What if...? Part 4/?

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Summary: In an alternate universe, maybe things would be different. 

Word count: 1187

Thanks to: Sueli for beta-ing. 

Scotty hands Kevin a cup of hot coffee. Kevin accepts it with a shy smile.

"So, tell me everything." Scotty says, sitting down on the couch. Kevin stares at him, hugging the hot cup between his hands before deciding to sit down next to Scotty.

"I don't know where to start." He says.

"Have you spoken with your family?" Scotty asks. He figures that if he gets Kevin started he will rant on until he's said everything.

"No, I've been avoiding them. I should get a medal for that, they're like heat seeking missiles, all after me.

"So where have you been?"

"Everywhere. I've been driving around, sitting on benches, walking on the beach. Everywhere to be alone and think." Kevin takes a sip of coffee. "And I met with Molly just now."

Scotty doesn't ask. He doesn't want to ask a question that will lead Kevin to change his perception of what happened. He waits for a while before Kevin continues.

"She said she kind of saw it coming. That she knew that we wouldn't actually get married, but when I had asked she had been to happy and thought she had been wrong about me."

"She said that she hates me for doing this to her and that she's happy for me for finally..." Kevin's voice trails off. He looks at Scotty for a second, but turns away to avoid eye contact. "I told her there was someone else."

"There is?" Scotty asks, his voice sounding just as surprised as he feels.

"No." Kevin quietly says. "Or maybe."

"I just know that she's not the one." Kevin states. "I've spent a lot of time thinking." Kevin sips from his coffee again. It's still too hot, but that doesn't seem to matter. He swallows and puts the cup down. "Scotty, I'm..." Kevin exhales and closes his eyes.

"This is so hard. I'm 33 years old and I can't even say it." Kevin's voice is back to fragile and thin. Scotty moves closer, extending his arm to supportively stroke Kevin's back. Kevin looks up again and turns to Scotty. "Scotty, I'm gay."

Scotty smiles and hugs Kevin.

"I said it." Kevin says, his voice a mix between sobbing and laughing.

"Yes, you did." Scotty laughs back. "How do you feel?"

"Awful. Relieved." Kevin says, hugging Scotty tighter. "Scared."

"It would be strange if you weren't." Scotty says. "But it's okay. Everyone is scared, gay or straight, just scared of different things." He lets go of Kevin a bit, and Kevin reluctantly lets him go.

"Yeah I guess. Now there is so much I need to do. Molly will move out of our apartment, but not for another few weeks until she gets a place of her own, so I'm still homeless. I have to explain all of this to my family and... come out, I guess."

"Sh..." Scotty hushes him. "You don't need to think of that now. You can let all that wait a while and be with yourself."

"And sleep in my car?" Kevin asks.

"Glad to see your sarcasm is back." Scotty replies. "You can sleep here for a while, if you want. It's not roomy, but it's... doable."

Kevin smiles shyly and nods.

"Thank you." He says. "You know, this is all because of you."

"Of me?" Scotty asks, startled over the accusation.

"That first time you were in my office, when you asked if I were gay. That's what started this whole thing."

"The thought hasn't crossed your mind until then?" Scotty asks.

"Not really. When I think about it now, it's obvious. The only sport I've only ever enjoyed is swimming and all girlfriends I've ever had has always told me I'm such a special boyfriend because I like shopping with them."

Scotty laughs and brings Kevin with him.

"I guess I did experiment some i college, but everyone did." Kevin says. "It didn't matter. It was just a kiss."

"Really?" Scotty asks, noticing how his lips form a smile when he speaks.

"Yes. He was really sweet. Danny McCullough. We only hung out because his sister Abigail and my sister Kitty were friends, we didn't have anything in common." 

"Well, then, better late than never. Congrats, Kevin. Congrats on your first coming out." Scotty says. "I wish they made books for this, but I think you'll have to settle for finding out yourself."

"I will." Kevin says. "I know I will." He nods.

The room is again silent. Kevin drinks the last of his coffee, frowning at it because it's too cold. Scotty watches Kevin put the cup back down.

"Okay." He says slowly, not sure what to do next.

"Okay." Kevin repeats. He swallows loudly and leans over to Scotty, pressing his lips against Scotty's.

He lets them linger there for just a second, enough to feel Scotty vaguely responding, or at least not pulling away. They part slowly, feeling each other's breath against their mouths.

"Sorry." Kevin says. "I shouldn't have. I have no right to come here and demand you being some kind of mentor for me and then to do this..."

"Kevin, stop talking." Scotty interrupts.

Scotty leans back over, cups Kevin's face in his hands and kisses his mouth again. Slow, tender and careful. Their lips move against each other for a while before parting again.

"Wow." Kevin says when he has regained his breath. "That was definitely better than Danny McCullough."

Scotty laughs and gives Kevin another peck on the mouth.

"It better be." He says.

They spend the evening eating take out pizza and watching Glitter "I know all gays doesn't have to be party animals, but if you don't watch this, you'll slide back to straight in no time." and kissing some more.

They decide to take things very slowly and have time to get used to each other. Kevin calls Nora and lets her know that he is doing well and will see her for lunch tomorrow. He turns off his cell phone after the call, knowing that the entire family will want a word in when they know he's contacted Nora.

"Let me take you out to dinner tomorrow night." Kevin says, stroking a strand of hair away from Scotty's face.

"You really want that? Dinner in the outside world?" Scotty asks rolling his eyes.

"Of course." He kisses Scotty's cheek. "How did you get to be so cute?"

"I was born this way. What's your excuse?" Scotty replies.

"I was probably born this way too. It just took a long time to bloom." Kevin replies, blushing at the compliment. "Again thanks for everything. Being here with you makes it feel like I can actually handle all these things that I need to fix." Kevin says. Scotty merely smiles in reply, forgetting his previous thoughts about just being friends.

The moment Kevin's blue eyes had looked into his he knew he was lost. He knew that he needed to help Kevin through all this, not just for Kevin, but for himself. Kevin's vulnerability in combination with his sweet and strong attitude was way too intriguing to keep at a distance.

One or two more chapters will follow shortly. Please leave me a comment to tell me what you think. :)

Postat av: Stéph

Great... just great! I really like this story.

Can't wait for the next chapter(s) :)

2009-05-16 @ 20:14:30
Postat av: Anonym

Great as always!!

2009-05-16 @ 21:02:37
Postat av: kntayvik

very sweet story... vulnerable kevin just breaks my heart...

2009-05-16 @ 21:29:15
Postat av: Blodeuwedd

This is great! I love the way you put facts and lines from the series into your story so naturally. I usually don't enjoy AU fics, but yours is great! Keep them coming!

2009-05-17 @ 07:19:29
Postat av: sueli

Very good! :)

2009-05-17 @ 07:44:46
Postat av: jotalina

wow!! excellent chapter :D

can't wait for read the reactions of the Walkers

2009-05-17 @ 16:14:23
URL: http://jotalina.livejournal.com
Postat av: Srta.Walker

Since you want a comment, I'll give you my opinion:

At first I was not very confident if I was going to continue reading. I mean, I'm a big fan of Kevin & Scotty, and imagine a world in which they cannot be together is very difficult to me. Anyway I decided to read your FICS and I have to tell you I love it. Alternate universe as well. Although I think it is strange that Kevin has not been noticed before that he is gay. I think it is well taken and I have very curious to see how events unfold.

2009-05-17 @ 17:18:01
URL: http://srtawalker.livejournal.com

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