Walker Advent calendar: Flap #20

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 378

“Your mother seriously wanted Kitty to name her kid Alulah?” Scotty asks Kevin, threading his fingers with Kevin’s. Kevin crawls closer to Scotty, adjusting the duvet so their naked bodies are still covered.


“Yep,” Kevin says. “Just imagine how involved she will be when it’s time to name our kid, whenever that will be, and whether we want it or not.”

“Well, it’s better than if my mother were to name it. We’d end up with Inez or something,”



“That’s the name my mother wanted to give me had I been a girl,” Scotty says quietly. Kevin turns his head to look at Scotty, his mouth half-open as he trembles to find the right words.


“Wow,” he finally says. “That’s…”

“I know,” Scotty cuts him off. “Ancient.” They both stay quiet for a minute or two, playing with each others hands entangling and detangling fingers.


“Maybe we have to name the kid after some comic book character, after your dad made this thing happen?” Kevin suggests.

“Great, so we’re stuck with Pink Panther or Lucky Luke?” Scotty says, giggling as he kisses Kevin’s cheek.


“That’s cute though, isn’t it?” Kevin replies, turning his head slightly so his lips can catch Scotty’s.

“I guess,” Scotty mumbles with Kevin’s lips on his.


“Or we have a big voting fest among the immediate friends and family, for democracy’s sake,” Kevin suggests, his hands leaving Scotty’s to explore other body parts.


“You’ve got an amazing belly,” Kevin says, stroking Scotty’s flat stomach with his hands, letting his fingers grace Scotty’s skin, soft and tingling. Kevin kisses Scotty’s neck, then his collar bone, then traveling down Scotty’s chest until he reaches the spot of Scotty’s belly where his hand rests.


“Really amazing,” Kevin repeats, kissing and gently biting the skin. Scotty shivers under the gentle touch, moving his hand to Kevin’s hair, grasping the curls so hard his knuckles whiten.


The further noises made that Sunday morning in the bed of Kevin and Scotty are merely grumbles and moans. Their 20th of December leaves five days until Christmas morning, the time of unraveling the presents that will accompany them all when starting their new year and their new decade. This however, is naturally not on the minds of either Kevin or Scotty.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #17

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 421

Scotty purred upon thinking about the morning of December 17th. He had woken up with his arms around Kevin, safely spooning up behind him. Kevin had awaken just a minute after him, moaning loudly as his alarm told him it was time to get to work.


Scotty hadn’t released Kevin from his tight grip, and Kevin hadn’t put up with much of a fight. He had if possible tried to crawl closer to Scotty, moving his head to allow Scotty more room to kiss the juncture of his neck.


Scotty had whispered to Kevin that he was planning on keeping him there until he himself was ready to get up for the day, and Kevin had countered with saying that then it was up to Scotty to explain to Robert why his head of communications was running late.


“It’s not like he doesn’t know why you have the highest amount of late mornings of the entire office,” Scotty had replied, and Kevin had giggled slightly, knowing it was true.

“It’s because I have the hottest husband,” Kevin had then replied.


Scotty takes a sip from his herbal tea with honey, and notices that it does wonders for his sore throat. His mind slowly wanders back to this mornings’ spooning, however.


Scotty had wrapped his upper leg around Kevin’s, slightly covering his body with his own. Their naked bodies were pressed together under the blankets, and Kevin could do nothing but lay there and accept, and enjoy, the treatment.


Scotty spun Kevin around a bit to get him on his back, pinning him down against the mattress, covering his lips with his own. His sore was finally good enough to share properly with someone, and Scotty had no intentions of wasting any time.


He let his tongue gently massage Kevin’s, touching between their lips as hands moved over their bodies. Kevin had his hands on his back, fingers pressed against his shoulders to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere.


Scotty slides one hand along Kevin’s arm, moving up to his neck. His fingers gently brush against Kevin’s cheekbone, the touch intensifying their kiss. Scotty gently bites Kevin’s lower lip, grasping it softly between his own lips, tenderly sucking on it before letting it go.


Scotty suddenly wakes up from his daydream. The tea in the mug between his hands is lukewarm and quite some time has passed when he was busy thinking of other things. He bites his lower lip and smiles. This December the 17th might have been the best ever.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #16

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 489

For the first day for a week, Scotty feels quite well when he wakes up. His throat is better, his fever has been gone for over a day and his body has had time to rest since fighting the sickness.


Granted he woke up at 11 am, but he still feels like this can count as his first healthy day since Flu-09. He is seriously considering making buttons, catching the flu every year. He has yoghurt and Nora’s home-made get-better-soup for breakfast, reading the newspaper and listening to the radio as the day goes by.


After doing the dishes after his ultra long breakfast, he decides to take a shower, to get rid of the outer signs of his illness. At three when Kevin comes home to surprise him he is still in the shower.


Kevin easily spots the traces of Scotty in the apartment. The dishes in the kitchen, newly-washed and now air-drying on a towel. The newspaper neatly piled with the others in the paper compost. His clothes sorted in the laundry stack, and finally the sound of the running water and Scotty’s stirring in the shower.


Kevin smiles when he realizes that Scotty must be feeling much better, so he quickly makes the bed, takes of his jacket and lays down on it so he is the first thing Scotty sees when he emerges from the bathroom.


Kevin hears the water stop running, but it takes another while before the door opens. Scotty is dry, but wearing a towel around his waist, newly-shaved and smelling heavenly of shampoo.


“Hi there,” Scotty says upon seeing Kevin on the bed. “Did I just shower for three hours or are you home early?” He asks, walking up to Kevin to greet him with a kiss.


“The latter,” Kevin answers, “I think the gods wanted to give me the present that is watching you come out of the shower.”

“Sweet talking, Romeo,” Scotty says, removing his towel and taking out a pair of underwear to put on.


“Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves,” Kevin asks from the bed, sitting up on the edge. “I don’t think we’re at underwear yet,” he says and motions with his index finger for Scotty to approach.


“These have been some difficult days for you, sweetie,” Kevin says in a low husky voice. “I might have to help you get back into gear,” he continues, sliding his hands from the back of Scotty’s thighs and up to his ass. He kisses Scotty’s belly just above the navel before moving up his hands to Scotty’s back, pulling Scotty with him as they land together on the bed.


“I’ve missed you,” Kevin says, trailing kisses from Scotty’s neck and down his chest. Scotty replies with a muffled noise, quickly finding his way back to the pace he and Kevin know so well together. “Right there,” he whispers, and all thought about lingering flues are gone.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #15

Rate: R for one tiny word.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 545

“Kevin, you have to help me,” Sarah cries in her cell phone. “It’s not a question, it’s an order from your big sister. Remember who bought you your first condoms!”

“You didn’t buy me my first condoms, I bought your first,” Kevin argues back. “I did all my Christmas shopping either online in November or in August to avoid being in stores during mid-December. No!”


“You are so not getting a good present,” Sarah says. “Okay, so don’t do it for me, do it for your dear siblings and your dear husband, who, by the way is impossible to shop for.”


There is a short silence before Kevin moans loudly.

