Sunday morning

Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Well, it's Sunday morning.
Word count: 543

Scotty wakes up slowly. He feels cold and lonely, and when he reaches out a hand to pat the space next to him, he realizes that Kevin is gone. He moans and wonders which Walker has stolen his husband this Sunday morning. They haven’t had the opportunity to wake up together in a long time, and Scotty needs it.


He closes his eyes again, thinking he might as well take a long morning when he doesn’t have anyone to share it with anyway. He is almost back to sleep when he hears quiet steps on the floor and some clinks from porcelain. Scotty pretends to sleep, moving his foot a bit to drag the duvet down, exposing his naked back to the air.


He has to bite his tongue not to smile when he hears Kevin’s respond to the sudden nakedness before him. Yes, Kevin should suffer. Scotty has no problem blaming their slow sex life entirely on Kevin’s family and/or Robert. The few times they’ve managed to steal together the last months were either scheduled, surprise visits made by Scotty in Kevin’s office or quickies wherever they just happened to meet: kitchen, couch, bathroom, Nora’s kitchen.


He feels the bed shift when Kevin climbs back in. He hears some noise from the porcelain and the wonderful scent of coffee spreads in the room. He feels Kevin join him under the duvet, sliding his legs along Scotty’s. Kevin kisses his shoulder and then snuggles closer, hiding his nose against the skin on Scotty’s neck. Scotty makes a little happy noise, pretending to wake up.


“Good morning sleepy-head,” Kevin says. Scotty opens his eyes a bit, sleepily looking at Kevin. “Do you want some breakfast? I went out and got some croissants, your favorite.”

“From the bakery around the corner?” Scotty asks, lifting his head to look at the tray on the nightstand behind Kevin. A single red rose is parading in a small vase, surrounded by coffee, croissants, jam and a bowl of strawberries.


“Yes,” Kevin says through a smile. He sees Scotty lift his head to inspect the food, and he knows he’s done good. After all the lectures Scotty has given him about how important it is too eat, he’s picked up that breakfast is the most important one. He also knows exactly what Scotty needs to get excited about it.


“Is that Nora’s peach jam?” Scotty says, starting to reach over Kevin to take a better look. Kevin pulls him down into the bed, thinking he needs some attention before Scotty loses himself in eating.

“Yes, it is,” Kevin says. “But first kissing.”


Scotty giggles and happily agrees to some kissing and some touching. He reminds Kevin that he might want some coffee as well, and they put the tray between them on the bed. Kevin watches with glee as Scotty smells and tries the different things, finally cutting a croissant in half and spreading peach jam on it.


Kevin takes a strawberry and offers it to Scotty, who happily eats it out of Kevin’s hand. They both giggle a bit and kiss. Scotty looks at Kevin from the corner of his eye, and he realizes that this morning may have shaped up to be pretty okay after all.


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