The final call

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The Walker family gather for dinner.
Takes place: After my two other stories "On the phone" and "A sneek peak", both published below.
Word count: 1137

Kevin and Scotty enters Nora’s house through the front door right on time. It’s seven o’clock and the family is gathered for a quiet family dinner with some wine in good company.

In the kitchen they find Nora and Sarah, preparing tonight’s food.
“Hi mom.” Kevin kisses his mother on the cheek and steals a piece of carrot from the dish Sarah is holding. Scotty is right behind him, but also kisses Sarah on the cheek, smiling apologetically for Kevin’s steal.

“Julia, Lizzie, Justin and Saul are already in the dining room.” Nora call after them. She watches the both of them leave, after all, also the wine is in the dining room. She turns to Sarah.
“You do not share this with anyone else tonight, right? We do not need some kind of drama between you and Kevin.” She says firmly. Sarah looks shocked and a bit insulted.

“Of course not.” Nora looks satisfied with the answer and leaves the kitchen, carrying a bowl filled with perfect yellow potatoes. She meets Julia in the doorway.
“Julia!” Sarah greets her.
“I just wanted to see if you needed any help.”
“No, it’s cool.” Sarah replies. After a few seconds of silence, she continues: “So, guess what I heard on the phone a couple of days ago…?”


“Can you pass me the sauce?” Scotty asks Saul. “It’s delicious.” He says, turning to Nora when Saul hands him the sauce pan. The entire room makes affirming noises, all the while eating away.

A cell phone rings and Kevin picks it up. He waves it in the air and mouths that he has to take it, still with his mouth full. He leaves his spot and disappears out into the living room.

When Kevin returns shortly after he smiles apologetically and puts the cell phone next to his plate.
“You can’t put in your pocket?” Nora asks.
“It’s uncomfortable.” Kevin defends himself.

“Just make sure you press the ‘end call’ button, huh?” Justin says, quickly getting a slap on his arm from Sarah.
“Oh no.” Scotty fears where this is going.
“What?” Kevin looks at them, puzzled and with a growing wrinkle in his forehead. “What?” He repeats when no one speaks.

“Sarah.” Nora warns.
“I didn’t…” Sarah starts, pointing her fork at Justin. “He did!”
“I’m sorry, it’s nothing.” Justin says, trying to undo what he said.
Kevin looks at Scotty. His eyes are narrow and Scotty sees that he suspects something. Scotty suddenly regrets not telling Kevin about the phone incident a couple of days ago, not wanting to tell the story starting with ‘remember when I gave you a blow job a couple of days ago’ in front of Kevin’s family.

“I’m gonna go get some more potatoes.” Julia says, taking the half-full potato bowl and getting up.
“I’ll help you.” Saul says, quickly following her into the kitchen.

“You know when we were on the phone a couple of days ago…” Sarah says, avoiding looking Kevin in the eyes. “When we hung up… I guess we didn’t.” Kevin’s wrinkle grows deeper.
“What do you mean?” His gaze meets Scotty’s eyes and suddenly he remembers. He nearly chokes on the air he’s breathing and the hand Scotty places on his back is burning into his skin. Maybe now is not a good time for them to touch each other, but he can’t shake of the hand.

He looks straight at Sarah.
“You… listened?” He whispers the last word, glancing over in his mother’s direction only to see her eating peacefully.
“No, of course I didn’t. I just… it was hard not to… pick up what…” You know. Sarah wiggles her head and puts a piece of tomato in her mouth.

Kevin’s eyes go to Justin, whom apparently wishes he was somewhere else.
“Sorry…” He apologizes.
“And you knew?” He says, suddenly remembering Scotty’s reaction. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t know.” Scotty says. Now he even more realizes how stupid it was not to tell Kevin. Okay, so it was quite fun to see him freak out, but he was hungry. And, he knows Kevin will still be hungry when they get home so he will complain about it in bed, leading to that he will get a sandwich, eat it in bed and leave a lot of crumbs that will be uncomfortable.

Scotty’s mind wanders and he picks up a piece of potato on his fork, deciding to eat when he has the chance.
“It’s my fault, Kevin. I should’ve just hung up and… I shouldn’t have told the family.” Sarah apologizes.
“You didn’t tell everyone, did you?” Kevin’s voice is suddenly less aggressive and now instead whining.
“No.” Sarah say. Kevin tilts his head, looking at her. “Yes.” She says. “But Kevin, it’s too good. You would’ve done the same. Besides, you were there for the premiere of my sex tape.”
“Your what?” Scotty asks, almost choking too.
“Long story.” Justin says. “Don’t ask.”

“So Kitty and Robert knows?” Kevin asks.
Sarah looks at her watch.
“I would say so.”
“You do realize that also means my boss knows, right?” Kevin asks. He can see it now, Robert outing his ‘telephone sex’ in front of the whole staff. Not that he would ever do so, but he could, and that’s enough.

“It’s not like you were at work when it happened.” Sarah defends and decides not to notice the small cough from Scotty at that remark. “You know, it doesn’t matter anyway. I’m sorry.” She says again.

The door to the kitchen opens a bit. Julia peeks out and looks at them before opening the door altogether.
“Alright.” She says and comes in, followed by Saul.
“You know too, then?” Kevin asks them.

“Maybe I should re-fill the sauce pan too?” Julia says, looking out over the table.
“Okay, never mind. I get it.” Kevin says. He feels defeated. His sister heard him get a blow-job from his husband, told the entire family – and that includes his boss and Scotty knew. And of course he himself is the last to find out – over dinner. He can understand Scotty didn’t tell him, knowing he would’ve freaked out anyway, and maybe Sarah hadn’t heard anything.

Kevin slowly takes up his eating. Suddenly a phone rings again. Sarah gets up, figuring her phone is still in her bag in the kitchen. Kevin shoots her a killing look.
“I’m not even gonna say anything. It’s too cheap.” He calls after her. Scotty chuckles next to him, relieved that Kevin got over himself quick enough.

Kevin feels a hand on his thigh and again almost chokes on his food. Scotty smiles briefly at him and suggestively raises his eyebrows. Kevin get the message and puts his knife and fork on the table and says:
“I’m full.”

Story 77: The set-up

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Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin tries hard to please Scotty.
Takes place: When Scotty lives with Kevin, before the lobster.
Word count: 1019

Scotty sits on the couch in the loft. Or rather, he is draped all over it, covered with a blanket, watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and eating chips. It’s close to a perfect Saturday, considering the circumstances. Just a couple of weeks ago he spent his Saturdays either wandering around or with friends just because he had to do something. Now he had something close to a home and he could give himself some alone time.

Kevin left shortly after breakfast to have lunch with some friends and they decided to have dinner together tonight. Scotty likes their arrangement. Being close to Kevin is like a drug, and even if Kevin has Jason and Scotty is just temporarily living there, he can give fuel to those butterflies that wake up in his stomach every time he sees Kevin smile.

When he hears someone fiddle with the lock on the door he realizes he must have fallen asleep. He wipes his mouth and sits up straight just in time to see Kevin enter the apartment. To Scotty’s shock, a guy follows him. They are joyfully chatting.

The guy Kevin brought is about Scotty’s age, tall, brown hair and quite handsome. Scotty’s chock lingers. Who the hell is this, what is he doing in the apartment and most importantly: what is Kevin planning on doing with him. Jealousy strikes Scotty like a bullet in his chest. If Kevin is planning on dumping Jason and going out with another guy – why this one – and why parade him in front of Scotty?

“Scotty, this is Michael, a friend of mine.” He introduces the guy. Scotty stands up, a bit hesitant. He holds out his hand.
“This is Scotty.” Kevin politely says to Michael. “I’m gonna go get us some drinks.” Kevin quickly disappears out into the kitchen.

“It’s so nice to meet you Scotty, Kevin has told me so much about you.” Michael smiles at him. Scotty would like to push Michael down onto the couch and point a very bright lamp in his face, asking him some questions, but instead he smiles back.

Kevin reemerges from the kitchen, giving them all each a glass.
“I thought Michael could join us for dinner.” Kevin says, breaking Scotty’s heart a bit more. Scotty just nods.

Michael sits down on a chair, only slightly looking at the pillow behind his back. He seems a bit uncomfortable, still wearing his jacket.
“Oh, I just remembered. I have to go pick up my dry cleaning.” Kevin says. He puts down his glass. “I’ll be back in no time. You just stay here and… get to know each other.” He says and leaves before Scotty has a time to stop him.

“So…” Michael says. “You’ve known Kevin for a long time?”
“A couple of years.” Scotty answers, hesitant. He can’t really leave the room, can he? Where would he go, Kevin’s bedroom? He also can’t leave Kevin’s new boy toy in the apartment all to himself, so what’s to do other than to entertain him?

