Walker Advent calendar: Flap #14

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 527

Scotty woke up when Kevin’s alarm went off that Monday morning. Unlike the past mornings he didn’t wake up feeling like he was going to pass out and after having swallowed an aspirin and taken his temperature he could determine that he didn’t have a fever anymore.


His head was still aching and he felt exhausted like never before, but at least he had started to cure. He moved closer to Kevin and stoked his arm, figuring that even if he won’t be able to sleep, he can be close to his husband’s warm body for another hour, until he has to go up and go to work.




Kitty came with during Nora’s daily visit and for the first time he could actually sit down on the couch and speak with them for a while. He had wanted to make them coffee, but Nora had practically picked him up and carried him away from the kitchen, so he figured that sitting in the living room and chatting with Kitty would be best for recovery.


“Is it a flu or the flu? Kitty asks while Nora is rummaging around the kitchen.

“I guess it’s a flu, because Kevin hasn’t gotten ill yet, and nor has Nora,” Scotty says. “Sorry, I have to blow my nose. Again,” Scotty quickly disappears into the bathroom, and when Nora returns to the living room she finds Kitty alone in it.


“Where’s Scotty?” She asks, placing a tray on the small coffee table before sitting down on the edge of the couch.

“Bathroom,” Kitty replies, leaning in to eye the selection on the tray.


Scotty returns and sits down next to Nora, doing what Kitty does and looking at the cake in a small wicker basket.

“These are traditional holiday bun with saffron,” Nora says, picking up the basket to offer one to Scotty. “With raisins,” she adds, moving the basket to Kitty once Scotty has picked one up.


“Raisins are good for your immune system,” she says to Scotty.

“So is saffron,” Scotty adds. “Loads of vitamin C.”

Kitty shoots her mother a look, saying something like ‘Did you really think you could teach a chef something about food?’


Nora pretends not to see Kitty’s look, but instead distributes coffee and tea.

“I made herbal tea with honey for you, Scotty,” Nora places a big mug in front of him, putting a spoon in and waving around a couple of times.


“Coffee for me,” she puts a cup in front of her. “Tea?” She asks Kitty, who nods in reply, chewing her bun.

“These are good,” she says.

“Yeah, they’re really good,” Scotty agrees. “Can I have the recipe?”

“Oh of course,” Nora sings like a bird. “I think I may have it in my purse, let me go have a look,” and with that she is back in the kitchen.


Scotty and Kitty exchange a look with each other over Nora’s characteristic but slightly annoying behavior. Kitty leans in and whispers:

“Her visits hasn’t exactly been helping you get better, have they?”, making Scotty laugh. “At least you’ve gotten her off my case for a while, which is much appreciated.”

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #10

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 424

“Are you feeling better?” Kevin asks Scotty when he starts to wake up. Scotty shakes his head and turns his head to look at the time. He figures that he’s been asleep for at least two hours and that Kevin just came home and went straight to bed.


“Want me to get you something or do something before I go to sleep? Do you want to talk?”

“No, I’m good,” Scotty says, his voice scratchy and his throat so aching he has to place a hand on it and rub it for a bit.


Kevin quickly looks away and sneezes, making the whole bed jerk from the motion.

“Sorry,” he says. “Maybe I’m coming down with something.”

“I hope you don’t get this, it’s awful. But the pills your mom got me earlier are better than the ones I used before. With these I can actually be up a couple of hours here and there,” Scotty explains.


“That’s great,” Kevin says, laying down and snuggling close to Scotty. “Has she been bother you? Should I call her and make a case?” Scotty laughs at Kevin’s offer, which sets off his coughing.


“No, she’s been wonderful,” Scotty says when he regains his voice.

“I’m sorry I’ve had to work long days,” Kevin says. “But I’m trying to get ahead of things so I can actually take some days off around Christmas.”


“I know,” Scotty says weakly, and Kevin kisses him. Only briefly, knowing Scotty might start to cough again at any second.


“You want me to stay until you’ve fallen asleep?” Scotty asks. “I need to go up for a few hours later.”

“Please,” Kevin says, turning around and moving backwards until his back is pressed again Scotty’s front.


Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin and waits for him to fall asleep, enjoying feeling Kevin relax in his embrace before slumbering in with deep breaths. Scotty kisses his bare shoulder before as quietly as he can climbing out of bed. Kevin moans the loss but he doesn’t wake up.


Scotty leaves the bedroom with a last look at Kevin on the bed. He is really thankful for Kevin’s care during the few hours they meet and for the many, many… many… text messages Kevin send during the day when he is off at work.


