place. Lizzie is sitting in the middle, playing with a big wooden toy of colorful rings put on a stick. Scotty made some remark about what it looked like, and Kevin almost lost his breath, laughing.

“You want some sandwich?” Scotty feeds Lizzie with small pieces of his child-friendly food. Kevin watches the two of them get along, and a little bit here and there offers some apple juice.

After some eating and playing Kevin lays down on his back to watch the sky while listening to the other two picnickers.
“Really? I think we should put this in the bag.”
“Good point there… Thank you.”

“Kevin, why don’t why help me interpret this little lady instead of just laying around giggling on the ground?”
Kevin got up, laughing.
“I think what Lizzie wants is… wait, broccoli?”
“How about peas?” Kevin suggests.
“No? Maybe ice cream?”
“Then, what do you say we move this party to the playground where there is a candy stall?” Kevin seems very satisfied with his suggestion, as does Lizzie as she toddles away over the grass.

The playground is like a war zone where a bomb filled with toys, sand, parents and children exploded. It’s noisy and chaotic. Scotty leans over to Kevin and expresses his fears.
“What if we can’t make out which one is Lizzie when we’re leaving?”
“Yeah, I’m suddenly pro children tracking devices.”

They find a bench to occupy.
“We should’ve brought a flag, we could claim this bench from the evil forces of parents.” Scotty calls out when putting down a bag on it.

A woman with a big perm approaches them with a wide smile.
“Are you here with Lizzie? I’ve meet her before here, with her mom, Julia. I’m Nicole.” She puts out her hand to shake.
“Right, hi, I’m Kevin.” Kevin shakes her hand and isn’t sure if he should just accept her niceness or be very very afraid of the perm.

“Are you her dad?”
Kevin looks at a dumbfounded Scotty.
“No, I’m her uncle.” He gestures at Scotty. “This is Scotty, also her uncle.”
The woman is clearly curious, but too polite to ask. Kevin follows her gaze at Lizzie, running around in the playground with a kid about the same age.

“You look very much alike.” The woman states, causing Kevin to almost drop his juice bottle. Scotty looks a bit worried, and slightly tugs at the hem of Kevin’s sweater, to make him sit down.

The woman gets the hint and waves her hand at the war ground.
“Well, tell Julia I say hi, and… have a nice afternoon.”
“Thank you.” Kevin calls after her. When she’s out of hearing range his smile fades. “What’s it with these Nazi parents? What do they want, a family tree? ID? DNA samples?”
“Very interesting point coming from you sweetie.” Scotty says ironically. “And whatever happened with that ice cream?”

“I think she forgot.” Kevin answers. He sees her running around, she occasionally falls, but gets back up, and continues running. She might look like Kevin, but he was more of a whiner. Justin is the one who managed actual war. Kevin shakes his head to get rid of the thought. He does think about it sometimes, but he's past the part where it's also bugging him.

“But I want ice cream.” Scotty complains.
“How about we don’t remind her, and save the ice cream for tonight, when we’re at home, all alone.” Kevin looks around to make sure no one hears them. “Naked.”
“Just this once.” Scotty says, sounding more grumpy than he meant to, but they both also know that it’s not just this once they will lick sweet dairy products off each other.

For a minute they both sit there and watch all the children run around. Scotty feels Kevin’s hand take his, and he smiles. Not only because Kevin is getting better at the public display of affection, but also because two men can actually hold hands by the playground without being gay bashed.

“You think we will ever get one of those?” Scotty whispers.
“Are you telling me you’re pregnant?” Scotty chuckles softly. Apparently not a subject Kevin wants to get into.
“I’m sorry, I just had to.” He squeezes Scotty’s hand. “I do.” Scotty sees Kevin’s profile, smiling and nodding softly. “One day, when we can’t stand up to mom’s nagging anymore. Or you know, when we want to.”

“Yeah, either of them.” Scotty wants to kiss Kevin on his cheek, but decides not to. They don’t have to push their luck, and besides, he will get his fair share of kisses tonight.

Doing nothing isn't an option

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty is recovering after his hospital stay, and has a lot of time to confront his old fears.
Takes place: After my other two fics They can't hurt you now and Mum's the word.

“Keviiin…” Scotty whined. He was on the couch, and he wanted a blanket, but he did not want to get up and get it himself.
“Yes, love?” Kevin looked out from the kitchen where he was preparing sandwiches and tea. The past two weeks when Scotty had been home from work he had really made an effort in pampering Scotty. He knew how much he needed his rest to get better.

Scotty found it hard to motivate to stay in the house, not doing anything, day after day after day, when nothing was wrong with him physically. Kevin had effectively put out all attempts for small projects, such as re-furnishing, putting up new curtains and cleaning. He would allow Scotty to cook his own meal while Kevin was at work, but every evening Kevin was the one working in the kitchen.

“Can you get me a blanket?” I’m a bit cold.” Scotty made his puppy eyes and Kevin quickly obliged. When he returns to the couch with the blue and green patterned blanket he steals a kiss. “It smells really good.” Scotty compliments him.
“I’m just gonna check on it. You know, my lasagna is world famous.” Kevin calls from the kitchen.
“So strange I haven’t heard of it, then.” Scotty teases.

Kevin returns shortly, and squeezes himself down with Scotty’s legs on the couch, placing Scotty’s feet on his lap, eager for a massage. Scotty wiggle his toes for a bit to make his point.

“So… have you called your parents?” Kevin asks the question in a soft voice, not wanting to cause any stress or bad feelings with his husband.
“No.” Scotty is short and un-focused.
“Are you gonna…?”

After Scotty’s talk with Nora just after his hospital stay, he had called them once, but without a response. He didn’t know if they just hadn’t been at home, or if they had dodged his call. He feared the second, and the energy he had after Nora’s talk had just disappeared from him.

Kevin continued his careful and thorough foot massage, and moved his hands up Scotty’s leg a bit.
“Do you… want me to call them?”
Scotty’s attention is rapidly all on Kevin.
“Just to tell them… that you were at the hospital, and that you’re good now. Nothing more.”
Scotty sighs loudly.

“Scotty, just because this doesn’t leave any scars on your body, doesn’t mean it’s not a real thing.” Kevin tries to sound diplomatic and un-lawyerly.
“I know that.” Scotty looks sad. “It’s just. If it weren’t for the fact that they are my mom and dad, I wouldn’t know them or even like them.”
“I know.”

“They put me through hell, Kev.”
“I know, love.” Kevin was full of compassion, and he knew exactly what Scotty meant. He had gone through the same with his dad, only that had turned out slightly better.

“The difference between now and then, is that now you don’t need their approval. They have all cards on their table, they know all the facts. It’s not your job to try and please them by hiding who you are.”
Scotty smiles a bit and lets it be quiet between them for a while, making Kevin suspect he over-stepped.

“I love it when you’re all lawyerly.” Scotty’s smile becomes even bigger. “I’ll call them. Tomorrow.”
They share a smile.
“Now how’s that lasagna coming?”


Okay, so at least his mother picked up, but could she sound a little bit welcoming?
“Hi, it’s me.” Scotty says hesitantly.
“Hello Scott.” Scotty closes his eyes and exhales quietly. Don’t let her get to you.
“I just thought I’d call and… talk.”
“Your father isn’t home.” It’s great talking to you too.

“I was in the hospital.” For a moment he thinks he hear something that might be interpreted as some kind of worried sound from her side.
“What for?” Oh sorry, wouldn’t wanna spend your tax dollars.
“I’m… uh… stressed. I had trouble breathing.” He hears it from her side, and he knows she thinks it’s ridiculous.
“You sound okay now.” Yes, so you can hold your horses from visiting.
“I am.”

It’s quiet for a while.
“So now I’m off work for a couple of weeks.”
“That doesn’t pay the bills, does it?” Interesting coming from someone who’s been a housewife their whole life.
“Well, I have insurance from work, and Kevin works…”
His mother breaks in before he finished though.
“Then you’ve got it settled.”
“So, just let dad know, and… tell him I said hi.”
“Okay, I will. Bye.”

