Compromises: Aftermath

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin is drunk enough to serenade Scotty. Scotty is drunk enough to let Kevin feel him up. Sarah has to take them home.
Takes place: After the night at Cinnamon Jack's in 2:12 Compromises.
Word count: 330

Sarah knows that it’s gonna happen. From the moment she says goodbye to her new best friends and to Graham, she sees Kevin and Scotty pushed up against her car waiting for her to join them and drive them back to Kevin’s place. Both Kevin’s hands have disappeared in under Scotty’s shirt and Scotty’s hair is not as neat as it was a while ago.


“Get in,” she orders, pressing the unlock button on her car key, opening the car with a blipp noise and blinking lamps. “And no snuggling in the backseat,” she adds, knowing nothing she says can stop her brother from continuing what he has already started with his boyfriend.


“You’re so cute,” Scotty says between kisses. His voice suggests that he has also had a bit to drink. She hears Kevin giggle and then the kissing noises continue.


She wonders why it was a good idea to offer to drive, when she and Kevin earlier tonight decided to go out. If they had just taken a cab, she wouldn’t have to drop Kevin off and she wouldn’t have to know that the next time her children enter her car, they will be sitting on the same spot as her brother is getting to second base.


“Ke-ev…” Sarah hears Scotty’s voice, suggesting Kevin is moving forward a bit too much. “Wait till we get home…” Kissing noises. “You’re definitely gonna get some…” Both giggling.


Sarah takes a deep breath and considers if she should yell at them, but in a way they’re too cute, so she lets them be. She should be at Kevin’s loft in a just a few minutes anyway. She turns left and sees the building further down the street. The kissing noises stop and she pulls over.


“Thanks Sarah,” Scotty says.

“Don’t forget to tell all the other about tonight,” Kevin says, knowing Sarah is practically already texting Tommy, Kitty and Justin.

“I won’t,” Sarah says and smiles, pressing ‘send’ and driving off.


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