Tomorrow's masquerade

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty are invited to a party.

Wednesday night, Kevin and Scotty’s place

“It’s not going to happen.” Kevin stared at the TV, trying to take in what it had to say.
“Oh Kevin, come on!” Scotty playfully hit his husband with a pillow from the couch. “It’ll be fun.”
“I’m not doing it.” Kevin knew he would, but he wanted it to be loud and clear that it was under protest. That, and he really wanted to know how far Scotty would go to make him say yes.
“For me…?” Scotty looked at Kevin with his cutest puppy dog eyes, making a sad face.

Kevin looked at Scotty, trying to retain his cold facial expression. Scotty climbed across the couch, pinning Kevin down to it. Their lips were almost touching and Scotty could feel Kevin’s breath, longing for a kiss. They stayed in the position for a few seconds, and then Scotty pulled away, back to his side of the couch.

“If you do, I might kiss you before our anniversary.” Scotty says and looks at the TV.
“Okay.” Scotty throws himself in Kevin’s direction, but is stopped by Kevin’s raised hand. “But I’m not wearing anything leather, latex or a bunny suit.”
Scotty tries to looks disappointed, fails miserably and pulls Kevin close in a kiss.

Thursday lunch, Kevin’s office

Sarah walks through the corridors towards Kevin’s office. She knows the receptionist wants her to check with her first, to see if “Mr. Walker” has time to see her. Sarah walks right past the receptionist, soon stepping through the glass door into Kevin’s office. Kevin is seated by his desk, writing on his computer. He looks up at her and nods a hello.

“Didn’t I say I don’t have time for lunch?”
“You sure did, that’s exactly why I’m here.” Sarah puts down her bag on the chair in front of the desk.
“You totally don’t make sense.” Kevin shakes his head.
“You call me to cancel lunch plans, saying you need to go get an outfit for a masquerade, and you think I won’t show up?”

“You can’t come, it’s embarrassing enough that Scotty and his friends will see me in it.”
“What are you going as? Witch? Clown? Chicken?” Sarah looks more excited for each of her suggestion.

“How about I go as that guy who hates his sister?” Kevin gets up from his desk and puts on his jacket. He knows well enough that Sarah is going to come and she is going to dress him up, worse than when they were kids.
“I would love to see you in drag.” Sarah says as one of Kevin’s colleagues walks past the office, putting a smile on his face.
Kevin shoots Sarah a killing look and holds out his hand, “Ladies first.”

Friday night, Scotty’s friend’s place

“So, Scotty, where’s your infamous lawyer husband?” Michael, an old friend of Scotty’s asked. They were both well on their way to get drunk, in spite of the early hour.
“He should be here at any minute.” Scotty assures his friend as he . The place got crowded very quick, and Scotty estimated the guest count to be at least fifty already. During his time as a cater waiter he had developed an eye for these things, knowing when to refill trays and glasses.

“Scotty!” Someone Scotty had no idea who was came up to him. “I never thought the day would come when I would see you in a dress.” This guy, quite cute, late 20’s gave Scotty a tight hug and disappeared. Scotty tugged at his white dress and looked down on his bare feet. He wasn’t that comfortable in it, but it was strangely liberating to dress up once in a while.
Michael looked just as surprised. “So Mr. Lawyer, what’s he coming as?”
“Kevin.” Scotty was too drunk to get a annoyed. “I don’t know. He wouldn’t tell me.”

Michael raises and eyebrow. Even though Scotty had gotten married, some of Scotty’s friends were still not so fond of Kevin. Scotty didn’t care that much, he knew which friends really counted and those were the ones supporting him.
Suddenly Scotty spotted Kevin coming through the door, wearing a suit. Scotty made his way through the crowd and planted a sloppy kiss on Kevin’s mouth.

Kevin smiled with unhidden entertainment. “You’re so drunk.”
“You’re not in a costume.” Scotty slurred.
“Yes I am.” Kevin said as he put his jacket on top of the gigantic coat pile by the door. “I’m in love with you.”
Scotty looked clueless.

“I really tried to find a costume, I did and Sarah even helped. Well, maybe not helped, but she was there.”
Scotty put his arm around Kevin’s waist, leaning in for another kiss.
“Wow, you’re really drunk.” Kevin states. “Why am I not?”

Scotty gives Kevin his drink and drags him into the room.
“What do you think of my dress?” Scotty has located the open bar and is soon enough holding two new drinks. Kevin guesses they are cola and vodka, but they look more like ice tea.
“You’re cute. This must be what it’s like to be straight.” Kevin teases and strokes Scotty’s side.


Kevin is an experienced drinker and has soon caught up with Scotty, and the rest of the guests for that matter. They’ve mingled around the room for a while, keeping their kissing to a minimum while socializing with the other visitors. When asked what they’re dressed up as Scotty twirls his dress and Kevin seriously replies “in love with Scotty.”

“Scotty?” They hear a shrill female voice behind them. They turn around and almost falls down to the floor.
“Michelle.” Scotty says, caught off guard. “I didn’t know you’d be here.” He says it more like a wish than a statement, really.

“You’re the guy who knew Chad. I set you up!” Michelle is apparently also drunk, bordering to inarticulate. She seems happy to see them though. Kevin seems less happy to be reminded of Chad, and he takes a long gulp, letting Scotty do the talking.”
“We’re married.” He explains to the very excited girl in front of them. Michelle is practically dancing standing there, swaying back and fourth.

“Oh my god!” she announces loudly. “I’m so going to take credit for that!”
Scotty chose not to explain how they already knew each other and how that night after her set-up brought them both a terrible parting. He also had a feeling it would take a while for him to communicate all that information to her. He couldn’t have been more right, and seconds later she disappeared in the crowd.

Saturday morning-ish, Kevin and Scotty’s bedroom

Scotty wakes up early, or so it feels. His body is aching, his head is banging and his arm is asleep. He turns around in the bed, which luckily enough is the right one, to find Kevin sound asleep next to him, laying naked on his belly on top of the cover. Scotty’s first thought is that they must have had sex since Kevin is naked, but he himself is still fully dressed since last night.

He doesn’t even want to know what his make-up looks like, but he does know that this is not how he wants to look when Kevin wakes up. With great pains he makes it out of bed and stumbles into the bathroom. He isn’t sure if he’s hung-over or still drunk, but in either case a large amount of water will do him well.
It takes him almost half an hour to get decent, in this case naked and clean, but he can’t get rid of the headache. He returns to the bed and crawls up to Kevin, still on his stomach.

Kevin yanked a bit when Scotty’s body came in contact with his, but didn’t wake up. Scotty puts an arm around Kevin’s back and gently kisses his shoulder. He whispers “I’m in love with you too.” before falling back into deep sleep.

The syncopated birthday dinner - Part 7

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: POST - The whole Walker family is gathering for some drama. Kevin sits down to talk with Tommy.

Kevin walks into his parental home. It’s been a week since the last dinner from hell, and he hasn’t been here since. Neither has he met any of his family members. It’s early afternoon, but he’s suspecting someone to be there. He walks into the kitchen to get something to drink, and finds Tommy by the dinner table, obviously working.

“Hi Tommy.” Kevin greets as he sits down next to his brother.
“Hi Kev.”
Kevin can tell that Tommy hasn’t slept well recently and he’s lost a lot of weight, just these past days.
“How mad are you?”

“Not as much as I should be.” Tommy seems to pleased with the answer. Kevin continues. “I’m mostly mad because you trashed Scotty’s birthday dinner while telling, it’s not my place to judge when it comes to… Holly.”
“Julia left.”
“I know.”
Tommy puts down the pen he’s been holding and leans back in the chair.

