Childhood memories

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Justin have a talk.
Takes place: After the garage sale in 3x04 - "Everything must go".
Word count: 856

“Justin, what’s this?” Kevin calls from the living room, looking down into a box brown box with random things in it.
“It’s my stuff from the garage. And some other stuff.” Justin casually replies when entering the room. Kevin’s look is way to interested and when Kevin reaches into the box to look around better, Justin almost throws himself in direction of the box.

“What are you doing, ass face?” Kevin asks, now having his baby brother pressed against him and the box. “What’s in that box that you don’t want me to see?”
“Nothing, it’s just private.” Justin says while trying on his most vulnerable face. Kevin’s face turns more and more entertained, and his lawyer side is directly turned on.

“Maybe it was something I would have wanted.” Kevin says, obviously teasing Justin to give himself away.
“No!” Justin calls out. His hands move behind his back, pushing the box away from him, across the table. Kevin watches it intently, slightly raising his eyebrows.
“Is that…” He says, looking over Justin’s shoulder. His facial expression shows that he’s trying to remember what it is he’s seeing.

Something with that pink pattern, something from his childhood. He can’t put his finger on what it is.
“It’s nothing.” Justin says, pushing Kevin away. “Let’s go have lunch.” He suggests.
“Justin we just ate.” Kevin slowly steps to the side, trying to get a better view.

Then suddenly, it hits him.
“Oh my god, it’s that doll!” Kevin calls out.
“Kevin, shut up!” Justin silence him. “What if someone hears you, Rebecca and Sarah are in the next room.”
“I know, they’re next in line to hear about this.” Kevin says, his whole face now glowing with happiness.

“You wouldn’t.”
“Is that a dare?” Kevin takes a step in direction of the door. “You know, I could never dismiss them. I even kissed a girl once…”
“Too much info, bro.” Justin follows Kevin.

Their movements towards the door are like a silent hunt for the prey. The prey on which they will slip as many embarrassing childhood anecdotes about each other, as they can possibly think of. Justin knows he’s already lost that battle. Sarah already knows everything about both of them, and when it comes to upholding an image in front of Rebecca, he’s got more to loose. Besides, he’s too young to know the really good stuff, the punishment of being the baby.

Right when Justin thinks he’s ahead, Kevin runs away. Justin enters the kitchen to find Kevin already there with Rebecca and Sarah, spilling the beans about Justin’s doll in pink clothing, the one he had for years and years. The one that he played doctor on, the one he had air tea parties with and the one he held close when he was sad.

Rebecca looks up at him, smiling goofily.
“Aw, Justin.” She says, still intently listening to Kevin’s rant. Sarah fills in with her details, not making the situation better. Justin buries his head in his arms over the counter, waiting out the nostalgia trip.
“I hate you all.” He says and looks up.

“Well, it’s not like we don’t have embarrassing stories.” Sarah comforts and walks over to him, putting her supportive big sister arm around his neck. “You’re just too young to know them.” She says in a cooing baby voice and pinches his cheek, causing their audience to laugh.

“Oh, Justin, don’t worry about that.” Rebecca says. “It’s not strange that you had a doll when you were a kid.”
“No?” He asks, hesitant.
“No!” She assures him. “The weird thing is you still want to keep it.” Rebecca adds, and Kevin high-fives her.

“You know, you suck.” Justin says, returning to the living room. He can hear Kevin sneaking up behind him.
“Hey bro, you know we’re just playing around.” He says, putting a hand on Justin’s shoulder.
“I know, it’s just…” Justin stops by the box, looking down into it, seeing all the things in it. Childhood things and things from his dad.

“All these things are from when I was still this good kid that everyone believed in. When I still hade a future.”
“That’s not true, Justin,  no one thinks any lesser of you than of any of us.”
“No, I know I’m on the right track now, it’s just, it feels like a lost several years to drugs. There’s nothing from that time that I want to keep.”
“Maybe that’s good.” Kevin says, seeking eye contact with Justin. “Don’t keep things, just remember why you’re not still there.”

For a moment they’re still. Kevin tightens his grip around his baby brother’s shoulder, patting him on his arm. After a while, Justin looks up again.

“This whole thing has really ruined my macho image. I really need a beer and some girl-on-girl porn now.”
“That sounds like a plan.” Kevin enthusiastically replies.
“Really?” Justin responds, surprised that his brother has a sudden interest in female anatomy.
“Yeah right,” Kevin whines, “porn with women, times two. It’s not even straight porn where there can at least be a hunky guy.”
“Again, too much information.”

Sleep tight

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin comes home late after starting his new job.
Word count: 470

Kevin comes home to find the whole place in darkness. He isn’t surprised Scotty is already in bed, after all, it’s past midnight and Scotty is working tomorrow. His first days working as a communications director had been mad. Today he’d been at the office for 12 hours straight. Apparently election week is busy even if you’re not running for president.

He puts his briefcase and jacket on the couch and quietly walks into the bathroom. Looking at himself in the mirror almost scares him. His face is shiny and his eyes are blank, and he’s got dark bags under his eyes. He splashes some cold water on his face and then takes some of his moisturizing, yet manly, lotion.

He’s developed a habit of using face lotion, and is very careful to always buy the fancy ones in black jars. That way, at least it seems a bit macho. He brushes his teeth half-heartedly and takes a final look in the mirror before entering the bed-room.

The bedroom is too bathing in darkness. The blinds in the window allows the streetlights to make a striped pattern on the wall. Kevin peers through the darkness and can see the silhouette of Scotty’s side. He is sound asleep on his side of the bed. Scotty makes a little move, and Kevin finds it to be the cutest ever.

Kevin takes of his clothes, hesitating before he decides to take of his boxers. He likes sleeping in them, but he knows Scotty likes it when they both sleep naked together. He slides under his own blanket and moves himself with his pillow over to Scotty, placing an arm around him and giving him a brief kiss on his shoulder.

Scotty moves again and moans for a bit, sounding like he’s waking up.
“How was work?” He asks in a sleepy voice.
“Long.” Kevin replies, almost whispering. He doesn’t want to break the silence. There is something so serene with the dark room, the light coming in between the blinds and the stillness from the street and the neighbors.

“Did you agree with Robert?” Scotty asks, sounding surprisingly interested.
“Not once.” Kevin replies honestly. “But it was good.” He adds. “Didn’t mean to wake you love, just wanted to be close.” Kevin says and tightens the embrace.

Scotty makes an approving noise and presses himself against Kevin, taking Kevin’s hand from his belly, entwining their fingers together before kissing it and putting the nest of fingers on the pillow before him.

Kevin presses a kiss in Scotty’s neck. His lips linger, still touching Scotty. It’s only a question of seconds before Scotty’s body relaxes, suggesting he’s back to sleep. Kevin closes his eyes and feels how tired he actually is. In no time at all, also he drifts off to sleep.

Kiss the chef

Rating: R, for sexual content
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty cooks, Kevin teases. Nothing new, ey?
Word count: 739

Scotty stares at the mushroom, frying in the pan. His mind wandered away from the cooking a while ago, and now his ability is limited to thoughtlessly poking the small pieces with the large plastic spoon he has in his hand.

He feels those arms around his waist, and Kevin’s chin on his shoulder, peeking at the dinner. Kevin fits perfectly behind him, like their bodies were meant to be a puzzle.

“What are we eating?” Kevin asks, touching Scotty’s ear with his nose. The touch tickles Scotty, causing him to jerk for a bit. The motion makes him wake up from his semi-deep thoughts.

“This.” He says, nodding at the sliced mushroom, getting just the right color.
“Aaaand…?” Kevin says, discreetly pushing himself against Scotty.
“This will miraculously turn into sauce with tomato, cream and herbs, and that pasta over there,” he gestures at a pack on the bench by the stove. “will be soft and nice in no time.”