Right, that’s it. Don’t tell Kevin hi, no hope you feel better and no hear from you later. Scotty is about to cry. He sobs loudly but thinks of Kevin’s words. She’s not worth it, it’s not his job to make her happy.

Okay, Kevin can say whatever he wants, he needs to get out of there. He could go see Kevin at work, but he would probably just send him right back home. He fetches the keys to his car and leaves.

A really stupid idea

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin makes a romantic move. Or was it stupid?
Takes place: Between the proposal and the wedding.

It was such a stupid idea. Kevin looks at himself in the mirror in the bathroom. It’s been three nights since he proposed to Scotty and Scotty accepted. Things had been wonderful between them since, with the preparations and all. On Saturday they would pledge their love for each other in front of family and friends, and Kevin couldn’t wait. He also knew Scotty felt the same way.

But why the fuck had he come up with this stupid stupid idea?

After Scotty’s acceptance they had kissed. Deep, long and tender. Then Kevin had pulled back, still smiling like a fool, and suggested they don’t sleep together until their wedding night. Scotty had agreed, it seemed to be a romantic initiative. It’s one week. How. Hard. Could. It. Be? He truly was a fool.

Right. Now he was in the bathroom, almost afraid to enter the bedroom because he knew Scotty lay there. In their bed, wearing only his underwear, ready to sleep. Kevin swallowed hard and opened the door.

Scotty didn’t even look up from his book when he walked in and over to his side of the bed. He laid down, picking up a book and opened it. He didn’t read, not even trying. He could hear Scotty’s breath and his tiny shifts in the bed. He lifted his hand and scratched his shoulder. Kevin saw it in the corner of his eye. He wanted nothing more than just pin Scotty down and suck on his shoulder. Or whatever.


Kevin was in the bathroom and Scotty laid down in bed. It’s the third night of their no-sex-deal. It wasn’t as if they needed sex that often, they could easily go days without it. Just laying tight at night, and small kisses, that was enough. But not now. No way in hell.

It had became an obsession for Scotty. He thought about it all the time, wherever he was, even if Kevin wasn’t even there. He imagined them doing it every place he went to. Right there in the kitchen, in the walk-in fridge at his job, in his car, in the grocery store and at Nora’s. Why not, they had done it in several of those places before.

Scotty pulled the blanket up to his nose, covering his whole body. He then quickly changes it to just reach his belly-button, trying to provoce some kind of invitation from Kevin by showing off his abs. He ruffles his hair a little bit, knowing Kevin is into bed hair. It’s suggestive.

He picked up his book and started reading. Kevin enters the room shortly. He doesn’t even look at Scotty, and for a second Scotty thinks Kevin isn’t as anxious and… horny as he is.
Kevin lays down and picks up a book. Scotty sees in the corner of his eye that Kevin holds the book upside down, establishing that Kevin wants to just as much as he does.

He lifts his hand, slowly. Brings it to his shoulder and gently scratches himself with a slow and sweeping motion. He licks his lips, but continues to read.


Kevin glances at his book. Oh my god, it’s upside down. He’s been holding it like this for several minutes, it would reveal him to switch it now. If it keeps holding it like this, however, Scotty might see it and reveal him anyway. Kevin closes the book again and puts it down.

He wants to strike up a conversation, but he has no idea how to start. Scotty turns pages in his book. Maybe he is actually reading.
Kevin reaches out and puts his arm on Scotty’s shoulder, and lightly starts to rub it. It’s nothing sexual, Kevin assures himself. Scotty doesn’t object, so it’s all good. Scotty even moves a bit to make room for Kevin’s hand.

Kevin’s hand focuses on Scotty’s neck, like it always does when Kevin wants sex. Scotty again, moves to make better room, but keeps his eyes fixated on the book. Kevin moves himself closer, almost unnoticeable. His other hand starts to rub Scotty’s arm.

“Kev.” Scotty doesn’t look at him when he says it, but he gets the message across.
Kevin slowly withdraws, but is stopped in his action by Scotty. Kevin feels how a firm grip on his wrist leads his hand down on Scotty, but Scotty’s eyes are still in the book.

Kevin starts to play with Scotty’s shaft, quickly getting a very concrete respons. Kevin realizes that Scotty’s eyes are still in the book when he bends over to place his mouth on Scotty’s erection. If it hadn’t been for the hand in Kevin’s hair, he almost would’ve though that Scotty didn’t notice his elegantly performed blow-job.

When Kevin is done and lays down on his side of the bed, he sees the smile on Scotty’s face.

“This never happened, did it?” He says.
“Nope.” Scotty answers.

Mum's the word

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty leaves the hospital, and Nora is there for him to lean on.

Scotty was released from the hospital later in the afternoon, or at least that was the way he himself would described it. Kevin had left for work in the morning, with a promise to try and be home as early as possible. Nora had stayed with him all day, encouraging him when he had to call work and let them know he wouldn’t be able to work at all for two weeks, and less than before after that.

After having signed endless amounts of papers at the reception, he left the hospital with Nora. He still had difficulties to breathe, but the doctor told him that he was in no danger and that his breathing would be fine within a couple of days.

Nora put Scotty in her car, literally, and drove him to his and Kevin’s apartment. She followed him up and opened the door for him.

“Maybe I should wait with you until Kevin comes home.” Nora says as she closes the door behind her. “So you don’t have to be alone.”
“It’s okay, don’t worry.” Scotty sank down onto the couch as soon as he entered. He was feeling quite okay, but still a bit light-headed.
“Perhaps I can make you some tea?” Nora offered. Scotty really wanted her to stay, so he agreed.

A few minutes later she sits down on the couch next to Scotty, placing one cup in front of him and another one in front of herself.
“I was in the mood.” She smiles and nods towards the cup. She holds her hand over it as if to check if it’s too warm to drink. “How are you feeling now?”

Scotty understands that she means more than just the stress.
“It makes me think. Kevin wants me to call my parents to tell them, but I just can’t find it in me to do so. I don’t know if they’ve told you, but before our wedding Kevin went with Justin and Tommy to see my parents.” The look on Nora’s face tells him she doesn’t know, and that surprises him.  

“They were, let’s say… less than friendly, to put it mildly, but I called my dad later that night, and he wished me good luck. Things have always been easier with him.” Scotty looks up, not really having realized it’s his mother-in-law he is sitting there with, opening up to.

Nora smiles comforting at him and puts her hand on his arm. He likes being able to tell her these things, but he also can’t help feeling like it’s a betrayal against his own mother.

“It’s like I don’t need them. They used to be my solid point, the thing in my life that doesn’t change, no matter what I do and if everything else screws up.” Nora nods. She knows this too well. She had totally forgotten about it, but something very similar happened to her when she had just married William.
“Now I have Kevin.” Scotty finished, sounding rather small. He wanted to add “and you guys”, but he didn’t. Somehow that was a guard he wasn’t prepared to lower.

The look on Nora’s face told him she knew exactly what he meant, and he wasn’t surprised. From what he’d heard from Kevin, her mother wasn’t exactly a picnic either.

“When I moved from my mother’s house and in with William, I was so frightened. Of course, I was very young and I had never lived by myself. I didn’t know me. I knew I had a family, I just didn’t know which one it was, my mother whom I never felt really comfortable with, my brother who was off living his life somewhere else at the time, and William, whom I hadn’t known for that long then.” Nora’s gaze was still steadily on Scotty, not just rambling on.

“I wrote a lot back then, and drew too. Not that I was that artistic, but that was my way of expressing. I really needed that.” Nora laughs a bit at the next memory. “Then came Sarah, more or less planned.” Scotty’s surprised face tells Nora that their starting a family might sound like a mistake. “She was, really.” Nora assures him, and then she grins mischievously.

“We had planned this very romantic evening after a dinner with potential investors for Ojai. That never happened, instead Sarah was conceived in William’s car. Kevin was conceived in a bathroom at a party venue in Santa Monica. Don’t tell anyone.”

Scotty laughed at the information. He knew Kevin would freak if he knew, and not that Scotty would tell him, but it would be a show to watch Kevin handle that piece of information.

“I’m supposing you don’t want to know, but neither of them were conceived the way we planned. That shows how unpredictable life is. Every time I found out I was pregnant, that’s the happiest I’ve ever been. That’s family. It’s what you choose because it makes you happy. If your parents don’t, then you don’t need to be best friends with them.”