Scotty goes to the kitchen and pours himself some yoghurt and takes one of Nora’s homemade cookies and parks himself in front of the computers. He will definitely have to look up one more Christmas present for his mother-in-law after this.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #9

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 448

Nora took out the cookies from the oven, deftly moving them to a bar for them to cool on. She takes out the homemade strawberry crème from the fridge and puts it in her basket, next to the big box filled with pasta and spinach sauce. She rearranges to fit in the tin of soup and when she’s fit everything in, she puts the cookies in a can and places it on top.


“I brought you a little care package,” she says and shows the basket to Scotty. “I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

“No, it’s okay, I was up,” Scotty says, his voice leaving no doubt about whether he is sick or not.


“I didn’t know if you needed anything from the pharmacy, if you do I’ll run out and get it,” Nora says, picking up a very high-tech thermometer from the pocket of her jacket, and placing it in Scotty’s ear for only a second.


“101,” she says, looking at the display. “That’s pretty high, you should go back to bed.” Scotty giggles to Nora’s over-caring comment, but is happily tucked into bed by her with the soup, just heated up so it’s lukewarm, on his lap.


Nora makes him a big cup of tea with a spoon of honey in it. Scotty finished half the tin of soup before feeling so nauseous he needs to lay down again. He hears Nora rummage through the apartment and he’s afraid that she is cleaning it. He has no energy to either stop or help her, so he just lets her do whatever she wants.


He wakes up when she appears in the doorway, but has no idea how long it has been.

“I but the rest of the food in the kitchen for you, and I left a warning note for Kevin so he doesn’t eat the cookies I baked for you,” she says when walking over to him and sitting down on the edge of the bed.


For a second he imagines if his mother would ever do this, bake and take care and sit on the bed he shares with Kevin. The thought disappears when Nora strokes his forehead.


“You shouldn’t have, Nora,” he says, his voice so weak it almost breaks. She doesn’t reply to him, merely leans down and kisses his forehead, stroking his hair and smiling.


“I’ll stop by tomorrow to see how you’re doing, okay?” He nods in reply, too appreciative and feeling too sorry for himself to tell her not to.


“I love you, honey,” she says before getting up.

“I love you too, Nora,” he says, earning a smile in reply before she turns around and leaves.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #8

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 570

When the alarm clock rings on the morning of December 8th in the Walker-Wandell household, Kevin moans in disappointment as usual, and Scotty nearly screams because the noise makes his head ring.


“Ugh, that is awful,” he complains, pulling the duvet and the extra blankets – yes, plural! – closer around him. “I’ve been cold all night, waking up in shivers,” he whines.


“Aw, honey,” Kevin says, rolling around to kiss his husband good morning. Upon seeing Scotty’s shiny eyes and his rosy cheeks, he realizes that Scotty isn’t just cold from the bad weather they’ve been having.


“Do you have a fever?” he asks, putting his hand on Scotty’s forehead. “You do! I’ll get you an aspirin.”

“What?” Scotty barely has time to registers what happens before Kevin has fetched him a small white pill and a glass of water, tucked him in with another blanket, called San Estephé to let them know he isn’t coming and promised to make sure he gets all the ice cream he can eat before the day is over.


Kevin softly kisses Scotty’s lips before leaving for work, and Scotty’s only memory is the hint of coffee taste that lingers. He is already asleep when Kevin closes the door behind him, and he doesn’t wake up until a few hours later when the aspirin starts wearing off.


Scotty makes a half-hearted attempt to get out of bed, and had it not been for his strong will to reduce his fever with another aspirin, he would never have made it. He has six new texts on his cell, two from Kevin. The other four are from random Walkers – Scotty won’t remember – who are all ready to get him what he needs.


He sends Kevin a message even though it hurts his thumb to type, and then carries all his duvets and blankets to the couch. He puts the while aspirin box on the coffee table, as well as a carton of orange juice, a big bottle of water, his cell phone and a pack of tissues.


“I hate phlegm,” he mutters and moves the trash can closer to the couch so he can dispose of them easily. He puts on Glitter and tucks himself in on the couch. The DVD has barely started when he is asleep again, and it’s there Kevin finds him when he arrives home from work.


Scotty looks up when the door opens.

“I got you Cookie dough,” Kevin says and wiggles the ice cream jar. Scotty extracts both hands towards it, like a child, and Kevin fetches him a spoon from the kitchen.


“Still a fever?” Kevin asks, even though it’s needless to ask.

“I’ve tlept the oole day,” Scotty snuffles.