“Really?” Kevin’s tone suggests he’s not expecting an answer. His moving against Scotty suggests something totally different, actually.
“Sweetie, I have to fix this. Besides, you said you were hungry.”
“Well, now I’m hungry for you.” Kevin nibbles on Scotty’s earlobe, knowing that usually does the trick.

Scotty easily turns in Kevin’s grip so that they are face to face. Their eyes meet for a second before their lips, and then there is no stopping them. Scotty pushes Kevin backwards until they reach the bench behind them. Scotty’s hands are under Kevin’s shirt slowly stroking Kevin’s chest, turning him on bit by bit.

“Your food.” Kevin whispers between kisses.
“Turned it off.” Scotty replies, before unbuckling Kevin’s pants and ending up on his knees.

Kevin is equally surprised by Scotty’s turn-around as he is aroused, and getting a blow-job pressed up against a kitchen bench while the mushroom on the stove are still making that frying sound, well, Kevin just realizes that it’s better than he thought.

His hand on the back of Scotty’s head encourage the treatment, and Scotty’s hands on his hips show appreciation in their own way. Eventually Scotty comes back up, wiping his mouth. He walks over to the sink to get himself a glass of water, turning the stove back on when passing it.

Kevin is still leaning towards the bench, his climax slowly fading. He pulls up his pants and shakes his head, as if to return back into the kitchen where one cooks, and nothing else.

When he’s finally ready to walk and talk again, he moves over to Scotty’s side of the kitchen, where pasta is put in a saucepan with water and some salt. Some fresh herb is neatly chopped in no time, and with some tomato sauce thrown in the pan with the golden mushroom.

The silence between them is not anger or boredom, just knowing the drill when it comes to eating. Kevin sets the table, today adding a candle. He carefully chooses an album with Norah Jones, and then dims the light.

Scotty emerges from the kitchen, carrying their plates. He stops in his tracks when seeing the room. It’s usually a fork, a knife and a glass of whine when Kevin prepares their eating. This gesture is so romantic, and Kevin standing in the middle of the room with a goofy smile is the perfect last touch.

“You’re so sweet.” He kisses Kevin on the cheek before the two of them sits down. Kevin blushes a bit from the compliment, and looks down hoping that Scotty won’t notice.

Scotty of course does, and raises his glass of wine with that knowing smile. Kevin does the same. They know so well that they both want to say something like “to us”, but avoids it since the corniness will totally kill all kind of romance and potential sex tonight.

“Cheers, then.” Scotty finally says, allowing them to take a drink. Kevin picks up his fork and sticks a mushroom on it. He holds it up in front of it, inspecting it.
“You’ve seen things that you are too young to understand.” He says to it.
“Yeah, I won’t be able to look my food in the eyes.” Scotty chews while he says.

Kevin laughs and puts the mushroom in his mouth. He carefully chews it, taking in the taste. He notices Scotty watching him, awaiting the verdict. Kevin swallows and looks directly at Scotty.
“That was amazing.”


Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Wally Wandell reflects on the past days.
Takes place: Just after 3x04.
Word count: 491

”That’s enough Bertha.”

The trip to see Scotty had definitely not turned out the way Wally had imagined it would. Kevin had once again proved he wasn’t gonna shy away from speaking his mind, and he obviously did it out of love for his husband, and to protect him. Wally smiled from the memory.

Wally understood what Kevin had been told the stories. Ever since Scotty came out, these stories had been created. Endless fights and rules Bertha came up with, and how Scotty saw the whole thing as her attempt to change him and to keep him within bars. Wally wasn’t entirely sure, but he kind of agreed.

Wally himself had tried not to get involved, knowing Bertha thought he took Scotty’s side, and Scotty thinking he took Bertha’s. Honestly, he didn’t know which side to stand on. He loved his son, but he was also raised in a community where being gay was not a option, and where it was okay to bully those who stood out.

Kevin had cleansed the air between them, and it had been a wake-up call. Wally had done his best to persuade Bertha to give Kevin an honest chance, something she had never done. But his words had finally worn her down. After all, this was the man who was going to be there with their son forever. The man who was in charge of difficult decicions in case of emergencies and the man Scotty had the courage to introduce them to.

It was enough. When Wally replayed the conversation from the dinner, he realized that he had been blinded by the senator’s presence. Bertha had too, but she probably didn’t realize it was a problem. She had over-stepped, idolizing the McCallister’s when they were there to meet their son.

Her reaction to the adoption hadn’t surprised him either. She honestly thought that it was smart not to have a child if you were gay. Maybe you weren’t neccessarily worse parents, but that child would have to go through a lot, and from her point of view, the gay parents could precent that by not having kids.

But nevertheless, it would give her the grandchildren she had been crying rivers over when Scotty had first come out. This showed that maybe it wasn’t the grandchildren that was the problem anyway. Wally wanted grandchildren, just as much as he had before.

And if Scotty had to get children with another man, Kevin was a good choice, even Wally could see that. He was strong, honest and intelligent. He had to admit it, he was impressed with Kevin.

The sign reads ”Welcome to Arizona – the Grand Canyon state”.

”It feels good to be home, doesn’t it?” His smile fades when he hears his wife. Back to reality, where there is still a long way to go before family dinners have either a welcoming Bertha, nor grandchildren.
”Yes.” He answers, noticing himself that he sounds like a machine.


Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Bedtime in the Walker-Wandell household.
Word count: 762

“You’re hot.” Scotty looks up from his book and looks at his husband across the bed.
“Why, thank you.” He says, and returns to reading.
“Really hot.” Kevin’s frisky voice giving him away.

“You’re hot too.” Scotty says without looking up, deciding to play along for a bit. If they’re going to end up in each other’s arms anyway, he might as well have fun on the way.

Kevin moves over to Scotty, placing his chin on Scotty’ arm, looking at the book.
“Is it good?” He asks, whining.
“It’s really intriguing. This guy was just shot and his brains is all over the street.”
Kevin seems to take no notice of what Scotty just told him, but sensually moves his head against Scotty’s side.

Scotty lifts his arm to let Kevin in, allowing Kevin to kiss his stomach. Kevin moves one hand over Scotty’s smooth belly, circling around his navel before leaning over to gently kiss it.

“I can’t see my book, dear.” Scotty says when Kevin’s head blocks the view.
“Well, maybe it’s time to keep the suspense till tomorrow.” Kevin says and takes the book, slowly placing Scotty’s bookmark in the right place, closing the book and leaning over Scotty to place the book on his night stand.

“Now I won’t know who did it.”
“I’ll tell you who did it…” Kevin teases, and removes the blanket from Scotty’s crotch area. He reaches out to stroke Scotty’s boxers, while pursuing to kiss Scotty’s belly.

Scotty’s hand on his back encourages him to go on, especially when Kevin’s kisses travel downwards. Kevin gestures to Scotty to take off his underwear, and Scotty is surprisingly quick to obey.

“I thought you were playing the cook teaser?” Kevin teases back.
“I thought you were going to blow me.” Scotty replies. He places one hand on the back of Kevin’s head, and follow Kevin’s move. His excitement is not easy to hide when he feels Kevin’s lips on him, doing what they do so well.

Scotty is so close to the edge when Kevin withdraws. Kevin trails kisses all the way over Scotty’s torso before landing next to Scotty, for them to share their first kiss. Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin and uses the grip to make himself lie on top of Kevin.

Kevin breaks the kiss and whispers, “I want you to fuck me.” In Scotty’s ear.  Scotty tugs at Kevin’s underwear, and with a little help, they’re off. Scotty sits up between Kevin’s legs and reaches over to fetch the turquoise lube bottle.

“Almost out.” He states before pouring some onto his hand.
“Sexy.” Kevin says, wiggling his eyebrows.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Scotty kisses him one final time before pulling Kevin in position.