“Ok. I’m off work in an hour, see you then,” he says, barely letting Sarah praise him with kissing noises before hanging up.


Three hours later Kevin swallows a groan when Sarah – again – dismisses his suggestion for a present.

“I can’t give your husband an electric pepper mill. It looks like a dildo,”

“But he once said he wanted one…” Kevin interjects quietly.


“Just get him a gift certificate and we’re done,” Kevin argues. “He loves shopping.”

“But it’s so cheap, like I don’t even know him.”

“Apparently you don’t,” Kevin says. “And you don’t even trust my judgment, and I know him pretty well.”


“Maybe I should give him a week away from you,” Sarah says, picking up a box with miniature cake tools. She raises one eyebrow, looking at the box, then puts it back down with a load sigh.


“Can I give him a hug for Christmas? It would come from the heart,” Sarah says, turning to Kevin.

“Not acceptable unless you’re under 7,” Kevin says. “How about a CD?”

“In times of Spotify and iTunes? How old do you think I am?” Sarah asks, moving closer to the exit of the big store.


“Okay, okay,” Kevin pulls her towards him, flipping her around with a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s not leave a place where my misery can be ended,” he says, holding on to both her shoulders to speak directly to her.


“Let’s go get him a fancy shampoo, he loves that,” Kevin says, well-aware that it’s a lie, but also knowing Scotty doesn’t care all that much. “And a chocolate bar. A care pack.”


“He’s not a 17 year old lovesick girl,” Sarah complains and Kevin lets go of her shoulders.

“You know what, I have no idea then. Give him a hug, whatever,” Kevin says and turns around, preparing to leave the store.


“Where are you going,” Sarah calls, following him towards the exit.

“Home,” Kevin quips shortly. “To my sick husband who needs my tender love and care.”


“But…” Sarah complains, but she realizes before she can finish the sentence that no argument can win over that. She sees Kevin disappear outside the store, heading in direction of the parking lot his car is at. Sarah sighs heavily and exits the store as well, continuing to walk in the other direction, to look in more stores. The amount of people is smothering her, but she has to get this done. And now, on top of everything, Kevin needs an extra gift for having such a whiny sister. She passes  store and suddenly she gets an idea.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #13

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 378

Scotty was lounging on the sofa when Kevin woke up, mindlessly flipping through the channels, trying to find anything worth watching.


“Why are you already up?” Kevin asks, sitting down next to Scotty.

“I woke up at four, been up since then,” Scotty says, his voice all gruffly. “I need to blow my nose like every fifteen seconds, I can’t sleep,” he says, reaching for a tissue as if to illustrate his statement.


“Aw, poor thing,” Kevin says, rubbing Scotty’s thigh. “Is there anything I can do?”

“You can get me more tissues, we’re almost out,” Scotty says tiredly and leans back on the couch.


“I’m making coffee, do you want some tea?” Scotty nods slightly and Kevin kisses his temple before going to the kitchen.




Scotty manages to eat half a bowl of yoghurt for lunch before feeling nauseous, and Kevin feels guilty for munching on the food his mother has brought over for Scotty to eat when sick.


“It’s not like I can eat anything crunchy with this throat anyway,” Scotty says, sliding his foot up Kevin’s calf.

“That’s pure evil, you know,” Kevin says, motioning with his fork in direction of his leg. Scotty looks questioning at him and Kevin continues: “You know, giving me the preview when I can’t see the whole movie.”


“Oh,” Scotty says, looking a bit too satisfied with Kevin’s complaint. “That.”

“Yeah, that,” Kevin says grumpily. Scotty slides his foot even higher, his toes stroking along Kevin’s calf, knee and up his thigh, placing his foot on Kevin’s lap, softly moving it back and forth.


“Scotty…” Kevin says, suddenly dropping his fork, making it land with a loud shriek on his plate.

“Shh…” Scotty says, continuing his little massage, feeling Kevin getting hard under his foot.


Kevin jerks his head backwards, separating his legs slightly to allow Scotty more space.

“This is so weird,” Kevin whispers, closing his eyes and letting his half-eaten lunch become history. Soon he feels Scotty’s foot replaces with his hand, moving up over his thigh.


The Christmas lunch of December the 13th didn’t quite end the way it was intended, but the inhabitants of the Walker-Wandell household didn’t quite mind this turn of events as the third Sunday of advent came to an end.

Thirty-two fifty

Rate: R, mostly for innuendo.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Takes up where 4x02 "Breaking the news" left off.
Spoilers: Actually, not really.
Word count: 490

”Does this mean you’re in love with me again?

”I never stopped loving you, Kevin.”


Kevin leans over to Scotty on the couch, and he presses his lips against his. Only for a second, only to seal their heart-to-heart. Whatever Scotty has in mind for them as make-up sex, this isn’t it. Not yet. Kevin smile when he looks into Scotty’s eyes, and then they lean in again, this time kissing with much more strength.


”So, do you have to go into the office now?” Scotty asks, pulling away a bit.

”Yes,” Kevin says in a breath. ”But it’s not like I’m employee of the month anyway.” Scotty laughs and lets Kevin take him by the hand and lead him into the bedroom.


Kevin stops and turns when they reach the bed. It’s clear that both sides have been slept in, the pillows are on each a side and the two duvets are both flung to the center of the bed from when the users have gotten up. Usually one duvet lands on the floor because only one is used, and the pillows usually spoon just as much as the inhabitants of the bed.


”I’m sorry,” Kevin whispers against Scotty’s cheek, his hands curiously exploring Scotty’s sides and the small of his back.

”I know,” Scotty whispers back. He waits for Kevin to take charge, and it doesn’t take long before Kevin’s hands are moving up under his loose shirt.


Kevin kisses his neck and Scotty leans his head to give more space. With gentle hands Kevin lifts Scotty’s shirt, pulling it up over his head. The sweater ends up on the floor and Kevin’s hands move back to Scotty, tenderly moving up over his belly. Scotty smiles and looks at Kevin. They have been together for this long and see each other naked practically every day, and Kevin is still so mesmerized by his chest.


Scotty quickly kisses Kevin’s mouth and then moves away, crawling up to lie down in the center on the bed. He figures that with his chest exposed, he can make Kevin do anything he wants from there.

“Get undressed,” he orders. Kevin smiles and starts unbuttoning his own shirt. Scotty enjoys watching Kevin’s chest getting equally exposed before his shirt is joined by Kevin’s.


Kevin then continues to remove his pants.

“Slowly,” Scotty says. He doesn’t care if this means that Kevin will be even more late for work. Robert has stolen his husband enough for this week, now it’s his turn to spend some quality time with Mr Communications Director.


Kevin’s pants land on the floor with a thud, waking Scotty up from his wandering mind. His smile widens and he pats the spot next to him on the bed. Kevin smiles back and climbs onto the bed. Scotty removes a duvet from under him to make better room for the two of them, uniting their bodies in the center of the bed.

Happy birthday!

Rate: R for language.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin's birthday is coming up.
Word count:

“Honey,” Scotty starts, intertwining his fingers with Kevin’s. Kevin kisses the top of Scotty’s head, moving his hand gently up and down Scotty’s naked side. They collapsed on bed after their love-making, Scotty snuggled up with his back against Kevin’s chest. He can feel Kevin’s curly chest hair against his back, and never would he have guessed what a wonderful feeling that was.