“You want me to cook for you?” Scotty shakes his head and immediately notices his mistake and wrenches in pain.


“Just ice ceem,” he says and points at the jar with his spoon. “Come sit.” He pats the spot behind him on the couch and Kevin manages to squeeze himself down under Scotty’s mountain of pillows, respectfully placing Liza on top of his lap. Scotty rests his head on Kevin’s lap and the many pillows and continues to munch down his ice cream in silence.


Kevin sees the movie on the TV and guesses it’s been on all day, and as much as he would like to watch the news, a little glamour hasn’t hurt.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #7

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 502

Robert knew right away that it had been a great weekend for Kevin. Not only was he over an hour late – always a good sign if you want him to be in a good mood – mornings in bed with Scotty seem to help that, but he was also whistling when he entered the office building. Robert had never before heard Kevin Walker whistle.


Kevin stayed to joke a bit with the receptionist, and probably finished off with a compliment, because when Kevin left her with a soft laugh, she was blushing. He then waved to someone Robert couldn’t see on the other side of the office, and proceeded into his own office.


“I need the briefing about Merrill’s proposition on school health care by ten,” Robert says when he passes Kevin’s office half an hour later.

“Already done, can be found in the printer,” Kevin replies. Robert never knew that sex could be a gateway to efficiency, but he enjoys it quite a lot from his usually grumpy communications director.


“How is it going with the wedding now?” Robert asks over lunch. “It’s back on?”

“Yes, quite so, apparently,” Kevin says. “I try not to keep track at all, I think I’m too old for all these cliffhangers our family treats.”


“You don’t say,” Robert mutters and puts his last little mozzarella ball in his mouth.

“I’m gonna work from home this afternoon unless you need me here,” Kevin says and stands up.


“It’s a free country,” Robert says, waving his fork. “Just have the problem-solution-proposal on my desk by tomorrow at noon, I’m meeting Borges at one.”

“I know,” Kevin says and raises his eyebrows, semi-insulted that Robert thinks he doesn’t remember. “I’m not that old.”


Kevin slowly drives home. He stops to buy Scotty flowers, a big bouquet of red roses. He’s quite sure the sales woman thought he was buying them for his mistress because she was staring at his wedding ring and looking strangely at him, as if she expected him to explain the whole thing.


He arranges the flowers in a big vase on the kitchen table and puts on some coffee. He still has some things to do before Scotty comes home from work, but it’s nothing that he can’t do wearing something more comfortable than a suit. Something Scotty finds more comfortable to rip off. He passes a mirror and ruffles his hair a bit, smiling at his reflection and starts whistling as he walks to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.


He puts the coffee mug on the coffee table to let it cool for a bit, and takes out the other thing he bought at the florist’s. He takes it out of the small bag and looks around.


He smiles when he found the perfect spot. He takes some tape to place the mistletoe in the doorway to the kitchen.

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?” he says to himself and returns to his coffee.


Walker Advent calendar: Flap #6

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 444

“I hate the rain!” Kevin complains when they leave the apartment. Scotty hurries in front of him to get to the car. Even though it’s just parked a few steps from the entrance to the apartment building where they live, they are both practically soaked when they enter the car.


“I quite like it,” Scotty says when Kevin turns the engine on. “When I’m inside.” They drive through the empty streets, watching how the city has practically died from the large amounts of rain they’ve been blessed with lately.


“I mean, so many countries get to have snow and jolliness now, and I’ve always missed that,” Kevin says. “Growing up in sunny California has been great, I don’t know what I’d do without the sun, but this is not what I signed up for. I barely know how to start my wiper blades.”


Scotty laughs at Kevin’s very dramatic monologue. Every time they have anything but sunshine for a day or two, his mood follows.


“Just be glad we don’t have snow,” Scotty says.

“Yet,” Kevin adds quickly.

“Well, it would wipe out this entire city. People here have no idea what to do with snow. What would you do if you came out to your car one morning and it was covered with ice and snow?”


Kevin looks at Scotty when they stop at a red light.

“Call in sick?” Kevin suggests. Scotty makes a beeping noise.

“Wrong!” he exclaims. “And just for the record, waking up your husband for help is not the correct answer either.”


Kevin mutters something and Scotty hopes to God that it really won’t start to snow. He read somewhere that it hadn’t snowed in Los Angeles since the 60’s, so he figures either probability says chances are slim for it to do so now, or they say it’s about time to.


Kevin pulls into the small parking lot and parks the car, turning of the wiper blades. It only takes seconds before the windshield is so wet they can’t see the brick wall in front of them anymore.