“I don’t know where she is, and she won’t return my calls. I don’t blame her, but we still need to talk.”
“You don’t know… where she is?” Kevin asks hesitantly.
“Do you?”
Kevin is quite for a few seconds, as if he’s weighing if he should spill or not.

“I spoke with mom yesterday. She’s been staying here, Tommy.” Kevin’s face is full of sympathy as he spills the news.
“Here?” Tommy’s word is hollow and his gaze wanders out into thin air.
“It’s not that weird is it?” Kevin’s voice is all of a sudden straight and secure. “Here she can hang out with mom, she’s literally gone through the same thing.

Tommy seems to be hit in the head every time Holly is somehow mentioned, and Kevin sees it as a good sign.
“How’s Rebecca?” Tommy then silently asks.
“I don’t know. I suppose Justin is taking care of her.”

“He hasn’t talked to me either. Seems like the only one handling this is mom.”
“Well, she has experience.” Kevin immediately notices his mistake. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be. I screwed up. Majorly. I would do anything to go back in time and undo it, but I can’t. All I can do it try to fix things the way they are, and people won’t let me.”

“We need time.” Kevin catches Tommy’s gaze. “We’re family, we’ll be alright.”
Tommy exhales heavily. “I hope you’re right. So how much does Scotty hate me?”
Kevin chuckles lightly.

“Just the right amount.” With a smile Kevin continues. “I think he’s already forgiven you for wrecking the party,” Kevin suddenly remembers the massage oil from Sarah. “don’t worry about it.”
Kevin stands up. “I have to go.” He puts a supportive hand on his brother’s back. Tommy stands up and hugs his brother, almost desperately. Kevin tightens the embrace and pats Tommy on the back.

When they part Kevin waves his car keys and nods a goodbye. His heart lights up when he sees a small smile on Tommy’s face as he leaves the room.


Best worst time ever

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is curious and Scotty is in the mood. But not for sex.
Takes place: A couple of weeks after the wedding.

“Sweetie,” Kevin places his hand on Scotty’s neck. They’re sitting on the couch, having ice cream in front of a bad movie “can I ask you a question?”
Scotty puts his spoon in the ice cream bucket, scooping up a big chunk.

“What’s the worst sex you’ve ever had?” Kevin starts to massage Scotty’s neck when he asks his question.
“What?” Scotty looks surprised and caught off guard. “Why?”
“Well, I’m just curious.” Kevin smiles bright. “So I know what not to do.”
Scotty laughs out loud. “Don’t worry. You won’t.”

Kevin understands that there is a specific event on Scotty’s mind, and raises his eye-brows, silently urging Scotty to explain further.
“Well…” Scotty starts with a soft laughter. “It’s kind of embarrassing, even if I wasn’t the one to…” He puts his spoon in the ice cream, and leaves it there. “It was with this guy…”

“Oh no. You did it with a dude?” Kevin says with sarcasm.
“Do you wanna hear the story?” Scotty asks teasingly.
“Sorry, hun. Go on.” Kevin gently squeezes Scotty’s neck, and moving his hand up in Scotty’s hair, still gently massaging.

“We had been going out for a while, and it was going well.” Scotty sees Kevin’s jealous look. “It was three or four years ago.” When Kevin looks more calm Scotty continues.
“We had slept together a few times, and it had been good. Not great, but definitely okay. This one time, it was at his place, we had dinner. A wonderful meatloaf with fresh sage and rosemary.” Scotty smiles at the memory and adds the dish to his to-cook-within-a-near-future list.

He shakes his head to get back on track. Kevin is listening attentively.
“Okay, so we’re in his bed, fooling around.” Scotty wrinkles his nose. “Maybe even past fooling, actually. We’re in the middle of it, and he stops in his movement, looks deep into my eyes…” Scotty can see that Kevin is waiting for the big finish.
“…and he says: Can you freeze meatloaf?”

Scotty picks up the spoon, takes a large chunk of ice cream and puts in his mouth. In the corner of his eye he can see Kevin processing the information, not knowing if it’s okay to laugh. After a while of silence, Kevin can’t hold it in and starts to chuckle.
“I’m sorry, hun…” he tries to apologize. Scotty smiles in reply.

“I’m over it. For a while there it kind of took away my confidence… and every bit of lust I felt for him. Needless to say, we never did it again after that.”
Kevin is still laughing quietly when Scotty notices Kevin stroking his hair. His touch is gentle and rhythmic. Scotty nudges his head along with the stroke and then turning his head so that Kevin’s hand ends up on his cheek instead. Their eyes meet and they lean in to kiss.

Kevin puts the ice cream bucket with two spoons in it on the small table in front of them. He returns to the kiss, starting to stroke Scotty’s side.
They end up laying on the couch with Kevin on top, starting to pull at Scotty’s shirt with the mission to remove it.
“Sweetie…” Scotty says between kisses. “… Kev, really, I’m not in the mood.” Scotty deepens the kiss. They don’t part until Kevin needs air.
“I can tell.” The shirt is off, on the floor. Scotty didn’t exactly fight Kevin when he pulled it over his head.

A few minutes later they’re both stripped down to underwear, moving against each other. Scotty is reaching inside Kevin’s tight underwear, making him exhale loudly. Kevin moans as Scotty with a deft hand makes him come. Scotty puts his dry hand on the back of Kevin’s head, pulls him down and plants a wet kiss on his mouth.

Kevin’s head lands on Scotty’s shoulder, and Kevin’s kisses his neck. Scotty can feel the suction that he knows will result in a hickey. Probably one that someone will notice and make fun of him for.
It takes Kevin a few minutes to regain his strength. When he gets up he leaves for the bathroom. He can hear Scotty getting dressed. A moment later he finds Scotty in the kitchen, flipping through a cookbook.

“Are you hungry?” Scotty asks him.
“Um… yeah…” Kevin is still in his post-coming mode, and is not able to focus on food.
“Then how about you put some clothes on…” Scotty pulls Kevin closer and kisses him. “and I get started here.”
“Fine. What are we having?” Kevin agrees and steals another kiss.

“I’m in such a mood for meatloaf.” Scotty answers and pulls away.
Kevin looks at his husband, stunned.
“Thank you, honey.”
“Don’t mention it babe.” Scotty says with a big smile as he sweeps by on his way to the fridge. “Now go.” Scotty gently slaps Kevin’s butt when he walks past him, sending him on his way. 

The door changing story

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Boys will be boys.
Takes place: Sometime after Scotty moves in with Kevin, before the lobster.

Scotty hears the ding-dong that notices that the elevator has reached its final destination. Scotty enters into the now so familiar hallway. He’s carrying a bag over his shoulder and a canvas bag with food over from the resturant. He was already guilty enough to live on Kevin’s expence, the least he could do was to cook something delicious every night.

When he reaches the loft, he finds himself standing in front of a big hole where the door used to be. He looks at it with a wondering face and walks in to find Kevin sitting on the coach, facing the hole and working on his computer.

“Hello.” Kevin greets him, as if nothing happened.
“Hello…” Scotty answers hesitantly. “… Kev…?”
Kevin finally looks up. “Yeah?”
“Where is the door?”

“I’m having a new one put in. A safer one. You didn’t see the guy in the hallway? He just carried down the old one.” Kevin is back with his work on the computer.
“And why have you moved he couch?”
Just as Scotty asks a blonde tall guy in his early 20’s comes up behind him. The guy is carrying a door.

“Excuse me.” He says politely and leans the door against a wall. Scotty enters the apartment, putting down his bags on the floor. He’s starting to understand why Kevin would be more interested in watchin the door-change than the tv.
Scotty sits down besides him, and together they sit there in silence, while watching the blonde guy rip out the old doorframe, replacing it with a new one.