“You’re a chef, Kevin told me.” Michael tries. Scotty is a bit surprised by the piece of information shared.
“Yes, apprentice, but aiming there, yeah.” Scotty explains.
“What’s your specialty?” Michael asks, sounding seriously curious.

“I like shellfish.” Scotty says, now even more confused. Before Michael has time to ask another question, he asks: “I’m sorry, but, who are you?”
Michael laughs a bit.
“Kevin didn’t tell you? I told him he should, but he didn’t want to. I always thought it was better to be set up with someone when both knew what was going on…”

Scotty almost falls of the couch. He interrupts Michael.
“Set up?”
“Yes.” Michael nods.
“You and… me?” Scotty asks, still not regained his breath.
“Yeah. Kevin said you were single and I thought what the hell, you seem so nice from what he told me.”

“You do know we dated…” Scotty states more than asks.
“Yes, but I thought it would be okay. Kevin is with Jason and since you live together you must be cool with each other.”


It’s more than one hour later when Kevin unlocks the door to the loft. He walks in to find Scotty on the couch. He scans the room but can’t find a sign of Michael.

“I thought Michael would stay for dinner, I’m starving.” Kevin says, putting his dry cleaning over the back of a chair.
“You set me up?” Scotty’s voice is cold and clear.
“I…” Kevin entire defense just runs off him, hearing Scotty’s voice. “I thought I did a good thing.”

“You didn’t even tell me.” Scotty’s voice shows how hurt he is. “You bring a total stranger over unannounced and you expect us to hit it off when you make up excuses to leave? I am already you charity case, you don’t have to take it even further.” Scotty’s eyes well up.

“I’m sorry. I really thought you…” Suddenly Kevin doesn’t know what he thought. It had seemed like such a great idea. Michael was nice, Scotty was nice. Somewhere deep inside of him he knows he did it to make up for things he himself can’t do.

“I don’t know, I’m just sorry. Please forgive me.” Kevin looks down. He sees Jason’s face in front of him, far away when Kevin needs a hug, not there with his ear when Kevin needs to talk. Scotty is. Scotty’s body is there for a friendly hug with a friendly pat on the back to indicate that the hug is not in any way romantic. Scotty listens when Kevin needs to talk about work, his family… and Jason.

Kevin takes, but doesn’t give anything back. Maybe the idea to give Scotty a boyfriend wasn’t entirely thought through, but the intentions were good. One of them knows this, maybe both.

“You wanna order pizza and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” Scotty suggests.
Kevin nods shortly and reaches for the phone.
“With shrimp?” Scotty nods in confirmation and Kevin dials. Before there’s an answer, with a smirk Kevin teases: “You and your shellfish.”


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Kevin & Scotty kiss in Going once... Goince Twice

A sneek peak

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Sarah is on the phone with Kevin.
Word count: 530

“And on Monday I have to pick Paige and Coop up at the Johnson’s even though Joe promised he would so now I have to leave Ethan and Kyle alone for the presentation with the Hobart Fund, and I know they can do it, it’s just, I would really like to be there…” Sarah complains. All her concerns about the children, Joe, Greenatopia and the world in general had just come out of her, flowing heavier than the Niagara Falls.

Kevin on the other line sounded so-so sympathetic, but she didn’t care. He ‘hm’ed and ‘oh’ed in the right places and she didn’t have to carry everything by herself. She hears Scotty say hello in the background and realizes that Kevin will do everything to get rid of her to spend his time with his husband instead. Not that she could blame him.

Kevin’s noises are suddenly more ‘mmm’ing than ‘oh’ing and Sarah is afraid they started the party already. She finishes up and says goodbye. A bang on the top floor gets her attention and she throws the phone on the counter to go see what Cooper broke.

When returning down to the kitchen only a few minutes later, carrying the two pieces that used to be a vase, she hears something strange. A low muffled sound. She stops and tilts her head to listen. It must be coming from outside. But what is it…?

She takes two steps forward and the noise gets a bit louder. She hears someone talk, a man’s voice, but only a couple of words, then it’s quiet again. Her eyes search through the window, across the room and her gaze land on the phone, laying next to the base unit. The display is still lit. She walks over to it and picks it up. Holding it next to her ear she realizes that what’s happening is not for her to hear.

Somehow it is very difficult to just put it down, end the call and forget about it. If she presses the red button the call will end and Kevin will never know she had the opportunity to get free phone sex and she would never have to know things about Scotty that will make it hard to look him in the eyes.

She holds the phone next to her ear for a while longer. It’s hard to make out what’s going on, but Kevin seems to like it. Since Scotty isn’t making any noise at all, she can put two and two together. Just for a second bitterness fills her. She was the one married with good sex, how did that disappear? Kevin’s accelerating moaning brings her back to reality and right there she knows she’s got enough to make a family dinner more interesting.

She puts the phone back on the counter, but doesn’t end the call. She has to leave some clue for the boys, something for them to sweat about. She smiles at the broken vase in her hands and try the pieces against each other, holding them like it was whole again. Another thud from the upper floor catches her attention and the pieces go in the trash.

On the phone

Rating: NC-17, for sexual content.
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty does what he can to relax Kevin.
Word count: 819

“Hello!” Scotty cheerfully greets Kevin as he enters the loft. Kevin waves at him and gestures at his phone, implying he’s on the phone. He also rolls his eyes and shows with his hand that the person on the other side is talking a lot. Scotty watches him ‘hm’ and ‘oh’ as he takes off his jacket and puts all the groceries in the fridge. When he’s done he slides down on the couch next to Kevin and takes his laptop away and puts it on the table.

Kevin’s busy telephone hand prevents him from keeping it, but tries to object. Scotty strokes Kevin’s neck and all resistance disappears. Kevin mouths ‘Sarah’ and Scotty nods understandingly. He watches Kevin face. It’s sympathetic in the sense that he knows all Sarah needs is someone to listen. Children, new co-workers, Joe and random life things that someone just have to share with her.

Scotty’s neck stroking turns into a neck massage while Kevin clearly leads the conversation to an end. He says goodbye and puts the phone on the table, exhaling heavily.
“Hi sweetie.” Kevin turns his head a bit back so Scotty can kiss him. “Long day?”
“Yeah, but it was okay.” Scotty says. “You’ve worked from here all day?”
“No. I wrote a press release when I was still in bed this morning.”

Scotty chuckles and presses a kiss against Kevin’s back. His massaging travels up over the shirt collar and into Kevin’s curls. Apparently Kevin also had time for a shower today because Scotty can feel his hair all natural, curly and with no product. His hands travel back down on Kevin’s back and then to Kevin’s chest where he unbuttons a button, making enough room for him to slide a hand inside.

Kevin moans and leans back a bit, erasing some of the distance between them. Scotty unbuttons some more buttons and eventually pulls down the shirt, revealing the skin of the body before him. He softly kisses Kevin’s shoulders and neck, sending shivers down his spine.

He continues to kiss Kevin’s back when his hands travel back to Kevin’s front, slowly making their way down to Kevin’s belt and unbuckles it.
“I’m so glad you’re home.” Kevin whispers.
“Me too.” Scotty replies.

Kevin stands up in order to remove his pants properly. Scotty watches with arousal how Kevin’s body gets totally naked right before him. He puts his hands on Kevin’s hips and pulls him closer. He kisses Kevin’s belly and trails kisses slowly downwards, avoiding the crotch area. Scotty feels a hand on the back of his head and understands where Kevin wants him. Or rather, what Kevin wants his lips and mouth to focus on.

Kevin’s breath changes drastically and becomes more shallow and deep when he feels Scotty’s lips around his cock. The grip in Scotty’s hair tightens and his other hands goes to Scotty’s shoulder, dictating the pace. Scotty enjoys Kevin’s growing arousal and takes his time to get the job done thoroughly, using his mouth and hands to make Kevin’s knees weaker.

Scotty knows all the stages Kevin goes through before he comes, and knows that when Kevin pushes his head against himself, that’s close. Scotty applies more suction and Kevin’s climax arises and he soon collapses on the couch next to Scotty.

Scotty casually strokes Kevin’s chest before getting up to get some water in the kitchen. When he returns to the living room with a glass, Kevin is still paralyzed in his position.
“You.” Kevin drowsily says, pointing a finger at him. “You’re good.” He says, almost not able to articulate. Scotty smiles in reply. He knows he’s good and he loves how his care can put Kevin out for several minutes.

When Kevin can finally move again he puts on his pants.
“I’ll get a new.” He says, picking up his shirt. “Something more… comfy.” He explains while leaving for the closet.

Scotty sits down on the coach. He leans over the coffee table to grab a magazine and sees Kevin’s cell phone. His eyes widen in shock – the connection with Sarah’s phone isn’t ended. He picks up the phone. He’s afraid to say something in case Sarah is actually there enjoying the show, but at the same time, he would like to know if that is the case.