“I don’t want to go out, maybe we could go to a drive-through?”


“Not a chance, Kevin Walker,” Scotty says and quickly gets out, slamming the door shut behind him and hurrying to the entrance. Kevin arrives there closely after him and together they enter the restaurant. The are greeted by silent music and lit candles, and showed to a small table by a window.


“See, this is when the rain is beautiful,” Scotty says and points out. Kevin takes his hand over the table and leans in to give his husband a quick kiss before their Sunday dinner.

Walker Advent calendar: Flap #4

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 370

“I’m just going to assume that Kevin and Scotty aren’t going to make it,” Kitty says when taking out plates to set the table for tonight’s family dinner. Nora looks up from her stew.

“Why wouldn’t they?”


“I just figured they were going to lock themselves in the apartment and do that nauseating lovey-dovey thing,” Kitty says, taking out two more plates. Sarah had told her about the gift she had sneaked into their loft, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to share with her mother. Besides, her mother seemed to have enough of that category of events herself these days. But Kitty will not admit she’s bitter.


“They’re coming, and Rebecca and Justin, and Saul and Sarah,” Nora counts on her fingers, eyeing the amount of salad she had prepared in a large bowl. “And you and Robert.”


“And you,” Kitty adds.

“Yes, and me.” Nora says quietly.

“Simon isn’t joining us, is he?” Kitty asks, measuring her mother with her eyes.

“No!” Nora yells, a bit too loud and a bit too quickly. “He’s busy.”


Kitty mumbles something and goes to set the table. She finds Justin in the living room and waves for him to come and help her.

“Are Kevin and Scotty coming?” He asks, sounding a bit twitchy.


“Yeah, mom says so,” Kitty replies, handing him plates to set.

“I just got a text…” He says quietly, indicating gossip. Kitty leans over the table to hear him better, opening her eyes slightly in anticipation.


“From Scotty,” Justin continues. “I’m quite sure it was meant for Kevin, not for me.” He holds up his cell phone to Kitty, and she almost loses her breath when she reads.

“Oh my god!”


“Oh my god what?” Nora asks, entering the dining room with cutlery.

“Nothing,” Justin and Kitty say with one mouth. Nora looks them up and down, one eye closing a bit.

“Okay,” she says slowly. She looks at them for another moment before leaving the room.


“X-mas massage?” Kitty quotes from the text.

“Yeah…” Justin says. “I’m not sure how to handle this.” He says and Kitty nods her head in agreement.

“Well,” she says. “At least we know Kevin will be in a good mood.”


Mission: Failed

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: The Walkers are gathering for dinner at Noras.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 283

Kevin walks into his mother’s house and slams the door shut behind him.

“Hello?” he yells and walks in direction of the kitchen, as that is where people usually hang out when visiting. He glances at his watch and sees that he is almost an hour early to dinner, so he might be the first one there.


He rounds the corner to the kitchen and sees someone by the coffee machine. He’s happy that it’s Scotty, as they haven’t had enough time to spend with each other lately.

“Hi, honey…” Kevin says, proceeding to walk over to greet his husband with a kiss.


He is just about to slide his hand around Scotty’s waist when the person turns around and suddenly Kevin realized he was about to fondle his brother.


“Did you think I was Scotty?” Justin asks, holding a cup of coffee.

“No…” Kevin says, not enough persuasively. “Of course not.”

“But you said hi, honey,” Justin says, raising one eyebrow.


“I… uh…” Kevin searches his brain for a good excuse.

“You thought I was Scotty?” Justin repeats, more a statement than a question this time. A smile grows on his face and his nostrils expand. They don’t need to exchange words about this, they both know that Justin will be on the welcoming committee this dinner, to greet people with this delightful story.


Kevin groans and takes a mug to pour himself some coffee. They hear the door open and close and soon enough, Justin hurries in direction of the door. Kevin takes a sip of the coffee when from the entrance he hears Justin, with glee in his voice: “Oh, Scotty! Hi, welcome. You have no idea what your husband just did.”


Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty observes.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 745

Scotty watches another Walker dinner go off at Nora’s. Sarah has a million stories about France and everyone listens and do their best to mock her for the language troubles she encountered.


Over time he has learned a lot about every single one of them, and they have equal knowledge about him, which scares him a bit.


Justin has all of Abba’s albums and he knows all songs by heart. He does, however, believe that no one knows. Scotty has learned about this from both Kevin and Rebecca.


Kitty does now only have a crazy shoe obsession, but also a pretty serious shoe fetish. Justin ones learned this when Kitty hadn’t locked the door properly. She swore him to secrecy and she is very proud that her little brother didn’t tell anyone.


