Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: The rating explains it all.
Takes place: Season one, early in the K/S relationship.

Scotty rips off the blanket on Kevin's bed, putting it in a pile on the floor. Removing duvets from beds before having sex in them is a sometimes irritating evidence of Scotty's need to keep things tidy, one that sex partners maybe shouldn't know about.

Kevin doesn't seem to mind though, maybe he appreciates that Scotty spares him some laundry. Kevin pulls Scotty's t-shirt over his head and it lands on the blanket.

They crawl up on the bed and Scotty pull Kevin close for a kiss, giving him a mischievous smile, promising much with great intensity. Kevin smiles and kisses Scotty back, feeling a tingle down his spine in anticipation of what is to come.

They have had sex quite some times by now and have gotten to know each other well. Kevin knows that Scotty likes topping, getting his earlobes sucked and lots of kissing. Scotty knows that Kevin likes gentle biting, cuddling afterward and pretty much everything Scotty suggests to him or tells him to do.

In spite of some difficulties in their relationship so far, their sex life has been good from the beginning. They have been far more attentive of each other in bed (and quite frankly in Kevin's car, on the kitchen table in Scotty's apartment and in Nora's pool) then they have in other places, and their times together have been an important part of their relationship moving along, and it has given them both joy. And orgasms.

Kevin feels Scotty's hands move down his back, the index finger following the line of his spine. He knows where it will land, and that this is how Scotty tells him that he wants to be inside him. Kevin moves his legs a bit, giving Scotty more room to slide his fingers between his butt cheeks. Kevin moans loudly when a finger applies pressure against his asshole, pressing himself against it.

Scotty keeps the finger there for a few seconds, before sliding it in just a bit. He manages to get ahold of the lube bottle without removing the finger and he pours some of the clear liquid on his fingers before adding another finger. Kevin moans even more and with his mouth close to Scotty's ear, he sends a quiet wish to be fucked now.

"Only if you fuck me after," Scotty replies. Kevin nods in obedience and shifts on the bed, laying down on his stomach. It might not be the most romantic way to do it, but it's clearly easier. Scotty  rolls a condom over his erection and adds more lube, seeing Kevin's beautiful body under him. He strokes Kevin's back before moving into position.

Kevin winces when Scotty enters him, but his hand on Scotty's hips tells him to stay there, and to continue moving. Scotty moves slowly at first and more forcefully when Kevin moans quietly and pushes himself up towards Scotty.

Scotty rocks them both back and forth on the bed, holding on to Kevin's shoulders. Kevin feels Scotty's hands on his body, his legs against Kevin's and his cock inside him. Kevin's erection is moving against the bed, back and forth until he reaches his climax, knowing Scotty does the same in just a few thrusts.

Scotty collapses next to Kevin and offers an arm for Kevin to lay on when he rolls around and snuggles closer.
"You're very good at that," Kevin whispers in his lover's ear, so close the skin vibrates.

"Why, thank you," Scotty laughs in reply. "You did a good job too, sweetheart," Scotty says and winks.
"You're just trying to win me over so that I will return the favor as soon as possible," Kevin says. "I know you so well."

"Well, Kevin Walker, then I suggest you do return that favor ASAP, because I'm just aching for you," Scotty says in his best mock serious voice. He leans over to Kevin and kisses his mouth. "This time I want to see you when we do it." He pulls Kevin on top of him to show his preference of position, wrapping his legs around Kevin's body.

Kevin closes his eyes and feels Scotty's lips on his body, thankful for his boyfriend's long legs... warm tongue... able hands... 


Rate: NC-17, very explicit.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: With a rating like that, is a summary needed?

Word count: 535


“I love it when you’re drunk.”

“Schhh…” Kevin silences Scotty. “Put that mouth to better use.” He forcefully pushes Scotty’s head back towards his groin and those hot lips are back around his cock immediately.


His hand stays in Scotty’s hair, slowly stroking his head as Scotty’s head moves back and forth. He occasionally stays at the top to add some extra suction, and each time Kevin bangs his head against the wall behind him, not even caring a little bit that it hurts.


Scotty’s hand travels over Kevin’s thighs, between his legs and then firmly grips his balls, holding them still and caressing them with his thumb. The other hand is placed on Kevin’s hip, following the rolling movement he makes.


Scotty applies some extra pressure on the top of Kevin’s hard cock and then pulls back. Kevin moans, but doesn’t push Scotty back. Scotty stands up, not able to keep his balance, he leans against Kevin. Their lips meet and they kiss, their mouths open and their tongues touching –  hot, wet and passionate.


“I want you.” Kevin whispers. He pushes Scotty away from him, towards the hotel bed in the middle of the room. “Take off your clothes.” He orders. Scotty gives him a sly smile and obeys, removing each piece slowly while Kevin watches him.


When he’s naked he crawls onto the bed, laying down on his side, resting his head in his hand, watching Kevin as he starts to undress. Kevin strips faster, eager to proceed to their love-making.


Kevin stands in the middle of the room, naked. He watches his naked husband on the bed. They exchange a look and a smile.

“Get up.” Kevin says. Scotty obeys, standing up by the bed. Kevin approaches him, sliding his hands over Scotty’s chest as they lean in and kiss.


Kevin’s hands grip Scotty’s waist, pushing him around. He kisses Scotty’s neck and shoulder blades, caressing his back. He pushes himself against Scotty, his hands traveling down on Scotty’s back, over his ass and down on this thighs.


One of Kevin’s hands go back up to his ass, caressing it gently as he pushes one finger against Scotty’s opening. Scotty moans as Kevin starts to move the finger. He kisses Scotty’s neck, moving his erection up and down against Scotty’s back.


“You make me so hot.” Kevin whispers against Scotty’s ear, feeling the shiver travel down Scotty’s spine. Scotty leans forward a little bit, pushing his ass against Kevin’s groin. Kevin reaches for the lube on the bedside table, dripping som2e on his index finger. He pushes it back against Scotty’s ass, sliding it in a little bit further than before.


Scotty exhales heavily, almost losing his breath. He pushes himself backwards against Kevin’s finger.

“Please.” He whispers. Kevin continues his moving, sliding one finger in. Scotty moans loudly. “Kevin…” He pleads.


Kevin moves the finger and in and out, then adding another finger. Scotty moans louder, pushing himself closer to Kevin.

“Please Kevin…” He groans. “Fuck me.” Kevin smiles and presses his lips against Scotty’s neck.


“I will.” Kevin whispers back. Kevin pushes himself against Scotty, rubbing up and down. “Why are you so impatient? We have all night.” 

Matthew & Luke: Untitled 3

Hello, this is your writer speaking. Now the final part of this triology is done, and it's as lengthy as the others. I hope you've enjoyed the series - and if you have - please leave me a comment to tell me so. :)

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Matthew is jealous and gets a late night visitor.

Word count: 1667

Note that this story is rated NC-17 for explicit sexual content.


[Matthew & Luke: Untitled 3]

Bedrooms or hallways?

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: It's late, it's drunk, it's dark. The keys are playing hard to get. 

Word count: 308


“This is way too late to get home from a party.” Kevin slurs in the elevator. Scotty doesn’t reply. He can’t form words anyway, the alcohol and the banging in his head has taken over his body. He merely smiles and kisses Kevin.


Their kissing gets deeper and sloppier, wet tongues and instable bodies balancing against each other. The elevator stops and the doors open. They stumble out, lips not parting.


Kevin searches his pockets for keys and Scotty does his best to distract him, sliding his hands inside Kevin’s shirt. Halfway to their door Scotty pushes Kevin against the wall, the movement making a loud thud.


Both of them giggle a bit and loses their hands on each other’s bodies. The keys were found and then lost. Scotty pushes himself against Kevin, their crotches touching and revealing just how arousing making out in the hallway is.


Scotty slides his hands to Kevin’s stomach, gently touching it before starting to unbuckle Kevin’s pants.

“Not here. Almost…” Kevin says, making a lame attempt to remove Scotty’s hands.


Scotty pulls down Kevin’s pants just enough to expose Kevin’s erection. He kneels down on the hard floor, not leaving much time before taking Kevin in his mouth. Kevin bangs his head against the wall, again making a loud thud.


“…home.” He whispers, pushing Scotty’s head closer to him. He soon knows he’s losing the battle, letting go as Scotty brings him pleasure.


Kevin breaths heavily when Scotty returns up to him. He holds the keys in his hand and he smiles widely.

“Look what I found on the floor.” He says. He takes Kevin’s hand and leads them to their door.


He fiddles with finding the right key, feeling Kevin’s breath in his neck. The door slides open just in time, and with a third loud thud, it closes behind them. 

Sometime in the beginning

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty has a date, after 1x05 "Date night".

Word count: 1383


“I loved the muffins by the way.”

Kevin’s words makes Scotty look up from his latte. He smiles at Kevin across the small café table. Kevin smiles back and then looks down, shy from the attention.

“You should try my recipe for chocolate chip cookies. They’re irresistible.” Scotty says.


Kevin nods and laughs nervously.

“I’d love to.” He says. Scotty knows that Kevin thinks everything that can in any way be about them spending time together in the future is a bit nervous.

Scotty puts his elbows on the table, leaning across it. He speaks quietly.

“I think you’re irresistible too.” He says.


Kevin laughs even more nervously looking down his empty coffee mug. Scotty can see him blush. If he didn’t know it would freak Kevin out, he’s take his hand over the table and lean in for a kiss. But knowing what happened the last time, it’s probably best to wait for the affectionate part of this date.


It’s actually shaping up to be a good date. They had their first awkward but yet amazing sex two days ago in Kevin’s apartment and then breakfast together the next day. The code, as they both are very well aware, is that after a second time this is more than a fling. One more time and they will never be able to refer to the other as a one night stand.


“Do you like chocolate, Kevin?” Scotty asks. Kevin looks up, nodding slightly.

“Yeah…” He replies. “I love it. Doesn’t everyone?”

“I guess.” Scotty says with a mischievous smile. “What kind of chocolate do you like better?”

“Dark. Not too bitter.” Kevin replies, his voice safer now that the topic is innocent. Or so he thinks.