“What should we do for your birthday?” Scotty finishes, resting his head against Kevin’s neck.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, my mother has a standing order with the bakery to deliver cakes for our birthdays.”


“I know, it’s actually a bit creepy. She asked me what my favorite cake is, so I guess I’m added to her list,” Scotty says. Kevin laughs gently behind him, and the chest hairs tickle Scotty’s back. “I mean,” Scotty continues, “what are you and I going to do for your birthday?”


“Oh…” Kevin says, and Scotty can hear the smile on his face. “You and I…” he says, moving his hand down Scotty’s side, over to his belly and up his chest to settle there to play with Scotty’s more modest hairs.


“Something romantic?” Kevin suggests.

“Just you and I, with no cell phones.” Scotty adds. “A get-away. To some hotel. Maybe San Francisco?”

“Isn’t that a bit…” Kevin’s voice trails out into nothing because he can’t find the right word. Or because he doesn’t want to say what he really thinks.


“Gay?” Scotty fills in. Kevin makes some noise, proving that was the word he was thinking of. “Kevin,” Scotty says, arching his head back to look at Kevin, “your husband just fucked you, we’re definitely gay.”


Kevin doesn’t say anything, so Scotty continues to talk.

“I’ve always wanted to see San Francisco, and you know why I never went there?”


“Because I wanted to see it with someone that is special to me. Someone I can walk hand in hand with down Castro street.”


“You are really quite convincing,” Kevin concludes. He kisses Scotty’s cheek and exhales. “Okay, let’s go to San Francisco. But it’s my birthday, so I get to pick the hotel.”



It took Kevin an hour to google his way to a hotel he wanted to stay at during their birthday celebration in San Francisco, and then it took Scotty one hour of passionate love-making to make Kevin change his mind.


They arrive to the Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco the day before Kevin’s big day, settling in to the room, a grand deluxe suite. Kevin unpacks his clothes, putting them in the drawers, making sure it is all folded. Scotty watches him from the king-size bed, enjoying the sight of Kevin, wearing Scotty’s favorite pants, tight just where Scotty enjoys fantasizing about what is in them.


Scotty pats the bed next to himself, and Kevin obeys in silence, letting Scotty cover him with his own body. Scotty slides his hand under Kevin’s shirt while thoroughly kissing Kevin.

“We need to find a nice restaurant where we can have the big pre-celebration dinner tonight,” Scotty says.


“Do I get to pick?” Kevin asks, his voice a bit muffled from enjoying Scotty’s lips and breath on his skin.

“If you pick the right one.”

“A Harvey Milk memorial restaurant?”


“Wouldn’t that be cool?” Scotty asks, moving up from Kevin, looking down at him with a big smile.

“Haha,” Kevin says, pulling Scotty back down.


They ask the cute young, very gay receptionist at the hotel for suggestions for their dinner date. Scotty holds his hand on Kevin’s back the entire time they speak with him, sending shivers along Kevin’s spine. He has to admit that the gay quarters of San Francisco isn’t that bad after all, when being able to be totally open about their relationship.


They make a reservation at the restaurant the receptionist suggests and then head out to sight-see before their fun night out in San Francisco.




Kevin enjoys being pampered by Scotty. In general, of course, but especially when Scotty makes it his mission to be the perfect husband for the husband in question’s birthday. He lets Kevin decide what he should wear to dinner, and he lets Kevin be a part of showering and getting dressed. Well, be a part might be a stretch. They shower together in a highly platonic way (or at least no one was fucked) and Kevin kisses each body part before it’s clothed.


Scotty kisses Kevin before they leave the hotel room, and there by the door to the hallway they look into each others eyes and can’t express their happiness in words.

Someone finally breaks the silence by saying “I love you,” and then the other one says it too.


“I love you too.”


They walk hand in hand to reach the restaurant four blocks away, ordering drinks before diving down into the menu. Scotty focuses on the food, picking out a great menu for them and Kevin chooses what wine to drink with each course.


They look deeply into each others eyes and almost don’t hear the waiter when he brings them their appetizers and their wine. They both lean back and lets the waiter pour Kevin some wine to taste and accept.


Kevin compliments Scotty on the food he has chosen, but in reality a Big Mac would be wonderful, as long as he got to eat it with Scotty. Scotty makes a mental note to himself to try nutmeg in his béarnaise the next time, to spice things up a little. He feels Kevin’s foot sliding up against his leg and he almost drops his knife.


He blushes when patrons turn around to look at him when the noise from the knife hitting the plate is heard over the noise in the restaurant. Scotty blushes and Kevin laughs, taking Scotty’s hand in his and squeezes it for a second before letting go.


When their dessert comes they feed it to each other. Kevin blushes when Scotty wipes some chocolate mousse off the corner of his mouth, and when Scotty goes to pay for the whole meal, he also buys two additional chocolate mousses to go.


When Scotty joins Kevin outside the restaurant, Kevin wonders what is in the bag. Scotty kisses his cheek, takes his hand and says it’s a birthday present. They hear church bells ringing in the city, and Scotty looks at his watch. He stops Kevin and pulls him close, giving him a kiss and saying:

“It’s after midnight. Happy birthday.”

Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 3 / 3

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: During the shooting of season one, Luke and Matthew gets to know each other.
Word count:
Thanks to:
Sueli for beta-reading.

[Matthew & Luke: First time, Part 3 / 3]

Compromises: Aftermath

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin is drunk enough to serenade Scotty. Scotty is drunk enough to let Kevin feel him up. Sarah has to take them home.
Takes place: After the night at Cinnamon Jack's in 2:12 Compromises.
Word count: 330

Sarah knows that it’s gonna happen. From the moment she says goodbye to her new best friends and to Graham, she sees Kevin and Scotty pushed up against her car waiting for her to join them and drive them back to Kevin’s place. Both Kevin’s hands have disappeared in under Scotty’s shirt and Scotty’s hair is not as neat as it was a while ago.


“Get in,” she orders, pressing the unlock button on her car key, opening the car with a blipp noise and blinking lamps. “And no snuggling in the backseat,” she adds, knowing nothing she says can stop her brother from continuing what he has already started with his boyfriend.


“You’re so cute,” Scotty says between kisses. His voice suggests that he has also had a bit to drink. She hears Kevin giggle and then the kissing noises continue.


She wonders why it was a good idea to offer to drive, when she and Kevin earlier tonight decided to go out. If they had just taken a cab, she wouldn’t have to drop Kevin off and she wouldn’t have to know that the next time her children enter her car, they will be sitting on the same spot as her brother is getting to second base.


“Ke-ev…” Sarah hears Scotty’s voice, suggesting Kevin is moving forward a bit too much. “Wait till we get home…” Kissing noises. “You’re definitely gonna get some…” Both giggling.


Sarah takes a deep breath and considers if she should yell at them, but in a way they’re too cute, so she lets them be. She should be at Kevin’s loft in a just a few minutes anyway. She turns left and sees the building further down the street. The kissing noises stop and she pulls over.