Kevin lost interest in his computer quite a while ago, and Scotty had totally forgotten about the groceries in the bag, and how they probably needed to be refridgerated.
45 minutes later the guy wiped the sweat off his forehead, give them new keys and left. The entire floor smelled like burned wood and there were piles of sawdust all around the door.

Kevin and Scotty looked at each other, standing right inside the door, holding each a key.
“Wow.” Kevin says. It seems to say it all.
“That was…” Scotty continues.
“… better than porn.” Kevin finished.

I dedicate this story to the hot guy who is changing my door, right this second.

A fresh start

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin knows what he is doing and Scotty is good at being in denial.
Takes place: The morning before Scotty's trial in 2x03 History Repeating, set after "A dress code kind of thing".

Kevin is patiently waiting on the stairs outside the courthouse. He looks at his watch again. It’s still three minutes past nine, just like the last time he checked. He looks around, finally spotting Scotty walking across the street.

“Good morning.”
“Sorry I’m late, coffee-on-table-cloth emergency.” Scotty excuses himself. Kevin shakes his head to show it’s okay.
“I like the shirt.” He says with a smug smile, turns around and walks up the remaining stairs, and into the building. Scotty follows, working up his nervousness.

They enter a big hall and Kevin walks up to a reception. Scotty understands that this is what Kevin does all the time, and his respect for Kevin grows bigger as he watches Kevin greet the young female receptionist like they’re old friends. He realizes how out of his league he is again, and it hits him with a pang in his heart.

He still believes that going to Kevin with his DUI was the right thing to do, because no matter what has happened between him and Kevin, he cannot afford to lose his job. Scotty straightens his back and takes a deep breath while deciding not to fall for Kevin Walker again. He knows deep inside that he already has, but right now is not the time to admit it.

Kevin looks briefly at Scotty as he comes over to the reception.
“I just have to get some papers. I thought we’d sit down upstairs and talk this thing through.” Scotty nods in agreement.
The receptionist collects a pile of papers in a folder and hands them over to Kevin.
“Here you go Mr. Walker. Good luck.” She says with a big smile, while looking at Scotty.

They find a secluded table in a lounge kind of area in the courthouse, and sit down. Kevin spreads a lot of papers on the table.
“Okay, so what’s gonna happen is that we go in there,” he waves to some unspecific point behind him, “and the prosecutor presents the case to the judge. The police that stopped you for the DUI will be called to justify first, and then you.” Kevin says it all in one breath, and Scotty suspects he can do this in his sleep. Then Kevin adds “If you have to.”

“Kevin.” Scotty looks insecure when his eyes meet Kevin’s. “Thank you.”
Kevin looks all of a sudden a bit shy, lowering his gaze.
“Don’t worry about it,” Kevin pauses for a bit. “I’m glad you came to me.”
Scotty nods. “Me too.”
“Maybe we can put all that behind us?” Kevin asks. “A fresh start?” he suggests, placing his hand on Scotty’s.

Scotty’s smile grows more confident. He takes Kevin’s hand and squeezes it gently. He again nods his head. “Yeah. A fresh start. He lets go of the hand and Kevin returns to his papers on the table.
Scotty smiles as he looks at Kevin organizing his papers. His smile is mischievous as he fixes his tie. Fifteen minutes to go, and he’ll just sit here and enjoy the view. He reminds himself that he is not interested in Kevin in that way anymore. Yeah, he can almost believe that.

A dress code kind of thing

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Sometimes Kevin asks too much, but he usually have a pretty good reason for it.
Takes place: The morning before Scotty's trial in 2x03 History Repeating.

It’s eight AM and Scotty is not awake. He’s standing in front of his friend’s coffee maker, looking at it as the brown drops are falling down into the pot. His back is aching from sleeping on the couch his Miranda had offered him. Well, it was better than his Ranchero, and that was all he needed to know. The dark brown drops that will wake him up are dripping slower and slower.

He takes the put and starts to pour it into a brown mug decorated with yellow glitter. Miranda has probably done it herself. “What’s up with these lesbians and their pottery?” he asks out loud, sure that Miranda left for work already.
He sits down by the kitchen table, lifts the mug to his mouth, smelling the divine coffee and just when the liquid is going to touch his lips, his phone rings. Scotty sighs heavily, puts down the cup and goes to the living room to locate the phone.

The display reads “Kevin” and right there it hits Scotty why he’s up at this god-forsaken hour. His trial is today and he’s going to meet Kevin in an hour to “prep”, whatever that means.

“Hi Kev.” Scotty’s voice is scratchy and dry. He clears his throat. “What’s up?” Still scratchy.
“Wow, you sound perky.” Kevin is clearly wide-awake, probably already at work.
“It’s early, I slept three hours and I haven’t had coffee. Are you sure you want to mess with me?”

Kevin chuckles lightly. “I’ve forgotten you’re not a morning person.”
“Why are you calling, Kev?” Scotty is back in the kitchen, finally enjoying the coffee.
“I’m just letting you know that I’m ready for court, all’s good… and to make a small request.”
“Mhm?” Scotty answers while gulping.
“Can you wear something… pink?”

Scotty puts down the mug too fast, making it splash on the rainbow patterned table cloth.
“Pink? I thought it was court, not a fetish club.”
“Humor me, Scotty. It’s for a good cause.”
Due to the early hour and the lack of caffeine rush in Scotty’s body, he didn’t protest anymore. He mumbled something affirmative.

“Okay, so see you in… forty-three minutes.” Kevin sounded cheerful, which probably was a good sign.
“Yeah. Sure. Forty-three.” Scotty replies.
“And Scotty… it wouldn’t hurt if you jerk your wrist a bit when we enter the court. See you.”

There was a click and then it was too late to object. Scotty looked at the phone, as if he was expecting it to answer his unspoken question.

Scotty finished the last coffee, frowned a bit because of the bitterness, and went to find his pink shirt and that narrow tie he’d only used like once. He didn’t get why Kevin suddenly wanted him in pastel, but he was ready to oblige. After all Kevin had done for him.

Loud and proud

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Nora might just be the best mom ever.

It was still fifteen minutes before the parade was going to take off, and people were everywhere looking for their section. Nora was standing alone in the middle of the group from PFLAG. She looked with big eyes at people passing, people with amazing outfits, regular peoples of all ages and photographers following.

When Kevin came out five years ago she had immediately joined PFLAG, it was a statement for her. Not just to show her support to Kevin, but also to show her husband what she thought of this reaction to Kevin’s coming out. Now she had finally found the courage to go to the Pride parade celebrations in Los Angeles, and she had managed to bring Kevin.

He had left her a couple of minutes ago to find a collegue who apparently was there too, and they were going to parade with other lawyers. Nora shook her head to get rid of the picture of twenty-or-so people with suits and briefcases, all on their phones while walking down the street.

A woman about her age came over to her. “Hello, I’m Judy. Are you new here?”
“Yes, I am. I’m Nora. Well, I’ve been a member for a couple of years, ever since my Kevin came out. But I’ve never been here before.” Nora rambled on as she shook Judy’s hand.
“Well, then I hope you’ll like it here. It’s the best ego boost I’ve ever had.” Judy picks up a bottle of water from her bag. She waves it towards Nora. “Do you have one?”

Nora shakes her had, she doesn’t.
“Then take this one. I brought some extras, just in case. It takes some time to get into the parade-feeling, but once you do, you know what to bring.” Judy laughs.
Nora takes the bottle and thanks Judy. Again she’s standing there all alone. She’s kind of intimidated of the others and doesn’t dare to start a conversation with anyone. They seem to know each other.