“How about melted?” Scotty asks. His deep voice throws Kevin off course, not used to Scotty sounding so intense. “Melted sweet milk chocolate. Or maybe white?” Scotty discreetly licks his upper lip. “Do you like melted chocolate, Kevin?”


Kevin coughs quickly, stuttering a bit before able to form words.

“Uh, yes. Uh… I guess I do.” His eyes flicker, not able to look into Scotty’s firm gaze. “I don’t mind it.” He adds. Scotty smiles.

“Good.” Is his only response. He leans back in his chair, increasing the distance between them. He quietly sits back and lets Kevin take the next step.


Kevin has no idea what topic to bring up. Whatever it is it will be either a mood killer or something of the same kind, and he’s not sure he can pull that off. He picks up his coffee mug, only to again notice it’s empty. He could go for a refill, but that would be equivalent to saying ‘Thanks but no thanks’ to Scotty’s not too discreet offer.


When Kevin hasn’t spoken for almost a minute, Scotty leans forward again. He smiles and looks into Kevin’s eyes.

“So, what do you say we skip this awkward part and just go back to my place?”




Kevin walks into the apartment that Scotty just unlocked the door to. Scotty follows him, closing the door behind them. Kevin slowly walks into a living room that looks surprisingly similar to his own. It’s clear that the books and things aren’t just there per chance, they are all carefully selected.


Kevin sees several books in the bookcase that he either has, has read or would like to read. Who knew Scotty was an Agatha Christie fan? Kevin feels Scotty walk up to him, sliding his hands around Kevin’s waist, resting on his stomach. He puts his lips against Kevin’s neck, only gently letting them brush against Kevin’s skin.


“Have you lived here for long?” Kevin asks. Scotty has to bite his lip not to laugh out loud. Kevin is so obviously nervous, much more now than the first time. Scotty knows it’s not about the sex, it’s about what it means for their relationship. After this, they more or less have one.


“About a year now.” Scotty replies, his voice low. “Do you want a tour?” He asks, the warm puffs of air from his mouth sending chills down Kevin’s spine. He nods a bit, and lets’ Scotty lead him though a door, still behind him.

“Kitchen.” Scotty says.


Kevin is shocked to see Scotty’s kitchen. He’s got fresh pots of herbs, millions of cook books, well organized jars and cans on the shelves. There are no dishes on the sink and the whole place is shining. Scotty gently sucks Kevin’s neck while Kevin looks around.

“Is it always this clean?” Kevin asks. “Yes, it’s very unsanitary not to keep the kitchen clean.” Scotty replies.


Scotty moves away from Kevin’s back, instead taking his hand to lead him to another room. They pass the living room again, and enter the bedroom. The room has a big bed in the middle, and a chair in the corner. Maybe it has more, but the little kisses that has again resumed in Kevin’s neck makes everything else a bit blurry.


Scotty strokes his sides, his hands making their way inside his shirt. They travel to Kevin’s stomach and then land there. Scotty nibbles at Kevin’s earlobe and pushes himself closer to Kevin, revealing how much Kevin turns him on. Kevin backs closer to Scotty, putting his hands on Scotty’s hips. He lifts his head to give Scotty more skin to work on.


Kevin barely notices how it happens, but suddenly he is turned around in Scotty’s embrace and their lips have met, as well as their tongues. The anxiousness that Kevin felt before is quickly kissed away, and he can’t remove Scotty’s clothes fast enough. Scotty enjoys that Kevin is finally taking charge, and he willingly lets Kevin push him onto the bed.


He is naked when he lands on his back. He smiles playfully at Kevin as he removes his underwear. A shy smile appears on Kevin’s face, but it is quickly replaced with a much more confident smile. Kevin climbs on top of Scotty, pinning him down against the bed.


Scotty moves under him, not a lot, just enough to arouse Kevin to the very edge where Kevin begs Scotty to let him fuck him. Scotty smiles when he turns around, again letting Kevin pin him to the bed. He moans when Kevin penetrates him, and he moans louder when Kevin presses his wet lips against his neck.


He is pretty certain that the neighbors heard them when they too shortly after screamed out their climax. Kevin kisses his shoulders when he lies down next to Scotty, pulling the blanket over them. Scotty shifts to make them face each other, giving Kevin the big kiss that he deserves.


“I’m so glad you’re here.” He says.

“I am too.” Kevin admits. “Although, I was a bit nervous.” He smiles.

“Oh, I didn’t notice.” Scotty teases, stroking Kevin’s hair. “But I knew you were brave enough to take it.”


Kevin laughs and blushes a bit.

“Why are you still so shy with me?” Scotty ask with a soft voice. “You know I like you.”

“I know.” Kevin says. “But that thing you said about being out of my league.” Scotty nods. “I feel the same way,” Kevin confesses. “You know what to say and what to do, you know the drill. The only melted chocolate I’ve ever tried is when my big sister Sarah made me fondue.”


Scotty laughs quietly at Kevin.

“You don’t have to worry Kevin. I think you know more than you think you do. Besides, melted chocolate is more of a tenth time kind of thing.” Scotty says and winks.


“Oh.” Kevin says, “Tenth?” Scotty nods. He enjoys the teasing look Kevin just got. “I guess we should speed up then, if I’m ever going to replace the worst canned pineapple with gray chocolate experience I once had. You’d think a sister in the fruit industry knows her fruit, but no.”


Scotty laughs as Kevin explains and welcomes Kevin’s mouth on his. Scotty closes his eyes and feels Kevin’s weight back on him, heavy and warm. Yes, they are very close to being boyfriends now, and Kevin seems to agree it’s a good idea to go there. He should make Kevin his chocolate chip cookies after this, and then Kevin will never be able to let go.  

Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 2

This fic is an RPS (real person story) and I feel less uncomfortable writing and publishing them now. Please let me know what you think, because that makes it easier for me to write another one. :D

Click the link below only if you realize that what you read might be unethical and offensive.

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: What's dinner with a friend?
Word count: 816

[Matthew & Luke: I love your place, part 2]


Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty comes home from work...

Word count: 621


Scotty closes the door to the loft behind him. Kevin is on the couch, his feet on the table and a computer on his lap. He looks up and greets Scotty with a smile and then quickly returns to his work.


“We’re going to have sex.” Scotty states.

“We are?” Kevin looks up, puzzled. “I thought I was working.” Scotty takes off his jacket and throws it on a chair, blocking Liza’s view.

“No, we’re gonna have hot afternoon sex because I’ve been incredibly horny all day.” Scotty says and takes the computer from Kevin.


Kevin looks at him and smiles. Not only is it very entertaining to see Scotty desperate and needy, it’s also very arousing when he takes charge. He is pulled up into standing position and Scotty’s lips attack him while tugging at his shirt.


Kevin lifts his arms up and Scotty pulls off the t-shirt. They lock lips again and Scotty starts unbuttoning his own shirt and shortly it falls to the ground. As soon as his hands are free, Scotty unbuckles Kevin’s pants and pulls them down, bringing the underwear in one sweeping movement.


“We’re not doing this in the bedroom?” Kevin asks.

“No. Here.” Scotty says. He pulls down his own pants and then guides Kevin down on the couch when remaining standing himself. He has his hands on Kevin’s shoulders, directing the way. Kevin smiles and takes Scotty’s already hard cock in his mouth and hears Scotty’s breathing change immediately. Scotty pushes himself into Kevin’s mouth, finally getting the release he’s needed all day.


When Scotty is close to coming he pulls Kevin off himself. Kevin watches as Scotty picks up a bottle of lubricant from the small side table.

“Since when do we keep lube here?” He asks.

“Since we realized how much we like having sex on his couch.” Scotty says.


Scotty takes some lube and rubs it onto himself. Kevin watches him closely. Scotty’s arousal and deft hand movement around his cock makes Kevin more and more aroused. He touches himself, running a hand down his chest and over his tummy.


Before he reaches his own hardening cock Scotty pulls him into a new position, making Kevin stand on his knees on the couch, leaning over the back support. Scotty leans over Kevin and kisses his neck, pressing his own body against Kevin’s back.


He can feel Kevin shiver under him, and not just from the kisses and the touches. Kevin’s body moves up against his, telling Scotty it’s ready for him. Scotty slowly penetrates Kevin, moving his body up to regain strength. His hands massages Kevin’s back, feeling the muscles move under the hot skin.


Scotty tries hard not to give Kevin too much too fast, wanting their romp to last. Kevin moans and pushes himself against Scotty, and before Scotty knows it, he has lost his battle. He thrusts into Kevin with all his power once more, grabbing Kevin’s erection to give Kevin what he needs to join Scotty in their climaxing.


Scotty withdraws from Kevin and sinks down onto the couch. Kevin joins him and they sit together for a while to regain their breath. Kevin leans over to kiss Scotty’s neck.

“Feeling better? Less horny?” He teases.

“Yes, I feel… better. Now I feel like a cigarette and a nap.” Scotty replies.


“You don’t smoke.” Kevin points out.

“That’s how good this was.”

“Nice save.” Kevin laughs. “But if you want to nap, please do.” He smiles.

“I could use a little sleep before dinner” Scotty says. “What do you say we go to bed for a while?” Kevin nods in agreement and they move into the bedroom, definitely knowing they are not there for a nap. 

No interruptions

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Just a party, just a silly thing...
Word count: 884

Kevin smiles, and Scotty knows that it’s the alcohol that does it. Scotty feels Kevin’s hand on his waist and he’s pulled close, right there in the middle of the party with lots of people around them. Scotty leans back, not ready to let go of the excitement.

Kevin puts his other hand on Scotty’s other side, and again Scotty feels himself pulled close. Kevin again aims to kiss him, but this time Scotty puts his index finger on Kevin’s mouth, preventing them from locking lips.

The music is loud, the room is dark, people are talking, laughing, loving and someone splatters the remains of a drink on Kevin’s back. He doesn’t even notice, but continues to glare into Scotty’s eyes, filled with desire and lust, and, to be quite frank – hornyness.

Scotty pushes Kevin a few feet backwards, reaching an empty table. Kevin leans against it, expecting to use it as support when making out. Little does he know that Scotty has other plans.