Sarah took tap dancing lessons, which she isn’t at all embarrassed to share with people. The fact that she took them in her mid 30’s during what Joe referred to as a “pre midlife crises due to marriage and childbirth from former rebel” is a fact she neglects to share, most the time.


Kevin has high thoughts of his siblings not sharing embarrassing stories about him to Scotty, but little does he know that every time he works late, Scotty is on the phone with Sarah, learning more about Kevin’s attempts to organize weekly family meetings. At age 8.


Tommy isn’t with them today, and Scotty feels the void. As private and reserved as Tommy might be at times, he did enter in a Wham! look-a-like contest once. And won. Julia had actually had wine coming out her nose when she had told an equally flabbergasted Scotty about it. It had been Tommy and Julia’s fifth date.


Scotty giggles to himself a bit and hopes no one noticed. Of course they didn’t, Sarah has just been telling the story of how she helped an old lady find the way to her gate at the airport, and now Kevin wonders if Sarah then mugged the lady or if she simply ran as hell when the lady realized Sarah has no sense of direction and probably had lead her to a gate at the wrong airport.


Scotty knows that Sarah has not only almost walked in on them when they have been on their way to have sex, but she has also, more or less accidentally, walked in on them skinny-dipping in Nora’s pool when they thought they were alone and heard them do naughty stuff over the phone when Kevin hadn’t ended the call to her properly.


Scotty also knows that Justin has heard from Kevin about how incredibly drunk he got for his bachelor party and how, as Kevin was trying to impress his parents, had Scotty shamelessly been flirting with an entire gay club singing karaoke. Scotty doesn’t remember much from that night, but Jordan has told him that he had a lot of fun.


Scotty is also quite sure that Robert has told Kitty about Scotty’s little visits to Kevin’s office, and how Kevin is always “occupied” during these visit. Robert knows a little too much about these visits after having neglected to knock once. He won’t do that mistake again.


Once when drunk with Julia, Scotty told her about his secret wish to become an ice-dancer. He always loved the inspiring and beautiful dances when he was a kid, and he is reluctant to give up on the dream. Tommy had apparently found out and, after a couple of beers shared with Scotty the story of when he played the baroness in a school production of “Sound of music”.


Scotty remembers a time when Sarah found him sunbathing out on Nora’s patio. She managed to take a picture of him before he put his shirt on, and the picture had then been spread to both Kitty and Rebecca, and due to certain rumors also to Nora, Julia and Kevin (who was the one to gleefully share the story). After that was when Sarah stopped calling before coming over to visit.


Over the table Scotty sees Nora looking at him, as if she noticed that he stopped listening to the sibling bickering. He smiles at her and returns to Sarah’s story, tuning in to hear the end about some Frenchman’s wonderful abs.

“I’ve got pictures,” she says and winks to Kevin.

“Thanks, but I’m all set,” Kevin quips back, sending a quick glance over to Scotty, who giggles a bit.


Short and random: Window

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: When it's dark outside.

Word count: 200


Kevin looks out the window, gazing out onto the dark city night. In the slight reflection he sees Scotty walking up behind him. Scotty slides his hands around Kevin’s waist and gives him a slight kiss on the neck. He rests his head on Kevin’s shoulder, leaning towards Kevin’s head.


Kevin sees their reflection in front of the lights in the city. Moving cars and dark office complexes. He slightly leans backwards, moving into Scotty’s embrace.

“We look good.” Scotty states, his voice low and soft. He finishes his sentence with a kiss just under Kevin’s ear.


“I love you.” Scotty whispers.

“I love you too.” Kevin replies. Their eyes meet in the reflection of the glass and they both smile.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” Scotty asks.

“What is?” Kevin replies.

“The view. All the lights and the inferno from the city, reaching us here, but not really.” Scotty muses.


“The view of me and you, close together in the silence of the night. In our own cocoon.” Kevin says. “It is beautiful.” Scotty kisses his neck. “You are beautiful.” Kevin adds.


Scotty gently sucks on Kevin’s neck, then blowing on it, making Kevin shiver from the cold. ”So are you.”

Short and random: King

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin and Scotty baby-sit.

Word count: 200


Scotty doesn’t know why he and Kevin volunteered to baby-sit for Paige and Cooper. Paige wants to play with her singstar and Cooper wants to be loud. They don’t mix.


Scotty has sung duets with Paige and played hide and seek with Cooper, and wants nothing more than for these two to go to bed so that he and Kevin can have a glass of wine before Sarah comes back.