Scotty nods, but the conclusion doesn’t feel right.

“Remember Scotty, they were probably the happiest ever when they found out they were having you. That’s irreversible.” Nora leaned over to take her tea. She tasted a sip and exhaled from dislike. “Now I’ve rambled on so the tea is lukewarm. It’s so tricky with tea, not too hot, not too cold. There are only a few minutes were it’s perfect to drink.”

Scotty smiled at Nora’s more usual rant. Just then there was a noise from the door. It opened and Kevin walked in. If he was surprised to find his mother there, he didn’t show it. He walked over to Scotty and placed a small peck on his lips.
“You feel better, sweetie?” Scotty nods in reply.
“Well, I should probably take off.” Nora gets up and disappears into the kitchen with the cup.

“Has she been pestering your existence all day, or did you find time to breathe. Uh, metaphorically.”
“She’s been great, Kev.” Scotty pats his husband on his thigh, and can’t stop thinking about how and where Nora might have gotten pregnant with him. He chuckles a bit.

Nora comes back out into the living room.
“Now take care, and call me if you need anything.” She waved goodbye and disappeared through the door.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, I’ve been worried all day.” Kevin kissed Scotty again, this time deeper, as it was no longer supervised by his mother.
Scotty quickly breaks the kiss, gesturing that he needs to yawn to catch his breath.

Kevin gets up to turn on the computer.
“Oh, and you know what?” He excitedly says to Scotty. “You know my colleague Eric? He’s getting married, and it’s not to a woman.”
“Really? Didn’t see that one coming.” Scotty replies sarcastically.
“I know.” Kevin sniggers. “Anyway, we’re both invited. They’ll have this Grande thing in Santa Monica.”

Scotty nearly chokes on his tea, managing to squirt tea all over the coffee table. Kevin looks at him in disbelief. Scotty sees his questioning eyes and remembers his promise to Nora.

“No, nothing.” He tries to hide his smile. “Just something your mother said.”

They can't hurt you now

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is awoken by Scotty in the middle of the night, and not without a reason.

Kevin turned around a bit in his sleep to see what his husband wanted at this god-forsaken hour.
”Mhm…?” Came his sleepy reply.
”I’m not well.”
Kevin was suddenly wide awake. Scotty sat up in bed, and he was pale.

”I’m having trouble breathing.”
”What?” Kevin sat up next to him putting a supportive arm on Scotty’s thigh. ”Trouble as in I should get you a glass of water, or as in we should go to the ER?”
”I’m sure it’s nothing.” Scotty answers, lightly gasping after air. ”I just wanted you to be awake… in case…”

They sit together in bed for a while, Kevin stroking Scotty’s thigh until Scotty grabs hold of the sheet under him, taking in a deep breath of air.

”Okay, we’re going to the ER. Get dressed.” Kevin is quickly out of bed and in clothes. He grabs his car keys and waits for Scotty by the front door. He comes out of the bedroom, walking slowly.
”I’m a bit dizzy.”
Kevin puts his arm round Scotty’s waist.
”It’s gonna be alright.” With his free had Kevin sends a message to his mother. Scotty in er, i call when i know, tell everyone in the morning.

Kevin looks at the time. It’s slightly past four AM, but he sends the message anyway. If he knows his mother right the whole family will know by breakfast.


One hour later Scotty is submitted in the hospital and a doctor checks his lungs and heart beat. Kevin sits on a chair looking at them. The doctor tells Scotty to cough, which makes him gasp for air even more. Kevin is playing with his wedding ring, and Scotty thinks he look like a vulnerable child hearing his parents argue.

”Mr. Wandell,” The doctor looks at his chart when he’s done with his exam. ”I want a more extensive check of your lungs and your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Nurse Johnson will bring you to the laboratory to do this.” The doctor turns to Kevin. ”You will have to wait in the waiting room.”

Kevin caresses Scotty’s arm and smiles. He wants to be supportive, and hopes his smile doesn’t show off how scared he is. He isn’t ready for Scotty to be ill or sick, he just wants them to be happy newly-weds.

Kevin walks out into the waiting area, and somehow he’s not chocked to meet his mother and all his siblings. He walks right into Nora’s arms and hug her tight.

”It’ll be alright, sweetie.” He hears her whisper softly to him, while rocking him slowly back and fourth.


”Mr. Walker?” A doctor entered the waiting room an hour later and the whole Walker family stood up. They had silently been waiting for more information on what was wrong with Scotty. Kevin took a step forward.

”Your husband is okay, the breathing difficulties are most likely to be stress related.”
”Most likely?” Kevin has worked with twisting words too long to let that formulation pass.
”We can’t find anything wrong with his blood, his heart is beating steadily in spite of the loss of oxygen and his lungs are flawless. He’s overall in good shape.”

”So what now?”
”I will offer him to be listed sick for a couple of weeks.” The doctor gestures towards Kevin to follow him. They walk into a small examination room.

”I will be honest, Mr. Walker.” Kevin knows it will come now, there’s got to be some catch. ”These things aren’t that uncommon anymore, we see them all the time. Very seldom when someone has these symptoms, they go away after one hospital visit.”

The doctor looked understanding and caring, but Kevin had problems understanding what he was getting at. Yes, Scotty worked a lot, apparently too much. He would just have to cut back a bit, and rest more. Problem solved, no?

”Your husband will hopefully accept the sick-listing and stay at home for a couple of weeks, but chances are that it he likes being occupied, he will continue to be so. Stress-related issues are not only provocated from work and other tasks, but also from the patient themselves.”

What was the doctor trying to say? If someone knew how to take care of themselves, it was Scotty. He worked out, he ate healthy and he slept a lot.

”This may be difficult for you too to comprehend, but you are also probably the best person to help him.” The doctor looked a bit sad. Kevin glanced at his watch, it’s not even six.
”That’s all I can do right now, Mr. Walker.” The doctor moved in direction of the door. Kevin lingered in the room, not sure what it was that the doctor had actually told him.
”You can see him now, he’s down the corridor.”

Kevin exited the room and Nora was there right next to him in seconds.
”How is he?” Sarah caresses her brother’s back. The rest of them gather around. Kevin realizes neither of them actually know what is going on, why they are there at all.

”He’s okay. He’s got trouble breathing due to stress.” Kevin’s sarcasm is back, now as a defense more than ever. ”We can see him.” Kevin wipes his eyes, even though he’s successfully managed to hold back his tears all night.

Kevin enters the room where Scotty is laying. Nora has held back the rest of the family to give the two of them some time alone.

Scotty is smiling, if so a bit strained. Kevin walks over and takes his hand, sitting down on the chair next to the bed.
”Thank you.”
Scotty laughs a bit.
”For what?” He looks hesitant to why he should earn a thanks at this moment.
”For being okay. For being you.” Kevin buries his head in Scotty’s side, and Scotty entwine his fingers in Kevin’s hair.

”You have to take time off. Do nothing.” Kevin lifts his head a bit. ”Forever.”
”I will, sweetie.” Scotty knew he had to, but he also knew it would be hard. The doctor had talked to him about it, and proclaimed to him that he could easily get worse if he didn’t.

Kevin sat up again.
”We have to call your parents.”
Scotty exhaled and a frown appeared on his face.
Kevin understood him, he really did. They hadn’t even been able to swallow their own beliefs for their son’s wedding and happiness, so why should Scotty still feel obliged to notify them about his life.
”Because.” Kevin tried a smile and a squeeze of Scotty’s hand.

Just then there was a knock by the door. Nora peeked in through the open door.
”Can we come in?” She didn’t await an answer but entered, followed by her four other children.
”Why are you all here?” Scotty didn’t know if he should be flattered or just uncomfortable for being the reason all these people were awake much too early.
”Of course we are here.” Kitty explains. She had been up only minutes after her mother had called, and since she had been wondering if everyone would’ve done the same for Robert. They probably would’ve, but if they had done it with the same care, Kitty doesn’t want to think about.