Kevin’s face winced from pain when penetrated, but the grimace faded quickly, feeling Scotty’s gentle moving inside him. Scotty caresses Kevin’s stomach while finding the right rhythm. He feels Kevin’s breathing getting deeper and closer to the edge, and pulls out, quickly placing himself right above Kevin to keep him there.

“Why?” Kevin moans. “I want you… In me. More.” He barely manages to say.
“You’ll see.” Scotty explains, while pinning Kevin’s arms down, giving him a long passionate kiss before resuming what Kevin wants.

When Kevin once again gets closer, Scotty leans in for them both to come at the same time, and when finally the climax reaches them, it urging them both to scream.

Scotty stays on top of Kevin for a while after finishing, his exhaustion preventing him from being able to move. He gently strokes Kevin’s cheek, kissing his equally exhausted husband on the lips.

“Nice move.” Kevin says against his lips. Scotty eventually manages to get off Kevin, and lay back down beside him, again resuming their respective sides in the bed.

Kevin snuggles up to Scotty, crawling under his arm and rests his head on Scotty’s chest. He places his arm over Scotty’s waist, and squeezes tight. Scotty returns the squeeze and kisses the top of his head.

“That was great,” Scotty states. “I’m all shook up and everything, but I reeeally need to find out who killed him.” He says, and reaches over to his book.

Kevin, not appreciating the loss of attention, stays quiet when Scotty starts to read. Scotty flips a page, and suddenly it’s inevitable for him to keep it to himself.
“The butler did it.”
Scotty prepares to say something, but before he has the chance, Kevin cuts him off.
“Now that you know, is there seconds?” He asks, eyes beaming up at Scotty.


Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Wally Wandell reflects on the past months.
Takes place: Just before 3x04.
Word count: 579

“But what you two are doing, it’s not a wedding. It’s not a union recognized by the church, or the state.”
“Actually it is. In the state of California it is.”

Wally Wandell replayed this bit of conversation in his head for somewhere around the billionth time. It was exactly what he would expect from his wife. Ever since Scotty had told them he was gay, she had turned cold by the mention of his name, or the sight of him. He knows she’s done a lot of thinking to be able to say she loves her son.

For him it was more simple. He can’t say he’s not a bit disappointed. He always saw his older days with Scotty and his wife and their kids. He was going to be the best grandpa ever, spoiling his grandchildren rotten. But if he had to choose between that and a son living his life the way he wanted, being happy, the choice was simple.

When Scotty had called to say he was getting married, that was the second time he’d heard the name Kevin Walker. They hadn’t even met their future son-in-law, and Scotty hadn’t offered them to do so, not until when he invited them to the wedding.

Bertha was the love of his life. High school sweetheart, always knowing they were meant for each other. When she told him she was pregnant, he thought he’d explode from happiness.

Lately, with them growing older together, life was more difficult, but they managed. Although, Bertha’s insisting on keeping this distance to Scotty, was tearing on him. He called his son, at least once a week. He called when she was out shopping or playing poker with her girlfriends.

Scotty would update him on his life, and Wally could do nothing but realize how his son sounds happier for every week.

“Actually it is, in the state of California it is.”

He’s a lawyer, apparently. Bertha had commented on that, hinting that their son was a gold-digger for the middle-aged lawyer looking for fresh meat. That time he had yelled at her, and she hadn’t brought it up again.

When Kevin stood there, outside their house, he was real. For the first time, the person Scotty had mentioned, the person he spends his time with and the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, was actually for real. From that moment, there was no turning back. It should’ve scared him, he knows, but only one thing scared him – how Bertha would behave and react.

“In the state of California it is.”

He sees the “Welcome to California” sign as they pass the state border, on their way to Los Angeles. The land of the free, home of the brave. Somehow, that seemed to be California rather than Arizona. Land of liberal politics and home of his son.

It hadn’t been easy to convince Bertha to go to Los Angeles to meet Scotty and Kevin. He knew she wanted to visit this restaurant, and that in combination with Scotty’s information about Kitty and Robert being Kevin’s family, they had finally booked themselves a trip to the golden state.

Kevin had dared to interrupt her that time, when he was alone with them. Wally feels a smile spread on his face. He is excited about dinner tonight. Maybe his wife will again meet some resistance, maybe this can be a start for them all to be a family.


Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: There's a pink gorilla in the room, and neither Scotty or Kevin wants to see it.
Takes place: After 2x09, just before Jason returns.
Word count: 633

He knows why he does it. Scotty is lying awake with Kevin sleeping tight, snuggled up in his arms. He smells Kevin’s hair, still smelling of shampoo. They had ended up in bed not long after they had gotten home, eager to show very concrete appreciation of each other.

But it’s different, Scotty thinks. The sex is, and has always been good between them, but these past days, it’s been different. Not necessarily bad or even worse. He knows why he feels different. Jason is coming back to the country and Scotty will not lose Kevin without a fight, and knowing this he has to show Kevin that he’s on the front line.

What will he do if Kevin wants to see Jason? He can’t say no, that will only make things worse. Saying no to Kevin is like saying no to a little child, it makes him want it even more, even if it really doesn’t. Sometimes his lawyer side is just a tad too much.

But he does need to be there, and he is trying to, in every possible way. Although, he doesn’t have much to offer Kevin, it seems. He tries to cook everyday for them, and that’s always appreciated from Kevin’s side, and then they have sex. Really good sex, but again, different. That tension…

The weird thing is, also Kevin acts different, also being more intense. Lately Kevin always comes to the restaurant when Scotty works late, and that is a lot. He sits there and patiently, well, kind of, waits for Scotty, talking and laughing with his colleagues.

Scotty is quite sure that Kevin doesn’t know that he knows, and maybe he doesn’t know himself, but he is treating Scotty like a… queen. Scotty chuckles for himself, and Kevin moves a bit, shifting the position of the arm he has tightly held around Scotty’s waist.

Kevin has obviously been watching his steps around Scotty lately. After Kitty’s wedding, he must have realized how thin the thread that their relationship hangs in is. They both did. Scotty hunts away the thought of maybe he stayed with Kevin after that because he was scared. Scared of being alone and without a home.

He can’t help but love the touch of Kevin against his naked skin, and the stroke that Kevin gives him makes him shiver. Kevin makes a little noise, but doesn’t wake up. Scotty smiles, but the smile fades before it reaches his eyes.

He can guess that they will wake up tomorrow to make love one more time before they have to part for work. Either that or the one who wakes up first will make the other one breakfast in bed. And then the sex.

Scotty doesn’t want to complain. It’s kind of nice having this new kind of romance, he only wishes it didn’t feel forced, not from either one of them. Once Jason is back and well in the state, he will make sure Kevin gets out all his aggressions, and questions, and then this will all be over.

He only hopes that when this all is over, he is still the one laying in Kevin’s arms, listening to his heavy breathing. The thought of Saint Jason replacing him, with himself back to sleeping in his car almost gives him an anxiety attack. He thinks back to those days. Cold, lonely, alone. No! There is no way he’s going back to that. Not ever.

Single again, and with no future with Kevin what-so-ever. With even the friend card burned, there’s not much left to hope for.

Jason laying there, kissing Kevin’s soft newly showered hair… No! He can’t think of that. He strokes Kevin’s back and places a soft kiss in his hair, taking in the scent.

Jason is welcome back, he’ll see.

The pre-nup

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty gets his hands on something he finds very disturbing.
Takes place: Somewhere between the proposal and the wedding.
Word count: 750

“Kevin, what in heaven’s name is this?” Scotty seems upset to say the least as he storms into his husband-to-be’s office, waving the big brown envelope in Kevin’s direction.

“What, sweetie?” Kevin replies in his most diplomatic sense, looking up from his computer.
“A pre-nup. This was delivered to our apartment today, neatly marked pre-nup.” Scotty slams the envelope on the desk before Kevin, who is staring un-knowingly up at him.