Little do they both know that people are watching them. It doesn’t even matter who, but more than one person has noticed their connection to each other, and have no intention of missing out on the good stuff.

Scotty pins Kevin against the table, placing himself between Kevin’s long legs. He takes a firm grip around Kevin’s waist and brings his mouth close to Kevin’s ear.

“I know you want to, and still not.” He can hear Kevin’s breathing change, as if to object. “Schhh.” He says and again places his index finger on Kevin’s lips. “You don’t talk until I tell you to, ‘kay?” Kevin nods, starting to catch onto the game.

“You want your lips on mine, because you are horny. You know that is as far as we can go. Here.” Scotty starts. “But you barely even want that. You are not a public displays of affections kind of guy.”

“Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t criticism. I don’t mind, I’m just saying. You’re still wild and tender when we are alone. That’s what you want us to be now.” Scotty presses himself closer.

“If we were alone, do you know what we would do?” He asks, not waiting for an answer before continuing. “We’d start by kissing.” Scotty gently presses his lips onto the warm skin just below Kevin’s ear, as if to demonstrate.

“I’d slide my hands under your shirt and caress your back… your chest. I’d pull off your shirt. You would pull mine off too, desperate and hungry. You’d tug at my pants, ready to… be near me.”

“I wouldn’t let you, though. I’d push your hands away and instead unbuckle your pants. I’d pull them down, and then your underwear would follow. When they reach the floor, so do my knees.” Scotty hears Kevin’s breathing become faster and faster, and he feels Kevin’s erection growing against his leg. He makes a quick motion against it, and Kevin makes a small moaning noise.

“I’d take your cock in my mouth, and I’d suck, I’d lick and I’d blow, all until you were so hard, so aching and so ready, that you couldn’t take it anymore.” Scotty slides one hand down over Kevin’s thigh, moving his thumb over Kevin’s throbbing erection.

Scotty feels his own cock get harder, and presses himself closer, making sure Kevin feels it. He continues to speak directly into Kevin’s ear:
“You’d pull me up, and turn me around, bend me over. You’d caress my back as you prepared to fuck me. You know how it’s done. Some lube on you, some lube on me, making sure we’re both ready.”

“Then you’d enter me.” Scotty says. He hears Kevin take a breath, holding it while waiting for the continuation. “Imagine my moaning. The first painful thrusts, the feeling of pleasure coming to us both, and then the desperation stilled and the hunger fed.”

“You’d take me hard, with as much passion as you can find within you. Fuck me until we both have to land on the floor. We would both be sweaty, but so satisfied. We would still be moaning, still feeling each other’s presence.” Scotty pulls back his head to look at Kevin.

“We’d be so loud they neighbors would hear us and wonder.” Kevin’s eyes are suddenly sober. Scotty moves between Kevin’s legs and lets their erections touch between two layers of jeans.

“Never the less, I know you wouldn’t feel comfortable kissing me here, so I’ll just go and get myself another drink.” Scotty makes an attempt to leave, but Kevin pulls him back. “You don’t want me to?” He smiles and gets a smile in reply.

“Okay, then maybe I’ll have to go home now. I feel this sudden urge to go to bed. Maybe you will call a cab and meet me out front in ten minutes?” Scotty leans forward, and with their lips only millimeters apart, he smiles and stretches out to give Kevin a small peck.

He then moves away and looks around, happy that the party around them is loud and dark, concealing their activity and the eventual noises they made. He shakes his upper body a bit and sees Kevin pick up his phone and leave for the more quiet terrace. Smilingly he goes to find his jacket.

A Kevin/Scotty Valentine fic, part 2

Rate: NC-17, for explicit sexual content
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: It's the presumably most romantic day of the year.
Word count: 997

Scotty takes Kevin’s hand in his, holding a cup of white chocolate mousse in the other. He leads Kevin into their bedroom. He puts the cup on the bedside table and puts both his arms around Kevin. They hug and kiss, long, deep and passionate. The kiss speaks of a promise. A promise of a night together, and a life to follow.

Scotty slides one hand under Kevin’s shirt, stroking his back, following the spine down to the hem of his jeans. He slips his index finger inside and traces it around until he reaches the front. He continues to kiss Kevin while unbuckling his pants. Kevin pulls his own sweater over his head, and then Scotty’s. He watches Scotty’s able hands open his pants and pull them down.

Kevin steps out of them and kicks them away. Scotty repeats his procedure with Kevin’s underwear, sticking his index finger under the hem. The touch against Kevin’s hot skin arouse him, and he can feel Kevin shiver. The underwear end up on the floor, revealing Kevin’s arousal.

Scotty takes a step back and removes his own pants and underwear, and then they stand there, both naked, looking at each other for a few seconds before breaking the silence. Scotty takes a step forward, not breaking the eye contact.
“I want you on your back.”

Kevin nods and lies down on the middle of the bed. Scotty straddles him, rubbing himself against Kevin’s erection before bending down to kiss. Scotty caresses Kevin’s stomach, tracing his hands to his shoulders, up his arms, pulling them up and out.

He kisses Kevin’s neck and down his chest before sitting back up. He takes the cup of mousse and draws his finger in it, getting some on his finger. He licks it off in a slow motion, making sure Kevin gets the picture. He sucks his finger to get the last and then takes some more dessert.

He offers his finger to Kevin, and Kevin licks it off, slow and sensual, enjoying the wonderful taste of the dish his husband prepared. He finishes by sucking gently on Scotty’s finger. Scotty takes some more mousse, smearing it on Kevin’s neck. He bends down and licks it off, tickling Kevin’s sensitive skin with the tip of his tongue.

The next fingerful of mousse ends up on Kevin’s belly. Scotty moves down to be able to reach it and Kevin takes a deep breath when feeling Scotty’s tongue on him. The sensation of being licked turns him on more than anything, and he moans loudly when Scotty places some mousse on the beautifully healed scar and proceeds to lick off that too. He puts the cup on the floor, gives Kevin a smile and takes Kevin’s erection in his mouth.

Kevin grabs the sheets under him and pushed himself up against Scotty. Scotty uses his hands to drive Kevin crazy, knowing exactly what he needs. He slides one finger inside Kevin who from the touch moans even more loudly. Usually Scotty would’ve stopped to tell him to keep it down, but this time, Scotty thinks it’ll only be good for the neighbors to know they have a healthy love life.

Scotty stops abruptly, crawling back up to Kevin’s face. Kevin groans in disappointment but willingly lets Scotty kiss him.
“I want you inside of me.” Scotty whispers. Kevin moans a reply, not wasting time talking when there can be kissing.

Kevin pushes Scotty’s shoulder, silently telling him to move. They change in position and Kevin climbs on top of Scotty. He kisses him thoroughly, before taking out the lube. He prepares himself and Scotty, pulls one of Scotty’s legs up in the air and pushes himself in.

Scotty grimaces of pain when Kevin quite forcefully enters him. He has his arms on Kevin’s chest, and pulls him closer, needing him closer and deeper. Kevin begins to thrust, slow at first, and then faster. Scotty demands more, but Kevin does his best to make it last.

Too quickly he loses himself in the rhythm and the passion, and then they both push against each other until they come, moaning each other’s names. Kevin withdraws and falls down next to Scotty, snuggling close. Scotty mumbles something and then giggles a little. He turns to face Kevin.

“That made it so worth it to cook for three hours.” He pants. Kevin smiles at him.
“I don’t want to disappoint you.” He gives Scotty a small kiss on the cheek. “But maybe, if you’re not totally… satisfied… I could give it another go.” Kevin suggests, drawing his finger along Scotty’s cheek.

Scotty’s face changes from smiling to more thoughtful.
“Now that you bring it up. I didn’t take the dessert into account.” He says.
“No?” Kevin asks, touching Scotty’s eyebrow. The contact tickles on Scotty and he frowns to get rid of it. Kevin smiles and him and resumes the touching when Scotty lies back down.

“The dessert was the best part.” Kevin says. His index finger follow Scotty’s hairline, down to one ear. Kevin moves closer and blows a small puff of air into the ear.
“You tickle me!” Scotty cries and playfully punches him. “Now you better make it up to me twice.”

“I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.” Kevin says. “I’m not 21 anymore.”
“I’m quite glad you’re not. This would’ve been over like half an hour ago, had you been, and I would be the dirty old man with the twink boyfriend.” Scotty says.

“You could be my sugar daddy.” Kevin says and winks. Scotty laughs at him and gives him a small peck. He turns around to look at the floor.
“There is still some mousse left. What do you say you make it up to me, right here, right now… using that mousse?” Scotty suggests.

Kevin growls and climbs on top of a willing Scotty, straddling him. He smiles and picks up the mousse.
“I hope you have another one.”


Rate: NC-17, explicit sexual content
Disclaimer: Not my characters, just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin + Scotty + a shower.
Word count: 837

Kevin makes sure that Scotty knows where he will be, and that he is not just taking a shower to get clean. Scotty nods at him and sinks his head in his books, allowing Kevin to slip into the shower unnoticed. Kevin takes off his clothes and turns on the water. He puts his hand under the flow and changes the temperature. While waiting for the water to adjust he walks into the living room, past Scotty and into the kitchen.

He drinks some water and walks back.
“You know there is water in there too, right?” Scotty teases when Kevin returns.
“You know I’ll be in there naked, right?” Kevin says and disappears into the bathroom. He gets on the shower and feels the hot water run down his body, releasing tensions in his muscles.

Very shortly he hears steps enter the bathroom and very soon the shower curtain behind him is opened. Scotty moves in under the hot water, sliding his hands over Kevin’s back before putting them around Kevin’s waist. He kisses Kevin’s neck and let’s his tongue play over Kevin’s shoulders.

Kevin feels Scotty’s growing erection against his back. He turns around in Scotty’s arms to make them face to face. Their lips immediately meet each other in a kiss that seems to never end. The water streams down their faces and is almost too hot, but they barely even notice.