”Yeah, have you met us?” Justin leans against the window frame.
”Exactly. We’re here for you, whatever you need.” Sarah says, and the rest agrees with nods.
”Now Scotty, you will have to work less and let Kevin serve you.”

”What, Kevin? We’re doing this as a family. Together.” The smile she shoots Scotty relaxes him a lot. He knows they aren’t there because they have to, but because he’s family. He smiles back and again squeezes Kevin’s hand. 

A small step for man, a giant step for Kevin

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Sarah hit the gay bar. Takes place after Sarah's first encounter with Scotty in Kevin's office.

”I’d like another one of those green thingies.”
”No more green thingie for you, missy!” Kevin pointed at his sister, but his inability to articulate made it hard to take him seriously.
”Come on, Kevin, don’t be such a baby.” Sarah cried.
”I’m not a baby. I’m not that drunk. And I’m not… am not interested in him.”

”Oh puh-leeze!” Came Sarah’s drunken respons. ”You were practically undressing him right there on the spot!”
”You know what,” Kevin said, and turned to the bartender. ”We’ll have two more of those green thingies.”

They both sunk the shots as soon as they were put on the bar in front of them. They have had a few before, along with some raspberry vodka drinks. Sarah muttered something about gay drinks and Kevin sarcastically pointed out that they were in a gay bar, and Sarah quietly finished her drink.

They had both gone out directly from work, drowning their sorrows.
”How am I going to handle Ojai, and dad and Saul and… stuff…?” Sarah asks.
”Sarah,” Kevin turns to his older sister, and puts his hands on her thighs in a supportive brotherly way. ”You are without doubt one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. If anybody’s going to fix Ojai, it’s you.”

Sarah waved her hand at the bartender, who immediately got the massage. They looked into each other’s eyes.
Sarah ruffles Kevin’s hair, and he makes a disliking face, but he doesn’t pull away.
”Kevin, I know times have been tough since Hank.” Sarah saw in her baby brother’s face that the pain was still very present. ”But you need to get out there. Just a little fling to get you over him. You’re clearly not, why else would you still have his picture in your office?”

Kevin knows he should throw it out, like yesterday. It’s the final piece of their life together.
”You so need to get laid.” Sarah continues, unknowing that Kevin’s mind wandered. ”Why not with him, he obviously likes you.”

”He’s a witness in a case I’m working on, Sarah!” Kevin knew this so well, he had though about asking him out, but knows he can’t. Office policies, even if they’re not written out, it’s definately frowned upon. Kevin’s face get’s even more bummed out.

”He’ll be in once more tomorrow, than the trial, and then he’s gone.”
”Tomorrow?” Sarah looks mysteriously hopeful. ”What time?”
”Before lunch.” Kevin looks up. ”Why?” He says accusingly.
”Nothing.” Sarah waves it away with a new green thingie.
”What about him then?” Sarah points at a guy in his early 20’s, at the further end of the bar.

”Him?” Kevin looks insulted. ”He’s ugly, boring and has a wierd accent.” Sarah looks surprised and Kevin adds. ”And he’s not that good in bed, either.”
Sarah barley manages to hide her smile.

Sarah scans the room and sees a good-looking guy in his mid- to late 20’s. He’s talking to a girl just a few people away from them. The guy looks at her and smiles. Oh yeah, that’s what she needs. To by mistake pick up a gay guy for herself, when she really wanted him for her brother. She chuckles at her own joke.

”Cute guy, three o’clock.” She says. Kevin looks around. ”MY three o’clock, stupid.”
Kevin shoots her a killing look and sees the guy she must mean. He looks back and smiles. Kevin turns back to the bar, as does Sarah.
”I’m not in the mood.”
”That decision,” Sarah points her finger at him, ”is not yours to make.”

Suddenly they notice how someone is standing right behind them. They both spin around on their stools, to face the cute smiling guy. He is still smiling widely.
”Hi. I’m Jake.” He shakes both their hands. ”You here together?”

”No.” Sarah says while Kevin says ”Yes.” They make faces to each other. Jake smiles at them and puts a hand on Kevin’s shoulder.
”Maybe you want to come back to mine?”

Sarah’s eyes widen.
”No. No, I’m not... married. I am. Married. Not interested” She studders and waves at Kevin.
”Oh.” Jake’s focus shifts to Kevin. ”What about you then?.”
”Huh?” Kevin can’t really grasp what’s going on. ”You know what, why don’t you crawl back to your hole over there… let us be.” Kevin swings back on his stool and Sarah follows.

”Was I just the second-hand choice for a guy after he’d been turned down by my sister?”
”Maybe you should consider witness guy after all?”
Kevin mutters something and waves at the bartender for a new green thingie.

Breaking the secret spells they put on us

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is working late, and Scotty decides to surprise him.

The office looked so strange now. It was late at night, Scotty guessed even past midnight, and the corridors were empty. No people, no smell of coffee and no phones ringing. When he comes closer to Kevin’s office he can see it’s lit.

Kevin is sitting by his desk, he looks tired and frustrated. He quickly notices that Scotty is closing up, seeing as there are no other distractions in the building. His face brightens and he gets up.

“Hi sweetie.” He kisses Scotty on the lips. “How’d you get in here?”
“Connections.” Scotty looks mischievous. His plan had been to call Kevin when he arrived at the office complex, but just when he was about to he saw that the guy working as a security guard was an old friend of his. Oh well, they had met in a bar and exchanged looks and had some shots together. The guy had kindly let Scotty in when he told him how he wanted to surprise his hard-working husband.

Kevin encircles Scotty’s waist and Scotty put his arms around Kevin’s neck and they kissed softly. Kevin made the kiss linger, as if he desperately didn’t want to go back to work. When Scotty’s lips broke free Kevin leaned back his head against Scotty’s arms.

“I just have a few more things to do…” Kevin suggests, meaning Scotty could maybe wait for him so they can go home together.
“No problem,” Scotty points at the visitor’s chair opposite to Kevin’s. “I’ll just sit here.”

They both take place and Kevin goes back to his papers. Scotty really tries to be quite and patient as Kevin notes things on the papers.

Kevin knows he should just call it a day. He’s not taking in what he’s reading, and he will have to re-do it tomorrow. With Scotty so close to him, watching his every move, it’s almost impossible to get anything done. He scribbles I love Scotty on his paper and draws a heart around it. That might get him some odd looks in court tomorrow, but he doesn’t have the energy to care. He looks up and meets Scotty’s gaze.

Scotty takes a breath, as if to talk. He smiles widely.
“Oh my god, you’re gay!” He says in a high-pitched voice and with some hand action.
Kevin starts to laugh and Scotty smiles even brighter. It’s quiet between them for a moment. Scotty gets up and walks over to Kevin’s side of the desk, not breaking their gaze. He leans down to Kevin and passionately kisses him.

Scotty looks around, to point out that they are alone. He raises his eyebrows suggestively.
Kevin looks coy.
“Not here… We can’t.” He shakes his head, mostly to convince himself. He knows they will, because Scotty suggested it and he wants to. He’s thought about it endless times. Right there on his table, surrounded by glass walls.

Scotty’s playing with Kevin’s red tie, tenderly tugging at it. He draws a line on Kevin’s chest, and palms Kevin’s lower tummy. He gets down on his knees in front of him, and Kevin adjusts his legs so Scotty can fit in between them.

Scotty slowly opens Kevin’s belt buckle, playing with it a bit. He feels Kevin’s hands in his hair, encouraging him to proceed. He untucks Kevin’s shirt to the cold air. He strokes the soft hairs there and kisses it. Scotty slowly starts to undo Kevin’s pants to release Kevin’s impatient erection.

Scotty starts to stroke it with his hand, the other hand enticing Kevin’s balls to the point where Kevin can’t wait and his hand on Scotty’s head clearly shows what he wants. Kevin feels Scotty’s warm and playful tongue which, in combination with the right amount of suction, makes Kevin come in no time.

Scotty wipes his mouth and clears his throat, spitting in Kevin’s waste paper basket. He gets up but can’t go as Kevin pulls him close by his belt.

“My turn.” He says and opens Scotty’s pants. He’s got a steady grip on Scotty’s hip with one hand, the other one serving Scotty with a similar treatment as the one he just received himself. This time it’s more exciting, knowing they’re not hidden behind the desk.