A young man, in his early twenties walk up to them. Nora notices that he’s probably already had a drink or too, probably in the great spirit of the parade.
“I just want to say, to all of you.” He starts. “I think you’re great. I live two blocks from my dad, and we haven’t spoken in three years, not since I came out.” Some other men comes up to the young man to drag him away.

Nora looks at the group leaving, her eyes starting to tear up. A man, good looking, in his early 50’s, comes up to her.
“Hi, I’m Noel.” He shakes her hand. “You’re new, right?” Nora nods her head, still in chock.
“I can tell.” Noel says and waves his hand in the direction of where the group of young men went. “This happens all the time when we’re out somewhere with PFLAG. Not every parent goes here.”

“I know, my husband… he wouldn’t ever…” Nora’s voice trails off as two men with a baby walks by. Suddenly she smiles. Noel follows her gaze.
“So, is your child here?” He asks.
“Yes, he is. Your’s too?”

“No.” Noel chuckles. “Our Kate, she’s not a Pride parade kind of girl. I think she was here once, but now it’s just me and Livia, my wife. This is our tenth year.”
“Wow, that’s impressive.”
“I guess it is. But it’s worth it. When you walk and everyone… You’ll understand, I’m sure Nora. Now I think it’s time to leave soon.” Noel says and looks at his watch.

Slowly the parade starts to take off. Nora chats with some other parents in the group, only to find they’re all very sympathic. After a while she even feels comfortable to share her discomfort with dealing with her husband while being supportive of her son. She quickly finds out she’s not the only with dealing with that issue.

In the middle of their talk they enter the big parade route, with hundreds of people standing on the sides. When they see the big “Proud parents and friends” banner the air is filled with a deafening jubilation. It takes Nora a while to understand that it’s aimed towards them, and when she does her eyes once again tear up.

Judy comes up from behind her and puts an arm around her shoulders. “Yep, Nora. Get ready for the sob fest of your life.”

Just say the word, baby

Rating: R for language
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty has been letting Kevin go on in this over-apologizing please Scotty mode, but it’s too much.
Takes place: The night before 2.15 Moral Hazard.

It’s past midnight and both Kevin and Scotty are laying in bed, in a safe distance, reading each a book. Kevin’s hand has landed on Scotty’s neck after a very indiscrete yawn, and is now slowly massaging the neck in question.

Scotty jerks a bit to leave room for Kevin’s hand to move lower on his bare back. He’s been working hard, and a back massage would do him good. Kevin notices Scotty’s movement and puts his book away. He moves over to Scotty to massage his back, and he gently kisses Scotty’s shoulders, as Scotty continues to read, trying to get the message across, a massage is a massage. Period.

“Baby…” Kevin starts, “you wanna…?” he plants a very wet lingering kiss on Scotty’s neck, knowing that’s usually the start of it all.

“Kevin,” Scotty, looks up from his book. “It’s been,” he quickly glances at the clock “half an hour since we…” Scotty nods his head meaningly and goes back to his book. Lately Kevin has been very attentive when it comes to pleasing Scotty in bed, and now Scotty started realizing he was not sixteen anymore. He needed rest.
“Okay.” Kevin withdraws and picks up his book. “Just let me know if you change your mind, ‘kay?” Kevin slowly stroked Scotty’s arm.

Fifteen minutes later Scotty puts his book down, lays down with their joint cover up to his nose, turning his back to Kevin. Only seconds later Kevin turns off the lamp on his side, laying down behind Scotty. He puts an arm around his boyfriend and starts to slowly stroke his belly. He draws circles round his belly button and then continues with the random stroking.

“Kev, I’m really tired. Can we sleep?” Scotty mumbles.
“’Right, sure. You okay, hun?”
“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to sound annoyed. You wanna do it? We can if you want to, ‘s just…”
“No, I just want you to be… you know, satisfied.”

Scotty can feel Kevin smile against his shoulder when he says it.
“I am, I promise.” Scotty smiles back. They’ve done it a lot lately, and Scotty was definitely the one being satisfied. Not that Kevin usually was selfish, but these last days had been amazing.
“Good. You wanna have lunch together tomorrow?”

“That sounds great, sweetie. I love you.”
When Kevin whispered “I love you” back, Scotty was already asleep.

The syncopated birthday dinner - Part 6

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: POST - The whole Walker family is gathering for some drama.

The second the door to Nora’s house shut behind them Kevin and Scotty hugged tight. Kevin hugged Scotty to apologize for his family’s behaviour at his husband’s birthday, and Scotty hugged Kevin to comfort him after have been let down by his brother. Scotty knew exactly how much it meant to Kevin that he helped Tommy start a family, regardless of whose sperm it was that got Julia pregnant. However, neither of them knew the other’s intentions with the hug, and for a minute they just stood there.

When they let go they walked over to Kevin’s car, without a sound. It was first after a couple of minutes of driving that Kevin spoke.

“What is going to happen now?” He sounded like he’d already given up, keeping his eyes on the road.

“I don’t know. Maybe they can work it out. Maybe Holly, Tommy and Sarah don’t need to work physically together as much anymore.”

“I don’t mean that.” Kevin’s eyes were still firmly on the road. “Julia and Lizzie. It was one thing that he slept with Lena, they were far away from each other and having a crisis.”

Scotty put his hand on Kevin’s thigh, caressing it briefly.

“How am I gonna deal with the fact that I don’t want to see the face of my brother.”

“Kevin.” Scotty removed his hand. “I’m sorry to say this, but this isn’t up to you. If Julia never wants to see his face again, than okay. But you have to love him, he’s your brother.”

Kevin opened his mouth, as if to start talking.

“Let me finish. You don’t know why he did this, and you need to hear him out. At least you can do that, right?”

Kevin looked at Scotty for a second. He looked sad and didn’t reply.

The rest of the car ride was quiet. They parked in the spot reserved for Kevin’s car and carried Scotty’s presents to their apartment.

“I wonder what Sarah got you. She’s good at picking out gifts.” Kevin says while placing a bag of gifts on the couch.

“I’m more interested to see what you gave me.” Scotty says with a smirk and puts his arms around Kevin’s waist.

“You’ll get it first thing Monday. I have to pick it up.” Kevin says with a mischievous grin. The smile fades quick though. “I’m sorry. In the car. I’m not mad at you, you know that. I will hear Tommy out. I promise.” Kevin leans in to kiss Scotty who pulls away.

“Now where is that gift from Sara?” He says and walks over to the bag.

“You tease…” Kevin mutters under his breath.

Shortly Scotty waved a small box wrapped in multi-coloured shiny wrapping paper with a big golden bow on top. “Your sister knows me so well, doesn’t she?” Scotty opens the gift.

When he sees what’s in it he laughs out loud. Kevin walks over and looks down into the box. He smiles widely.

“I guess she knows us both well. And let me just say how glad I am that my dear brother slept with my late father’s mistress. Had he not you had opened this in front of my whole family.” Kevin says and picks up the small bottle of strawberry flavoured massage oil-and-lube.


The definition of romantic

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Both Kevin and Scotty are very busy, but the might be able to fit in a little romantic alone time.

Kevin was on his way home from work. It was Wednesday afternoon and he was really beat. He had been working on a case that really made him earn his money, but at the prize of coming home only to briefly say hi to Scotty before they booth fell into bed, sleeping until the next morning. It had been going on for over a week, and he missed his husband. Missed the touch of his husband.

When he opened the door he found dinner on the table, as usual. But this time it wasn’t just the two plates and a bottle of wine. Scotty had decorated with red roses, and candles. In the background soft music played.

Scotty came out from the kitchen. He smiled widely and helped Kevin take off his jacket. “Welcome home sweetie.” Scotty put the jacket on a hanger and just as Kevin started to walk into the apartment Scotty grabbed Kevin’s lower arm, pulling him back to gently kiss him.