Scotty breaks the kiss to continue down to Kevin’s throat. Kevin moans when their lips part, but the moan turns joyful when he feels Scotty suck on his neck… his ear lobes… his collar bones. Kevin bends his head backwards and closes his eyes. The water splatters on his face and drips down on his sensitive hot skin. He feels Scotty suck harder on his neck and his hand palming his cock.

He exhales heavily from the touch, opening his mouth only slightly, the hot water hitting his tongue. Scotty moves up and down a few strokes before getting on his knees. Kevin nearly loses his balance when he feels Scotty’s lips around his cock. He puts his hand in Scotty’s wet hair and encourages him to continue and to go deeper.

The hot drops on his forehead are mixed with sweat and he needs to grab onto the wall not to fall. Scotty knows exactly how to make Kevin needy and moaning, and he uses his knowledge fully. Kevin lets Scotty know when he is close and Scotty uses his winning last trick, finishing Kevin off with his hand.

Kevin offers a hand to help Scotty stand up in the shower, and soon their lips meet again. Kevin caresses Scotty’s hips, with one hand on each, making them slowly rock against each other. He nibbles on Scotty’s upper lip and smiles. He nods at Scotty and Scotty nods back. No words are needed between them right now, they run on instinct.

Kevin walks out of the shower and opens the small cupboard in the bathroom, taking out a bottle of lube that’s practically been placed there. He can’t see himself in the mirror because it’s all foggy. He draws the shape of a heart in it and smiles, returning with the bottle to an impatient Scotty.

He gets a welcome back kiss from his husband who also takes the bottle from him. He pours some into his hand and puts the bottle with the shampoo. He kisses Kevin while applying the gel on his erection with slow massaging motions. He then turns around and feels Kevin’s hands on his back.

Kevin enters a bit too quickly, afraid the water will wash away the lube. Scotty groans loudly but can’t help but push back to feel Kevin inside of him. Kevin firmly thrusts in and out, following the motion with his hands on Scotty’s hips. He kisses Scotty’s shoulders and licks the hot water off his neck. He feels warm water drip from Scotty’s drenched hair and the feeling of it against his nose turns him on even more.

Kevin sees Scotty reach for himself and his hand automatically pushes Scotty’s away, making his own hand rub Scotty’s cock. Only a few strokes are needed until Scotty comes, panting and moaning. Kevin thrusts a few more times and then lets go of himself.

They turn to face each other, putting their arms around each other in a hug, both still breathing heavily. Scotty puts his lips against the temple of Kevin’s eye and kisses it. He feels the skin under his lips move and he guesses that Kevin is smiling. He leans back to see Kevin’s face, wiping a wet strain of hair from his forehead to prevent it from dripping in his eye.

“Now I need to actually shower.” Kevin manages to say. Scotty nods and reaches for a shampoo bottle. He opens it and pours some in his own hand. He rubs it between his both hands and then applies it onto Kevin’s hair.
“Me too.” He says and smiles.

You get what you need?

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Kevin didn't make partner today either.
Takes place: Somewhere close to 3x05 "You get what you need".
Word count: 1076

Scotty hears the door close. He can hear it in the way Kevin closes the door behind him. A sad door-closing. He gets up from bed and goes out into the living room to greet his husband.

Kevin is pouring himself a night cap when he enters. The look on his face is sad, not the look of someone who was just made partner.

“Not tonight either?” Scotty asks, knowing the answer. Kevin doesn’t reply. He takes a sip from the glass and stares to the bottom of it. “Maybe next week.” Scotty comforts. Kevin drinks the rest from the glass and puts it down.

Scotty takes the two final steps between them to erase the distance, putting his arms around Kevin.
“We must look quite funny. I’m in suit and shows, and you’re only wearing these.” Kevin says, tugging at Scotty’s underwear.

“Then maybe we should fix that. We don’t want to stand here and look… funny.” Scotty says, sliding his hand under Kevin’s jacket, sliding it off his shoulders. The jacket lands on the floor and before Kevin has a chance to bend down to pick it up, Scotty pulls him close and kisses him.

Scotty unbuttons Kevin’s blue shirt with daft hands and it ends up in a wrinkle on the floor, soon joined by Kevin’s pants. Somewhere on their way to the bed, their respective underwear also ends up on the floor.

Scotty pulls Kevin down with him on the bed and lands uncomfortably on the book he was reading only minutes ago. He rolls over, ending up on top of Kevin and pushes the book away.

Kevin truly enjoys Scotty’s way of comforting him every time he comes home from work sad or upset, but the fact that these times have increased so much lately is worrying him. Not that he gets more sex, but that it more times than not is comfort sex, and that means work… sucks. Kevin’s thoughts are quickly interrupted by just that.

Scotty’s warm and wet lips and Kevin’s uncontrollable reaction makes Scotty forget the annoyance of not book marking how far he’s read in his book and makes Kevin forget every office related problem he’s ever had.

Kevin exhales heavily and feels the warmth close around him, around all of him. Suddenly there is a cocoon around the bed, with just the two of them in it. It’s warm and comforting and… sexy as hell.

Scotty removes his mouth and Kevin is left cold and whimpering, clearly not satisfied. Scotty laughs quietly at him and moves up, kissing Kevin’s stomach, his chest and his neck before covering his mouth with his own.

He lowers himself on top of Kevin, using his arms to caress Kevin rather than holding himself up to allow breathing between them. Kevin holds Scotty’s head in place, enjoying the deep kisses before sliding a hand between them, down to grab Scotty’s cock, slowly stroking it. Scotty pushes his body closer to Kevin’s hand, allowing him to reach better.

Kevin looks at Scotty’s face, how it grimaces of pleasure with every stroke. Kevin smiles and removes his hand.
“Now fuck me.” He demands. Scotty smiles playfully at him and kisses him before pulling at his legs, separating them to make room for himself. He reaches for the lube and applies it, all in silence. He knows how Kevin wants him, no need to ask.

Kevin willingly lets Scotty move him into position, turned on when Scotty’s strong arms pulls him in place. He cringes when Scotty penetrates him, but the sensation is soon enough switched for excitement. Kevin strokes Scotty’s smooth chest as they get into the rhythm they both know so well.

Scotty loves watching Kevin’s face when they have sex. He goes from pain to pleasure to something even deeper, where it looks like he’s no longer present, but totally dedicated to his own urges and feelings. When they come closer to climaxing, they again connect their gazes, pushing themselves against each other until all energy has poured off them, leaving them as two bodies on top of each other, breathing heavily.

Scotty rolls off Kevin and lands next to him on the bed, keeping them close to each other. He nuzzles close to Kevin and presses his lips against Kevin’s neck, making popping noises when kissing him. He moves up towards Kevin’s ear and back down to finish by making a small hickey, just above the rim of the collar.

“That’ll give those colleagues of yours something to talk about.” Scotty says. Kevin laughs, still not ready to form words. “You know I love you, right?”
Kevin looks at him and smiles. He knows.
“I really hope the firm knows that they need to hold on to you, but it’s painful to watch you like this every week because they can’t get around to take you on as a partner. Just know what I support you, whatever it is that you’re doing with your time.”

“I know.” Kevin says. “I know.” He repeats. He places his arm around Scotty and pulls the duvet over them. Scotty rests his head on Kevin’s chest. “I’m really hungry, but I could use a nap.”
“Nap all you want, there are leftovers to microwave when you’re done.” Scotty says and closes his eyes.
Kevin looks at him, stunned. He hadn’t expected anything but a real home-cooked meal, especially after this.

“Soo… you’ve already eaten?” He asks. Scotty smiles, but doesn’t open his eyes.
“Yeah.” He replies.
“O… okay.” Kevin answers. He doesn’t know what to say. Maybe he’s gotten too used to a freshly cooked meal every night when Scotty’s not working.

“What, did you want tomato soup with basil and feta cheese?” Scotty asks, still with his eyes closed. “Maybe with some garlic bread?” Scotty adds.
“That does sound good.” Kevin says, not sure if it’s a suggestion or what might be in the microwave container.

“Good, cause I was planning on making it.” Scotty says, kissing Kevin’s chest before swinging himself off the bed. He picks up his underwear and blows Kevin a kiss before leaving the room. “I’ll wake you up in fifteen minutes.” He calls.

Kevin hears how he picks out pots and pans in the kitchen and smiles, closing his eyes and resting his head on the pillow. There really is nothing better than falling asleep after some nice sex while listening to your husband cooking.

Fic #101: Sexual politics

Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: Lunch time.
Word count: 805

Scotty politely greets the receptionist at the door when he slides into the big office that is the center of politician Robert MacCallister’s work. The receptionist knows him from several lunches with Kevin and barely registers Scotty’s entry at all, even less noticing the smug look on his face.

“Hi cupcake.” Scotty peeks into Kevin office, glad no one else was there to hear him. Kevin looks up, slightly surprised over the choice of endearment.
“Hi… honeybunch.” He looks at his watch. “You’re early. Lunch isn’t until half an hour.”

“I know.” Scotty casually says, walking over to Kevin’s side of the desk, sitting on it.
“You’re sitting on Robert’s new headshots.” Kevin states.
“I don’t hear him complaining.” Scotty answers. “So, Mr. Walker…” Scotty says, pulling Kevin’s tie from his suit jacket. He rolls the tie around his fingers until his hands are right under Kevin’s chin, and then pulls his head close for a kiss.

Kevin willingly lets it happen, letting his lunch frisky husband entertain him. Scotty smells of breath mints, so apparently he has a very clear agenda.
“do you have a minute to spare?” Scotty asks. He again kisses Kevin, this time pulling him even closer.

“See I was at home, getting ready to drop by here for lunch before going to work, and I laid down on the couch for a quick nap.” Scotty explains. His voice is low and enticing, like a storyteller. “I only fell asleep for a few minutes, but I had this dream, and now I can’t get it out of my head.”

“What is it?” Kevin asks, breathing against Scotty’s mouth, the fresh mint clearing his airways. He drops the pen he’s been holding on to the desk and places his hand on Scotty’s leg.