Kevin comes down the stairs, wearing a much too small cloak and a crown on his head, carrying some kind of golden stick. Scotty has to bite his lip to laugh at the image of his husband as the defeated king.


“Who are you supposed to be?” Scotty asks, extending his hand to Kevin. Kevin takes it and steals a kiss.

“I’m the evil king and Cooper is the knight in shining armor.” Kevin says, exhausted.

“And where’s the knight now?”


“The knight needed to go peepee.” Kevin smiles. He pulls Scotty with him down on the couch, putting his arm around Scotty’s shoulders.

“You make a cute king, but I’m gonna fight my inner will to joke about me being your queen.” Scotty says and kisses Kevin’s cheek. 

Short and random: Straw

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A drink at a café. 

Word count: 200



“I haven’t done this since I was like ten.” Kevin says and aims for the straw. He sees the strawberry milkshake rise in the pipe and the cold liquid reaches his mouth.

“But then it was with Sarah.” He adds.
“Charming.” Scotty says and pulls the drink back. “Isn’t this the best strawberry milkshake you’ve ever tried?” He asks, sipping some for himself.

“I don’t know if I’ve tried before. But this latte is great.” Kevin says and gestures at the mug on the small café table between them. “I haven’t been here before.”

“I found this place when I didn’t have a place to stay, I’d sit here for hours to study.” Scotty says. “It became my watering hole.”
“You didn’t meet any other cute zebras that came here for a drink?” Kevin asks.

Scotty laughs at Kevin’s not very well-hidden jealousy.
“No, only the occasional gazelle.” He says and winks. “But they were nothing compared to you.”

Kevin smiles and leans over the table.
“What animal am I then?” He asks. Scotty thinks for a while before leaning in for a kiss and replying:
“You are slick black panther, keeping a watching eye on your favorite zebra.”

Music fic: Prayer for the weekend (The Ark)

The Ark is an amazing Swedish group. Listen to the song at youtube.

: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: Kevin receives an invitation. 
Word count: 443

Kevin didn’t believe his ears when his mother called with her quest.
“Mom, you’re jewish.” He says. “And you were never very eager to take either of us to any kind of church.”

Scotty looks up from the computer, sending a wondering look to Kevin. Kevin replies with a shrug and an equally wondering face. Nora explains how a church downtown are interested in her center and she has agreed to go to mass on Sunday and meet the minister afterwards.

“Oh Kevin, it would be so nice if we could all go. It’s so peaceful in a church, I really think we could need that.” Nora dreams.
“Yeah, mom. I don’t know if you noticed this, but our family tend not to behave very well. You know how bad that would be in a peaceful church?” Kevin argues and Scotty laughs at the image popping up his head.

Yeah, if the Walkers manage to make a family dinner look like a battle zone, he doesn’t even want to know what will happen in a quiet place like a church.
“Mom, I know they have wine, I just don’t think they have the quantity our family need to spend an hour seated with each other.”

“Yes mom, I know how a mass works. I used to date a minister, remember?” Kevin points out, not realizing what he said until it has already come out. He looks at Scotty and smiles apologetically. Scotty smiles back, shaking his head lightly to show he’s okay.

Kevin shuts up for a minute, sighing heavily several times as Nora makes her final plead.
“Okay. Sunday at eight. See you then.” Kevin hangs up the phone and exhales.
“So we are going to church with your entire family?” Scotty asks, sounding way too amused. “It won’t be that bad, sweetie.” Scotty says and gets up. He walks over to Kevin and puts his arms around Kevin’s waist.

“When we come back home I will make you a wonderful Sunday dinner and we’ll go to bed early to make up for losing our Sunday sleep-in.” Scotty says and gives Kevin a small peck on the lips.
“I will be cranky.” Kevin says, knowing his own Sunday morning mood.
“I know.” Scotty kisses him again. “As long as you behave in church, we can leave as soon as the mass is over.”

Kevin seem to think about the options for a while, a smile spreading on his face.
“If we even seem happy to be there, mom might let us leave without having coffee with the entire congregation.” He says. Scotty laughs at him and pulls him closer.
“That’s the spirit.”

Music fic: Bad bad you, bad bad me (Stephen Fretwell)

This song doesn't come from my random iTunes thing, but was suggested to me. This is the song that is played in the background of the car scene in Missionary Imposition. Rewatch that scene here and watch Stephen Fratwell perform live here.