He hears Kevin return from the bedroom and quickly pushes ‘end call’ and put the phone back down. He smiles at Kevin when he comes back and pats the seat next to him on the couch.
“Come sit.” Kevin obeys, taking the remote control with him.

Well, if Sarah did hear anything, they will definitely hear about it, probably over dinner with the whole family gathered, Scotty thinks. He leans his head against Kevin and feels Kevin’s arm around him. Yes, they will definitely hear about this later, and Kevin’s embarrassment is going to be very enjoyable.

The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me - Part 2/2

Rating: R, for sexual content.
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty have to spend a rainy day apart, or do they?
Word count: 1147

“Nice office.” Scotty says, looking around. Kevin gives a short nervous laugh, still sitting behind his desk. It was late and the office was almost empty when Scotty had waltzed in. “I brought food.” The look on Kevin’s face at the mention of food tells Scotty what he already knows. Kevin hasn’t eaten. Scotty places the white take out box in front of Kevin, feeling like Santa at Christmas. He greets Kevin with a peck on the lips.

“Nice picture.” He says, picking up the frame. “No pictures of me?”
“I… haven’t gotten around to bring one. I will.” Kevin says between bites. “I’ll make sure to parade my gay democratic lifestyle all over the place.”
“Good.” Scotty sits down on the chair opposite of Kevin, looking very pleased with the answer.

A woman in a suit comes gives a slight knock on the door and comes in.
“Here is the report you asked for, Mr. Walker.” She says, handing him a file.
“Thank you.” Kevin says, getting up. “This is Scotty Wandell, my husband.” He gestures to introduce Scotty.

They politely shake hands all the while enjoying her confusion over Scotty’s existence.
“Okay, well, I will be leaving for today, so if you need anything else, just leave a post-it on my desk.” She says and leaves.

“She seems nice.” Scotty says, watching her walk away.
“She is just like all the others who work here. I’m not saying lawyers are the most charismatic people on the planet, but political staffers are definitely less fun.”
“You’re being a bit bias, aren’t you?” Scotty smirks.
“Empiric studies.” Is Kevin’s only answer.

Scotty watches Kevin eat with hunger. Not just an empty stomach, but somehow it seems as if Kevin is also getting full from Scotty’s presence. Scotty can understand it, usually being in some kind of enemy land. From what Kevin had told him, the transfer into the group of personnel had been surprisingly smooth, and those who knew he was a democrat, gay and Robert’s brother-in-law had all welcomed him into the work force. But in anyway, it was a new setting, with new people in a new work field.

When Kevin finishes his meal he wipes his mouth and throws the box and the napkin in his trash can. He leans back in his chair, looking rather satisfied.
“Why don’t you come over here and join me?” He suggests to Scotty, patting on his lap.
“Oh, how exciting. Am I invited to a make-out in Republican land?” Scotty asks, but not showing any attempt to get over to join Kevin.

“Why not?” Kevin says. “There’s practically no one left in the building, you have nothing better to do and… this place really needs to be consecrated.” Kevin says the last word slowly, implying he wants something other than a kiss.
“You know, as… arousing as that sounds, I think you will have to do with a kiss this time.” Scotty pouts. Being walked in on here, potentially by Robert, is not on his top five list over sexual preferences.

“I’m not feeling any lips on mine.” Kevin wines, putting his elbows on the desk to rest his head in his hands. Scotty looks out through the half-open door. He gets up and closes it. When approaching Kevin, Kevin leans back again, inviting Scotty to sit on his lap. Scotty carefully sits down, placing his arms around Kevin.

Kevin experiences a sensation that tingles just like it did in high school. The butterflies in your stomach when you saw him walk by. Having his husband on his lap in his new office was apparently the same thing. He deepens the kiss, feeling Scotty agreeing and offering his tongue.

Scotty jerks a bit and makes a disapproving noise.
“Kevin, not here.” He whines.
“What?” Kevin defends himself. Apparently the high school excitement was still there, and Scotty had apparently felt it. “Why don’t you just enjoy that you can still make me pop in like ten seconds?” Kevin tries to resume the kiss, but Scotty turns away, making Kevin go for kissing Scotty’s neck.

“You should shave.” Kevin says.
“Yeah, I should go home now and do it.” Scotty agrees, but stays seated. He bends his head a little, giving Kevin more skin to kiss. Kevin mumbles something against his stubble, making it vibrate and tickle.

The sensation makes Scotty laugh a bit. Kevin takes advantage of the open mouth, and presses himself against Scotty. Their lips meet and they immediately get sucked into the kiss, this time feeling the heat growing quickly, along with other things.

Scotty strokes Kevin’s chest, down his stomach until his hand lands on Kevin’s crotch, softly rubbing the hardness hidden under pants. Kevin’s breath changes and becomes deeper and louder. Scotty easily opens Kevin’s pants, sliding his hand in. He feels Kevin’s curls and he is instantly reminded of how much he enjoys this. The way Kevin’s body responds to his touch and the thrill of maybe getting caught.

His daft hand strokes Kevin’s erection, all the while Scotty’s lips still kissing Kevin’s. Scotty feels Kevin’s hand on his back, the grip tightening for every stroke. Suddenly Scotty removes his hand, leaving Kevin moaning of despair.
“You can’t do this.” Kevin manages to say.
“You don’t want to get all wet, do you?” Scotty whispers into his ear, and continues: “If you just go back to your little papers and get this done, then we can pick this up when you come home.”
Kevin can’t do anything but to nod in approval, knowing he would do pretty much anything for Scotty right this moment.

“I’ll wait for you there, stud.” Scotty says and gets up. He shakes his head and straightens his clothes. Before opening the door, he turns to Kevin, buckling his pants on the other side of the desk.
“You know I love you?” He grips the doorknob and is just about to open the door when the door is suddenly pushed against him, forcing him to jump away before getting hit in the head.

“Robert!” Kevin cries at the sight of his boss in the doorway. “Don’t you knock?”
“I didn’t know you had company. Hi Scotty.” Robert politely greets poor Scotty, still chocked from almost being mowed into the wall by the door. Giving Kevin a short wave, he says: “I’ll see you at home. Nice to meet you Robert.”

Robert watches Scotty walk away, and looks at Kevin.
“I didn’t disturb anything, did I?” He asks.
“No, nothing.” Kevin says, collecting his papers into a neat pile. “Uh, what do you need?” Robert doesn’t look like he’s believing Kevin, but apparently decides to leave it be.
“I just wanted to let you know that the strategy meeting tomorrow morning isn’t until ten. You can sleep in.” The innuendo puts a smile on Kevin’s face.
“I will.” 

The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me - Part 1/2

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty have to spend a rainy day apart.
Word count: 826


Scotty hates this day. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. He woke up too early and Kevin had already left, so the bed was cold and lonely and he had to eat his breakfast alone. When getting dressed he had found all clothes he wanted to wear in the laundry and had ended up wearing uncomfortable jeans and Kevin’s shirt. Okay, it smelled of Kevin and that was nice, but the shirt wasn’t comfortable.

It has started to rain the second he had opened the front door and then the stupid car hadn’t cooperated when he was going to open it, and once he got in the car he was soaked.

At work he’d been stressed out beyond reason with all new tasks that came along with being the head chef, and to top it all off the sous chef and two waiters had called in sick. When he had a minute to breathe and check his mobile he found a message from Kevin saying he wouldn’t be home until late, and that Scotty shouldn’t wait up.

Now he stumbles into the apartment carrying three heavy bags, still soaked from the pouring rain. He mutters under breath and throws the bags on the couch, of course knocking down a lamp. He curses at it and picks it up.

He pulls of his clothes, starting to shiver from the cold air hitting his wet skin. He goes into the closet to find something new, ending up with another pair of uncomfortable jeans, probably Kevin’s, and a t-shirt so small it almost gives him a midriff. A hoodie over and a new pair of socks and life seems to be a bit more welcoming.

Scotty glares at the answering machine. The ‘you’ve got a message’ button is blinking and Scotty hits the button to play it.

“Hi Sweetie, it’s your favorite office rat. Just calling to tell you I won’t be home until late, probably after midnight… I have a lot to read and write… You know in case you didn’t get the one on your cell phone… Love you.”

Scotty hears the same message again, makes a face and sits down on the couch. He looks outside to see the window dotted with water drops on it. One drop is slowly running down, reaching other drops and gaining water, running faster and faster. Then it disappears from his sight, and Scotty imagines it loosing its grip on the window, falling five stairs down to eventually land on the ground below the house, losing it’s shape as a drop, being a part of the water that soaks the ground.

Scotty sighs heavily and decides to do something. Sitting here, watching TV the rest of the day won’t make anyone happier. And right now, he thinks he would cheer himself up a lot if he could make someone happier.