“Thank you. It smells great.” Kevin put his hand on Scotty’s back to pull him into a tighter and longer kiss, but Scotty pulled away.

“No, I have to fix dinner. We’ll eat in ten minutes.” Scotty removed his hand from Kevin’s arm, stroking Kevin’s stomach lightly.

Dinner was of course superb. When they were both finished eating and talking about how their past days been Scotty started collecting the dishes.

“Why don’t you leave that till tomorrow?” Kevin grabs Scotty’s hand in its movement. “We could… move into the bedroom.”

“I’m really tired Kevin, and I’m working early tomorrow.” Kevin’s hand was still on his hand though, and Kevin’s thumb was suggestively stroking his hand.

“Just a little… cuddling.” Scotty was still hesitant. “It’ll be romantic.” Kevin knew that bringing a little romance into it always worked on Scotty, and Scotty happily let him use it. Now he knew how much Kevin wanted it. Wanted him.

“I guess we could use some time together…” Scotty smiles and gets up, followed by Kevin. They were still holding hands.

Once in the bedroom they both fell down on the bed, Kevin straddeling Scotty as he slowly unbuttoned Kevin’s blue shirt. One of these days he was just going to rip it open. This was seriously consuming all of their sex time. Once the shirt was off Kevin lowered himself onto Scotty, kissing his neck.

Kevin sat up next to Scotty to push off the t-shirt in between them. They kissed sitting up in bed, as Kevin started unbuckeling Scotty’s loose-fitted blue jeans. Once they were open Scotty laid down to pull them off, along with his underwear. When he was laying down Kevin puts a hand on his stomach, preventing him from sitting back up.

“No… I want you right there.” Kevin smiled suggestively. He resumed the kissing, starting with the neck, planting kisses round Scotty’s nipples, down to the navel and all the way down until Scotty makes a small squeaky noise, pushing his body up against Kevin.

“Kevin!” Scotty reaches out to grab Kevin down with him, and they end up laying very uncomfortably diagonally across the bed, kissing franticly. “I’ve missed you, hun.”

“Me too,” Kevin says, as he pulls his leg straight. “I want you. I want to… fuck you.”

Scotty smiles against Kevin’s neck. He knows that’s now Kevin’s favourite way of expressing himself, but he does it because Scotty is turned on by it. Scotty fights the urge to comment on how that remark doesn’t qualify as romantic cuddeling, but instead he reaches down to touch Kevin’s erection.

Kevin takes a deep breath of air as Scotty grabs him hand full and starts to jerk. Kevin pulls Scotty’s face close to his and kisses him.

Scotty takes his hand off Kevin, making him go “yff”. Scotty’s hand is shortly back. When he touches Kevin’s erection his hand is colder and wetter. Scotty strokes a bit, then wipes off the remaining lube on an old t-shirt just below the bed. He then straddles Kevin, pulling him inside of him.

It takes a while for them to get into a rhythm they both enjoy. Kevin’s hands are on Scotty’s hips, following their movement.

When Scotty falls down on his back next to Kevin, they both exhale ecstatically. Kevin pulls a leg over Scotty’s and an arm over his belly. His face is right next to Scotty’s as Scotty whisperes to him “I love you Kevin Walker, but you really need to re-define romantic.”

The syncopated birthday dinner - Part 5

About: Nora and Holly
: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: POST - The whole Walker family is gathering for some drama.

Nora was jerked out of her monotonous work with the dishes when the door bell rang. She has been cleaning up yesterday’s disastrous dinner… not birthday party for hours. How they had all gathered for Scotty when Sarah had announced to everyone that Holly and Tommy had slept together, forcing Holly to leave the house in a hurry, followed by, of course, Julia.

Nora had been repeating the night over and over for hours, while doing the dishes by hand. She had always found it to be therapeutic to do the dishes after their family dinners.

She was expecting someone wanting to sell encyclopedias when she opened the door, and was quite surprised that is was Holly.

“Nora. Hi. I’m really sorry, about everything. Can we talk?”

Nora opened the door to let Holly in and walked into the kitchen, still quiet.

“I hope you believe me when I say it was a mistake, and that we both regret it so much.” Holly spoke slowly, emphasizing every word to give them strength. “I already spoke with Sarah. We are going to change some tasks at the company to make this work. She and I really want to keep Ojai and Walker landing out of this.”

For the first time Nora looked directly at Holly. “I though I had experienced the biggest betrayal when I found out about you and William. Right then and there I lost a part of him that I will never retrieve. But I’m over that.”

Nora walked over to her dishes, her back facing Holly.

“Don’t think I don’t know what impact you had on my husband. You made him happy, I know that. When we all found out it didn’t just crush me, all our children suffered from it too. Learning that their father was…” Nora stopped talking for a couple of seconds. “You made him happy, I’m know.” She turned around to face Holly again. “But this.” Nora didn’t finish the sentence, letting the tension linger in the air.

For a while they stood there, looking at each other.

“I’m really sorry.” Holly almost whispered the words before taking her bag, leaving the house.

TBC: I will do these little short(er) stories with different people in them, instead of a big one with everyone in it. :)

Have you ever…?

Rating: R for language
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The Walker siblings kill some time, with the help from a bottle of tequila.

“My God! I can’t believe it!” Justin exclaimed as he sunk down into a orange bean bag probably last used in the mid 90’s. A cloud of dust made him cough briefly.
It was Friday afternoon and all five Walker siblings had by Nora been sent on a road-trip to the family’s old ranch. Well actually, she had only asked Kevin and Tommy to go there and fetch some left over box from the attic. Things had been so hectic when she had visited last, so they were left behind.

When the other siblings had heard about the trip they had all wanted to come, and decided to make it a day. They were to come home safe and sound Friday night, after a short nostalgic journey.
Little had they known that a storm was rolling in, and now they were stuck in the house with the wind howling and the rain rattling on the roof and windows. They had all agreed it would be plain stupid to drive in this weather, and were now calling their awaiting respectives to let them know about the situation.

“Mum was all hysterical and I’m quite sure she thinks we’re all gonna die out here.” Sarah says as she returns, waving her cell phone in the air.

“I know, sweetie… I love you too. Bye.”
“I hope what was Scotty.” Kitty says while raising an eyebrow at Kevin when he enters the room. He answers her with a wrinkled nose and walks over to sit down on a very questionable easy-chair.

“It was very nice of the new owners to let us stumble in here when they’re away, but I don’t know if I’m comfortable ransacking their kitchen for food.”
“Well, they’ve had this place for quite a while now, and the whole place is already covered in dust – we’re allowed to make sure my blood sugar doesn’t kill you all.” Kevin Tommy gives Kitty a sharp look and drags her into the kitchen.

Two hours later, and the five of them are spread out all over the living room. They’re all quiet, and extremely bored. They had tried to cheer themselves up by going through the house for whine or beer or anything with alcohol. They had found some red liquid in an unlabeled bottle in the garage, but they left it there. When they had almost given up, they found a whole bottles of tequila.

“What are we gonna do? We can’t just hit here all night. The storm can go on for hours.” Justin was the only one sober when his brothers and sisters were starting to get drunk from the tequila.
“I know what we should do!” Sarah shouts. “We should play truth or dare!”
A collective moan goes through the room.

“Not happening. I’d rather walk home.” Kevin takes another drink. He passes the bottle to Kitty. She frowned, shakes her head and takes one too.
“Truth or dare is just a way of hiding that you want to make out with the entire room.” She says. “And I don’t want to. No offence.”