“It’s you…” Scotty pulls the tie closer. “right here…” He breaks their touch to point at the floor beneath them. “on your knees.” He finishes and sees Kevin’s eyes flutter. “The thought of an office filled with republicans all around us… it gave me…” Scotty continues to whisper against Kevin’s mouth. “such a…” He can hear Kevin holding his breath. “nice feeling.” He finishes, knowing Kevin can figure out the rest himself.

Scotty lets go of the now wrinkly tie and with determined steps he walks over to the door and closes it. He turned back to see Kevin, already looking stunned in his arousal. Scotty slowly moves back to him, unbuckling his belt as he walks. He undoes his fly just as he returns to Kevin. He merely points towards the floor and Kevin gets down, pushing his chair away.

Scotty leans his hair back when he feels Kevin’s mouth on him. The buzz from the other offices and from the street disappears from his conscious as Kevin brings him further and further towards the edge. He feels Kevin’s curly hair in his hands and before he knows he, Kevin pulls away from the grip, leaving Scotty untouched and cold.

He sinks down on the desk again, making sure he places himself on the senatorial headshots again, just for his own sake. Kevin sits down on his chair and takes a sip from his water bottle, looking very happy. He watches as Scotty goes back to normal breathing.

“That was even better than in my dream.” He says. “This time Robert didn’t walk in on us.”
Kevin chuckles. “Well, unless you put that thing back in your pants, he still can.” Scotty stands up to redo his pants, and Kevin pushes his hands away to do it for him, not letting their eye contact break for a single second.

Scotty looks at the clock behind Kevin.
“We still have a couple of minutes before lunch time – what do you say we live on the edge and sneak out?” Scotty suggests.
“I don’t know…” Kevin says, looking at his own watch to confirm the time. “I don’t really like doing things that are so… daring.”

“Good thing you’ve met me now then.” Scotty says, getting up from the desk, bringing Kevin with him by dragging his tie. “I know just how to do it.” He pulls Kevin close and kisses him on the lips. “Consider it an adventure.”
“Wow, that must be the first time that sentence was said in a republican politician’s office.” Kevin sarcastically points out.

Scotty smiles at him and takes him by the hand, leading him out of the office. The receptionist greets them both politely on their way out, noting the time of their departure. 12 minutes after his entrance. She giggles to herself and watches the two men disappear into an elevator. So strange how it always takes Mr. Walker’s husband between 10 and 15 minutes to pick him up, and how his tie always manages to be all curly when he leaves.


Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: I thought it was time for Scotty to be drunk.
Word count: 1208


Kevin looks up from the couch, putting his book down. Scotty is almost inside the apartment, apparently having some problems opening the door, getting inside and then closing the door behind him. So many steps that can end up totally wrong.

Kevin gets up and rushes to Scotty’s rescue, helping him close the door and remove his jacket.
“So your night out with Quinn and Jordan was to the greatest satisfaction?” Kevin asks, helping Scotty to the couch. “Wait here and I’ll get you a glass of water.” Kevin says, and then adds. “Or a bucket.”

“Ked.” Scotty says when Kevin returns with a big glass of water. “You’re my besht fend.” He slurs.
“You’re my best friend too.” Kevin says and hands the glass to his somewhat drunk husband.

“Nonono.” Scotty says and takes a drink. “Don’t patronize me. I mean it.” He takes big gulps from the water and the glass is suddenly empty. Kevin refills it and Scotty drinks some more.

“I don’t shay it enough. You’re the light of my wife. I love you.” Scotty says. Kevin can’t help but laugh out loud from Scotty’s inability to articulate.
“I love you too honey.” Kevin says smiling, caressing Scotty’s arm.

“I’m drunk.” Scotty truthfully states. He places his glass on the table and causes some splatter. He looks at it for a second, as if deciding if he should do something about it, and then leans back on the couch.

“Kevvy.” Scotty says and pulls Kevin closer. Kevin obliges and enjoys Scotty’s butterfingered attempt to get him naked. “These buttons are tricky.” Scotty says and tumbles into Kevin, ending up kissing his neck.

“That’s because this is a t-shirt. It doesn’t have any buttons.” Kevin corrects. “Why don’t I make it easier on us and just remove this?” Kevin says and pulls his sweater over his head.

“You’re the hottest chest I’ve…” Scotty says, putting both his hands on it, drawing circles on it. “… licked.” Scotty adds and leans in to kiss Kevin’s chest.
“Honey,” Kevin says, putting his hand on Scotty’s chin, lifting his head. “I would feel a lot better doing this with you if you sobered up.” He picks up the half-empty glass. “Drink this”

“I might be drunk, but there is not a single minute where I’m not sure I want you.” Scotty says and finishes the water. “I do.” He adds and then drapes himself over Kevin’s body, pinning him to the couch. “Come to think of it, this would be more comfortable on the bed.”

Scotty gets up, teeters a bit and then pulls Kevin up with surprising strength. Kissing, they stumble to the bedroom and falls down on the bed. Scotty again has Kevin pinned down, eagerly claiming his lips. Scotty manages to remove his own pants and Kevin helps him get rid of his sweater and Kevin’s pants.

“I want you.” Scotty whispers into Kevin’s ear. Or what he believes is whispering. It come out in a slurring and quite loud voice, and Kevin hopes to god that the neighbors didn’t hear it. “I want to lick you…” Scotty says, planting wet kisses down Kevin’s neck, shoulder, chest. “I want to suck you…” He forms his lips into a circle and gently sucks on a piece of skin.

Kevin shivers from the touch. He holds Scotty’s head into place, not allowing it to leave his body. “I want to bite you…” Scotty continues to lick his way to Kevin’s nipple. He gently takes it between his teeth and draws upwards, causing Kevin to moan loudly.

“I want to…” Scotty continues, traveling downwards with wet kisses and a skilled tongue, covering Kevin’s body with his butterfly light kisses and touches. “…blow you…” Scotty’s lips on Kevin’s already hard cock is quite, surprising Kevin. He pushes Scotty’s head down, feeling his tongue on him, up and down, sucking and licking.

Scotty’s mouth leaves his skin, and Kevin objects vocally. Before he has time to complain any further, Scotty picks him up and spins him around, placing him on his stomach on the bed. Scotty covers Kevin with his own body.

His wet lips against his own already sweaty neck. His smooth chest against his own back. His throbbing erection against his own ready ass. He pushes himself up against Scotty, making sure there is no question of what he wants. He feels Scotty’s breath in his neck and against his ear, smelling of alcohol. “I want to fuck you.”

Kevin stretches his arms out, over his head, grabbing hold of the pillow. He knows what’s ahead, and he knows that holding on to something will make eye contact with the neighbors possible also in the future.

Scotty feels suddenly sober when he sees Kevin under him, preparing himself for what’s to come. He sits up, straddling Kevin, caressing his ass with his hands, enjoying the skin under his touch. He reaches over to fetch the lube, knowing how his movement feels against Kevin.

Kevin, obviously not thinking things are going as fast as they should, moans in despair, urging Scotty to make his move. Scotty enjoys seeing his husband squirm while he puts some lube in his hand.

Kevin moans again, this time more out of pain, turning to pleasure. He feels Scotty’s hands on his back and his grip around the pillow tightens. He tries to make Scotty go faster, but his husband apparently has the will-power to push Kevin to the very edge this time.

Kevin feels how the wave comes over him, feeling his whole body lose itself in the climax. He knows he has lost his inner battle, knows that Scotty won. He also knows that just being there is enough to also bring Scotty with him. He hates it that he can’t pull Scotty close to kiss him, but only seconds later they are next to each other on the bed, kissing frantically in a tumble intertwined with sheets, pillows and blankets.

 Kevin lands on his back on the bed.
“This is too much for me. My wound still hurts.” He takes his hand and strokes his now almost completely healed operation wound. Scotty just laughs at him.
“That’s not what you said five minutes ago.” He turns to Kevin and fondle his hair.

“Do you want some water? I want some more before sleeping.” Scotty asks. Kevin nods, but pushes Scotty down to the bed. “I’ll get it myself. You’ll probably fall and break something on the way. You’re the one that’s drunk, aren’t you?” He says and gets up.

When returning to the bed Scotty is already sound asleep, spread diagonally across the bed. Kevin smiles at him and places the glass of water on his bedside table, sliding down under the blanket next to Scotty. He puts his arm around his chest and presses his body against his husband’s, not caring his legs almost don’t fit.

“Just don’t wake me up when you need to puke in the morning.” He whispers to Scotty. He reaches over and turns off the lamp and then puts his arm back around a drooling Scotty. He smiles and presses a kiss on his shoulder. “And I love you.” He adds.

On the phone

Rating: NC-17, for sexual content.
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Scotty does what he can to relax Kevin.
Word count: 819

“Hello!” Scotty cheerfully greets Kevin as he enters the loft. Kevin waves at him and gestures at his phone, implying he’s on the phone. He also rolls his eyes and shows with his hand that the person on the other side is talking a lot. Scotty watches him ‘hm’ and ‘oh’ as he takes off his jacket and puts all the groceries in the fridge. When he’s done he slides down on the couch next to Kevin and takes his laptop away and puts it on the table.

Kevin’s busy telephone hand prevents him from keeping it, but tries to object. Scotty strokes Kevin’s neck and all resistance disappears. Kevin mouths ‘Sarah’ and Scotty nods understandingly. He watches Kevin face. It’s sympathetic in the sense that he knows all Sarah needs is someone to listen. Children, new co-workers, Joe and random life things that someone just have to share with her.

Scotty’s neck stroking turns into a neck massage while Kevin clearly leads the conversation to an end. He says goodbye and puts the phone on the table, exhaling heavily.
“Hi sweetie.” Kevin turns his head a bit back so Scotty can kiss him. “Long day?”
“Yeah, but it was okay.” Scotty says. “You’ve worked from here all day?”
“No. I wrote a press release when I was still in bed this morning.”

Scotty chuckles and presses a kiss against Kevin’s back. His massaging travels up over the shirt collar and into Kevin’s curls. Apparently Kevin also had time for a shower today because Scotty can feel his hair all natural, curly and with no product. His hands travel back down on Kevin’s back and then to Kevin’s chest where he unbuttons a button, making enough room for him to slide a hand inside.