Kevin’s alarm goes off at 6 AM. He quickly turns it off not to wake up Scotty. He feels Scotty move behind him, but he doesn’t seem to awake. He feels Scotty’s arm around his waist, and so he very carefully slides away, and off the bed. Standing up he sees his husband sleeping in the warm cozy bed, and he himself have to go to his cold office where there is no warm Scotty to keep him company.

He takes a quick and quiet shower and slides into yesterday’s suit. A glance at his watch tells him that there is no time to make coffee, nor to make breakfast. A to-go latte from the 7-eleven on the corner of the office building will have to do, because there is a staff meeting in forty minutes, and being late is not an option.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the best day ever. The weather sucks and brings down his state of mind. He’s got a lot to do, and yes, it’s actually quite fun and he appreciates the high goals Robert sets for the entire staff, but today, no bill and no declaration will cheer him up.

By lunch it’s clear that he won’t be able to leave the office his usual time, but rather have to sit up a couple of extra hours. Robert comes by to tell him he can have a day off next week when they have less things to do, but the information isn’t helping.

Kevin exhales and picks up his phone. The least he can do is to call Scotty and tell him he won’t be home for dinner tonight. That way he can spare Scotty some time from the kitchen. He claims to like cooking, but Kevin doesn’t think he should wear it out. He leaves a message on Scotty’s cell phone and one at home, knowing Scotty sometimes forget to check his mobile when at work.

With another sigh he concentrates on the papers before him, while listening to the raindrops pop against his window.

Molly just might...

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin has a surprise for Scotty.
Author's note: I'm just guessing when it comes to the timeline here, allow some artistic freedom. :)
Word count: 1657


Scotty opens his eyes and sees the bedroom ceiling. For a second he feels like he’s going to fall, but then he realizes he’s laying on his back in the middle of the bed, and there is something on top of him. He lifts his head only an inch up to see what’s heavy on his stomach. The sight of Kevin, sleeping with his head on Scotty’s belly, hits him at the same time as the headache does.

His head bounces back on the bed and all memories of last night comes back.


Saturday afternoon
“I have a surprise for you.” Kevin walks in the front door and kisses his husband when passing the computer where Scotty is seated. Scotty watches Kevin enter the kitchen carrying a box from a pastry.
“You sound cheerful.” He states.

Kevin returns without the box, throwing his jacket on the couch. He takes Scotty’s hand and draws him up for a kiss.
“How can I be anything but?” Kevin asks, deepening the kiss while encircling Scotty’s waist. Scotty willingly agrees to the embrace, slipping his hands under Kevin’s shirt, stroking his chest. It’s only seconds until Scotty lands on top of Kevin’s jacket, with Kevin on top of him and with both of them knowing exactly where this is going.

Kevin barely gets the job done before getting up to collect his clothes. Scotty stays on the couch, enjoying watching naked Kevin search through piles of clothes to dress himself. He finds Scotty’s t-shirt and throws it his way.

“You don’t want to be naked when our guests arrive, do you?” Kevin asks. Scotty is quickly on his feet, pulling the shirt over his head.
“Our what?” A flash for Scotty’s inner eye shows how hundreds of Walkers invade their clean and quiet loft, stomping and prancing until the floor breaks. Good luck explaining that to the downstairs neighbors. Scotty knows how much they hear from their loft after getting some very interesting looks after a rather wild sex experiment a couple of weeks ago.

“Just some people. Don’t worry, it’s not my family.” Kevin buckles his pants, grinning in victory when defeating his nakedness. “Not the whole thing anyway.” He adds.
“And you just assumed I would like our home to be invaded by people on a Saturday night.” Scotty understands that his voice might sound a bit more harsh than what he thought it would, but still. This was one of those things that Kevin did repeatedly, not understanding how insignificant it made Scotty feel.

“But I…” Kevin starts, his smile faded fast. “I invited all your friends. Quinn and Jordan and Mario and… the others.” Kevin says. His voice is weak, and Scotty understands that Kevin obviously did this for him.

“Kev…” Scotty walks over to Kevin, giving him a quick hug and a peck on his lips. “I know you mean well, and I’m sure it’ll be great. Who’s more coming. And why?” He keeps his arms around Kevin’s waist, watching as the glee returns to Kevin’s face.

“Well, Sarah and maybe Justin. Phillip didn’t know if he could make it, he had to find a baby-sitter, and Josie wasn’t sure she was in the mood after work. But Quinn, Jordan, Mario and Sarah are all confirmed, arriving with myrrh, gold and incense.” Kevin says. “For you, of course.” He adds.

“And the why?” Scotty reminds.
“That’s the real surprise.” Kevin says. “Now, why don’t you put some pants on, and I’ll fix some things before they arrive.” Kevin pulls away from Scotty and leaves for the kitchen. Scotty stands in the middle of the living room for a while, more and more intrigued about what is going on. What could Kevin want to surprise him with?

Only half an hour later the doorbell rings. Scotty opens the door to find Sarah there, holding a big bag and a wrapped present. She hands the bag over to Scotty, hanging on to the gift.
“This is the food I promised Kevin to bring.” She walks in, kissing Scotty on the cheek.

He greets her and delivers the food bag in the kitchen where Kevin is preparing foods too. Scotty had curiously peeked into the kitchen when Kevin had started rattling in there, but he had soon be chased away, told to mind his own business.

“This is for the both of you, but you can’t have it yet.” Sarah gestures at the gift and puts it on the coffee table. She looks around, nodding approvingly when she sees the picture of Paige and Cooper from a couple of months ago when Kevin and Scotty had baby-sat for them.

“I didn’t know this place could hold this many people.” She says.
“It doesn’t.” Scotty replies. “I guess we’ll eat in shifts.” He jokes. “I’m so glad you could come.”
“Oh, no problem, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Sarah says.
“Really?” Scotty says, hoping she will accidentally give him a clue to why this is happening.

Just then Kevin emerges from the kitchen. He’s carefully carrying a tray with cocktails on it. He offers one to Sarah who hungrily accepts, and then he turns to Scotty who also takes one.

“What is this?” Scotty asks, looking at the deep pink fluid.
“This is a Molly's Strawberry Daiquiri. Enjoy.” He makes a little bow and walks back into the kitchen. Sarah, used to seeing her little brother sarcastic, looks after him eyes big as if she had seen a ghost.

“He seems cheerful.” She says. “What did you do to make him like that?” Sarah asks, looking at Scotty. Scotty feels his cheeks getting redder.
“Nothing. He was like that when he got home.” He sees Sarah is about to reply something that would reveal more than he wishes to his sister-in-law, and when the doorbell rings again he rushes over to open.

Quinn, Mario and Jordan stand in the hallway, dressed up to the nines, carrying flowers and gifts. Quinn kisses Scotty loudly on the mouth and puts a bouquet of flowers in his hands before entering the loft to greet Sarah. Mario and Jordan follow, with more gifts and injunctions not to open anything.

Kevin again comes to greet the guests with the smoothie looking drinks, politely asking how everyone was doing. He drags Sarah with him into the kitchen to help with the food.

“Guys, what’s going on?” Scotty asks when they’re alone.
“Sorry, hun, we can’t tell you.” Mario explains. “Kevin made us swear.” He takes a sip of his drink and makes an approving noise. “This is really good.”
The others follow his lead and all seem to enjoy the taste, sweet like a fruit soda and very dangerous when not noticing the amount of alcohol in it. Scotty, however, feels like he is going to burst with suspense any minute now.

When Sarah and Kevin start to carry out small plates with lots of different food on, he can finally see an end to the waiting. Someone asks if anyone else is expected, and even though Scotty would love to meet Phillip and Josie, finding out what tonight was seemed like a bigger concern. Someone answered and had heard they weren’t going to make it, and so everyone dug into the food.

Scotty was on needles and pins the entire meal, sipping the daiquiri, nibbling on different dishes, but not being able to focus on the conversations in the room. Of course he noticed how easily the talk flowed between all of them, well except for himself.

“Are you okay?” Kevin asks him quietly, his breath smelling softly from the daiquiri. “You’re very silent.”
“Nothing. Just… curious.” Scotty smiles briefly and Kevin grins like an idiot back at him.
“I…” He starts, talking louder now and the whole room gets silent. “I guess it’s time to reveal why we’re here today.” Kevin sees Scotty’s eyes widen with uncontrollable anticipation.  “Today, my love,” Kevin says, looking straight at Scotty. “Is exactly three years since we first met.”

The room is quickly buried in “Awww”s and “How sweet”s. Kevin kisses him in front of them all, sending a tickling feeling down Scotty’s spine. The gifts are more or less obvious for them to enjoy together, Scotty glad that Kevin is a bit drunk from the delicious daiquiris, because this way he doesn’t look like he wants to hide away from them all, but rather makes insinuations about using them.