“Thanks Sarah,” Scotty says.

“Don’t forget to tell all the other about tonight,” Kevin says, knowing Sarah is practically already texting Tommy, Kitty and Justin.

“I won’t,” Sarah says and smiles, pressing ‘send’ and driving off.

Pink fluff

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: I needed pink fluff today, so here is my contribution. Marea67 offers some as well. 

Word count: 417


“Let’s watch a movie,” Scotty suggests, cuddling closer to Kevin on the couch. He tightens the grip he has around Kevin’s waist and kisses the top of his head.
“Yeah, let’s pick one that we’ve seen before, so we can make out instead,” Kevin says, turning his head around so Scotty can kiss his lips.

“Yeah, something… fluffy. A no-brainer.”
“I like the way you think.” Scotty’s words are muffled because he says them while Kevin turns around on the couch to get a better angle to kiss Scotty, not removing his lips from Scotty’s.

“Maybe something with Johnny Depp,” Kevin suggests, pushing Scotty down on the couch, moving his hands up under Scotty’s shirt.
“You’ve got a thing for him, huh?” Scotty asks and bends his head backwards, allowing Kevin to suck on his Adam’s apple.

“I love him with plenty of eye-liner,” Kevin confesses.
“You and me both,” Scotty says and giggles in their kiss, remembering the first time they met and how he had pegged Kevin as homophobic and self-loathing and… Scotty’s thought is never finished, because Kevin has found Scotty’s fly and opened it.

“So we’ll watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ then?” Scotty settles and with one slick motion he strips Kevin of his shirt.
“Or ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’,” Kevin says, not noticing where his shirt lands when Scotty throws it across the room.

“I love that movie,” Scotty moans, his lips against Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin lifts him a bit and removes his shirt, not wasting time before kissing his way down Scotty’s chest to his belly.

“Mhm, it’s fun.,” Kevin slurs. Scotty moves his index finger along with Kevin’s pants, and when he reaches the front he softly hovers over it before undoing the fly.

“So we’re watching it then,” Kevin concludes. His voice is weak, nearly cracking from the touch Scotty applies on his skin, and the kisses he receives.
“Yep, watching it,” Scotty agrees. “We are.”

Kevin jerks backwards on the couch, quickly being pulled back by Scotty who smiles mischievously when he sees the affect he still has on his husband. Kevin relaxes on top of Scotty and enjoys the feeling and the kissing. Their tongues play with each other and their noses gently touch, stroking against each other as their bodies move.

“We’re not watching a movie, are we?” Kevin asks.
“Not a chance.” Scotty replies, wrapping both arms and both tightly around Kevin, making sure he is not leaving until Scotty is done with him.

Luke: 16 or so (RPS)

I was inspired and suggested to write this story, so here it is, even if I'm not too sure about posting it. I'm a big fan of Luke's and want only good things for him, and this story is in no way meant to harm or hurt him or his career. This is just entertainment. I hope you'll enjoy!

Note that this is a real person story, so don't click below if you're not prepared and aware. If you do read it, please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this piece. Thank you.

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke is 16 or so.

Word count: 788


[Luke: 16 or so]

Dave & Luke: The South Africa story

I was inspired and suggested to write this story, so here it is, finally. Enjoy!

Note that this is a real person story, so don't click below if you're not prepared and aware. If you do read it, please leave me a comment with your thoughts on this piece. Thank you.

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Luke and Dave are sent to South Africa to promote B&S.

Word count: 1486


[Dave & Luke: The South Africa story]

History repeating

Rate: R, for sexual content.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: One of those family gatherings.

Word count: 891


“Kevin…” Scotty protests. A weak protest, he knows, but a protest none the less. “We can’t do this here.” He feels himself being lowered on the bed Kevin spend most nights in until he was 18 or so.


“Anyone can walk in.” Scotty says.

“I know.” Kevin says with a smile, pulling off Scotty’s shirt to kiss his chest.

“Maybe we should at least lock the door…” Scotty suggests, his voice unstable.

“No, the lock doesn’t work.” Kevin says, gently biting Scotty’s nipple. “Justin broke it once when he played robbery. He was a strange kid.”


“But we should…” Scotty starts, but his voice trailing off into moaning as Kevin unzips his pants pulling them down just a bit.

“Do this?” Kevin suggests between kisses.

“Yes.” Scotty says. “Less talk.” He adds, pushing Kevin’s head down against himself.


Kevin wastes no time, taking Scotty in his mouth and stroking his stomach. Scotty’s hand in his hair urges him to go on. Kevin finishes his work to the noise of Scotty’s muffled moans into a pillow. Kevin kisses his way up over Scotty’s chest, covering Scotty’s body with his own.


“You’re so sweet.” He whispers in Scotty’s ear before stealing a kiss.

“You too.” Scotty whispers back, pulling Kevin down for a longer kiss. Their lips play against each other before allowing their tongues to meet. Scotty’s hands travel up under Kevin’s shirt and they move against each other, feeling their arousals touch with only Kevin’s pants in between.


Then it happens so quickly. There is a short knock on the door before it flings open. Justin follows it, shouting:


Kevin immediately reacts to move away from Scotty, but can’t because Scotty holds him still on top of him.

“Sorry!” Justin says, his face lobster red before shutting the door again.


Kevin stays on top of Scotty, sighing heavily before climbing off.

“Why are you smiling?” He asks.

“Oh come on Kevin, we might as well just do a sex tape and send it to the entire family so we have it over with. It’s just a matter of time before they have all caught us completely naked.” Scotty says, pulling up and zipping his pants.


“You have to see the irony in it. You’re usually good at that.” Scotty says, wrapping his arms around Kevin, giving him a quick kiss. “Now let’s go look Justin up and threaten him with legal matters if he tells.”

“You don’t think it’s too late? The whole family is in the house.” Kevin says.


“That’s the spirit.” Scotty says, taking Kevin’s hand and leading him out the door.




They find Justin alone in the dining room, setting the table.

“I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t see anything.” He says when he sees them.

“Good,” Kevin says. “If you didn’t see anything then you don’t have anything to tell anyone either, do you?”


Justin looks up at them for the first time and the red blushing comes crawling up from his neck again.

“No.” He says quietly. The three of them look awkwardly at each other in silence for a few moments.


“Hi, why are you so quiet?” Sarah asks when she joins them. “Mom sent me here with these.” She says and gestures at the napkins she is carrying.

“Nothing.” Kevin says. “Need any help?” He asks.

“Yeah, like you would ever fold napkins?” Sarah says to him.


“Here let me help.” Scotty says, taking half the pile from Sarah, skillfully folding and placing them around the table. The room falls in silence again and when the four of them are done with their tasks, they stand up and look at each other.

“What…?” Sarah starts to ask.


“I caught them having sex.” Justin blurts out, pointing at Kevin and Scotty.

“Justin!” Kevin yells. Scotty moans “Oh no…” and Sarah starts laughing.

“We weren’t having sex, Justin.” Kevin defends.