Kevin moans and leans back a bit, erasing some of the distance between them. Scotty unbuttons some more buttons and eventually pulls down the shirt, revealing the skin of the body before him. He softly kisses Kevin’s shoulders and neck, sending shivers down his spine.

He continues to kiss Kevin’s back when his hands travel back to Kevin’s front, slowly making their way down to Kevin’s belt and unbuckles it.
“I’m so glad you’re home.” Kevin whispers.
“Me too.” Scotty replies.

Kevin stands up in order to remove his pants properly. Scotty watches with arousal how Kevin’s body gets totally naked right before him. He puts his hands on Kevin’s hips and pulls him closer. He kisses Kevin’s belly and trails kisses slowly downwards, avoiding the crotch area. Scotty feels a hand on the back of his head and understands where Kevin wants him. Or rather, what Kevin wants his lips and mouth to focus on.

Kevin’s breath changes drastically and becomes more shallow and deep when he feels Scotty’s lips around his cock. The grip in Scotty’s hair tightens and his other hands goes to Scotty’s shoulder, dictating the pace. Scotty enjoys Kevin’s growing arousal and takes his time to get the job done thoroughly, using his mouth and hands to make Kevin’s knees weaker.

Scotty knows all the stages Kevin goes through before he comes, and knows that when Kevin pushes his head against himself, that’s close. Scotty applies more suction and Kevin’s climax arises and he soon collapses on the couch next to Scotty.

Scotty casually strokes Kevin’s chest before getting up to get some water in the kitchen. When he returns to the living room with a glass, Kevin is still paralyzed in his position.
“You.” Kevin drowsily says, pointing a finger at him. “You’re good.” He says, almost not able to articulate. Scotty smiles in reply. He knows he’s good and he loves how his care can put Kevin out for several minutes.

When Kevin can finally move again he puts on his pants.
“I’ll get a new.” He says, picking up his shirt. “Something more… comfy.” He explains while leaving for the closet.

Scotty sits down on the coach. He leans over the coffee table to grab a magazine and sees Kevin’s cell phone. His eyes widen in shock – the connection with Sarah’s phone isn’t ended. He picks up the phone. He’s afraid to say something in case Sarah is actually there enjoying the show, but at the same time, he would like to know if that is the case.

He hears Kevin return from the bedroom and quickly pushes ‘end call’ and put the phone back down. He smiles at Kevin when he comes back and pats the seat next to him on the couch.
“Come sit.” Kevin obeys, taking the remote control with him.

Well, if Sarah did hear anything, they will definitely hear about it, probably over dinner with the whole family gathered, Scotty thinks. He leans his head against Kevin and feels Kevin’s arm around him. Yes, they will definitely hear about this later, and Kevin’s embarrassment is going to be very enjoyable.

Late night rendezvous

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin wakes up when Scotty comes home.
Word count: 1029

Kevin is wide awake when he hears something in the living room fall to the floor. Right after he hears Scotty swearing. He gazes at the red digits of the clock. It’s 3:36 and he needs to go to work tomorrow.

No wait, it’s Friday, he doesn’t have to. And then he remembers. Scotty was out with some friends celebrating someone’s anniversary of something. Scotty hadn’t really known himself, and Kevin had been busy while listening, to be honest.

He hears Scotty get into the kitchen, probably to have a glass or four of water before going to bed. Kevin quickly gets out of bed, deciding to have a glass of water himself.

He quietly opens the bedroom door and enters the living room. One small lamp is lit so he can walk into the kitchen without Scotty noticing his presence.
“Hey sweetie.” He greets Scotty.
“Holy-“ Scotty says, turning around. “You scared me.”
“You’re drunk.” Kevin sums up.

“Yeah.” Scotty agrees. It had been a crazy night, the first in a very long time where he allowed himself to get really wasted. “I took a taxi, promzz.” He assures and finished his glass of water. After being done he places the glass on the sink and it nearly falls down to the floor. Kevin’s quick reaction saves it. Scotty puts his arms around Kevin.

“You’re so hot.” He says, leaning into a kiss.
Kevin lets their lips meet, but then retracts.
“You taste like alcohol.”
“You wear too much clothes.” Scotty says, tugging at Kevin’s boxers.

“Well sweetie, I’m nearly naked already and you are wearing your jacket.” Kevin says, trying to be the one keeping his head cold. Scotty however, takes Kevin’s comment as a request, and Kevin watches his husband get naked in just seconds.

“You barely stand up, but this you can handle?” Kevin dryly comments.
“You quiet.” Scotty puts his index finger on Kevin’s lips, silencing him. He pulls down Kevin’s boxers and leads Kevin into their bedroom, leaving their clothing on the kitchen floor.

Scotty gestures for Kevin to lay down on the bed, and Kevin obeys, enjoying Scotty’s drunken idea. Scotty closes the door to the room, leaving it completely dark. Kevin hears Scotty open the closet and then quickly close it again. He then feels Scotty next to the bed.

The warmth coming from Scotty is maybe even more arousing than his touch would be, as Kevin feels Scotty place something, probably a tie over Kevin’s eyes. Kevin lifts his head and Scotty ties a knot on the back. He ends the procedure with giving Kevin a kiss.

Scotty then straddles Kevin, stroking his stomach up to his chest and playing with the dark hair there. He leans forward and his hands trails Kevin’s arms until they’re laying on top of each other, with Scotty pushing Kevin’s hands down.

Scotty reaches over to the other side of the bed, and it doesn’t take Kevin long to understand what is happening. A minute later he is tied to the head of the bed and Scotty is tracing kisses down his body.

“You will like.” Scotty whispers. “Promzz.” Scotty continues to kiss Kevin’s body, sucking lightly on his nipples. He circles Kevin’s belly button with his tongue, and receives a well-earned moan. Scotty chuckles and moves down. Kevin parts his legs, and Scotty caress them, sitting between them, placing a light kiss on Kevin’s knee.

Scotty kisses Kevin’s groin before taking his oh-so-ready erection in his mouth. Kevin moans loudly and pushes himself up against Scotty.

Kevin knows he’s already about to lose control, and being blind-folded and tied down only makes it all worse. Scotty’s mouth on his hard cock is just too much to take, and he’s afraid he’ll come faster than when he was 15 and first discovered gay porn.

“Scotty…” he groans and Scotty withdraws. “No!” Kevin exclaims, his breathing so hard it makes him sound just as desperate as he actually is. “Don’t stop.”

“Won’t.” Scotty promises, but gets off, leaving Kevin cold in the bed. Kevin hears the bed side table on Scotty’s side open and close, and he figures that it’s lube rather than Scotty’s pair of extra warm socks.

Scotty returns to the spot between Kevin’s legs, placing a very gentle kiss just above Kevin’s erection. He then takes the lube and pours some into the palm of his hand. He smears it over Kevin’s cock with slow arousing strokes. He can hear Kevin’s breathing change when he realizing what’s going to happen.

Kevin shifts himself into position and pushes himself down, gasping for air when he’s penetrated. Kevin does the same when feeling Scotty around him, and his reflexes wants to put his hands on Scotty’s hips, but can’t. He feels Scotty take control and move in a rhythm that’s good for him.

Kevin hears every noise Scotty makes. His breathing is very clear, and with every thrust his breathing is more and more full of pleasure than pain. Scotty pushes Kevin deeper into himself, and Kevin feels his muscles tense, and knows he is close to coming.

Kevin, feeling Scotty’s hands caressing his stomach, is sent over the verge, and their orgasms come almost simultaneously. Scotty pulls himself off Kevin and lies down besides him, pulling the tie off his head, kissing his lips. Their lips don’t part when Scotty half-way pulls him on Kevin again, untying the knots.

Kevin’s arms immediately embrace Scotty when let loose.
“You’re naughty.” He says.
“Tequila.” Scotty replies.
“I love you.”
“You only say that cuz I just let you.”

“Let me say it?” Kevin teases.
“Let you do me.” Scotty clarifies, causing Kevin to laugh out loud.
“I’m sorry, hun, but I’m pretty sure you did me now.” Kevin hears Scotty giggle in reply, but he doesn’t say anything.

“Scots?” Kevin asks. He doesn’t get a reply and when he hears Scotty’s breathing get deeper, he understands that Scotty fell asleep. Kevin smiles and watches his face straighten out, his long lashes twitch before safely landing on his cheek. Kevin feels his own eyelids getting heavier and shortly, him too drifts off to sleep. 


Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Bedtime in the Walker-Wandell household.
Word count: 762

“You’re hot.” Scotty looks up from his book and looks at his husband across the bed.
“Why, thank you.” He says, and returns to reading.
“Really hot.” Kevin’s frisky voice giving him away.

“You’re hot too.” Scotty says without looking up, deciding to play along for a bit. If they’re going to end up in each other’s arms anyway, he might as well have fun on the way.

Kevin moves over to Scotty, placing his chin on Scotty’ arm, looking at the book.
“Is it good?” He asks, whining.
“It’s really intriguing. This guy was just shot and his brains is all over the street.”
Kevin seems to take no notice of what Scotty just told him, but sensually moves his head against Scotty’s side.

Scotty lifts his arm to let Kevin in, allowing Kevin to kiss his stomach. Kevin moves one hand over Scotty’s smooth belly, circling around his navel before leaning over to gently kiss it.

“I can’t see my book, dear.” Scotty says when Kevin’s head blocks the view.
“Well, maybe it’s time to keep the suspense till tomorrow.” Kevin says and takes the book, slowly placing Scotty’s bookmark in the right place, closing the book and leaning over Scotty to place the book on his night stand.

“Now I won’t know who did it.”
“I’ll tell you who did it…” Kevin teases, and removes the blanket from Scotty’s crotch area. He reaches out to stroke Scotty’s boxers, while pursuing to kiss Scotty’s belly.

Scotty’s hand on his back encourages him to go on, especially when Kevin’s kisses travel downwards. Kevin gestures to Scotty to take off his underwear, and Scotty is surprisingly quick to obey.

“I thought you were playing the cook teaser?” Kevin teases back.
“I thought you were going to blow me.” Scotty replies. He places one hand on the back of Kevin’s head, and follow Kevin’s move. His excitement is not easy to hide when he feels Kevin’s lips on him, doing what they do so well.