Scotty crawls up to Kevin, enjoying sitting close on the couch, having a good time with friends as the room gets blurry and the conversation topics bolder. Sarah is the first one to call it a night. She calls a cab to take her home safely, and Jordan bums a ride when it turns out he lives close by Sarah.

Mario and Quinn stay for another while, but found their cue to leave when the couple on the couch seemed to be more interested in each other than in them, and not really caring that they had audience.

Scotty hardly notices when the door closes after the last guests, mostly because Kevin has already started undressing him.
“Why don’t we move this party to the bedroom?” Scotty suggests. He takes Kevin’s hand in his and stands up, and they’re both lucky to be holding on to something, because the room is spinning around.

“What was in that daiquiri?” Scotty asks.
“Pretty much just strawberry and rum, but it was good.” Kevin says in a voice suggesting something more like rum and more rum. Scotty giggles and takes a glass of daiquiri, handing it over to Kevin. With his free hand he fetches one of the gifts they got. He watches Kevin sip the drink while the twosome slowly start moving towards the bedroom. He wiggles the package in his hand, singing lightly:
“A little something for Scotty and a little something for Kevin.”

Make you feel better

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty need something fun to make up for the passing of Prop 8.
Word count: 998

”We should do this more often.”
Scotty looks up to see Kevin smiling at him. They’re naked in bed together, having spent the night at a hotel.
”Do what? Having to cheer ourselves up with fancy hotels after losing electorial battles against stupid fundamentalists?” Scotty sarcastically asks.

”That and the hot sex in king size beds, preferably with champagne and strawberries. But yeah, I guess the circumstances could’ve been better.” Kevin agrees.

It was after several days of sulking and depression they had decided to spoil themselves with a weekend away from the world, with only each other in a nice hotel room. Scotty had happily paid half, enjoying the fact that he could. They had left home on Friday, carefully not telling anyone connected to the Walker family where they were going to be.

It was now Saturday and almost noon. Scotty wraps his arms tighter around Kevin’s chest, feeling the strength coming from Kevin. It felt warm and protective, just what he needed right now.   
”I’m getting hungry.” Scotty whines.

”We should order room service and eat in bed. I wonder if they’re still serving breakfast.” Kevin says, glancing at the clock across the room. He spots the room service menu on the small desk by the window, but feels incapable of getting up to get it. Scotty’s head on his shoulder and the small circles Scotty’s finger makes on his belly are too good to give up.

”No breakfast?” Scotty asks in a childish voice. He raises his head to look at Kevin, and his pouty face makes Kevin laugh. Kevin explains how he doesn’t want to get up, urging Scotty to sigh heavily and go up and get the leathery black menu.

He crawls back into bed, cuddling up with Kevin again so they can both look at the selection. They decide on some sandwiches and juice and Kevin insists on getting a coffee with an extra shot of espresso in it.

”If you want any more love-making in this bed, I need some energy.” Kevin motivates his decision. ”I’m not 25 anymore.” He then adds.
Kevin places their order and gets out of bed.
”I can’t answer the door like this, now can I?” He replies to Scotty’s disappointed moans when being left alone in the bed.

 When their food had been delivered Kevin quickly undresses again and goes back into bed.
”It’s gonna get all crummy.” Scotty says, looking at the delicious sandwiches,
”Sweetie,” Kevin says while sliding under the covers. ”Are we in a bad mood today?” He kisses Scotty’s lips when asking, feeling them relax when touched.

”No, Kev, not really.” Scotty says. ”I’m sorry, it’s just one of those days.” Scotty shrugs and tends to the juice.
”I guess I have to work harder on making you happy then.” Kevin smiles and kisses him. ”You taste like orange juice.”
”Really?” Scotty asks.

”Mh-hm.” Kevin affirms, watching Scotty have a bit of the sandwich. ”You’re hot even when you eat.” He then states.
Scotty blushes and laughs, making tiny pieces of sandwich fall out of his mouth.
”I don’t know anyone else I can see do this and still want to have passionate sex with.

Scotty looks embarrassed as he chews and swallows, following the bite with some juice.
”You’re evil. Why aren’t you eating?”
”I’m not hungry.” Kevin says. ”Not for this anyway.” He wiggles his eyebrows in a way that leaves little for the imagination.

”Don’t you ever think of anything else?” Scotty teases.
”I do, for example when I’m at work. Lucky thing I don’t have you naked in my office.”
”Only Robert.” Scotty suggests.
”Well,” Kevin says, sliding his hand on Scotty’s back. ”He is kind of hot, but you know, he’s no you.” Kevin kisses Scotty’s shoulder, feeling his muscles move.

”Right answer.” Scotty smiles, turning his head to look at Kevin. Their lips meet and suddenly the sandwiches are long forgotten. Scotty places them on the floor, not wanting orange juice all over the white sheets. He then pins Kevin down to the bed, only with the intention of making hot love to his husband.


Sunday, before noon
Kevin takes one last look around the room before closing the door after him. He picks up his bag and heads for the elevator. Scotty has already gone down to the car, wanting to get an ”energizing candy bar” before the drive home.

A young woman, maybe in her early 20’s is also waiting by the elevator. She turns to Kevin and asks:
”Were you in 802?”
Kevin is surprised to be asked, but stutters a confirming reply.
The woman smiles at him and nods knowingly.
”Uh, why?” Kevin asks.

”Well,” the woman starts, looking very entertained. ”Me and my friend slept in the next room and… you and your… boyfriend. You’re quite loud.”
Kevin exhales heavily and feels all blood in his body rush to his face. He doesn’t know if he should feel embarrassed about being loud, which he most definitely is, or if he should be mad that a perfect stranger brings it up.

Before he has time to decide between the two the elevator makes a noise and the doors open. Kevin and the unknown woman enter the elevator and ride in silence to the ground floor.

Kevin exits as soon as the doors slide open, and rushes out to the parking lot, finding Scotty leaning against the car, eating a snickers. Kevin throws his bag in the trunk, while Scotty watches him.

”Hey.” Scotty says, grabbing Kevin by the arm, pulling him into a kiss. The kiss relaxes him a bit. When their lips part Kevin sees the woman walking by them. She is quite indiscreetly watching them kiss, smiling encouragingly at them.

”Who’s she?” Scotty asks. Kevin takes Scotty’s hand, opening the door to the passenger seat, ushering him into the car. He walks around the car and gets into the driver’s seat and then answers:
”Just a fan.”


Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin asks an innocent question and Scotty needs to get something off his chest.
Word count: 1032

“Sweetie?” Kevin says, getting Scotty’s attention. They’re on the couch, watching TV, both exhausted after working. Scotty raises his eyebrows, waiting for Kevin to continue.

“Did you ever blow me in the bathroom of a restaurant?”
Scotty’s startled face shows Kevin how much of a shock the question was.
“What?” Scotty asks in a slightly high-pitched voice.

“I guess it was a dream then.” Kevin settles, leaning back into the couch.
“Let’s rewind.” Scotty suggests, turning to look straight at his husband. “When was I supposed to have done this? And how confused do you have to be to confuse a dream with something real?”

“You never do that?” Kevin asks back. “I do it all the time. Thinking I’ve told someone something, then realizing it was a dream and then trying to explain it all.”
Scotty just looks at him with a blank face.
“Thrilling story, Kev, but let’s go back to me.”

“I…” Kevin starts, shrugging a bit. “It’s not a big deal. I guess it was a dream that I dragged you into a bathroom stall and you gave me a blowjob.” Kevin explains. He looks out into the air for a bit, like he’s trying to recall something. “I think you hit your head on the doorknob a couple of times.” He then adds, smiling. “But it was good.”

Scotty’s face is still startled, with his mouth half-open.
“Wow, it’s not easy to make you speechless.” Kevin sarcastically says. Scotty looks really offended and takes a deep breath, as if to speak, but he doesn’t say anything. “What’s the big deal?” Kevin asks.

“The big deal?” Scotty asks, his voice even more rancorous. “Well, I’d like to think my blowjobs are memorable, especially those performed in public places.” Scotty explains. Kevin finds his anger over protecting his blowjobs incredibly cute, but figures it will damage Scotty’s ego for him to say anything about it.
“They are!” Kevin assures him.
“And hitting my head on a doorknob, that’s just bad. I’d never do that. I like blowing you, but I also like having brain cells.”
“Of course.” Kevin replies, more and more enjoying Scotty’s state.

“This is so typical of you, I’m sure one of your exes did this, sure it wasn’t the amazing Hank with his expensive restaurant, or the hunky Chad after a hot work-out at the gym or Mr. MacSainthood in the bathroom of a church?” Scotty’s rant of exes took Kevin totally by surprise. If Scotty was something, it wasn’t dwelling on exes forever and ever and he barley every brought them up.

