The present

Rate: R, for sexual innuendos.
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: Sarah feels guilty.
Author's comment: Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places.

Word count: 1237


Kevin is half asleep in front of the TV when his cell phone rings. He picks it up from the coffee table and answers in a scratchy voice:


“Hi Kev, it’s me.”

“Hi Sarah.”


“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything this time.” She says.

“No, just my afternoon nap. Scotty is still at work.” Kevin replies. He clears his throat. “What’s up?”

“Can I come over? I have a present.” She says. “To both of you. When will Scotty be home?”


“Any minute, I think. What’s the pres…” Kevin is cut off by the tone from Sarah’s hang-up. He mutters something about his sister. He never enjoyed surprises that much, as it meant not being in control. He still hadn’t come over the surprise Sweet 16 party his mother had planned for him.


Only minutes later Scotty comes home, greeting Kevin with a kiss on the lips.

“You’re in a good mood.” Kevin concludes.

“How can I not be? I had a great day at work, I have the whole evening to spend with my husband in our fabulous apartment and I know you’ve got energy to spare since you just took a reviving nap.” Scotty cheerfully explains.


“How do you know I napped?” Kevin asks, semi-offended.

“Your hair is all messy.” Scotty replies, drawing Kevin close for another kiss. He puts his arms around Kevin’s waist and deepens the kiss.

“Sarah.” Kevin manages to say between kisses.


“Huh? That’s not sexy Kev.”

“No. I mean, she’s coming over. She called. She has a present for us.” Kevin says. Scotty lets go of his husband and sits down on the couch.

“Oh. What kind of present? Is it like a bag of the new produce of Ojai or is it more ‘Congrats – you get to tell Nora that neither of us can make it on Saturday’?”


“I don’t know, she wouldn’t say.” Kevin says.

“Oh, you’re grumpy.” Scotty laughs at Kevin. “Come here, sweetie.” He pats the couch and Kevin sits down next to him. “We might as well use the time we have.” Scotty says, leaning over Kevin to spread them on the couch with himself on top.


They barely have time to get lost in the kiss before there is a knock on the door. Scotty jumps up to open the door.

“Fix your hair.” He says to Kevin. He opens the door to let Sarah in. She is carrying a big gift basket wrapped in an enormous amount of cellophane, making it impossible to see what’s in the bag.


“Did I interrupt again?” Sarah asks, looking at Kevin’s messy hair. “I did call.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Scotty says. “Do you want coffee?” He asks.

“No, no. I’ll let you get back to business. I just felt very sorry for the last couple of times when I’ve interrupted and so… I got this. It’s a ‘Sorry I interrupted and happy anniversary’ gift, all in one.” She hands the basket to Scotty who places it on the coffee table. He tries to peek into it, but can’t make anything out.


“Well, thanks.” Scotty says. “We’re gonna have the anniversary party at Nora’s in a few weeks though, you could have waited until then.”

“No, I couldn’t.” Sarah is interrupted by very loud rustling from the cellophane. “Kevin, at least wait until I’ve left.” She snaps at him. He looks embarrassed and leans back on the couch, still curiously staring at the basket.


“Trust me, this is nothing you want to open in front of the family. You know we have no boundaries.” She winks at Scotty. “Enjoy.” She nods at Kevin and exits the loft.


The door has barely closed behind her when they both attack the plastic to tear it off the basket. When it’s off they both stare at the objects in it, suddenly paralyzed from moving.

“Wow. This is quite the gift.” Kevin says. “But I’m not sure I want to receive this from my sister.”


“I’m just glad your mother isn’t watching us open this.” Scotty says mesmerized by all the things. “Do you wanna look through it?” He asks.

“Okay.” Kevin slowly says. He picks up a small bottle and looks at the label. “Heating massage oil, strawberry.” He reads. “Edible.” He adds.


“Chocolate body paint.” Scotty reads on a jar with a brush attached to it. “Where did Sarah buy all this?”

“I have no idea.” Kevin says, shaking his head. “What is this? First we massage each other, then we dust?”


Scotty looks at the small tag hanging from the purple feathers Kevin is holding.

“Teasing feather.” He reads. “Not to mix with the chocolate, I guess.” He jokes.

“Suggesting dices.” He reads on the next small box, the words ‘lick’ and ‘nipple’ staring at him from two bright pink dices.


“A shower sponge?” Kevin says, holding up a big round yellow sponge. “Is this a subtle way of saying we smell?” He asks, shaking the thing a bit as he laughs. The sponge starts vibrating, bringing clarity to its purpose. “Water-proof.” He reads from the tag.


“An eye mask?” Scotty says. “In leopard skin pattern? Am I the only one starting to think Sarah is channeling her own lack of sex onto us.”

“Either that or my massive amount of hinting at her destroying ours is finally paying off.” Kevin says, holding up a pair of handcuffs with pink fuzz on them.


“Interesting.” He says. Scotty looks at them and blushes.

“At least we won’t have to wrinkle your ties.” He says. “I thought this was more of a girl thing.” He says at a small box. “Vibrating egg. Use on any part of the body to achieve an arousing and tingling sensation for your or your partner.” He reads.


“Girl thing?” Kevin echoes.

“You know. For use at the part of the body neither of us have.” Scotty says.

“Uterus?” Kevin suggests. “You can’t say that word can you?” He asks.

“I have no problem with uterus.” Scotty says.


“No, the other one. Clitoris.” Kevin says.

“Ew, don’t say that!” Scotty cries. “I know I’m not supposed to, but something in me curls when I hear that.” Kevin laughs at him and picks up another bottle.

“Heating lubricant. Now that I know.” He says.


“Champagne.” Scotty says and lifts up the last piece from the basket. “Now this I know.” He says. “Why don’t I put this in the freezer…?” He suggests. “And while it gets cold, you and I take a shower.”


“With this?” Kevin says, holding up the sponge.

“Yes.” Scotty says. He gives Kevin a kiss before disappearing into the kitchen with the bottle. “I’ve kind of forgiven Sarah now.” He calls.

“Really? I’m not quite there yet.” Kevin says. He picks up his cell phone and sends a text to Sarah.


“Who else knows that you gave us this? If you tell Scotty will hurt you.” He writes and pushes ‘send’.

Scotty returns from the kitchen with a big smile. He picks up the sponge from the table and holds on to it as he slides into Kevin’s arms. He leads them both towards the bathroom, and when the reply from Sarah comes neither of them are there to hear it.


When the water is turned on, a message is waiting to be read. ‘No one knows. Only mom and Kitty who shopped with me. They won’t tell.’

Postat av: notready4luv

‘No one knows. Only mom and Kitty who shopped with me. They won’t tell.’

Right! And I can see pink elephants flying in the sky right about now. LMAO!

2009-05-05 @ 14:13:16
Postat av: Ivan

On a scale of rock or candy, this is like an ice cream. =)

Absolutely loved that last line, very ingenious of you!

2009-05-06 @ 06:14:10
Postat av: notready4luv

‘No one knows. Only mom and Kitty who shopped with me. They won’t tell.’

Yeah, and I can see pink elephants flying in the sky right about now. LOL!

Thank you for writing this. I love your fics. =)

2009-05-06 @ 11:00:34
Postat av: Blodeuwedd

LOL Great fic! Looooooooooved the gifts. And it actually was very IC. Good job!

2009-05-07 @ 04:39:57
Postat av: jotalina

hahaha great fic!

2009-05-09 @ 20:08:47

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