Scotty’s panting gets louder, forcing Kevin to go faster. Scotty is nearly coming when Kevin pulls back in his chair, leaving poor Scotty all alone. Scotty leans against the desk when he’s retrieving his normal breath. Kevin gets up and kisses Scotty, and then pulls down his pants and turns around.

Kevin clasps the back of his chair when Scotty penetrates him, and then comes the moaning. They both climax together and then sink down onto the floor.

Scotty’s hand slowly strokes Kevin’s thigh. He leans forward and they kiss.
“So, are you finishing up with your work, or can we go home?” Scotty teases.
Kevin is still out of breath and motions in direction of the door.


When they finally arrived home, after a wild make-out session up against Kevin’s car in the garage, they both crashed on the bed.
“I need to brush my teeth.” Scotty points out, and Kevin starts to undress. Scotty is still on his stomach in bed, making no attempt to get up. He has a clear view of Kevin, wearing only boxers, entering the bathroom. He hears the water being turned on and Kevin clatter with things. He closes his eyes, just for a second, until Kevin returns.


When he wakes up the room is dark. He’s still on his stomach, fully dresses. There is a blanket over him. Kevin is laying next to him, under his blanket. His heavy breathing suggest he’s asleep.

Scotty shifts to get a clear view of the clock. The red numbers tell him it’s past four. He lays back down, on his back, looking up at the ceiling. He notices how Kevin’s breathing matches his. Kevin shifts on the bed, crawling closer to him. Scotty feels an arm around him and Kevin’s nose against his neck.

Scotty silently whispers Kevin’s name, but he doesn’t respond, apparently still sound asleep. Scotty knows he should get undressed and brush his teeth before falling back to sleep, maybe just this one time, it’s worth the sacrifice to have the man he loves so close.

He puts his hand on Kevin’s on top of his own stomach and closes his eyes.

Holding hands

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty has shared most his secrets with Kevin, but there is yet a big one to be revealed.

Scotty is beaming with joy, it’s as simple as that. He has been married to Kevin for a month and they have settled into married life better than he ever thought they would. He knows Kevin feels safe with him by his side, because they are walking down the street and Kevin took his hand.

They are actually walking there, with all these other people out for lunch, and they show their bond to each other.

Kevin is talking about his case, and Scotty is half-listening. Kevin knows he’s only half-listening, but he doesn’t care. He just needs to say all these things to someone, to get it all out so he can stop thinking about it.

Scotty suddenly sees someone he recognizes. He’s not entirely sure. She’s far ahead of them, standing on the curve. Her hair is in a neat blonde pony tail. Yep, that’s her. He stops abruptly, and Kevin doesn’t notice until their arms stretch between them.

Scotty pulls Kevin closer to him, so he can talk without letting everyone around them know.
“Kevin, I need to tell you something.” Scotty speaks very quickly, and lets go of Kevin’s hand. “Once a long time ago, when I had just moved to LA, I did something…” over Kevin’s shoulder he sees her looking at them. “… stupid.”

Kevin looks concerned and a bit chocked.
“There was this girl…” She had started walking towards them, with a smile he knew too well. “She was very evident, and I was kind of… not. I didn’t know anybody here.” Scotty’s voice was still hasty and he started to sound insecure.

“Scott!” Came a high-pitched voice from behind him. Kevin turned around to find a young blonde woman there. She looked office chic and had on big sunglasses. She forces herself on Scotty to hug him, and he returns it half-heartedly.

“What are you doing nowadays?” She continues in her annoying voice. Kevin’s face is deploring.
“I’m a sous chef…” She raises her eyebrows approvingly. “… what are you up to, Shelly?”
“Oh, you know, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I can’t believe how good you look.” She says and puts her hand on Scotty’s bicep, slowly stroking it.

Kevin almost falls down when he sees this, and immediately takes Scotty’s hand, to mark his territory. Shelly, however, doesn’t notice the movement, but rambles on about her life.
“… so maybe we could have a coffee… catch up.” She finishes suggestively. Scotty wonders what more she could possibly have to tell him after that rant.
“I’m not sure, I have a lot of things going on.”
Shelly looks crushed.

“Scott…” She might start to cry at any minute. “… we had such a great time, you and me. I miss you…” The tone of her voice was so obvious, Kevin could no longer explain her as anything else but Scotty’s ex. He didn’t know if he wanted to push her away from their life, or if he actually wanted to continue watching Scotty being uncomfortable with her.

“Shelly, I can’t…” Scotty says softly. He’s always had a hard time to be rough with people, and even if he and Shelly didn’t share views on their past, she was a good person. Deep inside.

Scotty notices that she’s staring at their hands. He barley even noticed that Kevin locked their fingers together again, and now all three of them are quiet, staring at their hands.

“You’re with him?” Her voice is all of a sudden very thin. “Scott…”
“Yes, this is Kevin.” Scotty makes a motion with his free hand. When he waves it in front of her, her look shifts to follow that hand instead. She sees the ring.

“Married?” She whispers.
Scotty nods to confirm. The silence is awkward.
Shelly makes a high-pitched noise. “Well,” her voice breaks. “Good luck to you then.” She pats Scotty on his bicep and makes a motion to leave.

Scotty lets go of Kevin’s hand, and catches Shelly’s wrist.
“Shelly,” He looks straight into her eyes. “I’m sorry I haven’t told you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before we went out, but it wasn’t uncomplicated. I’m sorry.”
She nods her head and smiles shyly. Scotty lets go of her wrist and she walks away.

“How come we’ve been together for this long and managed to get married, and you haven’t told me you dated a woman.” Kevin isn’t annoyed, but his sarcasm has no limits.
Scotty looks uneasy.

“I…” Scotty’s voice trails off.
Kevin looks amused.

“Why don’t you tell me all over lunch,” He again takes Scotty’s hand and start to walk down the street. “Scott.”

Treasure hunt

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty has a surprise for Kevin.

Kevin leans against the wall of the elevator up to the apartment. He’s not as tired as he thought he would be on this Friday night, but he can’t wait to come home and see Scotty.

He gets a warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach when he thinks of Scotty and he can’t help but smile. The elevator stops and the doors open.

He opens the door to find the apartment dark and empty.
No reply.
On the table he finds a note.

“The evening has just begun, you know where you can find your mum. Go there! Love, S”

Kevin read the note out loud twice and dropped his briefcase in pure surprise. Did Scotty attempt to rhyme? And send Kevin to his mother’s house when he by this time had planned to have Scotty naked in bed.

Kevin quickly changed into more comfortable clothes, putting on the white shirt he knows Scotty likes him in. He has every intention to pick up his husband from Nora’s house as quickly as possible, and him looking hot was a step in the right direction.


When he arrived at Nora’s house he didn’t see Scotty’s Ranchero outside, which made him a bit worried that something had happened. He then realized he was there because of the note, and Scotty probably wouldn’t have written like that had he been ill. Kevin picked up the note and got out of his car.

Nora greeted him in the door.
“Hi sweetie. I have this for you.” She hands him an envelope and steps back to watch him open it.
“This is Sarah’s business card.” Kevin states when he sees the inside of the letter.
Nora nods and looks very happy. He stares at the card with Sarah Whedon, President on it. It also has her telephone numbers, e-mail address and the Ojai logo.

“This is a clue, isn’t it?”
His mother’s bright face confirms his guess.
“So, I should go to Sarah’s?”
Nora’s smile fades a bit.
“Her office?”
Nora’s smile returns and she nods energetically.
“Okay, thanks mom.” He says and kisses her on the cheek.

Kevin returns to his car and gets in. His guess is this is going to turn into some strange goose chase, and Sarah’s office is not the final stop. He really hopes it isn’t anyway. He knows the thought of roaming across town should make him annoyed and upset. He never liked being the one someone surprises, he wants to be the one with all the facts and in control.

This doesn’t bother him though. He thinks it’s very sweet that Scotty has something special thought out, and he feels an uncontrollable urge to please him in this particular matter.


He arrives at Ojai’s building only a while later, probably having sped a little too much, he thinks. He walks inside to find Sarah alone in her office.