“Sweetie…” Kevin says, his voice now much softer. “What’s up?” He asks, sensing there is more to it than just annoyance over giving great heads.
“Nothing.” Scotty says, sounding calmer. “I’m sorry, Kevin, I shouldn’t…” Scotty looks down to the floor, watching his feet. He sees Kevin’s feet move closer to his, and he feels the warmth coming from his body.

A strong arm around his shoulders and a gentle kiss on his neck tells him Kevin is there, understanding something is wrong.
“It’s just… you have these exes, and you could’ve been here with either of them.” Scotty slowly says. He is still avoiding looking at Kevin, staring at his feet, as if they give him strength to explain the thought that’s been bugging him.

And there is a thought that has been. Not for very long, but it has been creeping up on him lately, and he knows he will have to deal with it eventually. After all they’ve been through, Scotty knows that keeping things honest and working hard on communication is the only thing that applies.

“I’ve never been in a long relationship like that before, not like you have, and sometimes I think maybe I’m not… ready to be, either.” Scotty bites his lip, not knowing how to phrase the next part. “I didn’t want…” He starts. “I haven’t known how, or even if, to tell you this. I don’t want you to doubt our relationship or my love for you.”

Scotty looks up to look directly at Kevin. He sees concern and worry in his eyes.
“And I do, I do love you Kevin. So much.” Scotty emphasizes the last two words, making sure Kevin hears and believes him.

“I know what you mean.” Kevin says when Scotty is finished. “It was all so fast, but it felt right, so it was yet easy to do.” Kevin almost whisper his words, not needing anything else. Their heads are close, their lips nearly touching each other when speaking.

“Maybe we weren’t ready, but maybe we’ll never be. And what does it matter. What if we’re ready in five years, then why spend five years wondering what married life is like. I love the stability that this ring gives me. It’s a proof that you love me and a sign to everyone that I have someone in my life that is more important than everything else.”

Scotty looks down again, touched by Kevin’s words. He lets out a small insecure giggle, relieved that Kevin recognize his feelings and share them. Somehow, the burden seems easier when shared.

“You’re really good with the words, huh?” Scotty asks, daring to meet Kevin’s gaze again.
“Lawyer turned politician.” Kevin laughs. “Next I’m going for president.”
“You should.” Scotty smiles back. “America will never know what hit it.” They both laugh, feeling the tension flow away. In the background the TV is still babbling on, but both lost interest long ago.

Scotty pulls up his legs, placing them across Kevin’s lap. He puts his arms around Kevin’s neck and kisses him on the lips.
“You know, when you make president, I’ll blow you in the oval office.” Scotty seals his promise by kissing Kevin’s neck, letting his lips linger. He smiles against the warm skin, feeling Kevin smile too.

“That alone is worth trying to get the nomination.” Kevin says, his voice suddenly trembling.  
“It would be hot.” Scotty assures him.
“Yeah?” Kevin asks. Scotty chuckles for a bit before saying:
“Of course. If there’s anything that will bang my brains cells away, it’s going to be the Resolute desk.”

Dessert for two

Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin surprises Scotty.
Word count: 1004

Scotty opens the door to the loft and the smell of food in the making hits him instantly. He sniffs the air, and his well trained chef nose tells him it’s some kind of tomato sauce, probably with pasta.

“Kevin?” He calls out.
“Welcome home.” Kevin comes hurrying out of the kitchen, holding a red rose in one hand, a ladle in the other. “I took the liberty to cook for my overworked husband.” He says and kisses Scotty on the lips, handing over the rose.

“Thank you.” Scotty accepts the rose, kind of stunned that Kevin would surprise him with a romantic dinner for no reason on a weekday. Kevin hurries back into the kitchen and Scotty strips his jacket and takes off his shoes and puts on his thick knitted socks, enjoying to let his feet loose.

He sits down on one of the chairs by their table, looking at the plate setting, with one candle on the middle of it. Above the plate is a spoon, implying there will to be dessert.

“How was your day?” Kevin asks when he enters the room, carrying two glasses of wine.
“Long, fun and exhausting.” Scotty answers, accepting one of the glasses. They both raise their glasses in a silent toast and take a sip.

“Who did you work with?” Kevin casually asks, leaning against the table.
“Oh quite the usual, Jamie, Vicky, Henry, Peter…” Scotty answers, curious to how this would be interesting to Kevin. He barely ever asks about that. Kevin, however, looks at his watch and then leaves for the kitchen again.

He shortly reenters with two plates.
“That smells wonderful.” Scotty says. “I’m so proud of you.” He watches Kevin place the plates and then dim the lights of the room.
“How’s that for romantic?” Kevin asks, nodding in direction of the ceiling lamp. He walks over to Scotty’s seat, pulls out the chair and with a gesture he offers Scotty to sit down.

Their dinner conversation flows. Kevin complains about Robert and the copying machine in the office. Scotty talks about his latest success in the cooking area and he compliments Kevin on the pasta.

After finished eating Scotty starts to collect the dishes, piling them to take them to the dish washer. Kevin stops him by putting a hand on Scotty’s.
“Leave them. I’ll do it.”
“No, I’ll do it. You cooked.” Scotty argues.
“You always cook.” Kevin argues back. “I’ll do this now.” Kevin says, jerking a fork from Scotty’s hand. “You go wait for me on the couch.”

“Wait for what?” Scotty asks with a mischievous smile.
“There’s dessert, you know.” Kevin says with a wink. “And we’ll eat in on the couch.”

Scotty drapes himself on the couch, enjoying the soft fabric under him. Yes, the day had truly been very long. He fluffs the pillow under him and realizes he will fall asleep if Kevin doesn’t show up soon.

Shortly Kevin comes out into the living room, holding two small cups and the two spoons from the table.
“White chocolate mousse with red berries marinated in basil.” He presents the food and places both cups in front of himself by the couch.

Scotty sits up and reaches for one of them, but Kevin stops him.
“No, we’ll do this my way.” Kevin takes one of the cup and picks up a raspberry. He carefully smells it and holds the spoon out for Scotty to smell it as well.

“Smells good.” Scotty states, deciding to at least play along for a while. “Can I have it?”
Kevin agrees and puts the spoon closer to Scotty’s mouth. He takes the berry and chews it for a bit before swallowing.
“Hot.” Kevin says and leans in for a kiss. He deepens the kiss to taste the basil from Scotty.

When they part Kevin draws his index finger through the mousse in the cup, picking up some of the cream white fudge on it. He takes it to his own mouth, licking off some from the tip. He makes an approving noise and holds the finger out to Scotty.

Scotty smiles before accepting the treat. He takes Kevin’s hand between his, holding it still between them. He tilts his head and carefully licks Kevin’s finger before taking it all in his mouth, putting some light suction into the action. He slowly withdraws, leaving Kevin’s finger wet and clean from mousse.

Scotty swallows and leans in to kiss Kevin, sharing the taste with him. He takes the cup from Kevin before ending their kiss. He takes some on the tip of his index finger, and puts it on Kevin’s nose.
“Hey!” Kevin exclaims. Scotty doesn’t reply, but instead holds Kevin’s head between his hands, kissing away the mousse from the tip of Kevin’s nose.

“Your nose is cute.” He says to a smiling Kevin. He kisses Kevin on the lips. “And sexy.” He adds. Scotty puts the cup on the table, noticing Kevin’s eyes sadden.
“I think we can enjoy this better.” He says, turning to Kevin. He puts his hands on Kevin’s chest, stroking it on the shirt. While leaning in to kiss he also unbuttons the first button.

“Sexy skin.” He says, leaning down to kiss it too. He slowly unbuttons the rest of the buttons and takes off the shirt. He neatly folds the shirt.
“Enough.” Kevin says, taking the shirt, throwing it across the room before it hands on the floor by the TV.

Scotty pulls his own sweater over his head, sending it chasing Kevin’s shirt.
“Maybe we should do this on the bed.” Scotty says, teasing. “It’s easier to clean up.”
“Now that is a sexy argument.” Kevin smugly says. Scotty raises his eyebrows and asks:
“Do you want to eat your dessert with a spoon, mister?”

Kevin bows his head a bit.
“No.” Scotty looks happy with the reply, taking Kevin’s hand in his, leading the way into the bedroom.
“Good. Cuz I’m really in the mood to lick it off you.”

Dirty talking

Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is watching TV, Scotty is bored.
Word count: 581

Scotty stomps his foot in the floor over and over again, bored out of his head. He looks at the clock. It’s been two minutes since he last looked. Kevin is sitting next to him on the couch, intensely watching a documentary on TV, actually enjoying learning more about something uninteresting.

Scotty sighed heavily again, looking at Kevin, seeing his silhouette. Scotty easily moves closer to Kevin, placing an arm around him, placing an inviting kiss on his neck. Kevin slightly jerks away, still watching the TV. Scotty doesn’t give up, but again places a kiss on Kevin’s neck.

