Walker Advent calendar: Flap #22

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: A Christmas tale.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 308

“December 22nd,” Scotty muses. He’s propped up with Kevin on the couch, his head resting on Kevin’s shoulder. They’ve been watching boring Christmas specials on TV all night, enjoying their time together rather than the entertainment. “It’s almost Christmas,” Scotty continues. “Then new years’ eve, and then it’s a new decade.”


“That’s right, it is,” Kevin says, adjusting his leg under Scotty so it won’t fall asleep. “Ten years ago I was just a sad little law student, dreading to celebrate Christmas with my overbearing family who wouldn’t just let me be,”


“No oppressed feelings there, huh?” Scotty asks, gently nudging Kevin in the side.

“None,” Kevin agrees.

“I still lived at home,” Scotty says. “Horrid thought.”


“Did you call your dad?” Kevin asks, changing the topic.

“I did,” Scotty says slowly. “It’s still awkward between us though, but he asked some more about the baby.”

“That’s good,” Kevin says, moving his hand softly over Scotty’s belly. “You know, in another world, a twisted parallell universe, this would be where our baby was growing this very moment.”


Scotty looks down his own body, staring at his flat stomach and Kevin’s hand on it.

“Says who?” He wonders. “I think you’d be the first to get pregnant out of the two of us.”

“Re-eally?” Kevin wonders, a smile spreading on his face. “How is that?”


Scotty doesn’t reply, he only tilts his head backwards slightly, kissing Kevin’s cheek.

“I know that wanting to have a baby ‘the natural way’ is supposed to be some kind of dream,” Kevin says. “But I really don’t mind the way we’re having ours.”


Scotty stopps kissing Kevin’s throat, again leaning back on Kevin’s shoulder.

“I know,” Scotty says.

“In fact, I can’t imagine any better way to have a baby,” Kevin says, leaning forward to kiss the juncture of Scotty’s neck. “With you.”


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