“I didn’t…” Kevin starts.
“I’m sure you didn’t.” Scotty cuts him off. “I’m sure you didn’t mean to upset me with this. I thought we were through all the name-calling idiotic gravel, but I guess I was wrong.” Scotty’s voice gets louder and louder, and Kevin discretely, well, as discreet as one can be when yelled at, walks over to close the door into his office.

“I don’t know how you imagined I would accept this.” Scotty picks up the envelope and pulls out the pack of papers. “Let’s see… I vow to be faithful.” He looks up at Kevin. “So far, so good.” He deems. “You do, too, but also put in this clause saying that I won’t legally be entitled to any of your money, would you cheat.” Scotty eyes through the document as he talks, not noticing Kevin’s change in reaction as he moves back to his desk.

“And… here!” He points to the paper. “I promise to take your last name and to never talk about any of my exes with either your family or friends.” He puts down the papers and looks up, expecting something else but Kevin’s slightly entertained smile.

“Kev, this is serious. I can understand you want a pre-nup, but this is just wrong. Maybe…” Scotty exhales and glances at the door, as if he’s preparing his get-away.
“No!” Kevin stands up again. “Scotty, come here.” Kevin waves for Scotty to walk over to him, but Scotty doesn’t move.

Kevin approaches him, slow as if not to scare him.
“This pre-nup…” He starts, looking at the papers.
“Which refers to me as the poor useless schmuck, promising to sleep with you at least twice a week…” Scotty fills in.

“I’m so sorry.” Kevin says with emphasis. “This is not what it seems.” Kevin tries his saddest puppy eyes, taking Scotty’s hands in his, reducing the space between them. Scotty allows him too, but with clear hesitation.

“This pre-nup.” Kevin starts again. “Is not mine. I’ve had it done for a former client of mine, who’s now getting married. These are his requests.” Kevin speaks slowly and looks Scotty straight in the eyes the entire time.

Kevin continues, “I don’t know why it was delivered to our house, but that’s obviously a mistake.” Kevin notices how Scotty loosen up a bit. “I have no plan what so ever to draw up a pre-nup, and even if I did, I would consult you before.” Kevin stops talking, leaving the room in silence. Only a muffled buzzing from the rest of the offices can reach them.

In the corner of his eye Kevin can see one of his bosses walk by his room, clearly looking at the two of them. He slowly lets go of Scotty’s hand, moving one hand to Scotty’s chin, drawing it closer to himself and leads them into a soft kiss.

They part, but keep eye contact.
“You need to shave.” Kevin says, checking to see if Scotty has mellowed.
“Well, I wasn’t in the mood to groom after having seen this.” Scotty says, his voice softer than before. “And I’m sorry I opened your mail.” He adds, quieter.

Kevin smiles. “I probably would’ve done the same thing.” He says. He steals another kiss and lets it linger more than the previous. “Are we cool?”
“Yes Kevin, we’re cool.” Scotty replies. “Your mom however, has more noses to put in everyone’s business, than what’s good for my heart.”

“I’ll call her later and tell her to bugger off.” Kevin assures him.
“Oh don’t, I’m handling it. You just worry about work, your family and showing up, and I’ll take care of the food and the… setting. Right?”
“Right. Sure. So maybe you wanna food with me in like an hour?” Kevin asks while returning to his chair.

“Sorry, can’t. I’m interviewing potential bride’s maids.” Scotty smiles, knowing his puzzling excuse won’t be liked.
“If those are my sister, I like them in puffy cream colored sequin sensations.” Scotty can only almost hear Kevin’s request, as he leaves the apartment.

Family ties

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty and Julia have a chat by the pool.
Takes place: During 3x01 "Glass Houses" when Nora says she left Lizzie with Scotty.
Word count: 799

“There you are sweetie.” Julia finds Scotty sitting on a blanket by the pool, Lizzie playing with a plastic car. Scotty has his hand supportively placed on her back, engaged in her playing. He looks up when he hears Julia come out onto the otherwise empty sun deck.

“Nora said she left you here with her, hope it’s no problem.” Julia says and sits down on the edge of the blanket.
“Oh, please, I’m happy to. She’s great.” He says and nods his head at Lizzie. “Although, I think she’s getting hungry.”

“Right.” Julia says and reaches over to fetch the big baby bag a few feet away. She picks up a pack of crackers and gives one to Lizzie. “Sarah and Rebecca are cooking, thought she’d wait until then too.” Julia explains. “You can wait ten minutes, can’t you sweetie?” She says to Lizzie.

“I’m sure she can, but can I?” Scotty says. “I’m starving.”
“Me too. I love Sarah’s cooking, but she isn’t quick.” Julia states. “So what about Kevin?”
“Is he quick?” Scotty asks, half-joking.
“I mean, how’s things with you two?”

“Really great, actually.” Scotty answers, truthfully. “Better than I ever could have expected.” And that was the truth. They had never gone very long without drama and arguments, but since the wedding, the honeymoon phase had really lasted. “I guess that sounds cynical, but you know, we’ve had our ups and downs.” Scotty smiles.

Julia nods in reply, having seen the whole thing evolve, from the first dinner party where Scotty had shown up, causing quite the turmoil, of course not knowing it. Kevin wasn’t famous for bringing guys to family events, and the few that he had actually brought had never been anything like Scotty. In spite of all that, Julia had liked Scotty from the very beginning, and had been very upset when they finally broke up after the trip to Ojai, having felt it was all her fault. And Tommy’s.

“Are you thinking of having kids of your own?” Julia asks carefully, watching Scotty attentively take care of Lizzie.
“I don’t think so. I guess it’s inevitable for the subject to come up, but I think it’s safe to say that neither of us, nor our relationship is ready for a third person.”
“I’m glad to hear that.” Julia says, quickly getting her mistake. “Not that you’re not having a kid, but that you put yourselves first. When you actually decide to start a family, you need to have a strong relationship.” She explains, and adds, “Believe me.”

“I just hope Kevin doesn’t freak out about it.” Scotty philosophizes out loud. “I can see just how it would go. How we both want to keep it open for the future, and not be too negative, he will get all hyper about it and totally misunderstand everything, believing I’m practically trying to grow a uterus, just to be able to carry our love child.”

“Yeah, that sounds like the Kevin I know and love.” Julia laughs in reply. “But knowing that can happen gives you the advantage of being able to prevent it, no?” She guesses.

“Oh, but I also like to see him squirm.” Scotty counters and they both laugh. “No, but seriously. Just a few months ago I never would’ve thought we’d even get married, and now I can’t imagine it any other way. I guess things can happen faster than you think, if they’re supposed to happen, if they’re right.”

“Oh, definitely.” Julia agrees. She’s quiet for a while before continuing. “It’s quite strange how so few of the Walkers have babies the conventional way.”
“Yeah, you’re right. I never thought about that. I wonder what Justin will do that’s new and fresh.”
“Impregnate the girl who was his sister for a while?” Julia suggests and makes Scotty laugh.

“Do you think about it a lot?” Julia asks, and she knows right away that Scotty got what she meant. They both look at Lizzie, playing along between them.
“No, not anymore. You know what I said in Ojai, and as far as I’m concerned we’re all a big family.” Julia knows that Scotty means it, he shows it so well with how he takes care of Lizzie, and Paige and Cooper too, for that matter.

“If there ever was a family where the ties are more important than the blood relations, it’s this one.” Scotty says, picking up a cracker to feed himself with.
“Thanks.” Julia says.

“Dinner’s ready.” Paige calls from the door.
“We’re on our way.” Julia replies to her, collecting the things they’ve spread.
Scotty picks up Lizzie while Julia takes the bag and the blanket, the two of them exchange a smile.

“Ready for today’s family meltdown?” Julia asks.
“Always.” Scotty smiles in reply.


Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty move forward.
Takes place: Two parts. Before the break-up in Ojai and after the lobster.
Word count: 802

Part one – some days after 1x06 “For the children”

“Hi.” Kevin greets Scotty. “I brought some food and stuff.” Kevin holds up a bag from a grocery store and Scotty accepts it, slyly inspecting the stuff in it. Okay, he didn’t want Kevin to buy him dinner every night they went out, but if Kevin bought something and he himself cooked it, it felt like a joint effort, and Scotty could accept that.

He kisses Kevin quickly before bringing the bag into his kitchen. His apartment was not as big and nicely decorated as Kevin’s, but they enjoyed the change of scenery and the fact that no one from Kevin’s family would show up outside the door.

“High expectations for tonight?” Scotty yells from the kitchen. Kevin walks into the cooking area to see a highly entertained Scotty standing by the grocery bag, holding the pack of condoms he had bought when fetching the groceries.

“Well, I like to be prepared.” He smiles and kisses Scotty, taking the pack from him. “And I thought I put it in my pocket.”
“I’m sure you did.” Scotty teases. “I’m trying not to be offended that you thought I’d be all out.”

“Well, if you had been, my expectations would be drastically lowered, seeing as how we always use them.” Kevin brushes his lips against Scotty’s.
“Well, I’m not planning on either chlamydia, an unplanned pregnancy or a sacred vow of fidelity from you, so I enjoy your initiative.” Scotty plants a final kiss on Kevin’s teasing lips before focusing on tonight’s dinner.

Part two – some days after 2x11 “Missionary imposition”

Kevin enters the apartment and the incredible smell hits him right away. Scotty’s cooking and it smells like heaven. His utterly boring and stressful day at work just disappears from his mind, and his legs automatically take him to the kitchen.

He finds Scotty wearing his apron in the middle of pans and bowls. On the table is a basket full of newly baked scones right next to a small bowl with deep red jam, probably Nora made.

Scotty is deeply focused on his soup, simmering on the stove, and barely notices Kevin in the doorway.
“Welcome home, sweetie.” He says, scarcely looking up. “Dinner is ready in no time.” He points a spoon at Kevin. There is something lumpy and orange with small dark spots in it. He carefully tastes it.

“Very good. What is it?” He asks.
“Lentil soup with thyme and honey.” Scotty answers. “I’m working on the new vegetarian options for the restaurant.”
“So a bowl of this will be what, 39,99?” Kevin teases.

“Not quite, but with my homemade cheese scones to go with, it should.” Scotty takes out two bowls from one of the cabins and hands them to Kevin, silently urging him to lay the table.

Their dinner flows by, and Kevin, having muttered something about not being full after soup and no meat, unbuckled his pants after having finished his second bowl.
“I know this isn’t sexy, or whatever, but I really need room to breath.” Kevin says, pointing at his pants. Scotty laughs in reply.

“Oh, and speaking of which.” Kevin says, as if he just remembered something. He walks over to his briefcase, left by the door, and picks up an envelope. “A surprise.” He smiles and gives it to Scotty.

“From the Los Angeles County Hospital.” Scotty says sarcastically. “How did you know?” He tilts his head and smiles at Kevin. The envelope is already opened, and Kevin’s name and social security number is on the front.

He picks up a paper and folds it out. He skims through the paper, not really getting why Kevin gave him this.
“So, congratulations?” Scotty slowly asks. “You’re healthy.”
“Not only am I healthy,” Kevin replies. “I also hereby vow my fidelity to you. Uh, if that wasn’t already clear.”

The look on Scotty’s face is surprised, but too unexcited for Kevin’s taste.
“Scotty.” He tries a new tactic, taking Scotty’s hands in his own over the table. ”I don’t have chlamydia, or gonorrhea, or any of those things. I’m faithful to you, and when you’re ready to lose the condom, I am to.”

Scotty now understood this was about more than just Kevin’s sexual health.
“I’m not saying it needs to be now, or this month, or even ever. But if you want to, I do too.”
Scotty smiles and squeezes Kevin’s hands.  
“Aw…” He strokes a hair away from Kevin’s face. “This is really sweet. And I don’t mean that in a patronizing way. I think we should do it. Lose the condom, that is.”

Scotty leans over and kisses Kevin over the table.
“But I also think we should do that other thing.”
“Eat scones with my mom’s jam?” Kevin suggests.
“Well, as a matter of face, the jam was a part of my plan.” Scotty teases.

Freedom of speech

Rating: PG-13, for trashing the big B
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty have a discussion, but a very different type, one that leaves them both quite satisfied.
Takes place: When Scotty lives with Kevin, before the lobster.
Word count: 502

Just so you know, this is quite political, and may be offensive.

“I hate our president!” Kevin cries out and sits down next to Scotty on the couch. Scotty looks very entertained. He was deeply buried in a book, studying, when Kevin entered the room.
“Any particular reason?” Scotty asks.

“Is there any reason to not hate him?” Kevin counters. Scotty wiggles his head in an agreeing nod. “No, I just read the newspaper, and that guy seriously ticks me off.” Kevin sighs.

“Oh…” Scotty says. “The hey why don’t we just hate and discriminate all gay people thing?” Remembering reading that article this morning.
“Yeah. Why should I, or we, be forced to live and serve a country, when that country wants to make my whole existence miserable?” Kevin asks.

“Maybe we live our lives wrong?” Scotty asks, more to provoke and get along an interesting debate than to make Kevin feel bad. Kevin’s response is exactly what Scotty would expect. He vigorously turns to face Scotty, speaking quickly and well-articulated.
“How could it be wrong when that’s the only way I feel good about myself?”

“Because there is something bad inside you, that can only be driven out when you accept Jesus into your heart.” Scotty says in his softest voice. Kevin smiles in reply, knowing why Scotty argues with him. It’s definitely not since they have a different opinion here, because they violently agrees in this issue, as well as in pretty much every political issue.

“There’s something wrong with our democracy when it’s used as a play ground by wealthy white middle-aged heterosexual men.” Kevin sighs as he leans back in the couch.
“You know you’re all those things, except one.”
“Middle-aged?” Kevin quickly replies.

“Well, people like Condoleezza Rice are alibis for the diversity within the leadership of this country, justifying how thousands of American citizens feel left-out of the system, not believing they can improve their own rights and conditions.” Scotty declares.

Kevin is quiet. Lately him and Scotty have discussed different political issues and it’s felt so liberating. He hadn’t even noticed how much he enjoyed venting his thought and how trapped he felt with not being able to with Jason. There’s a pang in his heart when he thinks of Jason. He’d left yet another message and then had dinner with Scotty. Available, caring Scotty, ready to discuss politics and to listen to Kevin.

Maybe they did agree nine times out of ten, and that tenth time, they could discuss the facts and their thoughts around it, and then agree to disagree, with no hard feelings.

Kevin found this to be very ironic, looking back on their arguments when they had been together. It was almost like this was practice in handling a conflict between them in a mature and rational way, in case in the future they would… No! Jason. Think of Jason. Kevin told himself.

“I want a snack.” Scotty says. “Are you up for some raspberry melon smoothie?” He asks Kevin before getting up.
“Always.” Kevin answers, watching Scotty disappear into the kitchen.

This pesto is the besto

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin comes home from work to find Scotty doing something he doesn't usually do.
Word count: 834

“Scotty?” Kevin closes the front door behind him and enters their loft. Scotty’s bag is on the floor, so he should be there.
“In here.” Scotty calls from the kitchen. Kevin can usually locate Scotty when he’s cooking, because he is not quiet when he does so, but now the whole apartment is silent.

Kevin enters to see Scotty sitting on the floor with dirt and magazines all around him.
“What are you doing?” Kevin asks, astonished Scotty managed to make such a mess in his otherwise so clean and neat kitchen.
“I’m planting this.” Scotty hands him a small pouch with tiny seeds in it.