He makes a low joyful moaning noise in Kevin’s ear. He shifts on the bed and licks Kevin’s neck, tracing kisses up and finishes with nibbling on his earlobe. Kevin takes a pillow from his side and places it on his lap. Scotty smiles against Kevin’s skin.

“I’m busy.” Kevin says.
“I’m bored.” Scotty counters. “and kind of horny.” He adds in a lower huskier voice. He can see Kevin swallow.
“That’s not my problem, is it?” He then says.

“I know. But you could help me fix it.” Scotty says. He combs Kevin’s dark curly hair with his fingers, softly caressing Kevin’s face, kissing his neck.  “You know, if you would let me…”

Scotty’s voice trails off. He puts his other hand on Kevin’s stomach, sliding one finger between the buttons on Kevin’s shirt. He feels Kevin’s chest hair, and he can feel Kevin’s muscles tense at the touch.

“… if you would remove that pillow.” Scotty says, opening one button of Kevin’s shirt. Kevin has both his hands on the pillow, pushing it down.
“I’d open your pants.” Scotty continues to kiss and suck on Kevin’s neck. “Expose your… cock.” Scotty whispers the word in Kevin’s ear, causing him to jerk for a bit.

Scotty’s hand on Kevin’s stomach jerks up and down, clearly telling Kevin what would happen next. Scotty opens the rest of the buttons of the shirt, exposing his chest to the chilling air. Kevin’s nipples stiffens, and Scotty instantly acknowledge it by kissing them.

“I would kiss it and suck on it.” Scotty says slowly in Kevin’s ear. “I would love to feel the touch of your hand in my hair, pushing my head down as you get closer and closer.” Scotty sucks on Kevin’s earlobe again. “Until you ultimately would come. In my mouth.”  

Kevin swallows hard again, still both hands firmly on the pillow. For the first time he looks at Scotty, who immediately take the chance to kiss him properly. Scotty’s teasing lips separate Kevin’s and their tongues meet.

When the kiss finally ends, they’re both slightly out of breath. Scotty strokes Kevin’s neck, kisses him one final time and moves back on the couch, losing touch with Kevin.

“But if you don’t want to…” Scotty says, turning his eyes to the TV. “Look, it’s about Watergate.” Scotty says.
“But…” Kevin says in a tame voice. “You…”
“Oh, but Kevin, I wouldn’t want you to miss anything good.” Scotty says. “Can I have your pillow?” Scotty asks, and takes it without waiting for an answer. He looks with big, and pretending big eyes on Kevin’s lap.

“Kevin!” He exclaims in a high-pitched voice. “This is no way to treat a lady.” He says.
“Lady?” Kevin asks, finally starting to regain his power to speak. “Oh you.” He says, leaning over to Scotty on the couch, pinning Scotty down. “I’ll show you teasing.”

Late night rendezvous

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin wakes up when Scotty comes home.
Word count: 1029

Kevin is wide awake when he hears something in the living room fall to the floor. Right after he hears Scotty swearing. He gazes at the red digits of the clock. It’s 3:36 and he needs to go to work tomorrow.

No wait, it’s Friday, he doesn’t have to. And then he remembers. Scotty was out with some friends celebrating someone’s anniversary of something. Scotty hadn’t really known himself, and Kevin had been busy while listening, to be honest.

He hears Scotty get into the kitchen, probably to have a glass or four of water before going to bed. Kevin quickly gets out of bed, deciding to have a glass of water himself.

He quietly opens the bedroom door and enters the living room. One small lamp is lit so he can walk into the kitchen without Scotty noticing his presence.
“Hey sweetie.” He greets Scotty.
“Holy-“ Scotty says, turning around. “You scared me.”
“You’re drunk.” Kevin sums up.

“Yeah.” Scotty agrees. It had been a crazy night, the first in a very long time where he allowed himself to get really wasted. “I took a taxi, promzz.” He assures and finished his glass of water. After being done he places the glass on the sink and it nearly falls down to the floor. Kevin’s quick reaction saves it. Scotty puts his arms around Kevin.

“You’re so hot.” He says, leaning into a kiss.
Kevin lets their lips meet, but then retracts.
“You taste like alcohol.”
“You wear too much clothes.” Scotty says, tugging at Kevin’s boxers.

“Well sweetie, I’m nearly naked already and you are wearing your jacket.” Kevin says, trying to be the one keeping his head cold. Scotty however, takes Kevin’s comment as a request, and Kevin watches his husband get naked in just seconds.

“You barely stand up, but this you can handle?” Kevin dryly comments.
“You quiet.” Scotty puts his index finger on Kevin’s lips, silencing him. He pulls down Kevin’s boxers and leads Kevin into their bedroom, leaving their clothing on the kitchen floor.

Scotty gestures for Kevin to lay down on the bed, and Kevin obeys, enjoying Scotty’s drunken idea. Scotty closes the door to the room, leaving it completely dark. Kevin hears Scotty open the closet and then quickly close it again. He then feels Scotty next to the bed.

The warmth coming from Scotty is maybe even more arousing than his touch would be, as Kevin feels Scotty place something, probably a tie over Kevin’s eyes. Kevin lifts his head and Scotty ties a knot on the back. He ends the procedure with giving Kevin a kiss.

Scotty then straddles Kevin, stroking his stomach up to his chest and playing with the dark hair there. He leans forward and his hands trails Kevin’s arms until they’re laying on top of each other, with Scotty pushing Kevin’s hands down.

Scotty reaches over to the other side of the bed, and it doesn’t take Kevin long to understand what is happening. A minute later he is tied to the head of the bed and Scotty is tracing kisses down his body.

“You will like.” Scotty whispers. “Promzz.” Scotty continues to kiss Kevin’s body, sucking lightly on his nipples. He circles Kevin’s belly button with his tongue, and receives a well-earned moan. Scotty chuckles and moves down. Kevin parts his legs, and Scotty caress them, sitting between them, placing a light kiss on Kevin’s knee.

Scotty kisses Kevin’s groin before taking his oh-so-ready erection in his mouth. Kevin moans loudly and pushes himself up against Scotty.

Kevin knows he’s already about to lose control, and being blind-folded and tied down only makes it all worse. Scotty’s mouth on his hard cock is just too much to take, and he’s afraid he’ll come faster than when he was 15 and first discovered gay porn.

“Scotty…” he groans and Scotty withdraws. “No!” Kevin exclaims, his breathing so hard it makes him sound just as desperate as he actually is. “Don’t stop.”

“Won’t.” Scotty promises, but gets off, leaving Kevin cold in the bed. Kevin hears the bed side table on Scotty’s side open and close, and he figures that it’s lube rather than Scotty’s pair of extra warm socks.

Scotty returns to the spot between Kevin’s legs, placing a very gentle kiss just above Kevin’s erection. He then takes the lube and pours some into the palm of his hand. He smears it over Kevin’s cock with slow arousing strokes. He can hear Kevin’s breathing change when he realizing what’s going to happen.

Kevin shifts himself into position and pushes himself down, gasping for air when he’s penetrated. Kevin does the same when feeling Scotty around him, and his reflexes wants to put his hands on Scotty’s hips, but can’t. He feels Scotty take control and move in a rhythm that’s good for him.

Kevin hears every noise Scotty makes. His breathing is very clear, and with every thrust his breathing is more and more full of pleasure than pain. Scotty pushes Kevin deeper into himself, and Kevin feels his muscles tense, and knows he is close to coming.

Kevin, feeling Scotty’s hands caressing his stomach, is sent over the verge, and their orgasms come almost simultaneously. Scotty pulls himself off Kevin and lies down besides him, pulling the tie off his head, kissing his lips. Their lips don’t part when Scotty half-way pulls him on Kevin again, untying the knots.

Kevin’s arms immediately embrace Scotty when let loose.
“You’re naughty.” He says.
“Tequila.” Scotty replies.
“I love you.”
“You only say that cuz I just let you.”

“Let me say it?” Kevin teases.
“Let you do me.” Scotty clarifies, causing Kevin to laugh out loud.
“I’m sorry, hun, but I’m pretty sure you did me now.” Kevin hears Scotty giggle in reply, but he doesn’t say anything.

“Scots?” Kevin asks. He doesn’t get a reply and when he hears Scotty’s breathing get deeper, he understands that Scotty fell asleep. Kevin smiles and watches his face straighten out, his long lashes twitch before safely landing on his cheek. Kevin feels his own eyelids getting heavier and shortly, him too drifts off to sleep. 

A bottle of wine between siblings

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Sarah spend some quality time together.
Word count: 728

Sarah sits on the couch in Kevin and Scotty’s apartment. She’s wiggling the half-empty wine glass between her fingers, hearing Kevin roam around the kitchen. Eventually he comes out of there, proudly holding up a newly opened bottle of wine.

