Happy birthday!

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Summary: Kevin's birthday is coming up.
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“Honey,” Scotty starts, intertwining his fingers with Kevin’s. Kevin kisses the top of Scotty’s head, moving his hand gently up and down Scotty’s naked side. They collapsed on bed after their love-making, Scotty snuggled up with his back against Kevin’s chest. He can feel Kevin’s curly chest hair against his back, and never would he have guessed what a wonderful feeling that was.


“What should we do for your birthday?” Scotty finishes, resting his head against Kevin’s neck.

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, my mother has a standing order with the bakery to deliver cakes for our birthdays.”


“I know, it’s actually a bit creepy. She asked me what my favorite cake is, so I guess I’m added to her list,” Scotty says. Kevin laughs gently behind him, and the chest hairs tickle Scotty’s back. “I mean,” Scotty continues, “what are you and I going to do for your birthday?”


“Oh…” Kevin says, and Scotty can hear the smile on his face. “You and I…” he says, moving his hand down Scotty’s side, over to his belly and up his chest to settle there to play with Scotty’s more modest hairs.


“Something romantic?” Kevin suggests.

“Just you and I, with no cell phones.” Scotty adds. “A get-away. To some hotel. Maybe San Francisco?”

“Isn’t that a bit…” Kevin’s voice trails out into nothing because he can’t find the right word. Or because he doesn’t want to say what he really thinks.


“Gay?” Scotty fills in. Kevin makes some noise, proving that was the word he was thinking of. “Kevin,” Scotty says, arching his head back to look at Kevin, “your husband just fucked you, we’re definitely gay.”


Kevin doesn’t say anything, so Scotty continues to talk.

“I’ve always wanted to see San Francisco, and you know why I never went there?”


“Because I wanted to see it with someone that is special to me. Someone I can walk hand in hand with down Castro street.”


“You are really quite convincing,” Kevin concludes. He kisses Scotty’s cheek and exhales. “Okay, let’s go to San Francisco. But it’s my birthday, so I get to pick the hotel.”



It took Kevin an hour to google his way to a hotel he wanted to stay at during their birthday celebration in San Francisco, and then it took Scotty one hour of passionate love-making to make Kevin change his mind.


They arrive to the Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco the day before Kevin’s big day, settling in to the room, a grand deluxe suite. Kevin unpacks his clothes, putting them in the drawers, making sure it is all folded. Scotty watches him from the king-size bed, enjoying the sight of Kevin, wearing Scotty’s favorite pants, tight just where Scotty enjoys fantasizing about what is in them.


Scotty pats the bed next to himself, and Kevin obeys in silence, letting Scotty cover him with his own body. Scotty slides his hand under Kevin’s shirt while thoroughly kissing Kevin.

“We need to find a nice restaurant where we can have the big pre-celebration dinner tonight,” Scotty says.


“Do I get to pick?” Kevin asks, his voice a bit muffled from enjoying Scotty’s lips and breath on his skin.

“If you pick the right one.”

“A Harvey Milk memorial restaurant?”


“Wouldn’t that be cool?” Scotty asks, moving up from Kevin, looking down at him with a big smile.

“Haha,” Kevin says, pulling Scotty back down.


They ask the cute young, very gay receptionist at the hotel for suggestions for their dinner date. Scotty holds his hand on Kevin’s back the entire time they speak with him, sending shivers along Kevin’s spine. He has to admit that the gay quarters of San Francisco isn’t that bad after all, when being able to be totally open about their relationship.


They make a reservation at the restaurant the receptionist suggests and then head out to sight-see before their fun night out in San Francisco.




Kevin enjoys being pampered by Scotty. In general, of course, but especially when Scotty makes it his mission to be the perfect husband for the husband in question’s birthday. He lets Kevin decide what he should wear to dinner, and he lets Kevin be a part of showering and getting dressed. Well, be a part might be a stretch. They shower together in a highly platonic way (or at least no one was fucked) and Kevin kisses each body part before it’s clothed.


Scotty kisses Kevin before they leave the hotel room, and there by the door to the hallway they look into each others eyes and can’t express their happiness in words.

Someone finally breaks the silence by saying “I love you,” and then the other one says it too.


“I love you too.”


They walk hand in hand to reach the restaurant four blocks away, ordering drinks before diving down into the menu. Scotty focuses on the food, picking out a great menu for them and Kevin chooses what wine to drink with each course.


They look deeply into each others eyes and almost don’t hear the waiter when he brings them their appetizers and their wine. They both lean back and lets the waiter pour Kevin some wine to taste and accept.


Kevin compliments Scotty on the food he has chosen, but in reality a Big Mac would be wonderful, as long as he got to eat it with Scotty. Scotty makes a mental note to himself to try nutmeg in his béarnaise the next time, to spice things up a little. He feels Kevin’s foot sliding up against his leg and he almost drops his knife.


He blushes when patrons turn around to look at him when the noise from the knife hitting the plate is heard over the noise in the restaurant. Scotty blushes and Kevin laughs, taking Scotty’s hand in his and squeezes it for a second before letting go.


When their dessert comes they feed it to each other. Kevin blushes when Scotty wipes some chocolate mousse off the corner of his mouth, and when Scotty goes to pay for the whole meal, he also buys two additional chocolate mousses to go.


When Scotty joins Kevin outside the restaurant, Kevin wonders what is in the bag. Scotty kisses his cheek, takes his hand and says it’s a birthday present. They hear church bells ringing in the city, and Scotty looks at his watch. He stops Kevin and pulls him close, giving him a kiss and saying:

“It’s after midnight. Happy birthday.”

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lovely, from Nora having standing orders for birthday cakes, to the boys getting away to celebrate bythemselves

I have just found Kevin and Scotty..(Okay I'm late coming to the party), so am now trying to find more K&S Fanfic

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