“Basil” Kevin reads off it.
“In just a couple of weeks we’ll have fresh pesto, entirely home-made.” Scotty announces.
“Since when do you plant things? We can barley keep our other plants alive.” Kevin walks up and stands behind Scotty, stroking his hair.

“I’m gonna take care of this. You’ll see.” Scotty doesn’t pay him much attention, but continues to shove the planting soil into a small plastic pot. He carefully puts some seeds on it, and then covers it with more soil. Kevin enjoys watching him work with his fingers, careful and caring, treating the baby pesto seeds as if they were fragile puppies.

“So, since the basil isn’t done for another while, what are we having tonight? I’m hungry.” Kevin wonders and leaves the kitchen. He drapes himself on the couch, immediately regretting not turning on the TV when he could still reach the remote.
“Damn.” He whispers to himself, but stays put.

“What are you in the mood for, sweetie?” Scotty appears in the doorway. His hands are dirty and he’s holding the pot, now placed in a bigger bright red one. Scotty puts it in the window and strokes the pot.

“We could order something.” Kevin suggests. Scotty looks at him and raises his eye-brows. “I know you like cooking, but you don’t have to do it at work all day, and then once more for me.” Kevin defends his proposal.
“Greasy pizza and sweaty Asian wok isn’t really my kind of stuff.” Scotty states before going into the kitchen to clean up after him.

“How about grilled halloumi with a fresh salad and pasta?” He asks from the kitchen. He doesn’t get a reply, and just assumes Kevin is aboard. He’s usually a lot more vocal when he’s disagreeing than when he’s consenting, so Scotty starts preparing the food.

When he half an hour later enters the living room, carrying the two plates with food, he finds Kevin sound asleep on the couch. He places the plates on the small table and walks over to Kevin. Crouching down next to him, he places a kiss on the temple of his head and strokes his arm.

“Dinner is ready.” He whispers. Kevin sleepily opens one eye.
“I had such a wonderful dream.” He says and reaches out to take Scotty’s hand in his.
“Yeah?” Scotty asks, smiling. “What about?”
“You.” He leads Scotty’s hand to his mouth and softly kisses his knuckles. “Now where is that pesto I was promised?” He gets up and throws the pot filled with soil a look. Scotty has covered it with a plastic bag with small holes in it, and the inside is moist from the condensation.

“Halloumi.” Scotty says and invites Kevin to the table with a wave.
“Hello to you too.” Kevin says.
“It’s Cypriot cheese with mint, the only cheese that can be grilled.” Scotty smiles at him.  Kevin doesn’t reply, but his face says “wow” when he inspects the dish.

“No pesto?” He teases, half-way into the food. Scotty sighs and shoots him a sluggish look.
“Do you want sex tonight?” He replies jokingly.
“Yes, please.” Kevin smiles and straightens his back. “I love you.” He says with mock strain, causing Scotty to laugh.

After having finished eating, Kevin starts to collect the dishes, piling their plates and glasses, knowing that Scotty will do it if he doesn’t.
“How about I fix these, and you just relax on the couch for a bit, hanging out with the pesto plant.” Kevin suggests, leaning in to steal a kiss before getting up.
“It’s basil.” Scotty corrects him, kisses him back and indolently accepts the offer to rest for a minute or two.

“Why don’t you come with me and spend some time under a lamp, now that it’s dark outside anyway.” He says with a coo-ing voice to the pot, and brings it with him to place under the lamp by their computer. “You like that, don’t you?” He coos to the plant.

“Is that a teaser for tonight?” Kevin asks, having stopped on his way to the kitchen.
“Yes, if you’re a pesto plant it is.”
“We are so not having a baby, like ever.” Kevin sarcastically points out. “I’m not by far ready to share you with anything.” He finishes and enters the kitchen, seeing Scotty grin and throw himself on the couch. 


Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: After Kevin makes sure that romance is a part of the else so mundane life, Scotty repays him.
Word count: 670

Kevin presses the elevator button at least half a dozen times. Scotty smiles behind his back, enjoying Kevin’s eagerness to come home. He encircles Kevin’s waist from behind while they wait for the lift to arrive.

“This building is quite high, isn’t it?” He asks into Kevin’s neck.
“Yeah…” Kevin mumbles in replies, enjoying how Scotty strokes his lips against him.
“So it takes a while for the elevator to… go all the way?” Scotty tightens the embrace.

The door in front of them opens up into the mirror covered inside. They move in and the doors close. The elevator has barley begun to move downwards when Scotty presses the emergency stop button and at the same time pressing himself against Kevin, pinning him to the wall.

Their kiss is desperate rather than romantic, and both realizing they have to act quick if they want to get anything done. Scotty proves his skills by unbuckling Kevin’s pants, sliding in his hand. Kevin bends his head back and bangs it into the wall, but he doesn’t seem to care or even notice.

Kevin moans Scotty’s name against his lips, having his hands firmly placed on the back of Scotty’s head. The elevator starts to move and Scotty reaches over to press the emergency stop button again, not sure if Kevin even noticed the small movement.

“Scotty…” Kevin mumbles again, his fingers moving in Scotty’s hair. Kevin pushes Scotty down, and Scotty willingly accepts, and kneels in front of Kevin, who again bangs his head against the wall.

The elevator again starts to move, and Scotty pushes the button while still focusing on pleasing Kevin. He can feel Kevin tense at the feel of the movement, but as Kevin sees Scotty stop the lift, he shortly relaxes again.

When Scotty comes back up to face Kevin, Kevin’s eyes are closed and his breathing is heavy.
“Now my hand is all wet.” Scotty complains, and manages to pull out a napkin from the abandoned picnic basket on the floor.

The lift begins to move downwards again and Scotty places a final kiss on Kevin’s mouth, before creating some space between them. Kevin pulls up his pants and buckles them just in time before the lift stops and the doors open. A woman in her late 40’s enter and smile politely at the two, not looking at the basket with the used white napkin crumpled on top.

The woman only travels a few floors and exits the lift as quickly as she entered. When she’s no longer within hearing-range, Kevin starts to chuckle. Scotty joins him, and soon they’re both laughing out loud.

“I’m never gonna be able to have a normal conversation with one of my colleagues in here again.” Kevin says and looks around at the mirrors covering the inside. Scotty follows his gaze.
“Is that a camera?” He asks, looking at some small device in the corner of the box.

“I really hope so.” Kevin replies. Scotty suspects that’s not his real opinion, but it’s nice of Kevin to want to share their romance and intimacy with the building security staff, probably stuffing themselves with popcorn by now.
“Well, no one knows me here, ey?” Scotty says. He picks up the basket and prepares to exit.

Kevin takes his free hand and they walk out into the big lobby, holding hands. The lobby, is well as the rest of the building, dark and empty. They walk in direction of the big glass door leading to the street.
“You really enjoyed the mirrors, didn’t you?” Scotty asks after a moment of silence. Kevin’s soft snigger confirms the theory.

“You know where there are also mirrors?” Scotty asks, suggestively. Kevin looks at him and shakes his head.
“The gym.” Scotty says smugly.
“Re-eally?” Kevin teases. He lets go of Scotty’s hand to unlock the door using his code on the alarm machine hanging by the door. The door opens and Kevin returns to Scotty’s side and takes his hand. “We’ll see.”


Rating: PG-13, or a very mild R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin makes sure that romance is a part of the else so mundane life.
Word count: 1069

Scotty is in the elevator in Kevin’s office. It’s far past office hours, and it’s dark outside since a while. The building seemed quite empty, only a few assistants and stressed out office rats were still in the building on this Friday night, finishing the last work before calling it a day.

Kevin had called him a couple of hours ago, asking if he had any plans for the night. Scotty had the usual Friday night plans, dinner and a movie at home, with Kevin. That is, if they were not invited over to Nora’s.