He refills her glass and his own, and sits down next to her. After Scotty had been called to the restaurant when another chef was ill, Kevin had suggested to Sarah they’d spend the Friday night together, cracking a bottle of Merlot and complaining about life.

“Oh, and you know who I ran into?” Sarah asks excitedly.
“Should I guess?” Kevin dryly replies. He gets an annoyed look from his sister.
“Sarah Gimble.”

It takes a while before Kevin remembers. The name is so familiar, and yet, so buried deep within him.
“You remember her, right?” Sarah asks when he’s been quiet for a while.
“How could I forget?” Kevin says. “She broke my heart.”

And she really did. Maybe he wasn’t the most perfect summer fling for a girl, but at the end of the summer he had found out that he wasn’t the only summer fling she had. He’d done his best to fall in love with her, giving his body and soul, literally. It hadn’t succeeded though. When going back home to Pasadena, he was just as confused about who he was and why he didn’t seem to feel like all his friends and his siblings.

“Well, you broke hers too. You take her virginity one summer, and her boyfriend’s the next.”
“Yeah, I don’t think he was a virgin.” Kevin cheekily points out. Tucker Booth had been good, knowing his was around the tree house. Sarah had been more shy, expecting him to lead the way and know what to do.

With both, he had improvised, and well, looking back on the experience, he hadn’t been all that bad.
“What are you smiling at?” Sarah sounds jealous. “My memory of him isn’t that good.”
“No?” Kevin sips his wine. “I thought he was alright.”

“Sloppy kisses, too much tongue.” Sarah gestures with her hand as she explains.
“Which, in my opinion, is much to prefer over Sarah Gimble’s nibbling on my lips.” Kevin puts his chin out when he speaks, and Sarah recognizes it as his lawyer side. “My lips were bruised for days. Mom thought I’d been poisoned.”

“I remember that!” Sarah calls out while laughing. “She has read about some bug that bites you and then draws the oxygen out of your blood, making your lips… bruised.” She chuckles again and finished the wine, inspecting the glass. “Are these designed wine glasses?” She holds it up to see the bottom. “You are such snobs.”

“We’re not!” Kevin defends himself. “They’re a wedding present from some friends. They’re snobs.”
“Right.” Sarah says, putting down the glass. “I’m sure they are.” Kevin shoots her a look, but lets it be.

He’s not a snob. Enjoying life with a touch of pink is not posh, just… difficult to motivate for oneself, especially with Scotty always teasing him about it.
“Are you both off work the rest of the weekend?” Sarah’s voice interrupts his thoughts.

“Yeah.” He simply answers.
“What are you gonna do?”
 “Breakfast in bed and cleaning the loft.” Kevin sounds secure when he says it, like he actually means it.
“Sounds better than what I’m doing.” Sarah whines and Kevin sends her a questioning look.

“I’m having dinner with mom tomorrow night, and that’s it. So I guess cleaning, laundry, washing the car, tidying the attic…”
“Well, at least you have a week with your kids to look forward to.” Kevin interrupts her.
“Yeah, you want them? They’re usually quite cheap this time of the year, with Christmas coming up and all.” Sarah offers. “And they like doing the dishes.” She adds.

“As lovely as it would be to have Paige and Cooper as maids, I don’t think so.”
“I guess that’s good. Had you accepted I would never let you baby-sit again.” Sarah states.
“Bu-hu.” Kevin quips and Sarah hits him with a pillow. When drawing it back onto her lap she notices the image on it.

“Oh, it’s this!” Sarah exclaims.
“Don’t even.” Kevin warns her.
“You’re so gay.” Sarah puts the pillow behind her back and cuddles into it. Kevin looks at her with a stiff face.
“Well, yeah.”


Rating: PG, due to some ass touching
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is bruised when he comes home.
Takes place: After Kevin and Tommy's fight in 3x06 "Bakersfield".
Word count: 906

“Oh my god, what happened?” Scotty asks while getting up from the couch. The sight of Kevin with bruises and a dirty sweater made his heart beat faster.

“It’s just a…” Kevin starts, pulling off his jacket.
“Who did this?” Scotty asks while helping with the jacket, carefully placing it on a chair to focus all his attention on Kevin.
“Tommy.” Kevin answers, avoiding Scotty’s eyes. He knows how childish it sounds. He can defend it in front of his family, but not to Scotty.

“Kev…” Scotty exhales heavily. His eyes land on Kevin’s fingers, and Kevin notices his hurt look.
“You should see the other guy.” He gestures with his healthy hand.
“Come sit.” Scotty takes the hand and leads the way to the couch. “Tell me what happened.”

“Well…” Kevin sits in one end of the couch, Scotty in the other. Kevin places his leg so it touches Scotty’s.
“Rebecca invited us both to Justin’s one year… exam.” Kevin starts.

Scotty hears it in Kevin’s voice. He sounds incredibly hurt and vulnerable, just like he’s done so many times lately, and so few times before.
“We both promised to be civil, but…” Scotty reaches out to stroke Kevin’s calf, urging him to go on.

“We met for two seconds.” Kevin’s eyes look up directly at Scotty. They’re red and swollen, and it’s not just from the fight. Scotty feels his pain. He himself has experiences ups and downs, both with career and with family, Kevin hasn’t, not like that. And going through this kind of life-changing process, it’s not easy. Whoever said that identity crises are for teenagers should get a beating.

“He provoked me.” Kevin sees in Scotty’s face that he’s not buying it. “He really did.”
“Kevin, I do believe you. But does he know that he provoked you?” Scotty asks.
“I don’t know.” Kevin shakes his head, again looking down. He sees his injured fingers. They hurt, and he wants them to. This should hurt, he knows that much.

“He pushed me out, Scotty.”
“I know.”
“He pushed me out of the family business, the thing that’s been gluing my family together forever.” Kevin’s voice is closer to breaking with every word he speaks. “He pushed me out.”

Scotty sits up and holds out his arms.
“Come here.” He invites. Kevin hungrily agrees to the hug, pressing himself against his husband, seeking warmth and comfort. Scotty can feel Kevin sobbing into his sweater, all the feelings inside of him coming out at the same time.

Scotty wraps his arms tighter around Kevin, leaning his head on Kevin’s. When Kevin’s breathing becomes slower and more peaceful, Scotty slowly jerks apart.
“Maybe we could go for some sandwiches?” He asks. Kevin nods like a child that just stopped crying after it was hurt.

“Grilled with mozzarella, tomato and pesto?” Scotty suggest, knowing how to trigger Kevin’s happy sides, food wise. His suggestion is immediately greeted with a big smile. “Why don’t you take a shower, and I’ll fix things when you’re away?” Scotty asks.

Kevin gets up, but hesitates before he starts to walk away.
“You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?”
“Taking care of my battle injured husband?” Scotty asks. “It is kind of entertaining, yeah. Now go.” He gestures Kevin away. He smiles, picks up his mobile phone and enters his room of power – the kitchen.

While starting to prepare the food he also dials the number he by now knows by heart. Three rings, and then…
“Hi Scotty.”
“Hi Julia. How are you?”
“Fine and cooking. You’ve got a soldier down too, huh?” She asks.

“You know it.” Scotty puts the phone between his head and his shoulder, carefully slicing the tomato into perfect round pieces. “Whatcha making?”
“Grilled cheese. His favorite.”
“Oh, I’m making his favorite too, but the gay version, with Italian cheese and mixed fresh herbs.”

They share a laugh and casually comment on their cooking before needing to hang up. Kevin enters the kitchen, wearing only a towel round his hips.
“Brunch tomorrow?” Scotty asks into his cell phone. “Great, see you then.” He closes the phone and puts it on the bench.

“You’re quick.” He says and kisses Kevin on the lips.
“Brunch? With Jordan? I thought he had this new hot-shot job?” Kevin asks, leaning over Scotty’s shoulder to localize and steal some mozzarella.
“No, with Julia.” Scotty answers.

“Julia?” Kevin asks, putting the cheese in his mouth, reaching for some tomato.
“No! You have to wait.” Scotty protectively waves his knife round the tomatoes, showing where his space is.
“Our Julia?”
“Yes.” Scotty says, determined to avoid all questioning from Kevin’s side about taking sides in their respective spouse’s fight. “We get together sometimes and share tips on how to survive with a Walker.”

Kevin doesn’t reply. He watches Scotty place the sandwiches in the grill, closing it with a firm hand. He knows it’s not in his place to be annoyed that they meet. He wants to object, but he can’t find a single good reason to keep them distanced from each other. He spots a left-over tomato on the cutting board and pops it into his mouth.

“Tell her hello.” He finally says. He can see Scotty exhale with relief.
“I promise, we do not sit around and trash talk either of you.” He kisses Kevin on his cheek and places a hand on his butt. “Now get me some wine.”

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