Scotty is so close to the edge when Kevin withdraws. Kevin trails kisses all the way over Scotty’s torso before landing next to Scotty, for them to share their first kiss. Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin and uses the grip to make himself lie on top of Kevin.

Kevin breaks the kiss and whispers, “I want you to fuck me.” In Scotty’s ear.  Scotty tugs at Kevin’s underwear, and with a little help, they’re off. Scotty sits up between Kevin’s legs and reaches over to fetch the turquoise lube bottle.

“Almost out.” He states before pouring some onto his hand.
“Sexy.” Kevin says, wiggling his eyebrows.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Scotty kisses him one final time before pulling Kevin in position.

Kevin’s face winced from pain when penetrated, but the grimace faded quickly, feeling Scotty’s gentle moving inside him. Scotty caresses Kevin’s stomach while finding the right rhythm. He feels Kevin’s breathing getting deeper and closer to the edge, and pulls out, quickly placing himself right above Kevin to keep him there.

“Why?” Kevin moans. “I want you… In me. More.” He barely manages to say.
“You’ll see.” Scotty explains, while pinning Kevin’s arms down, giving him a long passionate kiss before resuming what Kevin wants.

When Kevin once again gets closer, Scotty leans in for them both to come at the same time, and when finally the climax reaches them, it urging them both to scream.

Scotty stays on top of Kevin for a while after finishing, his exhaustion preventing him from being able to move. He gently strokes Kevin’s cheek, kissing his equally exhausted husband on the lips.

“Nice move.” Kevin says against his lips. Scotty eventually manages to get off Kevin, and lay back down beside him, again resuming their respective sides in the bed.

Kevin snuggles up to Scotty, crawling under his arm and rests his head on Scotty’s chest. He places his arm over Scotty’s waist, and squeezes tight. Scotty returns the squeeze and kisses the top of his head.

“That was great,” Scotty states. “I’m all shook up and everything, but I reeeally need to find out who killed him.” He says, and reaches over to his book.

Kevin, not appreciating the loss of attention, stays quiet when Scotty starts to read. Scotty flips a page, and suddenly it’s inevitable for him to keep it to himself.
“The butler did it.”
Scotty prepares to say something, but before he has the chance, Kevin cuts him off.
“Now that you know, is there seconds?” He asks, eyes beaming up at Scotty.

Over by the window day is dawning

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty wake up together.

“Mmm…” Kevin lets out a pleased grunt when he wakes up. His head is resting on Scotty’s chest and he’s got his arms around his husband. Scotty strokes his side and he feels a kiss in his hair.

“Good Morning.” Scotty greets him.
“Mmm…” Kevin replies. The warmth coming from Scotty, and feeling his soft skin and strong muscles makes him want to stay in bed forever. Scotty shifts his position.

“No.” Kevin grabs on to Scotty’s body. “Stay.” He pleads. Scotty’s body relaxes, but he pulls Kevin up to him for them to share their first kiss for today. The kiss is soft and lingering.

Kevin breaks the kiss and lays down again, still snuggled up to Scotty.
“What’s your plan for today?” Scotty asks.
“Not much.” Kevin kisses the shoulder next to him. “Take a shower.” He can feel Scotty chuckle under him, but he doesn’t hear it.

“That’s sounds about right.” Scotty sighs. “You want breakfast?” Scotty suggests.
“No, I want you here.” Kevin says with equal parts plea and grumpiness. “Make love to me baby.” Kevin says and looks into Scotty’s eyes, knowing he can’t be turned down that way.

The spoken request makes Scotty laugh a bit in all its simplicity. He pulls Kevin close and gives him a wet kiss, accepting the invite.

Kevin hungrily responds to the kiss, pulling himself on top of Scotty. He sensually rubs his own body against Scotty’s, causing him to moan. Kevin plants small kisses on Scotty’s neck, and continues down. He gently bites Scotty’s nipple, and the moan he gets in reply is joyful.

He proceeds to kiss Scotty’s belly button as he caresses his sides and chest. He feels Scotty’s erection against his own chest and gives Scotty a teasing smile. His hands focus on Scotty’s groin, taunting him to the very edge.

“Kevin!” Scotty calls out, more with demand than with lust. Kevin is however enjoying the desperation growing as he is letting Scotty wait, and continues with his sensual stroking. He kisses Scotty’s lower belly and then slowly moves his lips to Scotty’s shaft.

Scotty immediately responds by pushing his body up against Kevin. He lifts his upper body to look at the treatment Kevin is serving him, but Kevin places a firm hand on his chest and pushes him down on the bed again. The hand lingers on his stomach, slowly caressing it.
Not until when Scotty is on the edge of coming, Kevin withdraws. He leans over to his bed-side table and grabs the turquoise bottle of lube. He pours some onto his palm and knowing the bottle easily drips, he places it safely on the floor before returning his focus to Scotty.

Scotty is intensely watching him, and does so with an expecting smile when Kevin rubs the lube on Scotty’s erection. Kevin’s motion is slow. When Scotty takes a grasp of air at the touch, Kevin move in to kiss Scotty’s neck.

“Want you.” Kevin whispers in Scotty’s ear. He then lays himself down on his back and Scotty climbs on top of him, getting in position. Kevin bites his lower lip when he feels Scotty slowly enter him.

“You ‘kay?” Scotty asks whispering.
“Yeah.” Kevin’s hands on Scotty’s back pulls him closer, encouraging him to go on. After a few slow strokes, the thrusting gets faster and more rhythmic. Kevin shifts in his position to give Scotty more space to move, and it’s not long until they’re both sent over the edge.

Scotty collapses on top of Kevin, breathing heavily into his ear. It takes him a while before he can move again, and then he slides off. Kevin again snuggles up to him, and they are back in each other’s arms.

“Mmm…” Kevin mumbles into Scotty’s chest.
“You’re very articulate today.” Scotty states.
“Yeah.” Kevin agrees. He lifts his head a bit to look at Scotty. “Why don’t you join me in the shower, and we can be articulate together there?” He suggests.
Scotty’s eyes get narrow and his smile wider.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Scotty teases.
“Mhm.” Kevin answers and leans in for a kiss.
“How could I resist a reason like that?”

A really stupid idea

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin makes a romantic move. Or was it stupid?
Takes place: Between the proposal and the wedding.

It was such a stupid idea. Kevin looks at himself in the mirror in the bathroom. It’s been three nights since he proposed to Scotty and Scotty accepted. Things had been wonderful between them since, with the preparations and all. On Saturday they would pledge their love for each other in front of family and friends, and Kevin couldn’t wait. He also knew Scotty felt the same way.

But why the fuck had he come up with this stupid stupid idea?

After Scotty’s acceptance they had kissed. Deep, long and tender. Then Kevin had pulled back, still smiling like a fool, and suggested they don’t sleep together until their wedding night. Scotty had agreed, it seemed to be a romantic initiative. It’s one week. How. Hard. Could. It. Be? He truly was a fool.

Right. Now he was in the bathroom, almost afraid to enter the bedroom because he knew Scotty lay there. In their bed, wearing only his underwear, ready to sleep. Kevin swallowed hard and opened the door.

Scotty didn’t even look up from his book when he walked in and over to his side of the bed. He laid down, picking up a book and opened it. He didn’t read, not even trying. He could hear Scotty’s breath and his tiny shifts in the bed. He lifted his hand and scratched his shoulder. Kevin saw it in the corner of his eye. He wanted nothing more than just pin Scotty down and suck on his shoulder. Or whatever.


Kevin was in the bathroom and Scotty laid down in bed. It’s the third night of their no-sex-deal. It wasn’t as if they needed sex that often, they could easily go days without it. Just laying tight at night, and small kisses, that was enough. But not now. No way in hell.

It had became an obsession for Scotty. He thought about it all the time, wherever he was, even if Kevin wasn’t even there. He imagined them doing it every place he went to. Right there in the kitchen, in the walk-in fridge at his job, in his car, in the grocery store and at Nora’s. Why not, they had done it in several of those places before.

Scotty pulled the blanket up to his nose, covering his whole body. He then quickly changes it to just reach his belly-button, trying to provoce some kind of invitation from Kevin by showing off his abs. He ruffles his hair a little bit, knowing Kevin is into bed hair. It’s suggestive.

He picked up his book and started reading. Kevin enters the room shortly. He doesn’t even look at Scotty, and for a second Scotty thinks Kevin isn’t as anxious and… horny as he is.
Kevin lays down and picks up a book. Scotty sees in the corner of his eye that Kevin holds the book upside down, establishing that Kevin wants to just as much as he does.

He lifts his hand, slowly. Brings it to his shoulder and gently scratches himself with a slow and sweeping motion. He licks his lips, but continues to read.


Kevin glances at his book. Oh my god, it’s upside down. He’s been holding it like this for several minutes, it would reveal him to switch it now. If it keeps holding it like this, however, Scotty might see it and reveal him anyway. Kevin closes the book again and puts it down.

He wants to strike up a conversation, but he has no idea how to start. Scotty turns pages in his book. Maybe he is actually reading.
Kevin reaches out and puts his arm on Scotty’s shoulder, and lightly starts to rub it. It’s nothing sexual, Kevin assures himself. Scotty doesn’t object, so it’s all good. Scotty even moves a bit to make room for Kevin’s hand.

Kevin’s hand focuses on Scotty’s neck, like it always does when Kevin wants sex. Scotty again, moves to make better room, but keeps his eyes fixated on the book. Kevin moves himself closer, almost unnoticeable. His other hand starts to rub Scotty’s arm.

“Kev.” Scotty doesn’t look at him when he says it, but he gets the message across.
Kevin slowly withdraws, but is stopped in his action by Scotty. Kevin feels how a firm grip on his wrist leads his hand down on Scotty, but Scotty’s eyes are still in the book.

Kevin starts to play with Scotty’s shaft, quickly getting a very concrete respons. Kevin realizes that Scotty’s eyes are still in the book when he bends over to place his mouth on Scotty’s erection. If it hadn’t been for the hand in Kevin’s hair, he almost would’ve though that Scotty didn’t notice his elegantly performed blow-job.