Kevin had asked him to meet him on the roof of his office building, and to arrive hungry. His stomach rumbles as the elevator stops at it’s final destination and the doors part before him.

He steps out into the darkness. There are no offices around him, as he can see anyway. The surroundings are totally dark, and Scotty quickly considers going back into the elevator and call Kevin from somewhere, asking why the hell he should be in this darkness?

Before he has time to re-enter the elevator, he sees a small light before him. He follows it, carefully watching his steps for anything unexpected. The small light leads him to a door. He tries the handle, and it opens.

“Welcome to casa de… rooftop.” Kevin greets him from outside.
“Wow… what are we doing here?” Scotty asks as he walks up to Kevin. The view is fantastic, but this seems to be only the smoking area of the building. There are cigarette butts on the ground and a gigantic bucket with even more in the middle of the small area.

Kevin takes his hands and quickly pecks him on the lips.
“Come here.” Kevin leads the way through yet another door and around a corner. Scotty stops in his tracks, seeing the spread-out blanket with a picnic basket on it. The area is shielded from the wind, which allows a dozen of candles to light up the place.

In a vase in the middle of the blanket is a single red rose.
“Wow.” Scotty repeats. “Why this?” He asks while he willingly lets Kevin guide him to the blanket and sit down.
“Nothing special.” Kevin answers warily and pulls out a bottle of wine from the basket. He pours them each a glass and raises his in a toast.

“For us, and for you.” Kevin motions his glass in direction of Scotty and takes a sip. Scotty slightly motions back, but doesn’t drink. “You don’t want a rooftop picnic, overlooking Los Angeles with the man you love?”

“Of course I do. I’m just surprised by your initiative. I like it, but I’m surprised.” Scotty takes a sip from the wine and makes an approving noise. “And besides, one never drinks a toast to themselves.” He adds.

“To everyone else, then.” Kevin suggests, and they take another sip. Kevin puts down his glass and starts to unpack the basket. He lines up three plastic boxes, two plates and cutlery. Scotty knows Kevin didn’t cook this. Partly because he wouldn’t have had the time, and because even though Kevin is quite a good chef, he would just throw it all in a big bowl and mix.

“Who cooked?” Scotty asks curiously.
Kevin smiles mischievously at him. “Why don’t you think it was me?” He asks, semi-insulted.
Scotty shoots him a meaning look, still waiting for an answer.

“A good friend that owed me one.” Kevin answers, knowing that is not good enough answer for Scotty.
“Good friend? May this good friend be named for instance Nora? Or Sarah?” Scotty leans over the plastic boxes to get a better look. He tries not to be judgmental.

“Why don’t you just walk around me and mark your territory, that would be easier love.” Kevin jokes.
“What? Just because I like to keep high standards when it comes to food?”
“I still love you, even if I persist on feeding my chef husband food he did not make.” Kevin strokes Scotty’s arm and kisses him on the cheek.

They share the food and wine and talk about their last days. As time goes by and it gets later in the night, the temperature sinks and Scotty starts to shiver. Kevin drags out another blanket to cover the both of them under. They snuggle up together to watch the view of the city.

“You know,” Scotty starts. “if we weren’t already married, I would’ve thought you brought me here to propose.”
Kevin chuckles into his neck, causing Scotty to tremble from the tickle.
“I would. If we hadn’t already been married, I would’ve proposed to you here and now.”

The honesty and vulnerability in Kevin’s voice gives Scotty goose bumps. Kevin strokes his arms to keep them warm, and kisses his neck. Scotty bends his head to give Kevin some more skin to work on, and ends up with a rather big hickey.

“For the record,” Scotty mumbles, head still bent as Kevin is playfully planting wet kisses on his neck, “I would’ve said yes.”
“I know.” Kevin assures him. His hands travel inside Scotty’s shirt and caress his belly.

Scotty makes a fruitless attempt to move Kevin’s arm.
“You’re not really convincing, Scots.” Kevin breaths into his neck.
“Yes.” He fights. “It’s cold.”
“Let me warm you.” Kevin starts to unbuckle Scotty’s pants with Scotty still melted in his arms.

Scotty moves around in Kevin’s arms so they end up face to face. They instantly lock lips, passionately and hungrily. Scotty lower himself on top of Kevin, trailing kisses down his neck. He can feel Kevin’s arms around him, caressing his back.

He rolls off, making Kevin moan in disappointment.
“I’m really sorry, Kev, but this is going to be extremely uncomfortable.” He reaches over to stroke Kevin’s cheek. “Why don’t we pack up and go home, and I promise I’ll make the night memorable.”

Kevin looks at him with one eye shut.
“Promise.” Scotty swears and gets up. He holds out a hand to help Kevin up and they again end up face to face. Kevin quickly kisses his husband on the lips before collecting all things in the basket.

“Let’s go.”
“You’re fast.” Scotty determines. “Let’s not make a habit out of it.” He adds as he follows Kevin into the dark hallway, leading to the nice and warm elevator.

A message from far away

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is away on a conference, and writes Scotty a letter.
Word count: 282

Hi sweetie!

I miss you so much. This conference is so mind-numbing, I can’t even describe it in words. There’s nothing I would want more than to lay in your arms tonight instead of in this squeaky bed with a very questionable blanket.

All radio channels play American music with French lyrics, and don’t even get me started on the TV channels (63 networks and the only thing in English was a documentary over Romanian architecture – marvelous).

The electricity outlets are all wrong so I can’t charge my cell phone. My family will probably freak out when they can’t reach me, but I already miss our calls.

The city looks just like LA – a mix between old houses and new ones in glass. No ocean though, which makes me feel a bit trapped. On the radio now – an interpretation of Aerosmith’s I don’t wanna miss a thing in French, with the original song playing in the background. Did I mention I miss you incredibly?

Today was also insane. Our “guide” was constantly smiling, telling us to be better people (it’s fairly important to cook from scratch for your kids instead of playing with them). But I don’t need to tell you, hun.

Some of the other participants of the conference went out for a beer, but I declined. I prefer a nice quiet night with some chocolate, French radio and red berries energy bars (the food sucks). And to be honest, I’m not all that fond of the others.

The flight home lands quite exactly twenty-four hours from now, and then I’ll be back with you. And I actually remembered to send that postcard to mom.

Miss you loads,

Sweet and sour

Rating: PG-13, just some kissing
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: "I am completely, completely in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate."
Takes place: Right after the proposal in 2x15 Moral Hazard.
Word count: 738

“What things about me that you hate?”
Kevin leans back to get a better look of his new fiancé. He raises his eyebrows and puts on a questioning look.
“You said you even love the things about me that you hate.” Scotty reminds him. Kevin grins widely and leans in to slightly kiss Scotty’s lips again.

“Why don’t we just move this into the bedroom to celebrate our upcoming nuptials.” Kevin tries to Scotty again, but Scotty places his index finger in front of Kevin. He does it playfully, but shows he’s serious.
“We will. You will get very lucky tonight. After you tell me.”

Kevin sits down on the couch again and Scotty follows him. Kevin takes Scotty’s hands in his.
“How about that you always need to do the dishes after a meal, instead of just letting them be?” He sees that Scotty wants to explain and defend himself, but before he can start talking, Kevin continues. “How you always lose your keys, that you make me change socks if they’re mis-matched, that you can’t sleep with the window open even if it’s 95 degrees inside and how you always let your cell phone battery run out so that it turns itself off and I can’t reach you.”

Kevin stops talking and expects Scotty to at least get a bit defensive and wine a bit and reply with his bad sides. When he just stays quiet, he realizes it might have been too much. Isn’t that just typical, engaged for two minutes and then he pisses of Scotty.

“You know I don’t really mean all that…” he starts to explain.
“No, of course you do.” Scotty interrupts him. “It’s true.” He states, looking a bit sad. Their conversation is not exactly running smoothly as Kevin again tries to make things right.