“No? Then why were you half-undressed on your bed with your tongues in each other’s throat?” Justin asks

“Oh, it’s no big deal.” Sarah says, placing a hand on Justin’s back. “We can found a club. Although, I never got to see anything good.”


“Good what?” Nora asks when she enters the room with a big basket of rolls.

“Movie!” Kevin yells. “Sarah wants to see a good movie!”

“Yeah, I haven’t been to a good movie in such a long time.” Sarah says, quickly adapting to the new subject.


“We should go.” Justin nods.

“Really?” Nora asks. “And what would that be? Gay porn?” She places the basket on the table. “And for your information Kevin, the lock on the door to your room was fixed ages ago.


Nora smiles mischievously and leaves for the kitchen, leaving the four in the dining room.

“I can’t believe I just head my mother say ‘gay porn’.” Kevin says.

“I can’t believe I just saw gay porn.” Justin says.

“And I’ve never seen it.” Sarah says, making the rest stare at her. She waves her hand. “Whatever.”


“Well, I’m gonna go…” Scotty says. “and see if that time machine works.” He says, heading for the living room. “And get a glass of wine.” He adds.

“Tell Kitty if you see her!” Sarah calls after him. Kevin shoots her an annoyed look at the remark and Sarah defends herself:

“What, she’s gonna hear about it anyway.” 

Short and random: Exploration

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: None needed, really.

Word count: 200


“What’s this scar?” Kevin says, sliding a finger over a mark on Scotty’s shoulder.

“Chopping wood. Axes hate me.” Scotty says, enjoying the feeling of Kevin’s tongue over his shoulder.


“And this?” Kevin asks, gently licking Scotty’s chest.

“Don’t know. Cat scratch?”

“I didn’t know you had a cat.” Kevin says, looking up at his husband.


“We didn’t, but the girl next door did.” Kevin chuckles before returning to kissing and licking the soft skin beneath him. He crawls down and kisses Scotty’s inner thighs, stroking his hips as he works his way down. His hands stroke Scotty’s knees.


“These?” Kevin asks.

“I learned to ride a bike…” Scotty says, his voice trailing out as Kevin moves up again, kissing his way to Scotty’s crotch.

“And this?” Kevin says, his warm breath on Scotty’s skin making Scotty moan loudly.


“There is no scar…” Scotty moans.

“I know.” Kevin says, gently biting the sensitive skin. “I’ll mark it with my love.” He kisses Scotty’s thigh again. “I love your body, I know it so well.”

“Yes, you are my Magellan.” Scotty says, the end of the sentence drowning in the pleased noise he makes when Kevin takes him in his mouth.

The present

Rate: R, for sexual innuendos.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Sarah feels guilty.
Author's comment: Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places.

Word count: 1237


Kevin is half asleep in front of the TV when his cell phone rings. He picks it up from the coffee table and answers in a scratchy voice:


“Hi Kev, it’s me.”

“Hi Sarah.”


“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything this time.” She says.

“No, just my afternoon nap. Scotty is still at work.” Kevin replies. He clears his throat. “What’s up?”

“Can I come over? I have a present.” She says. “To both of you. When will Scotty be home?”


“Any minute, I think. What’s the pres…” Kevin is cut off by the tone from Sarah’s hang-up. He mutters something about his sister. He never enjoyed surprises that much, as it meant not being in control. He still hadn’t come over the surprise Sweet 16 party his mother had planned for him.


Only minutes later Scotty comes home, greeting Kevin with a kiss on the lips.

“You’re in a good mood.” Kevin concludes.

“How can I not be? I had a great day at work, I have the whole evening to spend with my husband in our fabulous apartment and I know you’ve got energy to spare since you just took a reviving nap.” Scotty cheerfully explains.


“How do you know I napped?” Kevin asks, semi-offended.

“Your hair is all messy.” Scotty replies, drawing Kevin close for another kiss. He puts his arms around Kevin’s waist and deepens the kiss.

“Sarah.” Kevin manages to say between kisses.


“Huh? That’s not sexy Kev.”

“No. I mean, she’s coming over. She called. She has a present for us.” Kevin says. Scotty lets go of his husband and sits down on the couch.

“Oh. What kind of present? Is it like a bag of the new produce of Ojai or is it more ‘Congrats – you get to tell Nora that neither of us can make it on Saturday’?”


“I don’t know, she wouldn’t say.” Kevin says.

“Oh, you’re grumpy.” Scotty laughs at Kevin. “Come here, sweetie.” He pats the couch and Kevin sits down next to him. “We might as well use the time we have.” Scotty says, leaning over Kevin to spread them on the couch with himself on top.


They barely have time to get lost in the kiss before there is a knock on the door. Scotty jumps up to open the door.

“Fix your hair.” He says to Kevin. He opens the door to let Sarah in. She is carrying a big gift basket wrapped in an enormous amount of cellophane, making it impossible to see what’s in the bag.


“Did I interrupt again?” Sarah asks, looking at Kevin’s messy hair. “I did call.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Scotty says. “Do you want coffee?” He asks.

“No, no. I’ll let you get back to business. I just felt very sorry for the last couple of times when I’ve interrupted and so… I got this. It’s a ‘Sorry I interrupted and happy anniversary’ gift, all in one.” She hands the basket to Scotty who places it on the coffee table. He tries to peek into it, but can’t make anything out.


“Well, thanks.” Scotty says. “We’re gonna have the anniversary party at Nora’s in a few weeks though, you could have waited until then.”

“No, I couldn’t.” Sarah is interrupted by very loud rustling from the cellophane. “Kevin, at least wait until I’ve left.” She snaps at him. He looks embarrassed and leans back on the couch, still curiously staring at the basket.


“Trust me, this is nothing you want to open in front of the family. You know we have no boundaries.” She winks at Scotty. “Enjoy.” She nods at Kevin and exits the loft.


The door has barely closed behind her when they both attack the plastic to tear it off the basket. When it’s off they both stare at the objects in it, suddenly paralyzed from moving.

“Wow. This is quite the gift.” Kevin says. “But I’m not sure I want to receive this from my sister.”


“I’m just glad your mother isn’t watching us open this.” Scotty says mesmerized by all the things. “Do you wanna look through it?” He asks.

“Okay.” Kevin slowly says. He picks up a small bottle and looks at the label. “Heating massage oil, strawberry.” He reads. “Edible.” He adds.


“Chocolate body paint.” Scotty reads on a jar with a brush attached to it. “Where did Sarah buy all this?”

“I have no idea.” Kevin says, shaking his head. “What is this? First we massage each other, then we dust?”


Scotty looks at the small tag hanging from the purple feathers Kevin is holding.

“Teasing feather.” He reads. “Not to mix with the chocolate, I guess.” He jokes.

“Suggesting dices.” He reads on the next small box, the words ‘lick’ and ‘nipple’ staring at him from two bright pink dices.


“A shower sponge?” Kevin says, holding up a big round yellow sponge. “Is this a subtle way of saying we smell?” He asks, shaking the thing a bit as he laughs. The sponge starts vibrating, bringing clarity to its purpose. “Water-proof.” He reads from the tag.


“An eye mask?” Scotty says. “In leopard skin pattern? Am I the only one starting to think Sarah is channeling her own lack of sex onto us.”