“None taken. You’re drunk.” Kevin pokes Kitty with one finger, which makes her fall over, even though she’s already sitting down on the floor. She had noticed it was cleaner than all the sitting furniture, but now she couldn’t tell the difference.
The room was silence for a couple of minutes.

“How about Have you ever?”
“Sarah! Do we have to? Can’t we just talk?” Tommy says.
“No, I think we should do it!” Kevin replies. “I think it’s a great idea.”
“Thank you, brother. Okay, you all know the rules. You get to ask a question aimed for anyone we want, and that person gets to ask the next one.”

When no one is objecting Sarah continues.
“I start.” She swallows a hick-up. “Justin. Have you ever kissed a girl?” She pitches her voice and the end of the question, making it sound like she talks to a child.

“Yeah.” Justin looks a bit insulted.
“Have you?” Sarah looks a bit taken by surprise at first.
“What?” Kevin would’ve stood up, had he been able to balance his body.

“I was 16 and drunk. And it was on a dare. Not’n. Me ‘gan. Kevin!” Sarah thinks for a while, then chuckles. “Do you spit or swallow?”
“Oh, Sarah, I don’t want to know this.” Tommy reaches for the half-empty tequila bottle.

“Oh, come on! Don’t be such a party-pooper. Kevin, what is it?”
Kevin tries to look as if he doesn’t care, but fails and just looks numb.
“Whatever. I alternate.”

“Eww!” Comes from the entire room.
“What? You asked. Like you don’t do it, Kitty.”
Kitty points her finger to Kevin, but stays quiet. Kevin looks around before deciding who to ask.
“Tommy! Don’t moan! Which is the weirdest place you ever did it? And if you answer the foot of the bed, I’ll disown you.”

“Ha. Ha. Eh… I guess like, I dunno… Mom and dad’s bed.”
“What? That’s zzzick.” Kevin points a very unstable finger at her brother.
“Like you’re that much better, Kits. You slept with that guy… whatwashisname? Like John or something, in school!”
The reactions from the other three are loud, and Kitty makes a lame attempt to explain.

“And I thought I was cool. I’ve ever only done it in an airplane.” Sarah looks a bit disappointed.
“Even I’ve done that.” Kevin adds.
All four of them looks at Justin.
“What? I’ve never done it either mum and dad’s bed, school or in an airplane. I think my most exciting spot was the foot of the bed, actually.”

“Who knew you were so conventional.”
“That means so much, coming from a republican like yourself, Kits.” Justin smirks.
When it seems like no one remember who was next, Sarah starts to talk. “Kev. Who was your first time?”

Kevin sighs. “That would be Sara Gimble, we met here actually.” Before Kevin had time to proceed to next loss of virginity, Kitty spoke.
“I smoked pot once.”
Everybody got quiet, staring at their oldest sister.

“I’m sorry. It was only once, and I’m really sorry.” Kitty tried to explain. She immediately regretted telling, but it was definitely too late. Chances were Kevin, Sarah and Tommy would have no re-collection of the entire night tomorrow, but Justin would without doubt remember every single word.

“It’s cool, sister. You weren’t the one who led me into it. No hard feelings.”
“Justin, I’m so sorry. You can hate me if you want. I’ll make pancakes for you tomorrow morning. I love you, little brother.”
“Kitty, if you do love me, you won’t make me pancakes.”

“Who did lead you into it?” Tommy asked.
“Uh… this guy I met here one summer. Tucker Booth.”
Both Sarah and Kevin sit up straight by the mention of that name.
“What!” Kevin exclaims “He was my first too! Or second, whatever.”

Sarah looks disturbed. “You did it with him? With Tucker? I did too. He was my first too.”
It takes a couple of minutes before they all calm down. The revelation that Sarah and Kevin both lost their virginity to the same guy in the same place, was quite unsettleling.

“And I had such a crush on him.” Kitty adds.
Justin got quiet after his revelation. The others didn’t seem to care about who had started the whole chain of bad things for him, and somehow he was quite glad. It meant he didn’t have to dwell on it either, and instead he could just enjoy the show.

It didn’t matter to him that he was the only one sober. He quite enjoyed seeing this whole thing, and he didn’t mind sharing. After Kitty’s quite explosive exposing, Justin felt very brave for a moment.

“I once did it with a dude.”
“That’s three of my siblings then.” Tommy says, counting Sarah’s kiss.
“Justin, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” Kevin looks at his younger brother with compassion. “If you need to talk to anyone…”

“Kevin, it was like five years ago, I was high as hell and there was a girl there too. It’s nothing, I barley remember it.” Justin shakes off the concerned eyes coming from Kevin.
“How did we end up being so gay? Whatchu done?” Kevin looks at Tommy with a serious face.
“Nothing!” Tommy shouts out. “Nothing. Ever.”

“I’m sure you watched a little gay porn didn’t you?” Kevin teases. “You did. I know you did.”
“Whaaat? What are you talking about?” Tommy sips some tequila.
“Yeah, that’s right. I knooow. Julia told me.”
Tommy nearly choked on the tequila, making him cough for a good five minutes. Once he can talk again, Kevin is right back there to pick up where he left off.

“Was it good?”
“Uh. Julia wanted to watch it, I didn’t. I only did it for her. And it paid off.”
It was already dark outside, and the storm was subsiding.
“We should all get some rest, at least two of us must be able to drive in the morning.” Sarah suddenly remembers she has to pick up her kids at Nora’s before noon, and they must all leave quite early in the morning.

“Something tells me I’m one of them.”
“You good baby brother.” Kevin pats Justin on the head before leaning his head against the wall by the chair. It was only minutes before he fell asleep, quickly followed by the rest of the Walkers.

Only Justin stayed awake for a while longer. He knew all this information would cause some uneasiness in the morning, but it was them, they all knew how to deal with each other’s secrets. Justin stood by the window looking out into the darkness. Through the swaying branches of a big tree he say the remains of the tree house. He giggles a bit for himself and crawls down under a blanket on a dusty couch.

The syncopated birthday dinner - part 4

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The whole Walker family is gathering for some drama.

The room was silent. Everyone looked chocked, not knowing how to proceed.

Kitty was the one to break the silence.

”Tommy. I can’t in words tell you how extremely ashamed I am of you. How you can do this to Julia, to Lizzie?” Kitty spoke quietly and slowly, weighing every word carefully. She knew, as well as everyone, exactly how bad this was for all of them. She was also aware that Tommy knew, but they still needed to sort it out as a family.

Justin was slowly shaking his head, like he couldn’t believe what he just heard. ”Bro. This is not cool. I…”

”I’m sorry. I know you all hate me for this, and you should. I hate me for this. It wasn’t suppose to happen, but it did.” Tommy covered his face with his hands.

”Well, I know I didn’t come here for this, and frankly, it’s more than I can handle. See you all later.” Saul got up. When passing Sarah he quickly stopped to put a hand on her shoulder. He squeezed it gently. When passing his sister he did the same.

The room was again quiet and they could all hear the door close when Saul left.

Nora had the whole time been so quiet. She looked sad more than chocked. ”Okay. Here’s what we do. Tommy, go see Julia.” She nodded towards her oldest son as she looked up at her looking like a puppy receiving instructions from his master.

”Sarah – I realize I was unfair to you before when we discussed Ojai. I’m sorry.” Sarah had a surrendered smile on her face. ”You should take your kids and go home. They don’t need more of this.”

Sarah immediately objected. ”But mu-um!”

”No, Sarah! I know this will change a lot for you when it comes to Ojai, but it’s Saturday night, we’re not in the office and for heaven’s sake – it’s Scotty’s birthday.”

Everyone turned their eyes to Scotty, starting to apologize. Scotty waved his hand at them. ”It’s okay. It’s kind of amusing when you consider the irony of what happened the first time I participated in one of your dinner parties.”