: G
Disclaimer: Don't own a thang.
Summary: There is really no plot in this one. :D
Word count: 387

“What’s this song?” Kevin asks, nodding his head to the car stereo.
“I don’t know. I think I’ve heard it a couple of times.” Scotty says. The radio station that Kevin has as his preset in the car is also the one he has in the apartment, and Scotty knows how Kevin hates it when he changes, so he doesn’t.

“I think I heard this song on the radio that day after Jason and I had… tea.” Kevin says.
“Oh!” Scotty groans. “Don’t talk about it. What was I thinking just barging in on you there?” Kevin laughs at him, knowing how much that memory annoys Scotty.

“I think it was very sweet. I didn’t want to admit it when you walked in, but I did. I loved it that Jason got to see you and got to see that you cared enough about me to destroy our meeting.”

“Destroy…” Scotty mutters. “I think he rather thought I was needy and desperate, and possessive and…” Scotty’s voice trails off. “and other stuff like that.” He finishes.
“You were possessive.” Kevin points out. He reaches over and strokes one hand across Scotty’s thigh.

“I love that you are. I love you.” He quickly glances at Scotty before returning his gaze to the street, thinking that killing them both isn’t wished for. He sees Scotty bend his head, laughing a bit. He knows that Scotty blushes, because he puts his hands on his cheeks and slides them down his neck.

“I love you too.” He says back. “You’re so important to me.” He lets his hand brush over Kevin’s, then he lifts it up, and gestures it back to the steering wheel.
“Fine. Ten past ten.” Kevin says and grips the wheel like a clock.
“I thought that was Ten to two.” Scotty teases.

“No, that sounds stupid. I’ve had my license for a lot longer than you. I think I know.” Kevin teases back.
“I know, you’re so old. I wish some day you will tell me about when the wheel was invented.”  
“Ha-ha.” Kevin smiles. “If you’re not nice I’ll make you call me daddy.”

“Ouch, that’s just scary.” Scotty laughs.
“I know…” Kevin says and joins the laughter. “Maybe I’ll settle for being an attractive older guy.”
“That you are.” Scotty says. “And then some.”

She remembers 1985 well...

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow.
Summary: No summary needed, really. It would just spoil the story. :)

Word count: 436


She remembers 1985 very well, because that was the year Martha Hagman accidentally burned her cat’s tail when making a birthday cake for her husband. It was a good year, all in all, well, Martha’s personal chaos was a tough piece of cake, pardon the pun, to deal with, but 1985 will still go down as one of the best years.


Not only did she get rid of that husband of hers but she also found herself this nice little bachelorettes pad. Her so-called better half had moved to Mexico and now they met on a yearly basis to say hi and make sure they were still alive. He seemed to like it there and she couldn’t deny loving the sun in southern California.


Well, since 1985 she’s had quite the adventure in the golden state but whatever has happened in her still somewhat quiet life, she still has the loft to go back to. Amongst her neighbors she has found friends, gossip and the occasional temporary lover. Some have been better than others and some has just made her life worth living.


The cute young guy who moved in a couple of years ago has been one of the highlights. He has helped her water plants and fetch the mail and some groceries when she broke her leg. He always had time to sit down for a cup of coffee, and even though he never shared so much about himself, it was nice to have some company that wasn’t old ladies like herself.


Kevin Walker, was his name, and he was a lawyer. Quite easy on the eye and with a marvelous smile. He didn’t actually tell her, but he also might be a homosexual. Through the years quite a lot of men has come and gone. Some very temporary, some stayed for a bit.


The latest one seem to also be the final one. Tall handsome man and rumors has it he is a chef. That’s a good choice, she thinks, there is nothing more passionate and sensual than food. However, he is quite loud. He also makes the other one very loud. She wants to think it’s because they enjoy playing a loud round of chess, but the rhythm of their noises and their shameful looks the next day says it something different.


Oh well, what can she do? She recently bought herself an iPod and have been exploring all sorts of new music lately, and it blocks out all activities coming from the neighbors. She’s just glad they are there when she needs a cup of sugar or a helping hand.

Short and random: Name

Rate: G
Disclaimer:  Not mine, I just borrow.  

Summary: Nora takes a walk in the hospital while Kevin is in surgery.

Takes place: During 3x10 "Just a sliver". 

Word count: 200


Nora picks up the pile of papers in Kevin’sroom. She sits down on the bed and imagines it’s still warm from Kevin. Shelooks at the time. He’s been in surgery for over an hour.


She looks at the paper on top. Loss oflimb function, paralysis, stroke, brain damage… Sheshakes her head and wipes away a tear from the corner of her eye. She seesKevin’s neat signature at the bottom.


