What if...? Part 1/?

Rate: PG
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: In an alternate universe, maybe things would be different. 

Word count: 1069

Thanks to: Sueli och Jenni for beta-ing. 


“Oh my God!” Scotty says, his voice high-pitched and his eyes filled with excitement. “Oh my God, you’re gay!” The hot lawyer in front of him raises his eyebrows and looks puzzled for a few seconds.


“No, I’m not.” He says. “I have a girlfriend.”

The silence falls, the lawyer obviously confused about the alleged homosexuality and Scotty confused about being wrong. He bends his head, wondering if his gaydar is off or if this is a closet case. He decides on the latter.


“Oh.” He says, waving his hand. “Sorry then.” He smiles and leans forward. “Continue.” He proceeds to flirt throughout the rest of the interview, sure to break down Kevin Walker. After 45 minutes of answering questions Scotty Wandell has to admit being defeated.


Mr. Walker is professional and keeps his head cold, not saying or doing anything to prove anything other than his heterosexuality. Scotty is not happy when he leaves. He hates being wrong about these things, and he actually liked this guy. There is nothing better than a challenge, and he could so use that right now, with all that is going on around him.


On his way out he meets Sarah, Kevin’s sister. He compliments her on her shoes and winks at Kevin as he leaves. He has no idea what Sarah and Kevin say about him when he leaves, but of all the things he would have guessed, he never would have been right.


“Didn’t he remind you of uncle Saul?” Sarah asks.

How?” Kevin asks. “He is nothing like Saul. Saul is collected and systematic, this guy is a one man gay pride parade.” Kevin replies. Sarah just shrugs and starts telling Kevin about her dispute with Tommy, but she can’t get over the young man with good taste in shoes. There is just something about him that she wants to know better.




Scotty is called back to the office once more, to be prepped by the lawyer again. He is still a bit in awe of Kevin. Most self-defined straight guys are at least a bit offended when someone believes their gay, but this one doesn’t seem to be. He doesn’t even seem uncomfortable.


Scotty continues his flirting, but soon gives up when there is no result. On his way out he sees a picture frame with Kevin and a young woman, brunette, much too thin and smiling in the sun. They have their arms around each other and the picture oozes love.


“Is this your girlfriend?” He asks, taking the picture from its shelf.

“Yes, it is.” Kevin replies.

“What’s her name?”

“Molly.” Scotty holds back a laughter and puts the picture back.


Mr. Walker’s secretary tells him that his sister is there to meet him, and he says to let her in. Scotty meets Sarah again and this time he makes sure to introduce himself better.

“Scotty, how would you like to come to a party at our mother’s house tonight?”


“Sarah!” Kevin says.

“It’s a pool party, the entire family will be there.” Sarah explains. “What’s your e-mail address?”

Scotty gives her the information and pretends not to see Kevin’s troubled look.

“I’ll see you there.” He says and leaves.




Scotty rings the bell and a woman opens.

“Hi, you must be Scotty.” She says, pulling him into the house. “I’m Nora, Sarah and Kevin’s mother.”

“Nice to meet you.” He says, shaking her hand. “I brought some red velvet cupcakes.” He says and hands them to her.


“That’s so nice of you!” She says. “We’ll serve them with dessert and coffee. This is Molly, Kevin’s girlfriend.” Nora says, waving the young woman over. “This is Scotty, a friend of Kevin’s.” She says, leaving them alone.


“Hello Scotty. I haven’t heard of you…” She says, clearly searching her memory.

“Oh no, we’re not really friends. I’m a witness in one of his cases and Sarah invited me here today.”

“Oh, okay!” She says, smiling at him. “Well, do you want me to introduce you to the rest of the family?”


“Sure.” Scotty says. The woman leads the way out to the back of the house. Scotty is shocked when he sees the amount of people in the back yard. “Wow.” He says. Molly turns to him, sending him a questioning look.

“I didn’t know this family was sole responsible to populating the Earth.”


Molly laughs.

“Yes, five siblings, all with some kind of respective, some with children.” She says, guiding him over to meet Tommy and Julia, Sarah and Joe, Kitty and Jonathan and Justin and Tyler. He politely greets them all and starts to wonder why he is there at all. He chats with them and with Kevin, who explains to him that it’s highly unprofessional of him to befriend a client.


“Good thing I’m just a witness.” Scotty jokes. Molly comes up behind Kevin and slides an arm around his waist, stealing a kiss. “So, tell me. How long have you two been together?”


They look at each other and laugh.

“Two years now.” Kevin says.

“Yes, it’s time to give me grandchildren.” Nora says, when she joins them. “If this one would only get his thumb out of…”

“Thanks mom.” Kevin cuts her off. Molly laughs and blushes. “We know.”


Nora asks Molly for help in the kitchen and the two disappear. As soon as they are out of hearing range, Kevin turns back to Scotty. His smile becomes mischievous and he leans in a bit.

“Want to know a secret?” He asks.


Scotty feels his heart starting to beat faster. Here it comes – what he already knew, right from the beginning. Molly is just a friend – a beard – a pen pal?

“Yes.” He replies.

“I’m going to propose to her this weekend.”


Scotty almost drops his drink, but manages to stay calm – on the outside anyway.

“Really.” He replies, perhaps a bit to dryly. Kevin doesn’t seem to notice though, caught up in his pre-marital bliss. “Well, good luck then.” Scotty says before excusing him.


He spends the rest of the night avoiding Kevin, getting a bad feeling about his whole presence. Scotty’s gaydar has never been off, and Kevin is still a big fat red blinking dot on it, and yet here he is, feeling this soon-to-be-fiancé up in front of his entire family. Isn’t that just great? Scotty thinks and finishes off another drink. 

Postat av: WibbleyWobbley

Interesting...Something tells me that "Straight" Kevin won't be able to resist Scotty for long...

2009-05-13 @ 01:41:28
Postat av: sueli

Oh, I do like it very much :D

2009-05-13 @ 08:05:18

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