“Hi sis.” He gently greets her.
“Wow, no sarcasm? Either you’re high or anxious to know what I’ve got for you.” Sarah teases and pulls out the top drawer in her desk.

She pulls out a CD album and hands it over to Kevin. He is, to say the least, surprised to receive a Joni Mitchell album. Sarah comes over from behind her desk and gives him a big hug.

“If you only knew how lucky you are.” She says and strokes her baby brother’s cheek. He smiles widely and hugs her again.
“I know.”
“I have a feeling you’re not going to want to talk about me when you meet Scotty, but give him my regards.” Sarah says to send him on his way.

“And where am I going?” Kevin is clueless.
“You don’t know your Joni?” Sarah doesn’t sound all that surprised.
Kevin looks at the album again. “Night ride home.” He smiles and looks out the window. The darkness just fell, as if it was meant to be. Sarah follows his gaze and understand what he’s thinking.

Kevin pops in the CD in his car stereo and listens to the soft and playful guitar sound that fills the car. Kevin closes his eyes for the first lines of the song. The mention of the man to love he opens his eyes and turns on the car.


For the second time that night he turns the key to the door. This time when he opens the door he finds the room to be filled with candles. Soft music is playing in the background and Scotty comes to greet him with a glass of wine. The air smells like divine food and he sees the table set for two.

“Hi sweetie.” Scotty welcomes him and gives him the glass, and takes off his jacket. “Dinner is done any minute.”
“How did you have time to do this?” Kevin follows Scotty into the kitchen, where the smell is originating from. Kevin sniffs the air and smiles. He hasn’t even noticed how hungry he is.

“I snuck in when you left. Both your mom and Sarah has called me when you’ve visited them.”
Kevin is stunned into silence from Scotty’s whole arrangement. Scotty starts to put the food on plates. Kevin sees his grace and finesse when he moves around in the kitchen, and never before has he been more beautiful than right here right now.
He moves over to Scotty and puts his arms around his waist.

“I’ll burn the sauce.”
“I don’t care.” Kevin leans in to kiss and their meeting of lips is hot and eager. Kevin notices how Scotty doesn’t put his arms around him, and figures it’s because he has a spoon in one hand and a jar in the other. He lets go and Scotty quickly saves the sauce from a safe death.

Scotty finishes their dishes and walks into the living room where the table is awaiting them. They both sit down by the table in the candle lit room. Kevin takes Scotty’s hand over the table.
“Thank you.” Scotty’s reply is a big smile, and no words are needed between them.

Bless you!

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty is sick and contagious.

Achoo! Scotty sneezes again and he feels his head banging from the inside. He’s been really sick for two days, and the cold just doesn’t go away. The two past days, Saturday and Sunday, he’s been at home in bed, served with ice cream and books by Kevin.

Now it was Monday and Kevin was at work. He had dropped off Scotty at Nora’s in the morning, not wanting Scotty to be all alone the whole day. Nora had of course made a big fuss about it. She had cooked for him, fetched blankets, aspirins and various things to keep him occupied. And it’s only lunch time, Scotty notices.

Nora’s doing the dishes after the meal. It had been great pasta with fresh vegetables, “Full of antioxidants!” Nora said as she served Scotty the food on the couch in front of the TV. He hadn’t been able to finish it, but he felt better after some food.

Nora returned from the kitchen, carrying two big photo albums.
“I thought maybe you want to look in these. They’re from when Kevin was young, like ten or so.” She offers the albums and Scotty takes them. He hasn’t seen any childhood pictures of Kevin.

“You look so pale honey, do you want me to get you another blanket?”
“No, I’m alright, thank you.” Scotty tried to smile appreciative. Nora smiled in return and left.
“Just call if you need anything at all.” She says on her way out.

Scotty opens the first album and sees two young boys, maybe seven and nine play with a gigantic beach ball, on the beach. They both have dark curly hair and matching shorts. Scotty immediately recognizes Kevin as the younger one. He stares at the smile on the little boys face for minutes. It’s so carefree and joyful. He thinks that he sometimes sees that smile on Kevin’s face now too.

He flips through the album, seeing pictures of Kitty with a Ronald Reagan t-shirt, Sarah in a pink sequin dress and Justin in a tiny bunny suit, carrot in one hand. Scotty suddenly hear the front door open and close and shortly Kevin appears in the doorway. He’s pale.

“I’m sick.” He states, puts down his briefcase and walks over to Scotty. He strokes his husband’s hair, figuring kissing is not what either of them feel like. Nora comes into the room.

“Kevin, what are you doing here?” She asks with concern.
“They sent me home from work.” Kevin’s voice is thin and low. Nora walks up to him and feels his forehead.
“Oh honey, sit down here. I’ll get you some blankets and some water.”
Kevin quietly obeys. He sits down next to Scotty and sees what Scotty’s doing. His head tries to process the pictures and what he thinks of Scotty sitting there, looking at embarrassing pictures of him.

“If there are any pictures of me naked, it’s Tommy.” He says with a logic that only makes sense in his own fevered head.

Nora returns with things to tuck in Kevin. She hands him a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants.
“You can borrow these from Justin.”
Kevin leaves for the bathroom to change into his brother’s clothes.


They spent the afternoon on the couch, sneezing and phlegmming all over the place. They slept from time to time, and looked at photos and watched TV for a bit, neither very articulate.

Nora came into them once in a while to make sure they drank a lot of water and to ask how they were.

When she entered the room for the fourth time that hour Kevin was starting to wish he had enough energy to tell her off.

She put a bowl of fruit on the table in front of them.
“Here boys, have a banana. They’re very good for you.”
Kevin started chewing on his banana, but it made him gag, and he disappeared into the bathroom.

“Oh honey…” Nora call after him. To Scotty she says. “Good thing you haven’t threw up, your body need the food.”
“Well, it also prevents me of getting rid of the bad stuff.” Scotty says with a slightly broken voice.

“Why are we discussing Scotty’s gag reflexes?” Justin says as he enters the room. “Don’t have any?” Justin’s eyes tells Scotty what he’s thinking about. Scotty’s silence also answers the question. “Kevin’s a lucky dude.” Justin whispers, soft enough so that Nora doesn’t hear.

“Are you sick, man?” Justin asks as he sits down on a chair.
Scotty nods and Kevin enters the room.
“You too?” Kevin doesn’t reply, his face and skin color speaks for itself.

“Good thing you look like crap, cuz otherwise I’d be mad you rifled through my closet.”
Kevin shoots his brother a killing look.

Suddenly Scotty starts coughing again. When it trails off he sees the other three watching him.

“Banana?” Nora offers.
He takes the fruit and peels it. Justin watches him very closely as he starts to eat it. He notices and raises an eyebrow. He continues to eat the banana, feeling a bit uneasy with his brother-in-law’s gaze.

The opening of the front door breaks the moment and Tommy walks in.
“Whoa!” He says, seeing Scotty and Kevin under a pile of blankets in the sofa, Justin spontaneously draped in a chair and Nora collecting tissues from the floor around the sofa. “What happened here?”

Kevin blows his nose and throws the tissue on the floor, rather to make a statement towards his older brother, than to clear his sinuses.

“Tommy, you shouldn’t be here. You’re going to get Lizzie sick, you should go home.” Kevin is childishly annoyed that Nora momentarily aims her attention towards her grand child instead of to him. He feels Scotty stroke his arm and feels better. He loves the bond they have, as if they sometimes know what the other one is thinking and feeling, and how they so easily can communicate with each other.

“I’m just here to pick up the baby clothes you found in the attic.” Nora is reminded by Tommy and leaves to fetch the box. When she leaves Justin speaks.
“So Scotty doesn’t have any gag reflexes?”

Kevin chokes on his words and starts to cough. Scotty looks mildly entertained and his awkward face confirms Justin’s question. Tommy looks stunned and Justin looks satisfied. Just then Nora comes back with the box and Tommy excuses himself with wishes of a quick recovery.

Nora leaves to make dinner and Justin is preparing to follow his mother. Before he exits the room he turns around and points at the photo albums on the table.
“That was for the bunny picture I know is in there.” He than leaves the two patients alone.