Kevin put his hand on Scotty’s arm.
”It’s definitely not okay. Tommy – I did not help you start a family for you to destroy everything in a twinkling.”

Tommy barley let Kevin finish. ”I know! As I said, I hate myself for this. It just happened once, and I was emotionally… I don’t know, worn out.”

”We do not need to hear this Tommy. Now leave.” Nora made it clear she was not going to take no for an answer.

When Tommy left the room, Rebecca met him in the hallway. They both stopped.

”I’m sorry Rebecca, you don’t deserve this.”

”No, I don’t, but who’s surprised? My mom is a false and promiscuous liar, who apparently has a thing for the men in this family.” Rebecca shrugged. ”And who am I to talk? I date Justin, because I’m so desperate to find a guy or a Walker or whatever, that I’ll date the guy who is almost my brother!” Rebecca’s voice was unstable and shaken.

Tommy put his hand on her shoulder, as if he was going to embrace her in a hug but didn’t really dare to. They stood there for a few seconds, before Tommy exhaled heavily and took away his hand.

He whispered a soft ”Sorry” to her before leaving the house.

When Tommy had left the room, Nora quickly started instructing her kids on how to proceed.

”Kevin, I’m so sorry about this. I know you wanted a nice family gathering for this day, and surly we can all agree that’s not happening. I suggest you bring all of Scotty’s presents with you home and finish the day with only each other.”

Nora stopped briefly to catch her breath. She then continued.

”Sarah, as I said, you should take your kids home. Of course there must be changes in how Ojai and Walker Landing work, but this is not the time, nor the place. I suggest you all take a day and let this rest, and try to keep it professional on a meeting Monday morning.”

Suddenly Rebecca appeared in the doorway. Her eyes were swollen and her lower lip was shaking. Justin got up to hug her, and he did a cell phone rang from a distance.

Kitty was quickly on her feet to answer.

”It’s mine.”

”Guys, I’m going to take Rebecca upstairs.” Justin had his arm around her as they started climbing the stairs.

Kitty entered the room. She spoke directly to Robert.

”We need to leave. The numbers of tomorrow’s release came, and they’re not good. We need to fix it before the morning.” Robert got up to leave.

”Well, it’s been… a strange night, to say the least. The food was great though, Nora.”

Nora lifted her eyebrows and looked at the table. They had barley had time to start eating, all the food was just laying there, neatly portioned out on every plate.

”Scotty, I’m sorry, but I assure you, this whole family is going to do it’s best to make this up to you.”

”Forever.” Kevin added to his mother’s words.

Sarah got up. ”Cooper! Paige! We’re leaving!” Sarah went to fetch her ice cream eating children from the kitchen. She knew they had heard way too much, and she herself was not without blame. She knew she would have to explain a lot for them, and to Joe.

Sarah jerked when she thought of Joe. Explaining to him why their children knew this much would be worse than this whole situation.

Left in the dining room was Nora, Scotty and Kevin. Shortly after Sarah left, Cooper and Paige came in to give their uncle Scotty a birthday hug.

When they heard the door close behind them, Nora covered her head in her hands.

Kevin got up to give her a hug from behind.

”I love you mom. Do you want me to stay here over night?”

”No.” Nora sat up straight. ”You go. Have a glass of wine and open presents. You deserve that.”

Scotty received the tightest hug he had even gotten when saying goodbye to his mother-in-law.

Moments later Nora was sitting on the short side of the table, all alone, with traces of her family scattered all around her.

The superglue mess

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: In 1.04, Family Portrait, Nora mentions the superglue mess between Sarah and Kevin.

The Walker residence, 1986.

Nora hurried up the stairs.

Nora flung the door open to find her 19-year-old daughter Sarah and 14-year-old son Kevin sitting on Kevin’s bed with Sarah’s hand in Kevin’s hair and Kevin’s hand on Sarah’s neck, and with the other two hands together. Nora did not see the fun of their constellation.

“What have you done?”
“Sarah glued herself to me!” Kevin hissed.
“No I didn’t! Kevin glued himself to me!” Sarah tried to get loose to hit her brother.
Nora started to understand how they ended up in that position in the first place.

“My god, you’re both much too old for this. Where’s the tube?” Nora located the small thing and started to read it for instructions to dissolve it. It read ULTRA STRONG QUICK DRY SUPER GLUE on the bottle in gigantic black letters.
Her kids had stopped fighting and were just sitting on the bed, looking tortured like never before.

Nora felt like screaming, but controlled herself. “I guess we go to the emergency room then. Hopefully they have to amputate both of you, that’ll teach you a lesson.” Nora looked at the tangled arms. “Can you both go to the car while I fetch Justin? NO ARGUING!” Nora turned around and left, leaving Sarah and Kevin to handle themselves to the car.

Nora pulled out of the driveway.
“So, tell me. How did you end up with the glue between you anyway?”
Sarah and Kevin looked at each other. Kevin had an insecure look and puppy dog eyes, glancing at his sister.
“I… I tried on fake nails. In Kevin’s room.” Sarah said, looking out the window.

Kevin knew his mom started one of her endless monologues about thinking before doing and caring about your family, but he didn’t even try to listen.


After a couple of hours they were finally leaving the hospital, with bandages and Kevin’s hair uneven and that annoying Justin jumping up and down around them pointing and laughing.
Kevin started walking slower to get further away from his mum. Sarah joined him.
“Thanks for not telling mum.”

“Don’t worry about it, kiddo.” Sarah replied. “I guess you had your fair reason to use fake nails, it’s none of my business.” She smiled to her younger brother.
“I just hope you know you can come to me and talk. If you want to. I’m like a Swiss vault, I can keep a secret.”
Kevin playfully nudged Sarah in the side before starting to catch up with Nora and Justin.

The syncopated birthday dinner - part 3

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The whole Walker family is gathering for some drama.

“Congratulations.” Justin whispered to Scotty as they hugged.

It had been quite the hug party since Kevin and Scotty walked into the house, but Scotty couldn’t help but just like it. All these people there for his birthday. He knew he was family now, but it was things like this that proved it.

“Where’s Holly?” Nora asked into the crowed, aiming her question mainly to Tommy and Rebecca. Tommy seemed to leave for the bathroom at the same time, and Rebecca lifted her shoulders as she didn’t know what was keeping her mother.

“All right, dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes, be good.” Nora exclaimed to the cheerful bunch spreading out in the house.

Kevin and Scotty were left in the hallway when everyone left.
“You ‘kay?” Kevin asked as he put his hand on the small of Scotty’s back.
“You know it.” Scotty kissed Kevin briefly on the mouth before they joined the family.

It was right before everyone would sit down to eat when the doorbell rang. Rebecca went to fetch her mother who entered in a, in Nora’s opinion, extremly slutty dress.

“Hello everyone. Holly approached Nora with a big bouquet of flowers. “To the hostess” and a wrapped square box to Scotty. “I hope you like it.” Scotty answered politely and put the gift with all the others. Apparently, gift opening was just as embarrassing as the toast at birthdays – you also have to open everything in front of the entire clan to show how much you like their presents.

Nora raised her glass five minutes into dinner. Everyone around the table got quiet and lifted the glasses as well. All except for Scotty, that is.

“Scotty. This is your first of many birthdays with us, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I can’t imagine someone better to come into this family and I can’t imagine how our family get togethers used to look like without you.” Scotty almosed teared up when Nora finished with a broad smile.

“Scotty. You challenge not only me and my beliefs – but also my taste in food.” Scotty smiled at Robert as he was surprised to see him chip in as the second toaster.

