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Summary: Scotty observes.
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Word count: 745

Scotty watches another Walker dinner go off at Nora’s. Sarah has a million stories about France and everyone listens and do their best to mock her for the language troubles she encountered.


Over time he has learned a lot about every single one of them, and they have equal knowledge about him, which scares him a bit.


Justin has all of Abba’s albums and he knows all songs by heart. He does, however, believe that no one knows. Scotty has learned about this from both Kevin and Rebecca.


Kitty does now only have a crazy shoe obsession, but also a pretty serious shoe fetish. Justin ones learned this when Kitty hadn’t locked the door properly. She swore him to secrecy and she is very proud that her little brother didn’t tell anyone.


Sarah took tap dancing lessons, which she isn’t at all embarrassed to share with people. The fact that she took them in her mid 30’s during what Joe referred to as a “pre midlife crises due to marriage and childbirth from former rebel” is a fact she neglects to share, most the time.


Kevin has high thoughts of his siblings not sharing embarrassing stories about him to Scotty, but little does he know that every time he works late, Scotty is on the phone with Sarah, learning more about Kevin’s attempts to organize weekly family meetings. At age 8.


Tommy isn’t with them today, and Scotty feels the void. As private and reserved as Tommy might be at times, he did enter in a Wham! look-a-like contest once. And won. Julia had actually had wine coming out her nose when she had told an equally flabbergasted Scotty about it. It had been Tommy and Julia’s fifth date.


Scotty giggles to himself a bit and hopes no one noticed. Of course they didn’t, Sarah has just been telling the story of how she helped an old lady find the way to her gate at the airport, and now Kevin wonders if Sarah then mugged the lady or if she simply ran as hell when the lady realized Sarah has no sense of direction and probably had lead her to a gate at the wrong airport.


Scotty knows that Sarah has not only almost walked in on them when they have been on their way to have sex, but she has also, more or less accidentally, walked in on them skinny-dipping in Nora’s pool when they thought they were alone and heard them do naughty stuff over the phone when Kevin hadn’t ended the call to her properly.


Scotty also knows that Justin has heard from Kevin about how incredibly drunk he got for his bachelor party and how, as Kevin was trying to impress his parents, had Scotty shamelessly been flirting with an entire gay club singing karaoke. Scotty doesn’t remember much from that night, but Jordan has told him that he had a lot of fun.


Scotty is also quite sure that Robert has told Kitty about Scotty’s little visits to Kevin’s office, and how Kevin is always “occupied” during these visit. Robert knows a little too much about these visits after having neglected to knock once. He won’t do that mistake again.


Once when drunk with Julia, Scotty told her about his secret wish to become an ice-dancer. He always loved the inspiring and beautiful dances when he was a kid, and he is reluctant to give up on the dream. Tommy had apparently found out and, after a couple of beers shared with Scotty the story of when he played the baroness in a school production of “Sound of music”.


Scotty remembers a time when Sarah found him sunbathing out on Nora’s patio. She managed to take a picture of him before he put his shirt on, and the picture had then been spread to both Kitty and Rebecca, and due to certain rumors also to Nora, Julia and Kevin (who was the one to gleefully share the story). After that was when Sarah stopped calling before coming over to visit.


Over the table Scotty sees Nora looking at him, as if she noticed that he stopped listening to the sibling bickering. He smiles at her and returns to Sarah’s story, tuning in to hear the end about some Frenchman’s wonderful abs.

“I’ve got pictures,” she says and winks to Kevin.

“Thanks, but I’m all set,” Kevin quips back, sending a quick glance over to Scotty, who giggles a bit.



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