“Either that or my massive amount of hinting at her destroying ours is finally paying off.” Kevin says, holding up a pair of handcuffs with pink fuzz on them.


“Interesting.” He says. Scotty looks at them and blushes.

“At least we won’t have to wrinkle your ties.” He says. “I thought this was more of a girl thing.” He says at a small box. “Vibrating egg. Use on any part of the body to achieve an arousing and tingling sensation for your or your partner.” He reads.


“Girl thing?” Kevin echoes.

“You know. For use at the part of the body neither of us have.” Scotty says.

“Uterus?” Kevin suggests. “You can’t say that word can you?” He asks.

“I have no problem with uterus.” Scotty says.


“No, the other one. Clitoris.” Kevin says.

“Ew, don’t say that!” Scotty cries. “I know I’m not supposed to, but something in me curls when I hear that.” Kevin laughs at him and picks up another bottle.

“Heating lubricant. Now that I know.” He says.


“Champagne.” Scotty says and lifts up the last piece from the basket. “Now this I know.” He says. “Why don’t I put this in the freezer…?” He suggests. “And while it gets cold, you and I take a shower.”


“With this?” Kevin says, holding up the sponge.

“Yes.” Scotty says. He gives Kevin a kiss before disappearing into the kitchen with the bottle. “I’ve kind of forgiven Sarah now.” He calls.

“Really? I’m not quite there yet.” Kevin says. He picks up his cell phone and sends a text to Sarah.


“Who else knows that you gave us this? If you tell Scotty will hurt you.” He writes and pushes ‘send’.

Scotty returns from the kitchen with a big smile. He picks up the sponge from the table and holds on to it as he slides into Kevin’s arms. He leads them both towards the bathroom, and when the reply from Sarah comes neither of them are there to hear it.


When the water is turned on, a message is waiting to be read. ‘No one knows. Only mom and Kitty who shopped with me. They won’t tell.’

Time together, part 4 / 5

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty enjoy Paris the way it's intended to be enjoyed - together. 

Word count: 1181


Kevin does his best not to rip off Scotty’s clothes as Scotty asks the receptionist for their key. She hands it to them with a mischievous smile, asking the Monsieur to have a nice evening. The ride the elevator to their floor and walk hand in hand to their room, kissing as they enter the big room.


They kiss all the way over to the big window, and Scotty pulls the thick curtains away, exposing the beautiful view over a small park and houses in the neighborhood. Kevin kiss Scotty’s neck, caressing his back as Scotty looks out at the city.


“Thanks for doing this.” Scotty says. Kevin looks up, looking out over Scotty’s shoulder.

“No problem. I think we needed it.” Kevin says. Scotty spins Kevin around in his arms so that they are face to face. Scotty gives Kevin a shy kiss, then breaking away, moving towards the radio.


“I think we need some music.” He turns it on and moves some buttons around until soft French music streams out into the room. Scotty looks back up, proud of his work. “Dance with me.” He says, holding out one hand to Kevin. Kevin smiles, almost blushing a bit, but accepting the invite. Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin, making them sway to the music.


Kevin rests his head on Scotty’s shoulder, his mind drifting away. In Scotty’s arms, moving to music. They haven’t danced together a lot of times. Once after the horrible benefit where he thankfully had managed to pull himself together enough not to lose Scotty, once at their wedding and once at home when they had come home a bit drunk after a party.


All three times had been very special, milestones of their relationship – the checkering back and forth, the marriage and the settling down. This is the fourth trip, the fourth milestone to say they might be settled down, but still working on their love, to keep it alive and growing. Kevin moans against Scotty’s shoulder.


“You’re not falling asleep, are you?” Scotty asks. Kevin laughs softly.

“No.” He replies. “But I wouldn’t mind going to bed.”

Their lips meet again, exploring skin they know so well, moving towards the big bed in the middle of the room. Kevin slowly lowers himself on it, feeling Scotty crawl on top of him.


Before he lies down he rips of his shirt. Scotty moves his kisses down, on Kevin’s throat, collar bones, chest and tummy. He kisses the scar an extra time, just like he always does. He did mean it that time in the hospital – he finds it sexy. But more then that – that scar is there to tell him what an amazing man Kevin is and how strong he is.


He straddles Kevin, looking down on him as he slowly takes off his own shirt, letting it fall to the floor. Kevin watches him with his mouth half-open, taking Scotty’s smooth chest in like every time he sees it. Scotty starts to undo his pants and Kevin’s eyes wander down on his body. Scotty gets up to take them off, letting his underwear follow to the floor, revealing that he is already quite excited.


He motions with his hand to Kevin and walks over to the small kitchen area, picking out the box filled with pastries they bought earlier. Kevin takes off his pants when Scotty’s away, reaching down to stroke himself as Scotty returns. Scotty puts the box next to Kevin on the bed, sitting down to straddle Kevin again, removing the hand.


“No, no.” He smiles. “We’re not there yet.” He says. He bends down to kiss Kevin again, kissing from the belly button and down, circling Kevin’s groin before going back up. Kevin breaths heavily, grasping at the sheets under him.

“Please.” He moans. Scotty chuckles, satisfied with the reaction.


He sits back up, placing the box on Kevin’s belly. He opens it and looks down on the variety of pieces. He picks up one, a chocolate mousse piece with a raspberry on top. Putting the box away, he moves the piece over Kevin’s body, placing the berry with some mousse on Kevin’s belly.


Scotty reaches down and licks it off, in one slow motion. Kevin pushes his body up, following Scotty’s movement traveling up with kisses to Kevin’s mouth. They kiss, letting Kevin taste the pastry from Scotty.

“It’s good.” He says with a smile. Scotty takes some on his finger and offers it to Kevin, making him lift his head a bit to lick it off.


Scotty puts the rest of the pastry back in the box, picking up a new one. A soft bun with a creamy vanilla topping and another raspberry parading on top. Scotty takes the berry and puts it in Kevin’s mouth, quickly covering his lips with his own. The raspberry disappears in their kiss, giving them flavor and coloring their tongues and lips dark red.


Kevin savors the berry, watching as Scotty uses his finger to spread the vanilla cream on Kevin’s chest. Scotty used to complain about Kevin’s hairy chest and how it wasn’t made for eating dessert off, but when he had realized how crazy it drove Kevin to feel Scotty sucking on his chest to lick it off, Scotty had changed his mind.


Scotty lets Kevin lick off the last of the cream from his finger before starting to lick Kevin’s chest. Kevin pushes his head down onto the mattress and his chest up at Scotty, moaning loudly as he grasps the sheet. He entangles his fingers in Scotty’s hair, feeling Scotty’s head move, hovering his tongue, licking Kevin’s nipples before finally returning up to kiss Kevin’s lips again.


Kevin regains his breath when their mouths part, Scotty falling down next to Kevin, kissing his shoulder. Scotty sits up to put the pastry box on the floor: “It’s safer there.” and then he snuggles up close to Kevin.


“Now we should get some sleep, France says it’s night.” Scotty mumbles into Kevin’s neck.

“Strange, I feel like lunch.” Kevin says, moving his head to give Scotty better room to move.