Sarah couldn’t keep quiet any longer. “Scotty. I love every man who makes Kevin sing karaoke.” Kevin shot his sister a dirty look, but defrosted when he heard Scotty chuckle next to him.

“What can I say bro? Welcome!” Justin was short and concise, and Tommy jumped in “Yeah, you’re like the brother I never had.”

The whole table laughed and got back to eating.

“So Holly, how’s it going with the wine?” The question was merly polite, but who knew it would be the root to all the drama?

“It’s going really well, actually. We have this brand new grape that we’re going to try out.”
“Oh really? Hard to stick to what we already have?”
“Sarah!” Nora called out.
“No, Nora, it’s okay. I know you’re mad Sarah, but can we handle this in the office? We’re here for Scotty.”

Scotty’s face showed how much Scotty wanted to be somewhere else, and if Kevin would’ve been able to kill with his looks, the dining room would be a battle field by now.

“Speaking of wine,” Saul continued, as if the akwardness never happened, “this is rather nice.” He held up his glass with deep red liquid. Many of the in-laws around the table were quick to agree with him, anxious to move the conversation along.

“Kitty.” Kitty looked up at the mention of her name. “How is it going with your process?” Julia asked.
“Ehm… we haven’t had the time to look in to it the past couple of days.”
“I can get you a great attourney to help you move along the procedure” Kevin offered.
“It’s okay, we’re already in contact with one.” Robert responded.
“Hannah Woods.”
Kevin didn’t reply, but lifted his eyebrows in a not-impressed mode.

“Would anyone like some refills?” Nora was quickly on her feet to refill soda and wine around the table.
When she was pouring Holly wine Sarah couldn’t hold it in.
“I can’t believe you dare to show up here, after what you’ve done.”

The whole room silenced. Everyone stopped eating. The eyes were on Holly.
“Sarah, I don’t think this is any of your business.”
“Not my business?” Sarah hissed and got up. “You have deliberately tried to ruin this family for over twenty years – and it’s none of my business?”
Tommy and Justin who were on the sides of Sarah got up to make her calm down and sit.

At the touch of Tommy Sarah jumped.
“And you! How fucked up can someone be?”
“Sarah – the kids!” Nora’s point was missed as Sarah continued.

“Since your brothers helped you start a family you have only been fucking things up more and more.” Now also Julia got up to her husband’s defence.
“Sarah, calm down. We’re working it out. It’s cool.”

“No, Julia, it’s not cool.” Sarah almost whispered as she sat down. She looked at Tommy in silence. “You have to figure this out.” She then locked eyes with Holly.

“I think I’m going to leave.” Holly collected her things.
“I’ll see you out.” Rebecca and Holly left for the door.

The room was in silence for a while.

“What is the deal?” Sarah looked at Kevin who asked the question. She then shifted to look at Tommy. Neither spoke. Kevin continued. “You all just ruined my husband’s birthday dinner, you owe us that much. Spill.”

Rebecca got back. “I’m gonna get some ice cream. Paige, Cooper, you want some?” Both kids got up to follow Rebecca to the kitchen. Before leaving the room, Rebecca turned to the bunch around the table. “Mom told me. I’ll take care of the kids, and let you talk.”

“I… I shouldn’t tell like this.” Tommy turned to Julia. “I love you. It was a mistake. We…” Tommy looked incredibly hurt and left the room in panic. Julia followed him.

“What in heaven’s name is going on?” Suddenly Nora’s voice was very powerful, and it was obvious she wasn’t gonna take any more implication, it was time for the truth.

Sarah broke the silence. “I shouldn’t be the one to tell you. Tommy and Holly…” Sarah’s voice trailed off as Tommy entered the room.

“We slept together.”

To be continued...


... that it's taking so long, but I'm kind of stuck.

I've started on the third chapter of the birthday story though, so it should be done and up before Monday.

The syncopated birthday dinner - part 2

Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: The whole Walker family is gathering for some drama.

Nora was cooking for 14. She was used to it, and she really enjoyed it. But for some reason this time was different. Saucepans and frying pans were all over the kitchen, simmering and boiling like never before. Nora was constantly on her feet, fixing every detail of tonights dinner with grace and precision.

She heard the door open and close. A quick glance on the clock revealed that it was half and hour before dinner time, meaning it could only be Rebecca arriving now. Nora knew her kids.

“Hi Nora.” The soft voice was obvilously in a good mood. Nora immediately put a bowl in front o Rebecca and a whisk in her hand, no greetings needed.
“How was your day?” Nora squeezed in the question while running out into the pentry to collect some ingredients.
“Good. Kind of weird. My mom has been working over like every night the last month, and now she’s been home for two days, not really telling me why.” Rebecca whisked as she spoke, not sure if Nora wanted to know about the whereabouts of her late husband’s mistress.

Nora stopped to look up.
“Maybe something is bothering her. It’s hard when you don’t have anyone to talk to.” Nora continued with her cooking. “You should talk to her, see if she needs you. Everyone needs a friend, no matter if they treated you wrong.”
Rebecca, so flabbergasted, didn’t know how to say anything but “Yeah…”.

Julia was adjusting her green dress while balancing Elizabeth on her arm. She and Tommy had just pulled up at Nora’s house, and Julia was expecting they were the first ones there. She had attended enough Walker sibling get-togethers to know their flaws when it came to coming on time. Except for Kevin, of course, who was always on time, always stressed and always pissed if someone had wasted his time by being late.

Tommy was already walking up to the house.
“Wait up” Julia moved towards him, carrying her daughter. “don’t walk away from me.” Tommy had been absent the whole ride over.
“Sorry. You want me to take her?” Julia shot him an angry look, walked past him and into the Walker residence entrence.

Kitty and Robert arrived when Rebecca was greeting Tommy and Julia. The tension between the couples them could be cut with a knife, and Rebecca retracted into the kitchen, to avoid getting caught in the middle of something. Julia and Kitty chatted on about Lizzie, leaving Tommy and Robert uncomfortably quiet.

Just as Julia and Kitty left to help in the kitchen and setting the table in the dining room, Jusin entered the house. Nora greeted the crowd in the entrance, making sure everyone had a task for tonight.

Sarah arrived with her kids to find almost whole her family cooking and decorating the house with an endless amount of glittery stuff. Paige and Cooper were quickly recruited by Justin to help putting a gigantic HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign opposite to the door.

Sarah walked into the dining room and found Tommy there, folding napkins. Not well, but still helping, away from people.
“Hi.” Sarah greeted her brother. Tommy knew it was a peace offering, at least for tonight, and he knew he had to reach out.
“Hi. I think we need to sort out what happened today.”
“Today? No, Tommy, we don’t. You have to sort out what’s happened the last weeks, and you need to be quick.” Sarah snapped back at her brother. They didn’t have time to finish until the doorbell rang.

Everyone in the house ran to the door, lining up with big smiles. When the door didn’t open Nora quietly went up to the door, slowly opened it, taking a deep breath, ready to shout.

The smiles disappeared quickly and the crowed scattered.
“We thought you were…” Nora started to explain as she saw a car pull up behind Saul’s shoulder.
“They’re here!” she screamed from the top of her lungs, and everyone were soon back in the line. Nora saw how ridicolous they all looked on a perfect line and with big smiles. She swallowed her laughter and backed away from the door.

“Kevin, this is making me really uncomfortable.”
“I know sweetie, but I couldn’t stop them. You know how my family behaves when they see the opportunity to party.” Kevin put his hand on the back of Scotty’s back, as if to protect him, and to stop him from running back to the car.

“Let’s just get it done with. How bad could it be? Had there been any new drama, I would’ve known.” Scotty knew that his husband’s words should calm him, but they didn’t.

Kevin and Scotty both put on big smiles as Kevin opened the door.


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