Coming home

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Robert and Kevin return to California after a job related trip.
Spoilers: Maybe some early season 4 stuff.
Word count: 410

Robert takes a deep breath before opening the door to the ranch. He is feeling guilty for having gone on his business trip when Kitty is starting her treatment, but he cut it short and now he’s back to tend to her. He has a bouquet of red roses with him and a smile glued onto his face.


He opens the door and steps into the quiet house.

“I’m home!” he calls out, and Kitty walks out of the nursery, carrying Evan in her arms. “Hi sweeties,” he says, giving Kitty a kiss on the cheek and evan a kiss on the forehead.


Kitty seems tired but happy, and Robert hopes that his coming home is part of the  smile on her lips.

“There is food in the fridge, we can heat it up,” she says. “Scotty cooked it.” She adds before Robert gets some image of what kind of goo could be awaiting if she had tried to cook herself.


“Wonderful,” he replies. “If you start up in the kitchen, I can put our wonderful son to bed.” She smiles and hands the baby over, lingering a bit to take in the heat from their three bodies, blending together when Evan moves over to his daddy. He makes a little noise before finding his new position in Robert’s arms.


Robert starts talking to Evan, soft words towards the soft skin. Kitty stands in the middle of the room, watching them disappear into the other room. Marital bliss, in all its simpleness. She smiles again and walks to the kitchen. She cannot cook, but she is well acquainted with the microwave oven.




Kevin rips the door to the loft open, startling Scotty, who was spread out on the couch watching tv.

“Sorry,” Kevin apologises goofily. He puts his suitcase on the floor and walks over to Scotty, giving him a brief kiss. Scotty makes room on the couch and Kevin slides down next to him, leaning against Scotty’s chest.


Kevin lets his fingers intertwine with Scotty’s, playing together before settling on his chest.

“How was Washington?” Scotty asks.

“Boring,” Kevin replies per default. “At least Robert cut the trip short, so I don’t have to spend another night alone in a cold hotelroom.”


“Did you have trouble sleeping without me?” Scotty teases. Kevin grunts childishly and moves closer to Scotty.

“Maybe,” he says. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Scotty says, planting a soft kiss of Kevin’s head.

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It's so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing :)

2009-10-23 @ 20:05:16

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