The thirtieth

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Scotty turns 30, and age angst hits.
Spoilers: None.
Word count: 802

Scotty has never thought that he would be one of those aging men who would buy a little red sports car for their 45th birthday, or start sky-diving in their fifties, just to prove how youthful and virile they are.


He still doesn’t think he will become one of them, but he is starting to understand them. Turning 30 was nothing. Breakfast in bread, Walker family dinner, phone call to mom and to dad, then an early night with a very congratulating Kevin in bed.


However, today, the day after his 30th, he might as well just go back to bed and stay there indefinitely. When he went up his joints were stiff, he groaned when he had to bend over and put on his socks and he is sure that that one hair is gray – not alternative blonde, which Kevin classified it as.


No, now he is 30 going on 89 and there is no use trying to hide it.

“I may just as well buy one of those little trolleys to bring home food from the store in and join a Canasta team,” Scotty complains over breakfast, not getting any sympathy from a giggling Kevin.


“Let’s go out today, take a walk,” Kevin suggests, looking out through the window to make sure the rain has stopped. Temporarily anyway.

“Yeah, that doesn’t make us seem old,” Scotty whines, burying his face in his palms.


“Okay, let’s go get very drunk in the middle of the day,” Kevin suggests instead. “You know I’m always ready for that.”


Scotty takes a deep breath and looks up, staring at Kevin with a pouty look.

“Okay, let’s take a walk in the park,” he says. “But we are not feeding the birds.”




Kevin had barely even objected when Scotty had taken his hand when they were strolling around on the paths. By now Scotty knew that it was rather the imbalance of holding on to someone when walking, rather than the PDA he disliked when it came to holding hands, but today Scotty needed the world to know that they were a young, hip, happening couple.


Okay, so a married, domesticated couple with a baby on the way, a good insurance and weekly grocery store visits, but still. Hip and happening.


“Let’s sit down,” Kevin suggests, dragging Scotty to a nearby bench by a bunch of flowers. The flowers are looking droopy, probably from the heavy rain, but with the sun about to look out from between the clouds, they will probably be back to normal within the hour.


They sit down on the bench and watch people walk by, some alone, some with children, come in couples. Scotty watches a child run on the grass, suddenly falling down but quickly pulling itself up and continuing to run.


“I hope we sit here in 50 years and watch people go by,” Scotty says, “but right now I’m feeling like a hundred years old even though I’m not. I really need to do something youngster-ish,” he says and stands up.


“Youngster-ish?” Kevin repeats and stands up, following Scotty on the path. “Like what?”

“Maybe I should get a tattoo that says Forever young, just to prove a point,” Scotty muses out loud.

“Not that tattoos aren’t sexy, but sweetie, let’s not,” Kevin says, taking Scotty’s hand and dragging him closer.


“Then we could go find a rave party and trash it.”

“I think that’s impossible, and besides, I think rave parties stopped being hip in the nineties,” Kevin says, placing his hands on Scotty’s arms and giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Let’s go have lunch. Without cocaine.”


“Ugh, okay,” Scotty agrees, bending his head but letting Kevin take his hand and lead him further along the small path. They walk side by side in silence, having without words decided to go to one of their favourite restaurants located close-by.


They walk by two benches on which four older ladies sit. They are all wearing tracksuits with matching visors. Scotty feel their eyes on himself as they approach, hand in hand.


Scotty knows, even for this tiny second he has to think it over, that Kevin will probably not approve. However, before they are out of sight from the ladies, he stops and drags Kevin close, putting his hand on the back of Kevin’s head and pulling his face to his own, giving him a kiss. Kevin doesn’t quite respond to the violent treatment, but still opens his lips a bit when Scotty decides to deepen their kiss.


Scotty hears the ladies make Ooh-ing noises and he lets go of Kevin. He sends the ladies a quick smile and a wink before taking Kevin’s hand and walking along like nothing happened. Yes, just like he thought, it did make him feel younger.

Postat av: Molly

I really miss your fic. I have been lurking around this site since I found your brilliant writings. I was just too shy to let you know how much I loved them. Anyway, wish you come back. You are Amazing!!

2010-04-01 @ 05:40:20

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