Scotty laughs at Kevin’s embarrassment.
“Relax, sweetie, you mom didn’t even notice.”
“But still…” He sneezes loudly and his face wrinkles like he’s biting a lemon.
“Kevin,” Scotty says, all serious. His husband looks up at him. “You’re so sexy.”


Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: After a family get-together, Kevin and Scotty get some alone time.

Kevin and Scotty arrived at the Inn twenty minutes later. It was located away from the bigger road and with very few other houses in the neighborhood. The house looked old, but Scotty guessed it wasn’t a day over ten years. Outside were orange trees with fruits on them, shining in the dusk air.

Scotty stopped half-way to the entrance door and looked at the building. Kevin stopped next to him and took his hand.

“Just consider this like a bonus honey moon. Imagine we’re far away from all my family members.” Kevin picked up his cell phone from his pocket and switched it off. Scotty saw and did the same thing. Chances were small someone would call him, but it was a romantic gesture, not wanting to be interrupted.

The checked in and were showed to a room on the third floor. The room was located in a corner of the building, with views of the wide green orchards, also beaming with oranges. Or was it peaches? Scotty walked over to the window to get a closer look. It was hard to make out the small fruits through the window.

When he turned around he saw right into the big white tiled bathroom to which Kevin had opened the door to get a closer look at the infamous bath tub. He walked out of the room with a playful smile. He walked right up to Scotty and encircled his waist. Scotty agreed to the embrace and put his hands behind Kevin’s neck, fingers stroking his hair.

Their first kiss was light and tender, their lips only slightly brushing against each other. When Scotty offered his tongue Kevin willingly accepted. As they kissed hands started moving up under sweaters. Kevin opened the lowest button of Scotty’s white shirt, caressing his tummy and belly button. He knew it made Scotty tingle with lust, forcing Scotty’s sudden desire to pull Kevin’s shirt over his head.

He pulled Kevin in direction of the bed, but Kevin refused, and they remained standing up in the middle of the room.

“We’re here for the Jacuzzi, remember?” He says when Scotty’s lips temporarily leaves his.
Scotty takes a deep breath to come back to reality. He nods and takes a step back.
“Yeah.” He still holds one of Kevin’s hands in his, and neither of them move. Kevin move close to Scotty and they resume the kissing.

When Scotty again tries to push Kevin onto the bed, he doesn’t meet any resistance. Kevin land on the bed and removes his pants. They end up on the floor, quickly followed by Scotty’s pants and shirt.

Scotty slowly crawls onto Kevin, grazing his calf… his thigh… his hip… Scotty cautiously avoids Kevin’s underwear, under which he can see how much Kevin wants him to move the party along quicker.

Scotty lowers himself on Kevin’s body and vaguely rubs himself against him. Kevin moans of desperation, pulling Scotty down onto him and rolls over. Scotty ends up in a somewhat uncomfortable position and jerks his legs. Kevin slides off the younger man, and indicates that he thinks it’s time for underwear removal. It hits Scotty how inarticulate Kevin is in bed, and thinks it’s fun, seeing how much he usually talks.

Kevin kisses the smile on Scotty’s lips. His kisses move down on Scotty’s neck, on his shoulders, his chest and his belly. Kevin moves his hands over Scotty’s upper body, while planting kisses closer and closer to Scotty’s cock.
Scotty groans loudly when he feels Kevin’s lips beginning to move steadily on him. His hand in Kevin’s hair tells him how much he enjoys the action.

When Kevin returns to kiss Scotty’s neck, Scotty is still panting heavily.
“Maybe it’s time for our bath,” Kevin looks down on Scotty’s body. “You kind of need it, hon.”
Scotty is still paralyzed on the bed when Kevin gets up to draw them a bath.

When he walks into the bathroom the water is flowing into the tub, with large amounts of bubbles on top. Kevin is lighting candles.

“Yeah, don’t knock it till you tried it.”

“Believe me Kevin, I’ve tried bubbles,” he sniffs the air. “I just didn’t think you were a bubble bath kind of person, ‘s all.” Scotty turns off the water flow and gets into the bath, followed by Kevin as he’s done with the candles and has turned off the lights. The tub is made for two, sitting next to each other, with their feet touching under the water.

Scotty rubs his belly under the water, and feels Kevin’s hand there too. Kevin’s hand takes Scotty’s and they lean into kiss. The kiss lingers and is followed by tiny pecks, as if they don’t want to part. Finally Kevin leans back in the bath, putting his arm around Scotty’s neck. They lean their heads together, with hands still holding tight under the water.

“Happy two months wedding anniversary, darl.” Kevin says. Scotty counts in his head, and realizes Kevin is right.
“Ah, what a coincidence.” Scotty announces.
“Yeah, a coincidence.” Kevin echoes.


Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The Walkers and the extended family are invited to the winery.
About: Kevin & Scotty, but with a little bit of everyone.

“Oh you’re Kevin and Scotty!” Was Julia’s cousin’s answer when Kevin introduced himself. “I thought you guys would be older. I’m Ryan.”

The guy now shaking Scotty’s hand is in his early 20’s and so obviously gay, even Scotty feels macho. The girl next to Ryan presents herself as Maya, also her in her early 20’s. They are both very petite and very sweet, with a lot of resemblance with Julia.

Ryan cups Scotty’s hand with both of his when saying hello, smiling brightly. Maya slightly nudges her brother and he lets go.
“So, how are you liking it here?” Says Kevin, trying to strike up a conversation where no one is touching his husband.

“Much better since you came along.” Kevin is almost sure that Ryan actually winked at him. He shakes his head to come back to reality.
Julia passed the foursome close enough to hear the remark, and discretely takes Ryan with her, much to his apparent dismay. He waves a goodbye to them before disappearing with Julia.

“Don’t mind him, he’s so strange when he’s a bit drunk.” Maya’s inability to articulate shows that she’s not entirely sober either. “So, it must be nice that your family is so cool with the gay thing.” Maya adds and takes a sip from her wine.

“Uh, yeah.” Kevin adds with a concerned look in Scotty’s direction. He looks completely cool, maybe the wine has taken away his edge, Kevin guesses. “Yeah, it’s cool.”
Maya rambles on, “Our parents, Julia’s dad and our dad are brothers, they weren’t all that happy when Ryan came out.”

Both Kevin and Scotty feel uneasy with the subject, not ready to be a counseling service for some distant relative just because they are the family gay alibi. Maya didn’t seem like she needed any response though.
“I was caught in the middle you know, Ryan and I were always close, and I wanted to support him.”

Kevin started making a face, knowing this could only end with her bawling her eyes out, probably on his shoulder.
“So I was the one dragging him to gay bars and meetings. I think that meant a lot to him,” Maya gazes out into the air. “but after a while it was just not cool to go to a gay bar with your sister, you know.”

Scotty giggles a bit, remembering Sarah and Kevin at Cinnamon Jacks.

“So now I don’t really have a reason to go there.” She takes another sip. “Which sucks. It’s nice you know.” She giggles and smiles mischievously. She looks at Kevin, and then at Scotty and back to Kevin. She takes a breath, as if to speak.

Both Kevin and Scotty are quiet, eagerly awaiting her next beat. She raises her index finger, pointing it at a more and more perplexed Kevin.
“That hickey…” Kevin’s hand is immediately there to correct his collar again. “… is it… new?”

Kevin stutters and Scotty can barley control himself from laughing. Kevin is too chocked to notice how Scotty is starting to vibrate from hiding his chuckles.
“Um… no. Well, yeah. It’s… no.” Kevin shakes his head.

Maya moves closer to the two of them, one hand on Kevin’s shoulder and the other one on Scotty’s. “You know… if you’re going to be doing that more, please give me a heads-up.” She leans in and slightly touches Kevin’s cheek with her lips, not kissing. She does the same to Scotty, then she giggles a bit and leaves.

“Did she just...” Kevin starts.
“… invite us to a threesome?” Kevin looks mortified. “Is it too early to leave?”
“We’ve been here for less than an hour, Kev.” Scotty says matter-of-factly.

“Yep, and so far my sisters have invaded our sex life, we’ve been caught kissing in front of a homophobic yahoo and been hit on by a brother and sister. I’d say we’ve more than done ours for this party.” Kevin states sarcastically.