“I don’t. I’ve already had dessert.”


“Yes, and I hope you saved me some.” Kevin says. “When I’ve had you for breakfast, I might need it.”

Scotty laughs and lets Kevin wrap them in the big cover. He turns off the light and returns to Scotty.


They both get quiet, kissing some in the darkness. Kevin can feel Scotty laying next to him with his eyes open.

“You really want to go put the box back in the fridge, don’t you?” He asks.

“Yes.” Scotty squeaks, quickly sliding off the bed, picking up the box and putting it in the fridge. He returns with a guilty smile, slipping down between the sheets and into Kevin’s arms again.


“Sleep well sweetie.” He whispers to Kevin in the darkness. Kevin makes a small moaning noise in reply, already drifting off to sleep. Scotty chuckles lightly and wraps his arms tighter around Kevin. “Yeah lunch.” He whispers before falling asleep as well.


Yes, one more chapter will follow. :) 


Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A hot day and a playful Scotty.
Word count: 521

Kevin wakes up, feeling the incredible heat from an extraordinary hot Los Angeles Saturday creeping up on him. The blanket is on the floor and his naked exposed body is sweaty, spread out on the bed. Scotty is gone, probably hogging the shower for a cold wash.


Kevin makes an attempt to get up, but the heat is chaining him to the bed, and he is unable to move. Scotty appears in the doorway. His body is naked and shimmering with sweat, revealing he hasn’t showered. He is drinking water from a glass filled with ice cubes and a slice of lemon. He leans against the doorway, watching Kevin laying on his stomach in the bed.


“Good morning.” Scotty says. “It’s quite the day. I considered opening a window but it’s actually warmer outside than inside, so I figured I wouldn’t after all.” Kevin lifts his head to look out the window.

“No wind?” He asks.

“No wind.” Scotty confirms. “Someone hair sprayed it away in the 60’s.” He adds and chunks down the rest of the water from his glass.


Scotty walks over to the bed, straddling Kevin and bending down to give his shoulders a kiss.

“You’re hot.” Scotty says. “In so many ways.” He says. He takes one of the ice cubes from his glass in his mouth, bends back down and kisses Kevin again, letting the cold bit land on Kevin’s back.


Kevin shivers from the touch, the cold ice and the cold water it leaves on his skin and the feeling of Scotty’s hot lips on him making him very aroused in very short time. He moans softly as Scotty moves the ice cube around his back and shoulders until it disappears. When it does, Scotty moves off Kevin, pulling at his hip to show him they are changing position. Kevin rolls around and Scotty straddles him again when he’s on his back.


Scotty takes a new ice cube from the glass, this time in his hand. He squeezes it and lets the drops land on Kevin’s chest. For each drop Kevin yank a bit. Scotty watches his husband’s expressions to the cold drops with excitement. When the ice is almost gone he puts it in Kevin’s belly button, then he moves down a bit to pick it back up with his mouth. He repeats his actions and moves the cube around on Kevin’s belly until the ice quickly disappears.


When it does Scotty stretches out on top of Kevin, covering his body with his own. Kevin’s chest is cold against his, but soon replaced with sweat. Scotty kisses Kevin’s half-opened mouth, being received by Kevin’s eager tongue.

“Your mouth is cold.” Kevin says.

“Yes it is.” Scotty says, kissing his way down towards Kevin’s chest. He reaches for the glass to take another ice cube.


“But you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Scotty says, continuing to place kisses on Kevin’s body. “The cold water in the shower isn’t working, so we have to be inventive.” Scotty says and puts the ice in his mouth. He gives Kevin a mischievous look before making Kevin yank once again. 

Short and random: Oral

Rate: R, for sexual content
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Continuation after the story "Tender" at http://stefan26sept.livejournal.com.

Word count: 200


Kevin smiles at Scotty. No words are needed to show that the suggestion is accepted. Scotty feels his whole body tingle when Kevin takes his hand and leads him to the bedroom. It’s just hands – no more than when they are outside – but the promise of something more is highly present.


Kevin is pushed onto the bed, his pants removed quickly by Scotty’s deft hands. He tears off his shirt, nearly ripping off a button. He feels Scotty’s hands on his stomach and Scotty’s mouth on his thighs.


The soft lips plants kisses on his skin, his tongue playfully licking his groin area. The touch disappears for a few seconds and the unmistakable sound of Scotty’s sweater landing on the floor reaches Kevin’s ears.


When Scotty’s mouth returns, Kevin gasps for air. His hands grip the sheet under him as he moans loudly. He knows how much it turns Scotty on when he does that, and the effect is immediate.


Scotty moves quicker, his hands still softly keeping Kevin in place. Scotty continues to kiss Kevin’s stomach, leaving Kevin hungry for more. Scotty kisses his way up to Kevin’s mouth, planting a kiss on his lips.

“Welcome home.”


Rate: R for innuendo, to be sure.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin experiences some complex.

Word count: 1758


The door closes behind Kevin and Scotty looks up, only to find Kevin already halfway to the kitchen.

“Hi honey.” He calls from his place on the couch. “How was your day.”

“Fine.” Kevin calls back.


Scotty hears Kevin take out something from the fridge, and the sound of Kevin gulping down almost an entire bottle of water.

“I’m gonna make dinner soon.” Scotty says. “I thought we’d have pasta.”

“Oh. I’m not that hungry. I’ll just have a fruit.” Kevin says when he walks through the living room to the bedroom.


Kevin not hungry? Scotty raises an eyebrow. All the time he’s ever known Kevin, not once has he not been hungry. Something’s not right. He puts his papers away and gets up. Kevin is in the bedroom, changing his work suit into more comfortable clothes to wear at home, just like he does every day.


Kevin looks up when he hears Scotty enter, almost dropping the sweater he’s holding. He fiddles with it for a while and quickly puts it on, almost as if he didn’t want Scotty to see him naked.


Scotty decides not to ask about Kevin’s strange behavior directly.

“How was your day?” He asks, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Great. Fine. Had a long strategy meeting.” Kevin replies. He doesn’t sound annoyed, but not very happy either. He’s usually in a much chattier mood when he comes home, ready to fill Scotty in on the daily gossip.


Kevin has his pants in his hand, looking a bit unsure of what to do next. Scotty smiles at his confusion and lies down on the bed, spreading out to see the show. Kevin looks at him for a second before excusing himself and going into the bathroom. Scotty sits back up, still puzzled. Kevin quickly emerges, putting his suit pants back in the closet, not to wrinkle them.


“I have a slight headache, do we have any pills?” Kevin asks Scotty, walking over to give a perplexed Scotty a kiss.

“Yeah, in the kitchen…” Scotty says. Kevin smiles at him and leaves the room.




Two hours later Scotty has finished his pasta, after having asked Kevin at least thirty times if he was sure he didn’t want any. Kevin had declined every time, just sipping his water and eating an apple.


The mind-numbing TV show they’ve been watching comes to an end, and the silence between them indicated that they both feel ready to go to bed. Scotty’s head has landed on Kevin’s shoulder, and he slowly lifts it.


