Short and random: Exploration

Rate: R
Disclaimer: Just borrowing.
Summary: None needed, really.

Word count: 200


“What’s this scar?” Kevin says, sliding a finger over a mark on Scotty’s shoulder.

“Chopping wood. Axes hate me.” Scotty says, enjoying the feeling of Kevin’s tongue over his shoulder.


“And this?” Kevin asks, gently licking Scotty’s chest.

“Don’t know. Cat scratch?”

“I didn’t know you had a cat.” Kevin says, looking up at his husband.


“We didn’t, but the girl next door did.” Kevin chuckles before returning to kissing and licking the soft skin beneath him. He crawls down and kisses Scotty’s inner thighs, stroking his hips as he works his way down. His hands stroke Scotty’s knees.


“These?” Kevin asks.

“I learned to ride a bike…” Scotty says, his voice trailing out as Kevin moves up again, kissing his way to Scotty’s crotch.

“And this?” Kevin says, his warm breath on Scotty’s skin making Scotty moan loudly.


“There is no scar…” Scotty moans.

“I know.” Kevin says, gently biting the sensitive skin. “I’ll mark it with my love.” He kisses Scotty’s thigh again. “I love your body, I know it so well.”

“Yes, you are my Magellan.” Scotty says, the end of the sentence drowning in the pleased noise he makes when Kevin takes him in his mouth.


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