Scotty laughs out loud when Kevin lists the segments of their evening.
“I’m sorry sweetie, I guess sucking on your neck was a bad idea.” Scotty says apologetically.

It’s suddenly Kevin with the mischievous smile. “Not at all. Maybe we should just keep it to a minimum before family get-togethers.”
“And instead do it when you’re headed to work?” Scotty teases.

Sarah approaches them with a big smile on her face.
“Rumor has it you two are up to a little hanky-panky with the cute blue-eyed trinket.”
Her comment is received with startled faces from both Kevin and Scotty.

“The what?”
“Julia’s cousin or whatever.”
“He said what?!” Kevin screams.
“He didn’t say… but he… well.” Sarah wiggled her head a bit.
“And with whom did he share this piece of information?”
“Only me.” Kevin sighed with relief. “And Julia. And Kitty.” Sarah looked like she would burst with uncontrollable joy at any minute.

“Come one Kevin!” Sarah smacked her brother on his chest. “Don’t be such a pussy. I’m joking. Scotty! You know I’m joking right.” Before Scotty had the time to answer Sarah continued. “He obviously liked you guys though.”

“We know.” Scotty says. “And apparently, so did his sister.”
“No!” Sarah hissed, leaning in to hear the juice story she is expecting to follow.
“She wants to carry our love child.” Kevin announces dryly.
Sarah leans back, obviously not satisfied with the answer.

“You know, you shouldn’t complain. People are throwing themselves at you. Me, I’m all alone. I’m an old spinster.”
“Come on Sarah! Cheer up. Have some wine.” Kevin grabs a glass from a waiter close-by and hands it to his sister. She frowns but sips.

“If you want to skedaddle, please do. That Inn we’re staying at is really cozy. All rooms have Jacuzzis and king-sized beds with really soft sheets. You go.” Sarah ushers them towards the exit of the garden. “I’ll cover for you.” She nods and waves a bit with her glass-holding hand, making the wine splatter.

“Oops.” She sniggers a bit. “I’ll go find Kitty and make up stories about you two and why you took off this early.”

Kevin and Scotty knows she means it, but can’t drop the thought of the Jacuzzi. They glance at each other, nod approvingly and leaves after wishing Tommy good luck with the investors and saying goodbye to Nora.

Mix and match

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The Walkers and the extended family are invited to the winery.
About: Kevin & Scotty

“Honey, I’m homo!”
Kevin heard the door close behind Scotty, who was apparently in a good mood. Kevin went into the living room to greet his husband with a quick kiss.
“You sound cheerful.”
“How can I not be?” Scotty’s voice is still jaunty as he hangs his jacket by the door, “Work was great, it’s Friday afternoon and we’re leaving for the winery to spend the evening with your family, and then the night at the picturesque hotel close by.”

“Yes, with my family, have you met them… you know at a social event with alcohol?” Kevin asks sarcastically.
Scotty smiles brightly as he walks into the bedroom to pack his things.

“How bad could it be, Kevin?” Scotty pulls out a bag from a closet and puts it on their bed. “They behaved really well at our wedding,” Scotty is quite for a few seconds before adding “You’re the one who ran away when we were supposed to consummate.”

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?” Kevin asks with a smirk and sits down next to the bag.
“Nope.” Scotty puts a t-shirt in the bag and kisses Kevin’s cheek. “So anyway, who’ll be there?”
“Oh you know, the usual and some potential investors.” Kevin seems more relaxed and crosses his legs, leaning backwards on the bed. “And from what I’ve heard, with the great addition of Julia’s family.”

Scotty looks up from the closet, raising his eyebrows, demanding Kevin to go on.
“Her parents don’t go along with Tommy that well, especially after the kidnapping when Lizzie was born. You should bring those black pants.” Kevin says suggestively.

Scotty turns around to face Kevin. He has a hesitant look on his face. “These?” He tugs at a pair in the closet and Kevin nods a bit. “They’re snug enough to show off my credit card number from a pocket. I feel comfortable with your family, but that’s too much.”

“What?” Kevin whines. “There will literally be endless amounts of wine and then you in tight pants. Now that is a good Friday night.”
Scotty disappears into the bathroom to collect his toiletries. He can hear Kevin rifle through his bedside table drawer and expects an indecent proposal when he reenters the bedroom.

“What about this then?” Kevin says, jiggling a bottle of hot strawberry massage oil in his hand. Scotty laughs and puts his toilet bag in the already full bag next to Kevin, and then closes it.
“Oh Mr. Walker…” he says and throws himself on top of Kevin, right across the bed.

Later in the evening, at the winery

Kevin pushes the button on his car keys, and the click behind him tells him it’s locked. Scotty is slowly walking in direction of the entrance to the big green back yard. Kevin walks up to him and takes his hand and they exchange smiles.
“You ready, love?” Kevin asks and squeezes Scotty’s hand.
“For tonight? Yes. For the comments about us being late? No.” Scotty smirks and the remark makes Kevin blush.


“There you are? Whatever made you this late?” Tommy welcomed the two of them by the door, smoothly handing them each a glass of wine.
“Traffic.” They both answered with one voice. The look on Tommy’s face, and on Sarah’s, standing near-by obviously didn’t believe them.
“I already welcomed everybody.” Tommy seems to be stressed. “Talk to Julia’s cousins, they seem bored.” Tommy points in direction of two 20-somethings, sitting next to each other, sipping wine. He then quickly disappears into the crowd.

“Glad you’re getting it on. Someone should.” Sarah says, her too sounding bored.
Kevin is about to object when Kitty interferes. She’s wiggling an empty glass, suggesting she’s been there for a while. She hugs both Kevin and Scotty, much to their surprise. Her unanticipated aptitude for physical contact was however explained when they smelled the wine from her.

“Wow, Kevin, you smell so good.” She says.
“You’re one to talk.” Kevin mutters and Scotty nudges him lightly.
“Yeah what is that?” Sarah leans in to sniff Kevin’s neck, making him jerk away his upper body.

“It’s sweet.” Sarah starts.
“With a round and mature bouquet?” Scotty suggests.
“You smell like sweet strawberry bubblegum.” Kitty says, hungrily grabbing a new glass of wine from a passing waiter.
“And you have a hickey!” Sarah sounds suddenly uplifted when she sees the irregular dark spot on Kevin’s neck.

Again Kevin jerks away, this time pushing his sisters away.
“It’s not!” He corrects his collar. “Personal space.” He says, drawing an invisible ring around him.
“Mom!” Kitty takes her mother’s wrist as she walks by them. “Kevin has a hickey.”
“Kitty, you had that same voice every time you wanted me to ground one of your siblings.”
“No more wine for Kitty-bitty.” Sarah teases.

When the bunch seems otherwise engaged, Kevin and Scotty left the spot. Kevin was blushing more than ever, and Scotty couldn’t help but thinking it was extremely cute. He gave Kevin a quick kiss, not realizing a man in his 60’s was their spectator.
The man’s eyes grew wide when he saw the two men, and he froze in his position. Kevin quickly regained his composure. He held out his hand to man.

“Hi, I’m Kevin Walker.” He did his best to sound like the family lawyer that he actually was. He knew he had met this man before, but had trouble placing him.
The man politely, but somewhat repudiated shook Kevin’s hand.
“Ben Ridge, Julia’s father.”

“Right, right. We met at the wedding.” Kevin said, more to himself than to Julia’s dad. Scotty also holds out his hand.
“Scotty, I’m Kevin’s husband.” He says when they shake.
Ben Ridge still has the biggest eyes they’ve ever seen on a person.
“Okay.” Is his reply. He finishes his wine and looks out into the room, Kevin guesses to spot the nearest glass filled with wine.

Again the two of them are alone in the big back yard, now both with astonished, yet highly entertained smiles.
“I’m afraid to say this, because I have a feeling that every conversation tonight will be this weird, but let’s go talk to those cousins.” Kevin suggests.
Scotty laughed gently and nodded in reply. They both finished their wine and exchanged the glasses for some new Merlot, and headed in direction of Julia’s cousins.

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