Her eye catches his name on the top of theform. Kevin Walker-Wandell? She stares at the name and feels the tears comingagain, now knowing they can’t be stopped.


She didn’t know Kevin had changed his name,and she never even thought about it. Somehow she imagined that if they would,Scotty would be the one becoming a Walker. PoorScotty. When she left the waiting area to take a walk, he was curled up in achair, his head buried in his arms.


She puts down the papers, wipes her eyesand takes a deep breath. Scotty needs someone to hold, and honestly, she needs Scotty to hold her now. There is no question about what Walkers do whenthey need a warm embrace. 

Short and random: Preferably (Justin)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Justin. Nora smiles just thinking of him. Whatever he did in the past, she couldn’t be more proud of him today. He throws the red beach ball to Cooper and splatters water all over Scotty who laughs, already wet. Rebecca nudges Justin’s side and gets a kiss in reply.

Justin’s dating record is not exactly narrow. There were several Fawns and random girls with no names until Tyler eventually showed up. She was sweet and smart and she really wanted to and had the capacity help Justin. She had blended quite well with the other siblings, doing tequila shots with Kevin and sharing Justin stories with Kitty. Nora was never told why they broke up, but she wasn’t all that surprised.

She was, however, quite surprised when hearing that Justin had started dating Rebecca. She didn’t even register it until she was in bed that night after the excruciating day at the villa. The more she thought of it, the more she was okay with it, as annoying as it was that Holly was her son’s potential mother-in-law.

Rebecca was never an in-law, she never will be. She is Nora’s third daughter, and that’s the way it is.

Short and random: Preferably (Kevin)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Kevin pretends to just sunbathe, but Nora knows he’s secretly checking out Scotty in the pool. She also knows that Scotty knows, and he therefore makes sure to flaunt himself in clear vision of Kevin. She smiles, so glad Kevin finally realizes Scotty was the one for him.

Kevin never felt comfortable bringing home guys when William was still alive. The few ones she met before his death were easily counted on one hand, and the had all seemed uneasy in the house where their boyfriend’s father behaved like he wanted to throw them out. She had argued with William then, every time.

When Kevin started seeing Jason, he changed. He went to church and seemed to settle down. When Jason left, she saw Kevin break down more and more for every week, until Scotty showed up again. As a friend, but it sure helped.

She never met the Greek God, but she didn’t have to to know that she didn’t like him. He made Kevin monogamous in a relationship that they never showed off around people.

Scotty smiles and Kevin and splatters some water at him, causing him to get up. He pulls of his shirt and jumps in.

Short and random: Preferably (Tommy)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Tommy was the first one to settle down, meeting Julia when only 18. There was never any doubt that it was going to be them and Nora liked her from the moment she met her.

Before her there was Maid Mary. She was young, sweet and utterly boring. Nora thought so and eventually even Tommy did. The only one who had liked her in the end was William.

Julia was the perfect wife and the perfect potential mother. She would help out with all things Nora needed an extra hand with and she was always there to speak her mind. William had respected her in a way he didn’t respect a lot of young women.

Nora saw so much of herself in Julia. At least a person she was before she met William, and maybe the person she could have been had he been different.

Nora sees Julia talk to Lizzie, pointing at Paige and Cooper. Scotty swims over to them and coos with Lizzie. Cooper throws the big red beach ball to Scotty and he shows it to Elizabeth. She reaches out to touch it, looking at it with gigantic eyes and both Julia and Scotty laugh in delight.

Short and random: Preferably (Kitty)

Rate: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just borrow. 
Summary: Nora knows it’s not her place to pick and choose her children’s love interests, but boy if it was.
Word count: 200

Robert has been on his phone for over ten minutes when he hangs up and starts to walk towards the others round the pool. He’s the only one who arrived in a suit and tie, and even though the jacket and the tie is gone, he looks like a monkey in the Sahara. Nora sees him join Kitty, telling her something while they both keep very straight faces.

Well, Kitty did bring home some guys who were not Nora’s favourite people. So many guys from Young Republican’s Club she lost count, a couple of ones in college and then Jonathan when she lived in New York.

Nora almost grumbles just thinking of him. No, she liked Warren. Maybe even more than Kitty did. She saw so much of William in him, well, the old William, the one she thought she knew back then.

In either case, if Kitty and Warren had tried a lasting relationship, one of them probably would’ve killed the other over the war or international aid or something.

Robert picks up a red beach ball and throws it laughingly into the water. Cooper attacks it and splatters water all over Kitty, causing Robert to laugh even harder.

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