“As I said, I love those things about you too. Because they’re all you. It’s what I want. It’s what I need.”
Scotty looks at him and lets out a soft puff of air from his nose, kind of implying he’s not believing Kevin.

“I know I’m not a picnic, not even a mediocre picnic with bad weather, lots of flies and soggy cheese sandwiches, but I know that and I try to… you know. Keep the sun shining and the sandwiches refrigerated.”
Scotty laughs out loud at Kevin’s bad analogy.

“Kev, you’re a good picnic.” He squeezes Kevin’s hands between his own. “I have an umbrella and decided to go for apples instead of sandwiches, cause they don’t get soggy.”

“Maybe a bit brown-ish?” Kevin suggests with a shy smile.

Scotty’s eyes get narrow as he smiles. “Maybe. But that brown-ish thing on the apples, that’s the sugar.” He says. “That’s the sweetness that I like.” He leans in and kisses Kevin. The kiss is languid at first, but grows more passionate. Kevin’s skilled lips and tongue part Scotty’s lips and their tongues meet.

Their hands disappear quickly under sweaters and shirts and soon enough they’re laying down on the couch, Kevin on top. Kevin’s mouth reluctantly leaves Scotty’s and continues to plant kisses down Scotty’s neck.

“I hate it when you leave the water running while brushing your teeth.”
Kevin lifts his head and looks down on Scotty.
“Uh… okay. I’ll stop. I’ll turn it off.” Kevin jerks his body to get comfortable on Scotty, preparing to pick up where he just left off. He feels Scotty’s hands slowly stroking his back as he gently sucks on Scotty’s neck.

“And it annoys me that you throw your keys on the table. It’s bad luck.”
Kevin again lifts his head to look at Scotty. Scotty is smiling teasingly under him.
“You want me to get off?” He takes a string of hair and strokes it off Scotty’s face. “You want to talk?” He offers.

“No.” His hands pull Kevin down for a kiss. “I want revenge.” He smiles mischievously. “Now kiss my neck again.”
“Do I dare to?” Kevin asks.
“You’re a big scary lawyer animal, aren’t you?” Scotty teases.
“What does that make you?” Kevin slowly moves his head in direction of Scotty’s neck. “Small, defenseless…” He tenderly kisses Scotty’s neck.

“Prey.” Scotty finishes for him. "So take me." His hands that are still caressing Kevin’s back tighten their embrace and pulls Kevin close. An intense kiss wipes away the space between them as they are allowed to begin their life together. Again. 

Enjoying the company

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin misses Jason and Scotty moves on.
Takes place: The day after Scotty's movie show in 2x06 Two places.
Word count: 1055

“I guess that’s all. Call me.” Kevin hangs up the phone. He’s on the couch and just recorded another message on Jason’s answering machine. His computer is on his lap after he went home early to do some work out of the office. He had hoped to find Scotty at home, but he wasn’t around.

On the small table before him lay the movies. The Exorcist, The Thorn birds and Glitter. They had watched all three, and the whole time it had been difficult not to lean in for a more comfortable snuggling position with Scotty on the couch.

He puts the phone on the seat next to him and goes back to reading on the screen, just when there is a noise from the door. The lock turns and Scotty opens the door. He seems to be in a hurry.

“Hi.” He says, sounding slightly surprised. “I didn’t think you’d be home.” He says while putting his bag on the floor.
“Needed time alone from the office.” Kevin replies, trying not to sound as sad as he feels. “I’m kind of hungry, you wanna order something?” He suggests. They usually eat together, but it seems rude to ask Scotty to cook.

Scotty seems uncomfortable with the question, and hesitates before answering.
“No, sorry, I can’t.” He slowly walks in direction of his mattress. “I have plans.” He sends Kevin a sympathetic smile and leaves the room.

Scotty have plans? He never have plans on a Tuesday night, because he always works early on Wednesday. Kevin tries to go back to his work, but the thought of Scotty’s uneasy way of telling him he has plans nags his head.

Scotty comes back into the living room, carrying his toilet bag and a towel. He enters the bathroom and Kevin can hear the flow from the shower shortly after.

The shower runs for just above two minutes, and Kevin knows because there’s nothing he can do but than to stare at the clock on his computer. Scotty soon comes back, wet hair and the towel around his waist, carrying the rest of his clothes.

Kevin hopes Scotty doesn’t notice his lustful glare. When he himself notices it, he immediately feels bad. Scotty’s towel clothed behind disappears out of his viewing range, and knowing what happens in the room next door, excites him just a bit too much.

“Where are you going?” His casual voice is on.
“I have dinner plans with a friend.” Scotty answers and avoids eye contact, hoping Kevin won’t notice.
“Oh.” Even Kevin realizes that didn’t sound casual, and he’s not happy with the answer. “Someone I know?”
The look on Scotty’s face tells him what he already knows. Fat chance.

Kevin is quiet for a while, and watches Scotty put on his shoes.
“Is it… a date?” He asks warily. He barley has the nerve to look at Scotty, waiting for an answer.
“Yeah.” Scotty answers. He sounds a bit ashamed to admit it, and carefully avoids Kevin’s sad face.

He really hadn’t wanted to tell Kevin. His boyfriend was on the other side of the planet, and Kevin spent all his free time with Scotty or his family. And yes, he really felt bad for dating when he lived with Kevin, but he couldn’t just put his life on hold because their past was a bit rocky.

“I’ll see you later.” Scotty quickly collects his things and leaves. Kevin is left in his apartment, alone again. The only person he ever meets outside his office and outside his family is gone, because he actually has a life of his own. Kevin is the old maid, left with his own company and take out food. In this pace he’ll end up over-weight in a net shirt with a beer in his hand in no time.

The Thorn birds DVD in front of him catches his eye. He picks it up and looks at it. He closes his computer and puts it next to him. Maybe the movie can lead him back to the Jason path again, to make him remember why he puts himself through this.


When Kevin for the second time today hear the lock open from the outside, he opens his eyes to find himself having fallen asleep in front of the TV. The Thorn birds DVD is still on, and the DVD menu is repeating itself over and over.

Scotty walks in, apparently believing Kevin is asleep, because he is really trying not to make any sounds.
“Hi.” Kevin greets him with a sleepy voice.
“Hi.” Scotty says in chock. “You’re up?”
“Fell asleep, does that count?” Kevin asks.

Scotty starts to takes off his jacket and shoes, watched by Kevin.
“How did it go?” Kevin tries to ask smoothly.
“Uh… good.” Scotty sums up, not wanting to point out what a wreck he just spent a couple of hours with. “Fine.” He adds.

“And yet you’re home early?” Kevin says and looks at his watch. He doesn’t really know how he can be so forward, maybe the sleep has similar effects to alcohol.
“Yeah…” Scotty says hesitant. “Not that well.” He stands up and looks at Kevin, still looking sad sitting on the couch. He sits down next to him and sighs heavily. He sees the film on the TV and feels a pang in his heart. Right, Kevin sits here and is sad because he misses Jason. He could give Kevin a hug to make him feel better. Or he shouldn’t, really. That would seem condescending, and Kevin would really not appreciate that.

Kevin glances to Scotty. He looks tired and not as happy as one should be after a fine date. Maybe it wasn’t fine? The thought makes Kevin happy, and again he gets that feeling. The feeling of wanting to stay home with Scotty at night, have dinner and watch a movie. He knows Scotty isn’t his, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy spending time together, does it?

“It’s not even midnight, wanna watch another one?” Kevin suggest, nodding at the TV.
“Sure.” He gets up to change the movie. Kevin might be sad over Jason, and Scotty might be sad over the whole situation, but he will not have that movie rub his nose after it.

“Glitter?” Kevin asks.
“You bet.”

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