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Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Kevin gets nostalgic.
Spoilers: Up until 405.
Word count: 664

“Oh my god! Oh my god, I have the best guy for you, ever!”

“Michelle, are you sure Kevin is so desperate to meet someone, he’s a busy guy.”

“No, I’m… I’m interested.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t think about this before. You guys will love each other. He’s well put together, he’s gorgeous. What are you doing the night of Valentines?”


“Then it’s offich, you’re coming to my sister’s Valentine’s day party. Don’t worry, I’m hooking you up huge. You’re gonna thank me.”



Scotty walks into the loft to find Kevin by the computer, his elbow on the keyboard and his head resting in his hand. The document in front of him has a bunch of M's in it and Kevin’s gaze is far out the window and he barely takes notice that Scotty walked in the door.


“Hi,” Scotty greets, removing his jacket and walking over to kiss Kevin. Kevin jerks in surprise and bends his head up to meet Scotty’s lips.

“Hi, sorry,” he says, starting to remove the letters in the document.

“What were you thinking about?” Scotty asks and walks into the kitchen to grab a glass of water.


Kevin rolls out his chair slightly, spinning to face the kitchen.

“I thought about the first time I met Michelle,” he says. When Scotty doesn’t immediately reply, he continues: “I can’t believe she doesn’t want to rip my head off after the whole Chad ordeal.”


“Well,” Scotty says, appearing in the doorway and leaning against the frame. “She’s not as dwelling as you’d think. “The whole Chad thing made her grow up, and she’s moved on quite wonderfully, don’t you think?” Scotty takes a sip from his glass and puts it down on the desk next to the computer. He stands behind Kevin and starts massaging his shoulders.


“I think she was more upset with him than with you, anyway,” Scotty says and bends down to kiss Kevin’s cheek.

“We should send her a thank you note,” Kevin says, again staring out the window.


“For setting us up,” he clarifies when Scotty’s silence proves that he isn’t getting why.

“She knows we had met before,” Scotty says, gently touching Kevin’s neck, sliding his fingers along Kevin’s hairline.


“Yes. But I remember her exact words. She said to me then, ‘You’re gonna thank me,’” Kevin says absentmindedly and looks out the window. To him, Michelle had always been a young irresponsible woman who would rather hang around Chad’s neck than to actually do something of herself.


Now, when looking back, he knows that these things were just the image he built of her when she was the girlfriend of the guy he desperately wanted more from. Over the years Scotty has told him many stories involving Michelle, and he has had to change his picture of her. Scotty has faith in her, and now, so does he.



Kevin looks up, shaking his head to return to their living room.


“You didn’t speak in over a minute. What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” Kevin says and smiles. “I’m feeling my muscle knots disappear, and it’s wonderful.”


“When they are gone, your whole body will collapse. You’re so tense,” Scotty says, moving his hand over Kevin’s body, pressing the area by Kevin’s armpit. Kevin screams from the light pressure and Scotty giggles.

“Maybe I should get a weekly appointment with a massage therapist,” Kevin says, rubbing the sore spot.


“No need,” Scotty says in a low voice. “I took a massage course a couple of years ago.” Kevin turns around to face Scotty, looking at him in shock.

“How come you’ve never told me that before?”

“Because,” Scotty continues in the same soothing voice, “I prefer it when you do me.”


Kevin smiles in reply and watches Scotty disappear into the bathroom. He comes out a few seconds later, carrying a small bottle of massage oil, a sorry-for-interrupting-again present from Sarah.

“Please take off your shirt, Mr Walker.”

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This, like all your pieces, is fantastic! Have finally worked out how to comment here instead of at L.J.....yes I am THAT special! Great work!

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