When Kevin is done and lays down on his side of the bed, he sees the smile on Scotty’s face.

“This never happened, did it?” He says.
“Nope.” Scotty answers.

Breaking the secret spells they put on us

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin is working late, and Scotty decides to surprise him.

The office looked so strange now. It was late at night, Scotty guessed even past midnight, and the corridors were empty. No people, no smell of coffee and no phones ringing. When he comes closer to Kevin’s office he can see it’s lit.

Kevin is sitting by his desk, he looks tired and frustrated. He quickly notices that Scotty is closing up, seeing as there are no other distractions in the building. His face brightens and he gets up.

“Hi sweetie.” He kisses Scotty on the lips. “How’d you get in here?”
“Connections.” Scotty looks mischievous. His plan had been to call Kevin when he arrived at the office complex, but just when he was about to he saw that the guy working as a security guard was an old friend of his. Oh well, they had met in a bar and exchanged looks and had some shots together. The guy had kindly let Scotty in when he told him how he wanted to surprise his hard-working husband.

Kevin encircles Scotty’s waist and Scotty put his arms around Kevin’s neck and they kissed softly. Kevin made the kiss linger, as if he desperately didn’t want to go back to work. When Scotty’s lips broke free Kevin leaned back his head against Scotty’s arms.

“I just have a few more things to do…” Kevin suggests, meaning Scotty could maybe wait for him so they can go home together.
“No problem,” Scotty points at the visitor’s chair opposite to Kevin’s. “I’ll just sit here.”

They both take place and Kevin goes back to his papers. Scotty really tries to be quite and patient as Kevin notes things on the papers.

Kevin knows he should just call it a day. He’s not taking in what he’s reading, and he will have to re-do it tomorrow. With Scotty so close to him, watching his every move, it’s almost impossible to get anything done. He scribbles I love Scotty on his paper and draws a heart around it. That might get him some odd looks in court tomorrow, but he doesn’t have the energy to care. He looks up and meets Scotty’s gaze.

Scotty takes a breath, as if to talk. He smiles widely.
“Oh my god, you’re gay!” He says in a high-pitched voice and with some hand action.
Kevin starts to laugh and Scotty smiles even brighter. It’s quiet between them for a moment. Scotty gets up and walks over to Kevin’s side of the desk, not breaking their gaze. He leans down to Kevin and passionately kisses him.

Scotty looks around, to point out that they are alone. He raises his eyebrows suggestively.
Kevin looks coy.
“Not here… We can’t.” He shakes his head, mostly to convince himself. He knows they will, because Scotty suggested it and he wants to. He’s thought about it endless times. Right there on his table, surrounded by glass walls.

Scotty’s playing with Kevin’s red tie, tenderly tugging at it. He draws a line on Kevin’s chest, and palms Kevin’s lower tummy. He gets down on his knees in front of him, and Kevin adjusts his legs so Scotty can fit in between them.

Scotty slowly opens Kevin’s belt buckle, playing with it a bit. He feels Kevin’s hands in his hair, encouraging him to proceed. He untucks Kevin’s shirt to the cold air. He strokes the soft hairs there and kisses it. Scotty slowly starts to undo Kevin’s pants to release Kevin’s impatient erection.

Scotty starts to stroke it with his hand, the other hand enticing Kevin’s balls to the point where Kevin can’t wait and his hand on Scotty’s head clearly shows what he wants. Kevin feels Scotty’s warm and playful tongue which, in combination with the right amount of suction, makes Kevin come in no time.

Scotty wipes his mouth and clears his throat, spitting in Kevin’s waste paper basket. He gets up but can’t go as Kevin pulls him close by his belt.

“My turn.” He says and opens Scotty’s pants. He’s got a steady grip on Scotty’s hip with one hand, the other one serving Scotty with a similar treatment as the one he just received himself. This time it’s more exciting, knowing they’re not hidden behind the desk.

Scotty’s panting gets louder, forcing Kevin to go faster. Scotty is nearly coming when Kevin pulls back in his chair, leaving poor Scotty all alone. Scotty leans against the desk when he’s retrieving his normal breath. Kevin gets up and kisses Scotty, and then pulls down his pants and turns around.

Kevin clasps the back of his chair when Scotty penetrates him, and then comes the moaning. They both climax together and then sink down onto the floor.

Scotty’s hand slowly strokes Kevin’s thigh. He leans forward and they kiss.
“So, are you finishing up with your work, or can we go home?” Scotty teases.
Kevin is still out of breath and motions in direction of the door.


When they finally arrived home, after a wild make-out session up against Kevin’s car in the garage, they both crashed on the bed.
“I need to brush my teeth.” Scotty points out, and Kevin starts to undress. Scotty is still on his stomach in bed, making no attempt to get up. He has a clear view of Kevin, wearing only boxers, entering the bathroom. He hears the water being turned on and Kevin clatter with things. He closes his eyes, just for a second, until Kevin returns.


When he wakes up the room is dark. He’s still on his stomach, fully dresses. There is a blanket over him. Kevin is laying next to him, under his blanket. His heavy breathing suggest he’s asleep.

Scotty shifts to get a clear view of the clock. The red numbers tell him it’s past four. He lays back down, on his back, looking up at the ceiling. He notices how Kevin’s breathing matches his. Kevin shifts on the bed, crawling closer to him. Scotty feels an arm around him and Kevin’s nose against his neck.

Scotty silently whispers Kevin’s name, but he doesn’t respond, apparently still sound asleep. Scotty knows he should get undressed and brush his teeth before falling back to sleep, maybe just this one time, it’s worth the sacrifice to have the man he loves so close.

He puts his hand on Kevin’s on top of his own stomach and closes his eyes.


Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: After a family get-together, Kevin and Scotty get some alone time.

Kevin and Scotty arrived at the Inn twenty minutes later. It was located away from the bigger road and with very few other houses in the neighborhood. The house looked old, but Scotty guessed it wasn’t a day over ten years. Outside were orange trees with fruits on them, shining in the dusk air.

Scotty stopped half-way to the entrance door and looked at the building. Kevin stopped next to him and took his hand.

“Just consider this like a bonus honey moon. Imagine we’re far away from all my family members.” Kevin picked up his cell phone from his pocket and switched it off. Scotty saw and did the same thing. Chances were small someone would call him, but it was a romantic gesture, not wanting to be interrupted.

The checked in and were showed to a room on the third floor. The room was located in a corner of the building, with views of the wide green orchards, also beaming with oranges. Or was it peaches? Scotty walked over to the window to get a closer look. It was hard to make out the small fruits through the window.

When he turned around he saw right into the big white tiled bathroom to which Kevin had opened the door to get a closer look at the infamous bath tub. He walked out of the room with a playful smile. He walked right up to Scotty and encircled his waist. Scotty agreed to the embrace and put his hands behind Kevin’s neck, fingers stroking his hair.

Their first kiss was light and tender, their lips only slightly brushing against each other. When Scotty offered his tongue Kevin willingly accepted. As they kissed hands started moving up under sweaters. Kevin opened the lowest button of Scotty’s white shirt, caressing his tummy and belly button. He knew it made Scotty tingle with lust, forcing Scotty’s sudden desire to pull Kevin’s shirt over his head.

He pulled Kevin in direction of the bed, but Kevin refused, and they remained standing up in the middle of the room.

“We’re here for the Jacuzzi, remember?” He says when Scotty’s lips temporarily leaves his.
Scotty takes a deep breath to come back to reality. He nods and takes a step back.
“Yeah.” He still holds one of Kevin’s hands in his, and neither of them move. Kevin move close to Scotty and they resume the kissing.

When Scotty again tries to push Kevin onto the bed, he doesn’t meet any resistance. Kevin land on the bed and removes his pants. They end up on the floor, quickly followed by Scotty’s pants and shirt.

Scotty slowly crawls onto Kevin, grazing his calf… his thigh… his hip… Scotty cautiously avoids Kevin’s underwear, under which he can see how much Kevin wants him to move the party along quicker.

Scotty lowers himself on Kevin’s body and vaguely rubs himself against him. Kevin moans of desperation, pulling Scotty down onto him and rolls over. Scotty ends up in a somewhat uncomfortable position and jerks his legs. Kevin slides off the younger man, and indicates that he thinks it’s time for underwear removal. It hits Scotty how inarticulate Kevin is in bed, and thinks it’s fun, seeing how much he usually talks.

Kevin kisses the smile on Scotty’s lips. His kisses move down on Scotty’s neck, on his shoulders, his chest and his belly. Kevin moves his hands over Scotty’s upper body, while planting kisses closer and closer to Scotty’s cock.
Scotty groans loudly when he feels Kevin’s lips beginning to move steadily on him. His hand in Kevin’s hair tells him how much he enjoys the action.

When Kevin returns to kiss Scotty’s neck, Scotty is still panting heavily.
“Maybe it’s time for our bath,” Kevin looks down on Scotty’s body. “You kind of need it, hon.”
Scotty is still paralyzed on the bed when Kevin gets up to draw them a bath.

When he walks into the bathroom the water is flowing into the tub, with large amounts of bubbles on top. Kevin is lighting candles.

“Yeah, don’t knock it till you tried it.”

“Believe me Kevin, I’ve tried bubbles,” he sniffs the air. “I just didn’t think you were a bubble bath kind of person, ‘s all.” Scotty turns off the water flow and gets into the bath, followed by Kevin as he’s done with the candles and has turned off the lights. The tub is made for two, sitting next to each other, with their feet touching under the water.

Scotty rubs his belly under the water, and feels Kevin’s hand there too. Kevin’s hand takes Scotty’s and they lean into kiss. The kiss lingers and is followed by tiny pecks, as if they don’t want to part. Finally Kevin leans back in the bath, putting his arm around Scotty’s neck. They lean their heads together, with hands still holding tight under the water.

“Happy two months wedding anniversary, darl.” Kevin says. Scotty counts in his head, and realizes Kevin is right.
“Ah, what a coincidence.” Scotty announces.
“Yeah, a coincidence.” Kevin echoes.

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