“I’ll just fix my dishes, and I’ll be right in bed.” He says to Kevin. “Why don’t you wait for me there?” He suggests. Kevin nods and gives him a kiss.


Scotty cleans the kitchen quickly, and then brushes his teeth. The wet tooth brush next to his tells him Kevin is already done, probably stretched out on the bed, waiting for him. He feels like whistling a happy tune when he turns off the lights in the apartment to turn in for the night, and surprise strikes him when he walks into the bedroom.


Kevin is on his side, under the blanket, wearing a t-shirt. Scotty’s t-shirt, one he knows Kevin likes, but still, he never sleeps in a t-shirt. His eyes are closed and his breathing slow, like he’s already asleep. Scotty figures he must have had a long day, so he quietly undresses himself and crawls under the blanket. He moves closer to Kevin, but before he can put his arms around him, Kevin turns around.


He looks a bit tired, but clearly awake.

“Is it okay if I spoon you?” He asks. Scotty doesn’t reply, just settles into Kevin’s arms. Kevin kisses his neck and soon they both fall asleep.




When Scotty’s alarm rings Kevin is already up. Scotty looks at the time. Good, he has plenty of time before he has to be at work, so he can take a long shower and have breakfast with Kevin. He gets out of bed, putting on only underwear and a t-shirt.


Kevin sits by the computer, checking his mail like he does every morning. Scotty kisses his hair when he walks by on the way to the kitchen.

“You want boiled eggs?” He asks.

“No, I’m not hungry. I’ll have something in the office.” Kevin replies.


Scotty walks backwards out of the kitchen.

“Kevin, you haven’t had a decent meal in over twelve hours, are you okay?” Scotty asks. Kevin briefly looks up at him.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He casually replies.

“You also had a headache last night, maybe you’re getting sick.” Scotty says. “Is your mouth dry?” He asks, stroking Kevin’s shoulders.


“No, I’m fi…” He starts. He looks up at Scotty. “I’m fine. I promise.” He assures. “Don’t worry about me honey.” He says, pulling Scotty down for a kiss.

“Okay.” Scotty hesitantly says. “I’m gonna take a shower, do you want to join me?” He asks.

“Eh, no. I need to finish some papers and go to the office. I’ll shower tonight.” Kevin says. 




When Scotty comes home from work he hears the shower running. Kevin’s briefcase is on the floor and on the small table is a banana peel and an empty bottle. Scotty picks it up. ‘Meal Replacement’ he reads on the label. Since when doesn’t Kevin have time to eat? If there’s anything he always prioritizes, it’s that.


Scotty puts down his own bag on the floor. He walks over to the bathroom and tries the handle. It’s open and Scotty slides in. He hears Kevin humming a song, and therefore doesn’t notice when he gets company.


Scotty undresses quickly and as soundlessly as he can, pulls away the shower curtain to join Kevin under the hot water.

“Scotty!” Kevin screams when he feels Scotty’s hand on his back. “What are you doing?”


Scotty doesn’t know what to answer. His naked body reaching for Kevin’s should be explanation enough, he doesn’t know which words to use.

“I just though…” He starts, but his voice trails off. In the meantime Kevin has wrapped a towel around his waist, stepping out of the shower.


“You don’t want to shower together?” Scotty quietly asks.

“No,” Kevin says with a shaky voice. “I’m already done.” He gestures at the shower. “All yours.” He quickly collects his clothes and leaves the room.


For a second Scotty just stands there. His arm is wet and cold, he is completely naked and his husband has lost his ability to take a hint. The whole thing repeats in his head until he’s so mad, he just wants to scream to Kevin to get his ass back in the shower so they can get some steamy sex on a Thursday night.


He barges into the bedroom to find Kevin there, still only wearing the towel.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He asks, his voice loud and slightly aggressive. Kevin looks up, shocked.

“What? I’m getting dressed.” Kevin says.


“Don’t be all innocent with me.” Scotty pleads, his voice lower and calmer. “Since when don’t you want to shower together?” He asks, his voice almost breaking.

“It’s nothing Scotty, I’m just not in the mood.” Kevin goes through clothes thrown on a chair, looking after some specific piece.


Scotty walks over to him, putting a hand on Kevin’s naked back.

“Kevin, are you really okay?” He asks. His voice is thin and fragile, his fear for Kevin so obvious. Kevin looks up at Scotty. His eyes drift a bit and lands on the full-sized mirror on the closet door. He stares at the reflection.


Scotty follows his gaze, seeing Kevin in the white towel and himself, still naked. He’s taller than Kevin. He barely ever thinks about it, but he is. Almost a head taller. He straightens himself up to see the difference. He sees Kevin’s reaction in the mirror, and quickly Kevin steps out of the view.


He walks over to the bed and sits down. Scotty walks over and sits down next to him. He takes Kevin’s hand. He doesn’t need to say anything, Kevin knows he has to spill.


“Scotty, I know you’ve had some problems with me lately.” Kevin starts. Scotty’s jaw drops. Of all the things Kevin might want to talk about, that’s what he says.

“What?” Is his instinctive reply. Kevin doesn’t seem to notice his surprise, but continues:

“I know I don’t look like most your friends or like the guys in that movie.”


Scotty has a slight memory of saying someone in a movie was hot. It was probably Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. That man knows how to wear eye-liner.

“I’m trying to lose some weight now, and hit the gym for a bit.” Kevin continues.


“That’s why you’re not eating? But Kevin, why do you want to lose weight? You’re beautiful.” Scotty says. Kevin looks at him in disbelief.

“Scotty, you don’t have to. I know I don’t look perfect, so I want to work on that, for you. It’s not problem.”


“But Kevin, it is a problem, but now the one you think. It’s a problem that you stop eating and don’t want me to touch you when you imagine this.” Scotty squeezes Kevin’s hand. “I mean it Kevin, you’re beautiful.” Scotty emphasized every word, looking straight into Kevin’s eyes.


“Really?” Kevin says.

“Of course, Kevin. You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever known, and I’m not just saying that.”

“But just now, when you looked in the mirror.” Kevin says, looking at the spot by the chair where they stood. “You looked at yourself and saw the difference.”


“Yes, Kevin, I saw that I’m taller than you. Actually, I’m quite happy we don’t look the same, because that would be a bit creepy.” Scotty says. Kevin doesn’t reply, he just looks at Scotty.

“I think you’re the most attractive guy walking on the face of the Earth. No other guy makes my heart skip a beat every time he looks at me.” Kevin looks at Scotty when he talks, following the movement of his lips.


“Really?” He says quietly. “You really think I’m hot?”

Scotty doesn’t reply. He leans over Kevin, pushing his lips against his. They fall backwards on the bed, Scotty pinning Kevin down. He tugs at the towel around Kevin’s waist, exposing Kevin’s body to the air.

“Really.” Scotty confirms. “Now let’s get back to the shower, because I haven’t showered yet, and you still have conditioner in your hair.” 

Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 1

This fic is an RPS (real person story) and I feel less uncomfortable writing and publishing them now. Please let me know what you think, because that makes it easier for me to write another one. :D

 Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive.

Rate: R to be sure
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 1050
[Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 1]

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